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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 24, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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world news tonight is next and he will have more on the deadly texas shooting. have a great night. tonight, the breaking news as we come on the air. the horrific scene unfolding in texas. the deadly mass shooting at an elementary school in uvalde, texas. 14 children and a teacher killed. the awful images coming in from robb elementary school. late today, governor abbott confirming the staggering toll there. the alleged gunman also dead. the governor identifying the suspect at 18-year-old salvador ramos, a student at uvalde high school. authorities believe he shot and killed his grandmother beforehand. tonight, what we have just learned about the suspect and the heartbreaking scene unfolding. the parents gathering late today, waiting for official word on their children. mireya villarreal on the scene in texas tonight. aaron katersky and what he's now
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learned about the suspect. this comes just ten days after the mass shooting in buffalo, new york. nine days after the shooting at a church in california. cecilia vega with word coming in from the white house tonight, president biden set to address the nation this evening. and pierre thomas on the concern from federal authorities tonight and the warning signs in these times. the other news this tuesday night, primaries under way in five states. the georgia race tonight. former president trump supporting one candidate for governor. his former vice president mike pence supporting the other republican candidate. where this race stands at this hour and what this says beyond this race. we're also tracking the monkeypox outbreak here in the u.s. at least eight confirmed or suspected cases across six states now. the cdc releasing some of the vaccine from the national stockpile. who this is meant for and what authorities are now saying tonight. the war in ukraine. the brutal push by russia in the east and the gruesome discovery tonight in mariupol. ian pannell in ukraine. in new york city tonight,
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gh t suspect now in custody and what's now been revealed. and the robin roberts exclusive tonight with the wife of wnba star brit taney griner, breaking her silence. the message she's sending tonight. good evening and thank you for joining us on yet another difficult night in this country. a mass shooting, this time at a elementary school in uvalde, texas. governor greg abbott confirming 14 students killed, one teacher killed, as well. the gunman, an 18-year-old student at the high school there, salvador ramos. the governor said he shot and killed his grandmother before he went to that school. inside the elementary school, authorities say second, third, and fourth graders in the middle of their school day when the first call came in around 11:32
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in the morning. a rural community 85 miles west of san antonio. a witness telling me on the air this afternoon that he saw the children who survived this running from the school. a massive law enforcement response to reports of an active shooter. the school put on lockdown. police, the sheriff's department, the fene,to src for answers on their children. or reporter at the scene describing to me the father who approached her, saying he could not find his child. many of the students the te to be reunited with their parents but that's also where some of the parents were given horrific news. president biden flying home from his trip to asia, ordering flags lowered to half staff. he will address the nation tonight. it was just ten days ago, he ordered flags lowered after the mass shootings in buffalo, new york. tonight, the heartbreak, the anguish in this small, tight-knit community, and what we've also just learned about the suspect. and federal authorities tonight and what they're so concerned about in these times. the warning signs for
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communities across this country. we begin tonight with abc's mireya villarreal on the scene in uvalde, texas. >> reporter: multiple federal state and local law enforcement swarming robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, a school for second, third, and fourth graders, at 11:32 local time. >> need to respond to south grove and mill street to establish a perimeter. >> reporter: fbi, atf and border patrol racing to the scene. the school, with some 600 students, locked down. students reportedly crawling through windows to escape. parents desperate for any information. how long you beenor f heay? >> reporter: what are you worried about right now? >> she might not be alive. >> reporter: governor greg abbott reporting the lone suspect identified as , s me e mmity, s hool. a18-year-old male w d h
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and entered into the robb elementary school in uvalde with a handgun. he shot and killed horrifically incomprehensively, 14 students and killed a teacher. mr. ramos, the shooter, he himself is deceased, and is believed that responding officers killed him. >> reporter: a 66-year-old woman reportedly in critical condition. two responding officers were also shot, but are expected to survive. >> in addition to that, it has been reported that the subject shot his grandmother right before he went into the school. >> reporter: uvalde, a tight-knit community of about 14,000 people, in a state of shock. the school's last day was set to be this thursday. >> and mireya with us now from
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texas. you were on the air this afternoon when you told us about the father who had just approached you, asking you if you knew anything, and this, i really think told the story of all of the parents in this community, arriving at the scene, just searching for anything they could find out about their own children. >> reporter: david, it was an absolutely heartbreaking situation, not just him, but he was with his brother, they asked me if i knew where the funeral home was. but he wasn't the only one. there were several parents, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, looking for their children, trying to find out. what we do know right now is that the children that are missing, that they were looking for, roughly all around the age of 10. behind me, there is a mobile command center that has been set up by the texas rangers. it was brought in specifically because this is a large crime scene, a large incident that just cannot be handled by local law enforcement. we have a lot of border patrol on site, people coming in all the way from san antonio to help
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in this investigation. but absolutely right now, a very heartbreaking situation, as we just saw a few minutes ago, a family sitting on the curb just about 30 feet from me, waiting for information on their loved one. under 10-year-old loved one. we're going to continue to follow this out here, david, as it continues to develop throughout the night. >> and one more question for you, mireya. i know you are a mother yourself, very difficult to respond to the scene of one of these stories yet again in this country. before authorities identify any of these children, we're going to leave that, obviously, up to them, because they have the painful task of talking to all of these families. you also mentioned that many of these parents told you they were looking for their 10-year-olds? >> reporter: so, when we first pulled up, we spoke with an aunt, she told us that the missing child in their family was 10 years old. the father that i spoke with also told us, a 10-year-old. and when i spoke with a grandfather here just a few minutes ago, he said also his granddaughter was 10 years old. they are talking to each other
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right now on a text message group chain and a closed private facebook page. this is the only way they can get answers and share them with each other, because the school district right now is staying very closed lipped on the investigation. >> all right, mireya villarreal from texas tonight, thank you. we're learning more at this hour about the 18-year-old who authorities sayies say went int school and did this. let's bring in aaron katersky, who first reported for us this afternoon that this was actually a student at the high school there and this student had actually shot and killed his own grandmother before he went to the school. >> reporter: someone over the community, david, a student either current or former at uvalde high school. 18-year-old salvador ramos killed his grandmother, according to the authorities, and then turned the gun on those elementary school students, preliminarily third and fourth graders that were killed, the 14 students. police believe he acted alone, but they are now scouring social
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media accounts that have been linked to the suspect and they're finding images of guns and other violent content. david, thourp authorities are ta long gun believed to have been used in the shooting. the governor mentioned a handgun, as well. still many questions, but right now, they do believe he acted alone. >> gives you echoes of the mass shooting we were covering together just ten days ago and whether or not there were any warning signs for this community. aaron, thank you. want to turn to to the white house now. we have learned that the president has asked flags to be lowered to half staff. the president returning from his trip from asia on air force one and expected to address the nation tonight. let's bring in our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega, live at the white house tonight. cecilia? >> reporter: david, at 8:15 eastern, that is when the president is going to address the nation. those flags, you mentioned, they are lowered right here behind me at the white house. the president spoke to the nation after that horrific shooting in buffalo, and in that speech, he said that he was not naive, he predicted that tragedy would happen once again, and
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here we are. this is happening, unfortunately, so much sooner than any of us could have ever imagined. the white house says that the president's prayers, of course, are with the families impacted by this awful event, but we are talking about the president addressing a mass shooting in just one week's time, he's had to do this twice now. and for more times than any of us certainly could have ever been able to count, this administration, lawmakers in this city facing this question right now. when will enough be enough? we are ten years after that massacre at sandy hook, david. capitol hill still remains stalled when it comes to gun control. >> cecilia vega, we'll see you a bit later when the president addresses the nation. in the meantime, as you heard cecilia mention, you know, this shooting in texas comes just ten days after that teenage gunman allegedly opened fire at a buffalo supermarket, killing ten people. of course, after that, the shooting in california at a church just a day later. let's bring in pierre thomas tonight, because i know your sources in federal law enforcement are very concerned, we already had a problem of mass
3:41 pm
shootings in this country, now we're well more than two years into this pandemic, these are extraordinarily trying and heavy times in this country, they're worried about more of this. >> reporter: that's right, david. they're concerned about copy cats. that was a big concern after buffalo and now this. david, we're in the midst of a surge, both in terms of active shooter incidents and mass shootings. it all began during the pandemic. in 2019, there were 417 mass shootings. last year, that number jumped to 693. that's an incredible spike. authorities long worried about white sue prem silss, supporters of isises, and worried about a crisis of mental health that some believe has been made worse by the pandemic, david. >> pierre, thank you. all of us, our thoughts are with the families in this community and we'll be back on the air with the president later tonight. in the meantime, we turn to the other news this tuesday evening and the high stakes primary elections in five states
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today. voters turning out in georgia for several key races. uncome bent republican governor brian kemp, endorsed by former vice president mike pence facing off against former senator david purdue, who was endorsed by former president trump. abc's steve osunsami in atlanta tonight. >> reporter: in georgia tonight, voters aren't just choosing who will lead them into november's general election. whether they mean to or not, they're also determining how much vengeance donald trump will win here. no other republican candidate in america has seen more rage from donald trump -- >> let's wring this home. >> reporter: -- than this man, georgia governor brian kemp. the former president is still mad that kemp refused to get in the way of the 2020 president election results that gave joe biden a victory here. >> brian kemp is a turncoat, he's a coward. >> reporter: for governor, donald trump campaigned hard for former senator david perdue, helping to give his campaign nearly $2.5 million, more than any other candidate this election. >> we have a governor that's done the worst job of any
3:43 pm
governor in probably decades on election integrity. >> reporter: but on the night before the election, trump's former vice president was in georgia picking sides, and it wasn't his former boss's. >> and when you say yes to governor brian kemp tomorrow, you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is the party of the future. >> reporter: north of atlanta, republican voters siding with the governor say they cares less about the 2020 election, and more about gas prices, and money in their pocket, which governor kemp gave them with a recent tax refund. what do you think about the former president's push for perdue? >> well, i mean, that makes a difference for some people. but with me, it didn't make a difference with me. i just thought kemp did an excellent job of doing what he did. >> reporter: to many voters, david perdue did a lot more talking about donald trump and the election than he did anything else. tonight, we'll see if that was enough. the turnout was high. the early vote alone was more
3:44 pm
than 850,000 votes in this primary, which is more than the primaries of 2018 and 2020. republicans tonight are liking to say this is proof that their new elections laws didn't really stop anyone from voting. democrats are saying that this is proof that those same election laws motivated their voters to overcome. david? >> steve osunsami following the primary races, and in particular, the key race there in georgia. steve, thank you. to the health concern tonight and there is news on monkeypox this evening across the country. eight people now in six states confirmed or presumed to have the virus. contact tracers are now monitoring hundreds of others. and for some of those exposed, the cdc has now begun to release doses of vaccine from the national stockpile. here's abc's stephanie ramos now. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc is trying to reassure americans that the growing monkeypox outbreak is not like covid-19. >> just want to emphasize that monkeypox does not have the potential to be a pandemic. >> reporter: it comes as an
3:45 pm
infected patient was discharged today from a boston hospital. officials are now monitoring 200 people who came in contact with him, most of them with him, most of them health care workers. and the government is releasing vaccines from the national stockpile that can help prevent illness in anyone who was exposed. >> this is not a very contagious disease. this is not like covid. you actually have to have pretty close and prolonged contact. >> reporter: so far, eight cases are under six states. the global monkeypox outbreak now reaching 22 countries, where the virus is not typically found. >> what's unusual in this case is there has never been an outbreak of this size outside of africa. >> reporter: and the u.s. has seen a monkeypox outbreak before. back in 2003, imported animals likely infected 47 people. one of them, dr. kurt zaeske, a veterinarian who recovered quickly after contracting monkeypox from a prairie dog.
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>> the clinical symptoms that i had were very similar to flu, achy, rundown, very tired, feverish. i also had a non-healing blister on my thumb that actually turned black and was becoming considerably uncomfortable. >> reporter: david, as for this current outbreak, a senior white house official says there is no evidence this virus has mutated. in fact, there are two strains of the monkeypox virus and it appears this one is the less deadly strain. david? >> that is reassuring. stephanie, thank you. we're going to turn now to ukraine tonight. the brutal assaultly russia in the east. and tonight, the gruesome discovery now in a basement in the devastated city of mariupol. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell in ukraine again tonight for us. >> reporter: tonight, 200 bodies reportedly discovered under the rubble of an apartment building in mariupol.
3:47 pm
an adviser to the mayor confirming what could be one of the deadliest attacks on the city, though it's unclear when it happened. meanwhile, intense battles raging tonight in the donbas region of eastern ukraine. this video filmed by a ukrainian military chaplain shows the shelling of lyman. tonight, russian troops reportedly advancing into the town. president zelenskyy saying the russians have unleashed a bloodbath, trying to destroy everything. the costs and casualties of this war are painful. we visited a hospital treating soldiers and civilians alike. one trooper had just lost his leg when a mine exploded. a young woman with brain trauma after a shell landed in lyman. this is an increasingly difficult situation here for soldiers and civilians alike. the kind of ordinance that the russians are throwing into the area means catastrophic injuries. they're trying to stabilize them here and then move them onto bigger hospitals in safer locations. oleksiy yakovlenko is the head of the hospital here. he says, "every morning, i see
3:48 pm
tears in the eyes of my doctors. i can't speak for the lump in my throat." he struggles to watch all the wounded, but especially the children. david, we're seeing growing signs that the ukrainians are having real problems here, withdrawing from some villages but being forced out of others. that's why they're so desperate for more powerful american-made weapons systems as soon as possible. david? >> ian pannell in ukraine for us tonight. ian, thank you. and this evening, back here in the u.s., an alleged isis operative living in columbus, ohio, is now under arrest, accused of a plot to assassinate former president george w. bush with other isis agents he hoped to smuggle into the country through mexico, according to authorities. the indictment claims that an iraqi citizen told a federal informant his team, quote, wished to kill former president bush. prosecutors say the suspect traveled to texas to scope out the former president's home. he's being held without bond. and here in new york city tonight, an arrest in what authorities say was that unprovoked killing on the subway on sunday.
3:49 pm
25-year-old andrew abdullah turned himself in and was taken into custody. hours after police posted his name and photo on social media, asking for the public's help. he has 20 prior arrests. abdullah is accused of shooting daniel enriquez. when we come back here tonight, news coming in from north korea. the latest provocation we are just learning about. and the robin roberts exclusive tonight, her interview with the wife of wnba star brittney griner. her message tonight. you were a k who wanted to supercharge your audit system? so you tap ibm to un-silo your data. and start crunching a year's worth of transactions against thousands of compliance controls with the help of ai. now you're making smarter decisions faster. operating costs are lower. and everyone from your auditors to your bankers feels like a million bucks. let's create smarter ways of putting your data to work. ibm. let's create (geri) i smoked, and i have copd.
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we're tracking developments coming in involving north korea tonight. south korea reporting that north korea has conducted at least three ballistic missile tests. the missiles all fired within 45 minutes of each other. this comes as president biden wrapped his trip to south korea and japan. when we come back here tonight, the abc news exclusive. robin roberts with the wife of wnba star brittney griner. her message tonight. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice.
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bring what shish oil into the country. following the release of trevor reed, griner's wife telling robin she wants britney to know she has not been forgotten. >> has it been con fortable to see all the wnba courts to see bg-42, the logo on all the courts? >> yes, but i think more specifically, it comforts bg. things like that matter. it lets her know she's not forgotten and, like -- obviously, you know, when you're sitting over there, in another country, they haven't come to your rescue yet, it makes her feel good. and those small moments, you know, give her hope. >> much more tomorrow morning right here on "good morning america." when we come back here tonight, the news coming in from uvalde
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well, tonight, just a short time from now, president biden will address the nation after the deadly mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, and this image just coming in tonight, the president on air force one speaking a short time ago with texas governor greg abbott. images of the children today being evacuated from the school, taken to the civic center to be reunited with their families. outside, we noticed this board with the names written on it, helping parents to find classrooms, children with their teachers, where they were gathered. the families huddled together, waiting for word on their loved ones at the civic center. the families consoling one another. im david muir. i'll see you now from abc 7 live
3:59 pm
breaking news.ow from abc 7 live he's shot and killed. horrifically and comprehensively 14 students and killed a teacher at least 15 dead in another 15. injured in a shooting at a texas elementary school. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm liz croyitz and we're going to begin with that breaking news of a deadly shooting at an elementary school in texas of the 15 killed in this latest act of senseless violence 14 of them were second third and fourth grade students at rob elementary school. a teacher was also killed and several others wounded. and the alleged shooter in 18 year old was shot and killed by place authorities. say the suspect also allegedly shot and killed his grandmother before this rampage of the school. the shooting happened in uvalde, texas. that's a small farming and ranching community about a hundred miles west of san antonio now to abc 7 news reporter carina nova with more details about the shooting.
4:00 pm
and karina the suspect. dan. this is just been dev. to cover this afternoon. we know more about the suspect the details of the shooting and those young victims. the shooting happened around 11:30 this morning and uvalde, texas. that's when the shooter took the lives of 14 children and teacher at rob elementary school the school consists of second third and fourth grades, so the kids were very young. we also know the alleged gunman killed his grandmother before going to the school. the suspect is 18 year old salvador ramos. he was shot and killed on the scene. he was a student at uvalde high school. it's a school that's in that community, texas governor, greg abbott spoke to a reporters a short time ago about the horrific incident. there are who are in mourning right now. and instead of texas is in morning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children. we also heard an impassionate speech from connecticut sen