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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 26, 2022 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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finally tonight, it was nelson mandela who said there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. a question for all of us tonight. if our children deserve better, how do we get there? that's "nightline" for this evening. thanks for the company, america. from uvalde, texas, good night.
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bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. ♪ ama: tonight tears and prayers in texas as hundreds attend a vigil for shooting in an elementary school. 19 children and two teachers were killed in yesterday's mass shooting in uvalde. dan: tonight we have learned the identity of one of those children, alethea ramirez, who was only 10 years old. the teachers worked in the same classroom and both had been educators for more than a decade. grieving families have been sharing about their children. among the victims were softball players, two pairs of cousins, and honor roll students. the father of one 10-year-old,
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amerie jo garza, told cnn that he learned the details from other students. >> they got confirmation from students in the other class and that she was just trying to call authorities. and i guess he just shot her. how do look at this girl and shoot her? she was the sweetest little girl who did nothing wrong. she listened to her mom and dad. she always brushed her teeth. she was creative. she made things for us. she never got in trouble in school. i just want to know what she did to be a victim. dan: while the community mourns in uvalde, investigators still have a long road ahead pieced together what happened. morgan norwood has more. reporter: a community shattered
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by grief. gathering to remember the 19 students and two teachers shot and killed. officers running to the scene with the 18-year-old suspected gunman already inside robb elementary school, opening fire on students and two teachers. authorities say the suspect, salvador ramos, turned 18 just 19 days ago. just one day after his birthday, he bought an ar-15 style rifle. >> i don't understand how people can sell that type of gun to a kid, to an 18-year-old. reporter: four days after that, he was at the elementary school. the carnage began minutes before he arrived on campus. >> the first thing that happened was that the gunmen shot his grandmother in the face.
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she then contacted police. reporter: the governor says the suspect then narrated his entire plot in chilling messages on facebook. >> the third post maybe 15 minutes before arriving at the school was that i am going to shoot an elementary school. >> what do you want people to know about your daughter? >> she was the best person that i know, full of life, gone too soon. reporter: greg abbott assisting -- insisting guns were not the problem than this massacre, instead pointing to mental health. >> i ask the sheriff and others an open question. what is the problem here? they were straightforward and emphatic. they said, we have a problem with mental health illness in this community. >> my heart was broken today. my small community and we need
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your prayers to get us through this. >> friends of the gunmen say he had a history of physically fighting with others. former classmates say salvador ramos was very quiet. he was frequently a user of a social app for gen z and would stream videos of himself abusing animals. that is according to several users of the site. read days before the shooting he sent videos and pictures of guns to people on social media. >> these weapons, i didn't know they were there. if i had known, i would have reported them. >> you would have reported your own grandson? >> yes. dan: as you would expect, there is a growing cry for stronger gun control measures following yesterday's shooting. >> one nation under guns. it doesn't have to be that way.
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our parents don't have to drop their kids off at school and wonder if there kid will be next. dan: on wednesday, two gun bills that are stalled in congress were placed on the legislative calendar. both would expand background checks. at least one of the measures do not have the support it needs to pass. >> people immediately want to take second amendment rights away, and they will not do that. dan: another bill allows family members and law enforcement to get an extreme risk text in order. it would temporarily remove access to firearms by people deemed a danger. he will put that to a vote in the first week of june. ama: in the bay area today, people gathered to honor those who lost their lives in uvalde. >> following the uvalde school shooting, intense sorrow felt from texas to hear in the bay
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area. >> annabelle rodriguez, age 10. reporter: dozens gathered to remember those who lost their lives. >> where there to honor those victims and grieve and vent and then get to action. reporter: many in attendance worried about their own families and young children. >> you think they should be safe and it is until you hear these things happened that all of a sudden, it comes home that the world isn't the safest. reporter: the event is calling for tougher gun control measures. their top priority, closing loopholes on federal background checks. >> we need to make sure that we create that foundation where all gun sales go through a background check. reporter: their please are being heard by legislators in sacramento. in the aftermath of the shooting, lawmakers in california have vowed to take
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new action to combat gun violence. some of that includes speeding up the passing of new laws. >> our number one job is to keep our community safe. and we are failing. reporter: one state proposal would allow anyone who's -- to sue anyone who makes, sells, or distributes assault weapons. but many say with hundreds of millions of guns already in circulation, the pass of the legislation could take years to be felt. here is a lot professor from uc berkeley. >> if they are freely in circulation, it is difficult to keep guns from bad guys. reporter: no matter what obstacles lie in front of her, hamilton says she is not giving up now or ever. >> i am always optimistic. i never feel defeatist because it is too important. too many lives are at stake.
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dan: police and school districts around the bay area took extra security precautions in light of yesterday's shootings. there was never a threat at the schools, but it was a reassurance that many in the community needed. >> it was peace of mind for the students, staff, and parents to we are in partnership and when something has gone wrong somewhere else, that we are going to take percussions we need to take. dan: at foothill middle school in walnut creek, parents dropped their kids off at schools. schools are hypervigilant with their safety procedures. oakland school for the arts alerted parents about us duty -- a student posting a video of himself shooting a gun yesterday morning. that student was not allowed back on campus. ama: santa clara county marks a somber date tomorrow, one year
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since a mass at a railyard in san jose. amanda del castillo he or -- with the renewed push for gun violence prevention. >> they hope that that never happens in my town, and now the fact of the matter is that this is happened in our community many times. reporter: in july 2019, a gunman killed three people and injured more than a dozen others at the garland festival. one year thursday, nine people were killed by a gunman at the vta railyard in san jose. just this week, a push to create a dedicated phone line for county residents to report hate crimes and other incidents. >> this allows us to address the fear that our community may have but also to early address
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somebody who could become more dangerous if they are not stopped at an early level. ostap korkuna --amanda: my esparza created the regional hate crimes task force, an effort to stop mass shootings. the cost of gun violence is in the community is $72 million a year. factoring in police, emergency services, medical, mental health, and criminal justice. days after the devastation in uvalde, texas, a grim reminder at home. >> the 90 plus people in the yard that day and the employees at gta. amanda: at san jose city council on tuesday, they proclaimed a day of remembrance for the victims at the vta shooting. >> i want to thank everyone for
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supporting us through this. amanda: more recently the hate crimes task force asking leaders to adopt 30 plus recommendations for dealing with hate crimes and incidents in the county. >> we are part of a national community of people who are tired of morning and want to do something about it. ama: a vigil will be held for the vta victims tomorrow. for more on that and the uvalde shooting, head to the abc 7 bay area news app. dan: tonight only on seven, the brother of a man killed at an interstate five shooting incident is speaking about what happened. what he has to say after the break. >> sharply cooler and damp tomorrow. i will have the holiday weekend forecast coming up. dan: on the subject of the holiday weekend, memorial day travel ramps up tomorrow. where
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has the country talking about gun violence. last week two men died and two others were hurt after a shooting incident that happened at 580 in oakland. j.r. stone spoke with the brother of one of the victims. j.r.: hernandez was 21 years old
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when he was shot and killed along i-5 80. his brother, juan carlos hernandez, is heartbroken, a member in the night that abner died -- remembering the night that abner died. >> unfortunately abner passed away. i remember i started remembering everything, when we were kids. i was so happy to have a little brother. man him would play in the parking lot, soccer together. j.r.: as to the circumstances of the shooting, juan carlos was only told bits and pieces of what might have happened from abner's friends. >> they were just relaxing in their vehicle and i guess something happened where some individual came to them and pointed the gun at them.
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j.r.: chp is trying to determine where the shots were fired and what the motive was. juan carlos says that his brother never smiled in photos, but was a nice big five who worked as a security guard at this whole foods in oakland. he kept saying that if he worked overtime, they would be able to move out of the oakland neighborhood to somewhere safer. his brother was not a gang member and not into drugs. >> he was working hard, harder than i could have. i was supposed to be the big brother, but a lot of the times, he was the role model. i told myself, i need to keep myself composed and let the police do their job. they will find this person. j.r.: chp is working the murder case but tell me they have not made any arrests.
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j.r. stone, abc7news. dan: moving on, the warm weather is a time to enjoy the parks and is, but the union representing the park police say it is not safe. an internal -- saying that families should avoid the golden gate recreational area and the presidio and find somewhere else to go. there is not enough police to patrol those areas, they say. >> right now they do not have enough people out there. if they are not safe, the public is not safe. dan: there should be a minimum of 83 officers sworn in to patrol the parks. right now, there are only 32. ama: let's take a live look at sfo. travel before the memorial day weekend is at an all-time high this year. this is video from lax today.
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people leaving days before the weekend. people are excited to get away but are still taking precautions against covid-19. >> hand sanitizing and if we are around a lot of people, definitely keeping the mask on. ama: despite record-breaking gas prices, most californians expect to travel by car. it is expected to be the busiest memorial day weekend in two years. dan: it sounds like the weather will be lovely if you are staying in. ama: hopefully not as hot. sandhya: hot is not even in the three day forecast, believe it or not. let me show you the holiday forecast. possible sprinkles on saturday and it is not a game changer. gusty winds on sunday and it is going to be a little warmer for memorial day with the force of the fog and the fog is here from our tower cameras. you can see it on all four shots. visibility is coming down. temperatures also down.
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11 degrees cooler in hayward. hard to not notice temperatures have fallen in the 50's and 60's for most of you unless you are out towards the inland valleys, but it was a record sending 102 degrees in livermore today. it was hot in other areas as well like santa rosa, san jose, well above average. 68 in san francisco, 63 degrees in half moon bay. here's the system that is going to set the stage for changes that already got underway today with the fog. tomorrow as it gets closer, it will bring more cloud cover. live doppler 7 showing you the fog and the visibility is down to a quarter of a mile in half moon bay. use your low beams if you are committing -- commuting extra time and distance. here is a view from the golden gate bridge camera. areas of dense fog and patchy
1:29 am
drizzle. there is no heat in the holiday weekend forecast. drizzle the first thing in the morning and some fog. as we head into the afternoon, not much clearing expected with the higher clouds and fog down below. fog and drizzle to start the day. 40's to 60's on the temperatures and look at these numbers. forget about 90's and 100s. we are going upper 70's tomorrow at best tomorrow afternoon. right around oakland, san francisco in the 60's. the accuweather 7 day forecast features cooler weather for your thursday. a possibility of sprinkles on saturday. temperatures will drop a few degrees around the bay and inland and then we will bump up those temperatures for memorial day but you do not have to worry about it getting too hot. about it getting too hot. we ♪music playing♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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this napa man is back at it again. 29-year-old architect has built a replica of disney's big mountain thunder railroad and his family's a backyard. the roller coaster known as little thunder has a 900 foot track and 26 feet tall. we first introduced -- interviewed the architect two years ago during the covid-19 lockdown. an entire team of mechanical, electrical engineers, welders, and more, helped construct both roller coasters. dan: this guy is going to charge admission. the warriors have another chance to get to the and finals tomorrow. >> we could be on the eve of the warriors punching their six
1:33 am
tickets to the big dance. we will tell you why the forecast tells
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. casey: the warriors are one win away from the nba finals. you have got to give the mavericks credit. they are tough to finish. after the warriors lost to the mavs less tonight, luka doncic says that the mesh will be the first team ever -- the mavs will be the first team ever to come back from a loss. >> we watched chuck, and i
1:36 am
thought we would let them get into a groove. once a team like that gets into a three game roof, we know that -- groove, we know that it will be tough to get them out of it. >> when we go home on game five and figure out how to slow down especially on the first quarter. casey: game five, celtics visiting margaritaville. with the rebound hammer. miami up by five at the half. 32 points in the third half. the celtics up 11, and then brown commemorates this game with a poster. he had a game-high 25. boston wins 93-80. the giants hosting the mets. that is a busy dead right there, carrying two kids at once. this makes it for his and his last six at-bats.
1:37 am
whatever barry bonds told him yesterday is working. the veggie garden delivery. do not forget to eat your vegetables, kids. next man up, he had two in the first two earnings of this game. giants cruise to a nine -- 9-3 win. no scores in the fourth and what can brown do for you? can he lead with one swing? the a's take a 1-0 lead. of us has left the building. that one barely sneaks out of there. the second helmet in as many games as losing -- after learning 13 straits. sports
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