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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: the first shipment of infant formula arrives in the u.s. hours after president biden signed the access to baby formula act. good morning. it is sunday, may 22. i am liz kreutz. we will get to that in a moment, but first let's start with a quick check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: temperatures climbing to the 60's in the valley. patchy, shallow fog. it stops at santa cruz. in the bay area, a lot of sunshine. the cool spot, right here, 52.
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61 in san jose -- 60 in santa rosa. mid 60's in concord and livermore. it is cooler than 24 hours ago we warm it up once again. it is a cloudy santa cruz. temperatures from the 60's to the 70's at the local beaches. by noon, 80 inland, 70 bayshore. cool with gusty winds at the coast with mid and upper 80's with a slight warm-up inland. liz: new developments, the first operation baby formula shipment has arrived in the u.s., arriving a short time ago to address the shortage. the secretary was there to greet it. he says another supply is coming later this week with more formula. faith abubey has the latest. faith: the white house sing this
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critical operation speeds it up to 72 hours. it will be inspected and fast tracked for delivery. desperate families waiting to receive 71,000 pounds of specialized formula. >> this is special cargo because of the importance of getting baby formula to families who need it. faith: on board is specialized formula made for babies unable to digest formula made from cow's milk. her four month old son has a severe cows milk and soy allergy and desperately needs the supply. what has been the hardest part for you? >> probably the traveling sometimes i am traveling 50 plus miles going to store trying to find formula. faith: an average of 45% of baby formula product types have run out. if the current trend holds, major stores could be out of
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stock completely by the end of the month. the white house says it is working with manufacturers and retailers to restock shelves as quickly as possible. the president said signing the access to baby formula act for those using the wic can find it. >> hopefully it will make a difference. faith: the formula is expected to go to hospitals and medical providers and some will also go to stores but available only with a prescription. in washington, faith abubey, abc news. liz: a manhunt underway for three men accused of kidnapping and pistol whipping and robbing a woman at a bart station in el cerrito. the woman told police she was forced into a green sedan, robbed and beaten, and left at blake and liberty streets. police responded to the location on the report of gunshots after one of the robbers fired a gun. the victim was taken to the
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hospital for injuries. residents near vacaville are allowed to return after a wild fire broke out. calfire says the quail fire started yesterday and grew to 135 acres. evacuation orders were issued to some residents in the area. firefighters have made progress and at last check the fire was 45% contained. there are no reports of any damages. wildfire season is arriving in the bay area and one community is making sure everyone has the tools they need to be prepared. abc seven news reporter cornell barnard went to a resource fair in the north bay. >> i am concerned for my family but also to be informed for my neighborhood. cornell: there is a weekly test and jennifer was checking out the first ever one-stop shop for fire preparedness and education. she knows the threat is real. >> and 2019 i think it was, we saw the flames coming from the other way.
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we decided to evacuate. >> i think a lot of homeowners have already been affected. retroactively they are thinking, what can i do better? >> we will wear this while we are out fighting fires. cornell: there were tips on creating defensible space and where to go if a wildfire prompted neighborhood evacuations. this evacuation siren was only a test. three major wildfires in five years have taught north bay residents tough lessons. >> last year, we had more acres burned in the state limits them -- then we had in probably the last 20 plus years with the exception of the tubbs and glass fires. drought conditions are real, climate change is happening. cornell: calfire started training seasonal firefighters more than a month early due to increased fire danger in the bay area. >> i cannot imagine being surrounded by fire. this is all new to me.
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cornell: antoine jenkins and his son cameron moved from texas. he is learning earthquakes are not the only things to prepare for. >> they need to know what they can do and be prepared. cornell: being prepared can be a lifesaver. >> we are trying to do everything we can proactively. cornell: june 6 has been named start of prime fire season. crews are gearing up for what could be a long summer. liz: a wildfire burning in yuba county is 70% contained. the golden fire burned over 20 acres near camptonville inside the tahoe national forest. because of that fire is still under investigation. authorities say this is the kind of fire they don't see this early in the season. >> a lot of larger fires you typically see late-summer, early fall. this early spring stuff is different than what we are used
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to seeing in this area. liz: highway 49 remains closed in yuba county north of grass valley. winds caused spot fires which led to evacuations. a brush fire that forced evacuations for several hours friday in mendocino county is affecting the air quality here. the owen's fire started near point arena and burned 36 acres. it is now 60% contained. air quality officials say smoke could impact the air across the from that fire bay area from the north bay to the peninsula. developing news out of southern california, san bernardino police looking for the suspects involved in a shooting that left one person dead and eight others hurt. shots rang out in a crowd that gathered for a party. party was an unpermitted special event and there was an argument between at least two people inside the event that led the gunfire. police say several of the victims went to the hospital on their own. none of their injuries appear to be serious.
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happening now you can turn in , guns for cash. multiple agencies are teaming up to host a firearms buyback starting at 9:00 this morning. the group is accepting various styles of firearms and they have $50,000 to go away on a first-come, first-served basis. you can turn in weapons anonymously no questions asked. , it will be at the community center on east calaveras boulevard. the current lottery based admissions system at lowell high school could be extended. according to the chronicle, the superintendent is expected to ask the school board on tuesday for the extension. if approved, the lottery will continue into the 2023 school year, the opposite of the long-standing merit based admissions process they implemented before. the school board has devoted on -- hassan to vote -- has to vote on a permanent process for the admissions policy. the current lottery system is only temporary.
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the warriors open to take 3-0 series lead. the doves are hosting a watch party right outside of chase center. fans can share on the warriors while the game is being broadcast. party starts at 4:30 this afternoon. there will be live entertainment, photo ops, a kidzone, and a lot more. tipoff is at 6:30 p.m. the warriors are hosting another watch party tuesday for game for. the weather has been nice this weekend. lisa: we are looking at plenty of sunshine from the golden gate bridge. not much of a breeze but it picks up, keeping the coast cool. and i stay ahead before we crank up the heat. i will have details, moments away. liz: and escape making in the weeks. hear how she plotted to get her mother out of war tour
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liz: russia said it destroyed u.s. weapons. president biden signed a $40 billion bill for new aid. we have the latest from kyiv. >> the aftermath of russia's brutal offensive. ukraine placed this vehicle, -- this video. this area now seeing some of the most intense fighting, troops for now holding on. ukrainian troops laying landmines earlier this week, the same spot today's later. russian missile strikes unrelenting. the kremlin claiming this was attacked and a large batch of weapons in ukraine supplied by
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the u.s. and europe. that $40 billion military aid bill so the president can sign it your ukraine says assistance is needed more than ever. burned out tanks are a new local attraction. familiar sounds are returning. the national opera back on. smiles and laughter. their minds for a moment escaping the war. in normal times it is hard to see kyiv without the opera. it is a sign of ukrainian resilience. the show must go on. >> everybody forgot about the work for a moment. >> it is my dream. >> dreams of peace and driving russia out of their land and the freedom to sing and watch opera again. >> we fight for people to be able to live their lives.
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>> the kremlin has published a blacklist of 963 american citizens who are permanently banned from injuring russia, including president biden, actor morgan freeman, and republican senator john mccain, who in his day was a big critic of putin, but he died four years ago. liz: this morning, the former chairman of the joint chiefs commented on the ukraine war. he was asked about the russian forces victory and he said this will be a long slog with president putin. >> he is focused out east in what has been a disaster in other parts of the country. he did want to take eve, or turn the government, and put a puppet and as a leader and he is not going to be able to do that. he will do everything you
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possibly can to lose as little in the east as possible. >> the admiral went on to say president zelenskyy wants to keep the eastern territory. he things it will get bloody and more visible and likely president putin will inflict more destruction. a woman breathing a sigh of relief helping her mother escape from ukraine. they are now safely home. >> she is embracing her mother, jumping into action as soon she agreed to flee from ukraine. >> i contacted several of my friends if they know of anybody who assists elderly and vulnerable populations to escape kyiv. tara: the ukrainian born american citizen is based out of travis air force base and worked tirelessly to get her mother here to her home in vacaville. >> i had almost two weeks of sleepless nights, extreme
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anxiety, i was running on adrenaline because i was living on ukrainian time and my brain was constantly working. tara: planning her mother's escape over a two-week period from one safe house to the next, , luba leaving everything behind. >> my heirlooms, family albums, my job, my cat, everything. tara: the captain calling her husband her biggest support. >> i was thinking, what can i do to not get in the way and support her in whatever she needs to do? tara: that meant traveling to poland to pick up luba, one of millions of ukrainians who have fled. >> i think it was seven buses until i found the one she was on. i grabbed her bags and gave her a hug. tara: luba is feeling lucky to be safe and free on this northern california property. >> at first, i cannot express
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how grateful i am to american people. tara: the captain crediting her air force background and bringing her mother to safety. >> just the mere fact that i am female, i am a captain, empowered me because i am a leader who is able to make decisions and not be afraid. tara: as for how long luba will stay. >> time will tell. tara: tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: it was a great day to be outdoors for a very special event. the health care district staged health on the square in downtown redwood city together dozens of vendors supporting health organizations. there were exercise classes and a drum circle. one of the key sponsors is the nfl alumni association of the bay area. >> what a great day.
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[inaudible] ♪ liz: abc anchor dan actually -- dan ashley performing with his band. cool to see him out there. let's get a check of the forecast. we were tracking the fire danger. lisa: it is so dry out there and the relative humidity in the upper locations still dry, 20% to 30%. with the fog just escaping the bay, we will get the onshore flow. you can see the remnants, with patchy marine layer appeared 55 downtown, 57 in oakland. temperatures climb into the 60's in some spots.
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62 in santa clara. there is a look at emeryville, or you will notice all of the sun is out and shining where the marine layer is patchy. it'll go away altogether for the next several days. mid-60's in concord and little more -- livermore. air quality is hazy in san rafael down to san jose. overall, good air quality today with a stronger sea breeze. as the heat begins to dial up, we will see the moderate air quality in the east bay and south bay and spreading over the north bay we get to the hottest day, which is tuesday, where high pressure builds and we will get the northerly wind allowing for the warming and drying of the atmosphere. the summer like heat is on for tuesday and and stay, and a trough at the end of the week bringing healing.
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if you are headed to the coast, patchy fog from pacifica to half moon bay, look at the temperatures, in the upper 50's, milder as you head north. mid 70's in santa cruz. here is a look at the 90's coming in play tomorrow. we are already above average. the pink is getting closer, meaning upper 90's. hayward on the bayshore in the 80's. redwood city, --. the coast is where the sea breeze will stay and no cooling noticeable until thursday in the inland valleys. a summerlike feel for it today with numbers five to eight degrees above average.
9:22 am
we will reverse that trend thursday and friday. 80 in san rafael. 86 in concord today with 84 in livermore. breezy gusty winds today at the shoreline. three degrees above average in san francisco good seven -- san francisco. the fog is clearing. upper 70's bayside, 90 inland. warming continues tomorrow. hot weather on tuesday. you will notice it even at the coast paid the city will warm up. by wednesday, and cooler thursday and friday. we should get warmer by the end of the holiday weekend. liz: just ahead, gold gala. a behind-the-scenes look at the celebration recognizing important leaders in the asian-american community.
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>> a big celebration held to recognize big names in the asian-american community. we have a signed -- a behind-the-scenes look. >> this is not your ordinary awards show. instead of a red carpet, this is gold for the goal gala, where we are celebrating asian americans and pacific islanders from all industries for their accomplishments in breaking the bamboo ceiling. >> we spoke to a number of visionaries in politics, hollywood, tech, and more many , from the bay area. they have the same message of gratitude and why this gala is important for a a pi representation.
9:26 am
>> we have so many stories to share and tell but with our own voices. i am so happy to see all of this. this is a long time coming. >> seeing these talented people and they are storytellers and all creative and they are all contributing in their own way. we are loud and proud and we are here to stay. i hope you get to follow your dreams the way we were promised. dion: we all come from different threads, even our parents. india, asia, what matters is finding the roots of that and being able to express who we are whichever way we connected? -- connected to it. >> i remember the first time i saw an asian-american face was on "star trek." i was so empowered. i was like, a hero. i will always remember that feeling as a child. that is why i love my job because i get to deliver that same empowerment for kids across the globe. >> we have our seat at the table and companies like gold house and events like this keep us there. dion: what a remarkable day this has been. i am particularly excited to be
9:27 am
here not only to be covering but because i was named a gold house recipient last year. i am tremendously proud to be here on behalf of the media and abc 7. in los angeles dion lim, abc 7 , news. liz: we hope you will join us this afternoon for a special asian-pacific presentation. we are shining a light on the 25 million asian-american, native hawaiian and other pacific islanders living in the u.s. and their positive impact on the communities, politics and pop culture. people in the community are often asked where are you from? but regardless of someone's name or what they look like we are , all americans. don't miss "our america" at 2:30 p.m. on abc 7. still to come, is it necessary or too extreme? we will get reaction from those in the bay area from nancy
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abc 7 news --announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: let's get another check of the forecast. lisa: from santa cruz, the sun is coming out. it should be a nice day, in the 70's. how about 80's on tuesday. it won't be that warm locally midweek and we will keep the sea breeze. 64 in mountain view. from the airport, it is sunny. the sea breeze on the peninsula later, mid and upper 60's for concord and fairfield, with 60 in santa rosa. a few agrees cooler. -- a few degrees cooler. sea breeze will kick in for
9:31 am
breezy to gusty winds. by noontime, it is warmer away from the coast with 70's and 80's. by later in the day, approaching 90's inland. low 80's down around san jose. we will have another mile to warm day across the bay eeriness before we turn up the heat. we are talking triple digit i will explain coming up. liz: one day after san francisco's archbishop band nancy pelosi from receiving communion other members of the catholic community are responding. abc 7 news reporter tim johns spoke with some to get their take on the decision. tim: as catholics gathered for mass saturday night, one issue seems to be top of mind for many in the community. on friday the archbishop issued a statement barring house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion. >> all of us which her nothing but the best and lover but
9:32 am
-- and love her but unfortunately, tough love is definitely needed and that is with the archbishop is extending. tim: caramel is a board member of a pro-life committee and says this is in keeping with the laws of the church. >> we cannot break it into pieces and believe part of it and reject part of it. tim: while speaker pelosi will not be able to receive communion in san francisco she could get it in other archdiocese. but that is a choice you should not have to make, say other catholics. jimmy manson is the president for the catholics of choice organization. >> it seems very much like he is singling her out and trying to make an example of her in the most spiritually violent way possible. tim: she thinks the archbishop's decision is extreme and does not correlate with the actions of other catholic leaders. she points to a 2021 vote that fell short of refusing communion to president joe biden or others
9:33 am
who support abortion rights and wars the archbishop's decision could do more harm than good. >> it will only alienate catholics who are already quite alienated because of the other scandals in the church and the church's failure to listen to the lives of its faithful. tim: in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: developing news, and up-and-coming bicyclist has been shot to death in austin, texas. the suspect is on the run in what is characterized as a love triangle. she was killed by another female cyclist who has been charged with her murder. police say wilson had been in a brief relationship with her boyfriend. police say wilson had been in an relationship with armstrong's boyfriend. the boyfriend, also a cyclist, said he had been dating armstrong for about three years and the relationship with wilson happened during a break in the fall. a security guard who died in a mass shooting at the buffalo
9:34 am
supermarket is being honored this weekend. he was given a posthumous degree in communications. he put his education on hold because of work and family his son accepted the degree on his behalf. >> when they told me they were going to do it and asked me if i wanted to do it, i sent absolutely. they said, think about it. i am going to do it because it will make him happy. liz: he was killed when he confronted the gunman at the tops supermarket last weekend. the american red cross is continuing relief efforts in gaylord, michigan. a tornado ripped apart a town. two were killed and dozens injured friday afternoon. the storm hit a mobile home park and moved through the business area, sending people running for cover as debris flew through the air. >> the roof started to shake. i turn around and the left side of the hobby lobby roof came off. >> there are no words to describe the little i was able
9:35 am
to personally see. it is devastating. liz: the governor signed an emergency declaration for the entire county. the national weather service estimate the tornado was on the ground for 26 minutes. tonight is the season finale of american idol huntergirl made it to the end of the competition. but only one will win the top prize. here is morgan norwood. >> the wait is finally over. as the season of american idol comes to an end in a new superstar is born. ♪ after a dramatic season for love twists and turns, huntergirl -- >> she used showmanship, work the stage costume, lights. , morgan: leah marlene. >> she stays to her style. do not try to do no acrobatics. she has got the shine.
9:36 am
karina: and noah thompson. >> i feel like he can do no wrong. morgan: sing their hearts out to win america's vote and land the coveted spot in the final contest. >> when you get people to vote there is always going to be one , group that votes more than the other. as far as talent, amazing people. morgan: after surviving every round of competition the long , road coming to an end. ♪ the 2022 finalists now hoping their journey lands in top spot of american idol. >> you definitely seeing -- sing a popular song that people have a lot of feelings for. people can connect to in a large way. >> it is crazy but i think i have this one in the pocket. >> it is a celebration for all of us. just do the things we love to do the most. morgan: the live finale will include songs from the judges as well as performances from carrie underwood, earth, wind and fire
9:37 am
, and more. morgan norwood, abc 7 news. liz: you can watch the finale tonight right here on abc 7. tune in at 5:00 p.m. to watch it live. and if that is too early, we will aerate again at 8:00 p.m. this year's graduating class can get a free suite treat at krispy kreme. anyone who wears swag can eight original glazed doughnut. the promotion is for one day only, may 25. grab your cap and down. make your way to krispy kreme wednesday. still ahead, the news on the horizon in the south bay for people sensitive to the smell of drying sludge in the air. here is a live look outside. time is 9:37. it is a warm weekend h
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lisa: a live look over the san francisco skyline. liz: a dog friendly benefit to celebrate love for animals. the annual event draws 1000 people for a day of live music, dancing, food, activities. it is the most attended event of the year. all proceeds go to the animals in the shelter. today is your last chance to check out some of the best wine the north bay has to offer at the wine and food experience. it showcases the farmers, growers, winemakers and celebrity chefs. there are special wine tastings and discussions, barbecues, discussions and a country music , concert. events are being held at various restaurants and wineries in healdsburg. part of this will go to the sonoma county grape growers
9:41 am
foundation and future farmers of america. sunday street is debuting a new route, running from 11:00 until 4:00 with a half mile or mile of streets available. families can then walk, run, bike, play. of the live -- there will be live music, rock climbing and other activities. the route starts at oakdale avenue and ends near keith and third streets. it is one of those nice weekends where you just want to be outside because it feels really nice. lisa: san francisco in the upper 60's today before the wind kicks in. mid 80's up in wine country. near 90 near the delta. more heat, probably 100 degrees in spots in the inland areas. liz: the latest on andrew wiggins' status for game three. why the coach is not concerned about soreness in his left ankle
9:42 am
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>> abc 7 news reporter explains an additional benefit, serving as a magnet. >> for 66 years, the sludge generated from wastewater from eight cities has been dried in the sun along the bay. that is 100 million gallons of wastewater a date during those days are numbered. work on an indoor sludge watering facility. the 175 million dollar project will be complete in 2025. until then, the sun-dried sludge will be trucked to a nearby site. >> this will change that process and use the material for fertilizer or for composting so it will add back to the environment which will be nice. >> after it opens, it will free
9:53 am
up 750 acres for alternative use. a city councilmember envisions trails and open space for recreational use. there will also be an additional benefit. >> it will benefit from the project they are next-door and they get a lot of voters off of the sludge treatment areas. >> the site is home to burrowing owls whose numbers are declining. this project has had a strong inclusion and diversity expect attracting a lot of women engineers. 15 of the 50 engineers are women. >> is a very rewarding experience, much more than the construction. it feels like they are making a difference. >> right now is too rich to be used for fertilizer. it is hoped that it could be used by farmers and growers in the future in the central
9:54 am
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liz: multiple clubs and organizations will celebrate the mayor of castro. he would have been 92 years old today. a special screening of "the times of harvey milk" will be at the castro theater. other activities kickoff at noon. a block party is being held to celebrate the day and milk's achievement for the lgbtq community. in recognition, san francisco city hall will be lit up in rainbow colors starting tonight. lisa, let's get one final check of the forecast. lisa: really nice out there. lots of sunshine. a wide range of temperatures
9:57 am
from 60's at the coast, mid 70's across the bay. in the bank, mid 70's. mid and upper 80's for the valleys. the warming trend takes us inland and continues into monday. tuesday, well above average. the temperatures will drop by the end of the week. wednesday looks warm. elevated fire danger and the risk of gusty winds in the upper elevations. liz: thank you for joining us. abc 7 news continues at 11:00 p.m. tonight because of the season finale of american idol. the top three will take the stage to win over america's votes and the each dedicate one song to bruce springsteen. an encore will air at 8:00. have a great day.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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- we here at the kitchen experts take the health of our employees and our customers very seriously. with the threat of covid-19, it is imperative that we all take everyday precautions and stay informed with the most updated information. we have implemented safety measures as recommended by the cdc, alameda county, and each city we work in. we follow required construction guidelines and protocols. these protocols include, but are not limited to continuous health and safety training, company-provided personal protection equipment, social distancing, both in the office and on the job sites, wellness interviews with our employees and customers before every project, regular temperature checks, disinfecting of all tools, vehicles, and any other equipment that is used on a daily basis, routine washing of the hands and of course, masks.


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