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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 27, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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waiting outside pleading for the firefighters to save this building. kumasi: good morning, it is friday, may 27. reggie: we have so much to get to. everyone excited about the big warriors wind. we start out with drew and a look at the memorial day forecast. drew: a lot of cloud cover. tomorrow will be the coolest date and we start to warm up as the week and goes on. mid to upper 50's. pretty uniform temperatures. a live look over the clouds as the sun is going over. we will call it partly sunny. clos to iour hi ltl bit below average but all in all very nice. we will take a closer look at the holiday weekend coming up in about nine minutes. kumasi: back to the breaking
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news and the east bay. the two alarm fire burning at a church in pittsburgh. it is on central avenue on railway avenue on highway four. amy hollyfield is live there now. what is it looking like now? amy: this is a huge fire. it is still raging in this is a large building. we will show you views on the ground and also up above. this is the pentecostals of the east bay. the church has about 1000 members and there is a large crowd gathered, emotionally watching this building burn. this is located at central and railroad avenues in pittsburgh. they got the call at 2:45 this morning. right now they are trying to get the fire out in a defensive mode. it is too dangerous to go inside. firefighters say there was also
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a back draft phenomenon which blew out the front doors of the building. they are spraying water. they are out here on the ground. they are not going inside the building. no one has been hurt. that is good news they are using precautions as they fight this fire. the pastor tells me they usually gather at 5:00 for prayers. they are saying they need prayers as they deal with this fire. >> it is a building, the church is the people. the emotional connection to the building, we work so hard, modeling completely inside out, we just finished putting a brand-new roof, solar panels, new seats, and all of a sudden it is gone. it is just how it is. amy: they circled up and prayed
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together on the sidewalk outside the burning church just a few minutes ago. the pastor said he hopes to have church service this sunday. he says he will be looking for a venue large enough to hold his huge congregation. firefighters say they do not know yet what caused this fire. the pastor is worried about the potential for our student, saying prep -- for arson, saying protesters do sometimes yell out things to him, and he points to the times we are living right now. firefighter say the cause is under investigation. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: now we are turning to the school shooting in texas. the warriors coach speaking again about the need for national gun-control reform. he says it is not about politics. >> i have lots of friends were
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democrats, i have lots of friends who are republicans. all i know is they all want gun violence to go away. we just need to get our public servants to respond to what we all want. reggie: before tip-off, the warriors held a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting. afterward the team offered information on how you can reach her applicable representatives in washington, d.c. kumasi: we are learning more about the children and teachers who lost their lives inside that classroom. olivia ramirez was an artist with big dream. the mother of another says losing her son was like losing a piece of her heart. 10-year-old a rail your hernandez was supposed to be -- aurelia hernandez was supposed to be in the classroom but because of recess she was on the other side effect campus. >> i did not know who was hurt or dead, and i realized all the
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people i knew were dead. kumasi: this is fourth grade teacher irma garcia, she is one of the teachers who was killed. her husband of nearly 25 years died of a heart attack yesterday. they leave behind four children. vigils were held last night in uvalde and newtown, connecticut, town familiar with this kind of pain. in 2021 a gunman shot 26 people. people in newtown -- in 2012 a gunman shot 26 people. lawmakers also attended, saying bipartisan conversations have started in washington. reggie: president biden is expected to travel to uvalde on sunday. his visit coming as there is
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growing scrutiny on how law-enforcement responded to the massacre. a reporter from our sister station in houston is live this morning. she is following these questions as we learned took law-enforcement and our to enter that building. danieella: there are some he questions people want answered. they are wondering why took officers and law enforcement an our to stop that shooter. today we are getting a better insight on the hour to hour of what officials with the department of public safety are saying unfolded on tuesday. across the country, communities in morning. parishioners at the sacred heart catholic church in uvalde honoring those lost in this tragedy. >> wounds which never quite healed in our own hearts and souls. daniela: worshiping in
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solidarity in newtown connecticut where the nation's deadliest school shooting took place nearly 10 years ago. growing anchor over the police response. law-enforcement officials are facing intense criticism over there changing stories about everything unfolded once the gunmen arrived at the school. >> they did not make entry initially because of the gunfire they were receiving. daniela: a resource officer did not confront the gunmen outside the school as authorities first set. parents are demanding to know why it took more than an hour to take down the shooter? >> could anyone have got there sooner? you understand small town. daniela: at one point the suspected shooter's mother worked at the same store where salvador ramos purchased his weapons. survivors trying to move
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forward. abc's matt gutman spoke with a fourth-grader who was in a classroom down the hall. >> when did you notice something was wrong? >> whenever the bullet came through the wall. i turned out the lights and everyone went under the table. daniela: the memorial continues to grow outside of robb elementary school. people dropping off items and paying their respects to the 21 victims. greg abbott is expected to be here today and president biden is expected to be here with the first lady on sunday. reporting live in uvalde, texas. julian: thank you for your stellar coverage. we have information on our abc 7 bay area streaming ap. you can get information on roku and amazon. kumasi: remembering the
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hollywood icon. reflecting on the life of ray liotta defined by the roles he played. drew: we are looking at the holiday weekend. tomorrow starts out on the cool side. writer condition sunday and monday. one date -- monday is the warmest day of the weekend. we want to
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drew: we are taking a live look from a live look from our roof time camera. we have low cloud cover with us but also ith clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies later on. winds come it has been so windy, the pattern remains the the onshore flow into the early afternoon, strongest through the delta where we get the vacuum affect. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. that repeats tomorrow. tomorrow we expect the wide to be active. it is comfortably cool. 60's and 70's around the shoreline. the wind picks up in the afternoon. we have warmer weather to talk about. we will show you that in the seven-day in about six minutes.
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let's say good morning to jobina. jobina: happy friday. look how clear the bay bridge toll plaza is. we do not have any blocking issues to talk about from the chp which is great news if you need to commute this morning. we do have wind advisories still in place for the golden gate bridge and antioch ridge this morning. tracy to dublin, 27 minutes. usually it is round an hour. usually it is round an hour. that is how youwho you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have, tezspire™ can help. tezspire™ is a new add-on treatment for people 12 and over... that proactively reduces inflammation... ...which means you could have fewer attacks, breathe better, and relieve your asthma symptoms. so, you can be you, whoever you are.
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julian: one of the most familiar faces on the big screen, actor ray liotta has died. his publicist says he was working on a film in the dominican republic. his career spanned four decades and he will perhaps be remembered as a tough guy in films like goodfellas but he also showed a warmer side it is performance in field of dreams. >> if you build it, he will come. julian: his cause of death has not been disclosed. liotta was 67 years old. kumasi: san francisco police
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will be holding a town hall meeting about a police shooting that happened last week. two men died after officers filed shots while responding to an assault call. it is not clear if both died from the shots fired by police or because of the assault. the town hall is set for 3:00 today and will be virtual and streamed on youtube and facebook. after a short presentation on number will be given out to viewers. julian: this year san francisco unified will have their graduation ceremonies at two locations with one goal in mind, equity. starting on tuesday, the district will hold all 19 graduation ceremonies inches two locations. the change coming after the district recognized not every student was getting the same experience. >> we had some schools that could afford something like the bill graham civil auditorium and we had other schools that cannot afford that.
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we started looking at that through an equity plans. julian: sfusd has hired a reduction company to make sure every graduation gets a special treatment. it comes with a hefty price tag. the city has given the district $250,000. the rest will come from donations. kumasi: it is never too late to get your education. an ohio man knows that very well. the soon to be 98-year-old graduated from high school along with his great-grandson. the world war ii veteran said he always felt like something was missing from his life. after some hard work and a lot of tests, he has his degree. he lost his beloved madalyn last week. they were married 75 years but she was there in spirit. >> she is with me all the time. even though you cannot see her and they cannot see her, i can see her.
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i cannot begin to tell you how much my family means to me. there is nothing like a family, i will tell you. kumasi: pearl harbor in 1941 change the course of his life forever. he was recognized with a standing ovation when he walked across the stage with his great-grandson. that is the best thing. julian: such a special moment. jobina: what a gift to have him there. julian: a testament to if you can put your mind to it and achieve it, you can go for it. drew: it is a fun time. this weekend we have outdoor events, everyone wants to get outside. today we started with morning cloud cover. the holiday weekend is looking nice. warmer temperatures by monday. cloud cover overhead. the accuweather highlights call
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for morning clouds. it is a bit milder inland this afternoon. it is a cool start to the holiday weekend but we will show you it warms up by monday. we are waking up to temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite. there is a cold front that will move through here tomorrow. tomorrow we see temperatures get knocked back down. in the wake of that front sunday and monday temperatures will warm back up. 50's and 60's shortly before lunch. into the afternoon we expect 70's in our warmer spots. warmer inland compared to yesterday. 66 in oakland, 62 in the city. 71 in san rafael, 77 in santa rosa, 76 in napa. speaking of napa, today is the warmest day of the three-day festival. tomorrow is a cooler day.
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for much of the day we will be in the 60's but it is warmer on sunday for the final day of the festival. overnight tonight temperatures in the 40's and 50's with the cloud cover coming back. it is cool today, mild inland. tomorrow is brighter, it is warmer on memorial day. monday looking fantastic. by wednesday back to the summerlike feeling. 90's in our warmer spots inland. julian: good morning america is coming up at 7:00 on abc seven. kumasi: ginger zee has a look at what is ahead. ginger: the search for answers as new details about the ulvade shooting keep emerging. how long it took for law enforcement officers to enter that classroom where the gunman was terrorizing it is and teachers. 40 million americans on alert for severe weather this holiday weekend. who has to look out where.
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new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. drew: here's a live look from emeryville showing a mostly cloudy sky close to the coast. we expect some drizzle as our camera kind of white balances itself this morning. highs today, it is comfortably
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cool, 60's and 70's on the bay shoreline. if you are traveling across the state, drive from north to south. our hotspot, palm springs at 101. kumasi: chevron refinery workers in richmond have reached a new contract. workers have been on strike since march when they voted down chevron's previous contract offer. a week on the new gush of vote on the new contract is expected next week. -- a vote on the new contract is expected next week. julian: bold financial is now laying off some of its employees. the start up off employees during wednesday. around 250 of 900 workers were let go. the company says the move to secure its financial position amid financial challenges is the reason. the ceo stepped down in january. it is unclear what benefits
6:26 am
those laid off employees will be receiving. kumasi: there is a new way to toast the queen and it comes with quite a few. the queens platinum jubilee celebration kicks off honoring her 70 years on the throne. the london eye will turn one of its pods into a 1950's british pub. it is filled with games and more memorabilia. on the menu is a favorite of the queen, a jaden cocktail. -- a gin cocktail. julian: it sounds too fancy for me. i will try it, though. report back. coming up next at 6:30, tremendous world record. a south american tree may be the oldest. kumasi: all aboard. and up close look at a now -- at a high-speed ferry in the bay. drew: and as you wake up this
6:27 am
morning we are taking a live look outside. a gorgeous shot. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. julian: breaking news. in east bay filled with flames as the church growers are greeted by this mess.
6:30 am
this church now destroyed that fire still burning. kumasi: america's battle over gun control. the chance any reform might be passed on capitol hill. >> this crowd is on their feet. the warriors are going to the nba finals again. julian: we are still so hyped this morning. the dynasty, the warriors are in the nba finals. so much to celebrate this morning. a job well done on that sweep. -- gentlemen sweep, closing it out in five games. kumasi: drew, what is in store for people? drew: the energy is high. the warmest day by the end of the holiday weekend but overall shaping up to be very nice. we are in the mid and upper 50's.
6:31 am
san jose, the shark tank, sunny skies. a fair amount of cloud cover close to the coast. marine layer's very typical with the may gray on this friday morning. we will warm into the 50's and 60's by lunchtime, and later today warmer inland compared to yesterday. a slightly below average day. i will take a closer look not only at today's highs but also the holiday weekend. julian: now we get back to the breaking news in the east bay. a church destroyed after huge fire tear through the building overnight. this is all happening of the pentecostals of the bay area located on central avenue in pittsburgh. amy hollyfield is there now as the fire continues to burn. amy? amy: i apologize, i was having trouble hearing you. i want to show you what is happening behind me. it is still raging. firefighters have been at this
6:32 am
for three hours, four hours. they got this call at 2:45. you can still see fire burning inside. they are taking a defensive approach. this is too dangerous for them to go inside. this is the pentecostals of the east bay. we have seen a large crowd gathering emotionally watching their building burn. this is located at central and railroad avenues in pittsburgh and the call came in at 2:45. the pastor telling me it wasfei. firefighters say it is too dangerous to go inside. part of the roof has collapsed. they are spraying outside. there was a back draft phenomenon that happened that blew out the doors and the windows, just a really tough fire for them to battle. the pastor tells me they spent a
6:33 am
lot of money on major upgrades, new seeds, new solar panels. they know it is a building and they are grateful no one was hurt. they cannot help but think of the special memories like baby dedications and weddings. he says this will not take them down. he wants to find a place to have service this sunday. >> we are going to do our best. it will be challenging. this is a terrible situation. you can tell it is completely destroyed. it is sad, but the lord will help us. amy: they circled up and prayed together on the sidewalk outside their burning church. within the last hour we have seen them all working hard to comfort each other as they watch their building burn. they feel so helpless standing and watching. firefighters say they do not know what caused the fire.
6:34 am
the pastor did tell me he is worried about the potential of maybe this being arson. he says protesters do yell out at him when they drive or walk by. he says given the times we are living in right now. he is worried about what could have caused this fire. firefighters say they do not know what started this. it is under investigation. no one has been hurt in the fight against the fire. reporting in pittsburgh, amy hollyfield. kumasi: this is not the first time a church has burned in this area. just two blocks away was the sight of another church that call on fire. the church of god in christ is also on central avenue and in november a building under construction on the property burned. fire crews were able to save the main church. investigators never publish the cause of the fire. julian: new questions this morning about the law enforcement response to the shooting in texas.
6:35 am
here is the latest -- kumasi: texas state police have launched an investigation into law enforcement response. julian: parents want to know why the school was not put on lockdown for 10 minutes after the first 911 calls were made about a sugar near the campus. police did not enter the classroom for an hour after arriving at the scene, waiting instead for the tactical teams to arrive. kumasi: president biden is expected to be in ulvade on sunday and this morning there growing demands for change. julian: abc news reporter is live in washington with the possible progress on capitol hill. ike: americans are making their voices heard, from student walkouts to major league baseball, the race and yankees using their social media accounts to tweak gun violence statistics. now possible movement in washington. mitch mcconnell is urging colleagues to find common ground
6:36 am
, directing texas senator john cornyn to work with democrats. >> i am not interested in the tired talking points. i'm interested in what we can do to make the terrible events that occurred in ulvade less likely in the future. ike: on the table, background checks for gun stores and gun shows in red flag measures that could allow courts to temporarily remove guns from people deemed dangerous. or than 80% of americans support those policies, but any talk of reform involving guns is a nonstarter for many republicans, including texas senator ted cruz, telling sky news now was not the time to talk about gun reform. >> is this the moment to reform gun laws? >> it is easy to go to politics. >> is the heart of the issue. >> the proposals from democrats and the media, when some violent psychopath murders people -- >> a violent psychopath able to
6:37 am
get a weapon so easily. an 18-year-old with two ar-15's. ike: texas governor greg abbott will no longer appear in person at the nra convention in houston. a video will play at the convention instead. greg abbott says he will return to ulvade to meet with families. several gun control groups will be speaking outside the nra convention today. leaders are calling for peaceful protests. kumasi: employees at san francisco-based salesforce are urging executives to stop working with the national rifle association. a letter from the leadership call for the company to end its relationship with the nra. it is also reporting this letter has more than 4000 signatures as of thursday. this is coming as a wave of other companies have cut ties with the nra. in 2019 salesforce stopped working with vendors that sold semi automatic and 3d printing
6:38 am
guns online and then updated its own policy. julian: we want to get you up to speed on the latest of the covid-19 pandemics. omicron variant have both been detected in the wastewater system. it is unclear if either of these trains will become dominant. more covid strains per day during the peak of the 2021 summer surge, however hospitalizations remain low. the new swiss study has found infected people without symptoms are two thirds less likely to pass the virus on to others. kumasi: san francisco schools are reporting the most covid cases since january. public school students and staff reported more than 470 covid-19 cases last week. that is up for the 150 cases from the week before. this increase matches the search of cases in january. in april, the school district dropped its master mandate and in the spring semester there been more than 1700 q motive
6:39 am
cases. julian: memorial day weekend is upon us. today should be expecting headaches on the road. jobina is trapping all of this at the live desk. jobina: a nation stuck at home during the pandemic is eager to travel. more than 50 million americans are expected to hit the roads this weekend. a shortage of rental cars is affecting travelers. some returning to peer to peer rental services. they come with some risks. >> there is a lot of uncertainty. you have a risk of getting to your car and did not meeting your standards of cleanliness. jobina: with fuel costs higher than ever, there are a couple of things to consider as you plan for your trip. experts say you should drive slower and improve rooftop carriers. gas prices in the bay area, we are still above six dollars a gallon. aaa says san francisco is at
6:40 am
$6.31 a gallon. oakland is the cheapest and san jose at $6.19 a gallon. the worst day for traffic was expected to be yesterday in the bay area but there are going to be a lot of people on the roads. you should plan extra time for your trips. julian: ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy scheduled to speak to bay area students today. a live look at the big board at the newark stock exchange. trading starting up about hundred 59 points. go see a movie in the park for free. what to know before the big film tonight. and then streaming at 7:00. we are taking a deep dive into the top google search trends in getting an update on annie and the falcon and her growing family. download the abc 7 bay area
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streaming app. download it now. drew: if you're not invested in the tele-novella that is any the falcon, it is everything you have ever wanted. here is a live look. the marine layer is with us this morning. we have a fair amount of cloud cover. even some drizzle. be aware of that. live doppler 7, here's the story we are trapping. there is a cold front of our coastline tomorrow. it will at increased cloud cover and also cool our temperatures down. in the wake of that front we warm right back up. future pressed 50's and 60's. by lunchtime 70's on the board. i would take the jacket with you. today temperatures below average. 66 in oakland. 77 in san jose. looking at the holiday weekend, tomorrow is the coolest day.
6:42 am
we warm up memorial day. bright and beautiful. warming up in the 70's and 80's. let's get a check of traffic with jobina. jobina: look at the map. all green, which is very good news. checking in on a live picture, the bay bridge plaza, no lights on and it is empty. nice into san francisco. the same thing goes in san jose, showing a live look at 101. no problems, hardly any advisories. great news. we also want to share there is a new high-speed ferry on the bay. it was christened at the san francisco ferry terminal. [applause] jobina: and that was the champagne. i learned that as a part of the tradition. it can transport 320 passengers around the bay at a speed of up to 36 knots, that is about 41 miles per hour.
6:43 am
>> is the fastest vessel in our fleet. it is going to make sure our travel times are optimized, it is one of the most efficient vessels in our fleet. jobina: ridership is already up to about 50% of pre-pandemic levels. fares have been cut. offici
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kumasi: ukrainian president zelenskyy will be speaking virtually to students at stanford university. president zelenskyy is expected to address the fight for democracy and the need for continued support. the friedman institute for international studies is hosting the video address. in a new report genocide experts say in moscow there is a violation of several articles of united nations genocide convention. julian: now for your morning money, more -- your morning money report. old navy is scaling back its attempt to make inclusive sizes available in its stores. according to the wall street journal old navy says there was not enough demand and stores were lacking in middle sizes. a full range of inclusive sizing will still be offered online. there'll be a slight glimmer of relief from the stock market
6:47 am
today thanks to the performance of other u.s. retailers. wall street saw wide gains yesterday and is looking to end the week on a high note. retailers like macy's and dollar tree and dollar general all had positive quarterly earnings reports the s&p 500 is on track for its first weekly gain after seven straight losses. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are starting up about 151 points. kumasi: napa valley music festival is back with headliner metallica. gates open at 11:30 this morning. metallica hits the stage at 7:45 tonight. 80 acts are expected to participate. tickets are already sold out. if you're feeling lucky, you can make a ticket request. other notable artists pink and 21 pilots. julian: the warriors are going back to the nba finals and we are taking a look at some of the
6:48 am
freshest gear this morning. finishing off dallas in five games, the gentleman sweep. the warriors got up to a good start led by klay thompson who knocked down eight threes. it was a gratifying night for the warriors in an epic return for klay. >> days in the dungeon are paying off. >> this time i was starting to jog again and getting up and down the court. now to be feeling like myself, sure of my movements. i am grateful and all of those emotions rushed through me. kumasi: the warriors -- julian: the warrior still have to wait to find off who they will be facing off against in the finals. the boston celtics leading the miami heat 3-2. game one is set for thursday on abc seven. kumasi: if you want to celebrate
6:49 am
the golden state warriors going to the finals you can get some merchandise for the nba western conference champions is already on sale. this is video of a long line of fans after the game last night. they were waiting to get their hands on new gear. if you want to show off your pride, we have put together this badge you can share. it says finals bound and you can find it on abc7news bay area on facebook and instagram. game one is on thursday and you can watch every single game right here on abc seven. julian: we will have to get klay thompson. we have to get some space for klay thompson with those eight threes. drew: showing off. jobina: we have the outfits already. kumasi: i don't have the shirt. drew: look at that.
6:50 am
so good. this is 10:00 a.m. dick's will have them? julian: you know people are already lined up. drew: they open at 7:00. julian: early hours. drew: now it is yours, jobina. jobina: three. i'm excited. i hope they play boston. julian: they will play boston. miami does not have it in them. jobina: i agree. i hope it is exciting. kumasi: not too exciting. jobina: medium excitement. kumasi: we are already planning for the parade. drew: this morning we are claiming warm temperatures. we will find cooler weather tomorrow to start of the holiday weekend and then by memorial we
6:51 am
warm right back up. take a live look outside from our spoiler camera -- from our camera. the marine layer is fully intact and brings about cooler weather. it is warmer inland this afternoon. the holiday starts out on the poolside but sunday and monday we find warmer temperatures to finish out the holiday. we are waking up to numbers in the mid to upper 50's. wind will be active later on this afternoon. the onshore flow keeping temperatures close to average. wind gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. a cold front moves through and will bring about a cooler day to start at the weekend tomorrow. highs, we will call this comfortably cool. no intense heat. you may need the jacket. 70's to near 80 degrees in our warm spots. 62 in san francisco. 73 in palo alto.
6:52 am
the same in santa rosa. speaking of napa, today is the warmest day of the festival. tomorrow, take an extra layer with you. we will be stuck in the 60's. 70 degrees to finish up the concert. overnight we see upper 40's to upper 50's. the rain layer comes back along the coast and in and around the bay shoreline. we will see some coastal drizzle as we headed your saturday. there is the seven-day forecast. temperatures mild inland today. additional cloud cover tomorrow. we warm back up sunday especially for the holiday. monday is very nice. we will warm the temperatures up more by wednesday. 90's back in our warm response. julian: we welcome them back. a record holding california tree may have lost its title as the world's oldest living tree. the agent cyprus known as the great grandfather in chile could
6:53 am
now be counted as the oldest. scientists cannot confirm the exact age with range because the trunk is too big. other dating examples suggest the tree is 5500 years old. if true, it would make it more than 600 years older than the current california recordholder, the gnarled pine known asthma through the left -- known as methusela in a hidden location. kumasi: a cruise ship had an eventful day after being docked in the turks and caicos. >> that is wild. kumasi: the final gone viral yesterday while being docked. people were watching from the neighboring deck. carnival cruise lines stated everyone was safe and they were cleared to go on shore. julian: it is the day a lot of
6:54 am
star wars fans have been waiting for for a long time. obi-wan kenobi is back and this time he has his own show on disney plus. after you and mcgregor, who first brought obi-wan to life in star wars the phantom menace is reprising his role in the new series. he is talking about how he prepared return to the calendar -- to the character he last played in 2005. ewan: i watched all of the movies from start to finish and then the spinoff movies. it felt natural to be him again. i enjoyed it very much. julian: the first two episodes of obi-wan kenobi are out today on disney plus. disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: we could call this a very sweet moment caught on video in south lake tahoe. as you may see, this pond looks familiar because we have shown
6:55 am
it to you before. it is the special moment that caught our attention this time. playing with the toy while taking a bath. the person who took the video says he has no idea where the toy came from and suspects it may have been taken from someone's apartment complex nearby. julian: the story took a dramatically different turn. i thought this was a live birth or something. [laughter] that is what i thought the special moment was. instead the bear stole this from a nearby apartment complex. kumasi: a water birth? [laughter] julian: i was like this is really beautiful. i thought i was watching national geographic for a second. kumasi
6:56 am
6:57 am
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
6:58 am
kumasi: if you're just joining us, your are the seven things to know. sky 7 is life of breaking news. the pentecostals of the bay area church in pittsburgh has been destroyed by fire. crews have been on the scene for more than four hours but the fire is still burning. julian: the deadly school shooting in texas. we are learning robb elementary was not put on lockdown and officers do not enter the classroom for a full hour until technical teams arrived. kumasi: if you're heading out for the holiday weekend, you are not alone. 50 million americans are
6:59 am
expected to hit the roads this memorial day weekend. it is affected to be the busiest time on bay area roads. julian: the warriors are headed to the nba finals. they beat the mavericks last night. game one of the nba finals is next thursday only on abc 7. drew: we are cool today. 60's and 70's to finish out the week. a bright holiday weekend. we start out cool tomorrow but warm up sunday and monday. jobina: taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of people are already starting their holiday weekend. kumasi: the series is back tonight bringing free outdoor movies to parks across san francisco. sister act two is first up. the movie starts after sunset. you can probably get there early. julian: claim your seat.
7:00 am
gorgeous shot right now. drew: number good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this friday morning, the close-knit community of uvalde and the nation demanding answers. urgent search for answers as new concerning details about the uvalde shooting emerge. the new time line, how long it took for authorities to enter that texas elementary school while the gunman was inside. what we now know. the new video of parents clashing with police pushing them to enter the school and a 10-year-old boy who was inside the classroom when the gunman opened fire shares his harrowing story of survival. growing demands for action after nearly 30 years of congressional inaction on gun control. will more lawmakers reach across


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