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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 22, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. a deadly shooting inside a new york city subway train. police are calling this unprovoked and tonight the city has declared a state of emergency over the nationwide baby formula shortage. tonight, the first emergency shipments arriving in the u.s. from overseas. operation fly formula landing in indiana. the c-17 cargo plane carrying 132 pallets of fda-approved specialty infant formula flown out of the u.s. air base in germany. the biden administration says it's enough for more than half a million bottles with more on the way. where the first shipments are now heading, when the next planes are set to arrive in the u.s., and what that new york city emergency declaration means for parents in desperate need. also breaking, that deadly shooting on a manhattan subway
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train. the manhunt now under way for the killer. the new details just coming in. >> we're tracking severe storms and record-setting heat in the northeast. 25 million people from virginia to maine on alert for damaging winds and large hail. sweltering heat along the i-95 corridor. but there are major changes on the way. rob marciano is timing it all out. >> president biden addresses the monkeypox outbreak in the u.s., canada, and europe, warning the virus is, quote, something everybody should be concerned about, adding, if it were to spread, it would be consequential. tonight, a new possible case investigated in florida. news on the covid pandemic. philadelphia reinstates its mask mandate. cases and hospitalizations there and across most of the u.s. on the rise. overseas tonight, powerful explosions as putin's war rages in eastern ukraine. president zelenskyy calls for more powerful weapons to take on the russian military amid renewed concerns about putin's nuclear threat. the alleged love triangle
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murder investigation. police on the hunt for the woman they say killed a world-class cyclist. what authorities are saying tonight. >> the show of solidarity in afghanistan after female news anchors were forced to cover their faces on the air, males do the same. >> a boat engulfed in flames, seven people and a dog plucked from the water. >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters and new york, this is "world news tonight." >> good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on yet another busy sunday. i'm linsey davis. we have several developing stories as we come on the air. a deadly subway shooting here in new york city, the details are just coming in. but we begin with new york city declaring a state of emergency over the nationwide baby formula shortage. the order empowering the city to prevent price gouging. as inventory declines. the move comes as help is starting to arrive. today, the first military cargo plane from europe arrived with
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enough formula for half a million bottles. the precious cargo which is intended for only children who are allergic to cow's milk protein will be distributed to hospitals. some will also be available in stores to parents who have a prescription. the shortage so severe, we have just learned it's caused four more infants to be hospitalized. faith abubey leads us off. >> tonight, some relief on the way for parents in urgent need of specialized baby formula. this c-17 military cargo plane, flying about 78,000 pounds of the formula from germany overnight, dropping the long-awaited load in indiana this morning. >> our patients and families across the country are in urgent need of this formula. >> reporter: president biden tweeting these photos writing, "our team is working around the clock to get safe formula to everyone who needs it." this as abc news learns that at least four infants in south carolina were recently hospitalized due to medical complications. three of them admitted after their parents were forced to find alternatives to their usual
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formula and the babies couldn't tolerate the switch. the pallets are made up of only these types of formula. they will be verified and then sent to hospitals and medical providers across the country to distribute to parents whose babies have a medical need. vulnerable babies allerged to cow's milk protein. >> we're going to be seeing deliveries made in a matter of days. this particular formula is for a very, very small percentage of children, roughly 17,000 children in the country. >> reporter: parents with prescriptions from their providers can also get the products from certain stores. according to government officials, there's enough product in this first delivery to make roughly half a million 8-ounce bottles of baby formula enough to feed 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. but millions of parents will still have to wait for relief. new york city mayor, eric adams, today declaring a state of emergency to crack down on formula price gouging.
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meanwhile, major formula manufacturer, abbott, issuing an apology after its voluntary recall of the formula in february, and pandemic supply chain issues led to the dire shortage. robert ford, abbott's ceo, writing in a "washington post" op-ed, we're sorry to every family we have let down. i have high expectations of this company and we fell short of them. ford says abbott will establish a $5 million fund to support families impacted. still, many parents remain frustrated and panicked. >> you can cut the desperation with a knife. nothing else matters. the world stops until you find that formula. >> palpable desperation. faith joins us now. so many families waiting for formula. president biden says teams are working around the clock, but clearly more is needed. when might we expect additional shipments to arrive? >> well, agriculture secretary tom vilsack says he anticipates another delivery of baby formula from overseas to arrive here in
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the d.c. area within the week, later on this week, actually. tonight, president biden also announcing he's authorized two defense production orders to insure manufacturers can speed up their production. >> faith, thank you. now to our other breaking story here in new york, that deadly subway shooting. police are urgently shooting for a gunman who shot and killed a man on a subway train here in manhattan. officers on the scene are searching for clues. police believe the attack was random. phil lipof is following the latest developments here in new york. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt underway for the gunman wanted for a deadly shooting on a new york city subway train that police say was unprovoked. riders horrified. >> according to witnesses, the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car and without provocation, pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim at close range. >> police say the killer shot a 48-year-old man in the chest as the t canal street station near
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chinatown in manhattan. authorities say when the train pulled into the station, the >> what we have gotten from the witness, there is no prior contact between the victim and the suspect. >> terrifying for those who depend on the subway system here, as new york city has seen transit crime rise by more than 50% in just a year. this latest subway shooting coming on the heels of ten people being shot when a suspect set off smoke grenades on a subway train in brooklyn last month. but unlike that shooting, police say this time they have video of the shooter to help in their search. and still looking for the public's help. >> help us find this guy. there's other people riding the train. we have some of them. others who saw something, maybe somebody who took a photo or video on their cell phone, please share it with us. >> nypd is beefing up security all across the subway system tonight. imer eric adams says transit safety is a top priority of his administration. linsey. >> police once again making an appeal to the public for help. phil, thank you. tonight, severe storms taking aim at the east coast.
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25 million people from virginia to maine are on alert for the possibility of damaging winds, large hail, and dangerous lightening. the severe weather will bring an end to a sweltering weekend in the region. rob marciano joining us now. time this all out for us. >> we already had several states with damaging winds and temperatures 20 to 25 degrees above average, fueling those storms. 89 in new york, 92 in hartford. boston, you have already seen a severe thunderstorm with damage, but the line is way back, it stretches all the way back down through georgia, northern virginia, through northern new england. this front will propagate through the next few hours to the coast and then things calm down and turn cooler and drier. the storm will create showers and storms across the southeast and more storms for tex for the next two days. >> thank you. we turn now to the growing concerns over the spread of monkeypox worldwide. a third potential case is now being reported in the u.s.
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this one in florida. today, president biden called it something that everyone should be concerned about, adding, if it were to spread, it could be consequential. so far, though, the number of cases here in the u.s. is very small. but as abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks tells us, health officials worldwide are watching this very closely. >> reporter: tonight, president biden, on his first tour of asia, saying the u.s. is exploring ways to protect americans against monkeypox. this, as we learn florida now the third state with a potential case. >> it is something that everybody should be concerned about. but it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, it's consequential. >> reporter: most often seen in parts of africa, the virus now popping up in at least 15 countries, mainly across europe and north america. belgium with four cases confirmed, instituting a mandatory 21-day quarantine for anyone sickened. >> this is unusual. this is unusual for the world to see this many cases reported in different countries.
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>> reporter: so far, health officials have seen more than 190 confirmed or suspected cases in countries that don't normally have the disease. the virus, known as an orthopox virus, is related to smallpox, but not nearly as severe. >> the majority of people from europe, in the u.s. now, particularly younger ones, have never had exposure to an orthopox virus and have not been immunized against smallpox. so they are highly vulnerable. >> reporter: still, experts say the disease isn't very contagious and it's transmitted through close contact with bodily fluids or respiratory droplets. >> there's a little blister type lesions that look a little bit like chickenpox, and then they scab over and once the scabs are fallen off, people are no longer infectious. >> reporter: symptoms like fever, swollen lymph nodes and lesions usually clear up within 14 to 21 days. and today, the white house covid response coordinator was clearly trying to comcalm nerves.
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he said we have vaccines against this, we have treatments against it, and he added, i am confident we're going to be able to keep our arms around it, but we're going to be tracking it very closely. linsey. >> maryalice, thank you. >> back here at home, news on the pandemic covid cases and hospitalizations are rising, and starting tomorrow, the city of philadelphia is reinstating its mask mandate in schools. there are growing concerns heading into summer. health officials are urging congress to pass more covid funding or not have enough vaccines when a possible nationwide surge hits this fall or winter. here's ellen lopez from atlanta tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with nearly every state in the nation reporting a surge in covid-19 cases, some school districts in medium and high risk areas, requiring students and staff to mask up. >> i think it's excellent. should've done it sooner. >> reporter: philadelphia is one of them. starting monday, face coverings there will be mandatory indoors and on school buses. students forced to adapt as the pandemic evolves. >> we've like switched so many
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times at this point. >> reporter: several cities including new york city, milwaukee, and boston seeing an uptick for weeks, now advising but not mandating masks indoors. >> we're having an increase. a big increase across the country an we got the tools to protect ourselves. >> reporter: for the first time this weekend, children 5 to 11 are rolling up their sleeves for that third arm-to-needle. in los angeles, dozens of kids pouring into this clinic to get that extra dose of protection. the fda now expected to roll out an updated vaccine in the fall and winter, ahead of a potential surge during those colder months. >> what we know is that this virus is evolving very quickly and every iteration of it has more and more immune escape, makes it harder for people -- ■ harder for this virus to be contained unless we continue vaccinating people and keeping people up to date. we also are planning for a
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variety of scenarios including a wave of infection this fall and winter. and linsey, in just the past month, hospitalizations went up nearly 60%. the data here from the cdc shows that many of those patients are over 70 who are either not vaccinated or boosted. >> thank you. >> tonight, russia is intensifying its attacks in eastern ukraine as president zelenskyy calls for even more powerful weapons to counter the russian invasion. his request comes just one day after president biden signed another major relief package for ukraine. tom burridge is in kyiv for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new video, ukrainian officials say shows a strike on a russian missile launcher in eastern ukraine. as president zelenskyy gives a stark insight of the cost of the war. saying between 50 and 100 ukrainian soldiers are being killed every day. for now, ukrainian troops out east, holding on, and digging in, as ukraine's allies rally again. poland's president, andrzej duda, the first international leader to address
3:44 pm
ukraine's parliament in person. getting a standing ovation. embracing zelenskyy. duda facing down putin saying only ukraine has the right to decide on its future. zelenskyy's calls for more powerful weaponry growing louder. his principle audience, the united states. more of this, the weakening of the russian military, is president biden's stated aim, and with that $40 billion aid package now signed, more u.s. weapons will be on their way here soon. the esengn $40 billion ukrainian aid package in south korea. putin's next move often unclear, and the nuclear threat always there. >> i certainly hope that deterrence works. they're the most devastating weapons ever created on earth. but they are a part of putin's arsenal. pretty well corners and boxed in.
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secretary of defense austin is due to meet his nato counterparts tomorrow by video link. on the agenda, what new types of weaponry and quantities ukraine needs to defeat russia. linsey. >> tom, thank you. next, tonight, president biden is in tokyo. the second leg of his high-stakes asian tour. greeted at the airport by the new u.s. ambassador, rahm emanuel.phe'll be meeting with leaders of japan, india, and australia. focusing on countering the rise of china in the region. before leaving south korea, he visited with american troops and their families, thanking them for their service. >> next tonight, the urgent search under way for a suspected killer, part of an alleged love triangle. a woman is accused of murdering a professional cyclist in texas. authorities believe the suspect may have targeted the victim who was once linked to the suspect's boyfriend. here's abc's zohreen shah. >> tonight, texas authorities urgently searching for a suspect who they say killed a world-class cyclist after a love triangle. police charging kaitlin armstrong with homicide in the killing of fellow cyclist
3:46 pm
moriah wilson after they say they discovered wilson had previously been in a relationship with armstrong's boyfriend, cyclist and red bull athlete colin strickland. austin police found wilson dead after a friend came home and found her unconscious and bleeding with gunshot wounds. >> i think it's just, kind of, stunned, tragic and you just want to hug people you love. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, armstrong's car was recorded on a ring camera in wilson's neighborhood around the same time that she was killed. soon after police questioned armstrong, they say she disappeared. the lone star fugitive task force is investigating, fearing she may have fled the country. strickland, the man apparently in the middle, clarified the relationship's timing. he says soon after a very brief romantic relationship last year with wilson, he reconciled and resumed his relationship with armstrong, while keeping a "platonic and professional" relationship with wilson.
3:47 pm
>> wilson's family said they are devastated and they said they felt it was important to clarify that timeline. they said people closest to wilson clearly understood that she was not in a romantic relationship around the time of her death. linsey. >> all right, zohreen, thank you. we turn now to afghanistan. women's rights advocates are condemning a move by the taliban, forcing female news anchors to wear full face coverings on the air. tonight, most of the women on air were complying with that order and so were these men who also covered their faces in solidarity. earlier this month, a taliban ordered all women in public to wear head to toe clothing so only their eyes are visible. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the water emergency at lake mead with reservoir levels at historic lows. the major city giving up one third of its water supply to help ease the dangerous drought. plus, two deputies in a race against time. a 9-year-old boy trapped in a burning home, deputies smashing a window trying to pull him to
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next tonight, two florida deputies are being hailed as heroes after pulling a 9-year-old boy from his burning home. the stunning rescue caught on body camera shows the hillsborough county deputies breaking a window to get the boy and then dragging him out. the boy was then rushed to the hospital. his parents credit the deputies with saving his life. with water levels in lake mead critically low, arizona's second most populous city, tucson, has signaled it's
3:50 pm
willing to help. the city council voted to potentially take less water from its allotment from the colorado river, which would keep more water in the lake's reservoir, which has seen its levels plummet dramatically because of the ongoing drought. >> and when we come back, the major peanut butter recall and what's behind it, and tiger woods pulls out of the pga championship. we'll tell you why. ♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪♪ to be...unstoppable. that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪♪ ♪ ♪ who's your rock? aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast,
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the coast guard pulled seven boaters and a dog to safety. after their boat caught fire. officials are praising the action of the boaters who swiftly called in their mayday and donned their life jackets. all seven are expected to be okay. >> an urgent recall. jm smucker, the maker of jif peanut butter, is telling consumers to check their pantries for certain jars that could have possible salmonella contamination. consumers should throw away any jars named in the recall. more information is available on our website, and tiger woods with a dramatic exit from the pga tournament. he withdrew ahead of today's final round after posting one of the worst scores of his career on saturday. the event in tulsa is the second major for woods since his car crash in february of last year. the 15-time majors champ has not said if he'll play in the u.s. open in june. when we come back, the inspiring story, the 82-year-old woman reaching a major goal. what she has to say about what got her there. ♪♪
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finally tonight, america strong. it is graduation season, and one honors student is celebrating her achievements and inspiring others. a little extra pomp because of the circumstance for one graduate in particular at the university of maryland global campus. of the 3700 graduates who received degrees during commencement ceremonies this week, may beal, just one day before the ceremony, she turned 82 years young. >> i feel excited. i feel accomplished.
3:58 pm
>> beaming that million watt smile, she proudly flipped her tassel as she stepped forward to pick up that hard-earned degree with honors, no less. after a 46-year career with the federal government, she returned to college in her late 70s, working toward her bachelors degree in business management, one course at a time, on several occasions making the dean's list. >> i kept my eye on the prize and i made it a priority. >> may anna beal is leading by example, showing her family and others just what's possible with a dream fueled by determination. >> i just feel empowered. and i'm fired up and ready to go. >> fired up. big congratulations there. thanks so much for watching. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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