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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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found. the hit-a>> the recruiting sloge san francisco police department is be the change. reggie: a change to the sears pride parade became a sticking point for san francisco. kumasi: we are waking up with a hot day on the way. high fire danger as well. drew is tracking the temperatures. it is tuesday, may 24. reggie: it is going to be so hot , close to 100 degrees in some places. drew: a lot of us will feel this is warm air today. red flag warning for parts of the area and gusty winds later. 50's if not 60's this morning. beautiful sunrise. we are warming fast, by noon,
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approaching 90 inland. there is that red flag warning for solano county or high fire danger. any fires that start could spread quickly. a closer look at these heights coming up. reggie: bay area firefighters is been a busy start to the week, fires in st. helena and the east bay yesterday. they also worked on a fire in dublin. hot, dry temperatures this week are expected to increase fire danger. >> things are dry, burning. we have had several fires in the last week. we have resources ready. reggie: because of worsening conditions, they started training seasonal firefighters more than a month early. you can find the forecast and track live temperatures with our app. kumasi: the chp officer in the
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hospital after a crash in berkeley overnight just before 1:00 on i-80 near university avenue. the officer was stopped on the side of the freeway helping a driver with a broken down car when a pickup truck hit the patrol car. the driver of the truck kept going. authorities tracked them down a few miles away and now investigators are looking into whether alcohol was a factor. the officer is expected to recover. sam liccardo has tested positive for covid and released a statement that said after feeling under the weather, i tested positive for covid-19. my vaccination has prevented serious symptoms so far. sam liccardo did have city business yesterday before testing positive. in the afternoon, he hosted this press conference with the police chief. both wore masks. reggie: the department of public
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health get kids ages five to 11 a covid booster, infections quadrupling since the start of april. jobina: this week marks the seventh consecutive week of increasing covid cases. pediatric cases no exception. more than 100,000 children tested positive last week. here in san francisco, officials urging booster for kids. more than 72% of children five to 11 are vaccinated. pfizer says it's three shot vaccine is 80% effective sin -- against symptomatic covid. >> bep to the totermine if thatt to prevent against hospitalization. jobina: the fda also considering the moderna vaccine for children
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under six. moderna still testing a third shot after data showed two for just 51% effective. reggie: catering todman is going to be in the bay area today to talk about homelessness, funding for development projects. today, she is set to two or oakland with the mayor. tomorrow, she is expected in san francisco at the pearl where the national housing action coalition is hosting its symposium. kumasi: parking may be banned on dozens of streets in mountain view. leaders proposing prohibiting parking on the one streets to install the lanes and deal with oversized vehicles. the council is also considering adding permitted parking on some streets where it was not allowed before. reggie: new in details on a story i told you about yesterday. london breed one not march in
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the sears pride parade. she made the decision to support members of the lgbtq+ community who serve as officers after first responders were banned from marching in uniform. a 2019 incident led to the ban after protesters became defiant. police made a number of arrests. afterward, some expressed they are uncomfortable seeing uniformed officers match this march in the pureed -- in the parade. matt dorsey says the department is a model of police reform. >> these people risk their lives, come from a community that is often rationalized and are leading change. i would like to celebrate that. reggie: officers cap march wearing t-shirts or other outfits but defined. members of the fire department
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are allowed to march in uniform but will boycott the parade in solidarity with police. kumasi: warriors back in action for game four of the western conference finals. last time, they slept the portland trail blazers. steph curry had 31 points sunday, accompanied by andrew wiggins. the warriors and out one when away from the finals. still, there is plenty of work to do. >> i thoroughly enjoyed seeing our guys compete and stay connected and improve and succeed. we have been through a lot. >> the facts that you are so close to getting back to the opportunity to compete for a championship, state locked in. i told myself that during the game, stay in the moment. it is fun to compete. you have a remember how much fun
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this is, but we have not won anything yet. kumasi: tip-off is cap for difficult tonight in dallas -- is set for 6:00 tonight in dallas. watch party at chase station starts at 4:30, but you probably need to get there before then. there will be live entertainment, photo ops, and a kid's own. reggie: inner tube sunscreen, a day on the river and the five deal to get you there. plus, teens and fentanyl. the new idea to take the dangers away. the popular bay area readers bought opening up shop this summer. -- bay area burrito spot opening up shop this summer. drew: as the game goes on,
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temperatures cluing into the 50's, but 80's and 90's for most of us this afternoon.
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warning in solano county, but we also have a heat advisory that will begin at noon. upper 90's if not exceeding 100 degrees. take it easy. we will track that high fire danger because of these hot temperatures and gusty winds. watch how we warm so fast. by 10:00 a.m., 70's and 80's. we are already seeing some 90's popping up. today is the hottest day all week. by thursday, it will feel sharply cooler. a look at how the holiday weekend is shaping up coming up. jobina: week start at the bait bridge toll plaza. metering lights are officially on. the backup not too bad yet.
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the crash through the altamont pass has cleared on westbound 580, but ski is still around 22 mph. high wind advisory issued there. san rafael, one nice and clear. reggie: another excuse to lose more time on your phone. a new google stream taking you back to the future. plus, how the san francisco plus, how the san francisco sheriff's what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks.
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leaders and parents are trying to build a better bay area by spotlighting teens and sentinel use. illegal fentanyl is sometimes pressed into pills made to look like prescription drugs. leaders have helped health experts addressed the topic. >> if you suspect your child may be using, they probably are. do not deny that that is a possibility. >> it does not care who you are or where you are from. it will kill anyone and
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everyone. reggie: nearly every city and town in the south bay has had at least one related death in 2021. their planning discussions and high schools across the region. to find an ally to help attack substance abuse issues, go to our website. kumasi: in the north bay, an art exhibit featuring medical -- the work of medical students in napa. they took part in a workshop with an acclaimed photojournalist, using a photo graffiti to help students realize their potential and share hopes and dreams. >> one photo can change a life, but you have give that child a chance. >> my dream is for people to be ua actually equa the napa policf
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was there because one student photographed a police car and said her dream is to be a police officer. prince of the photos sold during the exhibition. proceeds go to the napa unified school program. reggie: an all-day ticket for the regional parks river shuttle costs under five dollars. it will take you to and from topshop and fields to the sunset reach -- beach regional park in forceful. you can bring fishing gear onto the shuttle. available through labor day. kumasi: san francisco is getting a new restaurant. it is moving into the old brown sugar kitchen space. a third building location will include cocktails. however, the owners are still looking for someone who can help you bring a filipino and mexican inspired menu. it s in
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2010. it has opened brick-and-mortar locations in san francisco and oakland. we do not know when it will open, but we know they will have a new collaboration with their neighbor, a cheer on ice cream flavor exclusive to that location. it will have true chunks. jobina: oh my gosh. have you had it before? reggie: too often. it is right by my house. drew: sometimes the food trunk is outside our building. jobina: that is where i was first introduced. then they opened the oakland location and now they cannot get rid of me. reggie: delicious. drew: their california burrito
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is one of my favorites. jobina: what is the original one? you do the vegan meat, reggie? reggie: i have. my go to is the raisi ball, basically a burrito without a burrito. kumasi: and then you can have the ice cream. reggie: that sounds good. i love nature of, i love ice cream. drew: going to be great this evening for ice cream. hottest day all week today. 90's for a lot of us, touching 100 inland. hazy conditions, good to moderate air quality. along with hot temperatures and gusty winds, fire danger remains elevated. workers likely this afternoon, indifferent story thursday and
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friday. cooler weather moves back in by the end of the week. winds will beat griese, 15-5 mph. -- winds will be breezy, 15-25 mph. 89, redwood city, 85, menlo park. richmond at seven. north bay, 98 in calistoga, 95 in sonoma. 83 the high in oakland, inland, 90's, if not 100 in brentwood. 96 in livermore. overnight, clear skies and we hang on to warm temperatures -- 50's and 60's. mild night on the way as we head
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into wednesday. wednesday, cooler weather will move in, but await from the coast, we are well into the 90's. thursday, closer to average, 50's and 60's closer to the water, 70's inland. hot date today with fire danger, still hot tomorrow. temperatures tank thursday and friday. holiday weekend, morning fog, afternoon sunshine, temperatures in the 70's and 80's. reggie: good morning america coming up. >> is primary day in five states. a look at the high stake races that could show or not show former president trump's influence in the gop. are americans pumping the brakes on memorial day?
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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soaked in sunshine at the airport. expecting temperatures to warm quickly, 60's and 70's the next
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couple of hours, 80's by lunchtime inland. away from the coast, 80's and 90's. coast in the 60's. inland, well into the 90's, maybe touching 100. played warning in effect. kumasi: san francisco sheriff deputies who are bilingual and get a new name tag letting people know they are fluent in another language. the sheriffs office says it is one of the most diverse public safety work forces in the country, 25% white, 60% black. - 16% black. reggie: san francisco's water closed for several days moving from the east side to the west
6:26 am
side. the project maintains the beach while keeping the sand from tubing to grass areas. kumasi: it has been 15 years since google maps street view launch. you can see what your neighborhood looks like in 2007 on your phone. you can see this on the google maps app. cap street view image, see more dates -- tap street the images, seek more dates. reggie: a warning for where you put your avocados. a hack can give you salmonella. kumasi: booking and airbnb? one county where you can no longer stay. reggie: it is a taxicab crash that killed two people. we now know the names and where
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for controller, yvonne yiu. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. as an executive at top financial firms,
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yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. calls for mandatory cutbacks grow statewide. one bay area counties could see fines of up to $10,000. kumasi: the cdc with a warning about monkeypox. reggie: keeping kids crave
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online, you are closer to crackdown on social media companies. tuesday, may the 24th. drew: today is the hottest day all week -- 80's and 90's this afternoon. right now on the mild side, generally waking up in the 50's, but temperatures will warm quickly. expect sunny size -- sunny skies , 70's and 80's away from the coast by lunchtime and then we warm more. the coast comfortable in the 60's but it is a hot day. fire advisory in effect for solano county starting at noon and a red flag warning in effect. we will detail those afternoon
6:31 am
highs coming up. kumasi: that he is not making the drought any better. 2022 is the state's record. the governor's cure you cut back on water usage. ryan curry joining us with how you might be policed. >> customers could face fines of up to $10,000 for wasting water and the district could hire enforcement officers as part of the southbank's -- south bay's efforts to get people to focus on the drought. these measures part of an ordinance lee district will discover today as governor newsom is pushing local districts to do more to conserve water. otherwise, he could issue a
6:32 am
statewide water conservation mandate. santa clara has already done a good job but the drought is getting worse. people have not been saving as much this year compared to last. as we head into the summer, santa clara is hoping these restrictions cut back on usage. the $10,000 fine would the worst case scenario. any customer presumed to be wasting too much water would first get a letter before they issue a fine. reggie: record gas prices hurting some drivers more than others. we found at least one station selling it for more than seven dollars a gallon. the average cost is down a penny in san francisco to $6.29.
6:33 am
but in oakland and in a day is about $6.17 a gallon. >> this is a chevron in menlo park. check the prices before you pump. we have only seen one customer this morning. there is a pg&e truck filling out. shocking to see these prices. customers are rejecting this place. statewide, gas prices are up nearly two dollars a gallon in the last year according to aaa. an economics professor said supply is not keeping up with demand and that the u.s. is one million barrels a day behind what we were producing before the pandemic. reasons include supply chain
6:34 am
issues and labor shortages, but there is not a solution he thinks we can turn to. >> trying to artificially suppress the price of this network. we tried this in the 1970's and ended up with long gas lines. as much as people hate paying high prices, they really hate sitting in gas lines. >> believes it or not, the situation was worse 15 years ago when you compare prices and income. he says he thinks prices will drop a bit soon but it will not be major. keep in mind that hopefully your prices will not be this bad prospectively. kumasi: developing news from tokyo as president biden with
6:35 am
indo pacific leaders. leaders gathered to discuss their partnership and share ideas about ukraine. president biden emphasized the importance of maintaining international order and believes the invasion of ukraine is a global issue. he also expressed concerns over putin. >> putin is trying to extinguish a culture. he is not even aiming for military targets anymore. he is taking out every school, every church, every museum. kumasi: president biden stressed that washington would stand with its allies push for a free and open indo pacific region. reggie: the san francisco medical examiner identified the two women hit and killed by a taxi. the victims identified as 31-year-old willa henderson and
6:36 am
sunday two-year-old mary henderson, both from florida. his third pedestrian taken to the hospital. we do not know his condition. the south of market area has a disproportionate number of traffic crashes. >> i think there are a lot of programmatic efforts around vision zero. it is an avoidable problem. reggie: walk san francisco says 10 pedestrians have been killed this year in the city. kumasi: more people are having babies but numbers still down compared to before the pandemic. 2020 showed the largest drop in births in decades. ly 3.7 -- million babies born in 2021. the average age of moms is also
6:37 am
continuing to rise. more than half of births were among women 30 and up. finding an airbnb in marin county is going to be harder, potentially. county supervisors coding on an ordinance to temporarily ban vacation rentals in the western part of the county. they are concerned about a shortage of rental housing. sonoma county passed a similar ordinance this month. gill intent or ignorance? the seemingly racist imagery posted to social media. live look at the new york stock exchange. we are down right now. another update on the markets next. plus, you can no longer a collect in the big apple, but there is a high-tech way. traffic deaths have gone up more than 10% since 2020.
6:38 am
what is behind that increase and what can be done. we also have tips for dealing with a workplace bully. we are live weekdays from 7:00 to 8:00 on the cap. drew: a lot of sunshine this morning. temperatures will quickly warm. fire danger. but temperatures, northerly winds pick up. we have seen fires in napa county. the danger sticks with us another day because everything is dry on humidity levels are low. by 10:00 a.m., 70's and 80's away from the coast. by lunchtime, hottest spots getting close to 90 or hitting 90. high on our tuesday -- 83 in
6:39 am
oakland, 97 in santa rosa, in fourth in santa rosa, 100 in fairfield. going to the beach, it i sunshine, uv indexmens, but your ocean water temperature is at 49 degrees. it is chilling. hot date today with fire danger remaining high. hot inland tomorrow but cooler weather moving in and around the bay shoreline, but by thursday, the winds cap on short. it is much cooler on thursday. we will look at how the weekend is shaping up. but first, let us say good morning to jobina. jobina: crash in sunnyvale. note backup on southbound 85 past rest remonstrated one lane
6:40 am
blocked. packed at the bakery -- at the bay bridge toll plaza. 880 at the coliseum camera. already it's going down on highway 4, antioch to concord a 30 minute ride. caltrain back in full service ain e tracks.ction. installa ne >> iwas hard. if youth train, it would have to wait another hour. might take the train to california avenue and the train stops. it was hard to plan for things. jobina: caltrain has more disruptions will be necessary as
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♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! monkeypox is spreading cases reported in five states. the outbreak could leaving the to two parties in europe. jobina: the virus typically only seen in africa is reading and in
6:44 am
18 countries. doctors in washington state, massachusetts, florida, utah new york investigating cases. it's frank's by coming into close -- it spreads by coming into close contact with the skin. this is raising awareness in the lgbtq+ community because many cases involve men identifying as gay or bisexual. an advisor says the leading theory to explain the outbreak is people who came into contact with each other at rates it--- r aves in spain and belgium. >> we need to pay attention to the communities in which this might be circulating. jobina: releasing vaccines from the national stockpile.
6:45 am
those will be for a smaller number of people who have been exposed. officials say there is no need to vaccinate the general public. kumasi: a san ramon school is talking about seemingly racist imagery posted to social media. these photos appear to show the nearly all white members of a california high school team posing alongside a mannequin head which is black and allegedly being used as the mascot. the superintendent says the investigation is ongoing and acknowledged the need for more training. >> most of our work has happened with our administrators. we are going to spend more time to support our staff, not only to interrupt discrimination, but to educate so that our community debtor understands the impact. kumasi: the social media pages
6:46 am
belonging to the unofficial extent. end. reggie: primary elections in four states are expected to show how strong from influence really is on the gop. we start with herschel walker and david purdue. mike pence is endorsing current governor brian kemp. in alabama, mo brooks rising despite losing trump endorsement. in arkansas, republicans appear ready to nominate sarah huckabee sanders for governor. in texas, it looks like george p bush could lose his bid for attorney general. more baby formula expected to arrive in the coming weeks. we asked a south bay congressman if any of that will make its way
6:47 am
to california. >> eventually, but it is going to go to families that need it most. this is for people who may have allergies. those are being prioritized. if this family skin california there, blake get it as well. reggie: shipments from europe will likely continue for weeks or months. we should not have depended on just one company. kumasi: the fda warning against a popular food preservation tip on protector this involves storing avocados in the fridge. users claim and can keep fruit fresh, but the fda says it can harbor bacteria, including salmonella. reggie: memorial day weekend means savings. experts say sales will not be as
6:48 am
good as last year. outdoor items in short supply, including grills, lawnmowers, but appliances that were hard to come by earlier this year has started to survive and there are discounters. >> refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers -- retailers want to get old models off their sales floors and bring in the new models. reggie: also deals on tech items and clothing, but if it is a purchase he did not need, hold off. say goodbye to airbnb in china. the company showing down its business in china. the wall street journal reports it is due to harsh covid locket -- lockdowns and growing competition. you will still be able to book
6:49 am
outside the country. china typically accounts for 1% of the company's revenue. zoom seeing low-level growth as demand for videoconferencing winds down. sales grew 12% in the first quarter, the smallest on record. overall, shares of fort zoom have fallen more than 50% on the year. the company is now spitting two more products that promote hybrid work setups. live look that the new york stock change, in negative territory. kumasi: social media companies could soon be held accountable for harming kids. a bill passed that would allow parents to suit platforms up to $25,000. the bill defines addiction as kids under 18 that are so
6:50 am
obsessed with social media that they become preoccupied. parents can only sue companies that have made at least $100 million in the last year and not apply to streaming services. it is the end of an era in new york city. that is the last public payphone in manhattan being removed. it is headed to the museum of the city of new york. new york started taking out the last payphone seven years ago. they are being replaced with link n.y.c. digital billboards that give free high-speed wi-fi, domestic calling, and access to 911. that is cool. drew: remember: collect. reggie: those are the days -- were the days. i had in at&t calling card.
6:51 am
in college, my journalism group, we were criminals, because one of us had a code that she stole and it got us free calls. she hated her boss, it was work-study, she came in one night and said, who wants free calls. wheat said, what is the number? they shut us down eventually, but mama got a few good weeks of college. drew: oh, yeah. reggie: but, when you are in college, you do not have money. it was for a good cause. drew: hot day today, at temperatures well above average. soaked in sunshine, elevated fire danger today and tomorrow.
6:52 am
then by tuesday, we turn cooler, temperatures tumble by the end of the week. winds breezy later this afternoon. highs today -- 90 in santa clara , 88 in cupertino, 86 in palo alto, coast 60's. 75 downtown. 98 in calistoga, 96 in napa. east bay well into the 80's. inland, 90's, near 100. hang on to some of these warm temperatures overnight.
6:53 am
it is mild. 50 days to 60's under plenty of stars. we begin to see signs of cooler weather by wednesday around me but still hot inland. thursday, we cool off, closer to average. hot today with fire danger. fire danger continues tomorrow but cooler weather lately the end of the week. holiday weekend looking nice, 70's and 80's sunshine. reggie: obi-wan is back. u.n. mcgregor is reprising -- you and mcgregor is reprising his >> will. >> they want to keep everything a secret. the longer the better for them, but for us, it is a long time. people ask, would you play
6:54 am
obi-wan kenobi again? and i had to say well if disney wants, i would be happy. it was years of that. reggie: it this friday. kumasi: and event celebrating mental health awareness week, i was honored to host it yesterday. the warriors are teaming up with kaiser permanente for workshops, mindfulness, defining gratitude, as well as physical fitness. all this week, we focus on mental health. our discussions are daily and you can find those online at and on our streaming app. it was fun, a nice day. i had not done on the court anywhere in a minute. reggie: you looks like you had.
6:55 am
kumasi: that was edited. reggie: do you know how long i would have been standing there? the height should help me. kumasi: it was fun. as we headed to break, a live
6:56 am
some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] (music throughout)
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6:58 am
this morning. drew: hot day for a lot of us. fire danger high, red flag warning for solano county. 80's and 90's, records possible. kumasi: calfire watching heat and increase fire danger across the bay area. this fire in st. helena forced evacuations yesterday. reggie: santa clara considering mandatory oceans and finds to $10,000. kumasi: london breed not marching in this year's pride parade in response to organizers banning uniformed law enforcement officers. reggie: cap over the weekend. bank information not exposed, but some users reported some
6:59 am
money was stolen from their honeymoon account. jobina: live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are watching so down at the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are approaching the westbound direction, speed around 10 mph. kumasi: this 15 pound camera is google's new street view camera. it will be easier to take pictures of small highlands and mountaintops. being tested in mountain view. reggie: am i the only one who sees -- >> a friendly face? kumasi: it is cute. reggie: that is how all robots should look. kumasi: taking pictures of all your business. >> [laughter]
7:00 am
reggie: when you see it from getting the street, you turn your wave? drew: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, americans in five states going to the polls on this tuesday morning. high-stakes showdowns. georgia takes center stage as the latest test of former president trump's influence in the republican party. will he take down the gop officials who didn't back his false election claims? sounding the alarm. ukraine's president calling for more military aid, saying russian forces have 20 times the firepower in the critical and devastated eastern part of that country as a top russian diplomat resigns saying, he's ashamed of his country. fallout over president biden's comments about using the military to defend taiwan if china attacks. now, what the president said


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