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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the right decision the wrong dec ision period there's no no. excuse for that today top officials in texas admitted failure and mistakes in their response to tuesday's deadly school shooting. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen z and i'm dan ashley authorities say officers did not go inside the school sooner because the commander thought there were no more children at faceo'pareetwos with investigate gunman's private messages and on sunday president biden in the first lady are scheduled to travel to uvalde to meet with victims. and members of the community now abc news reporter morgan norwood has more on the details of the timeline that was revealed
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today. this afternoon texas department of safety officials admitting that officers who first responded to rob elementary should have acted sooner to take down the gunman authorities. say the incident commander believed he was no longer dealing with an active shooter, but a barricaded subject and that the children were no longer at risk. hey from the benefit of where i'm sitting now. the course it was not the right decision the wrong decision period there's no no excuse for that authorities now saying that it appears that the gunman got into the school. from a door that was propped open by a teacher and was never confronted by his school resource officer before entering the building. that officer was not on scene not on campus, but had heard the 911 call with a man with a gun drove immediately to the area so he drove right by the suspect who was hunkered down behind a vehicle where he began shooting at the school at 11:44 14 minutes after the first 911 call was made 19 officers from various agencies made it outside the classroom door.
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the suspect was barricaded behind a locked door, but they did not go in instead. they waited for tactical team which arrived about 30 minutes later during today's press conference authorities talking about those 911 calls that came in from inside that classroom you can hear. over 9-1-1 call for three shots were fired 35 minutes after cpd swann arrived officers breaking through the door and killing the suspect just two months before this tragedy. you've all day school district had trained for an incident like this holding an active. response drill and questions still surrounding those 911 calls from children inside that classroom dispatchers knew that there were some still alive officers on the scene apparently not told raising more questions and concerns about that communication. breakdown morgan norwood abc news, you won't do, texas. late this afternoon, texas. governor greg abbott addressed the new revelations about the timeline and police response to the shooting. i was i am livid.
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about what happened? everybody has learned. the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. and i'm absolutely livid about that. the governor also said he expects authorities to get to the bottom of every fact and account for every second of the shooting investigation meantime tonight is 21 families make arrangements for funerals to honor and remember the victims killed at rob elementary school. we are also hearing more horrifying details of that deadly day and now some of the young survivors are sharing what happened when the gunman was in their school. it was scary and so pretty much when he went in the classroom. he said you're all gonna die and he just you shooting people. still sad about some of the some of my friends that died. it was very terrifying.
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because i never thought that was gonna happen five of us hiding there and in the rest under a table whenever the bullet came through the wall, so i turned off the lights. everybody went up. the table they were running out of the doors cuz like two police cars were covering our doors of the shooter was gonna come in and then they were just we just ran out of the room, so i was praying thinking why is this happening? from the mouths of babes and 11 year old maya cerrillo shared her story off camera. she says the gunman came into her classroom and said good night then started shooting when he walked away. she said she smeared blood on herself and played dead to survive. the national rifle association held its annual convention in houston today hundreds of protesters angry about gun violence in the gun massacre and uvalde demonstrated outside the convention. the meeting is the first for the nra since 2019 following a
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two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, texas. governor, greg. abbott was said to attend but sent a pre-recorded video instead. former president donald trump and other republican leaders spoke at the event now in the aftermath of the elementary school massacre in uvalde, texas the abc 7 news i team is digging into two issues deemed to be a crucial part of the nation's mass shooting epidemic access to guns and mental health care abc 7 news 19 reporter stephanie. sierra is here to expose the gap staff that really exists across the country. that's right, dan and more than one fifth of the nation our analysis shows. there are least twice as many gun dealers than mental health care providers and the data we obtained exposes a huge gap across the country. in uvalde, texas where a gunman massacred 19 innocent children and two teachers this week. there are more gun dealers than mental. health providers, that's true
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for 70% of the county's across the state texas ranks the lowest in mental health investments in the country. at zero dr. ronic trivedi is an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at stanford. she explains the 2022 state of mental health in america report rank, texas last out of all 50 states and the district of columbia for overall access to mental health care. that's not the case in california. the state is one of seven across the country where every county has more mental health providers than gun dealers. abc 7's i-te analysis of active federal licenses maintained by the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms that explosives and the centers for medicare and medicaid services found san francisco county. has the highest rate of mental health providers compared to gun dealers across the nation. there's only one gun dealer in the county compared to more than 4,000 mental health providers. it doesn't surprise me in san
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francisco. we have always prioritized access to healthcare including mental health care. we also have prioritized reducing the number of guns in our city state senator, scott weiner passed a law that goes into effect this july that will expand access to mental health care for those uninsured requiring follow-up appointments be available every two weeks if needed one of the challenges people face is when people have insurance, sometimes they're able to get a first appointment with a therapist or other mental health professional, but then they can't second or follow-up appointment for another couple months. the items analysis found of the top 15 counties with the highest rate of mental health providers. san francisco is followed by manhattan and brooklyn in new york the next california counties that come close are alameda the eighth highest and marin the 13th highest. meanwhile the top five areas in the country with the biggest gap from mental health providers are
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in the midwest and county spanning, iowa, texas, missouri and indiana. for example, warren county iowa has 23 times more gun dealers than mental health providers, but as dr. trivedi points out, i think the bigger challenges that we often tend to conflate this kind of mass shootings with a mental illness and there's no mental illness around being a mass murderer or mass shooter. that is not a recognized psychological conditions psychiatric condition. now our analysis found 41 counties across the us with at least 10 times as many gun dealers as mental health care providers and most of them are in the midwest and the south for the it stephanie sierra abc 7 news stephanie. thank you right now a town hall meeting is underway in san francisco about a police shooting in the city's mission bay neighborhood two men died after an officer of fire shots while responding to a call on mariposa street last week abc 7
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news reporter corina. nova is live in the newsroom with the latest screener kristen the sfpd town hall is happening now and it's revealing more details of that officer involved shooting from last thursday. it happened underneath the overpass at owens and mariposa streets the incident ended in the deaths of two men raphael mendoza and michael mckinnon the department released this body camera video moments ago, and we want to warn you you're going to hear several gunshots in a moment officers can be heard repeatedly telling mckinnon to drop the knife. he was holding against mendoza. the police warnings went on for about four minutes officers also fired non-lethal projectiles and pepper spray the video shows the men continued. waiting police say the incident escalated when mckinnon raised his knife and then thrusted toward mendoza at least two times. that's when police fired their weapons again. we want to warn you. you'll hear the gunfire here.
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at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds mendoza died at the hospital from a single gunshot wound to the california attorney. general's office is also conducting an independent criminal investigation into this officer involved shooting. we will keep you updated on that outcome live in the newsroom karina nova abc 7 news. karina thank you giants manager gabe. kepler says he will not take the field for the national anthem going forward. it's his response to this week's school shooting in texas kepler. as he will stay off the field during the anthem unless he feels better about the direction of our country. he published a blog post this morning in which he shared his feelings as the team held a moment of silence before wednesday's game kepler wrote his brain told him to drop to one knee but instead he froze kepler did neil for the anthem during the 2020 baseball season. so to come a new international
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partnership to combat climate change. we'll tell you about the agreement between governor newsom and the prime minister of zealand
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been done to address the recurring problem at california high school? and has been graffiti in the bathrooms. that's kind of being here for like years and years just affidges of the california high school stunt team grinning while posing with the black mannequin head surfaced on social media another instance of racially insensitive imagery has come to light. do you feel unsafe going to school sometimes? yeah more uncomfortable than unsafe for me this time a caricature of george floyd with racist undertones and the words spare some air written on a boy's bathroom wall. yeah, it's just like every day thing fed up students gathered for a rally in the school's courtyard friday. this senior says the racist incidents are adding up on the tennis courts those racial slurs written there was like two years ago. there was someone wearing a clan a kkk sheet for halloween for our first day of senior year before we were supposed to decorate like our parking spots and then there was like the confederate flag. it was i don't tread on me like
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stuff like that more slurs. 87 news even reported on four instances of racist graffiti at cal high in four weeks back in 2016 bonner home here in san ramon in 1999 and even before then there were incidents in the news of of this of this type of thing the san ramon valley unified school district tells me this week. they hosted a live stream discussion on these incidents with students reiterating the incidents are unacceptable and not representative of who the cal high grizz. are and the acknowledged there is so much more work to do students. hope it's enough and in time for the next generation, so you're not doing the kids or younger people are color to i know have a better experience at high school this parent whose daughter was at friday's rally against racism says education also starts at home and if they want to think a certain way and raise their kids a certain way and those kids want to act a certain way. there's really not much you can do the district tells me more
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festival is back in napa valley. it sure is abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard is live at bottle rock and is here with the cornell dan and kristen. yeah bottle rockets. definitely back from memorial day weekend after two years of covid cancellations and delays.
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check it out. lots of people heading into the venue right now a big weekend in store pink luke combs 21 pilots and the one and only metallica taking the stage this weekend. dorothy was the first artist to take the stage at bottle rock 2022 for hall. are friends from sacramento? it's all about the experience. check out the long line of bottle rockers waiting to get in and from the moment the gates open to 11:30 many fans made a mad dash. we're here for metallica i mean come on. metallica fans rush to grab a spot hours early near the stage where the legendary bay area. will perform friday night your little early is it is it gonna be worth it? you think as my friend says our city had said here. this is pretty late. usually we're in line 12 hours.
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sometimes 24 hours ahead of the band. so, you know, it's our passion is what we love and and so we're gonna continue to do metallica describing by 81st time so every time it's been worth it food and drink. oh, yeah, lots of that here the best of wine country including hot empanadas fresh from the oven. it's easy to grab and go and you know, go see a concert. bottle rock was canceled at 2020 and delayed by three months and 2021 due to the pandemic this year. there are few restrictions masks are encouraged for inside venues. this is an open-air environment. and so we've taken every precaution that we've been we've been told to take and we feel very good about the crowd that's coming in today hand sanitizer now replaced by sunscreen stations for many this festival marked another return back to
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normal life. 120,000 people expected to attend the three-day event. we're told tickets are sold out, but i have to tell you metallica fans are definitely in the house tonight. we're live in napa cornell bernard abc 7 news. wow in line that long. it's going to be a good show. we hope thanks cornell. all right, look at him in his short sleeves. it looks like really perfect weather. yeah, mike. nico is here with the forecast for bottle rock and around the bay area for the weekend for the holiday mike and you know, it can get really hot this time of the year, but that's not going to happen. i have some really cool conditions. the constant will be the breezes and look at this bottle rock 72. that'll be the coolest tomorrow and then 78 for sunday. all right, let's take a look at what's going on outside from memory bill. you can see the marine layer of clowns just poised to pounce on us as we head through the evening hours. in fact, they'll blanket us tonight bring little bit of drizzle near the coast tomorrow. we'll have some sprinkles a cold front's going to be rolling through during the afternoon hours. going to be our coolest afternoon of the
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seven day forecast, but for the rest of the holiday sunshine milder temperatures, but it's still going to be pretty breezy. look at this little eddie right here this little curl in the atmosphere. that's the small area of low pressure that kept that southerly surge and kept pumping all that cool air into the north bay and for that matter all the way through the golden gate to the the delta through nine o'clock this evening, so about heading out on the water may want to go somewhere else or wait to the weekend where it's a little bit better. here's a look at future radar and starting tomorrow morning. we've got a chance of some sprinkles up in mindocino county and as we head into the afternoon now as you can see those slowly start to sink to the south as we head into the four o'clock hour and by 6:37, they're trying to over into the rest of the bay, but then they fall apart and look at that breeze behind them. it's going to bring us a ton of sunshine for sunday and monday tomorrow. well, we're going to wake up the clouds. look at that out there a little drizzle near the coast. not too bad though load a bit fifties for most of us tomorrow afternoon. we'll be in and out of the cloud cover. we'll call it partly sunny. you'll have more sunshine to the
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south into the east bay and that's why you're pumping up into the low to mid 70s, which is still a little bit cooler than average. you can see 60s 60s just about everywhere else now. if you're going to be traveling around, how about this our airports going to be partly sunny and breezy cool the comfy 65 at sfo to about 74 down in san jose and about 68 and oakland for everywhere else the worst spot probably in new york about 75 in some rain there a little rough with the surf and honolulu in 85. all right see the temperatures they warm up through monday pretty close to average. but watch out tuesday wednesdays we get from may to june. it's gonna be a little high with 80s and 90s away from the coast stick around we'll be right back.
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entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. or high blood potassium. prime minister is in san francisco today to sign an
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agreement to combat climate change abc7 news reporter liam melendez has the details. inside the botanical gardens at golden gate park new zealand's prime minister, jacinda arden and governor gavin newsom agreed that when he comes to combating climate change good enough never is so today both exchange copies of an agreement to share new ideas to help both, california and new zealand reduce their greenhouse gases. i ideas that have been generated here in california. and can be exported to new zealand and ideas that we can import from new zealand when it comes to california's main impediment to a cleaner state car emissions lead the way while new zealand has two cars and the number of animals on farms which emit 71% of methane gases making food for the world. costing our environment the prime minister told a group of business leaders that her country would like to adopt
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something similar to california's cash for clunkers program new zealand has vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050 california's gold is to get there by 2045 the elephant in the room was of course the issue of gun control unavoidable for a prime minister who in 2019 was forced to take action after a shooting in christchurch, and it was clear that the new zealand public expected its politicians to find solutions and quickly. now are they the answer to all of our issues as they relate to weapons in new zealand? no, but they were practical steps that we believed were necessary and that would make a difference and so we made them the prime minister will meet with president biden on tuesday to discuss trade and investments in the region in san francisco lee ann abc 7 news. right. that's our report world news tonight with david muir's next.
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tonight, authorities revealing a staggering list of law enforcement failures responding to the deadly elementary school shooting in uvalde, texas. in stunning detail, the visibly shaken texas director of public safety admitting the incident commander at robb elementary held police back believing no more children were at risk. 911 calls still coming from inside the classroom, whispered voices including children pleading "please send police now." all while as many as 19 officers were right there outside the classroom holding their position. the director calling that the wrong decision, period. authorities now offering minute-by-minute details about how this all unfolded. no security officer on the grounds. a school door left propped open. the gunman carrying dozens of
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