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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 23, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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covid vaccines for young kids closer to authorization. new data from pfizer. kumasi: masks back. the bay area district reinstating a mandate. reggie: the warriors one game away from the nba finals and the challenge ahead. drew: warmer weather today, potter tomorrow. -- hotter tomorrow. most of us in the 50's, rosa, antioch in the 60's. a we the weekend. -- a warmer morning compared to the weekend. we are expecting sunshine. we quickly warm into the 70's and 80's by lunchtime away from the coast. 90's inland.
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on the bay, upper 70's, lower 80's. with this warm weather, we have a risk of fire. red flag warning starting at 11:00 a.m. for solano county. any fires could spread quickly. more about the highs today and even how weather tomorrow coming up. reggie: firefighters working to put out hotspots in solano county. a fire broke out northwest of vodka bill and has burned 135 acres. it is 85% contained. declaration orders lifted. pfizer has released new data on its vaccine for kids under five. they say three doses are 80% effective against symptomatic omicron infection.
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vaccines expected to be authorized for the youngest americans in june or july. kumasi: one school district bringing cap mask mandate. broken unified students will be masking up after a rise in cases. >> there are about 10,000 students in the berkeley school district. they will be required to start wearing masks in the classroom starting today because of the rise in cases. they believe transmission is happening in school because they are seeing clusters of cases in classrooms. one teacher says this will be a relief for some students and good for the health of kids and teachers. >> i have many students who have been wearing a mask consistently and some who opt out.
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students who have been wearing the masks are full -- are grateful. the ones who have not been disappointed, but they also get it. body wants to goe>> administratl is to keep everyone healthy and get seniors to their graduation ceremony. they will be passing out take-home covid test kicks. two weeks left of school in this district. kumasi: schools in philadelphia bringing back masks. all students and staff have to wear a mask during the school day and while riding on school buses. philadelphia is recommending universal mask wearing. reggie: the first batch of baby formula is now in the u.s.
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several more planes expected in the coming weeks. jobina: operation fly formula brought in 78,000 pounds of formula, enough to keep 9000 trees and $18,000 for a week -- 9000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. four infants in south carolina hospitalized due to the shortage. >> you can cut the desperation with a knife. nothing else matters, the world stops until you find formula. >> families are in urgent need. jobina: the mayor of new york city has cleared a state of emergency to prevent price
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gouging. another shipment will arrive at dulles airport later this week. reggie: the warriors are one game away from the nba finals. last night, they came out on fire. they won. the team talked about their performance. >> we are playing great play better. there is no expectation other than the challenge ahead. the challenge is to close our series and when the finals. >> being one win away means absolutely nothing. >> we will celebrate that when it happens but we have to put that behind us and -- reggie: they are playing it low-key, but jobina was yelling
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a second ago. fans are not low-key. game four tomorrow night in dallas. kumasi: you can expect a packed house for the watch party at chase center tomorrow night. fans filled it yesterday. >> victory sure does deal good. warriors fans in party mode after sunday night's win over dallas. sydney was one of thousands at the watch party outside the chase center. were you dancing when they won? why? >> because i am so happy paren my favorite player is staff -- because i am so happy. my favorite player is staff
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curry. >> the boys of atherton will also be here tuesday. the two were among this crowd that was not able to get inside drive city because capacity limits were reached, something that only happens after 3000 people show up. they sat at the mooney light rail station halfway across the street. >> this is the coolest train station in san francisco. >> we got to be with our team. >> now everyone hoping for one more win. >> we are going to finals this year. >> i wish it time. >> do you think they are going
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to sweep? do you think >> they are going to sweep? yes. >> there were some fans upset they cannot get into thrive city, especially those who paid $50 to park their vehicle. get out here early if you are coming to the watch party. you can see from the light rail station. drew: find plot, get out there early. tomorrow, it will be a warm day in the city, 70's in san francisco. tomorrow is even hotter than today. today, mainly clear and it will be a warm afternoon. tree pollen is still at high levels, grass pollen on the
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rise. last week it was moderate, this week high. your uv index is high this time of year. we will have wins later this afternoon, breezy along the coast. wind gusts over 20 mph. those winds will warm us up later today. we have a wide range of temperatures. the coast is in the 60's and 70's. kevin oakland, 83 in san jose. 91 in santa rosa. warm today, even hotter tomorrow. upper 90's tuesday. closer look at our highs for tomorrow coming up. but let us see how we are doing in traffic. jobina: the map is mostly green, which is good if you need to
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head out. headlights are traveling westbound. this is our busy spot, but note slowdowns. wind advisory for the antioch bridge. we bring you this live picture in oakland, showing you 880 the coliseum. coming out of tracy, ride is around 38. kumasi: a site in the water that caught attention on shore. also -- ♪ reggie: honoring a gay rights icon. the celebration of harvey milk on what would have been
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the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. leaders will discuss a new report on gun violence. it finds incidents involving the guns cost the county 72 main
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dollars a year. that does not include the cost of incarceration. mild, they will discuss regulating privately manufactured firearms. those ghost guns are considered one of the biggest colleges proving done violence. 400 guns now off the streets in santa clara county thanks great gun buyback event. >> every time there was a narcotics investigation or a sales case made, there was a firearm associated with it, one that was unregistered and dashboard reported stolen or lost. there is a proliferation of ghost guns. if we can get rid of them, it will make the community safer. reggie: over 400 guns returned
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over the end, almost 310 2020. kumasi: harvey milk honored in san francisco on what would have been his second day. governor newsom declared may 22 harvey milk day. >> the lesbian and gay freedom and marched up castro street for a celebration honoring harvey milk, who uld have been 92 on sunday. >> if there is something we can do to celebrate harvey milk, it is to become like harvey, to try and adapt his life and make it a part of ours. >> harvey milk was born in 1930 and settled in san francisco where's the faced hostility as
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part of the lgbtq community that had no say in government. >> at the time, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. >> milt organize his communities, even helping defeat a statewide initiative to ban the teachers, but many say his advocacy is far from over. >> nine years before his death was when roe v. wade was decided. 44 years later, we are about to have roe thrown out. >> we are closer to the time of harvey milk than ever before. we still confront homophobia. >> today, a terminal at sfl is named for milk, even a navy ship honors him.
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the castro advocates raising money to renovate and reimagine harvey milk plaza as a community gathering point that he spot where his fight for justice began. >> it will be a true memorial to harvey milk at harvey milk plaza. reggie: an event honored asian american trail blazers. the six honorees are people aching inroads in the arts and sciences. they include vietnamese-american roundtable and a 14-year-old tech entrepreneur who hopes to become president one day. >> i have always had an interest in computer science, artificial intelligence, and using my skills for the greater good. i have created a project or research on ovarian cancer to help doctors detect and classify very cancer. reggie: alex lee was among the
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city leaders who held the tribute. >> being able to recognize six joseph and groups playing the have come along to from being oppressed and subjugated but now we are leaving in so many different fields. reggie: delete represents the only journey asian american district in california. kumasi: a group of people on the each thought the site because i'm sure washington state -- or because on shore in washington state. you can see the orkas flashing with their tails. his dog is clearly very excited. drew: [laughter] reggie: that dog is a little too close to both o -- those orkas.
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drew: that is what i wanted to eat on my watching tour, i saw euro. kumasi: you have not seen them, reggie? reggie: i have seen lots of trail -- whales but not the orka s. have you ever seen them hunt? they can go right to the end get the seal. i do not think that dog was in a good position. put it on the leash. they looked annoyed. that was a warning sign. drew: that is a good place to be, the beach. warm to hot temperatures today, tomorrow and wednesday. it feels like summer. some pretty colors on our
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monday. we are in store for a warm afternoon through wednesday. guess he wins, low humidity means that fire concerns are elevated. by thursday, temperatures tanked. it is sharply cooler to finish this -- the week. right now, 40's and 50's but 60's in antioch and santa rosa. warm if not afternoon away the post. 83 and 20 in san jose, 79 in palo alto. downtown, 70, but 66 in daly city. 88 in vallejo. cap but 90 and the. -- napa near 90 and breezy.
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in 19 while in training -- 89 in walnut creek. fog along the coast clear skies for most of us. warm today, even hotter tomorrow. 80's around the bay shoreline. tomorrow the hottest day all week. he told on that heat holds on wednesday but the holiday weekend looking nice. reggie: former u.s. marine trevor reed now free and readjusting to life american soil. he tells his story. kumasi: live look at
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kumasi: a new report accuses the southern baptist convention of sexual abuse. it details ministers accused of abuse but allowed to keep their positions. reggie: evacuations lifted after fire in solano county. the fire is 85% contained. drew: warm today, even hotter tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, wide range of temperatures. jobina: 10 minute delay on the very, a line in the richmond and daily city directions due to unscheduled maintenance. kumasi: president biden unveiled a new partnership aimed at preventing supply chain issues. the indo pacific economic plan includes 12 countries. reggie: we hear from the
5:24 am
american who spent nearly re-years in a russian prison -- who spent nearly three years in case russian president. >> after nearly 1000 days in russian captivity, trevor reed is now free, telling his story. >> we saw you walking across the >> you are thinking, maybe this is not happening. >> reed driving and getting a russian person and the brutal -- describing his time in a russian prison and the portal treatment. >> blood on walls, a hole in the floor for the toilet. >> coming up, trevor reed's message for americans still trapped in russia.
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reggie: in all of green fleece jacket often worn by volodymyr zelenskyy is in high demand. one recently brought in about $110,000 during an option. the company that makes the jacket says it cannot restock the item because it is focused on making close fork soldiers. a manager says they might restock after victory. kumasi: the public library hosted an event to raise money for a new library. kids were able to explore all kinds of tracks. proceeds go to a new library. the goal is to raise $5 million. the current library more than 100 years old. reggie: the new american idol taking home the top prize. kumasi: it has been 20 years
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since monkeypox identified des reggie: we always like this colorful display of market street.
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of san francisco. two women on the sidewalk hit and killed. kumasi: president biden in japan as part of his first trip to asia as commander in chief. the new partnership. reggie: mass mandate reinstated. where kids will have to cover their faces again. kumasi: is there a right way to do chores? do polls have the internet divided. new poles we want to check in with drew for a look at our forecast. drew: in store for a warm afternoon. temperatures feeling like summer. 40's and 50's closer to the water, but inland already in the 60's. antioch at 66.
5:30 am
he is a live look at our rooftop camera. -- here is a live look at our top camera. sundays 10 80's away from -- 70 and 80's away from the coast by lunchtime. winds are an issue. red flag warning beginning at 11:00 a.m. for solano county. humidity down to 5% in some spots. even hotter other tomorrow. kumasi: police trying to figure out what led to a crash that two women san francisco. a taxi plowed into them yesterday. tara campbell has an update. >> police arriving on the scene at third and mission on sunday afternoon. >> officers located pedestrians
5:31 am
who were struck by a vehicle that drove onto the sidewalk. >> the driver of the taxi taken to the hospital and people condition. the -- this taxi and discard both entering the section when the collision occurred. >> this vehicle was in a collision with another. >> the incident blocked off traffic for several hours. >> this is a neighborhood disproportionately affected by traffic accidents. there are two fatalities here today. >> week trying to make these roadways safe for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. >> police say they do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role, nor do they suspect road
5:32 am
rage. will take time to figure out exactly what happened. reggie: the search is on for a person who shot and killed a subway passenger in new york city. the suspect suddenly pulled out a gun, shot the victim in the chest, and escaped in oakland. kumasi: search for a woman accused of murdering a professional cyclist from two in texas. the two links by the suspects boyfriend. jobina: there is love triangle here. texas authorities looking for a woman who they say killed anna moriah wilson. kaitlin marie armstrong is wanted for homicide. wilson had been in a
5:33 am
relationship with armstrong's boyfriend. armstrong found out about the relationship in january and became angry after learning the formal -- former couple secretly met up. this month, a friend of wilson's found her conscious eating doing cap -- unconscious and bleeding after being shot. according to the affidavit, armstrong's car was recorded on a ring camera in wilson's neighborhood around the same time she was killed. soon after police questioned her, they say she disappeared. they believe armstrong may have left the country. strickland says he had a brief relationship with wilson during a break from armstrong but says she reconciled with armstrong and kept a platonic relationship with wilson. kumasi: this woman is wanted in
5:34 am
connection with sexual assault on the office not too investigators to the woman assaulted a funeral toy because goal jim. -- assaulted a 17-year-old boy near the high school gym. reggie: berkeley unified has evidence covid is spreading in the classroom. >> they are almost to the finish line, two weeks of school left in berkeley. those last two weeks will be filled with masks. a mandate going into effect starting today because of the rise in covid cases. they have nearly 10,000 districts who will -- students who will be required to mask up. one teacher says she thinks this
5:35 am
is a good idea. >> i am grateful. there are two weeks left. i love my students dearly and i want to spend our last two weeks together. >> our goal is to keep everyone healthy and have all those students attend graduation. they have earned the right to do so. >> they will be handing out take-home test kits to seniors before ceremonies. the school district has noticed clusters of covid cases begin some classrooms and believe transmission happening for. this mandate will be in place until the last day of school. kumasi: new fear over the global monkeypox outbreak. cases have been found in trees
5:36 am
where iris is not normally found. has been 20 years since monkeypox with eventbrite here. president biden says we can deal with the outbreak. experts say the disease should be monitored but it is low risk. >> we know how to treat this. we have an antiviral that is effective, antibodies if needed and a vaccine that we can use in the general population. kumasi: the risk of death is low and symptoms are similar to but more mild than smallpox, including rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes and exhaustion. reggie: president biden japan announcing a new trade partnership aimed at preventing supply chain issues. >> president biden on the second
5:37 am
leg of his trip to asia. today he appears to deviate from long-standing policy with a message of support for taiwan. >> you not want to get involved in ukraine militarily. you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? >> yes. it is the commitment we made. >> a spokesperson says do not underestimate the resolve of china to protect its territorial integrity. the words angering beijing, which considers taiwan a breakaway province. biden pledges to refocus and reengage with the region economically and launching an indo pacific plan involving 12 countries focusing on how to prevent supply chain issues. the u.s. is dedicated to uniting
5:38 am
its friends and allies. biden asked about the possibility of a recession. the president giving an emphatic no but acknowledging that prices are a problem for many families back at home. reggie: a rude awakening for some in san francisco. the messy truth when it comes to chores and tasks might be doing wrong. drew: clear skies this morning, live look from fate skills -- east bay hills show not a cloud in the sky. air quality fluctuates between good and moderate. high-pressure drinking applying warmer weather and tapping pollutants near the surface. wind gusts and issues near the coast, gusting at 25 to 30 mph
5:39 am
at times. that will repeat tomorrow. temperatures by 11:00 a.m. 60's and 70'eaore lunchtime will see some 90's we 70 in the city, 83 in san jose, 91 the high in antioch. the next three days it will feel like summer. even hotter temperatures coming our way tomorrow. red flag warning will begin at 11:00 a.m. for solano county. gusty winds in the afternoon drop committee levels. above average by wednesday. thursday, we see temperatures take a tumble. we will preview that and show you the holiday weekend forecast
5:40 am
coming. jobina: our biggest update is on the bart, just a 10 minute delay in the richmond and daily directions due to unscheduled track maintenance. san mateo bridge, no wind advisory but we do have one for antioch this morning cap 11, clear conditions. no blocking issues to report. antioch to hercules on time. highway 85 to the san jose airport a
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from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ some in san francisco. fireworks went off blocks from city hall late saturday night.
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this happened on market and vanness. someone set out at least two rounds of fireworks in the street. not clear if any cars are damaged or buildings. reggie: a new report accusing the nation's largest protestant denomination of covering up sex abuse. southern baptist ministers accused of abuse but allowed to keep positions of power. >> new revelations accusing the southern baptist convention bring up sexual abuse. a report accusing the southern baptist convention of stonewalling revivals -- survivors of clergy abuse. >> my father, my abuser would
5:44 am
baptize me. that baptism would also work as a type of water boarding. >> hannah williams is suing her father and the southern baptist convention physical and sexual abuse she has begun when she was 8 years old. >> evil spans four years across the denomination. >> allegations surfaced in 2019 following a report by the houston chronicle documentary -- documenting hundreds of cases, accusing several when abusers remained in ministry. >> abuse is underreported. i think there is more we have yet to hear about. >> ed said he is grieved to his
5:45 am
core for the victims and praise southern baptist will begin to take deliberate action to address these failures. that report was requested by the southern baptist convention. it includes information on how spc can move forward, such as restricting the use of nondisclosure agreement. kumasi: johnny depp might be on the spotlight today and he is called back by his ex-wife's attorneys. on thursday, amber herds lawyers depicted the actor is a fallen idol undone by substance abuse. closing arguments friday. reggie: american idol has crowned dinner. -- crowned it winter. >> the winner is nora thompson.
5:46 am
-- know thompson. reggie: he is the youngest. he is on gma to talk about his musical journey. >> what went through your mind when you heard your name called? >> i do not know. i was shocked. >> it has been a nerve-racking blast.ence, but i have h a at 7:00. kumasi: new polls have the internet divided when it comes to doing dishes and laundry. >> all was home on the twitter/ household chores front until the l.a. times asked one simple question, do you pre-rinse before putting dishes in the
5:47 am
dishwasher? the responses coming in hotter. >> anyone caught pre-rinsing is given a stern talking to. >> always. >> 59.9% of respondents say they free once say prerinse inc. is a necessary and modern the surgeons to work better when they have food. another survey finding laundry one of the most dreaded shores. one third of men hold -- polled says most men have not changed sheets. most people should washing their sheets often. some practices you might be doing wrong -- washing raw
5:48 am
chicken. that might spread mike rose -- mike rose. also, keep sharp knives out of the dishwasher. repeated cycles can build the blade. hand wash them. kumasi: so much to unpack. drew: start with the dishwasher. do you rinse before? kumasi: no, but i put an extra 10 in there. reggie: -- drew: i think i did rinse before and then i learned it is better if they are dirty. reggie: this comes up every 2.5 years when this story is done. we never learn. i still rinse. i cannot see these big chunks on this plate, put it in the
5:49 am
dishwasher and know that it does not magically go somewhere. kumasi: how big of a chunk are you talking about? reggie: let us say you had tacos and there is salsa. that would be sitting at the bottom of the dish washer. drew: it all goes somewhere. do you wash your chicken? reggie: i do not eat chicken. kumasi: i put the knives in there. i need to work on that. drew: jobina moaned. reggie: the sheets. a third of men do not ever change sheets. disgusting. i want to see if there is a correlation between those then and being involved.
5:50 am
-- those men and being single. reggie: how crusty are those sheets? drew: i knew someone in college who never washed their pillowcase. we cut down at an intervention. your pillow was white and now it is not. we should work on that. kumasi: it is early for this. people are trying to keep. drew: i hate laundry, the folding and the separating give something go in the dryer. and the hanging. reggie: i am stressed. drew: my laundry basket is overflowing. here is our south beach camera. pretty picture this morning,
5:51 am
clear skies, some haze. summerlike warmth the next few days. we do have wins again. anytime we have that combo, we will talk about elevated fire warning. red flag warning for solano county. then temperatures tumble. mixed bag, and a lot of us in the ford and 50's but a few in 60's. later, 80's in south bay, a warm afternoon. low 60's half moon bay. 66 and breezy in daly city, it into in san rafael, east bay, a lot of sunshine, inland 80's and 90's.
5:52 am
92 in front would. some coastal cloud cover tonight, mainly clear skies. warm afternoon, even hotter tomorrow. we cool off thursday and friday. holiday weekend shaping up to be nice. 70's and 80's for most of us. kumasi: tales waking for the return of wolf dog 2022. the event drew dog lovers in nevada yesterday. proceeds go to help animals living in shelters. donations still being accepted online. reggie: glad to see people went out. kumasi: new at 6:00, mick jagger slams the door closed on a star of a younger generation. reggie: the new way amazon is
5:53 am
you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge.
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increase production outside of china, taking a closer look at boosting production in india and vietnam. apple excites covid lockdown and growing tensions between china and the u.s. reggie: applebee's using a call center for to go orders. customers will have the option to speak to a representative use automated. the opening is helping restaurant by the end of the year -- the 20 is helping kumasi: amazon has companies
5:56 am
that has drivers picking up packages from brick and mortar stores. not clear where this testing is taking place. reggie: silenced at school. a student who was the first openly gay past president and his quote says his graduation speech was censored by the by florida's do not say gate lock. kumasi: fire in solano county, progress we are seeing this morning. reggie: nationwide baby formula shortage getting work, more help on the way this week. kumasi: live look at 5:56. we will be right back.
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(music throughout)
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and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing.
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there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: right now at 6:00, major change to san francisco pride. the new announcement you will only see on abc 7 news.
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kumasi: the covid-19 vaccine inching closer to authorization. pfizer's new numbers and how it is working for kids under five. >> we are going to win the finals this year. >> i am hyped up. reggie: that is cute. kumasi: it is the dog for me. [laughter] reggie: the people sitting at the station, watching because there were so many people outside chase center. one win from the finals, they get it done in dallas to take a commanding lead in the series. why the wind means quote absolutely nothing in the road to the title. kumasi: they're playing it cool, we respect that. [laughter] good morning, everybody. it is monday, may 23. reggie: a look at the forecast. drew: hodder weather will arrive tomorrow, the next few days or feeling like summer in the afternoon. right now in


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