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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 22, 2022 11:02pm-12:00am PDT

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a san francisco street to pedestrians killed another in the hospital why many say traffic accidents like this one aren't anything new the news begins in 60 seconds. ♪ ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ el estado with the most. ♪ ♪ we do tacos from the city to every little town. ♪ ♪ best bites. best vibes. ♪ ♪ california, hands down. ♪ ♪ go on and check my drip. ♪ ♪ take a bite. feelin' fit. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪
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♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado. live in the golden state ♪ mission killing two pedestrians what we're learning about the investigation. i'm spencer christian. the next few days will bring some summer like sizzle maybe even triple digit temperatures. i'll have the forecast the golden state warriors are now just one win away from the nba finals. i'll show you how fans celebrated abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is ab. 7 news good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. right away a horrific scene right near the moscone center in san francisco at least two pedestrians are dead tonight after a car careened through an intersection and plowed into them. abc 7 news reporter tara campbell was at the scene and
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has this update on the investigation? a taxi striking and killing two women on a downtown san francisco sidewalk police arriving on the scene at 3rd and mission street just after 4:30 on sunday afternoon officers responded to the scene and located. pedestrians who were struck by a vehicle that drove onto the sidewalk the driver of the taxi was our were both entering the intersection when the accidental curd revealing few other details this vehicle was involved in a vehicle collision with another vehicle that remained on scene and the scene drawing a lot of attention blocking off traffic for several hours for least to investigate we heard like people being like oh, oh my god, this is terrible. i heard people in the apartments like saying or screaming or like
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very scared this group of teenagers were walking nearby when they heard the commotion when i came over i saw the cab and i didn't really know like how it happened because you can see like the there's a poll, but i am not sure and then we saw someone under the car now. we also spoke with several residents who say they're seeing more and more accidents in this area the district supervisor on scene today echoing their words. this is a neighborhood that is disproportionately afflicted by traffic accidents and you know sadly this is one that happened. our hearts go out. there's two fatalities here today. mta has worked very hard at trying to make these roadways as safe for all those be pedestrians and bicyclists. police or drugs played a role in this accident nor do they suspect road rage and that it will take time to figure out exactly what happened here tara
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campbell abc 7 news. story, we will stay on top of moving on fire crews are still on the scene of the quail fire located in solano county northwest of vacaville at fire is at 135 acres and is 85% contained tonight. firefighters are mopping up and keeping an eye on hot spots. all evacuation orders have been lifted. well fire danger remains high with yet another red flag warning tomorrow. let's get to spencer christian and the temperatures definitely not going to be helping here. that is true dion. we've got the three elements that raise high fire danger. the rising temperatures the strong gusty wind and very very low humidity. let me give you a look at some of the high temperatures for tomorrow down in the south bay. you can see upper 80s and 80s low 80s near the base shoreline up at the north bay. we're going to have some low 90s and inland east bay is going to be sizzling tomorrow, and that's just first of the heat it gets even hotter on tuesday and wednesday now, the fire concerns are mainly for from 11am
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tomorrow to 8 pm on tuesday. let me show you the relative humidity dropping into the teens and low twenties tomorrow this dangerously low then by a late afternoon. we'll see some single digit humidity readings on monday and then going into tuesday afternoon, lots of single digits and low teens so dangerously dry, and of course the wind gust will be a prettyn fshore. law, which tends to warm the air up as it moves out towards the sea going down slope, of course, so i'll give you a closer look at all the weather conditions over the next seven days in just a few minutes deon. all right, we will look forward to that spencer. thanks. okay, andrew wiggins we're the authority was that my good larry beale impression. not bad. not bad chris. okay, the warriors they rise to the occasion on the road. they slam the mavericks to go up three games to none in the western conference finals. we do have team coverage tonight jr. stone went to a party outside chase center, but we begin with none other than chris alvarez and how the dubs got it done. what did you think?
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well, larry, i mean deon welcome to sports department with authority. yeah warriors win as you mentioned just one went away from the nba finals. it's only gonna be right here on abc 7 game 3 of the western conference finals in dallas stephen curry. we all know him. ue feeling just getting started steph scored a team high 31 hit five from downtown a little mean mug and a shimmy saying hi to reggie miller on the tnt broadcast and andrew wiggins saying night night toluca donchic playoff wigs with a poster so nice. we show it way more than twice. how about this double double 27 points 11 rebounds in the warriors win it 109 one hundred we're playing great basketball right now. we can play better. that's how you piece this thing together. like there's no expectation. other than what's the challenge ahead of us and challenge now as
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a closeout of series against a really good team to get back to the opportunity when the finals being one win away from the finals. it means absolutely nothing, you know. this means that and celebrate that when it happens, but then we gotta put that behind us again, and we want to win the whole thing. that was all that was everybody's goal to start the year. we have a golden opportunity. i know we're all just gonna be so excited when that time comes now we sent it out to abc 7 news reporter jr. stone who spent the night and thrive city outside chase center and what a place to watch the game with dub nation jr. you got with authority as well. chris what a night. it was for the golden state warriors now. i don't know if brooms are going to be allowed inside this area come tuesday, but if they are i could see fans bringing them out here because they are now just one win away from the nba finals and all of these fans are about a possible sweep.
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victory shore does feel good warriors fans in party mode after sunday night's game three win over the dallas mavericks young sydney mackey was one of thousands at the warriors watch party outside the chase center who was grooving to the party sounds of a wind were you dancing when they won? yeah, why because i'm so that i won my favorite player is steph curry. why because he's one of the best shooters in the world and i like how he plays i have yet to come to a game where they have lost and won tonight. so you're just gonna have to keep coming out here. the natarajian boys of atherton will also be coming out here tuesday. tuesday will be here. we'll be here right at this bus stop. yes, the two were among this crowd that was not able to get inside thrive city because nasty limits were reached something that only happens after 3000
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people show up instead the two set at the muni light rail station halfway across the street with a couple dozen other people in the same situation. it's like the coolest train station in san francisco or what i gotta say. it's pretty popping right now. we came out to support we got to say we got to be with our team now everyone hoping for one more win. fear you think a sweep could happen and obviously always they gonna win every time you think they're gonna sweep. yes. so fun times all around but i will say as exciting as it was out here. there were some fence were upset. they couldn't get into thrive city, especially those fans who paid $50 to park and then couldn't get into thrive city.
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so lesson learned chris if you're coming on tuesday, you'll want to get here early and lesson learned that you can actually watch the game from the light rail station. how about you in this studio? thank you for that fun jr. and dion wrapping. things up steph curry was asked what would the most important stat in the box score was tonight? and he said 109 100. that's the final score kept it simple bingo or coming up tonight in sports with authority back to you. oh good one chris. thank you. we'll still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 tonight. how the legacy of harvey milk was remembered? and more details are coming out about the killing of a professional bicyclist from san francisco. what authorities think happened to the suspect in her murder.
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knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday. your health now in issue we examine in building a better bay area a mask mandate goes back into effect tomorrow at berkeley unified schools a school district first. person says cases have been rising in schools with classrooms reporting as many as five or six cases. it is the most clusters. the district has seen to date they believe transmission is happening within schools. there are two weeks left in the school year and berkeley unified is home to roughly 9800 students across 16 schools. today we are celebrating a bay area activist and icon on what would have been his 92nd birthday. governor gavin newsom declared may 22nd harvey milk day in california the proclamation honors the first openly gay elected official in the state and one of the first in the nation.
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in 1978 milk and mayor george moscone were assassinated by supervisor dan white. today a celebration in the castro district honored milk's legacy. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on this story. bian and gay freedom banned marched up castro street for a birthday celebration honoring harvey milkn sunday? there's some light rv milk to try that his life. and make it a part about ours harvey milk was born in 1930 and settled in san francisco where he faced hostilities part of the lgbtq community that had no say in government in 1973 when
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harvey milk ran for supervisor in this district homosexuality was considered a mental illness by the american psychological association milk milk organized his humidity working with and civil rights groups for justice even helping to defeat a statewide initiative to ban gay teachers from the classroom, but many say his advocacy is far from over five years before his death was when robey wade was decided 44 years later. what's happening? we're about to have road thrown out. you know, it's 2022. it's closer to the times of harvey milk than ever before. we're still confronting homophobia transphobia, and it's so important for us to continue that legacy to stand up today. there are many tributes a terminal at sfo is named for milk even a navy ship honors the gay rights leader who served four years in the service, but had to resign because of his sexual orientation and the castro advocates are raising money to renovate and reimagine harvey milk plaza. as something like this a
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community gathering point at the spot where milks fight for justice began. it will be a true memorial to harvey milk at harvey milk plaza in the castro cornell bernard abc 7 news. san francisco residents had a rude awakening after fireworks were set off late saturday night. it all happened on market and van ness blocks from san francisco city hall a viewer says there were at least two rounds of multiple fireworks set off in the middle of the street. is unclear who set off the fireworks or if any damage was done to nearby cars and buildings. some 400 guns are now off the streets of santa clara county following a gun buyback event. the district attorney's office board of supervisors and police department held today's buyback at the milpitas community center. they paid $100 for a pistol shotgun or rifle and $200 for a ghost gun or a salt weapon.
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people could remain anonymous when turning in a firearm the district attorney's office explained why events like this are important. every time there was a narcotics investigation or a sales case made they're usually was a firearm associated with it and unregistered firearm a ghost gun one that was reported stolen or lost. there is a proliferation of firearms, especially ghost guns. so if we can get rid of these firearms that are unwanted in people's homes, we think it'll make the community much safer. almost 300 firearms were turned in during the last gun buyback the county held back in 2020. all right, once again want to get to spencer christian and the weather situation totally feeling like summer this week. oh, yeah, it's going to get more summer like over the next couple of days the end. of course, we have elevated fire concerns now mainly for the cartoonistrative delta and eastern napa county. of course, solano county is included. so let me show you what's going on with the wind. we've got gusty winds expected tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening as you can see on the wind gust animation here winds
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will taper off a little bit tomorrow night overnight into early tuesday, and then they intensify again. tuesday afternoon, so then you add to the gusty wind the dangerously low relative humidity that we expect over the next couple days from 11 o'clock tomorrow morning, which is when the red flag warning goes into effect until 8 pm on tuesday. we expect low relative humidity over these areas near the delta and carquina strait over eastern napa county with a low with a relative humidity down into the single digits and teens and that pattern will continue into tuesday afternoon and again, so that's when the that's the period of the greatest concern about fire danger and course, we've got rising temperatures on tuesday. we'll see high temperatures in these inland areas in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. so heat low humidity and gusty wind. okay, let's talk about current conditions the live view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where it's 53 degrees right now 55 at oakland upper 50s mountain view, san jose and santa clara 52 at half moon bay. nice view of the east bay hills camera looking out over the bay 67 right now, santa rosa 54
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petaluma, napa 59 mid 60s at fairfield and concord and 58. livermore and looking toward the skyline of san francisco from the exploratorium camera. these are our forecast features some are like warmth next few days gusty wind low humidity and high fire concerns during that period of time cooling down sharply though later in the week over at lowe's will be mainly in the load of at 50 so pretty mild overnight. in fact downright warm at antioch with a low of 62 highest tomorrow 61 half moon bay 70 san francisco notice right around the bay shoreline lots of 80 degree readings low to meet 90. the end of east bay and upper 80s in most other inland areas and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at tuesday inland highs in the upper 90s to near 100. in fact, i would not be surprised if one or two locations top out at 100 degrees on tuesday wednesday the heat holds on especially inland and near the bay shoreline then we get sharply cooler weather on wednesday most okay on thursday rather most locations will have
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temperatures dropping about 10 degrees or more between wednesday and thursday the cooling. news on friday finally next weekend we get back into a more typical more seasonal temperature range. i feel like hang that and then it becomes season. well doesn't last very long. yeah, that's your seasonal for a day or two and then we get extremes again. yeah, that's the bay area. yeah. all right spencer. thanks. well, just a head. welcome to wolf stock. it was time for cainines to shine this weekend in the bay area how it was all for a good cause
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit
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prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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we can't wait. was this tails were wagging for the return of wolfstock 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, of course the event drew hundreds of dog lovers to the festival in novato dog parents enjoyed live music good food and items from local vendors. all proceeds went to marin humane to help animals living in shelters donations are still being accepted.
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all right, chris alvarez joining us once again with a preview of sports. i need more sound effects chris wolf stock. coming up in sports. let's talk some warriors no more sounds dubs are one away from the nba finals full highlights reaction and andrew wiggins. authority wow sports is next. next. ♪ dude, great ride! right? this silverado keeps me connected and in control. and this touchscreen is my command center. ♪ ♪ my command center... the 2022 silverado lt. find new control. find new roads. very well-qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing on all 2022 silverado 1500 pickups.
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sports sponsored by river rock casino the scene has shifted to dallas for game three the western conference finals warriors entered with a 2-0 series lead no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit but the mavs they were down 20 to phoenix before roaring back. so a big game in big d tonight chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes only 16 weeks down until
11:31 pm
nfl opening sunday. yes still counting stephan curry here. he is. the triple is true. he had eight in the first quarter dub started out quiet two of 15 from downtown final seconds the first luca donchic it's this thing to go buzzer beater and a shimmy. i guess that was probably towards steph don't want to do that draymond green got a technical mavs went up by nine and it looked like the game was potentially getting away from them. but steph, he's gonna steph curry the look away and the turn of the bench. he had 16 at the half warriors up one at the break and once again warriors out playing the mavericks in the third quarter klay thompson the miss dream on the offensive rebound great pass to clay dunks at home. he had 19 the words at 14 offensive rebounds out rebound to dallas. 473. a step was five of ten from distance a team high 31 points and it's his turn is jimmy. that is his move. the lead is 14 dallas making a run on the fourth luca had 20 in
11:32 pm
the quarter and the slam mavericks actually pulled within six points and here is the play andrew wiggins gonna posterize luca. whoa, 27 points 11 rebounds. it's a double double warriors win by nine. they're 6 straight playoff series with a road win that extends their own mba record draymond actually gave his jersey to wide receiver of the niners debo samuel warriors can sweep their way to the nba finals with a win on tuesday. you have to win one more game and that game isn't gonna be easy. so we got to make sure we come in with an even better focus level than we did tonight, and i i thought it was incredible. to close our games are always a tough. so we got to come out and win the game. they're not gonna give it to us you look at just how the last series with with them, you know to a whole coming back and dominating at home. like that's a big win. you know, this was the one we felt like we had to get you know. coming here up to oh, you've got to take advantage of your
11:33 pm
momentum. you can't let a team back in. and we know how good dallas is. cardinal fans hyped in tuscaloosa stanford and number six alabama a winner-take-all softball regional final sixth inning score of stanford's ali kenisha, rhoda wright centerfielder. can't handle it two runs are gonna score stanford adds four more in the seven to take a six-run lead alana vater through her second shut out of the weekend stanford wins six nothing. they advance the super regions for the first time since 2011 stanford will host oregon state in the super regionals next week. both of those schools are the last the seat of teams left in the tournaments a little bit of a surprise, but that is very cool. the asian giants both lost today highlights coming up later in sports plus warriors team reaction to that andrew wiggins poster abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. yeah, that'll be fun. need to recover for a moment though. just a little bit yeah, chris. thanks. well just ahead relief arrives a plate packed with tens of
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thousands of pounds of baby formula touches down in the united states and even more help could be on the way in a matter of days plus as we celebrate asian-american pacific islander heritage month. we'll introduce you to some young entrepreneurs who want to be the next generation of trailblazers. you'll meet one who even even wants to be president.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona,
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and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. a search is underway for a suspected killer who investigators say is part of an alleged love triangle a woman is accused of murdering a
11:38 pm
professional cyclist from san francisco in texas. the two linked by the suspect's boyfriend. abc news reporter's irene shaw shaw has more on this story. tonight, texas authorities urgently searching for a suspect who they say killed a world-class cyclist after a love triangle police charging caitlin armstrong with homicide in the killing of fellow cyclist mariah wilson after they say they discovered wilson had previously been in a relationship with armstrong's boyfriend cyclist and red bull athlete colin strickland austin police found wilson dead after a friend came home and found her unconscious and bleeding with shot wounds. i think it's just kind of stunned tragic and you just want to hug people you love according to the affidavit armstrong's car was recorded on a ring camera in wilson's neighborhood around the same time that she was killed soon after police questioned armstrong.
11:39 pm
they say she disappeared the lone star fugitive task force is investigating fearing. she may have fled the country strickland the man apparently in the middle clarified the relationships timing. he says soon after a very brief romantic relationship last year with wilson he child and resumed his relationship with armstrong while keeping a platonic and professional relationship with wilson. wilson's family says they are devastated and they said they felt they needed to clarify the timeline. they said people closest to wilson clearly understood that she was not in a romantic relationship during the time of her death zorene shah abc news, los angeles one man is dead and a suspect on the loose after another shooting on the new york city subway witnesses. say the gunman was pacing back and forth on the train as it crossed the manhattan bridge when he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the chest. he then escaped when the train stopped at a station in brooklyn.
11:40 pm
police say there was no interaction between the suspect and the victim. a sigh of relief for parents after the first shipment of operation baby formula arrived in indiana sunday. us soldiers arrived with specialized formula produced at an fda-approved facility in germany the cargo plane carrying 78,000 pounds worth it's the equivalent to mount to make up 500,008 ounce bottles of formula able to feed thousands of babies for a week. another formula flight is expected to arrive in washington dc in the coming days. then it's going to go on trucks and it's going to be delivered in hospitals and home health care clinics all across the country. data shows the nationwide shortage could get worse and shelves could be bare at major stores by the end of may. servers hypoallergenic formula is expected to arrive in a few days. and olive green fleece jacket often worn by ukrainian
11:41 pm
president vladimir zielinsky is apparently in high demand. one of the jackets worn by zelensky recently fetched about 110,000 during a charity auction in london. the ukrainian company that makes the jacket m-tac as it's called says it can't restock the item because it's now focused on making clothes for soldiers a manager for the company says it might restock the jacket quote after our victory. still ahead tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. i wanted to paint this painting in order to thread awareness. meet the young bay area man who used his gift of drawing and painting in the fight against anti-asian hate. i'm spencer christian. there's some hot weather coming our way this week and tuesday just might be the peak of the heat. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up with abc 7 news at 11:00 continues.
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today in milpitas honored asian-american trailblazers in santa clara and alameda counties. the six honorees are people and groups making inroads in the arts sciences and in their community. they include the nonprofit vietnamese american roundtable and 14 year old tech entrepreneur samira mehta who aspires one day to become president. i have always had an interesting computer science and artificial intelligence and being able to use my skills for the greater good so recently i created a project working in precision medicine with ovarian cancer where i essentially utilize new machine learning techniques to help doctors precisely detect and classify ovarian cancer. is remarkable just 14 assembly member alex lee was among the city and county leaders who held today's tribute. being able to recognize six individuals and groups for their contributions is saying yes, we've come a long way in asian american history from being oppressed and subjugated, but
11:46 pm
now we're leading in oh so many different fields. lee says he represents the only majority asian-american district in northern, california. list aapi heritage month. we're highlighting a young man on the peninsula whose art is getting an awful lot of attention for its social justice message. lucas dew is doing his part raising awareness to end the violence. for 15 year old high school freshman lucas dew playing. the piano is just one of the many ways he expresses his creativity. but this is a story not about tickling the ivories, but how news stories about hate crimes and attacks on asian americans many i broke for abc 7 miles a very shocked inspired lucas to use his creativity in another way. i through this painting and hopefully it will spread awareness to the people. which turned painting titled ends the violence was part of a competition.
11:47 pm
luther's like an elderly woman with like a band-aid on her head and then at the bottom left. there's like people protesting to end the violence. he then decided to submit it for the congressional art competition a nationwide contest encouraging artistic talent in each congressional district. did you expect to win? not at all lucas won third place congressman jackie speier presented him and the other winners from district 14 awards at a ceremony in hillsboro this month but to his mother an immigrant from shanghai this recognition is part of an even bigger accomplishment as the minority if you don't speak for yourself, your voice will never be heard. i want him to feel proud of to be the asia america. i'm very proud of him while lucas continues to pursue his many hobbies. he courage's other young people with this message. i believe that you should go out and do what you want even even
11:48 pm
something as little as drawing your own painting at home. that's right. you never know what could happen lucas's art, by the way will hang in congresswoman spears office for the rest of the year. he is so tremendous and he was showing me his art portfolio. i mean he just comes up with these scenes out of nowhere and they're beautiful amazing young man. let me show you some graphics. i didn't draw these but according to look at overnight clear skies low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s. it'll be mild overnight then tomorrow it continues to get warmer inland highs upper 80s to mid-90s up to about 80 around the bay shoreline low 60s on the coast. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast it gets even hotter on tuesday upper 90s to near 100 inland with fire concerns because of low humidity heat and gusty wind almost as hot on wednesday. finally we get sharp a sharp cooldown on thursday even cooler on friday next weekend temperature sort of normalize what ever that is for this time of year spencer.
11:49 pm
you're remarkable as well. don't you worry? thank you. all right chris now with a preview. sports hi, chris deon coming up in sports. the warriors are one went away from the nba finals and maple jordan takes flight. let's watch this andrew wiggins dunk over and over and over again sports is next.
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i want to beat cancer. i'm going to beat it. that's no doubt in my mind, i'm going to win this battle. [male narrator] at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. sponsored by river rock casino the warriors are now one win away from the nba finals golden state has a commanding 3-0 series lead in the western finals and will look to sweep dallas on tuesday night the loudest play the game warriors forward andrew wiggins taking flight and posterizing maverick superstar luca donchic originally ruled an offensive foul, but coach kurt challenge and that was overturned poster official wiggins of the playoff career highs in points 27 rebounds 11. it's his third double double this post season and his first 20 10 rebound game of his
11:53 pm
playoff career what a night for wigs just film the energy, you know as the main thing when i seen the room, that's all i've seen. which i take away from you, but steve challenge didn't we want thanking for that? well, that's his different in a regular season. i love it. you know, i feel like you're bringing the most and everybody he knows the biggest stage you can ask for he was an all-star for a reason. he's a fantastic two-way player. you don't win in the playoffs without guys like wigs but your favorite wiggins dunk. absolutely. that's that just fourth quarter and a big win just because of lucas because it's the way it looked it was unbelievable. and we got to see 800 replays because of the challenge. so appreciate your mark knows nice. we are just joe montana weeks away from the 49ers season opener in chicago against the bears 16 weeks. now, the niners are gonna have otas this week first time we'll get to see trey lance and company really begin on the field preps for the upcoming
11:54 pm
season still no resolution with the debo samuel contract situation, but emotions seem to have cooled down there. i'm already super juice for the season. can you tell whoa, let's go spike lee. the house giants trying to avoid the sweep against san diego alex wood. just three innings john brebia on and relief many machado sinking liner, darren ruff can't make the play to run double made it five. nothing machado 4 hits part of a five-running that really broke the game open and for the second consecutive sunday alfielder luis gonzalez pitched just giving up one hit and two innings of work gets jerks and profarta ground up short with the runner run no runs allowed, but the giants lose 10-1 they host the mets for three starting monday ace fans. hoping their squad. take two of three from the angels coal urban back from the injured list making the start and lead off man. show heyotani. second pitch goes deep one nothing halos and cowboy hats are on bottom. three two, nothing halos runner on for former a curt suzuki deep-dried to center christian pot che rob zum at the wall.
11:55 pm
so nice. we show it twice irvin six innings tour and runs in returning loves the defensive effort bottom seven three. nothing angels there goes mike trout's 12th homer of the season. angels win 4-1 oakland begins a three-game set in seattle tomorrow final round of the pga championship in tulsa weather great in tulsa, justin thomas enter the day seven shots back. the lead had just a 1.2% chance of winning. so this 80 foot 30 on 11 seem cool wouldn't help much but it turns out it was major on 18. 30 chance for an outright lead missed it finished it minus five feels like he missed a chance right there. san francisco born wills. all of torres needs its long -- 18 to finish up minus five to ty thomas for second that goes third round leader medo pereira led by one going in 18 needed a part to become the first chilean to win a major t-shot though goes into the water. oh problems here and now he needs this chip off the green to drop just to make the playoff with those two and it falls
11:56 pm
short. so thomas alex torres go to a three-hole playoff fans in the trees. just trying to see this drama even after the first playoff hole thomas tee shot on the second playoff on 17 bounces on to the green. he would birdie for a one-shot lead. what a shot that was and on the third playoff holds out towards needs this to fall to force another and it does not go so just and thomas had to stay 1.2% chance of winning when the day began wins his second pga championship capturing his second major and he gets to hoist that big wanamaker trophy again. wow, let's kick it earthquakes hosting sporting kansas city opening minute of the second half quakes down one camaro montiero to jackson you'll brilliant header for the equalizer. we're tied at one. it's his second straight game with first time he's gone back to back in his career and watch this great view from the netcam. this ends in a 1-1 draw the quakes are still unbeaten in
11:57 pm
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"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. breaking news. >> we are prepared for anything north korea does. >> president biden lands in japan, hours after reaffirming ties with south korea. a whirlwind trip to st alliances as russia faces increasing blowback.


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