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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> these are the victims being remembered today. the nine employees shot to death while at work in the railyard. >> as there are other shootings across the country, the community in the south bay came together to remember the fallen. dustin dorsey is live with today's events. dustin. the man came right outside the railyard in the left. he said a quick prayer before walking away. you can just tell how hurt he was. correct the pain from the memory of what happened at the railyard in 2021 is as fresh today as it was yesterday.
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especially for carrie bembo. >> time is not my friend. i don't like when people tell me to be strong. i can't microwave 30 years of my son's life with me. one was held in the resiliency center. raising awareness about workplace violence. including the families of those lost. >> you have inspired everyone aroundd paths to hear will never end but neither will our support. >> this anniversary have been
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through a private memorial here. >> it was a beautiful ceremony. >> the operations manager says the healing can begin when people are open and honest about their feelings and learn to accept them. with other mass shootings across the country, the feelings were hard to except for gonzalez and it only opened up old wounds for those impacted firsthand. >> it brought back a lot of memories. it was very difficult and my heart breaks for all those people. >> somehow, we push forward. never forgetting the lives lost and the lives changed forever. >> that they will forever be seared in our memory. we will not forget those lost, those who suffered and those who are suffering still.
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>> it is really hard to never forget those things but the vta is trying to do things to help their employees that work at this railyard. they actually demolished one of the buildings so far and they will be demolishing the other one that the other part of the shooting occurred and is well -- as well. nothing will ever replace that feeling that these employees had. >> thank you, dustin. the family's attorney says the agencies failed to protect lane and his fellow workers. >> the vta had 400 lives that it
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was responsible for protecting. that is why they had security and why there was a contract the sheriff had with the security company. >> statement says too many people failed to do their jobs. they are focusing on the continued healing of our employees and the family is -- families of our deceased coworkers. >> police station together a timeline of what happened before the gunman opened fire, killing 19 children and two teachers. they say he was inside the school for more than one hour before he was shot and killed by officers. grieving families are questioning why police did not stop him sooner. >> they received gunfire.
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they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they are receiving but we have officers calling for additional resources. quest law enforcement says the suspect shooting spree began with his own grandmother who he shot before taking off in her truck and then crashing it. this video shows the suspect entering the school. his motive is still unclear. among the mourners today are meghan markle. president biden and the first lady will visit uvalde to pay tribute to the victims. we have these images of the victims tonight. >> the 17 people were wounded in the shooting. >> i think it was a difficult day for all of them.
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we would be prepared for this mass-casualty incident. we waited and also from the last experience, no more dealing with high velocity firearm injuries. we may not get a lot of patience. i think that is what hit us the most. the patients that we did not
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receive. >> of the wounded, six are still hospitalized. a mix of adults and children. >> moments ago, the warriors held this year. the warriors concluded the moment of silence with information detailing how people can reach out represented lives. >> as soon as we can shift the dynamic to this public health issue, you get momentum. lots of friends who are democrats and lots of friends who are republicans. we just want the violence to go away. we just need to get our public servants to respond to what we all want. >> we have a dedicated collection. get videos on demand.
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>> we will move on to some other news for the moment. covid cases are on the rise. we may be in for the worst summer surge of the pandemic. luz pena spoke with experts today about what this means for the bay area. >> and means more people are getting infected even though the hospitalizations are slightly increasing. there is hope that they can near the peak in the upcoming weeks. >> the next -- last time california experience to the surge was summer of 2021. >> cases are going up in places that have less natural immunity. quest this is one of the counties with the highest number of covid in the bay area.
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the county health officer calling this the fifth major wave. >> the numbers are up. some of this reflects that there was a lot of covid circulating in our communities. my concern is that in the future, we could see a new variant that is able to cause a lot of severe disease and put people back in the hospital in high numbers. they are noticing increasing hospitalizations that include people who have covid and those that got infected while in the hospital. >> we have this year. dr. caldwell said his biggest concern is not as much hospitalizations because numbers are not increasing at a high rate. his dad getting infected?
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we have staff, nurses, physicians. our biggest challenge is getting enough people to staff the emergency department. >> it is so expected, it was seen in new york, the u.k. side. we will probably peak at the beginning of june according to these models and by the third week of june, we should be out of this. >> what is helping california is that we have one of the highest rates of vaccination so we have vaccine induced protection. as more people are getting covid, dr. gandhi said they are getting hybrid immunity. a combination of vaccine induced protection plus natural immunity decreases chances of getting severely ill. that is what she is hoping for.
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in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. >> the weather is noticeably cooler today than yesterday if you just look outside, you can feel it. we are experiencing fog, clout and wind. sandhya patel is here with the details and looking into the weekend. >> that is right. we went from sweating in land yesterday to more comfortable weather. look at the temperature dropped. at 29° drop in concord. this is the onshore breeze. this is definitely a gusty day. temperatures in the mid-50's to the low 70's. quit a bit of cloud cover out there. a few sprinkles saturday as we
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go into here. sunday, more mild. a beautiful weekend. we will have a closer look at the forecast coming up. this is not necessarily what they're getting. there at 6:00, the team digs into why. >> it will be hard for us to recover from it. >> as much as she for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio.
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>> new tonight, fire victims receiving money from a pg&e settlement were appalled to learn thousands of dollars in medical needs are being deducted from their payments. some are questioning the amount held back and what they say is a lack of transparency about the process. close the only thing more difficult than fleeing the 2018 camp fire was returning home. >> that was pretty devastating. everything on the property was destroyed. >> we have to try to manage building or home. when the settlement payment came in, they learned $14,000 of it was being held back for medical
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needs. >> i was angry and they were appalled. >> because when the new fire victims could be subject to medical needs, the couple's attorneys as they were not told exactly how much would be held back despite asking. >> they have a formula that it uses. it has not been entirely transparent on how it calculates all of this. medical services related to a personal injury or emotional distress can claim. if that fire victim has an approved personal industry or emotional distress claim, they may be entitled to reimbursement for payment it made. that reimbursement would come from a claimant's individual settlement reward. through email and don't medications with abc 7 news, money is held back --
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the trust uses the withheld funds to pay the lienholder. if there any remaining funds, that money is paid to the claimant. the trust has outlined the maximum back amount as 33% of some of the payments made to a claimant today but the north and family -- northam family's attorney says they don't know how much money will be held back for medical needs. they must decide whether or not to diss -- to take money from the trust. quest people make plans. they worry am i going to be able to fix the roof? >> watsons has known up front exactly how much money will be held back for medical needs might prompt some fire victims to turn down their settlement offers and ask for more money. quest the problem for the client is that there is sticker shock. >> if a fire victim received little to no medical treatment as a result of the fire, their
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lawyer should be able to -- the alternative is to wait to pay claimant until after the final amounts are determined which she says no one wants. approximately $18,000 held back for medical needs. >> it is very frustrating. when you don't have that money but you are able to rebuild this, it makes it difficult. >> abc 7 news began inquiring about this. watson said shortly after he learned all $14,000 of the holdbacks would be released this friday. quest whether something was in motion or not, once you got involved, the communication became clear and the clients minds were put at ease. all $18,000 of the holdbacks will also be released to this friday. watson says releases like you
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speak to the good work the trust is doing and eliminating and reducing medical needs. at the same time, he questions the amount initially held back. >> that is the issue. how do we get to all of this? >> it has been a long road for fire survivors. >> i just wanted to be over as quick as possible. >> a spokesperson for the pr firm hired told abc 7 news by email that the trust was not available to answer our questions regarding medical needs other than to refer us to the trust website. >> my biggest worry about this issue is that it erodes the trust that claimants have in the fire victim trust. it makes them think the trust is a good and -- the trust is a good entity and sometimes it makes a mishap. >> if you have a story for the abc 7 news i team, go to abc 7
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news or call 1888 for the a team. quest the natural ac is amazing. it really worked. check out our high temperatures. just about everybody in the 60's and 70's, a far cry from the 90's and 100 they were dealing with, 69 in concord. it got up 69 here. 79 degrees in san jose. now we look at the numbers and it is getting to the point where you need a sweater or jacket. still 70 degrees in brentwood. live views from our tower cameras showing you the cloudy skies. we have higher clouds up above and a stiff sea breeze up the coast. this system is what brought about the changes.
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it really deep into marine layers and squeezed at the drizzle. let's take a look at where. a couple hundreds here. a live view from our santa cruz camera is not exactly a beach day, certainly a lot of gray sky there. a bit more mild in than tomorrow. we are expecting sprinkles saturday, drive for the rest of the holiday weekend. we will go hour-by-hour. tonight, 7:00, going into tomorrow morning. heavy cloud cover and fog down below. 8:00, you will still see some spotty drizzle out there but as we go into saturday morning, they will squeeze out a few sprinkles. you may see few sprinkles mainly in the north bay. your morning temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's. watch out for damp roadways due
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to the drizzle. the afternoon highs will look like this, coming up a little bit away from the coastline. 80 degrees in fairfield. 77 in santa rosa. 66 in open. 77 degrees in san jose. the 7-day forecast is cool to mild for your friday. a few sprinkles on saturday but it was really not going to be an all day event event or anything like that so you don't have to worry about it but certainly a drop-off in temperatures. it is a little more mild for memorial day. no extreme heat in the forecast until the middle of next week when we bring back those 90's. >> let the holiday begin. the memorial day weekend is already out-of-state corporations wrote
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quest on wall street. 516 points today to close at three 2630 seven. the nasdaq gained 305 and the s&p added 79 points. experts say the latest gains suggest investors are hopeful about the feds plan for some anti-inflation measures over the next few months. >> traveling for memorial day
6:26 pm
weekend is in full swing. more than 39 million people will travel, coming close to the pandemic levels. we are monitoring traffic on our live cameras. that is the san mateo bridge. you can see it is moving along. a little busy but not too significant in the middle. here are the best times to avoid traffic tomorrow. if you want to travel, go saturday and sunday. travel before 10:00 a.m. monday is the best time to leave. quest getting laws on the books is one thing but do they work? i look at the impact of california's red flag laws. >> i am michael
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> please provide a timeline of what happened before the 18-year-old government opened the fire, killing 19 children and two teachers. >> shooting his own grandmother and then driving her truck into a ditch. this shows the suspect entering the school. >> he walked in uninterrupted initially. he came into the school and he was not confronted by anybody to clear the record on that. four minutes later, law enforcement is coming into solve this problem.
6:31 pm
>> officials say the government was inside the school for more than an hour before he was shot and killed by officers. >> a memorialarby. klne >> president biden andy first lady will visit to pay tribute to the victims. california is one of at least 19 states with laws that can temporarily seize guns by court order if someone makes a threat to use them. david the talk to the santa clara county da about how the law works. >> mass casualty shooters have sometimes it sent out signals they are going to resort to gun violence but those red flags can
6:32 pm
be ignored or missed. >> there are too many red flags that they did not pay attention to. >> california has had a red flag law on the books for six years. >> within a few hours, we can go in front of a judge and temporarily remove those weapons and i know these restraining orders have saved hundreds of lives in our county. >> this is double the number from two years ago. earlier this week, the law allows san jose police to seize guns from someone who had made threats. >> the response from the police and the das office is not always going to be a gun violence restraining order and taking the person's guns away. it may also be a referral to mental health or drug treatment.
6:33 pm
the process is anonymous. guns are seized for two weeks but the good order can get them back following an evaluation and a court hearing. >> if the person is getting the help they need and are no longer a threat, guns will be returned. >> the red fulbright -- red flag law is the one tool aimed at prevention and intervention. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> the shooting is bringing up many difficult topics and emotions. quest suspected retail thieves let police on a chase. it ended on i-80. the suspect had used the cards are still items from target in albany. the suspect sped down
6:34 pm
residential streets before getting on westbound 80. albany police ran the car to a stop just before the universe the exit in berkeley. a jury found ann kirkpatrick was the wrongfully terminated after speaking out against the civilian one commission. she claimed she was fired for blowing the whistle by some pleased -- police commissioner's. >> the edd has been widely criticized for letting scammers get away with an estimated $20 million in fraudulent unemployment benefits during the pandemic but today, they announced they have blocked another huge fraud attempt. michael finney is in the newsroom. he has the latest on this.
6:35 pm
scammers filed as many as 47,000 phony claims in early may, using old-fashioned paper applications and faxes. that is seven times the any -- seven times the usual amount. the edd did not pay any of the claims. now they can go over it more carefully. we will be keeping up on this and we will report back. >> coming up next, mother's day or i should say a mother's story . she is sharing what happened to her son in hopes that it will not happen to anybody else's child. >> now it is time for the california housing watch for quick tips on how to get yourself ready to buy a home.
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>> ray liotta has died. his publicist said he was working on a film in the dominican republic and died in his sleep. his career spanned four decades including rose in goodfellas and field of dreams. >> if you build it, he will
6:40 pm
come. >> the cause of death has not been disclosed. ray liotta was 67 years old. quest the fbi is warning of an increase in crime that is targeting teens online. one san jose mother shares her story of loss. as a warning to other parents and teens. >> ryan last had many interests, a straight a student preparing for college, a boy scout, a second degree black belt and an animal lover. >> each really fell in love with the raising of the animal. he is raising them as well. >> like most kids, ryan also spent a lot of time online. >> he could not download any apps without requesting approval but the problem is we get a little bit more freedom with some of the apps because they were used for school work also.
6:41 pm
quest that extra fun time is when ryan turned into a victim of an increasing crime called extortion. >> they sent him a picture and asked for one in return and as soon as he did, they demanded $5,000 from him. he was able to pay $150 from his account but there was the issue because as soon as he paid, there was money there. he was told they were going to post it and just the fear of someone posting those pictures was enough to scare him and he was really scared. >> that same night while his parents were home, ryan boat a note and took his own life. >> his note apologized for not being smarter. he believed in somebody and that devastates me that he felt that he was not smart because somebody took advantage of him. my younger son lost his best friend and his brother and it is
6:42 pm
going to be hard for us to recover. >> doing something just -- doing something to stop it is warning of the kids and parents. >> everyone needs to be cautious about who you trust online and if you become a victim, here is what to do. >> reported immediately. the recommendation is done send money. sometimes these images get shared if you ignore the call for funds from next door. quest polling tells me that had they known about this crime and talked about it, they would be celebrating ryan's 18th birthday in april. >> any mistake you will be there for him. just build that conversation now and hopefully nothing will ever happen and it won't be a problem but they need to know they can come to you for anything.
6:43 pm
quest defined resources on these topics, go to action. we have a list of local groups that can help some you can reach simply by test -- texting. quest did you notice the change in the weather? we have the details of the cool down and a loo
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6:47 pm
partial hearing loss and the others. >> i was doing customer service over the phone and now i could not hear out of this year. i was worried about losing my hearing in my other ear. >> he had a business background and he knew he could work for himself again. he found work driving for uber. >> i don't have to generate business on my own where i used to have to hand out flyers. quest with the mask on, it is almost impossible for me to hear with them in the backseat. i hate having to ask people what did you say? >> but this became a way for him to contribute to his family. the san francisco disability alliance. he says more people in this -- more people and the disabled community have turned to entrepreneurship. >> there are ones that are
6:48 pm
underemployed or unemployed. quest they identify as having at least one disability. they were helping many earn their own money. quest the disability community is the third largest market in the world to spend money. if the disability community has more money to spend, that is better for our local economy. >> it is so much cooler today. >> a big change. >> you have to go to sweater weather. let me show you live doppler 7. we are not expecting any rain. a drought update, we have severe drought in the past week has gone from 95 to 98%, exceptional from zero to 12% now.
6:49 pm
this is in the severe to extreme category in the central valley area. a lot of cloud cover and good air quality. this includes your holiday weekend. tomorrow, don't worry about the hues. a look at bottlerock. it will be nice, low to mid 70's the next few days, 40's in the morning. the accuweather 7-day forecast is cool to mild tomorrow. the rest of your holiday weekend is dry and mild. we will bring back the warmth next tuesday. >> all right, the warriors game, i am peeking at the score. >> larry beil is here with the very latest. >> i would like your undivided attention. i will tell you the score after
6:50 pm
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>> the warriors when -- need just when to close it out. more on the game in a moment. steve kerr talked about two topics pregame as well as gun control, following the tragedy in texas. he was passionate on tuesday. really fired up. now looking ahead and focusing on solutions. >> as soon as we can shift the dynamic to this being a public health issue, you get momentum. i have lots of friends who democrats and republicans and all i know is they all want gun violence to go away. we just need to get our public
6:54 pm
service to respond to what we all want. >> on the later side, the tnt crew is at chase center. fans are getting so upset at chuck. it is an act. calm down. chris alvarez is there as well. moses moody getting some runs in the first half. >> as you mentioned, the warriors, pushing it out there. they had a bit of an big return. draymond green fell hard on his hand. right now, things are looking good. >> it looks packed behind you. how many people do you think are out there? a couple thousand? >> i would say a couple thousand people are behind me. the road games have been more packed. more space to operate. it looks like there is some late
6:55 pm
to get arrivals. a couple thousand people. this atmosphere has been great. i have been here since day one of the playoffs. >> i don't want to look too far ahead but this is the kind of scene we will look forward to during the finals on abc 7. >> yes. >> yes. it should be one week from today. can you imagine what it will look like? it will be nuts. >> it will be. say hi to chuck for me. onto the nfl. jimmy garoppolo remains on the roster but make no mistake about this, this is trey lance's team now despite all the tripping you hear from the national media that suggests otherwise. the 49ers are working out in ota's. jimmy is not there, still rehabbing his shoulder. deebo samuel is not there. lance saw limited action.
6:56 pm
george kittle says his strength will change the niner offense. i am excited for it as well. it brings a different dimension to the game. with his legs and he extended the place but when he gets out there, he will be running around live bodies. i think he has gotten better from where he was at the end of last year and i think it is good. >> we will see if that allows kyle shanahan to open up the playbook a little bit. we will have all the highlights of the warriors and mavericks. what may be the close out when and onto the finals tonight at 11:00. i have to say, back from covid, wear your mask. it was not fun at all. be careful. quest coming up tonight on abc 7, two hours of grey's anatomy followed by the rookie and then
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stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. that will do it for now for abc7news.
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