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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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police response in uvalde, texas and here at home the win and are heading back to the nba finals abc 7 news begins in 60 seconds. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase.
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smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. tonight a somber start to the warriors game and another impassioned message from coach steve kerr all i know is they all want gun violence to go away fans rallying around his message and his team came out and he absolutely led the way and we had at the ball and we really need to support him in his effort and for fans after a very difficult week tonight some good news the warriors once again headed to the nba finals. nice to see the smiles out there tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. the finals will tip off a week
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from tonight right here on abc 7. we have team coverage for you this evening both abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez and reporter jr. stone are live at chase center, but let's begin with abc 7 sports director larry beale larry. here we go again. here we go again, and i'll tell you what you talked about the smiles. hopefully they'll be smiling and smiling and smiling through the next two weeks after missing the playoffs the past couple of years war. back in the finals won the west tonight finishing off dallas in five games warriors got off to a good start tonight led byt cympn knocked down 8 threes the warriors built a 25-point lead, then they had to survive a furious dallas charge. steph curry wins the series mvp award only at 15 points but nine assists tonight 120 110 was the final score in the warriors take this series in five next stop the finals at chase dan mentioned a week from tonight abc 7's chris alvarez jo. live now from chase what a gratifying night and an epic return if you look at what he's been through the past couple of
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years for klay thompson, chris. yeah, larry, you know we texted her i texted our group chat and said this has to be a clay game and no it wasn't game six clay, but i'm gonna call it clinching game clay thompson 941 days. he had between nba games when he got hurt in the 2019 finals to get to that first game and you think about the long two years clay's been dreaming of this moment to get back. to the nba finals you know this time last year i was just starting to jog again and get up and down the court. and now to be feeling like myself feeling explosive feeling sure in my movements. i'm just grateful and that kind of came all those emotions. just kind of rushed through me to have him back next to us competing with us because we know like i said, we know we're capable of when he is there incredible accomplishment for him and and for him to be a part of it. he's just so happy again. it's wonderful to see.
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so this was a cap in t-shirt game you can see this now at the warrior shop those western conference finals champions hats. those are on sale. of course, the nba finals are coming up a week from today the warriors play either miami or boston that game one will be right here and all beyond abc 7 jr. stone had the great opportunity of spending this night with dub nation and how they sought through their eyes jr. i'm sure a lot of excited warriors fans tonight. yeah, chris what a night. it was for the golden state warriors and what a night. it was for their fans. we were actually celebrating with many of those fans here in this plaza and they told us after the game, you know, jr. there's fireworks on the other side of chase center and i said wow and saw some of those fireworks what a spectacular night. it was what an evening it was here at chase. put your hands in the air the golden state warriors are going to the nba finals. it was the best night of our
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life. it was amazing. honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better way to finish up the series streamers falling from the rafters after the dubs clinched the western conference finals with their game. five victory. how do you make the maps look like amateurs? you just show up and you're the warriors. that's how you do it and the team did it in front of fans who are all about. fashion with eye-popping coats flashy pants and warriors blue nails heck even the stars got in on the action american idols lionel richie courtside, san francisco 49ers superstar george kittel in a box seat great guests, but the game was even greater. they're talking about luca being the new age and staff out. this warriors team is the best in the nba the bus part of tonight was winning the western conference final, baby. and what better way to celebrate than a dubs dance party after the game as to see a fans what's going to happen next? they'll give you a quick answer
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the warriors are winning the whole thing. we wanted that easy bro easy, bro. look. nobody can mess with us. we don't know who we're playing yet. we'll be body. we're going win the finals. and back out here live. you heard some of those fans. they are already calling for a sweep in the nba finals all quiet outside of chase center this evening. you saw thosewd and yes,f here a b polichere, but no report on so certainly good news all around putting live in san francisco jr. stone abc 7 news. yeah, we needed that good news today jr. thank you so much. and as i said before tonight's game warriors coach steve kerr spoke as he did. day of the you've all the school shooting about the need for national gun control reform at the pregame news conference coach kerr saying it's not about politics.
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i've got lots of friends who are democrats. i got lots of friends who are republicans and all i know is they all want gun violence to go away. we just need to get our public servants to respond to. what we all want. before tip off the warriors held a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting afterward the team offered information on how you can reach your political representatives in washington. meantime we are learning more about the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives inside that classroom in texas. their families have begun sharing their names and their stories elite here. ramirez was a budding artist with big dreams the mother of rogelio torres says losing her son is like losing a little piece of her heart 10 year old aralia santos was supposed to be in the classroom, but thanks to recess she was on the opposite side of the campus. i got really scared and i didn't know who was her or day and then
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we started looking around on facebook and then i realized that's all the people i knew were dead. fourth grade teacher irma garcia was an educator for 23 years her husband of nearly 25 year olds, joe garcia tragically died of a heart attack today according to the family. they leave behind four children. his family says he died of a broken heart. president biden will travel to uvalde sunday to honor the vi the meantime investigators continue trying to piece together a timeline of how the shooting unfolded the families of those murdered children have a lot of questions. abc news reporter morgan norwood is in uvalde as families and the uvalde community continue to grieve new questions about the police response and how the suspect made it into the school unobstructed. there was not an officer really available. arm no law enforcement now going frame by frame of this video
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showing the suspect entering the school piecing together the details of the response as mti lawelngs, tus a total of 730 round magazines with him inside that classroom where tho place one witness telling abc's matt gutman what he saw as police arrived at the sea some of them just stood there and said well, why they going in authorities say the gunman was inside rob elementary for 40 minutes before he was killed by a border patrol swat team member 19 children and two teachers were dead one father says law enforcement didn't act quickly enough to save his 10 year old daughter's life yesterday. they rushed in and i like and all that like we didn't see that our officers when they engaged they were doing everything they could there are broken windows where agents were trying and officers and law enforcement personnel were to evacuate some of the children our agents acted swiftly and very heroically law
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enforcement say salvador ramos is shooting spree begin with his own grandmother. he shot her in the face and then took off on her truck before crashing about a block and a half near the school then dressed in tactical gear. police. say he ran toward the school with a backpack in an ar-15 style rifle with the motive still unclear questions now about missed warning signs and the string of private messages between the gunman and a 15 year old girl who calls herself cc in abc news reviewing that text thread he allegedly sent the teen. he met online an abc news talking with the team in those. messages she says she didn't reply until she got worried about what happened. she says she wonders if there was anything that she could do to change the shooter's mind a morgan norwood abc news. you've all day, texas. and here at home a somber anniversary in the south bay marking one year since nine people were killed by a lone gunman at the vta rail yard in san jose the community coming together to remember the men killed and to thank first responders abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo on day of
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remembrance shouldn't be here. i hate that we're here. we gather today as we gather on may 26th of last year when we turned from a wednesday into a nightmare a year later. a texas elementary school a church in southern california a buffalo grocery store and so so many other places have joined the vta rail yard and the fields of the gilroy garlic festival as memorials to innocent bloodshed and our countries. and i'm crushed for the families who lost children earlier this week the families who lost grandmas and grandpa's last week and the tons of thousands of
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families co-workers friends and bystanders who have undergone the trauma of seeing people murdered by someone who is deluded entitled racist or just really really angry. i want to thank all of you that responded. to everyone that was in that room doing the best that you could for what was done to them. they stabilized one victim enough. so that he was able to say goodbye to his wife. hospital can you imagine? can you imagine what they remember from that day those folks who ran into that building and ran into that place where there were? victims on the that were murdered. there's the adage that you run towards the thing that we're all running from, but the highest way we can honor you is to make sure that you have the support
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you need to do your job. we figured out that we're all. kind of at the same goal in mind. and that's to make the workplace better to make our community better and just to make this world a better place to live in.
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killed on the streets of san francisco this year two of those victims died just this past sunday struck by a taxi abc 7 news reporter. tim johns was at a vigil this evening calling for safer roads. the maze of cars the honking of horns and the foot traffic of pedestrians on most days the streets of san francisco can be
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chaotic and sometimes dangerous. unfortunately, three people go to sf general every day hit by cars since the start of 2022 10 pedestrians have been killed on city streets the most recent on sunday when a mother and her daughter were hit by a taxi near third and mission the crash is under investigation. we just need to be doing the engineering on our streets redesigning our making sure that our people are safe jody maderos works with walk san francisco they co-sponsored a vigil thursday night. remember those who have lost their lives and to call for the city to enact changes among their top priorities is to reduce speed limits on streets. they consider to be problematic. we also need to get our city to use. low-cost tools that we have in our toolbox to make sure that we're slowing down left turns we're making right turns on ready legal area near third admission is one of particular concern not just for walks up but also for many commuters in the area, too.
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rocha says she takes a bus near the intersection every day and has almost been hit herself all of us started from your family is that that's horrible. san francisco has a goal to eliminate pedestrian deaths by the end of 2024. a target. madero says is possible with the proper focus and prioritization. we can do it. you know, there are other cities that have done it. oslo norway did it in 2019. in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news this year san francisco unified school district will have their graduation ceremonies at two locations all with one common goal in mind equity a key part of building a better bay area starting tuesday. the district will have 19 graduation ceremonies at kezar stadium and mcateer campus the district hires a production for every graduate to have the same experience, but it does come at a price. do we had some schools that
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could really afford something like a bill graham civic auditorium and we had other schools that could not afford that and we started looking at that from an equity lens. several graduations could cost up to half a million dollars. that's a big price to pay for a district facing budget deficits the district hopes to keep the tradition going through funding and donations. there is a new high-speed passenger ferry on the bay tonight. the mv dorado was christened at the san francisco ferry terminal this afternoon the dorado can transport 320 passengers around the bay at speeds up to 36 knots. that's about 41 miles an hour. 16th vessel in our fleet. it's the fastest vessel in our fleet. the dorado is going to make sure that our travel times are optimized. it is the one of the most efficient vessels in our fleet. ferry ridership has already up
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by about 50% of pre-pandemic levels part of reason is that fairs have been cut by 30% officials say three more ferries will join the fleet over the next two years. all right. let's move on to the weather a high warriors win temperatures are coming down. sandia things are turning our direction. absolutely working in our favor. no doubt about it, dan and for the weekend to the holiday weekend, it's going to be nice as well. i want to show you live picture right now from our kgo roof camera. you are looking at a very healthy marine layer. it's about 3,000 feet deep sea breeze gus. 25 in conquered the combination of the two driving the temperatures down up to 30 degrees cooler inland concord you were at 69 today 73 in fairfield 66 oakland 79 in san jose low 60s around san francisco santa rosa a far cry from the 90s and 100s. we just had a couple of days ago. all right. here's your memorial day holiday weekend forecast a few sprinkles on saturday and then a little bit warmer, but certainly windier sunday warming continues
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on memorial day, but you'll notice no extreme heat in that forecast, san jose camera. the clouds are stacked up. the air quality is going to be good for any of your outdoor plans right on through the weekend and into early next week, and if you're going to tahoe for the weekend gusty winds tomorrow, but it is dry a slight chance of showers saturday better likelihood of seeing some wet weather on sunday and memorial day and believe it or not a memorial day. they might even see some snow showers in the morning mixing in with the rain in the afternoon. here's a look at what's bringing about all the change. driving our temperatures down. it's this area of low pressure on shore breezes that's going to keep going. so tomorrow morning. you're going to start out with some drizzle again 50s and 60s on those. is a live look it's a gray sky from our exploratorium camera in san francisco cloudy with patchy dense fog and drizzle a bit milder inland tomorrow and we are expecting sprinkles saturday. best chance in the north bay dry for the rest of the holiday weekend tomorrow morning. watch out for some slippery roadways, certainly gray skies, and then filtered sunshine
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throughout the day here comes the system on saturday that is going to bring in the possibility of a couple of isolated showers or sprinkles primarily in the north bay right on through the evening hours. so just keep in the back you remind as you're doing your outdoor activities 40s 50s. tomorrow morning a little bit of drizzle good sleeping weather tomorrow afternoon. here's what it looks like. nine and a half moon bay all the way to 80 degrees in fairfield. so really mild inland cool at the coast keeping it on the breezy side and if you're going to bottle rock next three days, the weather couldn't be better. i mean you're in the low to mid 70s all three days after the morning temperatures are in the 40s. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast cool at the coast mild inland a possibility of a few sprinkles and then it's dry and milder for the second half of the holiday weekend with warmth returning midweek, dan and and larry right back after the break.
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celebrate the golden state warriors heading to the finals again merchandise for the nba western conference champions is already on sale. look at this. this is video of a long line of fans outside. -- sporting goods in pleasant hill after the game tonight waiting to get their hands on new gear and we have our shirts right here for the 2022 western conference champions. thanks to -- sporting goods great stuff here. larry look sharp.
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what fun tonight? yeah. do you think this fits? i think you got to bend the bill. yeah, it fits. it doesn't matter. my head is enormous, you know mostly ego san diego tells me it's very nice. it's very nice good stuff. yeah, what a party right? fantastic chase center right warriors and their fans celebrating their return to the finals. s sports is next.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. when people are dying rock casino good evening. they are back the warriors earning a spot in the nba finals finishing off the mavericks in five games in the western conference finals dallas. they threw some haymakers but the warriors ultimately delivered the knockout kind of scary early. look at the left of your screen
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steph curry rolls his right foot the ankle rolling right over anything on no. that is the last thing the warriors need right now clay thompson though shot by lights out 8 threes finished with 32 points. think about all he is overcome to catastrophic injuries at 19 at the half dubs. 17 at the break third quarter signature play draymond behind the back clay splash dubs built a 25-point lead and lucas kicking chairs, but donchic hits some ridiculous shots fading away there. are you serious? he went for 28 mavs cut the deficit down to eight things were getting stressful fourth quarter andrew wiggins with authority or wigs authority 18 and 10 for him then draymond with the drive and one. 17 points and he had nine of the dubs 36 assists. cavan looney a monster. boards 18 rebounds 10 points feeding clay for the dagger warriors heading back to the nba championship for the sixth time at eight years. steph curry the western conference final series mvp 120 110 year final game. one of the finals is a week from
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tonight at chase. can't take it for granted. there's nothing's ever guaranteed. we understand how hard it is to when we said we said that to a blue interface these last two years, but this is definitely special and proud of everybody that. you know is in that locker room that came with it. all year and now we have an opportunity to go finish the finisher job proud of not only my effort but our whole team like we really gelled this year at the right time and we have exciting times ahead of us. this is the opportunity that players dream of we know to be put in a position to you know to win it all so, you know, i'm thankful and we still got more work to do we'll have time to prepare and that's that's what the coaches will be doing the next few days once the op is set and that's the fun part for us and and the players get a little break now they deserve it. they're well baseball is
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rangers, dan and i do this dance before every show i do the guy on
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>> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- rose byrne, the miz, and music from sebastian yatra. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us. it's good to be together. [ cheers and applause ] i just have to thank you, that's very nice. before i came out i was talking


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