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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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breaking news in america this morning, the tragedy in texas. >> teacher got hit. >> a gunman opens fire at this school. at least 19 children are dead along with two teachers. >> police overnight revealing new details about the moments before the attack as they scour a second crime scene. what we're now learning about the teen suspect and the possible warning signs before the shooting. plus, more of the victims are identified. >> he was always the life of the party. >> as other parents wait late into the night swapping dna to learn if their children are among the dead. and now the debate over guns in america reignited. >> our kids are living in fear. every single time they set foot in the classroom because they think they're going to be next. what are we doing?
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>> with gun violence surging and a mental health crisis stemming from the pandemic, is there any common ground in washington? we hear from both sides of the political aisle on how this country can move forward. good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with the tragedy in texas. 19 children and 2 teachers killed in the horror that unfolded at robb elementary school. >> overnight some families in the small town of uvalde were still waiting to hear if their children were among the victims. the children who were publicly identified overnight were each 10 years old. >> police say the 18-year-old suspect had a rifle, handgun and body armor. we're now hearing from his classmates who describe him as a troubled teen who was bullied. >> as lawmakers reignite the debate, schools are ramping up security this morning.
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in the aftermath of yesterday's attack. >> how long will you wait? >> i'm going to wait all i can, you know, i'm concerned. >> reporter: families gathered at a civic center in uvalde, texas, last night to wait for dna matches still unaware if their children were among the victims of the elementary school shooting. alfred garza was waiting for answers about his daughter amerie jo garza. >> we're waiting to see if she made it out, if she's just in the hospital or if the worst case, you know, she didn't make it. >> reporter: overnight garza's family confirming she is one of the students who died in the shooting. garza celebrated her 10th birthday two weeks ago. the 18-year-old crashed a car outside robb elementary school then ran inside with an ar-15 style rifle and opened fire. >> just goes to show you the complete evil that this suspect had, just shooting children, adults, anybody that was in front of him, he was shooting every single person. >> reporter: among the victims identified so far, 10-year-old
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xavier lopez, a fourth grader. >> he liked baseball. he liked soccer. when his parents had barbecues he was always the life of the party. you know, he's like dancing. >> reporter: fourth grade eva mireles one of two teachers killed. a woman whose daughter was taught about her says she always went the extra mile in class. >> with eva, with miss mireles, it was just beyond. it was more than anybody else has ever pored in my child. >> reporter: the suspected gunman trading gunfire inside the building. sources say a number of the responding agents have children who are students at the school. the suspect killed in the shootout was been identified as salvador ramos, a student at the local high school. last night investigators were seen at a home in uvalde where ramos allegedly shot his grandmother before driving to the school. a neighbor tells abc news he stayed at the home on and off and rarely went anywhere. the day of the shooting a neighbor says he saw ramos'
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grandmother walk out of the home wounded as ramos sped away. >> witnesses tell me he had a duffel bag and backpack and loaded it into her vehicle but apparently he didn't know how to drive so didn't know how to put it in gear, hitting the accelerator, didn't go anywhere. finally got it into gear and kicked up a cloud of dust and gravel. then he headed down towards the school. >> reporter: another local student who says he's a former friend of the suspect tells abc news ramos had stopped going to school. he was 18 but was reportedly still in sophomore classes. the former friend also says ramos once threatened to kill him and started dressing differently in all black. >> there's a lot of people dead in there. >> reporter: the massacre comes only ten days after authorities say a gunman deliberately chose a grocery store in buffalo to kill black people. in both shootings, the suspect is 18 and wore body armor. >> the concern about copycats, in fact, that was a big concern
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after buffalo and now this, we're in the midst of a surge both in terms of active shooter incidents and mass shootings. >> reporter: president biden asking why mass shootings are so prevalent in america. >> where in god's name is our backbone to have the courage to stand up to the lobbyists. why? they have mental health problems. they have domestic disputes in other countries. they have people who are lost, but these kinds of mass shootings never happen with the kind of frequency that happen in america. why? >> another person who says he was a longtime friend of the texas suspect tells "the washington post" that ramos was bullied and posted pictures of rifles on social media. >> we spoke to a fourth grade student who said the gunman shot at his classroom window. >> when he sees the students and our teacher, that's when he starts shooting at the window and the wall right there and he starts shooting it all, all
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kinds of smoke is in the room as we're in there. we just hear all kinds of gunshots going off like nonstop like constantly gunshots and scared on the ground fearing for our lives. >> jordan says no one in his class was wounded. the debate over guns in america has been reignited yet again with flags lowered to half-staff. can lawmakers agree on any way to move forward? here's abc's ike ejiochi. >> reporter: overnight as a line of hearses waited to carry off the victims at robb elementary school, lawmakers in washington confronted the ugly truth. >> we are seeing way too many of these. >> just days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down african american patrons, we have another sandy hook on our hands. what are we doing? >> reporter: the violence in uvalde coming less than two weeks after ten people were killed in buffalo. the fbi reporting 212 mass
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shootings in the u.s. in the first 144 days of the year. but uvalde marks the deadliest school shooting in nearly ten years reminding the nation of the sandy hook tragedy and the call to action that came a decade ago. >> we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. >> reporter: since sandy hook congress has tried and failed to pass gun control legislation. the house recently managed to pass bills that would expand the review period for gun buyers. and require background checks for sales at gun shows. but those efforts are expected to be blocked by the senate. >> our kids are living in fear. every single time they set foot in the classroom, they think they'll be next. what are we doing? why do you spend all this time running for the united states senate, why do you go through all the hassle of getting this job, of putting yourself in a position of authority if your answer is that as the slaughter
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increases, as our kids run for their lives, we do nothing. this isn't inevitable. these kids weren't unlucky. this only happens in this country and nowhere else, but i'm here on this floor to beg, to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues, find a path forward here. work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely. >> reporter: many republicans say restricting weapons is not the answer. >> that doesn't work. it's not effective. it doesn't prevent crime. we know what does prevent crime which is going after felons and fugitives and those with serious mental illness, arresting them, prosecuting them when they try to illegally buy firearms. >> reporter: the texas attorney general in the wake of tuesday's shooting called for arming more people.
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with the issue of gun control now front and center ahead of the midterm elections, many believe the path forward can be found in so-called red flag laws. those laws would open the door for officials to identify someone who's potentially dangerous and even confiscate their weapons or block them from buying one. now, according to texas law, the suspect in the uvalde shooting was legally allowed to own the rifle used in the shooting but was not old enough to own the handgun. mona. >> ike ejiochi, thank you. our coverage continues in just aom we'll look at why a growing number of teens across america are in crisis struggling with problems including mental health, why some doctors are calling it an emergency. breaking news overseas, an aggressive response to north korea's latest missile launches. for the first time in five years the u.s. and south korea have conducted live fire drills using missiles. they followed the reported launch of three missiles launched by kim jong-un including an intercontinental
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ballistic missile and the north is preparing for a nuclear test. in ukraine officials say 200 bodies have been found beneath the rubble of a building in mariupol. russian forces are launching fierce attacks making progress in their fight to seize more territory in eastern ukraine. they are accused of invoking a global food crisis by blocking grain shipments. results from the high stakes primary in georgia with national consequences. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning, results in some big primary races giving new insight into how much clout former president trump continues to have. in georgia, it was a trump versus pence endorsement showdown in the governor's race. incumbent brian kemp defeated trump backed david perdue in the race for governor. kemp endorsed by former vice president pence infuriated trump when he refused to overturn joe biden's win in the state in 2020. >> there are a lot of people that said i wouldn't be the
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incumbent state senator but i knew better. >> reporter: kemp will now face stacey abrams again in november. in 2018 kemp beat abrams by just 55,000 votes. also in georgia, brad raffensperger, the secretary of state who refused to find extra votes for trump winning in his closely watched battle against jody hice who still contends geor in arkansas former trump press secretary sara huckabee sanders winning the republican nomination for governor and in texas, a political blow to the bush family in the race for attorney general. george p. bush, jeb's son, lost to scandal ridden and trump back incumbent ken paxton. bush referencing the uvalde school shooting in his concession speech. "it is important to keep life's temporary disappointments in perspective. there are grieving parents in south texas today." two other trump backed candidates won in georgia last night. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene and
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former nfl player herschel walker running for the senate. mona, andrew. >> andrea, thank you. coming up, an ice cream controversy at walmart. but first what we're learning about a new shipment of baby formula headed to the u.s. and how an alleged plot to assassinate ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you'll find products from veteran-owned businesses all throughout our store. 26,000 veterans and military spouses work here.
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a second shipment of baby formula from overseas will arrive in the u.s. today. the product from germany will be sent to a warehouse in pennsylvania and delivered to hospitals, retailers and low income programs. also today an official from formula maker abbott is expected to tell congress the company will resume production at its plant in michigan as soon as this week. an iraqi man living in ohio is in custody for an alleged plot to kill former president george w. bush. court papers say the 52-year-old suspect wanted to smuggle four
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other iraqis into the u.s. and carry out the assassination, but the plot fell apart after suspect spoke to an fbi informant. president biden is expected to sign an executive order on police reform on this second anniversary of george floyd's death. sources say the order will create a national registry for officers who have been fired for misconduct and will offer incentives to restrict no-knock warrants and police chokeholds. walmart is apologizing after backlash over its juneteenth ice cream. it says the product was supposed to share and celebrate african american culture and emancipation but many found it insensitive. juneteenth, now a federal holiday commemorates the end of slavery in america. the military bases set to lose their confederate names. first the texas school shooting. our expert weighs in on the problem and what parents and teachers need to know. everyone knows eating well and exercise are a big part of losing weight. ww's news program actually teaches you how to do it.
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back now with the school shooting tragedy in texas. 19 children and two teachers are dead and once again, the country is looking for answers as politicians debate gun laws, many doctors are confronting a mental health crisis in america. >> new figures show there was a 66% increase in mass shooting from 2019 to 2021. we spoke to parents and experts about this disturbing trend. >> reporter: overnight new reaction from parents who had their lives devastate by school shootings. >> i've been in a state of shock most of today and reliving trauma that seems to be very fresh all over again. >> reporter: nicole lost her 6-year-old son dylan in the sandy hook shooting. she spoke to abc news alongside manuel oliver, the father of joaquin oliver. >> this is something that happens only in america. we are known all around the world for this. >> reporter: for these parents, tuesday's shooting feels all too familiar as tom who lost his son
4:49 am
daniel in columbine explained. >> especially when i heard they were evacuating the students to a particular place and the parents were coming to get the news. whether their child had survived or not. i went through that, too. and waited and waited and waited. and then they send you to a room with a counsellor. and then you kind of have an idea that maybe this won't be very good for you. >> reporter: the suspect in the uvalde shooting was 18. the shooters in parkland, sandy hook and bib bind were all men of similar age. so was the suspect in the buffalo shooting this month. and adding to the concern, what doctors have described as a mental health crisis among america's youth, fueled by the pandemic. a reason survey shows more than two in five teens reported persistently feeling sad or hopeless. the american academy of pediatrics calling it a national emergency. >> we've seen after statistic of
4:50 am
increases in mental health concerns, increases in depression, increases in suicide, domestic violence across the board. we're just dealing with a massive epidemic of consequences coming from a very difficult two years. and unfortunately, one of the ways in which this seems to manifest is through these targeted violence and terroristic type of attacks, and unfortunately, the federal government and all the experts i talked on tell us we should expect to see more of this. >> experts say one solution is raising awareness among the public, among parents, teachers and co-workers to report concerning behavior when they see it. >> this boils down to relationships. relationships of students, with teachers, law enforcement officers. can you build some trust in the community or inside a school or inside a factory? how many times have we talked about these shootings being at a
4:51 am
place of employment? where people will talk and they'll tell you things they're hearing or seeing. >> especially, you have to work with the students. they're the front line. they're the ones who hear the stories, who hear the student talking, maybe in violent ways. or revengeful ways. we have to take it more seriously. in far too many cases, afterwards, we hear somebody say, well, i heard him say something but i didn't take it seriously. we really have to work more on that issue. >> this important discussion continues on our website and our streaming chanel abc news live. more news just ahead. plus the new world record for plus the new world record for the biggest wave ever surfed. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing.
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today a special commission will recommend renaming nine army bases that currently only had confederate officers. fort bragg would be renamed fort liberty. and for the first time, several bases would be named after black soldiers and women. the defense secretary in congress have to approve the changes. florida has agreed to pay $19 million to settle false advertising claims. the company is accused of making miss leading claims about the payload capacity of its super duty trucks and fuel economy of some hybrid cars. ford denies violating any laws. in sports, a leaky roof delayed the beginning of the second half of last night of's warriors-mavericks playoff game. in the end, mavericks beat golden state 119-109. a german surfer just set a new world record. he rode this monster off the coast of portugal. it took 18 months to determine it was 86 feet tall, making it the largest wave ever surfed.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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reggie: now at 5:00, what we know about a tragedy in a small city in texas. devastating details after police say a man murdered 19 children and two teachers in another school shooting. >> children murdered at school. win are we going to do something -- when are we going to do something?! kumasi: a passionate response from warriors head coach steve kerr. reggie: the school shooting tragedy shining a light on gun legislation in america. reaction on capitol hill. will this time be any different? kumasi: a lifeline for thousands of families. a shipment of baby formula on its way to the u.s. this morning. good morning everyone. reggie: we will get to all of that but first we start with drew tuma. drew: record warmth will hang on for one more day before we find much cooler weather moving in


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