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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 24, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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good night. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, rupaul, van lathan jr., and music from becky g., with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. welcome, thanks. i'm embarrassed, really, thanks. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. i thank you for watching at home and for joining us here in our studio. i have to tell you, we're a man down tonight. guillermo is not here for the second night in a row, and he
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might not be back for a while. he's at home right now with a case of corona. and he also has covid. [ laughter ] this is the second time. he had it last summer. and i do want to say, he didn't catch it from me because i haven't seen him for almost two weeks. he probably got it from one of the other hosts. [ laughter ] he said he's feeling okay. but his texts, i asked how he was, he wrote, "this is sucks. i got covid again. unbelievable." [ laughter ] and you know, this is sucks. because it's not the same without him here. usually when guillermo calls in sick, it's because he has the don julio variant. [ laughter ] we also haven't ruled out monkeypox. you know, we had our first report of monkeypox in our studio audience today. no. [ laughter ] in california today. and i have to admit for a potentially fatal disease, it's a lot of fun to say. monkeypox. [ laughter ] it really is. provided, of course, you are able to say it. >> it is the first possible case in new york in years.
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monkeycox is a rare -- monkeypox, excuse me, is a rare virus -- >> monkey [ bleep ]s. you can see them on stage at chimpendale's in las vegas. [ rim shot ] thank you. this is something my friend sent me last night. he was watching "family feud" and guess who got a shoutout? >> daniel, what tv show has the best moves, tv show host? >> i'm going to double up on the jimmy and say jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy kimmel. [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: now, that is -- that's outrageous! [ laughter ] those people have no idea what kind of moves i have. it got worse from there. >> that's a hard one. 5? >> pat sajak. >> 3? >> alex trebek! >> jimmy: hold on a minute, alex trebek passed away 18 months ago, my moves aren't as good as a deceased game show host?
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pat sajak? no offense, pat's only move is this, spinning the wheel. [ laughter ] i've never been so insulted in my whole life. in new york yesterday, the end of an era, really. the last pay phone in manhattan was carried into space. [ laughter ] pay phones are weird. this is something we're going to have to explain to our kids. it's why superman now has to change clothes in the middle of the street. [ laughter ] there are no more pay phones. i guess the city started getting rid of them in 2015. they replaced them with wi-fi hot spots, which is an upgrade. pay phones were disgusting. it's like they removed all the rats and replaced them with golden retrievers. [ laughter ] it's an upgrade. payphones were the last place in america where you could call your bail bondsman and get lip herpes at the same time. [ laughter ] now they're gone. what's next? are people supposed to stop masturbating on the subway? [ laughter ] we are learning more about the many ways our former president
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was picking our pockets. one of them is by charging the secret service to rent rooms at his hotels and golf courses. the secret service reportedly spent almost $2 million at various trump properties. they spent $850,000 at trump's golf properties. $400,000 at trump hotels. $300,000 just to childproof mar-a-lago for eric, to keep him from accidentally drowning his head in the toilet. [ laughter ] it's funny to think donald trump's only profitable business venture was being president of the united states. and by the way, remember how many times he told us he was giving his salary for being president, "i'm giving it away" to various government agencies? the park service or whatnot? he did that for the first few years, but there are no reported donations for the last half of 2020. suddenly, the donations stopped. and when the "washington post" asked what happened, they got no response. it's almost like he's a grifter or something. [ laughter ] [ applause ] meanwhile, there was an unusual court decision handed down involving one of the alleged rioters in the attack on the
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capitol on january 6th. a federal judge denied a request made by one of the men charged with taking part who asked to take a five-day vacation to cabo while awaiting trial for assaulting a capitol police officer. this vacation was a prize from his employer, mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals, that makes sense. because anyone who thought a request like that made sense would have to be on drugs. [ laughter ] who does this guy think he is? ted cruz? you don't do that. [ laughter ] only in america can a person who stormed our nation's capitol win a tropical vacation from his boss at the opioid factory. [ laughter ] meanwhile, soon-to-be-former member of congress madison cawthorn is having a bad week. if you're not familiar with madison, this guy, he's from north carolina. he's the youngest member of congress. he's the one who a few months ago claimed he was invited to an orgy with a bunch of republican lawmakers doing coke. and then there was video of him
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on top of a friend thrusting violently. not only did cawthorn lose his primary last week, he is now being investigated by the house ethics committee who are looking into "financial improprieties" related to a cryptocurrency he promoted, and possibly an improper relationship with a staffmember. just goes to show you when mitch mcconnell invites you to an orgy, you go to the orgy. [ laughter and applause ] it's as simple as that. election day today in five states. there were primaries in georgia, alabama, arkansas, texas, and minnesota. i mentioned last night kellyanne conway, trump's adviser, has a new autobiography. they've been releasing tidbits from the autobiography. one of them being she admits that trump lost the election. but she was very careful to do it in the one place she could be sure he would never see it, which is a book. [ laughter ] why this is a story, i'm not sure.
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this election thing. officials from both parties in every state have concluded there was no fraud, biden won the election. in florida, governor ron desantis, his own secretary of state wrote, "florida's election in 2020 was accurate, transparent, and conducted in compliance with florida law." and still, he felt it necessary to create a special election police force. this is a 24-person team that he created to make sure what never happened in the first place ever happens again. >> from the team behind "law and order" and "law and order svu" comes "law and order evu: election victims unit." >> any election fraud yet? >> not yet. but i can feel it. something's coming. soon. real soon. extremely.
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>> when dirty elections happen, they clean house. >> try "moist." >> there's no "s." >> critics are calling it a real slow burn. like, really slow. >> "shark." >> there's no "s." >> "law and order: evu." followed by "csi: lochness." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. dick wolf doesn't miss. the big primary showdown was in georgia today where trump went in big, backing david perdue for governor because he is mad at the incumbent brian kemp because brian kemp refused to help him
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illegally overturn the election. kemp.pence has been stumping fo- who had a big lead going into the voting today. trump versus pence is like johnny versus amber all over again. nobody wins, you know? [ laughter ] all you're left with is poop in the bed. [ laughter ] when you've got poop in the bed, that's when you need the mypillow man, mike lindell, who is still screaming about the voting machines. >> they ran our ballots on a popular machine and ran them through the es&s machine. they sat and looked and, what? it's very corrupt. by the way, if you are -- es&s, if you're one of the owners and please show me, es&s, you can go to, we have a template there. jump on the bandwagon, ees&s, because you're going to be bye-bye. >> jimmy: the crazy part is he was driving that car. [ laughter ] if you go to, this is what you get, "this site
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can't be reached." [ laughter ] just like mike himself. you do have to hand it to mike. he's been putting his time and his money where his moustache is, even taking out ad time to endorse a special candidate of his own. >> quack, quack. quack, quack, quack. hey, there. i'm pretty sure i'm mike lindell, the mypillow fella. i like to come out to the park to feed the ducks. and to worry about our republic. these days our justice department is full of partisan demo-creeps, and republi-craps, out to get us hard-working americans. it's time that changed so i'm endorsing robocop for fbi director. robocop is the guy we need to lead us. he can't be killed or melted because he's part robot, and on account of being 80% machine, he can communicate with them dominion ones and tell them to make more votes for president trump. so do yourself a favor and watch this great documentary that was made about it.
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robocop's got a gun and a motorcycle, and he's even got a lady cop who exposes her milky bosoms. robocop and i got a lot in common. we were both born in the midwest. we both love law enforcement. we both got shot hundreds of times in detroit in the 1980s. vote for robocop for director of the fbi! >> paid for with a pillowcase full of cat hair and old coat hangers. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, mike. we have a good show for you tonight. van lathan jr. is here. we've got music from becky g. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll be right back with rupaul, so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. tonight, his new book is called "fat, crazy and tired: tales from the trenches of transformation." van lathan jr. is with us. [ cheers and applause ] you know, van happens to be a friend of mine, and he sent me a beautiful -- i hope he doesn't mind me sharing this review. he sent me a beautiful inscription when he sent me a copy of the book. and there it is. [ laughter ] we'll talk to van later on. then later, a talented singer from here in los angeles, her album is called "esquemas." becky g. from the mercedes eq stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night, seth macfarlane and jay ellis, with music from def leppard. so please join us for that. our first guest tonight is an 11-time emmy winner with a stockpile of size 14 high-heeled shoes.
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season seven of "rupaul's drag race all stars" is on paramount plus now. please welcome rupaul. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: look how great your clothes are. i mean, really. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's so nice, thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: can i tell you what i think about when i see you dressed each time? >> what, what? >> jimmy: this must be a lot of pressure and a lot of work. >> it is a lot of work. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's a lot of work. you know, i just bought these -- the pipe and drape things, i put them up in my house so i can put all the costumes -- at the office i have the suits. it's a lot of work, jim.
11:53 pm
it's esquemas! actually, i had esquemas in high school, there's an ointment for that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a little salve. yeah, because you can't just put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and run out to the cvs. >> no, i do. this is the thing. i do. i'm never going to stop wearing masks because i have my anonymity back. >> jimmy: right. >> i wear a hoodie, a mask, dark glasses, nobody knows. jimmy. >> jimmy: i know what you're saying. >> nobody knows, jimmy! >> jimmy: it's nice sometimes, right? >> it's esquemas! [ applause ] >> jimmy: five years ago, you put on a surgical mask and sunglasses and they think you're michael jackson. >> exactly. >> jimmy: right? >> exactly. >> jimmy: you look like a crazy person. >> that's right. >> jimmy: now you look like a responsible person. >> responsible person, i love it. i absolutely love it. we'll never stop wear a mask. >> jimmy: you have this big convention. it's -- like there's comic-con, you have drag-con. >> that's right, drag-con. that's right.
11:54 pm
[ cheers and applause ] this is a gathering -- what, you guys know about drag-con? [ cheers and applause ] how about that. i love that. yes. >> jimmy: it's a big, a huge gathering of drag performers, people who love that, and then vendors selling them stuff. >> you say people who love that? >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] fans. right? >> no, you made it sound subversive. like, you know. you know. "ugh, people who love that, mmm!" >> jimmy: i think you read something that wasn't there. >> i did. >> jimmy: if it's comic-con, people who love that. >> the lovers of drag, drag lovers. >> jimmy: i asked for a list because i'm curious. i have some of the vendors or exhibitors at drag-con. and i wonder if you know what's going on there. >> okay, yeah, try me, let's see. >> jimmy: two girls, one closet. [ laughter ] what is that?
11:55 pm
what is that? you don't know? [ cheers and applause ] >> mm, i wonder. >> jimmy: boy butter. is that a product? is that what you rubbed on your esquema? >> maybe a bagel or something. boy butter, hm. >> jimmy: creepy gals. goobers only. man buns. >> man buns, sure. >> jimmy:, that one i know. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's why guillermo's not here right now, he's updating his profile. [ applause ] the wrestling guy store. >> the wrestling guy store? >> jimmy: i like it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: tuck it up. what is tuck it up? >> i know what tuck it up is. [ laughter ] yes, i do. >> jimmy: is it what i think it is? >> it's exactly what you think it is, yeah. >> jimmy: and this is the best one. this is not a joke. >> okay. >> jimmy: integrated tax consultants, inc. [ laughter ] this is the final -- like whether the wig is deductible?
11:56 pm
>> yes, yes. you know, when the girls win our show and then leave our show, i tell them the first thing, you must pay your taxes, number one. number two, do not read the comments on social media. those are the two pieces of advice i always give. >> jimmy: do they listen to either? >> no, no, they don't. they don't. >> jimmy: the fact that you have to say that, yeah, probably people aren't listening. >> show business, people fall into the same mistakes all the time. that's why the tax guy is there. and the two girls, one closet. [ laughter ] you know, because you've got to buy the pipe and drape for your house. >> jimmy: have you ever been to a drag race, like an auto racing type of situation? >> you don't know this about me. >> jimmy: oh. >> i'm a car guy. >> jimmy: oh. >> i love cars. >> jimmy: have you ever gone to one of those things? >> no, no. but i do, you know -- sometimes i'll go out to malibu with one of my cars. you know, they have -- everybody has their cars on display. do you know that -- >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> i'll go out there.
11:57 pm
i was out there last sunday. >> jimmy: you show off your car? >> i certainly do. >> jimmy: you rub it with a cloth and make it look beautiful? >> no, i don't. i don't do that. i do that before i go. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> but i love cars. >> jimmy: people ask you questions about your car and you enjoy answering them? >> i don't stick around, i drive through, look at a few cars. [ laughter ] but i've never been to a drag racing thing, a real one, but i used to watch the indianapolis 500 when i was a kid. >> jimmy: oh, you did. wouldn't it be fun if you and i went to a drag race? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that would be fun. >> yes. >> jimmy: let's do that sometime. >> that would be fun. even better if we got to drive one of those things. >> jimmy: i bet they'd let us drive one of those things. >> yeah. a friend of mine went to a tony robbins event in florida or something. and part of the initiation or whatever they do, they had to drive like 100, i don't know, 120 miles an hour in a racing car. have you ever driven that fast in a car? >> jimmy: i don't think i have.
11:58 pm
>> do you know how to drive? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm a driver, since i was 35. [ laughter ] you know, i don't love the smell of the fuel and -- i don't like going that fast, really. >> yeah. you know, i was driving at 11 years old. my father lived in cerritos, in the l.a. area -- >> jimmy: where the auto square is. >> yes, auto square. cal worthington was not far from there. you know cal worthington? >> jimmy: of course, yeah. >> he would go to work. i knew where the keys to his 1969 toyota corona, not carolla, corona. i was 11 years old. i was tall for 11. i would drive around cerritos with my 10-year-old sister in the passenger seat. [ laughter ] and only make right turns because i was too afraid to make left turns. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did he ever catch you? >> no, he never knew, which says everything you need to know about my father. [ laughter ]
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, we used to steal, cleto, my band leader and i, used to steal his dad, cleto sr.'s car. cleto would drive the car. but then we were driving around the block -- sorry if i'm just now telling you this. [ laughter ] we'd spend 45 minutes trying to get it exactly -- we marked with chalk the parking spot. it was never even close to worth it. >> are you a good driver? >> jimmy: yeah, i'm all right. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. no, i love it. i'm not going to tell you how many cars i have because that would probably be environmentally irresponsible. >> jimmy: really? >> probably. >> jimmy: you're not driving them all at once, are you? >> not all at once. >> jimmy: so that's okay. do you have like a jay leno-style warehouse full of cars? >> i wish. i wish i could do that. but no, i don't have that. >> jimmy: you don't, wow. this is -- i would not have expected this of you. >> i love cars. >> jimmy: yeah. >> there's so many i still want. >> jimmy: which are at the top of your list? >> well, right now i want a 1976 corvette, a t-top thing.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: really? >> i want one of those. >> jimmy: wow. >> and i would love to have a 1969 el dorado. gold. total gold, you know? and there's so many i want. but i'm not going to tell you how many cars i have now. >> jimmy: oh, i feel like you want to tell us. >> i want to tell you, please! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tell us. we won't hold it against you. >> okay. do not hold it against me. i don't want anybody writing me. i have earned the right. i only have six cars. i have six. >> jimmy: oh. >> that's not bad, not bad. >> jimmy: that's reasonable. >> that's reasonable. i wish i had 36. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i feel like you teed us up for a huge number of cars. >> no, no, it's easy. it's only -- that's the amount of garage space i have. if i had more garage space. >> jimmy: i see, you need another garage. >> i need another car. i need another garage. >> jimmy: rupaul is here. [ cheers and applause ] he's got emmys, he's got cars, he's got anything you could possibly want. we'll be back after this.
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♪ i'm here with auto enthusiast rupaul. he's got season seven of "rupaul's drag race all stars." >> all winners, all stars. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all stars. >> yes, yes.
12:06 am
>> jimmy: they fight, whoever gets knocked dead or unconscious first is the winner? or loser, rather. >> that's right, but no foul play. you have to fight fairly. >> jimmy: yes, yes. but people don't fight fairly. i would imagine there are skirmishes behind the scenes. >> no, it's a fight, who's going to fight fair? you know. >> jimmy: nancy pelosi is going to be on the show this season. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you think she has a chance to win? [ laughter ] >> well, i don't want to give anything away. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> i think she has a very good chance of winning. you know, i don't like to play favorites with the girls. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> you'll have to watch and find out, jimmy. >> jimmy: do you have favorites, though? i know you say -- >> of course i have favorites but i'm not going to tell you who they are. [ laughter ] i have favorites. you have like eight or nine kids? >> jimmy: i have four kids. [ laughter ] i have fewer kids than you have cars. >> okay, yeah. [ applause ] here's a more important
12:07 am
question, do you know who the fathers are? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: of the kids? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, i think it's me. >> oh! oh, okay. that's a novel idea. >> jimmy: why, did something happen? >> no, yeah, here's the thing. yeah, i have favorites. you probably -- do you have a favorite child? >> jimmy: uh -- no. >> don't say it out loud. >> jimmy: i don't. >> you can whisper it. just show me with your eyes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it depends on the day, really. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and what they're up to, you know. >> sure. >> jimmy: that's the thing. today it's probably -- i don't know. maybe my son kevin. >> yeah, i just saw him. i saw him backstage. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he's tall! >> jimmy: he's big. >> is he taller than me? >> jimmy: he might be. a little bit. >> i think he may be taller than me. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i learned something about you that i thought was interesting. well, first of all, "golden girls," the show, was one of the sponsors of drag-con. which made me wonder, how you get a tv show that hasn't been in production for 35 years to spend money on sponsoring something.
12:08 am
but you have met -- how many of the golden girls did you meet? >> let's see. you know what, i met every single one of them except for rue. >> jimmy: bea arthur, correct me if i have this wrong, she came to your house for a pool party? >> yes. >> jimmy: was the pool party in her honor, or just having a party and you invited bea? >> i was having a party, and i invited her. i used to live in this house with this really tall driveway. and she came to the front door holding her shoes. and if you know anything about the "golden girls," she was notorious for having bad feet. in fact, i still have bea's phone number in my phone, and i refuse to erase it from my phone. >> jimmy: really? would she text you from time to time? >> well, that was before texting. >> jimmy: before texting, yes. >> i'm not a texter, i'm not a phone person. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: have you tried calling it to see who now --
12:09 am
>> i should call to see. >> jimmy: has bea arthur's phone number? >> should i go get it right now? >> jimmy: yes! [ cheers and applause ] can we do it next time? will you promise not to call until you come back here? >> we will do it next time. in fact, you know, my husband george will tell you, years ago, i had a performance for the queen of soul. aretha franklin. i did it twice. in '95, she flew me to detroit to perform at her birthday party. >> jimmy: wow. >> she wrote a check to me, and she wrote it to "ruth paul." [ laughter ] true story, ruth paul. george is my witness, he was there. of course, i had to give it back because it was the wrong name. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> george will tell you. yeah. >> jimmy: how much was it? how much did she write your check for? >> i don't know what i was charging back then. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah, i still have her phone number in my phone. >> jimmy: that's good. >> we should call all of the numbers of dead people. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: call everybody.
12:10 am
i have a few, too, we could call. >> do you? >> jimmy: it would be good, it would be like a very modern seance. >> i love that. >> jimmy: yeah, instead of having a medium come and contact the dead, we'll actually just phone them up. >> yes. hello? is the queen of soul there? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wouldn't it be something if she was? >> if she was. how brilliant would that be? >> jimmy: it would be wonderful. >> yes. >> jimmy: it's great to see you. the show -- by the way, congratulations on your tony nomination. >> yes. >> jimmy: i know you were nominated -- >> yes, i'm a tony nominee! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "a strange loop." >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: rupaul has everything. new episodes of "rupaul's drag race all stars" airs fridays on paramount. rupaul, everybody. be back with van lathan. you know that show i was telling you about? yeah i was so close to the stage when i saw her and she... she pulled me in. wasn't expecting that.
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. for controller, yvonne yiu. like a trip to great wolf lodge. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. >> lou: "jimmy kimmel live" presents, "do you have a ponytail?" >> what's your name? >> nieglen sinkler. >> where are you from? >> canada. >> do you have a ponytail? >> what do you think? do you think this guy has a ponytail? or are we about to be very disappointed? >> yeah, i do, here. >> he does! >> can you turn around and show us? now can you take your ponytail out and sort of whip it around like you're fabio?
12:17 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: music from becky g. is on the way. our next guest is the host of a popular podcast with rachel lindsay called "higher learning." he is also the author of this new memoir, "fat, crazy and tired: tales from the trenches of transformation." please welcome van lathan jr. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> what is up? >> jimmy: good to see you. it's funny to see you here. >> it is. >> we've known each other how long now? >> like four years? >> jimmy: four years. the story, if you don't mind me
12:23 am
telling it, i was watching kanye on tmz live, right? >> yes, on tmz live, yeah. >> jimmy: and he was being very, very kanye. i mean, very -- very -- >> the kanye-ist. >> jimmy: yes, absolute peak kanye. >> right, right, right, right. >> jimmy: you at a certain point had enough of it, you stood up and walked out there, and you let him have it in a very thoughtful way, i thought. >> yes. a loving call-in. come back into the house, my brother. >> jimmy: yes. but serious. no kidding around. >> yeah, yeah. you know -- >> jimmy: unvarnished. >> right, it was a whole "slavery is a choice" type of situation. it's not a choice. >> jimmy: right. >> we had that little interaction. after that, you and i -- >> jimmy: after that i was like, who is this guy? i called you and i said, who are you? [ laughter ] and we got to know each other. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: were the other people -- we haven't really -- we talked about some of this.
12:24 am
like, the other people who were part of tmz, were they kind of like, oh, boy, i should have probably stood and up said something? >> i think after, they felt that way. >> jimmy: afterwards, yeah. >> at the point that he's doing it, you're just frozen. you know, the guy is so famous. like, you get paralyzed by that type of fame. and people of looking around like, what is he doing, what is he saying? i just had enough. i stood up, you know. >> jimmy: it was great. it really was great. [ cheers and applause ] i don't make a habit of watching that, but i was impressed by it. have you spoken to kanye since? >> i have. >> jimmy: you have. >> later on that summer, i started to feel bad about the interaction. i'm like, look, the guy's there, you don't know sometimes how the brother's feeling. so i reached out to scooter and i was like -- >> jimmy: yes. >> magic at the time. i want to email him. and i emailed him. then right away he emails me back. emails me back. i keep the email.
12:25 am
just to look at it. because it's like a picasso of paragraphs. [ laughter ] it's all over the place. in the middle of it, drake gets brought up, no reason. [ laughter ] you know what i mean? true story. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> we go back and forth a couple of times. i thought we were good. i thought, i actually have cool ye back. then he goes out and disses harriet tubman. now we're back to square one. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i forgot he went after harriet tubman. boy, it was time somebody stood up to harriet tubman, wasn't it? >> yeah, time we talked about the real harriet tubman. >> jimmy: you were a tmz tour guide. there are these buses in hollywood. you guys have probably seen them, tmz buses. you were the guy on the microphone, right? >> i wasn't a tmz tour guide. >> jimmy: you were the? >> the tmz tour guide. [ laughter and applause ] so much so they wanted to put you on the show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever see celebrities when you're a tour guide? >> all the time. >> jimmy: all the time, really? >> all the time. first of all, you know -- i
12:26 am
know -- things might not be that great with tmz right now, but if you guys are watching this you've got to pay me because i'm doing a commercial for you right now. [ laughter ] i saw big, huge celebrities. i saw david beckham. rihanna. lady gaga. all kinds of people. >> jimmy: in their homes? out on the street? >> no, it wasn't like the tours where you go to the people's homes. it was like you go through hollywood, beverly hills, you'd see them walking around. >> jimmy: who is the biggest one you saw? >> the biggest one i saw was johnny depp. >> jimmy: oh, wow. where did you see him? [ cheers ] >> i saw johnny depp outside of the beverly wilshire hotel. so the bus is going down rodeo. a woman comes out of one of the beauty salons. she goes, "hey, johnny depp is eating outside the beverly wilshire." bus goes nuts. >> jimmy: yeah. >> this is not, like, your garden -- this is not like lisa vanderpump, "vanderpump rules,"
12:27 am
not to diss lisa vanderpump, but we see her all the time. >> jimmy: oh, god, no. >> we see her all the time. >> jimmy: yeah, she's chasing the bus. >> right. [ laughter ] this is johnny depp. it's jack sparrow, you know what i mean? so we get all the way down there. and he's eating outside. i'm looking at it. it is, in fact, johnny depp. wow. a girl on the bus starts crying. [ laughter ] people are going nuts, right? so i call everyone on the tour. i hit harvey, oh my god, i got johnny depp. >> jimmy: harvey levin, tmz. >> harvey levin from tmz. i hit hard. i just got johnny depp. i hit the leader of the tour. i got johnny depp. this is the biggest thing in the world for me. everybody is getting off the bus later on i'm looking at the video as i'm sending it to the office and i realize something. it's not johnny depp. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who was it? >> it's the guy that impersonates johnny depp. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> out on hollywood boulevard. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, he's there all the time. [ laughter ]
12:28 am
>> and he allowed me to get super excited. i'm screaming to the top of my lungs. "oh my god!" >> jimmy: yeah, dreaming about this. >> dreaming about it, right? thinking, oh my god, i'm going to get my own parking space at the office, i got johnny depp. [ laughter ] and i had a moment. a moment to where i'm like, do i just b.s. it? [ laughter ] do i try to trick america now? >> jimmy: yeah. >> you know? do i go back into the office and just be like, oh, whatever. see what people say? i didn't. >> jimmy: no, tmz has far too much integrity. [ laughter ] >> yeah, of course. >> jimmy: so you went from being this tour guide in hollywood to being an executive producer on a film, a short film, that won the academy award last year. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: won the oscar. and that was really -- i thought it was great. your friend trayvon wrote it. >> all of those guys who came together, yeah. >> jimmy: how did your family back home in baton rouge react
12:29 am
when their kid is part of an oscar-winning film? >> so it's the dichotomy of being raised by my parents. my mother, i might as well have invented the polio vaccine. you can't tell her anything. she sees other people's sons, this is them for no reason, "your boy is very tall, but i don't know if you know, my son produced an oscar-winning film." my father couldn't have cared less. [ laughter ] he complained to me about it. >> jimmy: how, why? >> he calls me, yo did you win some kind of award? [ laughter ] i'm like, yeah, we did a movie and the movie won, it won an oscar. he's like, what is that? [ laughter ] i was like, well, every year the very best films, dad, all these white people get together. [ laughter ] and they give out awards for people who have won the best thing. he goes, well, i didn't win no
12:30 am
damn award, why do people keep calling me? i'm like, don't worry about it, man, tell me what's on the outdoor channel. >> jimmy: wow, wow. he was into outdoors stuff. >> a hunter, yeah. >> jimmy: the book, which is about all your interesting life, your transformation. what is your transformation from? >> so my transformation, it's interesting. at one point i was 370 pounds. then i got down to maybe 235 pounds. like diesel, michael b. jordan, six. [ laughter ] after the pandemic i decided, what the hell. i'll gain it all back. >> jimmy: right. >> so i gained a little bit more weight. but the book is really more about -- the fat, crazy and tired in the book is about those three states of being. i am from south louisiana. baton rouge, louisiana. gardere is where i'm from. when you're there, there's a
12:31 am
predisposition to be fat, crazy, and tired. you grow up in a food desert. you deal with trauma and your mental health can be messed up. sometimes being from down there, the sometimes the state of the blackness we exist in, of course it's amazing to be a black man, but also it makes your soul tired. so it's about those three states. those three things. and how i got away from them, like why they're that way, what we can sort of do to deal with them in our daily lives. >> jimmy: there it is. van lathan jr. the podcast is "higher learning." thank you, van. we'll be back with becky g.! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes e-q. all electric, all mercedes. >> jimmy: i want to thank rupaul and vavn lateen jr. apologies to matt damon. we did run out of time for him tonight. tomorrow night, seth macfarlane and jay ellis with music from def leppard.
12:34 am
"nightline" is next, but first, her album is called "esquemas," it's out now. here with the song "baile con mi ex," becky g! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ >> thank you! [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, tragedy in texas. a gunman opening fire in an elementary school. >> he starts shooting and all kinds of smoke is in the room. >> killing at least 19 children. >> we need to respond to south grove and mill street, establish a perimeter -- >> a parent's worst nightmare. >> i can't find my daughter. >> how law enforcement says he got inside the school. >> what are we doing? >> impassioned pleas from the senate floor. >> what are we doing? nowhere else do little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day. >> the shared pain. survivors and parents of children killed in past school shootings speak out. why they say enough is enough. this special edition of
12:38 am
"nightline," "texa


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