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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to cover this afternoon. we know more about the suspect the details of the shooting and those young victims. the shooting happened around 11:30 this morning and uvalde, texas. that's when the shooter took the lives of 14 children and teacher at rob elementary school the school consists of second third and fourth grades, so the kids were very young. we also know the alleged gunman killed his grandmother before going to the school. the suspect is 18 year old salvador ramos. he was shot and killed on the scene. he was a student at uvalde high school. it's a school that's in that community, texas governor, greg abbott spoke to a reporters a short time ago about the horrific incident. there are who are in mourning right now. and instead of texas is in morning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children. we also heard an impassionate speech from connecticut senator chris murphy on the floor of the
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us senate nowhere else. does that happen except here in the united states of america and it is a choice. it is our choice. let it continue what are we doing? again, this latest mass shooting happened in uvalde, texas. it's a rural community about 25,000 people live there west of san antonio during the shooting there were others injured some taken to the hospital that includes two law enforcement officers who are expected to be okay? right now it's still an active scene there and there's an investigation into that gunman's background happening. another press conference will be happening in the next hour. so we'll bring you the latest information from texas. right karina. thank you and the white house issued a statement writing president. biden has been briefed on the horrific news of the elementary school shooting in texas and will continue to be briefed regularly as information becomes available. his prayers are with the
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families. acted by this awful event and he will speak this evening when he arrives back at the white house those comments. scheduled for 5:15 our time pacific time and we will bring them to you live right here on abc 7 news governor gavin newsome tweeted. who are we if we cannot keep our kids safe. this is preventable. our inaction is a choice. we need nationwide comprehensive common sense gun safety now. and you can stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage on this texas school shooting. we'll have updates throughout the evening and president biden's live remarks and just over. hour from now you can get breaking news anytime on abc 7 and on our streaming apps our statement for all of that, but we're going to move on for the moment now to the spread of monkey pox health officials believe we have our first case here in california abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey has more about this possible first case and what local health departments are doing about it. as always with infectious
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diseases. it doesn't seem to be a question of if it will hit close to home. but when today's sacramento county public health officials likely confirmed california's first case of monkeypox preliminary testing was done at the sacramento county public health lab and we received the results. on monday, may 23rd. we are waiting confirmation testing from the centers for disease control public health officer, dr. olivia casire could not provide much information, but said the individual alerted a primary care doctor monday after returning from europe what symptoms the person showed and how it was contracted was not shared during the news conference. the individual is in isolation is not hospitalized and is doing well. sacramento county is coordinating with cdph and c. me to identify and evaluate close contacts. it sounds like deja vu with covid you're not wrong both are spread as a respiratory virus. key parts is more easily spread
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through direct touch thankfully ucsf infectious diseases expert dr. monica. gandhi says, it does not pose as much of it the general population should not be worried about monkeypox. this is a really different virus than covid a person is most contagious when showing symptoms highlighted by a distinctive rash and lesions. symptoms include fever headache fatigue and muscle aches mortality is very low. this is a much more mild infection than what we used to see with smallpox and the health risks are really the fever the rash takes about two to four weeks to and most all these cases so far have done very well locally santa clara county tells us that no cases of monkeypox have been identified at this time if you show symptoms you are asked to contact your doctor dustin dorsey abc 7 news. okay, let's get to our covid headlines now california's seven-day test positivity rate is up to 6.6% up from 5% last week. the cdc says covid patients who experience recurrence of
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symptoms after taking the kite, viral pax levage should isolate again for five days. and another cdc study says people who have had covid have a one in five chance of experiencing at least one long symptom. the odds are even greater for those over 65 at one in four. all right, let's turn now to our weather or red flag warning and higher temperatures. yeah, magniko tracking those high temperatures and really warm weather out there mike. yes for some of us the warmest temperatures of the year, liz and dan. hi everybody. let's talk about what's going on. with the golden gate nothing. that's part of the problem carl the fog if you will or carla the fog whichever one you prefer gone completely absent returning tomorrow, though. so we'll talk about that timing and when we're going to break this heat spell now these were the temperatures going into today that we would be some records now. they're not official yet, but we're still looking at livermore santa rosa napa and possibly san jose. we'll let you know as those become official here in about an hour or so, but look at this double.
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it temperatures warmer than just 24 hours ago including san francisco with that 77 degrees inland. that's where we have some of our hottest temperatures. look at that 101 right now in pleasanton and up in the north bay. we're still in the mid to upper 90s and many areas like napa in american canyon at 97 along with san rafael hottest temperatures continue to be in solano county. that's where the high risk of heat illness is and we've got mid-upper 90s there also and those will continue through at least 11 o'clock tomorrow. evening liz. alright mike. thank you and protecting against fires is more vital than ever as fire seasons become more intense and as the state faces worsening drought conditions abc 7 news reporter on sir hassan joins us live with a special training that took place today answer. yeah, liz good afternoon. fire officials say it's really important the firefighters all be on the same page. so when they arrive on scene they all know what to do. there may not be a fire burning. fire training simulation, but
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this type of training is designed to keep fire crews ready for the real thing a state of california is it's been drastic the last couple years and with the drought we expect that again, so just to get our hands on the equipment. as much as possible. it's always good. this group is practicing how to lay down hoes create a break in the fire and to prevent it from moving uphill trees drink deep below the surface of the dirt in that groundwater supply that groundwater supplies are reduced. so the trees are drier the shrubs are dry. the overall vegetation is dryer patrick. darcy is a battalion chief with the san francisco fire department, which is taking part in this training. he expects a hot dry summer intensified by drought while we burned a lot of acreage over the last couple years just plenty of acreage left to burn now. we have a thing called anchor and hold where we actually try to hold and save a neighborhood practice makes perfect. but california has also making big investments in technology and resources to provide critical real-time information.
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we are bringing on an intel aircraft which provides real-time situational awareness. that's a new investment in the state of california. brian. marshall is a fire and rescue chief at cal oes. he says firefighters need to be prepared. but so do residents you may face. an earthquake or a major power blackout you have to be prepared every day in california have that plan practice that plan know what? going to do when a disaster strikes be ready. now if you need help and how to prepare we have a list of resources on our website abc7 reporting live on san hussain abc 7 news. all right, i'm sure thanks very much of the state water board has just approved this afternoon emergency drought regulations to reduce water demand. the rules would apply to nearly all water suppliers in the state. they will have the job of implementing the state's plan
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starting june 10th among the restrictions water waste caused by runoff and leaks. the band that includes a statewide ban on water decorative grass rebates would be encouraged for replacing water wasting toilets shower heads and turf waste patrols and enforcement would be implemented. there's also the possibility of a drought rate surcharge for people who use too much water. san jose says they arrested a man in an arrest that no doubt prevented a mass casualty event officers arrested. three-year-old brian velazquez last week on felony stalking and weapons charges investigators say he threatened co-workers at the construction company that fired him in january sending them profanity laced emails and posting pictures of himself pointing firearms on social media police also see several firearms, including two ar pattern assault rifles hundreds of rounds of ammunition tactical body armor and materials to manufacture and assemble so-called ghost gun.
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a lot more to come here mental health awareness what to look out for and how you can help your loved ones breaking barriers. some bay area officers are doing to improve communication and one more win. the warriors have one more to go before heading to the finals. we're live with a preview of tonight's big game. stay with us. stay with us. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. stay with us. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control.
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pacific islander month the san francisco sheriff's office has introduced a new way to overcome communication barriers with those who don't speak english abc 7 news reporter liam melendez tells us it's a matter of knowing the language. take a hole one, man. hey in game fong ola mi amor deputy melendez diablo espanol panghalipo. i'm hopo is deputy. jambao. marooning poco salita attack. salamatpo, don't just take their word for it. guage skills areth spelled out the moment these share of deputies engage with the public having a nameplate which shows that itself to opening the conversation making people feel more comfortable. the name tag idea came from community it also sends a message that the city is trans. to get the communicate with them, which is so important. i know firsthand the importance
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of knowing another language when i visit a hispanic neighborhood people open up to me and i gained their trust the moment i start speaking spanish more than 100 sheriff deputies in san francisco are bilingual certified. we're also asking people questions when things happen and we go out into the community to try and find out. we can make things better or how we can investigate whatever the event is among all the first responders the seclude vietnamese russian and arabic in san francisco leanne melendez abc 7 news one of the first signs of the gay pride week is taking shape on tw. weeks that's where the annual giant pink triangle is being installed. the pink triangle was symbol to identify homosexual prisoners in nazi germany and the triangles founder calls it a giant in your face educational tool and we're
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trying to remember that hatred of the past and trying to help prevent hatred and bigotry from becoming law has happened in nazi germany the idea of scapegoating people and creating that sense of others what we're trying to prevent. this is what the triangle look like last year. it will be on display for the entire month of june and abc 7 is proud to be a sponsor and we will be carrying the parade live this year. you can check out all of our coverage during pride month and year-round at abc 7 all right. we are just two hours away from game 4 of the western conference finals. the warriors are back in dallas tonight and just one win away from the nba finals abc 7 sports an chris alvarez is live at thrive city in front of chase center, which is always fun. chris is tonight tonight. dan let's say tonight is the night fans probably gonna bring their brooms. they better bring some water and some patience. it's gonna be very busy here tonight and just just a matter of hours the take on the mavericks as you said games for
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in dallas and open their team can sweep their way to the nba finals. let's check out some of those highlights from game 3 and talk about this all-important game for the warriors have a 3-0 series lead over the mavericks can pick up their first playoff sweep since 2019 when they took out the blazers in the western conference finals in nba playoff history teams with a 30 series lead or a perfect 146 no go on to win the series. no one is lost. holding this type of lead. so history definitely on the warrior side a win tonight would give the warriors more than a week of rest before the nba's finals start next thursday right here on abc 7, but one men remain one win remains, excuse me before they can return to that stage. we have to be locked in and focused just like we were in game three when we got off to a really good start and we set a good tone. we know how dallas how dangerous dallas is how well they play at home? they're i think more likely tonight to to make some shots early and and get off to a good start and we we need to be
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prepared. we need to be on edge nothing else matters. closeout games are very hard. no you think teams are gonna like just lay down. they're not they're gonna go out there and get their best fight and other seasons on the line crowd's gonna be crazy. so it's just tough to win on a roll so we learn from our previous two series that it takes a heightened focus, you know, can't just go into the game like you did last game. it's gonna be even more difficult and hopefully we learn from our last two series we weren't able to close it out in a row if we can make that next step. and you've seen over time here on abc 7. we've been covering these watch parties since game one of the very first round and they've continually grown 4:30 the gates open. i want to remind everybody this first come first serve it will be packed here later tonight when you see me the next time on our sportscast dan and liz, let's send it back to you. it's gonna be a fun night here. it is gonna be dive city. it's gonna be a really fun night chris glad you could be there for us. thank you so much. so it's going to be packed down their list. the question is, what will the weather be like? yeah, it seems like maybe it's really hot in the inland.
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areas with that kind of makes it perfect for san disco, it really is it will be comfortable like 75 degrees at five o'clock, but then it will drop down into the 50s under mostly sunny sky and you'll have that. out there, so you'll definitely start off with maybe the short sleeves and then need that hoodie or blanket by the end of the game. alright, here's a look at santa cruz. i mean, i think i see some people walking around. with some hoodies on here. is it 64 degrees at the coast with a light breeze that is where we're finding the free. seen the next couple of days clear sky tonight are warmest night of the so if you don't have air conditioning some of you may not sleep too. well tonight just a fair warning not as sunny tomorrow, but the inland still remains pretty hot and for thursday, we've got that dramatic drop in temperatures as the sea breeze takes. or anywhere from 8 to 18 degrees cooler by thursday until then we still have to worry about our red flag warning till 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. i don't know county so far a pretty quiet event thankfully humidity levels actually coming up just a little bit they were down. single digits in dixon in
4:19 pm
vacaville an hour ago now we're up to 11% that's a little bit of an improvement and the winds are only gussing up to about 20 miles per hour. so as a red flag warning goes this one's been pretty tame. here's a look at your fire index and notice we're pegging yellow, which is high. we don't see any very high do not see extreme. and nor will we during the overnight hours? we actually lose the yellow and the high and then it just goes away for the tomorrow also and then that's it. more fire danger for a while. alright, let's talk about what's going on with this high pressure. it's going to hang around one more day with that slide offshore breeze that's bringing the inland areas so much warm, but look at this nice seabreeze around san francisco and the coast keeping you from overheating fact 61 at the coast down to 55 by 10 o clock. look at this sunset at 8:20. we're still in the 80s inland. we'll be finally out of the 80s by nine o'clock, but still in the 70s through midnight for a lot of us places like antioch only drops down to 68 57 in oakland. the one that san jose 56 at san jose or santa rosa and also
4:20 pm
around san francisco. let me show you what's going to happen tomorrow. it's clock no clouds and look at this as we head into the the afternoon hours you can see the marine layer trying to take over and look as washes inland as we head into the evening hours and that's when the dramatic drop begins. in fact san francisco tops out in the mid 70s right around lunch. but by the time we get to six o'clock you're down to about 64 degrees. all right, so let's take a quick look at your microclimates. we've got low to mid 90s in the south bay we go from 80 in millbrae to 90 in redwood city. we'll be in the mid-upper 60s along the coast with mid-upper seventies around downtown south san francisco and sausalito load the mid 90s up in the north bay east bay 79 at richmond. 81 and fremont and as we head inland 95 to about 100 degrees my accuweather seven day forecast. look at that eight degrees cooler to 18 from the coast to inland thursday, and then we'll be average of not a little bit below average of morning clouds a little bit of afternoon sunshine and a few high clouds temperatures pretty close to average this holiday weekend, dan. okay, very good mike.
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thank you a man who gardens for more than just a hobby. he's been giving back to his community for generations. i'm seven on your michael finney and exploding sheep out in a popular wedding website is hacked consumer headlines are coming up.
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or high blood potassium. yes seven on your side's michael phinney is a newsroom with a look at today's consumer
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headlines michael dan liz hyundai is recalling nearly 240,000 cars because a part in the seatbelt can explode affecting vehicles include the 2019 through 22. sent sedans 2020 through 22 elantra sedans and hybrids and hyundai had previously recalled genesis vehicles. those vehicles will need another fix as well the issue stems from a part known as the seat belt pre-tensioner, which tightens about during a crash. it's this part that could malfunction and explode sending. small metal pieces flying ford motor company has reached a settlement with 41 states including california over allegations. it made misleading claims about fuel economy and payload. ability the settlement involves claims about ford's 2013 and 14 pickups.rids and 2011gh the company has agreed t than m,
4:25 pm
california will receive just more than one million dollars of that. popular wedding website zola has been hacked users first notice of problem after they were locked out of their accounts and fraudulent charges had been made to their credit cards. the company temporarily suspended its mobile apps and reset all users passwords on the site zola says only 0.1% of its users were actually affected. hmm. i actually got the email about that as someone planning a wedding. oh female and did you reset everyone's password so good. okay. yeah good heads up. all right, michael. thank you. okay. google is about to change how it maps the world the tech giant is now testing a new street view camera. there's smaller than the original weighing about 15 pounds. that's roughly a tenth of the size of the old cameras like this one which began collecting shots worldwide in 2007 looks kind of friendly doesn't it. google says the smaller as well,
4:26 pm
so be easier to photograph in remote locations. happy little face. all right, may is mental health awareness month and this week. we're focusing on your mental health. just ahead how to help a loved one who may be suffering what to do and what not to do plus the hidden pollution in something you probably use every day and what's being done to fix the problem or coming up.
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♪ ♪ someone with a gun has entered a school in the united states. america andsatuntsnd fo at rob elementary in uvalde, texas are dead so is a teacher several others are wounded the alleged gun. is also dead reportedly shot and killed by police. his name is 18 year old salvador ramos authorities. say he also shot and killed his grandmother before the rampage. there are families who are in mourning right now. and instead of texas is in morning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children. just horrific president biden ordered the flags at the white house lowered to half staff.
4:30 pm
you see there. he is scheduled to address the nation next hour and we will carry his comments live vice president harris spoke about the tragedy moments ago. i would normally say in a moment like this. we would all say naturally that our hearts break. but our hearts keep getting broken. i think we all know and have said many times with each other enough is enough. this is the deadliest shooting at a us grade school an elementary school since the attack at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. almost a decade ago. may is mental health awareness month and this week abc 7 is focusing on your mental health. we're talking with experts to get you the answers and insights that you need so that you can get the help that you deserve and joining me. today is andrew penn psychiatric nurse. additioner andrew. thanks so much for joining us. i really appreciate you coming on. thanks for having me down. let's start with what happened
4:31 pm
today this terrible tragedy in texas and and how parents can talk with their kids about an event like this as they begin to hear about it today. what advice would you give? oh, it's just awful. yeah, you know that this is it on top of the last two years, you know to go through something like this time and time again, it's really it's it's incomprehensible. i think, you know children need to be reassured that they are safe although understandably events like this cast out on that and that that children need to know that that the adults in their life. protect them and that this is very unlikely to happen to them. but the fact that happens. all is is distressing to all of this. of course. i know we should always try to be as honest as we can with our kids, but it depending on the age i suppose andrew how much information should you share with them about?
4:32 pm
happened today in texas yeah, clearly the younger a child is probably the less specific the information needs to be with with older children and teenagers. of course, they're they're going to have access to their own information. and so to pretend as if this isn't happening is not is not going to be well received by teenagers who are seeking out their own information. yeah, that makes sense and then it becomes a trust issue with your parents. well, let's let's talk more broadly for a few minutes. we often talk about mental health as though it's a clear and tangible thing that we all know about but when we refer to mental health, what are we really talking about? yeah, so, you know we can think of this in a couple different ways. i mean we can certainly be mental wellness, which would be the ability to do the things that matter to you in your life in a way that that brings you satisfaction and meaning and you know, a lot of the things that that we're that do that for us such as having a routine doing
4:33 pm
meaningful work being around other people taking care of our bodies. those are all things have been disrupted. last two years of the pandemic so it's it makes perfect sense that that many people are feeling the strain from that and we're and we're seeing that the outcome of that in the form of increased mental health problems as really sort of tailing indicator of the impact of a pandemic now that we're out of some of the worst parts of the the covid pandemic we're seeing the aftermath which is mental health outcomes and things such as depression are much more happening in a much higher rate than they were before the pandemic and particularly the younger people. we're seeing this significant impact in teenagers and young adults. yeah, i've been surprised actually how much how strongly it's affected young people as much as any other group. i want to ask you about.
4:34 pm
you know this business of trying to get help trying to identify when you need help. what are some of those signs that would indicate, you know, maybe i need to talk with someone or maybe my husband. her wife does or partner or kid? what are what are the indicators that maybe something more serious is going on. yeah, i i think we've all had the experience of feeling nervous or feeling down and and that doesn't necessarily mean that somebody has an anxiety disorder or depression in in those conditions. the symptoms are more significant and they interfere with our ability to function and in roles such as going to work or going to school taking care of our kids and they also incur. and endure for a long period of time so, you know, we've all certainly in the last couple. years had an anxious day or a down day, but that doesn't necessarily make for depression, but when those symptoms persist day after day and the impact our
4:35 pm
ability to function in those important roles, that's when it might be helpful to get some some additional help. okay, just be honest with yourself and people, you know and really pay attention to what's going on with you. all right, andrew. thank you great information andrew penn psychiatric nurse practitioner andrew. thanks a lot. thanks for having me. all right now to find an ally to help care for your mental health check out some local resources by going to action. all right gas prices they are skyrocketing and a tiny baseball player has some great moves. work for all those and more coming up next. dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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warriors are about 350 miles north of the school where that school shooting happened this afternoon. they're getting ready to play in game 4 of the western conference finals in dallas golden state head coach steve kerr as he often does spoke to the media
4:39 pm
media about the shooting just moments ago. going to talk about basketball. nothing's happened with our team last six hours. we're going to start the same way tonight. any basketball questions don't matter. since we left shooter on 14 children were killed 400 miles from here. and a teacher and in the last 10 days we've had. elderly black people killed in a supermarket in buffalo, we've had asian churchgoers killed. in southern california, and now we have children murdered at school when are we going to do something? i'm tired. i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to to the devastated families that are out there. i'm so tired of the excuse me. i'm sorry. i'm tired of the moments of
4:40 pm
silence enough. there's 50 senators. right now who refused to vote on hra, which is a background check rule that the house passed a couple years ago. it's been sitting there for two years. and there's a reason they won't vote on it to hold on to power. so i ask you mitch mcconnell asked all of you senators who refuse to do anything about the violence in school shootings. supermarket shootings i ask you are you going to put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of our children and our elderly and our churchgoers because that's what it looks like. it's what we do every week. so i'm fed up. i've had enough we're gonna play the game tonight. but i want every person here every person listening to this to think about your own child or grandchild. other father or sister brother,
4:41 pm
how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. we can't sit here and just read about it and go well tell a moment of silence. yeah, go dubs, you know. come on now. let's go. that's what we're going to do. we're gonna to go play a basketball game. and 50 senators in washington are going to hold us hostage. you realize that 90% of americans? regardless of political party want background check universal backgrounds 90% of us. we are being held hostage by 50 senators. in washington who refused to even put it to a vote despite. what we the american people want it won't vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power. pathetic i've had enough. that's just a few minutes ago. steve kerr's passion. outrage he's commented so many times liz as we know on different issues. a and he is well informed as
4:42 pm
well as well spoken i have chills listening. yeah, i agree it is so is it means a lot to see him use his platform and he does this time and time again, but to continue to use the platform that he has. to say what he did today, and i think he's saying what a lot of us feel right now. i was seeing someone say don't say it's an unimaginable tragedy. it's not an unimaginable tragedy. it's imaginable. we've seen this happen time and time again. yeah, and you know, this is why steve kerr is is the leader that he is and so well respected in the nba and elsewhere because he brings intellect everything he does and and heart and passion and i thought was so profoundly moving and so true, isn't it when he said, you know, we're going to go have a moment of silence and then go dubs go mavs. we have done that so many. and of course those moments of silence and the things the vigils and all the things we do are important because they at least let us reflect on what's happened. but at the end of the day, we just sort of move on to the next
4:43 pm
and and as he points out tonight, hey, we're all pulling for the warriors here in the bay area. of course. it's a basketball game, you know, and look what's happened at this school today. yeah. it's gonna be hard hard for them to go out. in play, but i appreciate his candidness and as we talk about mental health and trying to end the stigma seeing him tear up there seeing him get emotional. i think that's something important for all of us. i agree and we are waiting for a news conference. so we think within the hour this hour from the community and from authorities there. so we'll take that as just as quickly as we can get it if it happens during this hour and of course coming up. we're also waiting to hear from president biden in about 5:15. this evening, so we'll bring all of that to you as we continue. all right stick with
4:44 pm
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well. we'll begin with visiting with them and seeing what those needs are. school will be closed -- school year's done. we'll have no school tomorrow or thursday. all activities are canceled throughout the district. we will come out with a notice on graduation at a later time. all the staff members, they will report to their campuses, other than the robb campus, which will come to the civic center. again, my heart was broken t today, we're a small community and we need your prayers to get us through this. thank you. >> this superintendent saying we will need your prayers for the small community in uvalde. they are only making statements at this hour, as we've now learned, as they try to reach out to every one of those families effected by this tragedy. and we reported on "world news tonight," the numbers are horrific.
4:50 pm
and these are just the numbers we know of so far. at least 14 children and a teacher killed. the suspect, believed to be 18 years old, a student at that school, and authorities, including the governor of texas, saying that he killed his own grandmother before going to that school. president biden is expected to speak within the half hour. when he does, we will come back on the air with his address to the nation. i'd david muir in new york. we'll see you then. >> this has beenthis has been at from abc news.enthis has been at and again, we're waiting for a news conference coming up about 5:15 or our statement. i should say from president biden. we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens in the next hours. .ate the forecast we are dangeag warnings and some pret around the. yeah. we've gotg tar until o'clockhe heat until 11 o'clock tomorrow evening. both of those are in solano county, but you know where it's going to be really? tonight out the old ballpark. look at that 66 dropping down to
4:51 pm
56 mets and giants once again at 6:45. good news, even with the heats. the air hasn't been stagnant enough to cause any issues with air pollution. we are going to be good to moderate tomorrow and then that clean seabreeze is going to bring all of us clean air good clean air, thursday and friday. so here's a look at tomorrow and notice how much we warm up inland. once again, we're going to start off. it's such a high level it won't take much even with some high clouds coming in and dimming that afternoon. sunshine to get us well into the 90s once again eighties around the bay at 60s at the coast, but then that siebree starts to kick in during the evening and overnight hours and look at the temperature drop dramat. laying places like well the north bay we go from 94 tomorrow to 70 thursday. that's 24 degrees the east bay 98 tomorrow to 75 thursday. so we're looking at a 23 degree drop there and even places like san francisco mid-70s tomorrow. 60s for the rest of the week. so after tomorrow, it's over. we've got some really
4:52 pm
comfortable weather if not a little especially along the coast because it's going to be pretty breezy thursday all the way through monday. alright, mike. thank you. well coming up here a man helping fill. his neighbor's tummies and their souls. yes meet mississippi joe and see how he's making a difference for decades. decades. just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know. i'm going to be there. keytruda and chemotherapy meant treating my cancer with two different types of medicine. in a clinical trial, keytruda and chemotherapy was proven to help people live longer than chemotherapy alone. keytruda is used to treat more patients with advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, but can also cause your immune system
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tonight on abc 7 at 8 catch. holy moly followed at nine by the chase. who do you believe? on at 10 and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. a backyard garden can provide food for a family. however, there's a special gardener on the peninsula who has helped feed neighbors for three generations. the gardener's name is mississippi joe. and is abc 7 news reporter? david lewis shows us. he has brought a community together. he goes by the name, mississippi joe and this is where you find him every day tending to a vegetable garden almost everyone in east palo alto knows him
4:56 pm
because of his kindness given is something special when you give it make you feel good when you can hand out something to someone else. for free years when the cucumbers and squash and corn and onions and tomatoes and other produce are ready for harvest, mississippi, joe will share them with his neighbors and friends. it's something that stayed with him growing up in the south. we always shared. with each other all we some didn't have some of them didn't have food sometime. and then we just what we had we will share mississippi has a large fan club. this is just a few of them who wanted to share what he means to them. he's always had that that attitude of just giving free spirit just constantly giving the sincerityness that he has the love that he has for the community. we've all been blessed, mississippi joe's hospitality is not limited to his produce. he's brought over gumbo and all right. cooking he's done. and so he's just never sharing
4:57 pm
it. he has touched the lives of three generations. i remember my children were really little and he'd come bring my mother fresh vegetables. and he said do you want to know where these come from and he brought my children over here and i was enamored mississippi even helps neighbors with their yard work at age 72. he shows no signs of slowing down, but the garden does take work. they get a little hard to go out there and do that. so maybe a couple of more years? his family has grown up. he has one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. this former school custodian is proving acts of kindness can bring a community together. i love east palo alto and i've been here like i say over 48 years and so it's just a wonderful place to live in east palo alto david louis abc 7 news. and thank you, mississippi joe for giving us the smile that we all need today. all right, that's it for abc 7
4:58 pm
news at 4. i'm liz fritz abc 7 news at five jananama is next.
4:59 pm
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now from abc 7 live breaking news is only happens in this country. and nowhere else nowhere else to little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day. breaking news in texas where at least 14 third and fourth graders were shot and killed at school today a teacher was also killed and investigators. say the 18 year old shooter was shot and killed by police a good evening. thank you for yes, i'm dan ashley and i'm on date the shooting happened in. you've all detects us a small farming and ranching community about a hundred miles west of san antonio abc 7 news reporter carina. nova is monitoring the very latest on this story and is in the newsroom forest tonight karina. well, we just heard from the school superintendent saying school is going to be closed for the rest of the year after this tragic incident.


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