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tv   ABC7 News 900PM  ABC  May 23, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> fires we saw it like these today are what we fear, especially with the weather conditions we have right now. >> a five acre fire prompted
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evacuation orders outside of st. helena this evening. it sparked around 5:00 p.m. on howell mountain between silverado trail and ridgeview lane. neighbors knew this was going to be a close call. >> somebody knocked on my door and told me there was a fire. and i remember just like last year, it's hard to see this again because my family is here. safety first. >> thankfully, no homes were damaged. within hours the fire had been stopped next to firefighters who fought from both the ground and the air. it's not clear what started the fire. >> a brush fire race to cross hillside in dublin. it shut down two roads as crews but the plane. skyview seven shows us the
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specific area. there were reports that pg and he responded because of a downed power line in the area. crews made a number of air drops to stop the flames. 91 acres burned. >> a fire did in san leandro. sky five was over the scene just after 3:00 this afternoon. an entire property was blackened and reduced to rubble, except for a car parked in the driveway. the flames damaged another home, we have not heard if anyone was hurt. >> let's bring in our abc7news meteorologist. >> parts of the bay area under that red flag warning. in solano county, it is under that morning until 11 a.m. when day. it is a combination of north wind gusting up to 35, you combine that with low humidity, four to 15%, and the critically drive you will in the area, so any fuel -- fire in the area
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will rapidly spread. the index indicating high to very high fire danger around the solano county area. that same region under a heat advisory beginning at noon until 11 p.m. wednesday. temperatures will soar and heat related illnesses are possible. let's check out a sampling of the heat tomorrow. fairfield 100, antioch 99, 97 concord, take breaks if you work outside. where lightweight clothing and never leave pets or people inside cars. i will let you know how long this heat and fire danger will stick around, when i come back. >> and you can find the forecast and track life temperatures around the bay with the abc 7 app. >> and east bay school community is reacting to seemingly racist imagery posted on social media. anchor dion lynn explains what
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actions are being taken by the school, and how some hope it is all a case of ignorance. >> unfortunately, a lot of people think it is funny. >> these images posted to social media have proven anything for -- but funny for the committee in san ramon. the photos show the all-white members of the cal high stunt team grinning and posing alongside a black mannequin head. >> at first i was like, this makes absolutely no sense. . >> the head being unofficially used as the unofficial mascot, instead of the real mascot, the grizzly bear. >> what are we going to do about it, instead of getting everyone to see it? maybe that's part of it, but i don't see much action being taken, and it's not the first time something like this has happened. >> according to the school district superintendent, the
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investigation is ongoing. he plans to meet with all parties involved. he acknowledged the need for more training. >> most of our work has happened with administrators. going forward, we are going to spend more time supporting our staff not only to interrupt any issues of discrimination. to educate, so our students and community better understand irts impacts. >> i don't think they're purposely doing it to be racist. our school definitely preaches equality. >> we need to accept people and understand our actions can have consequences. >> the district says they were made aware of the post on saturday. this young man believes parents did their part in alerting the school. >> i'm curious as to what they are telling their kids. that's really the most important part, it's the kids that can help stop this from happening again. >> pages belonging to the
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unofficial stunt team appeared to have been taken down. >> berkeley public school kids and staff had to put their masks back on today. the district reinstated a mandatory mask mandate because of a jump in covid cases. we spotted plenty of masked up students as they headed to school this morning. one student said she would continue to wear hers even after the previous mandate was lifted. >> i think it's important because you don't want to be stuck at home with covid. it's also for the community so other people don't get sick. >> there are only two weeks left in the school year, and officials want to keep rates down so that graduations can take place. we may be weeks away from vaccines for the youngest americans, those under age five. pfizer says it's three-dose vaccine is 80% effective against
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symptomatic omicron infection. the fda has a meeting june 15 to discuss child vaccines by pfizer and darnell. -- moderna. our vaccine team is here to answer your questions at, click on the blue box to submit your question. >> we learned the names of two women hit and killed by a taxi while on a sidewalk. it is the first fatal crash at mission and third in five years involving pedestrians. so many people including either bicyclists and pedestrians have been hit and killed over the past five years. our reporter takes a look at traffic safety in that area. [honks] >> police tape still lines the corner of third and mission street in downtown the day after
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a fatal accident that left two people dead. >> there is not a stone we leave uncovered. we will look at any aspect that may have led to this incident. >> san francisco police were immediately on scene sunday afternoon, a car with a collision with this taxi. it hit a 32-year-old and a 71-to-one year old woman, both from vero beach florida. the taxi driver was also hospitalized, he is in stable condition. >> people drive around like it is a pre-around here. >> erika works half a block from the scene of the accident. she shared video of another accident in front of the restaurant when two cars collided, one hitting the fire hydrant. >> they hit the wall on our patio, so we had to put it inside. >> she said pedestrians are competing with buses, uber drivers, and bicyclists.
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>> south of market is an area that is disproportionately afflicted with traffic accidents. >> the san francisco supervisor is new to the board of supervisors, he says making this part of the city saver will be a big part -- priority for his office. >> i'm going to be meeting with muni, i think there is a lot of programmatic efforts around division zero. it is an avoidable problem. >> police say drugs and alcohol are likely not factors. >> an event created to bridge divides is now creating them, the san francisco mayor says she will not participate in this year's pride parade. it is due to a policy banning law enforcement from wearing uniforms in the pride parade. >> the mayor was clear in a statement, unless the pride board changes its decision to
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ban deputies from wearing uniforms, she too will stay home. quote " i have made this hard decision to support those members of the lgbtq plus community who serve in uniform." a spokesperson for pride says the rules have been laid out. >> you can march in t-shirts that say sfpd, or sherriff's department, but no full uniform. >> a 2018 incident led to the ban after protesters became defiant. a few of them were arrested by police. this year, police will be there in a public safety capacity, but not marching. >> >> there is no greater honor for me been to bring my full authentic self to work every day, and put on this uniform. >> members of the fire
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department are allowed to march in uniform, but announced today they will stand in solidarity with other first responders. the lack of trust toward law enforcement has existed for decades. the parade started following the gay community's response to police raids in the tenderloin district and new york city. but a police spokesperson says the police department he worked for is a model of reform. >> the recruiting slogan of the san francisco police is bd change. that really means something. these are people who come from a community that is often marginalized, and they are leading change from within. i'd like to celebrate that for pride. >> pride parade will take place for the first time since 2019, on june 26. >> and abc 7 is proud to be a
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sponsor, and will be carrying the parade life this year. you can check out our coverage at >> you can't call it a buyers market yet, but there are reasons to get into bay area real estate. we explained next. >> i was scared and crying dad, i can't get out. >> she and her little brother were stuck in a burning home.
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>> san jose fire crews doused a recycling truck after they noticed flames and smoke coming from the vehicle. it happened not far from the rose garden. it is the company's policy to have drivers dump the load into the street if there is ever a fire. an arson investigation is now underway. investigators are looking into
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the cause of a fire at a greenbrae apartment building. a quick response help to the damage on south elysio drive. you can see the damage in this video from sky 7. residents were forced to evacuate for a short time today. we have not heard of injuries. >> the city of san jose looks to clean up after reports of serious misconduct . the mayor hopes a new independent auditor can rebuild trust within the community. >> the san jose mayor is lurking to clean up misconduct within the city. he says anonymous accusations against city employees have not been treated right away. he is proposing an independent police auditor to remove employees involved in serious allegations from working with the public during the investigation. >> first, that we never see this happen again.
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second, that these are employees that we have confidence are upholding the highest and best values of the city. >> a police officer shown being walked out by vinci -- the chief is accused of masturbating in a family home while on a call, and inappropriately touching a woman in may. another was recently sentenced on bribery, assault and extortion charges after receiving sexual favors in 2018 mama among other crimes. the employees were accused of auditory criminal -- predatory criminal behavior. >> we want to be sure that [indiscernible] and my great concern is we were not on it, and we need to understand why. >> i welcome the audit to take a look at how we can improve our processes and see where we
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failed. >> a legal analyst says the mayor is looking to rebuild trust within the community. >> what the mayor is saying is this is not unique to the police department, but we should have this process for all city employees. we do take your complaints seriously. we don't like it when officers and other employees behave badly. >> the mayor will take the plans to the rules committee before public input in june. >> some like it hot. [laughter] >> and if you do, you will be happy with the forecast. >> especially the next two days because it will be cooking. some do like it hot, and today temperatures came up, but they were still manageable. santa rosa and fairfield in the low 90's. tomorrow, forget it, we are talking triple digits. this is a live view of san
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francisco, 72 in santa rosa right now. send one -- 71 in fairfield, petaluma getting a nice sea breeze, 59. there is a live view from our emeryville camera looking towards san francisco. 54 in the city, 57 oakland. san jose 63. half moon bay 60 degrees. high-pressure brought us the warmth, it continues to nudge toward the bay area, and tomorrow temperatures go up even more. by noon time, you all already in the 80's and 90's. and lend, you will notice by 2:00, already approaching 200 -- 100. the golden gate bridge camera is a little bit hazy here. elevated fire danger in the next two days, in solano county, it is higher than the rest of the bay area. heating up tomorrow, records are
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likely, windier. much cooler weather is headed your way on thursday. winds will be out of the north tonight. they will start to pick up tomorrow, and that wind at 36 miles an hour will tend to dry out the atmosphere which is concerning. if you look at the humidity values, and they just plunged tomorrow morning down to 12% in fairfield, 16% in napa. going down to single digits by tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m., about 7% in one place. combine that with the lack of rain the last few months, and that is concerning, obviously. 40's, 50's first thing in the morning. afternoon highs will look like this in the south bay. 90 in santa clara. on the peninsula, upper 80's from los altos to redwood city. near the coast, mid to upper 60's. sea breeze will keep you from getting too warm.
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san francisco 75, 66 daly city, north bay a few high clouds. warm to hot for most of you. 91 san raphael, 95 vallejo. anyone berkeley, 88 castro valley. in linda's where you see those triple digits, brentwood and fairfield, 95 in pleasanton. seven day forecast. temperatures well above average. 100s. notice wednesday, the coast and bay start to drop off as the fog rolls in. then windy and much cooler weather for your thursday, that will set the stage for temperatures to slide rate might be some drizzle saturday, memorial day weekend, the second half will be warmer for those who like the warmth. >> tis the season for selling, according to bay area real estate agents. they say as we go further into the summer, more people are
9:21 pm
listing their homes. but so far, the demand is not catching up with supply. abc reporter has more on what experts say that means or buyers. >> for homebuyers, a broker says trying to put an offer on a home can be like aiming at a moving target. >> until last week, homes were selling on average within five to seven days. >> now he says homes are staying listed for two weeks. more homes are on the market. buyers are not jumping to snatch them up. >> there's a bunch happening in the market right now. increasing interest rates, the stock market volatility, and i think that is making a lot of buyers nervous. >> still realtors say now is a great time to take advantage of the higher supply. >> there is more inventory, less competition. interest rate is high, but compared to what?
9:22 pm
if you keep waiting, it will continue to rise. >> brad says the supply we are seeing is because it is usual for people to list in the summer months. >> i would compare our market right now 22018, where we saw 15-20% price appreciate at the beginning of the year. rates went over 5% and the stock market started falling down. >> there are possibilities for bay area buyers, but getting professional help will be key. the local housing market is still far from perfect. >> we're not shifting into a buyers market, we are getting back to things being a little more normalized. it is still sale con. inventory overall is still very low because we are not building a lot of and tori. -- inventory. >> you have seen high gas prices, but have you seen them this high?
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>> something good about monday, the stock market after dismal losses, today all the indices were in the rain. the dow gained 600 points. the nasdaq was up 180, the smtp added 72. stocks are down sharply this month, and overall this year. >> gas prices are at record highs right now. one station on the peninsula may top all the others. one of ours photographers spotted gas selling for more than seven dollars a gallon at
9:26 pm
this chevron in menlo park. only one customer pulled up to the pump while we were there. >> this is the most convenient for me. when you have a bunch of kids, and are running around, you don't have a lot of options. >> aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas has not gone down for a month, and prices have been on a record-setting streak every day for two weeks straight. california drivers pay on average six dollars a gallon. san francisco drivers average $6.30. the cheapest we found was in fairfield at $6.04. >> caltrain is back at full-service. crews were installing a new signal system for when they switch over to electric trains in two years. one man said he was happy regular service was back. >> it was hard because if you missed a train, you have to wait for another hour.
9:27 pm
it was pretty hard because i take the train down to california avenue. the other trains that stop there are one hour apart. so it was pretty hard to plan for things. >> caltrans has more disruptions will be necessary as more upgrades are made to the system. the next one is planned for the fall. >> big news for dr. patel, and he broke it right here on abc 7. >> i was hoping people would have access supply. -- excess suply. >> taking advantage of parents desperate to feed their children during the formulation order. one mom tells her story to abc7news. >> send in your stories, anything that has to do with money, michael finney wants to hear about your triumphs and your frustrations. go to
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> we are getting a clear timeline of when coronavirus vaccines could be available for the youngest americans, the only age group not eligible for shots. >> abc reporter has the details. >> protection for some of america's youngest could soon be on the way. pfizer saying three doses of its covid-19 vaccine are 80% effective at preventing systematic covid infection in children six months to five years old. >> covid is a real risk to younger children. many parents of children under five are just really drained and exhausted, and feel alone in this process. >> each shot will be one 10th of
9:31 pm
the adult dose. emergency use authorization could come this summer if all goes as planned. moderna has submitted its data for a two dose regimen for this age group that showed similar efficacy of the vaccine during the omicron search. it is studying a third dose. this as nearly every state sees a rise in new infections. pediatric cases also going up. >> what we know is this virus is evolving quickly, and every iteration makes it harder for this virus to be contained. unless we continue vaccinating people and keeping people up to date. >> philadelphia reinstating its mask mandate in schools. same with the berkeley district. >> we have been watching cases nationally, and interestingly, we are seeing more clusters. >> the cdc recommended masking indoors once again. >> health officials are preparing for another surge in
9:32 pm
fall and winter. the biden administration hoping to secure funding from congress to ensure vaccines are available. >> on our program getting answers, our anchor spoke live with dr. patel, a member of our vaccine team. he had some big news to share, listen. >> good to seo, you have major use, something you have not shared anywhere else yet. >> you said and other stuff, and people might hear that my voice sounds a little different. and this is why, because i am positive on this rapid test. it's not surprising, given how contagious it is. but i feel a little deflated right now because i have done so well to protect myself and my family. but i also feel kind of like garbage.
9:33 pm
to be completely honest, there is solace knowing that since i am vaccinated, i am doing better than i would have been. but i am doing everything i can to keep this voice working. fevers and body aches, i am monday three. i am getting better now which is a good thing, but it is not just any flu, because it could have been a lot worse. honey lemon tea is also the jam. >> you are clearly in good spirits. although we love you, we are worried about maybe you are one year old. she lives in the same household, so does she get it? >> unfortunately, yes. that was a gut punch. i did everything i could. the minute we felt a little symptomatic, my wife and died, i went and took a rapid test.
9:34 pm
mine turned positive before she even tested. i am wearing a kn95 mask at home, we did everything to limit close contact. because i'm in the small chance that we can keep her away, we have an air purifier, and in the morning, she had a fever. and that thing turned positive quickly. she is doing better now. she says hi to everyone. >> alok's daughter is too young to be vaccinated. he says she has a fever and mild symptoms. and as you heard him say, his own symptoms are improving. we wish his family very well. >> we certainly do. even with the emergency supply of baby formula landing in the u.s., any families are still struggling to their children. one mom in santa rosa is so desperate to find a specific
9:35 pm
formula, she turned to help on facebook, where she then fell victim to a scam. >> this is how keely aguilar spends her mornings and nights, mixing up the few cans of formula she has left before doing anything she can to find the specific baby formula her 11-year-old daughter needs to survive. >> she is on a negative coal -- medical grade formula. >> she has a rare medical condition called bainbridge rubber symptom -- roper symptom. she cannot eat food or process many common baby formulas in grocery stores. that is why keeley has turned to facebook and instagram, hoping others may be able to help. . >> i was hoping people would have excess supply, and that is where the scammers came into play. >> she sent 200 $50 this week to a woman on facebook who had
9:36 pm
reached out offering to sell her formula. >> i thought i was doing my due diligence. i asked for pictures and expiration dates on the cans. she had all the right answers, so i sent money. then her profile on facebook disappeared. >> she believes more than one person has contacted her trying a similar scam. >> is shocking that people would prey on this segment. >> just one more setback for this mom, who has spent thousands of to purchase formula. >> even with the shipment landing this week, she feels lost. >> it's been an absolute nightmare. until these formulas are back and we can receive regular shipments again, we are going to go through this. >> the federal government
9:37 pm
emergency shipment does not include the two formulas she needs. it includes a potential alternative called alfamino. the question is how and when she will receive it. >> and we wondered if any of the formula that arrived from europe will make its way to california. we asked southbay congressman khanna about it. >> it will eventually. it will go to the families that needed the most. this is for people who have allergies to some of the products. those are being prioritized first. if those families are in california, they will get it as well. >> the congressman says the shipments from europe will continue for weeks, or even months. the lesson is he says we should
9:38 pm
not have dependent on formula coming from just one company. >> president biden has created a stir when asked how he would respond should china attack taiwan. he says he would use the military. the white house is now trying to clarify the president's remarks. >> president biden making news during his asia trip after these remarks about taiwan. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. that's a commitment we made. >> we signed onto the one china policy. but the idea that it can be taken by force is just not appropriate. >> the president made similar comments last october that
9:39 pm
sparked controversy. today, president biden insisting that not aiding taiwan, could lead to a similar situation to russia invading ukraine. a former advisor saying biden's words appeared to harden policy. >> it is much more forward leaning then the strategic ambiguity that has clarified -- characterized policy for four decades. >> the white house saying the president was reiterating the president's commitment to help taiwan defend itself. china responding by urging that u.s. to abide by the one china principal, and not to underestimate it. it will not allow other nations to interfere in its domestic affairs.
9:40 pm
when asked if you wanted to clarify, the president refused. the taiwan foreign ministry now expressing gratitude to biden for his quote commitment to taiwan. >> a new thread is making headlines, monkeypox.
9:41 pm
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>> may is mental health awareness month.
9:43 pm
we are talking with experts to get the answers you need, so you can get the help you deserve. i spoke live with kaiser permanente regional medical director for mental health programs, what should you be watching for people who are feeling more than routine anxiety, what should that person watching now do? >> if your symptoms of anxiety and sadness have started affecting your day to day functioning, or your ability to do your job professionally, talk to somebody. whether you need a treatment plan with a trained mental health professional is critical. understand what is going on and create the right support systems, and then get the care which is needed. >> our discussion on mental
9:44 pm
health continues this week on abc7news at 4:00. >> earlier today on our show, we talked with a therapist about the importance of checking on your mental health before it is too late. >> often we wait too long to see a therapist. i have been in and out of therapy since i was 15, and even now wait longer than i should to get back in to see my therapist. i think we should all get checkups, see them, vent about what is going on, get some tools and techniques. it reminds us we are not alone, helps empower us, and we wait too long. we often think we need to be really suffering to get help, but we don't. just like you go to the doctor for a cold that doesn't go away, we should be doing that with our mental health as well. >> check out some local
9:45 pm
resources by going to >> more cases of monkeypox are being reported. the united states have a stockpile of vaccine. reporter justin finch explains what officials are doing to prepare. >> as the world is seeing covid cases rising again, there are new concerns about the spread of monkeypox at the world health organization. >> once again, we are haunted by the specter of a new health epidemic. >> utah officials reporting two cases. florida, massachusetts and newark state reporting one presumptive case. monkeypox can cause flulike symptoms and lead to rashes on the body, with the recovery time of two to three weeks.
9:46 pm
the illness is passed by coming into contact with lay-ins, bodily fluids or respiratory droplets of infected persons or animals. the disease is normally found in west africa but is now emerging in other areas. there are suspected cases in 18 countries. president biden was asked if the u.s. could see three week quarantines for those exposed to monkeypox, protocols now seeing in belgium. >> i don't think it rises to the concern that existed with covid-19. >> president biden adding the u.s. keeps smart -- stockpiles of smallpox vaccine that can treat monkeypox. >> pregnant women are at a greater risk for complications. the who points out the virus is
9:47 pm
containable in the u.s. and europe, but areas such as west africa are more vulnerable. justin finch, abc news, washington. >> we will get a look at the >> we will get a look at the weather for the week ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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>> tackling the growth in gun violence is a national and local challenge. santa clara lawmakers are making -- taking steps to make it illegal to possess homemade ghost guns. one of a number of efforts to reduce the costs related to mass shootings. how the southbay is responding. >> one year ago it this week, nine people were killed by a lone gunman at the vda yard in san jose. >> not counting the costs of incarceration, we are looking at
9:50 pm
$72 million a year in medical, mental health and other costs. >> they will ask san jose to write an ordinance to make it illegal to possess and manufacture ghost guns, which are homemade on 3d printers and do not have serial numbers. 290 were seized last year. seven were turned in had a gun buyback in milpitas. law enforcement is making headway leaking -- linking ghost guns to shootings. >> if we find shell casings, and a shell casing from another unsolved shooting, and look at what we know about those two shootings together. we are often able to solve those two crimes. >> they were able to link 305 shootings this way last year. multiple agencies gather every two weeks to exchange
9:51 pm
information to track down the source of the guns. >> how are they being trafficked? are they coming from manufacturers in arizona or nevada? are they being manufactured in the county? >> the goal to reduce ghost guns is being undertaken with the new study. >> visitors to the san jose aquatic park might find it closed. they are relocating sand from the east end of the beach to the west end. it is supposed to wrap up by the end of thursday. it maintains the beach while keeping the sand from creeping onto surrounding grass. they governor is threatening mandatory water restrictions. he raised the possibility during a meeting with the state water agencies today. water usage in california was up
9:52 pm
19% in march, despite the driest january in 100 years. >> on that topic, let's update the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest heating up. >> we will see numbers going to the upper 90's to low 100s. let me show you they are quality, it is good to moderate. as the heat builds, we will see air quality continue to decline. live view from our south beach camera, a beautiful view of san francisco. most areas are in that moderate range tuesday and wednesday. fog off the coast line, we have one patch around half moon bay. red flag warning's for the sacramento valley until 11 a.m. wednesday. he'd advisories up and down the central valley the next few days. it will not just be a bay area gd band, it will be encompassing
9:53 pm
much of the central valley. 100 in fairfield and 99 in antioch, but half moon bay will be 68. high fire danger in solano county, elevated across the bay area the next couple days, mid 90's to low 100s inland. we got from the 70's to 80 on wednesday around the bay. it will be cooler as we move closer to the holiday weekend. >> next, the story of a introducing the new 3-for-1 bundle. only from xfinity. it's unlimited internet, streaming, and xfinity mobile all for what you could pay wireless companies for just one 5g unlimited line! boomshakalaka!
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and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] >> tonight on incredible story of bravery. it's also a story about being a mom. >> crystal is in a hospital bed, unable to walk. >> when i try to catch my daughter, she landed on my
9:56 pm
chest. >> she was saving her family from a fire that destroyed their home on friday. she woke up at 1:00 in the morning to make her baby a bottle. when she saw the flames. there are two other kids were still upstairs. >> i was crying, i was like dad, i can't get out. >> brian dawson tried to go up the stairs, but that flames pushed him back. the only option now was to jump out of the second floor window. their daughter got her brother to her room. >> i saw the stairs on fire and she said yes, we have got to jump out our window. >> i could not catch him because of my back injury. my son jumped and did a bucket roll. >> then it was time for breanna to jump.
9:57 pm
her family is calling her a hero. >> i would give my life to my wife. >> i think her and i love her. >> she says she just did what any mom would do. no mom will let their kid died because of a house fire, they will do everything they can. >> no mom or parent or father, for that matter. really smart and courageous to catch her daughter, she got her, but she saved her daughter's life. >> just thankful everyone will be ok. >> crystal will need to have surgery. there is a gofundme for the family so people can help out. >> i bet a lot of people will. tonight on abc 7, wheel of fortune is next. jeopardy follows, and stay with
9:58 pm
us for abc7news at 11:00. >> we will see you then. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> it was special. from all of us here, i'm dan ashley, we will see you again in just one hour now for abc7news at 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show-- pat sajak and vanna white! [cheers and applause] well, thank you. thanks, jim. here we go. back into it. good to have you all here. i'll see you later. all right, folks. grab those devices. let's get on with it here. $1,000 at stake in our first "toss up." the category is "phrase." vanna, let's go. you're hit by an exclamation point. [bell chimes] john. it's showtime! yeah! that's it. [applause] john eaglin. rancho cucamonga, california.


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