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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hit-and-run investigation in the east bay. a crash that sent a chp officer to the hospital overnight. kumasi: hot temperatures bringing high fire danger to the bay area. the busy start, including where some evacuations took place. reggie: the warriors look ahead to game four and a possible sweep against the dallas mavericks. kumasi: good morning everybody. reggie: we are going to start with your weather. drew: it is going to be a hot day for a lot of us with temperatures in the 80's and 90's. right now we are waking up to temperatures mainly in the 50's. 71 degrees in antioch. san francisco and oakland sitting at -- here is a live look with clear skies. we will have a lot of sunshine today and we are warming very
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quickly later this morning. the coast is come stop still holding on to 80 degree warmth by 9:00. a heat advisory for solano county starting at noon today with those very hot temperatures and we also have a red flag warning in effect for solano county. we will take a closer look at these hot temperatures today and see how long the sticks around coming up in about nine minutes. reggie: bay area firefighters are watching the weather as crews responded to fires yesterday. cornell barnard was in wine country. cornell: calfire choppers armed with water mounted an air assault on this wildfire off of silverado trail in semolina. >> some guy came at my door and
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told me there was a fire. cornell: christian and his family left their home as a precaution, and it is not the first time. >> a few years ago, last year. it is hard to see this again. cornell: fire crews were able to stop the fire before it reached the top of the hill where a home was threatened. >> the structure was not damaged and the crews made a good effort to not only protect it but get containment to keep this fire roughly around five acres. cornell: sky 7 was over this fire in dublin. firefighters contained the fire near highland and collier canyon road. firefighters say hot dry temperatures in the forecast this week are only expected to increase fire danger. >> things are dry, things are burning. north wind is coming but we are prepared and we have resources ready. cornell: calfire sorted training
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seasonal firefighters mor than a month early this year due to worsening drought conditions. the cause of the fire is under investigation. reggie: you can find the forecast anytime you wish and track live temperatures around the bay with our abc 7 bay area news app. download now wherever you stream. kumasi: a chp officer is in the hospital after a crash in berkeley overnight. it happened near university avenue and chp says the officer was stopped on the side of the freeway and that is when a pickup truck crossed over the line and hit the patrol car. the driver of that truck kept going but eventually authorities were able to track that person down, a few miles away. investigators are looking into whether alcohol was a factor, and the officer was expected to recover. the average cost for a gallon of
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gas is $6.06 across the state. up a penny from yesterday. in san francisco, it is averaging $6.29 a gallon, down a penny from yesterday and we are seeing some local gas stations with prices above seven dollars a gallon. amy hollyfield is joining us live at the peninsula. amy: wipe the sleep from your eyes and take a look at this. do a double take. this is over seven dollars a gallon with that supreme grade at $7.75. we are at the chevron, the most expensive gas we have seen. it is shocking to see this. statewide, california is up, the price of gas is up nearly two dollars a gallon in the last year and that is according to aaa.
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we asked an economic professor -- second -- economics professor at uc berkeley and he says supply is just not keeping up with demand and the u.s. is about one million barrels a day behind what we were producing before the pandemic. he says the reasons include labor shortages and supply chain issues, that he thinks we just have to ride this wave and there is not a solution we can turn to. >> trying to artificially suppress the price of gasoline does not work and for those of us who are old enough to remember, we tried this in the 1970's and we ended up with really long gas lines. as much as people hate paying high prices for gas prices -- for gasoline, they really hate standing in gas lines. amy: he says the situation was worse 10 or 15 years ago, and when you compare prices and income. he says he does think we will see prices drop pretty soon but it will not be major.
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reggie: i filled up this morning and luckily it was not as high as where you are. the san jose mayor has tested positive for covid. they release a statement saying in part, after feeling under the weather this evening, i tested positive for covid-19. i am thankful my vaccination has prevented serious symptoms so far. they did have public city business yesterday. here he is hosting a news conference with the police chief, not wearing a mask at the podium. kumasi: the san francisco department of public health is recommending parents get their kids ages five to 11 a covid booster. this as nationwide, cases erupt with daily cases quadrupling since the start of april. jobina: this week marks the seventh consecutive week of increasing covid cases in the country. pediatric cases are no exception.
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more than 107 thousand children tested positive last week, the highest numbers since february. in san francisco, health officials are urging booster shots for kids. the department of public health says more than 73% of kids ages five to 11 are vaccinated. it comes as pfizer says the three shot vaccine is 80% effective against them to medic covid -- against symptomatic covid. >> it will protect against severe illness and hospitalization. jobina: the fda is also considering moderna is also considering moderna's vaccine for children under six. moderna is still testing a third shot after data showed two shots were just 50% effective. reggie: the housing and urban development secretary is going to be in the bay area today. this trip is to talk about homelessness, hud funding and to meet with local officials.
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tomorrow she is expected in san francisco on 19th street for the national housing action coalition spring symposium. kumasi: new details and a story we told you about yesterday. san francisco's mayor is now saying she will not be marching in this year's pride parade. she says she made the decision to support members of the lgbtq plus community who serve as officers and deputies. this after organizers decided to band first responders from marching in uniform. a 2019 incident led to that band after protesters delayed the parade and became violent. police made a number of arrests. after that incident, some people expressed they are uncomfortable seeing uniformed officers marching in the parade, but the supervisor who is openly gay says the police department he once worked for is a model of police reform. >> these are people who don these uniforms and risk their lives and come from a community that is often marginalized and
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they are leading change from within. i would like to celebrate that for pride. reggie: member -- kumasi: members of the fire department are allowed to march in uniform, but they said they will boycott the parade in a show of solidarity with police. reggie: the last time the warriors were in the western conference finals, they swept the portland trail blazers. golden state is hoping history repeats itself. steph curry had 31 points on sunday, accompanied by andrew wiggins putting up a poster dunk. the warriors are one win away from the finals and there is still plenty of work to do. >> i have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our guys compete and stay connected and improve and succeed. it is great, we've been through a lot. >> the fact that we are so close to getting back. we stay locked in.
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i told myself during the game, just stay in the moment. n to compete and we have to remember how much fun this stage is, this atmosphere. reggie: tipoff is set for 6:00 tonight in dallas. kumasi: you can watch the game on the big screen outside the chase center. at starts at four: 30 this afternoon and along with the game, there will be live in attainment, photo ops and a kidzone. drew: we are talking temperatures in the 70's with a lot of sunshine as the game starts around 6:00, we are cooling off to the 50's but it should be a mild day in the city . starting to see hints of sunrise and we still have that red flag warning in effect until 11:00 tomorrow for solano county.
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any fires that start could spread quickly and much of northern california and parts to the north near reading under that red flag warning through tomorrow forty itions a hot temperaturesd temp. ychmee see'snd ihundred degre3 in oakland, 97 in santa rosa today, 92 in san jose, even the city will feel warm at 75 degrees. the next three days are high with fire danger. we see cool air around the shoreline. temperatures really drop, sharply cooler for all of us by thursday. we will take a look at how the holiday weekend is shaping up,
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coming up in it about nine minutes. -- coming up in about nine minutes. jobina: we are following a crash in oakland on northbound 880 just before high street. at least one lane is blocked, according to chp. headlights are traveling westbound and the san mateo bridge is looking nice in both directions. no wind advisory, but we do have one for the altamont pass. the ride from tracy to dublin is going to be around 40 minutes. reggie: cool off at the rushing river without worrying about one typical pain point. kumasi: putting the spotlight on teens and fentanyl use. ♪♪
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—your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ reggie: parents and high school students are trying to build a better bay area by putting a spotlight on teens and fentanyl use. we have one of the first online discussions addressing this problem. >> the dangers of fentanyl and
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the teen deaths linked to them on full display at lynbrook high school in san jose. health experts introducing new pilot programs to address this very painful and personal topic with parents of young students. >> if you suspect your child may be using, they probably are. please do not deny that as a possibility. >> illegal fentanyl is sometimes pressed into pills made to look like prescription drugs, or mixed into other illicit drugs. the county described -- has marked rising fentanyl overdose deaths since 2015, when nine people died. in 2021, that number spiked to 135. >> 42 out of 135 of those poisoned by fentanyl were under the age of 29. >> taking part in the panel, a parent who lost a teen this way.
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>> it doesn't matter how great a parent you were. it finds its way into every community. >> monday's discussion, meant to provide parents with resources to recognize and respond to potential use. the county says nearly every city and town in the south bay has had at least one death related to fentanyl poisoning. the das office even referencing having charged two drug dealers with separate murders, including the death of a 12-year-old san jose girl. >> it doesn't care who you are or where you are from, whether it is this county or state or country. >> as part of the pilot program, the county is planning additional discussions to be hosted at high schools across the south bay. in san jose, abc7news. reggie: to find an ally to help you or a loved one tackle substance abuse issues, check out some local resources by going to keaction. kumasi: dreams were on display
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in the north during an art exhibit during the work of middle school students in napa. students took part in a special workshop. pictures of hope uses the power of photography to help students realize their potential and share their hopes and dreams. >> one photo can change a life. you've just got to give that child the chance. >> my dream is for everyone to be equal, like actually equal and not just saying it. kumasi: the napa police chief was there because one of the kids photographed a police car and said she wanted to be a police officer. prince of the photos were sold during last nights exhibition with the proceeds going to the napa unified afterschool program. reggie: a heads up if you are planning to vi week. it is closed for several days as crews move sand from the east end to the west end. it is supposed to wrap up by the end of thursday.
5:18 am
the project maintains the beach while keeping the sand from creeping onto the surrounding grass areas. kumasi: just-in-time for summer, a shuttle bringing guests to the rushing river is back, so you can get an all-day ticket for the original parks river shuttle. it is just five dollars. it will take you to and from santa rosa, the steelhead regional park and the sunset beach regional park. you can bring your rafts if they are deflated, coolers and fishing poles on the shuttle. it is available through labor day. reggie: can we go? drew: yes. have you been? kumasi: no, but i've been wanting to go so badly. reggie: i am also serious. kumasi: i am a lazy river person. i'm just going to be on that floaty. drew: does it look like we do stuff? we are not casting a fishing line. we will be riding that
5:19 am
tube with you. kumasi: then we can go. drew: it is sometimes hard to get down there with all your stuff, so it is nice to have a shuttle. find water if you can because we are hot for a lot of us. the only exception is the coast, remaining pretty comfortable in the 60's today. some early morning colors as the sun begins to rise this morning. elevated fire danger the next two days. gusty wind in the afternoon. that red flag warning is in effect for solano county. this afternoon and thursday, it is much cooler as the wind turns on and drags in much cooler weather. antioch holding at 70, 55 in santa rosa. the wind is a bit of an issue, but not as windy as we have been. it will still be elevated, likely gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. this is a hot one in the south bay. 92 in san jose, 88 in cupertino.
5:20 am
86 in palo alto, but again, the coast is relatively comfortable in the mid to upper 60's. downtown today, 75. the north bay, 97 in santa rosa, 96 in napa. the east bay a lot of 80's on the board. inland, it is hot, 100 in brinton would. -- in brintonwood. 50's and 60's under mainly clear skies. the seven day forecast, a hot day with fire danger. still hot tomorrow and then those temperatures tank, thursday and friday. they will feel pretty chilly compared to where we are today. some drizzle as possible on saturday. a lot of sunshine and temperatures are very comfortable. kumasi: coming up, seven things to know this morning. reggie: a member of the zac brown band telling his story. kumasi: and here is a live look
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outside. who do you think you are? canceling plans, commanding a room,ur own. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising.
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with increased fire danger. a lot of us going into the 80's and 90's under sunny skies this afternoon. kumasi: calfire is watching the heat and increased fire danger across the bay area this morning. this fire yesterday in st. helena forcing evacuations for a fourth time. reggie: santa clara valley water will consider mandatory water restrictions today and fines up to $10,000 for people who don't comply. it is in response to the worsening drought conditions across california. kumasi: san francisco's mayor says she is not marching in this year's pride parade. it is in response to parade organizers banning uniformed law enforcement officers from marching. reggie: california gas prices are up nearly two dollars a gallon in the last year. the statewide average is now $6.06 but one gas station is charging over seven dollars per gallon. jobina: it is not great to sit in traffic which will be the case if you are moving through the altamont pass right now.
5:24 am
a new crash reported on westbound 580. you can see speeds have dropped to around 14 miles per hour. kumasi: today the superintendent will ask the school board to extend level high school's lottery admission system. if approved, it will continue into the 2023-24 school year. reggie: in today's gma first look, zac brown band member reveals he was diagnosed with als in a video with his bandmates. >> in this morning's first look, telling his story. john hopkins and his bass have toured the world as a member of the grammy-winning zac brown band. now the songwriter faces a new challenge, a diagnosis of als. this morning he is opening up the good morning america. >> why did you choose to go public with this? >> this was the only way for me. i wanted this to be something i could try to affect change with.
5:25 am
it is better to get after it and hop on a cure, as quickly as possible. there is a shot for a lot of people out there. >> coming up at 7:00, we will have much more of our interview with john, his hope for the future and what he wants every fan of the zac brown band to know this morning. kumasi: an event focusing on both the body and the mind marked mental health awareness week. this was at chase center. that was yesterday. reggie: was that you? what just happened? kumasi: let me just tell you about the event first. the warriors are teaming up with kaiser permanente for all these activities. they had workshops and discussions focusing on mindfulness. and as you can see here, physical fitness and the theme was every day holds a win.
5:26 am
a shout out to -- for having the patience with me. reggie: how many attempts? kumasi: that is my business but eventually, i had success. it was a really great panel. just chatting with the students about mental health even at that age and how when you are in the heat of the moment, there are tools to help find that column. reggie: and if all else -- that calm. reggie: and if all else fails, editing is the solution. a scary surprise in a school restroom. kumasi: of course the busy summer season, why finding in airbnb in one local county may be harder. reggie: but right now, a live look outside. it is going to be a warm one. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, monkeypox outbreak. the cdc's warning. kumasi: and they push to save water during our historic drought. the local county talking serious fines for water wasters and governor newsom's comments about editorial restrictions
5:30 am
statewide. reggie: sky high gas prices. where you will see this shocking sign showing seven dollars a gallon. i don't know what is harder to see. both are difficult to watch. kumasi: but first we will start with a check of the forecast withdrew. drew: -- with drew. drew: 80's in 90's today. the hottest day we have all week, this afternoon. ortiz along coast, 60's and 70's -- 40's along the coast, 60's and 70's inland. tons of sunshine heading our way. mainly clear skies means we are warming fast. we are approaching 90 degrees in our hottest spots and we are well above average, away from the coast with most of us going into the 80's and 90's. also a heat advisory for solano county. here is where we find some of the hottest temperatures.
5:31 am
we are going to take a closer look at those highs today and also talk about how long the storm sticks around. kumasi: mandatory water restrictions and stiff fines are on the agenda in the south bay today. the santa clara valley water district is trying to get residents to reduce water use at least 50% as we deal with worsening drought conditions. so far, people have fallen short of that goal. options today include restricting lawn watering to just two days a week and fines from 500 to $10,000 for people who do not comply. as we previously reported, the district is considering hiring enforcement officers to issue those fines. governor newsom is saying we could see statewide mandatory water restrictions if everybody doesn't start to cut back. the governor talked about it during a meeting with the state major water agencies including those from the bay area. water use in california was up 19%, despite the driest january through march in 100 years.
5:32 am
nearly every region in the state is now in a severe or extreme drought. reggie: the record gas prices are hurting some drivers more than others. on the peninsula we found at least one station selling it for more than seven dollars a gallon. here is a look at the latest prices overnight. average cost is actually down a penny in san francisco, but it is a penny more today in oakland and san jose. amy hollyfield is live at menlo park. amy: good morning. look at these prices. when your supreme gas is inching towards eight dollars per gallon, you make the news. this is the highest prices we have seen so far. can you believe what you are looking at? we asked an economics professor at uc berkeley about these prices and he says supply is just not keeping up with demand. he says there are a few issues -- a few reasons like supply
5:33 am
chain issues and labor shortages and russia gets some of the blame. >> the problem is while that extra oil is coming out of the strategic reserve, russia is having a hard time getting its oil to the market and the estimates are that it has reduced its output by 3 million or 4 million barrels a day in the spr is only adding one million barrels a day. amy: statewide, california is up nearly two dollars a gallon in the last year, according to aaa. the professor we talked to thinks we will see a dip soon in prices, but it will not be major. prices are up everywhere, but these prices are extreme and we have not seen a single customer come here this morning. a good reminder, look before you pump because you may pull into a station that has extreme gas prices like this one.
5:34 am
kumasi: developing news from tokyo as president biden met with fellow into pacific leaders this week. leaders from the u.s., japan, india and australia gathered to discuss that partnership. president biden emphasize the importance of maintaining international order and said he believes the invasion of ukraine is a global issue. he expressed concerns over russian president vladimir putin. reggie: it appears to -- >> it appears to me that he is just trying to extinguish a culture. he is not even naming military targets. he is taking out every school, every church, every museum as if to try and obliterate ukrainian culture. kumasi: president biden stressed in that meeting that washington would stand with its allies and push for a free and open into pacific region. the san francisco medical examiner identified the two women who were hit and killed by a taxi. police say the cab collided with
5:35 am
a mercedes at third and mission streets and ended up on the sidewalk on sunday. the victims were identified as a 31-year-old, will the hud -- will ahead a string -- willow henderson. supervisor matt dorsey says the south mock area has this proportionate number of traffic accidents. >> there are traffic calming solutions. i will be meeting with muni. i think there are a lot of efforts around -- kumasi: walk san francisco says in all, 10 pedestrians have been killed this year in san francisco. reggie: the rare outbreak of monkey out -- of monkeypox is spreading. suspected cases reported in at least five states and one expert says the outbreak could be linked to activity at two parties in europe. jobina: so the virus typically
5:36 am
only is seen on the continent of africa and is spreading with more than 200 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in 18 countries. doctors in washington state, massachusetts, utah, florida and new york are investigating cases. experts say it is spread by close contact with lay-ins, bodily fluids or respiratory droplets. flulike symptoms lead to rashes on the body with a recovery time of two to three weeks. the cdc is raising awareness in the lgbtq plus community because many of the cases worldwide involved men identifying as gay or bisexual. an adviser to the world health organization tells the associated press that the leading theory to explain the outbreak is sexual transmission at a rave party in spain or belgium. >> there is not a great risk to the general community in the united states. we need to pay close attention
5:37 am
to the communities in which this might be circulating. jobina: the u.s. government is now releasing some monkeypox vaccines from the national stockpile. the cdc says those vaccines will be a for a small number of people who have been exposed. officials say there is no need to vaccinate the general public. kumasi: thank you. more baby formula is expected to arrive in the u.s. in the coming weeks. we asked ro khanna if it is going to make its way to california. >> some of it will, eventually, but it will go to the families who need it most. this is the formula for people who may have allergies to some of the products. those are being prioritized first. kumasi: congressman, says the shipments from europe will likely continue for weeks or months -- congressman khanna says the shipments from europe
5:38 am
will likely continue for weeks or months. he also says we should not be relying on just one company for baby formula. as liz kreutz reports, one mom in santa rosa is so desperate to find a specific formula that she turned to help on facebook. that is where she fell victim to a scam. liz: this is how she spends her mornings and nights. mixing up some of the few cans of formula she still has left before going on her phone, computer, social media, doing anything she can define the specific baby formula her 11-year-old daughter needs to survive. >> the tally is on a medical grade formula. that means it is by prescription. liz: she has a rare medical condition that affects all aspects of her cognitive and develop mental abilities. she cannot eat food or even process many of the common baby formulas found in grocery stores. that is why her mother has turned to facebook and instagram, hoping others can help. >> i was hoping people would
5:39 am
have excess supply. that is where the scammers came in to play. liz: amid the stress of trying to keep her daughter alive, she says she fell victim to a scam. she sent to fit -- she sent 200 for the dollars to a woman on facebook who had reached out and offered to sell formula. >> i thought i was doing my due diligence. i asked for pictures and expiration dates. she had all the right answers. so i sent money and then her profile disappeared. liz: she says she's had friends and strangers who have genuinely stepped up to help but she believes more than one person has contacted her trying a similar scam. >> it is shocking that people would pray on this segment of our population -- prey on this segment of our population. liz: it was a setback. she has already spent thousands of dollars to purchase formula that is usually covered by insurance. even with the new shipment landing in the u.s. this week, she feels lost. >> it has been an absolute
5:40 am
nightmare. until the formula is back in stock at our supply company and we can receive regular shipments again, we are going to be going through this. liz: the specific formula her daughter needs, it is unclear if they are on the emergency shipment landing this week. ultimately she says the long-term solution is to reopen that baby formula plant. hi kumasi: -- kumasi: a case of ill intent or ignorance? the seemingly racist imagery posted to social media that has an east unity talking this morning. reggie: plus a wild animal found resting in a school restroom. but first we are going to check in with drew. drew: sounds like? good morning. here is a live look. we have clear skies and the sun is on its way up. we have elevated fire danger, a
5:41 am
red flag warning is in effect for solano county. it began yesterday and it lasts until tomorrow morning. we will find hot temperatures in solano county. that combination drops humidity levels. we saw a couple fires pop up across the bay area. fire danger continues today and tomorrow as hot temperatures continue through wednesday. future trak shows you by 10:00, we are warming quickly this morning. you don't need many layer's today, maybe just a light jacket the next couple of hours and then a t-shirt and shorts for a lot of us. 70's and 80's by 10:00 and 90's are popping up around lunchtime, even around the bay shoreline. today is a hot day for many of us. the lone exception, close to the -- around the shoreline, we will see 70's and 80's. inland, well into the 90's.
5:42 am
it is still hot tomorrow but we start to see signs of cooling weather around the bay shoreline. by thursday it is cooler for everybody, getting back to average. a look at the holiday weekend coming up at about eight minutes. jobina, good morning. jobina: good morning. we are still following this wind advisory before grant line road with speeds around 14 miles per hour. things are moving nicely as you are traveling toward the north bay and then we are also in the south bay with a life picture showing you 101 in san jose. i also want to let you know that caltrain is back at full service after three weeks of construction. crews were installing a new signal system for caltrain's electrification project. the work limited the number of trains that could be on the tracks, causing delays. >> it was pretty hard because if you miss your train, you have to wait another hour. it was pretty hard because i
5:43 am
took the train down to california avenue and the trains that stop there are just one hour apart. it is pretty hard to plan for things. kumasi: caltrain says more disruptions will be necessary as they make or of rates to the system. system. the next nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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philips. reggie: voters are heading to the polls across the country today. primaries are expected show how strong former president trump's influence really is over the gop. in georgia, he endorsed herschel walker and david perdue. former president mike pence is incurred -- is endorsing current governor brian kemp. mo brooks is rising in the polls in alabama despite losing trump's endorsement. in arkansas and texas, political dynasties are on the line. arkansas republicans appear
5:46 am
prepared to dominate sarah huckabee sanders for governor. in kansas, it looks like george p bush could lose his bid for attorney general. he is the nephew of former president george w. bush. kumasi: an east bay school community is talking about seemingly racist imagery posted to social media. the action the school is now taking and how some hope this is a case of ignorance. >> unfortunately a lot of people think it is funny. >> these images posted to social media have proven anything but funny for the california high school community in san ramon. >> it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. >> the photos show would appear to be the nearly all white members of the cal high stunt team grinning and posing alongside a mannequin head which you can see is black. >> at first i was wondering what to mark this makes no sense. >> they hadll being bear. team's unofficial mascoto >>ng too ou
5:47 am
, stead of getting everyone to see it? may be that as part of it by don't see much action being taken and it is not the first time something like this has happened. >> according to the san ramon unified school district superintendent, the investigation into this incident is ongoing and he plans to meet with all parties involved. he acknowledged the need for more training. >> most of our work has happened with our administrators and so going forward, we are going to spend more time supporting our staff, not only to interrupt any issues of discrimination, to educate so our students and community better understand its impacts. >> some students hope this was a case of ignorance instead of ill intent. >> i don't think they are doing it to be racist because our school definitely preaches equality. >> we need to accept people and understand that our actions can have consequences. >> the districter of th osaturdn believes parents did their part
5:48 am
in alerting the school, but more needs to be done at home. >> i'm curious as to what they are telling their kids, because that is the most important part. it is the kids that can help stop this from happening again. >> the pages belonging to the unofficial stunt team where the images were posted appear to have been taken down. reggie: today the superintendent of san francisco unified will ask the school board to extend local high school's lottery admission system. if approved, that will continue into the 2023-24 school year. they previously abetted schools based on grades and gpa but last february the board voted to drop the merit-based policy for the volokh -- the lottery. the board still has to vote on a permanent process. the current system is only temporary. kumasi: it was a terrifying moment for a young boy when he walked into the bathroom at a school in brazil.
5:49 am
reggie: no. kumasi: who is videoing it? reggie: why aren't they running? also probably you should not run. kumasi: i'm good. reggie: i'm so out of theire. wouldn't you drop that camera? kumasi: so this is a plume of in one of the -- a puma in one of the bathroom stalls. he told local media that he was quote, trembling like jelly. he also said his heart almost stopped. he ran out to tell his dad, who called animal control. they sedated the puma and released it into a nearby forest and nobody got hurt. drew: for somebody trembling like jelly, that is ready steady video. kumasi: but that is not him, the boy ran out.
5:50 am
this might be animal control. reggie: somebody else. kumasi: whoever's name is up there. drew: the clues are coming together. kumasi: the boy said he ran, and i get that. drew: as he should. kumasi: he called his dad who called animal control. they probably did the video. reggie: i hope so. i want to think they had some kind of protection. drew: just doing your business and then. reggie: that puma really wanted its privacy. in my head, they were also involved in graffiti or something. drew: he is tagging. kumasi: was he smoking? drew: trying to do some art here. let's talk about today. it is a hot one. shout out to the people who don't watch the weather and step
5:51 am
outside in multiple layers. it is a hazy looking sky and we have high pressure in control with good to moderate air quality. yesterday we had a couple fires pop up. one we saw in cornell barnard. we are seeing that today and we are heating up. thursday it is windy and much cooler. the wind will be active today, not terribly strong but some wind gusts at 15 to 20 miles per hour. 90 in santa clara, a lot of sunshine, 90 five in gilroy, 88 in cupertino -- 95 in gilroy, 88 in cupertino. a lot of sunshine downtown, 75. it will be mild to watch the warriors at the chase center. into north bay, it is hot.
5:52 am
93 in novato, 96 in napa. the east bay, 80 three in oakland, 86 in hercules. inland, 90's and near 100. 100 in fairfield, 96 in livermore. it is a mild night with temperatures mainly in the 50's and 60's under clear skies. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast, a hot day for a lot of us with that fire danger. we start to see some cooler temperatures closer to the coast but everybody is much cooler thursday into friday. the holiday weekend, we are looking to find a nice forecast. morning fog, afternoon sunshine and temperatures not too hot for this time of year. reggie: take care of your avocados the right way. the viral new tiktok hack that can have you taking a big bite of salmonella. kumasi: and the company going
5:53 am
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reggie: the company task rabbit is going fully remote, closing all of their physical offices including their san francisco headquarters. they can connect you with people who do odd jobs like cleaning or moving. the company offers employees unlimited paid time off and will now offer two wellness weeks a year or so workers can truly disconnect and recharge. ikea acquired task rabbit in 2017. this sounds like some benefits. kumasi: finding in airbnb in parts of marin county may be harder soon. today, county supervisors of orting -- voting on an ordinance to band new residential vacation rentals in the county. officials are concerned about a shortage of rental housing in areas like the leanness.
5:56 am
solano county passed a similar ordinance this month. reggie: social media companies could soon become accountable for kids who become addicted to the sites. they can be sued to up to $25,000. the bill defines addiction as kids under 18 who are so obsessed with social media they can't stop or become preoccupied. if passed, it would only affect companies who made $100 million in the last year and would not apply to streaming services. kumasi: new at 6:00, celebrating the street view. the new feature for your cell phones to commemorate 15 years of google maps. reggie: plus -- mayor tested positive for covid-19 and he rubbed elbows with leaders that same morning. kumasi: the local burrito favorite you can unwrap soon at the san francisco ferry building. reggie: a live look outside, we a
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
patrol car smashed on the side of the freeway. the other driver nowhere to be
6:00 am
found. the hit-a>> the recruiting sloge san francisco police department is be the change. reggie: a change to the sears pride parade became a sticking point for san francisco. kumasi: we are waking up with a hot day on the way. high fire danger as well. drew is tracking the temperatures. it is tuesday, may 24. reggie: it is going to be so hot , close to 100 degrees in some places. drew: a lot of us will feel this is warm air today. red flag warning for parts of the area and gusty winds later. 50's if not 60's this morning. beautiful sunrise. we are warming fast, by noon,


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