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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 25, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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elementary, the worst since sandy hook nearly a decade ago. ama: the victims are mostly fourth-graders, some had just turned 10 years old. the gunman had just turned 18 a week before. dan: that allowed him to purchase two assault rifles legally and is part of what is fueling the debate over gun control laws. ama: tonight you will hear what governor newsom plans to change here in california. dan: let's go to our reporter and our sister station in houston. she is a very latest. reporter: we have learned new information about what the shooter was doing in the moments before coming to the elementary school and opening fire. we know he was at his grandmothers house where he shot her in the face and took her truck. before coming up here, he posted to social media, morning of his plans to come to the school. he crash the truck nearby, ran to the school property where he was confronted by law enforcement. there was a shootout. the shooter got into the shooter -- school from a backdoor.
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there is a growing memorial here outside of this elementary school. people have been driving in from all of south texas to bring flowers, teddy bears and notes. we spoke with a woman from san antonio about why she decided to come. >> i decided this morning me and my sister, to go to church, we said, let's go to take a trip out there and hopefully they let us put these flowers and show our respect sent condolences. we all haveand you never know when it is her last day. >> i wanted to mourn with the people because i know am going to cry so i wanted to be there with him and paid respect -- them and pay respect. i am very sad for this country it is so terrible. reporter: today began with a press conference there was a heated exchange one beto o'rourke stood up in the audience and pressed governor abott for answers about gun violence. >> you are out of line and
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embarrassment. you are doing nothing. >> he should get out of here. >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line. reporter: we have learned from beto o'rourke, that he was invited to uvalde to meet with families. was a specific family to ask him to come to that press conference at the high school earlier today. he was aghast in the audience became frustrated by -- a guest in the audience but became frustrated and stood up to the governor. reporting from uvalde, back to you. ama: let's look at the reaction right here at home. abc7news anchor is live in the newsroom with what governor newsom announced. anchor: legislators across the country spoke about gun violence and what should be dumb to prevent -- done to prevent mass shootings. governor newsom announced he is taking action. the governor said he will sign
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more than one dozen bills addressing gun violence, by the end of next month. >> we do not think they were, we know they work. i will repeat what i said earlier, those states with progressive gun still laws, as scale, has seen disproportionate impact in terms of gun related deaths and murders. it is a consequence of those policies. we know these policies work to save lives, are they exclusively the only approach? absolutely not. anchor: governor newsom reference the millions of dollars that have been used towards gun violence prevention programs and research in california. one of the laws the governor wants to pass would allow private citizens to sue firearm any fractures in distributors cash manufacturers and distributors. the bill passed in the senate yesterday and has to the assembly. the governor called multiple judges by name, saying our judicial system and those specific judges are failing to protect california. ama: you mentioned other bills
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the governor plans to sign next month. how would they tackle gun violence? anchor: california already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country but the governor says we can do more to protect people. one of the other bills the governor wants to pass would it firearm advertisement to minors. there is also senate bill 906 which would allow school invest -- officials to investigate in threats of a mass shooting and be able to look through students are pretty and another bill will crackdown on ghost guns in california. dan: police and school districts around the bay area took extra security precautions today in light of yesterday shooting. they told residents to expect increased presence i policen -- in schools, -- police presence in schools. >> this was a piece of mind for students, staff, and parents and for the community. once something has gone wrong somewhere else you're going to
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take precautions, in order to provide safety. dan: at foothill middle school, parents drop their kids off at school and some admitted talking with them about gun violence, schools are hypervigilant with their safety procedures. oakland schools for the arts notified parents about a student posting a video of himself shooting a gun yesterday morning. police stood watch today. the student was not allowed back on campus. hours after the deadly massacre in uvalde, warriors head coach steve kerr called out the need for universal background checks for gun buyer -- violence. >> when are we going to do something? dan: that was kerr shortly before the playoff game. we spoke one-on-one, with the bay area congresswoman today, who created the legislation that would make those background checks a requirement and he shares his history with coach kerr. >> there's 50 senators, right
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now who refuse to fort -- vote on a background check, that was passed sitting there for two years. reporter: steve kerr is talking about the house bill, known as the bipartisan background checks act. there is no universal law that requires background checks for gun sales and transfers by unlicensed and private sellers. this bill aims to change that and would expand the requirement in every state. north bay congressman mike thompson authored the bill that passed the house twice, but remain stalled in the senate. >> they need to get the courage to do this or we are going to be faced in this very unsafe environment for a long time to come. reporter: for nearly a decade, thompson has been fighting to pass universal gun background check. he is part of a task force that was formed in response to the sandy hook elementary school massacre. thompson stands by coach kerr,
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adding he has been a close ally in the fight. >> he has worked with me on the issue of gun violence prevention for a long time. he is a great ally. he has personal experience with gun violence. his father was murdered. he wants to make a change. . reporter: multiple polls conducted over the last decade show more than 90% of americans support universal gun background checks. california senator alex padilla cosponsored thompson's legislation in the u.s. senate. he is one of 43 senators in support. >> we cannot sit idly by and watch children in america, die to gun violence. >> i'm tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families throughout there. they will not vote on it because they want to hold onto their own power it is pathetic. dan: the conversation on this topic, far from over.
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we have continuing coverage on the app. we are live streaming 24/7, download the app wherever you stream. ama: no more red flag warning in some parts of the bay area enjoying cold temperatures. abc7news a meteorologist has the details. sandhya: a refreshing change out there. if you are, you're not feeling it. let me show you the view from our east bay hills camera. you can see the marine layer is coming in. we saw it this morning, it started to come up from the south. what we call a southerly surge, creeping all the way up the coastline, heading towards the golden gate and even beyond that near point raise. temperatures have responded down 23 degrees in san carlos compared to 20 hours ago. 14 degrees cooler in oakland. if you go inland, it is still hot. livermore was that 102 today, which was a new record. right now it is 88 and 99 in brentwood.
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heat advisory is still up for solano county. heat illnesses are possible until 11:00 p.m., the advisory remains up. the temperature trend, 7:00 tonight, for inland valleys in the 80's, but temperatures dropping by 11:00 p.m., 50's, 60's for most of you. certainly it will be a nice change of pace tomorrow morning, when you start off lay the 50's and the 60's at 8:00 a.m. -- start off in the 50's and the 60's at 8:00 a.m.. dan: thank you, two years, that is how long it has been since police murdered at george floyd. a look at the lessons learned and what still needs to be done. ama: why people are being told ama: why people are being told to avoid certain parks a i've lived in san francisco for 20 years.
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i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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dan: investigation is underway into a shooting involving an off-duty oakland police officer that sent one person to the hospital. the officer admitted to being involved in a shooting with a person armed with a gun on 35th street near arkin. the cash market. -- market. as the nation continues to mourn the tragic shooting in texas, people are also recalling a murder that gripped the nation two years ago today. zach fuentes explains the death of george floyd, that led to police reform, signed into law today in the white house. reporter: the murder of george floyd two years ago in minnesota gripped the attention of the entire nation and right here in the bay area. >> there was a lot of turmoil. we had one of the largest marches, demonstrates his --
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demonstrations in the country. reporter: floyd died after minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes. opinions differed, many people in our region in the country were calling for some kind of action. two years later, president biden signed an executive order on policing reforms for federal law enforcement. biden and vice president, harris spoke about the order today. they were surrounded by floyd's family members and members of a breonna taylor who shot and killed by police who used the no-knock warrant. >> this order will help protect our communities. and it will help keep members of law enforcement safe on the job. reporter: the order will create a new national database that contains records of federal officer misconduct. it also requires federal law-enforcement agencies to revise policies banning chokehold and restricting the use of no-knock warrants. >> these actions are a result of input and collaboration from a broad set of partners many of
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whom are here today. reporter: the order comes after democrats and republicans were not able to agree on a measure in congress. the binding administration says it will apply to 100,000 federal officers. san jose, silicon valley, president says government legislation can play an important role in change but adds communities coming together is also key. >> do not forget, we are the ones responsible for our own safety. dan: george floyd's murder is upsetting and brings up a range of emotions. if you need help handling those feelings or if you want to take action when it comes to racial and social justice go to action. ama: the union representing park police, says parks are unsafe and people should avoid them this summer. we have more on what is behind the statement. reporter: even in may, one can
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expect fog and wind in san francisco. one thing most do not expect his crime. >> have you ever felt safe out here? >> never. i come out here to walk and i have never felt unsafe in decades. reporter: jamie who lives in marin, meets with their friends for a walk. the union representing park police want people like jamie to stay away. >> the officers are not safe because they do not have enough people to conduct a mission out there. if they are not safe the public is not safe. reporter: kenneth spencer is chairman of order of police, he issued a warning that due to a staffing crisis at the san francisco field office, family should avoid unnecessary travel to the golden gate national recreation area and the preceding. -- presidio. >> we had eight officers on duty every day, back then, now we have three. reporter: spencer says it is
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supposed to have 83 sworn officers. currently there are just 32 and only 11 on patrol. >> this is not a place i would think would require a lot of police. it does not occur to me that there would be a lot of crime. even hearing that, it still does not concern me. reporter: spencer says patron should be concerned. october last year to april this year, there've been more than 9000 calls. to service. more than 3004 emergencies. 193 for burglaries. and 119 for fires. >> i would not come here at night. reporter: golden gate recreational national association says they disagree. public safety is a top priority. spencer says the big issue is pay. u.s. park police start close to $68,000 while sfpd starts around $93,000. spencer hopes a new bipartisan bill in congress will help with
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staffing. ama: we are working our way until that memorial day weekend. sandhya: i am trying to get rid of the heat so it is not so uncomfortable for so many people. let me show you how hot it got today. try record-setting 102 in livermore. 97 was sent in 2020. 104 degrees in fairfield. 99 in concord. 93 santa rosa. san jose, you will probably notice the bay and coast was much more comfortable. 77 in oakland, 68 in san francisco. we have onshore breeze, bringing that cooler ocean air in. the fog is back from our east bay hills camera. 16 -- six it is in the 80's around san jose but a list more -- 54 in half moon bay. here comes fog over san
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francisco. notice the shaky camera. currently 94 in fairfield and 91 in concord. here is your memorial day weekend forecast. don't worry about the heat. morning sprinkles on saturday. upper 50's to mid 70's, gusting winds on sunday, low 60's to low 80's and not a lot of change, just a bit warmer for memorial day. if you have outdoor plans you are good to go. fog along the coast on live doppler 7 and the visibility is low. half moon bay is down to half a mile. something you will need to watch out for if you will be out and about. you cannot even see the golden gate bridge from this tower camera. morning fog and drizzle, sharply cool in the afternoon. morning sprinkles on saturday, best possibility in the north bay and inland on memorial day. we start your forecast at 7:00 tonight. high clouds of fog. tomorrow morning, there is some spotty drizzle near the coast at 5:00. this continues to the early morning hours. the rest of the day you are going to see a lot of the fog
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and cloudiness linger. we are going to call it most cloudy for most of you. morning temperatures in the 50's and 40's. you have to get out towards antioch and brentwood to see any 60's. it's. . going to be coolerin the afternoon in the south bay 78 in san jose, cupertino should be a nice day. 73 in palo alto. 58 in half moon bay with the fog lingering. breezy along the coast. 62 san francisco. north bay temperature 69 in santa rosa. san rafael, 67. oakland, fremont, inland areas should not stay hard, in the middle to upper 70's. morning drizzle and much cooler weather is heading your way. breezy on friday and you will notice that the temperatures, really fluctuate but -- within a few degrees, before they come back up again midweek you should see the heat returning. but it is not extreme low 90's
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allegations of verbal abuse. in light of the accusations, uc berkeley's women's swim team walked out of practice today. they released a statement saying, these allegations that run counter to our core values and the expectations we have for every member of our department. dan: a south bay school district is paying five men more than $7 million to settle a case alleging that their teacher assaulted them sexually, over 40 years ago. one of the victims is sharing the pain of repressing what happen all of these years. david louis has details on a special law and how it enables victims to see. . justice decades later. reporter: cinnabar elementary was close 33 years ago. what happened there and after school continues to haunt 54-year-old max allen. he and four other men who were fourth and fifth graders back in the 1970's to the union school district and the teacher dennis thomas for alleged sexual abuse. >> back then i said nothing
6:24 pm
happened to me because i was scared to death. 47 years later i finally had the courage to speak up. reporter: a lot and acted two years ago allows child sexual abuse victims to seek restitution decades later. >> without the change in the law, the story never would have been told. my client when not have been able to get the vindication and realize he was not lying. reporter: it has taken counseling to get allen and other victims to talk about what happened, when their teacher allegedly took them to their apartment and to theme parks and even on a mexican cruise. >> if he held my hand and one of the theme parks, i would always pull away. i did not want people to see it. there was always something that was very uncomfortable about it. reporter: san jose's union school district has agreed to settle this case for $7.5 million. the superintendent provided the statement. we hope the settlement agreement brings closure to the victims. these events occurred decades
6:25 pm
ago and we have made significant progress in our training, reporting procedures and methods for investigating alleged sexual abuse. private investigators said the teacher did not get sentenced to prison. >> other than being arrested and booked, that would have been the sole time he spent in custody and he was transferred to a mental health facility. ama: coming up next, the conclusion to our two part story of the unexplained death of the pg&e worker. >> there is a very strong possibility that something happened, other than a natural disease process that led to his death. ama: experts weigh in on what was missed and what might've happened.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news.
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dan: we have learned that the gunman in the texas elementary school shooting posted a warning on facebook about the attack i half hour -- a half hour before it happened. salvador ramos had a history of physically fighting others. the 18-year-old bought two ar styled guns before his 18-year-old birthday last week. governor abott says ramos had no other history of mental health issues, just as the governor was talking today, beto o'rourke interrupted. >> this is on you, until you can do something different, this will continue to happen. someone needs to stand up for the children of the state or they will be killed. ama: he was escorted out of the venue. the attack has renewed efforts for stricter gun control. governor newsom vowed to sign 12 new gun-control bills. 19 children were killed and two teachers in uvalde. dan: we are going to move on for
6:30 pm
the moment. we are going to bring you part two of an exclusive investigation into the unexplained death of a pg&e worker. >> a year and a half later, they have never sent me down and told me what happened to steve on that day. ama: kim a wink is searching for answers, about why her husband died while working for pg&e. he was found dead in his truck two years ago in the lnu wildfire complex. 's death certificate -- his death certificate said he died of natural causes. dan: bedroom -- the report reveals a new evidence that cast doubt on the official story of how steve died. reporter: was long after his it colleagues paid their respects. a year after his burial that steve's widow would discover
6:31 pm
what lies beneath his headstone is not what she thought. >> now, when i look at his grave, he is not there. i only agreed to cornea and skin grafting. reporter: on the night he died, kim was in the shower, reeling from the news when she got a call. steve was a registered donor. >> they were going to go to the coroner's offers -- office to do it because it was time sensitive. reporter: no one came to work on his body that night but the next morning his body took a journey to a place 42 miles away. there is no sign on the street. >> this feels very surreal. reporter: but head into this office park and you will see donor network west. the nonprofit company that has legal authority over organ and tissue donation for most of northern california. >> families do not know their loved ones are being brought here, from fairfield. reporter: donor network west
6:32 pm
told us he gets consent from family members to move bodies. it would not show as those records for steve, even with kim's the written permission. >> i would have never given my consent for him to leave solano county. reporter: they pointed out coroner's have the authority to halt donations when they need to protect death investigations, of power the solano county sheriff did not use, before doing steve's autopsy. that autopsy says, steve wink had no injuries. but that was the day after donor network west cut parts from the body. the donor network did find multiple injuries. they documented an abrasion scraping on steve's chest and a bruise to the back of his right knee. there is also damage in steve's. . right i it had severe sloughing which means some of the outer layer of steve's cornea came off. in this part of his eye, two pieces of glass debris. this evidence disappeared.
6:33 pm
donor network west took both of steve's eyes for donation. they also removed part of steve's skin, ligaments, tendons and both of steve's upper arm bones and both sets of leg bones from his hips down to his ankles. >> i don't quite know where to start. reporter: we wanted to hear from an expert with no connection to steve's case. >> my name is michael. i am a physician. by specialty is forensic. . pathology. reporter: mike lives in colorado were heater -- worked as a county coroner for 20 years. he reviewed steve weeks investing -- wink's death for us. mica says steve's body should have been examined first by the coroner before the tissue donation. he would've taken pictures of steve's injuries. >> it is a potential workplace
6:34 pm
accident. reporter: a staffer from the solano county sheriff coroner's office was supposed to be present for the recovery procedure, according to county policy, there is no record of any staff member going. the whole day of steve's tissue donation is missing. >> you do not see august 20 on here at all. reporter: that also volatile -- violates policy which is all steps of the tiue d documented in the coroner's report, to preserve and protect evidence in death investigations. >> what the hell is going on here? reporter: the body is not the only evidence the solano county sheriff's office allowed to slip away. >> there is a saying in forensic pathology that the autopsy really starts at the scene. >> there is about an hour window, where he was not accounted for. reporter: the scene where steve died, was full of clues no investigator collected. >> we would've had pictures from
6:35 pm
every angle and we would've interviewed the people at the scene. reporter: kim only had the two pictures from facebook. the photographer as a freelancer who sells photos to news outlets. paul, licensed his images to us. >> i heard the tree crack behind me. reporter: he would later tell deputies when the tree came down, so did the phone lines. >> i saw the cable come down towards me too. it just occurred. reporter: this pg&e crew found a steve lifeless on the loan, before starting cpr -- alone before starting cpr. they noticed this key piece of evidence. >> the rack got entangled, he did not know it and ripped it off. reporter: this ladder rack bent lying on the ground came from the top of steve's truck. >> and look like it kind of got caught, by that phone my. reporter: pg&e would not tell us
6:36 pm
whether it still has the ladder rack. here one in action. it is heavy, eight feet long, a third employee would later tell deputies he knew that it broke. steve's mechanic. >> it was damaged. it was like someone hit it with a tree. the bolts go through the holes. reporter: you can see those bolts in the picture sticking up from the top of steve's truck. >> may be a get damaged up there. reporter: it does not end up. -- add up. mike says it is possible steve's heart disease killed him, what he could have been triggered by an injury or panic. if not, some other trauma could have killed steve. >> there is very strong possibility that something happened, other than a natural disease process that led to his death. reporter: witnesses saw steve's the toolbox open. kim later discovered damage to his wristwatch. she thinks he was out working in
6:37 pm
the phone lines whipped into him when the tree fell. >> there was damage to the truck. why not look at that? and then go from there? reporter: pg&e knew about the damage. kim expected them to tell the authorities but there is no sign they did. cal osha found no violations in a report that does not mention any damage to steve's truck and the solano sheriff's office never went to the scene. >> i called multiple times to discuss these findings and i was shut down. reporter: they did not start asking questions until kim wink finally got this meeting, seven months after steve died. >> there is no do overs. the scene is gone. reporter: is deputies owned up to a mishandled -- his deputies have owned up to a mishandled case. but the sheriff himself, refused multiple requests to answer our questions. >> it is absolutely an accident.
6:38 pm
it should have been documented. reporter: why did not the sheriff office change steve's death certificate to accidental causes? or even add the fact he died working on a wildfire? it is one of 17 questions the solano sheriff's office would not answer, when we emailed to ask about our findings for the story. as for pg&e. >> they have been ruthless to me. i have lost my husband, i have lost his income. i lost his pension. i lost my medical, dental, vision. reporter: pg&e corporate refused to cooperate with the deputies looking into steve's death. they would not talk without a subpoena or search warrant. pg&e is familiar with search warrants. the pg&e corporation has a criminal rap sheet, guilty of 91 felonies in san bruno and paradise.
6:39 pm
pg&e faces for new felony manslaughter charges for sparking the fire, a month after steve wink died. ceo did more that -- the ceo did more than deny the charges she portrayed them as an attack, not on management but on its 40,000 workers. >> my coworkers are not criminals. reporter: workers steve wink, his family is asking the same question thousands of other crime victims have. >> whois policing pg&e? reporter: the answer remains elusive, sodas this one. how did your husband die? >> i don't know. >> i don't think we will ever know the answer. >> he worked 37 years for this company and died on the job. i don't think you would treat one of your own like that. reporter: she put blind faith in pg&e to do the right thing.
6:40 pm
she wishes her sheriff had not done the same. ♪ ama: that was investigative reporter brandon. if you missed part one you can head over to firepower and watch the full investigatio
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(music throughout)
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for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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ama: it's been a day of gains. the s&p added 37. u.s. markets rallied after the fed said it would interest rates further. dan: gas prices have reached record-breaking highs but there have been cities around the bay area that have hit a plateau, according to aaa in san francisco the average price of gas is holding at six dollars 29, penny under the record set two days ago. santa rosa has plateaued at $6.24. around valeo gas is $6.06 per gallon. ama: we will get a look at the seven day forecast and.
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two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. ama: another hot one out there today. sandhya: it is already started cooling. tomorrow you're going to notice the heat is gone.
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let me show you life picture from our exploratory camera, san francisco high wispy clouds. good air quality thursday friday and saturday. thanks to the sea breeze. fog is back on live doppler 7 near the coast it is going to continue to advance. it is crossing the bay now. tomorrow afternoon, it is going to be a noticeable drop within -- with inland highs in the middle to upper 70's. most cloudy around the coastlines, upper 50's to slower 60's. we are going to fast forward to friday. temperatures in the 50's to 80's range. saturday, temperatures coming down a bit inland and on sunday, it should be nice-looking weather but the winds will be picking up. the seven-day forecast, morning drizzle followed by much cooler weather, most noticeable around the bay and inland and then as you will notice friday, saturday, temperatures fluctuate a few degrees. that is it. going into memorial day, you will not have to worry about any hot weather.
6:49 pm
the he is back, mid week but it does not look extreme. dan: that's nice. ama: we are here with e-sports forecast too. >> it's good to hear the weather is much better here than in dallas. last night it was raining mavericks. while the forecast calls for a warriors win and a trip to the
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>> now supports from abc7news. >> good evening the warriors had a chance to close it out in denver, they lost and wanted at home. ted a chance to close it at memphis and they lost and wanted at home. last night the warriors had a chance to close it out on the road in dallas, they lost, now heading back home with a perfect eight this? ? postseason, sensing a pattern. you have to give the mavericks credit they are 3-0. they are tough to finish. after warriors lost to the mavericks, luka doncic believes the mavs can be the first team to ever come back from an 03
6:53 pm
deficit. what is he supposed to say? the warriors need to handle business. >> i thought we let them get into a groove. once a team like that gets into a three-point grievant is hard to get it out of that -- three-point groove it is hard to get it out of them. >> we have to strap up on defense. when we go home on game five we have to figure out how to slow them down especially in the first quarter. >> that's all you can really ask for is a good team and another chance in a couple of days. >> giants left fielder had a long pregame conversation with barry bonds last night. he became the second player in major league history to hit three home runs in a game, driving eight runs in the game and having gametime hits in the eighth and ninth inning of the same game. the other guy, san francisco native joe dimaggio. he did it over the course of his career. he did it in over one night. that is a busy day -- dad,
6:54 pm
carrying two kids at once. avila -- longoria hits his first homer of the year it goes straight to the veggie garden. with a quick 3-0 lead. that makes it for home runs in his last six bats. whatever bonds told them it is working. giants 105-1. -- 5-1. his fourth of the year, it is 8-0. longoria, that is the first time he has homered in the first two innings of a game since 2008. the giants cruised to a 9-3 when. -- win. now they're on to cincinnati. haze fan getting to -- a's fans heading to seattle. that is seth brown's fifth of the year, the a's take a one--- one point lead.
6:55 pm
elvis andrews, sneaks out of their,'s -- second homerun, after losing 13 straight the mariners, they are back home hosting the rangers tomorrow. colin kaepernick's last season in the nfl, he threw for 16 touchdowns, four interceptions and 11 starts. there is little doubt that he can be better than many of the backup quarterbacks in the nfl, the raiders gave them the chance to prove it. his first chance to work out with an nfl team since he became a free agent. he is now 34 years old. calling at his last years of the 49ers he was voted as the most inspirational player on the team by his teammates. his last two nfl coaches that he was a positive influence in the locker rooms. back to the warriors, if the warriors went tomorrow, that will mean -- win tomorrow, that will mean staff, and tray will
6:56 pm
-- steph and dray what have made it to the finals, anything that puts you in the same conversation as michael jordan, i am all about that. dan: totally right, thank you. ama: tonight on abc 7 starting at 8:00, is martha stewart's great american tag sale, followed by the american rescue dog show and abc7news at 11:00. remember abc7news is streaming 24/7, get the app and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. that is it for this addition of abc7news. dan: all of us here, we appreciate your time we hope you have a nice evening and we see you again for abc7news at 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, let's meet today's contestants-- a physician from clarendon hills, illinois... a high school music teacher from lexington, kentucky... and our returning champion, a ride share driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... whose 8-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert and welcome, everyone. when traveling out west for the very first time in his life to compete on "jeopardy!",
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ryan long gave himself the following advice-- believe in yourself and lay it all on the line. as an 8-day champion, he has certainly done just that. we want to welcome our new challengers, kris and noura. good luck to you both. let's get into the game with these categories. and... based on the books by ian fleming. ryan, select first. let's try 5-letter "w"s for $400. - noura. - what is "wring"? - yes. - 5-letter, $200. - ryan. - what's the waltz? - yes. - 5-letter "w"s for $600.


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