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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the crowd is back, they are on their feet. the warriors are going to the nba finals again. >> here we go again. the dynasty continues. the warriors headed to the nba finals for the sixth time in eight years. >> of course, fans are buzzing we are talking with them as they made their way out of the chase center after that win. >> in the wake of the texas elementary school shooting, san francisco's biggest employer demanding its executives stop working with the nra. >> it is a cool start to the memorial day weekend, but it is going to warm up. we are tracking the temperatures. i'm going to put my hat on. >> who's ready? >> we've got the gears here. >> fresh off the presses. >> let's give them a close-up. come on.
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this is what you're going to have. [laughter]o i >>s haweee we need a celebration. and a parade. >> parades on parades. [laughter] >> we are going to take it all away. >> all the way, honey. good morning, everyone. it is a happy friday when it comes to the warriors. >> we've got to look at this memorial day forecast. >> we will start the holiday weekend with some cold temperatures, but it will warm up by the end of the holiday weekend. now we are generally in the mid and upper 50's are marine layer overhead and onshore flows i 56 and the fddi -- in the city, 57 in palo alto, 54 in santa rosa. here's a live look from the exploratorium camera. the morning cloud cover with us. we will start off with a fair amount of cloud cover forget it breaks down for a blend of sunshine and cloud cover out there. i would not be surprised if we
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have a little bit of drizzle along our coast line. we are gradually warming through the 60's by lunchtime. in the afternoon it is a little bit warmer inland. we will touch near 80 degrees, along the shoreline in the 60's and 70's. cooler weather arrives tomorrow. we will show you that and that warmer coming your way in about nine minutes. >> after missing the playoffs the past two years, the warriors are back. you can see right there, the nba finals again. they won west, finishing off dallas in five games. the warriors got off to a good start, led by klay thompson, who knocked down h3's -- knocked down eight threes. it was an epic return for thompson. >> paying off. >> this time last year i was just starting to jog again and get up and down the court, and now to be feeling like myself,
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feeling explosive, feeling sure in my movements, i am just grateful. all of those emotions just rushed through me. >> now we all wait to see who the warriors will be facing off against in the nba finals. boston leads the series over miami, 3-2. game one of the nba finals is set for next thursday. watch it here only on abc 7. it was a huge night for warriors fans. j.r. stone was at the chase center. he talked with fans right after the game. >> put your hands in the air, the golden state warriors are going to the nba finals. >> it was the best night of our life. it was amazing. honestly we could not have asked for a better way to finish out the series. >> streamers falling from the rafters after the dubs clinched the western conference finals with their game five victory. > how do you make the mavs look like amateurs?
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you just show up and you are the warriors. that did it. >> even the stars got in on the action or get american idol's lionel richie courtside. san francisco 49ers george kittle and a box seat. >> they were talking about luka being the new age, taking staff out. this warriors team is the best in the nba. >> the best part of the night was winning the western conference finals, baby. >> what better way to celebrate than a dance party after the game? as to what is going to happen next, we will give you a quick answer. >> the warriors are going to win the whole thing. >> we are winning that easy. easy, bro. nobody can mess with us. >> we don't know who we are playing at. >> it could be anybody. nobody can mess with us. >> now we are going to go and when the finals. we are going to win it all baby. >> that was j.r. stone
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reporting. before last night's game, or years coach steve kerr spoke as he did the day of the uvalde school shooting about the need for national gun-control reform. he said it is not about politics. >> i've got lots of friends who are democrats. i've got lots of friends who are republicans. all i know is they all one gun violence to go away. we just need to get our public servants to respond to what we all want. >> before tip-off, the warriors held a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting. afterward the team offered information on how you can reach your political were presented as in washington to ask them to take action. >> we're learning more about the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives inside the classroom. eishare their nameantheirstors. was buddingrtt with big dreams. the mother says losing her young son is like losing a piece of
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her heart. 10-year-old aurelia sent host tessa really a santos -- aurelia santos was supposed to be in the classroom, but was on the other side of the school. >> we started looking around on facebook and then i realized that all of the people i knew were dead now. >> goodness. an educator for 23 years, according to her family, her husband of nearly 25 years tragically died of a heart attack yesterday. they leave behind four children. vigils were held last night in uvalde and in newtown, connecticut, a town all too familiar with this pain. in 2012, a gunman shot six people at sandy hook elementary there. people marched with candles and signs come in inaction on gun control. lawmakers also attended, saying
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bipartisan conversations in washington have started. >> president biden is expectinvg together a troubling timeline of how the events folded. the parents have a lot of questions. >> this morning there is growing anger over the police response to the shooting. law-enforcement officials are facing intense criticism over their changing stories about how everything unfolded. we are learning the school was not put on lockdown and officers did not enter the classroom for a full hour until tactical teams arrived at the campus. >> they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they receiving. could anybody have gone there sooner? you've got to understand, small town. >> authorities also see a resource officer did not confront the gunmen outside the school as they initially said. this morning, texas governor
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greg abbott has canceled his appearance at an nra convention set to start today just a few hundred miles away in houston. several performers have also canceled their shows set for this weekend as the nra faces calls to cancel the event completely. >> thank you. employees at san francisco bay salesforce are urging executives to stop working with the national rifle association. according to the sfgate, an open letter called for the company to end their working relationship with the nra. they also report the letter has over 4000 signatures as of thursday. this as a wave of other companies across the country have cut ties the nra. in 2019, salesforce stopped working with vendors who sold -- online. >> if you are lime fire burning at a church in pittsburgh.
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a reporter is joining us live from the scene. what are you seeing? >> this fire is huge and it is still raging. let me step out of the way so you can see for yourself. they are not going in. it is too dangerous. partial roof collapse has happened here, so you can see they are spraying it from up above on their latter. it is just not safe for them to go inside. this is the church, called the pentecostals, at central avenue and railroad avenue. the building manager we do see a lot of church members and employees gathered here, comforting each other. very sad to watch their church go up in flames like this. it looks like it will be a total loss. they say that they gather here at 5:00 a.m. for prayers, so that is why we are seeing some people here exciting to come here to pray. others say they work here and
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they lived nearby and heard about this and wanted to come out here. now they are telling us they need prayers as they experience this as a congregation. have not checked in with firefighters yet. they are very busy right now. but it is obvious from where we stand that this is too dangerous for them to fight going inside. we have not heard any reports of any injuries or that anybody was here at the time. i also asked if they have any indication, some church members and the building manager, of what happened, why this fire started. they say they have no idea at this time. >> thank you. 5:10 a.m., taking a live look at our san jose camera. the south bay, partly cloudy skies. this morning, air quality, we are good to go. greeti f theholidal arrive tomo. live doppler 7 along with
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satellite, we have this cold front off of our coastline that will move through tomorrow into sunday. what we will find is increased cloud cover, cooler conditions come about after this front moves through, especially on memorial day itself, we warm back up. today, future trucker temperatures, 10:00 a.m., take the jacket with you because temperatures are on the cool side this morning. 50's to low 60's by 10:00 a.m. by noon we are generally in the upper 60's, and today a little warmer, but all in all, temperatures close to where they should be for this time of year. we are calling it comfortable equal on this friday. 62 in san francisco with mostly cloudy skies and a wind in the afternoon. 77 incentivize -- in san jose. santa rosa a bit warmer compared to yesterday, going to 77 degrees. as we take a look at the holiday weekend, tomorrow is partly sunny. we start out a little bit cooler. temperatures generally in the 60's and low 70's. behind that front we start to warm up.
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on monday, 80's make a comeback. we see sunshine through the hobby we can both sunday and monday, so enjoy. that's get a check of traffic. >> good morning. we are going to start with a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have pretty much clear conditions everywhere right now. we have a couple of wind advisories for the golden gate bridge, also the venetia bridge and through the altamont pass. i will double check on that last one. look at this. tracy to dublin, only 25 minutes. i know a lot of people are off today for the holiday weekend, but be aware later today, especially between 5:45 and 7:45, it is going to be crowded on the roadways, so give yourself some extra time if you're traveling out of town. >> on the first anniversary of the vta shooting comedy public transit system is hit with several lawsuits. >> graduation season is upon us. high school and college seniors getting ready to get their
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diplomas. ceremonies planned for thousands of students. >> memorial day music festival. bottlerock returns today in one country. the big headliners set to take the stage this weekend. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation
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>> it was a somber anniversary in the south bay marking one year since nine people were killed in san jose. the community coming together to room, the men killed and to thank first responders. [sirens] >> we shouldn't be here. i hate that we are here. >> we gather today as we gathered on may 26 of last year when we turn from a wednesday into a nightmare. a year later, a texas elementary school, a church in southern california, a buffalo grocery store, and so many other places
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have joined the vta railyard in the fields of the go worry garlic festival as memorials to innocent blood in our country's shame. >> i'm crushed for the families who lost children earlier this week, the families who lost grandmas and grandpa's last week, and the tons of thousands of families, coworkers, friends, and bystanders who have undergone the trauma of seeing people murdered by someone who is deluded, entitled, racist, or just really, really angry. >> i want to thank all of you that responded to everyone that was in that room doing the best that you could for what was done to them. >> they stabilized that victim enough so that he was able to say goodbye to his wife at the hospital. thank you.
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>> can you imagine what they remember from that day, those folks who ran into that building and ran into that place where there were victims on the floor that were murdered? >> there's the adage that you run towards the thing that we are all running from. >> but the highest way we can honor you is to make sure you have the support you need to do your job. >> we figured out that we are all kind of have the same goal in mind, and that is to make the workplace better, to make our community better, and just to make this world a better place to live in. ♪ >> multiple lawsuits were filed in connection to the shooting, including one by the family of the victim lawrence cap lane, accusing of negligence, assault, battery, folsom brisbane --
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false imprisonment, and wrongful death. >> the vta had 400 lives it was responsible for protecting, and that is why they had security, and that is why there was a contract that the sheriff had with this security company, and the security was false. it was fake. >> a statement from lane's widow says that too many people failed to do their jobs, leaving her family heartbroken. the vta saying it is focusing "on the continued healing of our employees and the families of our deceased coworkers and will address the lawsuit claims later." >> san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting today about a shooting in the mission bay neighborhood. an officer fired shots after responding to an assault call just blocks from chase center. it is not clear if both men died from the shots fired by police or due to the assault.
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the town hall is set for 3:00 p.m. today. it will be virtual, streaming on youtube and facebook. after a short presentation, a call-in number will be in for public comment. >> san francisco unified will have their graduation ceremonies at two locations with one common goal in mind, equity, a key part of building a better bay area. the district will hold all 19 graduation ceremonies at two locations, because our stadium and mercator campus. he recognized not every student was getting the same experience. >> we had some schools that could really afford something like the civic auditorium, and we had other schools that could not afford that, and we started looking at that from an equity lens. >> sfusd has hired a professional production company to make sure every graduation gets special treatment, but comes with a pretty hefty price tag, up to $500,000. the city has given the district $200,000. the rest of the money will come
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from donations and the school district. >> happening today in the south bay, it is graduation day for students at san jose state are t be the largest in-person gatherings at san jose state since 20 19. more than 7500 students from the class of 2022 are scheduled to graduate. many of them will be participating in college specific commencement ceremonies. the first one is set to start at 8:30 this morning. it is also commitment week for students at san francisco state university. the school will be hosting its second graduations are money today at oracle park. the first one was yesterday, which honored the classes of 2020 and 2021. today's ceremony will celery the class of 2022. graduate procession begins tonight at 5:30. >> bottlerock napa valley music festival is back with headliner metallica. gates are open at 11:30 this morning. metallica hits the stage at 7:45
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tonight. according to bottlerock's website, tickets are already sold out, but if you are feeling lucky, you can make a ticket request. let us know how that goes. other notable artists that will be performing, inc., luke combs -- performing, pink, combs, and 21 pilots. >> it is a little bit cooler. tomorrow we will find temperatures if the mid -- in the mid-if not upper 70's. tomorrow is a colder day, partly cloudy skies. probably have some cute fits you want to show off. take the layers with you. it is brighter and warmer on sunday, so enjoy if you are headed to napa. outside, little bit of drizzle on the lens. a marine layer is with us. tomorrow is a cool start to the holiday weekend, but we warm up sunday and even into monday next week. right now we are working up with
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temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. we will slowly warm today because of an onshore breeze that picks up throughout the day. future trucker wind gusts, we cannot get rid of this wind. it just continues to keep temperatures and check. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts, and we will do it all again on saturday as a cold front moved through. highs today can furtively cool, 60's to low 70's around the bay shoreline. mid and upper 70's our warmest spots. in clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. overnight tonight, that cloud cover comes back. we will find numbers in the upper 40's to upper 50's as we head into saturday. future trucker temperatures, saturday is the coolest day we have over the holiday weekend. we will begin to warm up those temperatures, more widespread 70's and low 80's on sunday, and then monday is certainly the warmest day over the three-day weekend. expecting a lot of sunshine. they and monday. probably sunny tomorrow, brighter skies sunday and one -- and monday. feeling like summer, we will see
5:23 am
90's make a comeback by midweek next week. >> thank you. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> and a bay area start up with a permanent four-day workweek now getting rid of some employees. the reason behind those layoffs. >> a highly and dissipated new disney+ series is
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>> it is 5:24. here are the seven things to know this morning. breaking news we are following, we want to show you a large fire burning at a church in pittsburgh right now. we will get you that imagine just a moment. it started about two hours ago. if you are heading that way, just avoid that area. >> number two, growing anger over the police response to the texas shooting. we are learning robb elementary was not put on lockdown when the first none will most -- when the first 911 calls came in and police did not enter until tactical gear arrived. >> 50 million americans are expect it to hit the road on memorial day weekend. last night was the busiest time on bay area roads. >> number four, for the first time in two years, the warriors are headed to the nba finals.
5:26 am
the be the mavs last night to punch their ticket. game one of the nba finals is set for next thursday. he will see it only right here on abc 7. >> number five, it is a bright holiday weekend today. you can see we are finding that sunshine. sun and clouds later on today. but look at the holiday weekend. we warm up by memorial day on monday. >> number six, a clear commute for you so far on this monday. as f advisories for the venetian bridge, antioch bridge, and golden gate bridge. >> number seven, sundown cinema is back, bringing free outdoor movies to parks in san francisco. the first one is tonight, "sister act 2." you can start arriving at 6:30 if you want to get a spot, and the movie starts around 8:30. san francisco bay tech startup bolt financial, boasting a popular four-day workweek, is now laying off employees.
5:27 am
the startup laid off employees starting on wednesday. about 250 of 900 workers were let go. the company says the move to secure its financial position amid financial challenges is one they had to make. the ceo stepped down in january. it is not clear what severance benefits laid off employees will be getting. >> if you are star wars fans, we don't have to tell you what today is. but if you are not, it is finally the day that "obi-wan kenobi" is back in his own show on disney+. after ewen mcgregor, who first brought him to life in "star wars episode one: the phantom menace" is talking about the character he last played into thousand five. >> i watched all of the movies from start to finish, and then the spinoff movies. it felt totally natural to be him again, and it was great. i enjoyed it very much. >> the first two episodes of "we want cannot be" are at of
5:28 am
"obi-wan kenobi -- of "obi-wan kenobi" are out today on disney+. the renewed call for pedestrian safety. >> for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> happening now, millions of people traveling for the memorial day holiday. why you may want to use peer to peer rental services. >> americans making their voices heard on gun reform. i'm ike ejiochi purporting -- ike ejiochi reporting in washington. >> some schools are seeing the highest number of covid cases in the last four months. >> good morning. it is friday, may 27th. the final friday of the month. we are writing this hi from the warriors' win last night.
5:31 am
>> it feels good and it is a holiday weekend. checking in with drew to see what the weather will look like. >> pretty nice conditions tomorrow. by monday it is much warmer. today, looking up to temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. a fairmont of cloud cover out there without marine layer. a look at kgo, we have some pretty colors, some warm hues. a fair amount of cloud cover in spots this morning, so we will wake up without marine layer. mostly sunny skies throughout the day. it is breezy again this afternoon. winds pick up today, gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour, but still a little warmer today inland, close to 80 degrees, around the bay shoreline in the 60's and 70's. we are comfortably cool to finish out the week. 62 in the city, 77 san jose, about 79 in any act. we will preview the house of the weekend and minutes. >> now to that breaking news in the east bay, a fire burning at a church in pittsburgh. abc 7 reporting and he halep
5:32 am
field -- reporter anyhow field is there. >> people here very emotional as they watch their church burn this morning. this is the pentecostals of the bay area. they say they have about 1000 members. it is a huge building, and they are thinking about all the special moments have had inside their church building here. we are at railroad and central avenues in pittsburgh or get this call came at about 2:45 this morning. firefighters are in defensive mode. they say it is just too dangerous to go in. they say there has been a back draft phenomenon that happened in this fight, which blew out some of the doors. they've also had part of the roof collapse. they just will not be able to save this building, and it is not safe for them to go inside. >> we received a phone call at three and -- at 3:00 in the morning, and they tell you that the church caught on fire. a lot of thoughts go through your mind at 3:00 in the
5:33 am
morning. of course, when i got here and saw the flames and the destruction of the building, you know, the emotions take a hold of you. >> no word yet on the fire's cause. the pastor is worried that they possibly could have been targeted. he's mentioning just the times that we live in now. he kept saying that, and also said that sometimes people do drive-by by and yell things out at him, so he's worried that they were possibly targeted. firefighters don't know yet what started this fire. he tells me he does want to hold service this sunday. he wants to gather his congregants somewhere to get everyone together, but says it is tough to find a place large enough for as many members as he has, but he does plan to try. they gather for prayers at 5:00 a.m. that is not happening here today, obviously. they also distribute food, he tells me, to people in need on fridays.
5:34 am
he says at this time, they need prayers. live in pittsburgh, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> new questions about the law enforcement response to the shooting in uvalde, texas this week. texas state police have launched an investigation. parents want to know why the school was not put on lockdown for 10 minutes after the first 91 calls were made about a shooter near the campus. police did not enter the classroom for an hour after arriving at the scene, waiting instead for tactical teams to arrive. president biden is expected to be in you aldi sunday, and there are growing demand for change from our leaders. this morning, congress appears to be coming together. abc 7 news reporter ike ejiochi joining us in washington with the effort. >> what could be a potential breakthrough, democrats and republicans have opened new talks on gun legislation. americans are making their voices heard in the debate over
5:35 am
gun safety, from student walkouts to major league baseball. the rays and yankees using their twitter accounts to tweet gun violence statistics instead of game updates, no possible movement in washington. semi geordie leader mitch mcconnell is urging colleagues to find common ground, directing texas senator john cornyn to work with democrats. >> i'm not interested in the same old tired talking points. i'm interested in what we can do to make the terrible vents that occurred in uvalde less likely in the future. >> on the table, background checks for gun stores, gun shows, and online sales, and red flag measures that could allow courts to temporarily remove guns from people deemed dangerous. p showolls -- polls show 80% of americans those measures, but any talk of gun control is a nonstarter for some republicans,
5:36 am
including ted cruz, saying now is not the time. >> it is easy to go to politics. >> it is important. it is at the heart of the issue. >> the proposals from democrats and the media inevitably, when some violent psychopath murders people -- >> a violent psychopath who is able to get a weapon so easily. an 18-year-old with two ar-15's. >> texas governor greg abbott will no longer appear in person at today's nra convention in houston. a recorded video of abbott will play at the convention instead. he says he will return to uvalde to meet with families. several gun control groups will be protesting outside the nra convention today and houston local leaders are calling for peaceful protest. >> thank you so much. we have a dedicated collection of information about the texas shooting on our abc 7 bay area streaming app. you can get videos on demand come on apple tv, android tv,
5:37 am
roku, and amazon fire anytime. memorial day weekend is here, marking the unofficial start of summer. today you should be excepting some headaches out there on the road and in the air. we are tracking all of it at the live desk. you said leave yesterday if you could. >> yesterday morning, to be clear. yes, a nation stuck at home during the pandemic is eager to travel. or than 50 million americans are expected to have the roads this weekend. a shortage of rental cars is affecting travelers this year or get some returning to peer rental services, but they do come with some risks. >> when you are renting from a private person, there's a lot of uncertainty. so you do have a risk about getting to your car and it not meeting your standards of cleanliness. >> there are a couple of things to consider as you plan your trip. experts say you should drive slower and avoid rooftop carriers to improve gas mileage.
5:38 am
checking out gas prices here in the bay area, we are still above six dollars a gallon. aaa shows san francisco is at $6.31 a gallon area oakland is the cheapest at $6.18 and san jose at $6.19 this morning. keep in mind i'm of the worst day for traffic was expect it to be yesterday in the bay area, but there are still going to be a lot of people on the roads. you should plan extra time for your trips throughout the entire weekend. >> thank you. two pedestrians have been hit and killed on the streets of san francisco already this year. two of those victims died just this past sunday when they were hit by a taxi to get abc7news reporter tim johns with at the vigil calling for safer roads. >> the maze of cars, the honking of horns, and the foot traffic of pedestrians. on most days the streets of san francisco can be chaotic and sometimes dangerous. >> unfortunately three people to
5:39 am
go to sm general everyday hit by cars. >> so far this year, 10 have been killed on city streets, the most recent on sunday, when a mother and daughter were hit by a taxi. the crash is under investigation. >> we just need to be redesigning our streets, making sure that our people are safe. >> jody works with walk san francisco. they cosponsored a vigil thursday night to room or those who have lost their lives and to call for the city to enact changes. among their top priorities is to reduce speed limits on streets they considered to be problematic. >> we also need to get our city to use these low-cost tools we have in our toolbox to make sure that we are slowing down left turns, making right turns on red illegal. >> the area on third and mission is one of particular concern from any commuters in the area. laura says she takes a bus near the intersection everyday and has almost been hit herself.
5:40 am
>> we say in a minute, you wake up, your family is there. that is horrible. >> san francisco has a goal to illuminate pedestrian deaths by 2024, a target medeiros as is possible with the proper focus and prioritization. >> we can do it. other cities have done it. oslo, norway did it in 2019. >> tim johns, abc 7 news. >> we want to get you up to speed on the latest on the covid-19 pandemic. the omicron variant known as ba-4 and ba-5 have been detected in santa clara county's wastewater system. california's reporting more covid cases per day than it did during the peak of the 2021 summer search. the key here, hospitalizations remain low. a new swiss study has found that infected people without symptoms are 2/3 less likely to pass the
5:41 am
virus to others. >> san francisco schools are reporting the most covid cases since january. public-school students and staff reported more than 400 70 covid-19 cases last week, and that is up more than 150 cases the week before. this increase matches the surge in cases back in january. in april the school district dropped its mask mandate. the spring semester, sfusd has reported more than 7400 cases. fraud attempt blocked. the add stopping criminals from stealing more money and unemployment benefits. >> and just in time for summer come outdoor movies are back tonight in san francisco. the lineup of films showing after sundown. but forget to that -- but before we get to that, we check back and withdrew on the forecast. >> we have that marine layer along the coastline, those beautiful colors as the sun gets up here. sunrise is in about 10ines wava
5:42 am
daylight. here's live doppler 7. what we are tracking right off our coast right now, there is a cold front, and this will march through tomorrow. tomorrow will bring about cooler weather, some increased cloud cover, but in the week of that front by sunday and monday, we will warm temperatures back. memorial day on monday is really looking beautiful around here. future tracker temperatures today, take the jacket with you. it is one of those mornings similar to yesterday where temperatures are very slow to warm with that cloud cover, that onshore flow. by lunchtime it is breezy out there. most of us basically in the 50's and 60's get by the afternoon our warmest spots away from the coast will go into the 70's. it is a little warmer compared to yesterday, but all in all it is pretty average for this time of year. we will hit 66 in oakland with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. cloudier, cooler and windier in the city. we can get rid of the wind quite yet. 73 in fremont, palo alto, 76 in napa, 77 santa rosa.
5:43 am
our warm spot on the map will be fairfield coming in at 80 degrees. cooler temperatures as that cold front moved through. we will find increased cloud cover, partly sunny on saturday. a warmer afternoon on sunday, and monday really looking nice, the best out of the three days over the holiday. temperatures away from the coast in the 70's and 80's forget we warm even more later next week. we will show you those numbers in about eight minutes. first, let's say good morning and see how traffic is doing. >> happy friday. all green on the map, that is good news. know what your slowdowns there. -- no major slowdowns there. this is going to be on the eastern side of the bridge as you make your way into san francisco. traffic is moving there. the richmond bridge nice and clear as well. no issues to report. just a few wind advisories. look at the drive times as well. four minutes, fremont to san jose.
5:44 am
some more for you, there's a new high-speed rail passenger ferry on the bay. [applause] i do not know what that was that she just smashed, but let's get into this story. it was christened at the san francisco ferry terminal. the dorado can transport 320 passengers around the bay at a speed of up to 36 knotts, about 41 miles per hour. >> it is the fastest vessel in our fleet. the dorado is going to make sure that our travel times are optimized. it is one of the most efficient vessels in our fleet. >> julian justo me you're supposed to break a bottle of champagne for the christening. now i get it. i wasn't sure what happened there. ferry ridership is already up by about 50% of prepend them at levels. part of the reason is that fares have been cut by 30%.
5:45 am
officials say three more ferries will join the f
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> kirkpatrick was fired in 2020 after three years on the job. she claimed she was fired for blowing the whistle about alleged misconduct by some police commissioners. she will receive more than $300,000 in damages. the edd has been widely criticized for letting scammers get away with fraudulent unemployment benefits during the pandemic, but now the department has announced it has blocked another huge fraud attempt. the edd says it stopped and attempt to steal hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits. officials say scammers filed as many as 47,000 phony claims in
5:48 am
early may using old-fashioned paper applications and faxes, seven times the usual amount. edd says those claims could have been worth as much as 500 tics to million dollars -- $560 million. the edd has stopped processing paper applications from that time period, so that means legitimate applications may be delayed. outdoor movies return to san francisco tonight. the first of eight nights of sundown cinema will feature "sister act 2," filmed at st. paul's catholic church in noe valley. you can start arriving at 6:30 to get a good spot. the movie starts after sunset, around 8:30. other movies include "the rock," "star trek iv: the voyage home," "in condo -- "encanto,"
5:49 am
"shang-chi," and "adams family values." >> we will have a lot of cloud cover first thing this morning. it is a pretty come for to be cool day. tomorrow is a cold front moved through, what it will do is bring some additional cloud cover. it is trying to spark a very light, scattered spangle tomorrow afternoon in areas north of santa rosa. most of us are totally dry, but just be aware of that cold front moving her temperatures and increased cloud cover to start the how today we can. we will take you to the golden gate bridge. there you can see the flag. just a. we expect the wind to pick up later this afternoon, gusting about 20 to 30 miles per hour. close to the coast, stirring out with some drizzle and cloud cover. here's how the day shapes up. increasing sunshine as that cloud cover begins to break down, but the warming process is slow this morning. take the extra layer with you. generally in the 50's and 60's by lunchtime, and later this afternoon it is cooled along the coast, but a little bit warmer inland compared to yesterday.
5:50 am
we will go to the upper 70's to near 80 and our warmest spots. to finish out the week, comforted cool out there. if amount of cloud cover over the city today. the wind is an issue. 62 in san francisco, 77 was sunshine in san jose, the same in santa rosa. 75 in concord. for the holiday weekend, the warmest day will be on memorial day. spent a lot of sunshine over the weekend, and we will find temperatures generally in the 70's and near 80 degrees. >> coming up new at 6:00, back to the beginning. one man's graduation ceremony this week it is a long time coming and the message for all of us. >> it is never too early to think about food. we know that. colt favorite shake shack is expanding. the new locations coming to two bay area cities. >> we are taking a live lo a pay
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> a pay raise is coming for apple employees. apple told retail and corporate employees starting pay for hourly workers will be at least $20 an hour -- at least $22 an hour. salaried employees will also get a boost to their pay. our news partner reports that apple is now exhilarating its annual performance-based pay increases by three months. >> to more bay area cities will soon be able to get their hands on shake shack. the popular burger chain is planning to open at westfield oak ridge in san jose and in walnut creek. the opening dates have not been set yet. last month, shake shack previously announced it would be opening in emeryville and san francisco's stones town galleria. it does not have any other
5:54 am
planned locations for now. >> if you want to celebrate the golden state warriors heading to the finals, and of course you do , merchandise for the nba western conference champions is already on sale. we've got video here of the long line of fans outside of dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill after the game waiting to get their hands on that brand-new swag. >> if you look, she's modeling that he should. here's a live look at sfo with the fairmont of cloud cover along the coast. it is a bit warmer inland this afternoon. it is a cool start to the holiday weekend. comfortably cool day, a lot of 70's away from the coast. that morning cloud cover giving way to sunshine, and it is windy later today, about 20 to 30 miles per hour. here's memorial day, holiday we can. partly sunny tomorrow. tomorrow is the coldest day over the three-day weekend. as we head towards sunday it is brighter, it is windier out
5:55 am
there. numbers gradually warming into the 70's, and then by monday it is a little bit warmer out there. we will find temperatures in the 60's and 70's closer to the coast and then on monday a little bit warmer, temperatures in the low 80's. in seven days, it is a cool coast today. we are mild inland. tomorrow it is the coldest day over the holiday weekend. it is also increased cloud cover muscle partly sunny on saturday. by sunday we will find brighter skies, a little breezy with temperatures in the 70's. monday is the best day over the three-day holiday weekend. you will find increased sunshine throughout the afternoon, warmer temperatures going into the low 80's in our warmest spots, and those numbers continue to take off. by tuesday we are feeling like summer again. by wednesday, 90's making a comeback, and by thursday it is breezy and colder, but over the next seven days it will be pretty windy each and every afternoon. >> thank you, drew. new at 6:00, the major chain
5:56 am
that says they have been selling you wrong sizes. >> plus, we will have an update on the church fire in pittsburgh. >> this is video of that fire that has been burning since early this morning. this is live from sky 7. amy is live in the field, reporting, telling us just how bad it is. you can see why firefighters have said they are not going in. it is just not safe. so they are still working, and so many people who go to that church are there watching this all happen. here's a live look outside right now at 5:56. i thing a lot of people are going to be had in there for memorial day weekend. we will be right back.
5:57 am
for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits.
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and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. kumasi: a church in the east bay ablaze. reggie: we are taking a live
6:00 am
look. sky 7 showing of the live images of these active flames. the crowd of parishioners now waiting outside pleading for the firefighters to save this building. kumasi: good morning, it is friday, may 27. reggie: we have so much to get to. everyone excited about the big warriors wind. we start out with drew and a look at the memorial day forecast. drew: a lot of cloud cover. tomorrow will be the coolest date and we start to warm up as the week and goes on. mid to upper 50's. pretty uniform temperatures. a live look over the clouds as the sun is going over. we will call it partly sunny. clos to iour hi ltl bit below average but all in all very nice. we will take a closer look at the holiday weekend coming up in
6:01 am
about nine minutes. kumasi:


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