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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 26, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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children and teachers killed in that texas school tragedy. what we have learned about victims identified. >> investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. the new information about messages the government sent just before the shooting. >> today marks one year since a mass shooting in the south bay. nine people were killed at the railyard. the tribute we expect this morning. >> weather whiplash after a stretch of warm weather. tracking a dramatic drop today. good morning. it is thursday, 26. >> have a lot to get to. we start with a check of the forecast. drew: the hot weather yesterday and tuesday is out of here. we are turning sharply cooler. we are 11 degrees cooler in hayward. seven degrees cooler in oakland. you will feel cooler temperatures later this afternoon.
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most of us are raking up to the 40's and the 50's. 48 in novato. 52 in the city. 57 in san jose. 53 in oakland. temperatures will be very slow to warm as the morning goes on and into the afternoon. here is a live look from our camera. the fog is back. we notice that late last night. it is ushering in this onshore flow and that will bring is a cooler afternoon. we will have the fog first thing this morning. we are sharply cooler later this afternoon. we will take a closer look at the highs and preview the holiday weekend. kumasi: this morning, tears and prayers in texas as hundreds attend a vigil for the victims of the shooting at an elementary school. ♪ 19 children and two teachers were killed in tuesday's massacre.
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17 others were injured including three law enforcement officers. 13 of the victims have been identified. the teachers worked in the same classroom and had both been educators for more than one decade. grieving families have been sharing among -- about their children. among the victims, softball players, a girl scout, two cousins, and on row student. -- an honor roll student. >> a father learned details of what happened from other students. >> they got confirmation from two other students that she was just trying to call authorities and i guess he just shot her. how do you look at this girl and shoot her? she was the sweetest little girl who did nothing wrong. she listens to her mom and dad. she always brushed her teeth.
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she was creative. she made things for us. she never got in trouble in school. i just want to know what she did to be a victim. >> that father clutching a picture of his daughter. while the community mourns, investigators have a long road ahead of them trying to piece together how this happened. we are taking a live look outside of robb elementary school where you see the growing memorial. we are also learning about the messages sent by the shooter minutes before the attack. reporter daniela hurtado has the details. daniela: the small town of u valde coming together to pray for the families of the victims of the deadly school shooting at robb elementary school. authorities say 18-year-old salvador ramos stormed into a classroom, barricaded himself
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inside, opened -- and opened fire, 19 children losing their lives inside that classroom along with two teachers. for responding officers, this was personal. many had their own children in harm's way. >> all unit standby. do not attempt to get closer. daniela: office shot and killed the suspect after his first encounter with a school resource officer at the entrance. authorities say the suspect, turning 19 just days ago. one day after his birthday, he bought an ar style rifle. four days later, he was at robb elementary school. his grandfather telling abc's matt gutman he did not know his grandson had weapons. >> if i would have known, i would have reported him. daniela: messages reveal a chilling warning just minutes before the shooting. the suspected gunman texting a
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15 year old girl in germany, first describing an argument with his grandmother overpaying his phone bill. later he writes, "i will go shoot up an elementary school right now." inverstigators are pouring over social media. the school superintendent ending the school year early. >> my heart was broken today for a small community and we will need your prayers to get us through this. daniela: a customs and border protection official tells abc news four border patrol agent, members of elite units, engaged and stopped the shooter alongside local and state officials. daniela heard out of, abc news -- daniela hurtado, abc news. >> another debate over gun control following one of these horrific events. there are new calls for more laws to assure parents when they send their kids to school, they
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will come home safe. ike ejiochi is joining us live where there appears to be bipartisan discussions happening now. ike: good morning. there appears to be encouraging signs on capitol hill when it comes to addressing gun reform. still, lawmakers are keeping their expectations low. in uvalde, a familiar argument erupting at this news conference. beto o'rourke, a democrat running for governor, interrupted the current governor greg abbott, calling his response to the shooting totally predictable. >> he says this was unpredictable. it was totally predictable and i predict this will continue to happen when you continue to have a governor who will not stand up for the people of texas. ike: in washington, the arguments are leading to discussions. senator susan collins has already met with other senators to discuss maine's red flag law,
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allowing authorities to temporarily take guns away from people determined to be dangerous. >> i certainly hope that the senate will take action. this was a horrific crime. ike: republican senator mitt romney is signaling he is open to revisiting a bill proposed by joe manchin and pat toomey which would expand background checks including for sales online and at gun shows. the senators introduced the bill after the sandy hook school shooting in 2012. the 60 votes needed to pass any new gun legislation still seems highly unlikely with most republican senators avoiding questions on the issue yesterday. >> would you support? bike ride checks the majority of americans support it. do you support it? ike: 66% of vote -- of americans support an weapons ban and 89% support background checks. >> texas governor greg abbott
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wants -- once supported a red flag bill but backed down from the idea after pressure from republicans. since then, texas has loosened its gun laws. back to you. kumasi: here at home, today marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. these are the nine men who were killed by a coworker with a gun last year. it is a somber day with tributes planned in their honor. reporter amy hollyfield is joining us live in san jose. amy: good morning. vta workers will gather for a ceremony at 6:30 this morning to honor and remember their coworkers who were killed one year ago today. nine people were shot to death by a disgruntled vta worker as they gathered for a meeting in the downtown san jose railyard at 6:30 in the morning on may
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26, 2021. the killer then shot and killed himself when police showed up. vta trains did not run for three months after the murders as the agency geving employees who are still in a lot of pain today. >> we knew this was going to be a very tough day for all of our employees, their families, lots of friends, people who we used to see. we had someone the other day who said so and so is to come in for coffee every morning before his shift and now he does not come in anymore. the impact on people, not only on our vta family, our community , but on our whole community, is still very severe. amy: the san jose city council proclaimed a day of remembrance for the victims at its meeting on tuesday and city hall will be
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lit up in the colors of the vta, dark blue, light blue, and white. officials say they hope everyone remembers the light of these loved ones who were killed. vta officials say light rail service will be impacted today. line of their train operators took the day off to -- taking a mental health day on this anniversary so they say check to see if your train will be impacted and they are asking that riders have patience with them today as they deal with this tough anniversary. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: definitely thinking of all of them today. for more on the vigil happening today and the latest developments on the uvalde shooting, you can head to our app where we are live streaming 24/7. download that app wherever you stream. >> it is all about cooler weather arriving. here is a live look. our friend is back. you can see the marine layer along the coast.
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the sun slowly getting up this morning. we will feel cooler temperatures. satellite and radar combine high pressure acting like a heat pump earlier this week. that is pushing to the east. low pressure will stay across the west coast for the next couple of days. that brings in that cooler weather but kicks up our winds later today and this warming process is a lot slower this morning. by 10:00 a.m. we are all in the 50's and 60's without onshore flow with us later on by lunchtime. temperatures slightly below average for this time of the year. our warmest spots instead of going into the upper 90's today, will go into the upper 70's. some areas will feel a 20 degree cool compared to yesterday. highs today, a blend of sunshine and cloud cover. 62 in the city. 66 in oakland, cooler compared to yesterday. 78 in san jose. 75 in concord. 69 in santa rosa after spending days in the 90's. here is the three-day forecast. a widespread cooldown today, continues with breezy conditions
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tomorrow. saturday, cooler temperatures, perhaps some morning drizzle but we find warmer weather as the weekend goes on. we will preview that in 9 minutes. first, good morning to you jobina and see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: good morning. we have winter advisories for the golden gate bridge -- wind advisories for the golden gate bridge. no issues as far as blocking problems on the roadways. the same thing in the south bay. as we bring this live picture of san jose and we will wrap up with drive times. tracy to dublin will be 41 minutes. antioch to concord, 14. kumasi: thank you. flying formula from overseas to deal with a nationwide shortage. the mixup that may have played a crucial role. >> it the unofficial start to summer and you should expect some traffic if you are hitting the road for memorial day weekend. the busiest stretch in the bay area today. kumasi: a live look outside greg knapp. it is pretty
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>> a vigil will be held in san francisco tonight for the 10 pedestrians who died on city streets so far this year. the latest victims died sunday after a car crash at 3rd street and mission street and ended up on the sidewalk. the victims, 31-year-old willy henderson and mary henderson. walk san francisco and members of families for safe streets organized the vigil that will be at the crash site. kumasi: the second shipment of baby formula has arrived at the distribution center. nestle shared video of the shipment being chucked into the facility overnight. it could be on shelves this weekend. baby formula regulators were questioned about what caused the shortage on capitol hill. we are learning that the fda failed to act after a whistleblower raise concerns about abbott's michigan plant and that is at the center of the shortage. >> we are blaming the mailroom.
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>> it was too slow and there were decisions that were suboptimal along the way. kumasi: by the time the fda did act, an infant already died and two others were in the hospital after drinking formula from that late -- from that plant. the fda close the facility in mid-february and the formula was recalled. more than 40% of baby formula has been out of stock nationwide. abbott will restock production -- restart production early next month but it could take eight weeks before shelves are restocked. >> if you are heading out of time for memorial day -- out of town for memorial day, you may want to head out early. the longest delays will be on the road this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. the drive times could be double normal times. jobina: just a mess. memorial day weekend is seen as the unofficial start of summer and holiday travel is to reach pre-pandemic levels this year.
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aaa predicts more than 39 million americans will drive or fly this weekend. this is video from lax yesterday. people are excited to get away but are still taking precautions against covid-19. >> hand sanitizing and if we are around a lot of people, keeping our masks on. jobina: despite prices in americans plan to travel b acg to a price fo is $6.30 in san francisco, $6.18 in oakland, and $6.19 in san jose. those are record highs for oakland and san jose. the east shore freeway and bay bridge will be one of the worst drives in the bay area tonight. westbound interstate 80 from humans drink -- gilman street in berkeley is excited to be 105% -- expected to be 105% of normal traffic. get ready for all of that.
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drew: could the bay bridge get worse? jobina: especially when you leave in the evenings. the problem is getting to the bridge. once you are on the bridge -- tragic. drew: a live look outside. the fog has been turned. you may have seen it yesterday. we have that cooler weather coming back. it will feel nice out there if you did not like the heat. we have coastal fog, a dramatic drop in temperatures this afternoon. some spots will see a 20 degrees drop compared to yesterday. looking at the weekend, we don't have any intense heat. we will show you those nu.en ki up to temperatures in the 50's righ. a couple of 40's in the north bay. nowhere near as warm as yesterday. winds will become an issue later today but onshore flow will be pretty strong over the city and through the delta, bringing cooler air. expect wind gusts 20 to 35 miles an hour. we will do it again tomorrow and that reinforces that cool air to finish out the week. highs today only 62 in the city.
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75 in concord. 78 in san jose. 69 in santa rosa. 67 in vallejo. a lot of cloud cover tonight. the marine layer is back. upper 40's to upper 50's. look at friday and still temperatures in check. no intense heat. that continues on saturday. if you are headed to bottlerock, saturday is the coolest day. we will be in the upper 60's. dress appropriately. here is the forecast. a widespread cooldown today. breezy tomorrow. there is that cool down on saturday. breezy conditions sunday into monday. it will warm up early next week. . kumasi: coming out, the seven things to know this morning. liz: the warriors -- julian: the warriors chance tonight to advance to the nba finals. kumasi: high-profile testimony from supermodel kate moss. the rumors she will address. julian: taking a live look outside.
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were killed in tuesday's massacre in the small town of uvalde. julian: on capitol hill there may be some progress in tackling the gun issue. senator mitt romney signaling he is open to revisiting a bill that would expand background checks including for online sales and gun shows. kumasi: a day of remembrance. today marks one year since nine people were killed by a gunman at the vta railyard in san jose. vta employees will have a ceremony at 6:30 this morning to honor the memory of their coworkers. julian: number four, san francisco's population has dropped to its lowest level in more than a decade. new data shows the city lost nearly fit 5000 people during the pandemic from july -- really 55,000 people during the pandemic. drew: we get rid of the heat from the past couple of days so we are slow to warm this morning. by the afternoon, 60's and 70's away from the coast. jobina: we have winter
5:23 am
advisories -- wind advisories issued for the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. hold onto that steering will as you make your way in. kumasi: amazon has opened its first brick-and-mortar clothing store. if you like an item, you can scan the qr code and sd it to a pickup counter. julian: closing argument are set for tomorrow and that johnny depp-amber heard defamation trial. supermodel kate moss testified. here is reporter trevor ault. trevor: in this morning's gma first look a high-profile testimony from supermodel kate moss. >> how do you know mr. dep? >> i had a relationship with him. trevor: taking the stem remotely, addressing a rumor earlier this month that depp had pushed kate moss down the stairs when they were dating in the 1990's. >> i instantly think of kate moss and stairs and i swung at
5:24 am
him. trevor: moss described a different fall she took. >> as i left the room, i slid down the stairs and i hurt my back. trevor: depp says the claims are false but where do things stand as the trial will soon come to a close? we will talk to dan abrams coming up at 7:00 a.m.. i am trevor ault, abc news, new york. kumasi: tonight the warriors will have another chance to finish off the dallas mavericks and go to the nba finals. they leave the western conference finals 3-1 and the series is coming back to chase center for game five. the warriors are a perfect 8-0 including close-out wins against the nuggets and the grizzlies. julian: coming up at 5:30 mccann specific exercises increase joy -- at 5:30, can specific
5:25 am
exercises increase joy? drivers could soon pay less to drive in the express lanes. the dekes count -- discount up for discussion. kumasi: a live look outside right now at 5:25. we will be right back.
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that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: remembering the nine lives lost in the vta railyard shooting in the south bay.
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the attributes planned for today to mark one year since the tragedy -- the tributes planned for today to mark one year since the tragedy. kumasi: this morning, we are learning more about the heroic actions of those young kids inside the classroom. julian: as you head out the door, you will want a jacket. the cooler weather arriving in the bay area today. thanks for being here. it is thursday, may 26. kumasi: we start with a check of our forecast. drew: layers will be your friend today. charlie cooler this morning. 11 degrees cooler in hayward. most of us waking up to temperatures in the 50's. if you 40's on the board. 48 and 49. temperatures very slow to warm today compared to the past couple of days. here is a live look at our east bay hills camera and you can see why we are cooling off. fog has return. our marine layer is back. an onshore flow keeps temperatures cool. back to reality today. 60's by noon and by 4:00, a
5:29 am
blend of sunshine and cloud cover. we will go into the 60's and 70's. taking a closer look at these highs, the winds, and part of the holiday weekend coming up. julian: thank you. it is a somber day in santa clara county. today marks one year since these nine men were killed at the vta railyard in san jose. employees are gathering to pay tribute to their coworkers whose lives were cut short. news reporter amy hollyfield joining us live in san jose with mark. -- with more. amy: workers here are still grieving. nine train operators called in sick today. they are taking a mental health day on this anniversary of these nine deaths. service will be impacted today on the vta light rail. vta workers will hold a ceremony at 6:30 this morning to remember their nine coworkers who were shot and killed in the downtown san jose railyard at 6:30 in the morning one year ago today.
5:30 am
they were killed by a fellow employee who shot and killed himself. this anniversary comes two days after the mass shooting in uvalde, which officials say just adds to the emotions of these workers. >> there have been so many mass shootings, 62 over the last year. we do not hear about them all. they do not all get the publicity. it is a horrifying thing that it is continuing to happen. people are affected in different ways when they hear about things like that. a lot of people have intentionally not been watching the news about that and they have their own thoughts about how they want to deal with today. amy: the san jose city council proclaimed a day of remembrance for the victims at its meeting on tuesday and city hall will be lit up in the colors of the vta, dark blue, light blue, and white. vta officials say they hope everyone remembers the light of
5:31 am
the loved ones who were killed. check to see if your train will be impacted. they will have fewer chains today than usual. they are asking that passages be patient with them on this anniversary. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: now to developing news on the elementary school shooting in texas. 13 of the victims have been identified so far including two teachers. jobina has more on what we are learning about the victims. jobina: families in the committee of -- community of uvalde are devastating as they grapple with the news of this shooting. we are bringing you a live picture from outside the elementary school where there is a growing memorial for the victims. we are learning more about those 21 lives lost. 10-year-old jayce and 11-year-old jailah were cousins.
5:32 am
they were loving angels come up always had a smile on their face, just full of life. i cannot believe this happened to our angels. students saying there were heroic actions inside the classroom. one classmate tried to call 911 for help as shots rang out before the gunmen's fire turned to her. >> she was the best person that i know. full of life, gone too soon, always smiling, very productive. she was her own self. amy: one of the two teachers who died was an educator for 23 years. the other was also killed. she was with the district for over one decade. their families say they were heroes. only one of the 17 people injured remains in serious lian:on this friends of the gunman say he had a history of fighting with others. former classmate say the shooter was very quiet and was severely bullied.
5:33 am
he was allegedly a frequent user of a social media apps and windstream videos of himself abusing -- and would stream videos of himself abusing animals. before the shooting, he sent pictures and videos of guns. >> i did not know he had weapons. if i would have known, i would have reported it. >> you would have reported your own grandson? yes. -- your own grandson? >> yes. julian: he had no criminal history. kumasi: there is a stronger cry for gun control. >> one nation under guns. it does not need to be that way. our parents do not need to drop their kids off to school and wonder if their kid will be next. kumasi: two gun bills are now on the senate catherine legislative calendar. both wou expand background
5:34 am
checks. at least one of the measures does not have the support it needs to pass. >> they want to take people's second minute rights away -- second amendment rights away. kumasi: it would temporarily remove access to firearms for people federal court deems to be a danger. a majority leader of the house will put the bill to a vote during the first week of june. julian: in the bay area, people gathered to remember the children and teachers who lost their lives. tim johns who is at a vigil in foster city. tim: following the uvalde school shooting, it didn't sorrowful from texas all the way here in the bay area. >> annabelle rodriguez, age 10. tim: on wednesday dozens gathered in foster city to remember those who lost their lives. >> we are here to honor those victims and grieve and vent and
5:35 am
get action. tim: still in shock, worried about their own families and children. >> you think that they should be safe and it is until you hear about these things that it comes home, that the world is not as safe as we thought. tim: the event is calling for tougher gun control measures, their top priority closing loopholes on federal background checks. >> in some states you can just exchange guns and we need to make sure that we create that foundation were all gun sales go through a background check. tim: their pleas are being heard by state legislators in sacramento. in the aftermath of the shooting, lawmakers in california have vowed to take action to combat gun violence. some of that action involves speaking up the passing of several new laws. senate member bobby wicks from oakland made a passionately -- passionate plea.
5:36 am
one proposal would allow people to sue anyone who makes, sells, or distributes assault weapons but some say with hundreds of millions of guns already in circulation in the u.s., they worry that even if passed, the new legislation could take years to be felt. a criminal law professor at uc berkeley. >> if you have that many in circulation and they are freely in circulation, it is very difficult to keep guns from bad guys. tim: no matter what obstacles lie in front of her, hamilton says she is not giving up, not now, not ever. >> i am always optimistic. i never feel defeated because it is too important. too many lives are at stake. tim: in foster city, tim johns, abc 7 news. kumasi: police and school district across the bay area are taking extra security precautions. novato told residents to expect an increased presence. there is no threat but it is the
5:37 am
assurance that community needed. >> this is peace of mind for the students, the staff, and the community to know that we are in partnership and when something is going wrong somewhere else, that we will take the precautions we need to take in order to provide safety for everyone. kumasi: we spoke with parents at foothill middle school in walnut creek who said that they talked to their kids about gun violence. oakland school for the arts notify parents about a student posting a video of himself shooting a gun earlier this week. police stood watch yesterday and that student was not allowed back on campus. julian: in fremont a 17 year-old student is accused of threatening gun violence against an high school employee. police say the price on social media included racial epithets. he also threatened violence at another school that is not being named right now. he was arrested and taken to juvenile hall. investigators searched his home and recovered several pieces of evidence but they did not find any guns. kumasi: a local man heartbroken
5:38 am
over the loss of his brother to gun violence. chp still does not know the motive. the call for justice. julian: also ahead, amazon opens a first of its kind brick-and-mortar store. first up, we check in with drew tuma for the forecast. drew: we are tracking a much cooler day. here is the tower. the fog has returns. the marine layer is back and the onshore flow will get rid of the heat. pollen forecast, tree pollen, grass pollen still at high levels. your uv index is high as well. this high pressure was responsible for the heat the past couple of days. it has pushed off to the east. low pressure will sell in across the pacific northwest. this trough will bring about cooler temperatures. temperatures were much slower to warm this morning compared to yesterday. take a couple of layers with you because 50's and 60's by 10:00 a.m. with a breeze. by lunch time, we are barely touching 70. unlike yesterday where the
5:39 am
hottest spots out to the 90's, we will only get into the 70's. today it is back to reality. 66 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. 72 in palo alto. 69 in santa rosa will feel cool after spending several days in the 90's. we are sharply cooler today. we will keep temperatures in check tomorrow. to start off the holiday weekend, we will likely have morning drizzle close to the coast and it is the coolest day over the holiday weekend on saturday. take a look at how sunday and monday are shaping up coming up in eight minutes. good morning, jobina. jobina: thank you. good morning. we are following a crash in livermore causing a slowdown in the area involving multiple vehicles in the process of being moved to the shoulder on westbound i-5 80. six speeds have dropped down to five miles an hour -- speeds have dropped down to five miles an hour. much clearer look at the richmond san rafael bridge and
5:40 am
no problems as you travel east or westbound. low income drivers could soon pay less to drive in the express lanes on interstate 880. a metropolitan transportation commission committee will vote next month to establish a three-year pilot program. the discount is still being decided but could be as much as 50% off for single drivers and 75% off for vehicles with two or more people. we will be right back.
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julian: the texas school shooting has the country talking about the issue of gun violence. it is something we have seen a great deal of the bay area. last week two men died and two others were hurt after a shooting incident along i-5 80 in oakland. j.r. stone talked with one of -- with the brother of one of the victims. j.r.: abner hernandez was just 21 years old when he was shot and killed in last shooting
5:43 am
incident along i-5 80. his brother, who has asked us to blur his image due to safety concerns, is heartbroken, remembering vividly the night abner died. >> she paused for a moment and said, unfortunately abner passed away. i started remembering everything. we were kids, when i first met him at the hospital, i was so happy to have a little brother. i was five at the time. me and him would play when we got older. we would play soccer together. j.r.: after the circumstances behind the shooting, juan carlos has only been told bit and pieces of what may have happened. >> they said they were hanging out at lake merritt just relaxing in their vehicle. i guess something happened where some individuals just came together -- came to them and
5:44 am
pointed the gun at them. j.r.: chp is trying to determine where the shots were fired and what the motive was. juan carlos says his brother never smiled in photos and had a seriousness to him but says he was a nice guy, worked as a security guard in oakland. abner had told his family that if he kept working overtime, he would have enough money for him and the family to move out of their oakland neighborhood to somewhere safer. juan carlos says his brother was not a gang member and not into drugs. >> he was working hard, harder than i could have. i'm supposed to be the older brother. most of the time i feel like he was the role model. when i think about the culprit, i feel a lot of anger, hatred. i tell myself, i need to keep myself composed, let the police do their job. they will find this person. j.r.: chp is working this case but tell me they have not made
5:45 am
any arrests. j.r. stone, abc7news. kumasi: now to the pandemic. we have learned two new subvariants that could break through community protection have been detected in the bay area. the mercury news is reporting the ba 4 and ba 5 subvariants were found. in mask mandate could return for sacramento city unified school districts. the district expects the county to reach medium levels which could have officials reevaluating its current policy. a cdc studies has -- says one in five covid survivors under the age of 65 have experienced a health condition that could be considered long covid. most people want to enjoy the beach and parks of the union representing police say it is not safe. the union put out the warning this week saying that families should avoid the golden gate recreational area and that is because they say there is a serious staffing shortage.
5:46 am
there should be a minimum of 83 officers to patrol the parks. right now, there are only 32. >> right now the officers are not safe because they do not have enough people to conduct a mission on there and if they are not safe, the public is not safe. kumasi: in email, the golden national reaction association says they disagree with the assertion of the union and they say public safety safety is its top priority. julian: engineers have invented the world's smallest remote-controlled walking robot. it is roughly half a millimeter wide, not as thick as the penny it is sitting on top of. a professor says it took a year and a half to create a tiny creatures. one of them looks like a crab. the others resemble inchworm's and crickets. the hope is that the invention can be used in minimally invasive surgeries and to assemble and repair small-scale
5:47 am
machines. kumasi: now that they cleared that up, i can do them. julian: the next episode of "vladimira." -- "black mirror." drew: did it have to be a spider? do you remember the movie "rich ie rich?" there was a little tiny bee. julian: we are living in the future. drew: i always wanted a mcdonald's in my house after seeing that movie. living the dream. julian: you can still dream. drew: can i? did we just have a break for? julian: look at this. live on tv. kumasi: this might have been it. julian: kumasi will send you the bill after this. drew: outside, a live look at sfo.
5:48 am
we have cloud cover over the airport. the marine layer is back and it will bring cooler weather. we will see a cooldown compared to the last couple of days. that fog, that dramatic drop in temperatures later this afternoon and then for the holiday weekend, not tracking any intense heat. we will show you those temperatures in a moment. we are working up to the 40's and 50's. grab the jacket as you step outside. temperatures will be slow to warm. part of the reason why, not only the marine layer, we will see a persistent onshore flow meaning the wind is coming off of the cool ocean water. that is why temperatures are back to reality. winds will gust 20 to 25 miles an hour and similar as we head into friday afternoon. today, closer to average. 66 in oakland. 67 in san rafael. 73 palo alto. 75 in concord. overnight we will have fog around the bay shoreline. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's.
5:49 am
future track as we head into friday, we will find numbers staying close to where we should be this time of year. by saturday, saturday is the coolest day we have over the holiday weekend. if you are going to bottlerock this weekend, we will likely stay in the 60's so it will feel cool for the festival. here is a 7-day forecast. a widespread cool down today. breezy tomorrow. we could see some coastal drizzle on saturday. gusty winds on sunday. the holiday, monday looking nice. we will continue the warming trend early next week. kumasi: [laughter] this man is back at it. 829-year-old architect has built a --a 29-year-old architect has built a replica of a coaster. it is a 900 foot track and 26
5:50 am
feet tall. two years ago he created his first coaster during the lockdown. an entire team of mechanical electrical engineers and more helped to construct both of these roller coasters. in the backyard? julian: in the backyard. kumasi: this is a project. everyone else is just making sourdough bread. julian: learning how to knit. kumasi: [laughter] julian: that is a lot of backyard space. kumasi: i like it. julian: at 6:00, summer barbecue solved. the new grocery store pickup that could take your get together to another level. kumasi: buy amazon close in person. the new store that just opened in a california mall. julian: also, the fate of the controversial murals
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
julian: will the back. a lot of -- welcome back. a lot of debate over what you are seeing. murals will stay at george washington high school. the school board decided not to appeal a court order to keep them. the murals have been under debate for years as current and former students pushed to have them removed. they argue students should not have a daily reminder about the enslavement of black people and native americans. others argue they have historical value and should be preserved. dozens of paypal employees have been laid off. reporter say 83 employees at san jose headquarters received pink slips last month. the company also owns venmo. no word if venmo employees will be impacted. paypal has not commented. it is closing its san francisco office on market street this month. that is not related to these layoffs. kumasi: san francisco-based
5:54 am
twitter has agreed to pay $150 million in fines to settle a lawsuit. the federal trade commission says twitter collected phone numbers and mill addresses from people telling them it was to secure their account but then they used that information for targeted advertising. twitter says it was inadvertent and that the incident was disclosed in 2019. the media company will also implement safeguards to keep data private. amazon's first clothing store is open in the los angeles area. every item has a qr code so you can scan things you like and they will be sent to a fitting room or to a counter for you to buy. this eliminates the need for you to carry the clothes around the store. you can still do that if you want to. the store is located at a mall in glendale. julian: can specific exercises increase joy? there is a story going viral this morning claiming the joy workout can improve your mood. what exactly is the workout and
5:55 am
how does it work? good morning america spoke to a doctor to break it down. >> is called the joy workout and although the research is limited, it shows that movements associated with joy can bring you joy if you practice them. things like waving your arms above your head and even rhythm that -- rhythmic movements. these movements are enough to start getting your body to release endorphins. those neurotransmitters that help you feel good are associated with euphoria and can relieve stress and reduce your pain. julian: you still have to work out 10 to 30 minutes. did you catch that part? if you did not, watch the full report coming up at 7:00 right here after abc seven mornings. kumasi: that is like when they say throw your hands in your air and wave them like you just don't care. that is all i heard. go to the club. that is the workout. julian: so you have been doing this for years in the club?
5:56 am
we all have. find out this morning on gma. drew: when you are sad, go to the club. when you are mad, go to the club. when you are happy -- 40's and 50's this morning. what a pretty picture. sun and fog. we have the marine layer back and we will find a sharply cooler day. going into the 60's and 70's. i want to give you an update on bottlerock. much cooler saturday. we are stuck in the 60's and will warm up on sunday for the final day of the festival. kumasi: new at 6:00 a lot of birthday candles. the man crowned the oldest in the world is turning 113 tomorrow. one thing he says helps to keep him young. julian: close, coverage on the battle over gun control. the chances of some kind of action on capitol hill. >> a growing memorial for the 21 victims outside of robb
5:57 am
elementary and now we have a timeline. i am daniela hurtad when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: up the pieces, another community shattered by a
6:00 am
shooting. >> these kids should have been able to have fulfilling lives, should have been able to go past 18. >> this story is remembered this morning. kumasi: the memorial and attributes set to get underway one year since the mass shooting. >> we have a lot to get to on this thursday morning. is may 26, think you for being here. kumasi: thinking of everybody in the south bay and mbta. drew: the heat from the past couple days is out of here. you can see the 24 hour temperature change, most of us in the double digit drop from hayward to nevada. we have fog with us and temperatures in the 40's and 50's.


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