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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 25, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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morning. and we'll see you tomorrow night from uvalde, texas. the book of ecclesiastes says, for everything there is a season. america, it seems certain, we are in the midst of a season. what happens next is not left solely to fade. it is also left to us. thanks for the company. stay safe. good night.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> confusing. >> our kids are living in fear, every time they step foot in the classroom. while redoing -- what are we doing? >> families are morning and legislators are calling for change after mass shooting in a small rural town of uvalde, texas. many families are still in for updates under schooling. it is the deadliest school shooting in the united states since sandy hook, tenney -- 10 years ago. thank you for joining us. >> one of our reporters has been tracking this tragedy for us tonight. tim: the last day of school was scheduled for wednesday, it has been called off. we learned more about victims.
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when mother says she just attended an awards ceremony for her son this morning. teachers are calling for gun reform. the first student victim in the mass in texas. another, among the 19 children murdered. two teachers were killed, several others are injured. among them, the shooters grandmother. in the past two hours, investigators say she was in critical condition. the gunman, fatally shot by police has been identified by an 18-year-old male who was a student at the local high school. >> he shot and killed, income -- incomprehensibly. >> hours after the shooting ended, some parents are still waiting for answers. >> if my kid was with me, i
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would be at home right now. >> i don't know where my baby is at. >> they gathered for a special service. the hope, to provide comfort for a community in morning. >> strength, we will carry someone through. >> president joe biden, also delivering an address to the nation, calling for action to try and end the endemic of gun violence. >> where -- when in god's name are we going to stand up for the gun lobby? are we going to do what we know in our gut needs to be done? >> he vowed that they do not stand alone. >> we cannot forget. we can do more. we have to do more.
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tim: we are also hearing there will be a large visual with thousands of people in attendance. blood agencies are still trying to put together why this happened. >> reaction to this tragedy has been swift in the bay area. san francisco mayor has ordered flags to be lowered to half. their increasing patrols around schools as a caution. the sheriff's office say they have not heard any threats. san francisco and mountain view police are doing precautionary patrols. one of the more powerful messages we saw from politicians came from an east bay congressman. on twitter he wrote "i wish i could look at my three small kids and promise i can always protect them. that will be alive. america leaves every child vulnerable to be shot in the class." >> another impassioned speech came from the warriors head
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coach steve kerr. after a moment of silence, he spoke to media for 90 minutes d was in no mood to talk about basketball. this is understandable. his father was shot and killed in 1984 in lebanon. >> we have had elderly black people killed in a supermarket, and the last two days. asian people killed in a supermarket. and now, children killed in a school. when are we going to do something? i'm so tired of getting a. offering condolences to the dedicated -- i'm sorry i'm sorry for the moments of silence. enough. >> ker ended his address by
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walking off the podium. after the game, steph curry acknowledge sentiment. >> every day i drop my kids off at school. i cannot imagine -- every word that he said was powerful, meaningful. accept the challenge of trying to figure out how to use my voice and platform to make change. >> he said it was hard to stay focused on playing basketball tonight. >> as steve kerr mentioned, it is one tragedy after another. mental illness advocates are talking about the effects. >> learning details of tuesday's devastation from a distance. mental health experts are sharing ways to make processed
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yet another mass shooting. >> with a teenager, he might be able to get into more. of the conversations about why this happened and what does it mean. it would be more concrete and focus on safety. >> safety at schools, grocery stores, places of worship, wherever. a professor of public health at cal state east bay arrives that in these conversations, it is ok to admit we do not have all these answers to the unrelenting cycle of senseless violence. >> there was a shooting in buffalo, now in texas. we are not prepared to process that much grief and violence. >> limited exposure could mean turning off technology. here is a santa clara university psychology professor. >> is one thing to learn about
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what happens, it is another thing to go down a rabbit hole in learn about every detail. there is some wisdom about being thoughtful about how much news to take in, about each one of these crises. x -- >> experts focusing on what we can control. >> have a normal sleep schedule. get to sleep on time. >> all of these things help arrived at change. >> it is important to not wait until the moments we are stretched to try that. >> this mass shooting is added to a list of tragedies taking a toll on mental health. >> we do not live in a risk-free environment, we do not. let's take care of each other with compassion and kindness, it goes a long way.
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>> to find an ally to help care for you or your families mental health, check out some local resources by going to /takeaction. >> the plans for -- triangle this year. sandhya: temperatures near record today. i will let you know when you get a break from the record. >> the warriors are headed back home for conference finals. we have ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> this was a big night for the golden state warriors, in dallas taking on the mavericks and trying to close out the western conference finals. they are one win away from the nba finals. they came up short tonight, when a 9-19. one of our news reporters was there, with more than 3000 warriors fans. >> thrive city was rocking in the fourth quarter as they clawed their way back into this game. [cheers] >> fans packed into this ew
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partts chase center. we saw one after the other, fans really wanted the suite. the fourth corner run, leaves fans optimistic about was to come. >> the worry about it. it had to get one. they may get another one but they are not going to win three more. worry about it. >> good run. stepping up. >> we won three games, we cannot win them all. it is fine if we lose one. >> we have all the weapons. >> let's go. >> certainly impressive that
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most of these fans around the end of the fourth quarter. fortunately, it was not to be. it will be back in action for game five, here at the center on thursday. j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> highlights, coming up in a few minutes on sports. >> covid headlines. california's positivity rate is up to 6.6%, up from 5% last week. they said covid patients should isolate again for five days after taking -- people with covid have a one in five chance of experiencing at least one long system. >> health officials believe we have our first case of monkeypox
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in california. few details are being retail -- revealed other than the person is in the sacramento area and had recently returned from europe. testing was done on monday. we do know, the person is in home isolated. all is contagious, experts say the system -- the symptoms tend to be mild. >> the weight just got longer to settle the issue of admission policies in the local high schools. school board decided to take no action on a resolution to extend the admission policy or -- for the next school year. board members tonight, decided to discuss the issue with new board members and take it up during the next meeting. >> one of the first signs of gay
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pride month is taking place on twin peaks, the annual triangle. the pink tribal -- triangle was a symbol. it is an in-your-face educational tool. >> we are trying to help prevent that. -- hate and bigotry. the idea of skateboarding people is what we are trying to prevent. >> is what the triangle look like last year. it will be on display for the month of june. abc7 will carry the pride parade live this year. you can check out all of our coverage during pride month and year round at
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sandhya: new records being set. it is pretty warm. 93 degrees in san jose. 96 in redwood city, it was hot. 10 fairfield. inland areas are not calling off much. solano county remains under a heat advisory. tomorrow, heat illnesses are possible as those temperature sort once again. same area under a red flag warning. this is due to the dry and dusty conditions although the winds are not terribly strong, they are drying out the atmosphere even more. fire danger remains in moderate to high category. tomorrow afternoon, as the heat builds, you will notice some parts are in the high category.
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it is a good idea to keep vigilant. i want to show you the big changes. afar cried from the 100s. mild conditions for memorial day. it is the unofficial start of summer. it were not for like summer. tomorrow, high-pressure is in demand of the weather. it will bring us another day of hot conditions. this is the system that will dry conditions down. out towards brentwood, 81 degrees. a beautiful view of the shark tank. high fire danger. fog returns along the coast by the afternoon. it will be more breezy and cooler on thursday. tomorrow morning, it will be mild along the coastline. 50's, 60's, low 70's. if you had clouds in the afternoon.
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this high-class filter in the afternoon. 90 in redwood city. 66 in pacific. downtown pacific, 70 degrees. the coast to cool off. 90, santa rosa. 90 in fremont. inland areas will be hot again. 95, concord. 70 forecast, hot again inland. high fire danger. breezy on thursday. much colder with morning drizzle. a possibility of sprinkles as we head into saturday. bump up the temperatures a little bit. it will be nice for the holiday. warmer when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets.
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>> a special ceremony tonight in a high school in concord, it honored students who never had a chance to walk the stage.
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>> they received honorary diploma spirit the ethics class convince a school board to grant those diplomas tonight. they were forced to leave the school in 1942 and were incarcerated in german camps during world war ii. >> as a result of my studies, i feel like this tragedy should be recognized. restorative justice was called for and history must not repeat itself. >> most of the former students are not deceased or in their 90's. family members excepted the diplomas for many of them. >> one student just passed away on may 6. knowing that she would be recognized in tonight ceremony. what a wonderful parting gift you have given her and her family. >> the former students names were announced during tonight ceremony in the received a standing ovation. >> well-deserved.
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love sports tonight. the giants had an amazing comeback. >> the warriors are coming back here to the bay area for the western conference finals. chris alvarez is here with sports. chris: coming up, the warriors miss a chance to the finals. the mavericks make it rain in dallas. this need long-lasting freshness? try febreze unstopables touch fabric spray. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power of touch-activated scent technology. that lasts, even hours later! that's because febreze touch stores scent in your fabrics so you get bursts of freshness with every touch.
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alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. chris: the workers lost their first chance to put the upon away. warriors chance hoping for a sweep. dallas led by 15 at the half. just before the third quarter, 16 minute rain delay. you don't see that often.
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23-pointers in the game. luca had a game-high of 15. you not see this. during the free-throw attempt, the ball stayed on the rim. it was an odd night. too little, too late. mavericks lead. game five on thursday. >> tonight, they deserve to win. executed. this is conference finals. this is how it is supposed to be. they handle this well tonight. >> laughs are fun. it is a game of adjustments. you have to figure out, you cannot do it on the fly.
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>> giants looking to stop a five-game slide. tied at 11. the nets took the lead in the bot -- top half. fourth hit the game. tyson to 12. crazy. batter. brandon crawford of the play. giants win, 13-12. top five. to run shot to center. oakland, top of the six. ellis under his, tie singh -- things a five. go-ahead run. oakland adds a
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>> you can watch all newscast live through the bay area connected tv app, it is a bill for apple, amazon, fire, and roku. download the app now and start screaming. >> a few thoughts about what really matters. usually offer this at the end of that 6:00 newscast on fridays. the tragic events of today make the skill appropriate, now. 19 innocent little children, days away from starting their summer vacation, run down in texas. two teachers were also killed by an 18-year-old high school student who got up this morning with murder on his mind. the rampage and it when he was killed by police. here we are again in america. the same place we were a week
1:39 am
ago when the gunman marched into the church and started shooting. the same place we were two days before that, when 10 were killed in a buffalo supermarket begun. the same place we will be again next week, a month from now, god forbid, tomorrow -- until we take meaningful steps. what really matters is that they do not die in vain, that we do not let them. how many disturbed people are we going to let by guns before it stops? here from you. -- i love to hear from you. ama: thank you for joining us tonight. dan: we appreciate your time. right now, "jimmy kimmel." good night.
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of 3:36:58. the tradition dates back to the 1950s. >> awesome. >> yeah. >> all right. coming up -- "star wars" turns 45 years old today. >> that's right. plus, the potentially explosive evidence later today in the johnny depp trial. but first, in the wake of the texas elementary school massacre, what one gun control advocate is telling us about where we are as a nation in finding common ground. you're watching "world news now." ♪ - i got a hunch, like me, your home means a lot. - i love my home. i love my family. - you want to have the grandkids over. you want to have the family over. you want to say, "this is my place. look, i'm right next to the water." - [narrator] call aag today and find out if a reverse mortgage loan can help you eliminate monthly mortgage payments, pay for living expenses, and even high-interest credit card bills.
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