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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 23, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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us on getting answers. we will see you back here. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. on covid and children. the news millions of parents have been waiting for. also, news on monkeypox tonight. the confirmed and suspected cases now here in the u.s. first, covid, and tonight, pfizer now saying its new vaccine for children 5 and under is 80% effective against symptomatic omicron. how soon could this be available? it comes as more than 100,000 children in the u.s. test positive in just the last week. also, that news on monkeypox tonight. two new suspected cases under investigation in utah. potentially two cases in florida, after a confirmed case in massachusetts, a suspected case in new york. where did this start, how is it transmitted? what authorities are now saying tonight. the deadly attack on a new york city subway. a goldman sachs employee going
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to sunday brunch when authorities say he was shot and killed at random. tonight, the suspect now seen on newly released surveillance. they need the public's help. and what his record reveals. the white house pressed tonight after president biden pledged to defend taiwan if china invades. mary bruce traveling with the president. the baby formula crisis. a second flight from overseas now expected mid-week, after the first emergency shipment of baby formula arrives in the u.s. nearly 80,000 pounds of specialized formula. police investigating disturbing video tonight, showing a violent altercation at newark airport involving a former nfl player and an airline worker. russia escalating its attacks in eastern ukraine. ian pannell in the donbas region, about 20 miles from the front lines tonight, as the most prominent russian official to resign since the war began. tonight here, his blistering message for putin. trevor reed speaking out
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about his nearly three-year ordeal in a russian prison. why he thought he wouldn't be coming home alone. the deadly fall from a cliff in l.a. county, california. one person killed, three in injured. also tonight, the couple fighting back against a bear inside their own home. and tonight, a true sign of the times. what will you no longer find in new york city. good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. we are tracking concerns over monkeypox tonight. the new suspected cases from utah to florida to new york. and that confirmed case in massachusetts. but we do begin tonight with the pandemic and a major step forward for parents looking to protect the youngest of children. pfizer tonight saying its vaccine for children 5 and under is 80% effective against symptomatic omicron. the fda will review now both
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pfizer's application and mow der that's application for the youngest children june 15th. there are some 18 million chirn younger than 5 not yet eligible for vaccination against the coronavirus. both pfizer and moderna doses much smaller than the ones, of course, used on adults. pfizer's is a three-shot regimen. 105,000 new cases reported every day now. that's four times higher than what we were seeing just last month. when it comes to children, more than 107,000 testing positive in just the last week. philadelphia, in fact, reinstating the mask mandate in the city's public schools. and with the fda set to examine these child vaccines mid-june, how soon will parents have access to them? abc's stephanie ramos leading us off this monday night. >> give mommy a hug and a kiss. >> reporter: tonight, pfizer the
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pfizer vaccine for the youngest children is a tenth of a dose for those 12 and older and will be given in three doses after data showed two were not effective. >> when the first vaccines were designed, that was pre-omicron. we're in a completely different era now, where three doses are an adequate immune response.ive- >> reporter: moderna is asking for authorization for its two-shot vaccine for kids under 6, but after data showed efficacy was 51% or less, the company is now testing a third shot. an fda review of the bee yad trick vaccines set for june 15th. megan enrolled two of her kids in the pfizer trial. >> to see the rest of the world move on has been really -- has
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been a really big challenge for many of us, so we are eagerly awaiting good news. >> reporter: it comes as more than 107,000 children tested positive for covid last week, the highest since february. today, philadelphia bringing back its mask mandate in public schools. >> as the cases were rising, i figured the school probably will do something. >> reporter: several cities, including new york city, milwaukee, and boston, seeing an uptick for weeks, now recommending, but not mandating, masks indoors. >> so, let's get back to those vaccines, steph. the fda meeting on the vaccines for the youngest children in the u.s. in the coming weeks here. so, how soon before parents could get their children 5 and under now vaccinated? >> reporter: very soon, david. that fda meeting is expected on june 15th. if the fda authorizes both pfizer's and mow der that's pia trick vaccines, then it's off to the cdc for their review. so, a vook seen for kids under the age of 5 could be given the
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all-clear by late june or early july. david? >> all right, stephanie ramos, thank you. there is also news tonight on monkeypox. two new suspected cases now under investigation in utah. potentially two cases in florida, after a confirmed case in massachusetts, and that suspected case here in new york city. tonight, authorities onhi nstted and what to look for. abc's elwyn lopez at the cdc for us. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc is reporting two new suspected cases of monkeypox in utah, and another two in florida. the latest in a global outbreak now reaching four states, and health officials are bracing for more. >> transmission is really happening from close physical contact, skin-to-skin contact. so it's quite different from covid in that sense. >> reporter: the rare virus, a milder cousin of smallpox usually found in africa, is now spreading, with more than 200 suspected or confirmed cases in at least 18 countries.
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>> i don't think that there's a great risk to the general community from monkeypox right now in the united states. i think that we need to pay close attention to the communities in which this might be circulating. >> reporter: the cdc saying anyone can get it, but they are now trying to raise awareness in the lgbtq plus community, since many of the cases so far worldwide involve men who identified as gay or bisexual. and while monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, some symptoms like rashes or blisters could appear like it. >> it shouldn't make anyone worried. this particular strain has a very low mortality rate as far as we understand. >> reporter: and david, symptoms usually clear up within two to four weeks. there are anti-virals, and tonight, the cdc is saying it is releasing some vaccines from the national stockpile that can prevent illness if given soon after exposure. david? >> elwyn lopez in atlanta for us, thank you. here in new york city tonight, the nypd is looking to question a man after that deadly attack on the subway. authorities say a goldman sachs
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employee going to sunday brunch was suddenly shot and killed at random. tonight, what the surveillance shows and the gun. how quickly it was resold. that gun now recovered tonight. abc's janai norman here in new york. >> reporter: authorities tonight identifying a person they want to question in that random, unprovoked attack on the new york city subway. seen here in new surveillance images, say they is a 25-year-old brooklyn man with nearly 20 prior arrests. witnesses say the gunman was pacing in the last car of a manhattan-bound train sunday morning before suddenly opening fire, killing 48-year-old daniel enriquez, an analyst at goldman sachs, who was on his way to brunch. >> this could be anybody. that's the part that's horrific. at 11:30 in the morning, this man got on the train with the intent to kill somebody. >> reporter: other passengers ran for their lives. >> our car cleared out relatively quickly, and so, i just started following everyone else. everyone isn't running for no reason.
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>> reporter: investigators believe the suspect escaped when the train arrived at the station. revealing today they've recovered the gun, saying the shooter gave the murder weapon to a homeless man, who then sold it for $10. this latest shooting coming just six weeks after ten people were shot on a subway in brooklyn. >> it is the worst nightmare. you're sitting down, going to brunch, going to visit a family member, a person walks up to you and shoots you for no reason. >> reporter: and david, there were no subway shootings here in new york city at this point last year, but already this year, 14 people have been shot on the city's transit system. an example of the uptick in gun violence seen nationwide. mayor adams now pushing to put gun scanners at a key transit hub to try to help please seize more illegal weapons. david? >> janai, thank you. tonight, president biden declaring 0en the world stage that the u.s. would defend taiwan if china were to invade. so, how does this square with long-standing policy, strategic
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about by guyty? tonight, what the white house is now saying about the president's words. here's our senior white house correspondent mary bruce traveling with the president. >> the prime minister of japan and the president of the united states. >> reporter: president biden with a blunt warning to china, saying if they invade taiwan, they can expect the u.s. military to respond. >> you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily, for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan, if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. that's a commitment we made. >> reporter: that breaks with the long-standing u.s. policy of "strategic ambiguity," which says that the u.s. will help taiwan defend itself, without committing american troops to the effort. but today, biden was clear -- the u.s. would be involved militarily. it's a step he was unwilling to take to protect ukraine against russia, but something he now says he would do to protect taiwan against china. >> dislocate the entire
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region and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. and so, it's -- it'sur a bden that is even stronger. >> reporter: in the room, biden's advisers appeared shocked. the white house quickly insisting there is no change in policy, while trying not to contradict the president. back in washington, the secretary of defense put on the spot. >> is the u.s. making a commitment to send troops to defend taiwan in the event of an invasion by china? >> as the president said, our one china policy has not changed, to help provide taiwan the means to defend itself. >> reporter: but the reporter then pressing -- does that mean giving weapons to taiwan, the current policy? or does it mean something else entirely -- the possibility of american boots on the ground? >> i think president was clear on the fact that the policy has not changed. >> mary bruce joins us now from tokyo tonight. china was quick to respond to the president's words today.
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>> reporter: david, china paying close attention to biden's words here, responding, telling the u.s. not to underestimate its resolve to defend what they believe is their territory. this all comes as the president is now on his last day in asia and one of his big goals here, of course, to work with allies to try and take on the rise of china. david? >> all right, mary bruce live in tokyo for us. mary, thank you. we're going to turn now to the baby formula crisis and we have learned tonight that the second shipment of baby formula from overseas will now arrive on wednesday at dulles airport in washington, d.c. the first shipment, enough for half a million bottles, is already on its way tonight to hospitals and pharmacies, after arriving, these images from indiana yesterday. it can't come soon enough, amid more concerning headlines tonight, including four babies who were hospitalized in south carolina. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, abc news confirming a second shipment of baby formula is expected to arrive in the u.s. on wednesday.
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this does just a day after the first plane, packed with 78,000 pounds, touched down in indiana. >> this shipment provides enough formula to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. >> reporter: the emergency supply expected to be delivered in a matter of days, initially offered by prescription only for children with the highest need. but that first wave falling far short of addressing the urgent nationwide demand. the vice president acknowledging the growing fear. >> i know this is a scary situation for our parents and the caregivers. >> reporter: the biden administration announcing the first two authorizations under the defense production act, hoping that will help major companies ramp up production. but 45% of formula across the country, sold out. and as desperate parents from coast to coast scour for supply, in new york city, mayor eric adams declaring a state of emergency to protect vulnerable families from price gouging.
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doctors now warning the dire shortage is growing more dangerous. four babies in south carolina recently hospitalized, three of them after their parents were forced to switch them to a different brand, one after their caregiver attempted to mix their own formula. >> if we continue down this path, we're going to see more and more infants who are going to need specialized medical care because of it. >> reporter: and david, the head of the usda saying this crisis coud ease in the next 30 days. the vice president saying this is a top priority for the administration and they are working around the clock on this, but bottom line, at least another month, at best, for these families to go through uncertainty. david? >> erielle reshef, thank you. next this evening, to this troubling piece of video from newark airport. police are now investigating a disturbing video showing a violent altercation involving a former nfl player and an airline, whoer. and what we've now learned about the united employee tonight. here's abc's will reeve. >> reporter: tonight, united airlines telling abc news it fired this employee at newark
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airport after investigating and reviewing viral video showing him fighting a passenger former nfl player, brendon langley. sources tonight telling abc news it all started when that employee asked for a wheelchair that langley was using to carry his luggage. the situation quickly escalating. the two exchanging blows. at one point, langley knocks the agent over, but the employee gets up and continues to fight. la langley tonight charged with simple assault. the professional football team he plays for in canada releasing a statement today, saying -- "the team is currently looking into the matter in order to learn the full details and will have no further comment until the investigation is complete." tonight, abc news has learned that langley is back in canada and it's unclear if the airport worker will face any charges. david? >> all right, will reeve for us tonight. thank you, will. overseas tonight, and to the war in ukraine. this evening, russia escalating its attacks in eastern ukraine. and tonight, a top cushion yan diplomat, the highest ranking russian official yet, resigning
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from his post, saying, quote, i've never been so ashamed of my country. sail on yachts, enjoying unlimited power and impunity. here's our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell, about 20 miles now from the front lines of the war tonight. >> reporter: tonight, ukrainian and russian forces toe-to-toe here in the donbas region. what happens here could decide the outcome of the war. this part of ukraine has now pretty much become ground zero for the war in the country. thousands and thousands of russian and ukrainian troops are now facing off against each other. the air is thick with the sound of artillery barrages, and you hear the sound of the siren ring out everywhere. and it's not just military targets that are being hit, but often civilian targets like this, causing a loss of home and a loss of life. tens of thousands of people have fled the area and many are still trying to escape. we met one group today who have
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fled the hardest hit front line town of severodonetsk. halyna says, says, "it's a horr. they're shelling everywhere. there's no gas, no power, no water." in kyiv today, one of putin's soldiers was sentenced to life in prison in the first war crimes trial. he admitted killing a civilian in the early days of the invasion. david, both sdes are now taking heavy losses, but the uk saying the russians may have lost as many men here in just three months as the soviets did in nine years in afghanistan. david? >> ian pannell just about 20 miles from the front lines for us. ian, thank you. and now, former u.s. marine trevor reed speaking out, after nearly three years in a russian prison. reed, who once guarded president obama, was arrested in moscow, convicted on a false charge and swap for a russian convicted in the u.s. on drug charges. reed telling our russia reporter that he fully expected the swap
3:48 pm
would also include imprisoned former marine paul whelan. >> did you think when you heard that paul wasn't coming home -- >> sorry. i thought that -- that that was wrong. that they got me out and not paul. and -- sorry. i knew that -- that as soon as i was able to, that i would -- would fight for him to get out and that i would do everything i could to get him out of there. >> trevor reed says he's determined to help whelan, as well as wnba star brittney griner, come home. you can hear more from trevor reed, "985 days: the trevor reed interview." that's at 8:30 on abc news live. when we come back here tonight, the deadly fall from a cliff in l.a. county. one person killed, three injured, plunging 300 feet today. then, the parents fighting off a bear in their own home.
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my auntie called me. she said uncle's had a heart attack. i needed him to be here. your heart isn't just yours. protect it with bayer aspirin. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. tonight, authorities are investigating a deadly fall from a cliff in los angeles county, california. one person was killed and three hurt after plunging 300 feet down the side of the cliff in pal lose verdes estates. a rescue helicopter lifting two people to safety. two victims in critical condition tonight. authorities say the two men and two women were found around 4:30 this morning. the fall is now under investigation. when we come back here
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voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ to the index of other news tonight. we're learning more about the death of nfl quarterback dwayne haskins. the medical examiner's report says haskins had been drinking heavily the night he was struck and killed by a dump struck while he was walking across i-595 florida. he had a blood alcohol level of at least 0.20. and to medford, wisconsin, tonight, where a husband and wife fought off a bear. the couple say they yelled at the bear while it was eating from a bird feeder. when the bear broke through the window. they said they had to stab and shoot the bear. both parents were injured and suffered bites. the female bear appeared to have a cub nearby. when we come back here tonight, there used to be thousands of them on the streets of new york. tonight, the last one removed.
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tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. a final image tonight and a true sign of the times. workers today disconnecting the last public pay phone in midtown manhattan. they're now headed to a city museum. how many calls on those phones? i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm david muir. until then, have a good evening. good night. >> breaking news, ovh
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dose -- over a house fire.s, ovh a significant amount of damage, an entire property has been reduced to rubble exit for a car parked in the driveway. you see they have the heavy response from firefighters who were putting out the hotspots. kristen: a bone dry hill is burning in dublin. the chp has shut down collier canyon road. pg&e is also responding due to reports of power lines down in the area. we have seen a number of arab drops, let us get a live look at the scene -- of air drops, let us get a live look at the scene. the charred area, 30 acres have burned. we will bring you updates as they happen.
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good afternoon. dan: a fire danger definitely heightened right now in one bay area county where a ra red flag warning is in the area. kristen: mike? mike: we are only in may and for the third time this year solano county is dealing with critical fire conditions. as you can see in dublin, it does not matter anywhere because our hills have made the transition from green to brown and the fuel continues to get drier. the red flag warning is a 24 hour red flag warning. the ones will be not quite as fast, 35 miles an hour, humidity is the same. the temperatures are so much warmer with triple digits likely in the next two days. remember the burning ba


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