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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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more questions emerge over why it took so long for law enforcement to engage outside of rob elementary school the sounds of steps and laughter replaced by silence and these crosses representing the 19 students and two teachers shot and killed tuesday as the community grapples with grief survivors of tuesday's attack are sharing their harrowing stories the shooter shot through the window. and hurting my friend and my teacher we were running out of the doors cuz like two police cars were um covering our doors of the shooter was gonna come in and then they were just we just ran out of the room, i was praying thinking why is this happening? this is 11 year old maya. cerrillo who shared her brave story off-camera. she says the gunman came into her classroom said good night and then started shooting. he walked away. she smeared blood on herself and
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played dead to survive. many questions remain about why authorities didn't immediately go into the school when the gunman barricaded himself inside for nearly an hour the course it was not the right decision was the wrong decision period there's no no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you what we know. we believe there should have been an entry at that as soon as you can police. also said the gunmen used at least 100 rounds of ammunition during the attack the texas rangers are currently in charge of the investigation with support from at least. hundred agents from the fbi reporting here in uvalde, texas. i'm chris winn back to you. all right, chris. thank you. the nra's annual convention is underway in houston right now, texas, governor greg abbott delivered a taped message to attendees with a focus on the shooting in uvalde. there are thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit the owning or using a firearms. laws that have not stopped mad men from carrying out evil acts on innocent people and peaceful communities.
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earlier governor abbott spoke angrily about being given inaccurate accounts of how law enforcement responded on the day of the shooting i was misled. i am livid. and here's my expectation. my expectation is that a law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations. which includes the texas rangers and the fbi? they get to the bottom. of every fact with absolute certainty governor of texas today now after the failed tactics and uvalde we contacted bay area experts about how we would respond ideally to a situation of this kind abc 7 news reporter loose pena spoke with alameda county sheriff greg ahern about the training his department goes through on a yearly basis. 40 minutes seems like it's a way too long of a time to allow that to go on. we sat down with alameda county sheriff, greg. aherns like this suspect is
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barricading himself inside a classroom. what would have been your response? well, we have breaching tools and we have ballistic shields and we have our patrol rifles and so you would use a combination of those you would breach the entrance. with the protection of the ballistic shield and fire at the suspect from behind the ballistic shield we teach and train them to know the area so they respond to that area the safest way they can without being detected by the suspect put rounds towards the suspect. so you distract the suspect from killing others in uvalde, texas officials admitted they did not implement. their plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done with one. option is that the the incident commander inside believe they needed more equipment. and more officers to do a tactical breach at that point former fbi agent rick smith said
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uvalde's incident commander made a tactical error by misidentifying the threat they didn't have the luxury of time for that. they had an active shooter that that they thought changed to a barricaded situation. so they waited and it didn't it didn't change. it was still an active shooter loose pena a happening right now of vigil is underway in san francisco to remember the victims in uvalde and other recent mass shootings. we just got this video from the event which is being held at manny's in the mission. people were told to bring flowers and candles and to come together to grieve. photos of recent victims have all been posted including the 21 killed in uvalde on tuesday as well as the 10 people shot to death in buffalo at a supermarket two weeks ago and the victims of an attack on a church in southern california. meantime giants manager gabe kapler says he will not take the field for the national anthem going forward that is his response to the shooting in,
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texas. dappler says he will stay off the field during the anthem until he feels better about the direction of our country. the aftermath of the uvalde shooting the abc 7 news i-team is digging into two issues a deemed to be crucial and a crucial aspect of the nation's mass shooting epidemic debate access to guns and mental health care in the country i-team reporter stephanie. sierra is here to expose the gap stephanie that really exists across the country. that's right, dan and more than one fifth of the nation our analysis. there are at least twice as many gun dealers than mental health care providers and the data we obtained exposes a huge gap across the country. in uvalde, texas where a gunman massacred 19 innocent children and two teachers this week. there are more gun dealers than mental health providers. that's true for 70% of the county's across the state texas ranks the lowest in mental health investments in the country.
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it's dead zero dr. ronic triveties an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at stanford. she explains the 2022 state of mental health in america report rank. this last out of all 50 states and the district of columbia for overall access to mental health care. that's not the case in california. the state is one of seven across the country where every county has more mental health providers than gun dealers. abc 7's i-team data analysis of active federal licenses maintained by the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms that explosives and the centers for medicare and medicaid services found san francisco county. has the highest rate of mental. providers compared to gun dealers across the nation. there's only one gun dealer in the county compared to more than 4,000 mental health providers. it doesn't surprise me in san francisco. we have always prioritized access to healthcare including mental health care.
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we also have prioritized reducing the number of guns in our city state senator. scott weiner passed a law that goes into effect this july that will expand access to mental health care for those uninsured requiring follow-up appointments be available every two weeks if needed one of the challenges people face is when people have insurance. sometimes they're able to get a first appointment with a therapist or other mental health professional, but then they can't get a second or follow up appointment for another couple months. the items analysis found of the top 15 counties with the highest rate of mental health providers. san francisco is followed by manhattan and brooklyn in new york the next california counties that come close are alameda the eighth highest and marin the 13th, august. meanwhile the top five areas in the free with the biggest gap from mental health providers are in the midwest and counties spanning, iowa, texas, missouri and indiana for example, warren
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county iowa has 23 times more gun dealers than mental health providers, but as dr. trivedi points out, i think the bigger challenges that we often tend to conflate this kind of mass shootings with a mental illness, and there's no mental illness around being a mass murderer or mass shooter. that is not a recognized psychological. conditions psychiatric condition now our analysis found 41 counties across the us with at least 10 times as many gun dealers as mental health care providers and most of them are in the midwest and the south for the i-team stephanie sierra abc 7 news. very interesting. all right, stephanie. thank you to find resources on topics including mental health and gun violence go to abc 7 action. we have a list of local groups that can help some you can reach simply by texting. today the san francisco police department revealed new details about a police shooting in the city's mission bay neighborhood two men died after an officer
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fired shots while responding to an aggravated assault call on mariposa street last week. abc 7 news reporter corina, nova joins us live from the newsroom with more on this story karina that sfpd town hall revealed more details the 911 call and video of that officer involved shooting from last thursday. it happened underneath the overpass at owens & mariposa streets. the incident ended in the deaths of rafael mendoza and michael mckinnon the department released this body camera video and we want to warn you you're going to hear several gunshots in a moment officers can be heard repeatedly telling canon to drop the knife he was holding against mendoza while they were fighting the police warnings went on for about four minutes officers also fired non-lethal projectiles and pepper spray, but video shows the men continued to fight police. say the incident escalated when mckinnon raised his knife and then thrust it toward mendoza at least two times. that's when police fired their weapons again, we want to warn
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you you'll hear the gunfire here. but officers immediately pulled mr. mendoza away from mr. mckinnon and rendered medical aid including cpr. simultaneously officers handcuffed mr. mckinnon pulled him away from the area and rendered medical aid including cpr. mckinnon died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds mendoza died at the hospital from a single gunshot wound the california attorney. general's office is also conducting an independent criminal investigation into this officer involved shooting. we will let you know the outcome of that live in the newsroom karina nova abc 7 news. all right much appreciated karina many. thanks. well a gilroy police officer who shot and killed a man during early morning shootout in 2021 acted lawfully in self-defense. that is according to a report
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released by the santa clara county district attorney's office today. sorry. sapphire the man with the gun is attempted murder suspect david lopez who last september lured officers to his location then ambushed them investigators cited overwhelming evidence that the officers use of deadly force was necessary and reasonable under the circumstances the san jose police department and the city manager's office have made revisions to city policy related to criminal allegations against employees that's following several serious complaints under the new policy certain allegations will than the employee being put on administrative leave while the complaint is investigated that includes allegations of sexual misconduct assault. battery bribery and theft the new policies apply to all city employees. coming up next global cooperation to combat climate change see who came to
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california to help us lead by example. and i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nico. i'm tracking two chances of sprinkles in the 7-day forecast and one comes this weekend. we'll take a look at future radar coming up. thank you, mike and taking a live. look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza pretty slow out there right now. you have to pay the toll but tonight seven on your side is michael finney. we'll explain how you can keep. extra money in your pocket instead of giving it to fast trac
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include all the results from at home tests. there are more than 2,000 people in the hospital. that number hasn't been that high since march the state is closing in on nine million total cases abc 7 news special correspondent dr. alok patel is recovering from covid along with his family. he spoke today with abc 7 news. anchor kristen z on our 3 pm program getting answers about his fears for his young daughter alora. in the back of my mind. i've lingering fears about misc the multisystem inflammatory condition because you you don't even though it's rare that the risk is still there and we let you know thousands and thousand children get get infected statistically if you will have a complication and it is a worry of mine. dr. patel says a lot of parents, especially those with high-risk children are concerned about school reopening covid cases on the rise and how to protect their kids. taking care of our environment is part of building a better bay area new zealand's prime minister was in san francisco
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today to sign an agreement with california to combat climate change now, of course the discussion over gun control could not be avoided given new zealand's past experience that changed their gun laws abc 7 news reporter leeann. was there inside the botanical gardens at golden gate park new zealand's prime minister, jacinda arden and governor gavin newsom agreed that when he comes to combating climate change good enough never is so today both exchange copies of an agreement to share new ideas to help both, california and new zealand reduce their greenhouse gases. i ideas that have been here in california. and can be exported to new zealand and ideas that we can import from new zealand when it comes to california's main. impediment wild new zealand has two cars and the number of animals on farms which emit 71%
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of methane gases making food for the world. costing our environment the prime minister told a group of business leaders that her country would like to adopt something similar to california's cash for clunkers program new zealand has vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050 california's gold is to get there by 2045 the elephant in the room was of course the issue of gun control unavoidable for a prime minister who in 2019 was forced to take action after a shooting in christchurch, and it was clear that the new zealand public expected its politicians to find solutions and quickly. now are they the answer to all of our issues as they relate to weapons zealand? no, but they were practical steps that we believed were necessary and that would make a difference and so we made them the prime minister will meet with president biden on tuesday
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to discuss trade and investments in the region in san francisco leanne melendez. abc 7 news. from climate change to the holiday weekend weather forecast. yeah meteorologist mike. nico is here with that force. i'm mike. hey, good morning. dan dion. hi everybody. yeah, we're supposed to change the summer this weekend, but we're gonna have to wait till tuesday and wednesday before we really get some summer heat. so let's jump right into the forecast show you what's going on mount tam's looking off to the east that's one of the few areas that's not clouded over yet those clouds though. they're coming tonight and the breezes will slow down a little bit in temperatures will fall back to average levels. tomorrow's gonna be the cloudiest. this afternoon. in fact, that's when we have our first chance of sprinkles. once that cold front passes we rider and milder temperatures for sunday and for the holiday monday. i just wanted to take a look as i love this shot. i mean there's a lot of stuff in the foreground but in the background looks like somebody took a piping bag and just laid down some icing on top ofunsanhy ice cream or maybe whipped cream sure thing, but it's just a cool
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shot and something that we have here that most of the country doesn't get to deal with. it's just kind of lurking there looking over you as you're sitting there on the peninsula and it's all because of these winds that are blowing from the sea, which is a little bit warmer. it's up to 53 degrees. now remember last week. it was 48. so in that sense, we could have been a little bit cooler today with that breeze, but still we're already 56 in san francisco 55 and half of a in mid-60s to near 74 the rest of us. let's take a look at what's going to happen as we head through the evening hours. those clouds will start their march off to the east and look at these temperatures dropping into the 50s by the time we get to ten o'clock with those breezes out there. they'lleeal least to begin witp in mind on this cold front it has eyes on us for tomorrow. it's going to bring us a few sprinkles. they'll keep us in and out of the sunshine and once it passes though, it's going to being a brighter weather for our beaches sunday and monday. so here we are at 8:30 in the morning some sprinkles up along the sonoma county coast the mendocino county coast and by four o'clock, those are starting to make a trip down to the south
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by 6:37. they're right near the golden gate and they just fall apart and then you can see the clearing that's going to take place with all that sunshine sunday. but tomorrow we wake up with the clouds and temperatures in the low to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. a little bit cooler than average low to mid 70s in the south bay head up to peninsula. we start in the low 70s then we drop down to about 67 and millbrae clouds are going to be pretty stubborn again tomorrow. look at those upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. we'll hit the low to mid 60s in downtown south san francisco and daly city north bay coast even more cloud cover just like today the upper 50s there but you head into the valleys. wow. look at that upper 60s to low 70s a little breezy sure, but not bad if you're out there wine tasting we have temperatures in the mid 60s and you're 70 for bay and as you head inland, how about load to mid 70s, so no extreme heat now with the other extra sunshine. we're going to warm up a couple degrees sunday. it's still going to be breezy, but at least you'll have sunshine all the way to the coast same thing for monday a couple of more degrees away from the coast and then look at this heat for tuesday and wednesday,
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and it's a mini heat wave and it's for the bay in our inland neighborhoods, and it's only two days as we say goodbye to me and hello to june and then of course temperatures will drop and we'll round out the last of the seven day forecast with sprinkles. again, friday, dan. well quite a pattern there mike. okay. thank you. you are never too old to learn and you're never too old to teach either coming up next to class led by a 92 year old what he's teaching and why stay with us? us? ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation
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♪ ♪ recognized as mental health awareness month and older american month the mental health of seniors is a growing issue that needs proper attention. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey introduces you to a man strengthening minds through meditation. breathing and out in how like this in a time we're seemingly so much negative surrounds us seniors at atria senior living center in san jose are finding a sense of calm remember directly energy up and down the cdc says around 7 million americans over the age of 65 experienced depression each year partially due to a lack of physical activity. these meditation classes are just one of the many resident-led activities. seniors to build community and strengthen their mental health. it's important to involve yourself with other people to socialize.
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and just in general the the workouts make you feel better make you feel stronger and make you feel safer activities director. candy warren says it's important to let the members of the community lead the class to give them back that sense of control. they sometimes feel they lose one of the popular instructors is 92. old master pooey sang not just relaxing just exercises. work on is kochigo the meditation and exercise has done in china 2,000 years ago. everybody knows pooey. anybody has a question regarding meditation regarding tai chi who is the man a man of privacy and few words master pooey said he'd rather have his class do the talking then do an interview the tai chi master has earned six degrees and learned the artf meditation from china. the community says his classes are bringing up the mental spirits of res. and employees alike hui is extremely important. let me tell you a lot of the staff here has learned a lot
6:26 pm
from him as well and it all centers around our mental well-being and our physical health because those two go hand in hand without one. it's hard to have the other master pooey hopes to teach teach mental strength. so is community can live active and exciting life at the end of the meditation in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. --, they're my heroes. this is fantastic good for them. honestly, i wish to be so sprightly. i don't know maybe 70 this age. i was wish i was they're fantastic. that's really neat. yeah. will still come tonight rallying against racism at an east bay high school. we'll share both instances of outrage and inspiration. plus this is what police do not want to see this weekend tonight what they're doing to stop side shows before they start stay with us.
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here building
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a deadly mistake in uvalde texas the director of the texas department of public. safety says officers made the wrong decision to wait nearly an hour to go after the suspect believing there was no longer an active shooter situation and children were no longer at risk. they have a benefit of hindsight what i'm sitting now. the course it was not the right decision. it was a wrong decision period there's no no excuse for that. 35 minutes after swat arrived officers stormed the school and killed the suspect but not before 21 people had lost their lives law enforcement is working with instagram's parent company meta to dig into private messages sent by the shooter leading up to the attack president. biden is set to visit uvalde on sunday now for the very latest developments on the shooting go to the abc 7 bay area app where we are streaming 24/7 for you. you can download the app wherever you stream moving on
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several east bay cities are joining forces to crack down on illegal side shows this memorial day weekend and the city of antioch is leading the charge and as abc 7 news reporter answer hasan explains their message. don't come to antioch. anyone looking to come to antioch for a sideshow event over memorial day weekend. there's a message from the mayor don't come to antioch because you're gonna be found and you're going to be held accountable the intersection of lone tree way and blue rock drive and antioch continues to be a hotspot for sideshows skid marks lying the intersection as you can see right here. we have sideshows that have taken large scale sideshows that have taken place here and there are people who live there. oh, they're horrible. i can hear from my bedroom window and i didn't realize that they were this close alicia penn lives walking distance from the intersection. she says not only is it loud it's dangerous and is so disheartening because this is a main artery of our community. we have a fire station right
6:32 pm
here. what is someone's having a medical emergency? i need the fire station because they want to come out here and just act like total buffoons and hold the community hostage the city of pittsburgh has also put some traffic measures in place to cut down on drivers doing but this weekend it will join antioch brentwood and oakley in cracking down on big scale events. mayor thorpe says side shows have a history in the bay area dating back to the 1980s, but he adds the tricks and the risks that drivers take have become more dangerous which puts those watching at risk too. it's become unsafe for as people have you know, gravitated towards cell phones and wanting to film every last thing that takes place and so that's what makes it extremely dangerous. is that people get obviously too close thorp says police are taking proactive steps to stop sideshows before they even start. it's a matter of fact this past saturday. there was a planned sideshow we disrupted it shut it down and it didn't happen citations and finds this weekend can cost
6:33 pm
sideshow drivers thousands of dollars and vandals will be arrested says mayor thorpe it may not happen that night but our drone technology and the cameras we have throughout the city are going to find you and you're going to be held accountable in antioch answer hassan abc 7 news. yet another instance of racist graffiti has come to light at an east bay school some students were so fed up. they staged a demonstration today. he's been graffiti in the bathrooms. that's kind of being here for like years and years just afterges of the california high school stunt team grinning while posing with the black mannequin head. surface social media another instance of racially insensitive imagery has come to light do you feel unsafe going to school sometimes? yeah more uncomfortable than unsafe for me this time a caricature of george floyd with racist undertones and the words spare some air written on a boy's bathroom wall. yeah, it's just like every day thing fed up students gathered for a rally in the school's courtyard friday. this senior says the racist
6:34 pm
incidents are adding up on the tennis courts those racial slurs written there was like two years ago. there was someone wearing a clan a kkk sheet for halloween for our first day of senior year or before we were supposed to decorate like our parking spots and then there was like the confederate flag. it was like don't tread on me like stuff that more slurs. 7 news even reported on four instances of racist graffiti at cal high in four weeks back in 2016 bonner home here in san ramon in 1999 and even before then there were incidents in the news of of this of this type of thing the san ramon valley unified school district tells me this week. they hosted a live stream discussion on these incidents with students reiterating the incidents are unacceptable and not representative of who the cal high grizzlies are and they acknowledged there is so much more work to do students. hope it's enough and in time for
6:35 pm
the next generation. so, you know, i do one of the kids are younger people of color to i know have a better experience at high school this parent whose daughter was at friday's rally against racism says education also starts at home and if they want to think a certain way and raise their kids a certain way and those kids want to act a certain way. there's really not not much you can do. now there are only a few more days left of the cal high school year. so the district tells me more ramped up efforts are planned for the fall a story. we will continue to follow well moving on if you're sitting at home watching television right now boy, that's a good call because this is one of the worst times to be out on the road and as we head into the holiday weekend travelers are facing the highest gas prices ever. if you have a fast track account go get your bill. i'm michael finney with information that could help keep some money in your pock. seven on your side is straight ahead.
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losing streak stocks made gains today after data showed inflation has decreased from march through april the dow added 575 points to close at 33,000 to 1-2 the nasdaq gained 390 points and the s&p went up a hundred. california's gas prices set a new record high today bad news for drivers wanting to get away for the holiday weekend. take a look from left to right you are looking at the golden gate bridge the bay bridge toll plaza and the san mateo bridge. this is supposed to be one of the worst times to travel in terms of holiday traffic, but as you can see actually pretty smooth sailing, maybe even the best time. all as according to these live pictures san francisco gas set a new record of $6.31 a gallon today, san jose drivers are paying $6.19. also a new record cheapest gas in the bay area is 609 per gallon that is in the vallejo area. and while we're talking about the cost of getting around to get a fast track account for
6:40 pm
bridge tolls you agree to pay in advance, but how much have you actually agreed to let them take 7 on your side's michael phinney has been looking into that he is in the newsroom with the story michael. hey, dan, if you have pastor, i know you do but for everyone else, you know, the toll authority takes money out of your account and puts it into theirs in case you cross a bridge they do it in advance now just recently viewer asked me how fast track decide how much money they're going to take that's a good question. fast track used to be a simple convenience you could stop and pay the toll or just zip past in the fast track lane. now the toll booths aren't staffed and fast-tracked. well, not a necessity is certainly an easier way to go but the amount of money moved into your account can sometimes be a surprise right now as i if you saw my screenshots i have over 170 dollars.
6:41 pm
for what eight and seven dollar bridge tolls. there's no reason for them to have that much money unless they're gonna pay interest on it. there's really no reason. here's that screenshot he was talking about it's his fast-track account. there is 170 dollars 45 cents on account the last time the total authority added money it added 115 dollars the account already had fifty seven dollars fifty cents in it. michael says it used to take a lot. so why changed we asked john goodwin of ■the bay areatoll authority who told us when you sign up for fast-track $25 is put on account and that is replenished when your account total falls to fifteen dollars after that your bridge crossings are tracked and an algorithm is applied. every customer's account is evaluated once a quarter. and the replenishment amount is adjusted or not based on use in
6:42 pm
that previous quarters if it doesn't want that much on his account. is there a workaround for him? there is a workaround and he can drop that he can drop the threshold to as little as fifteen dollars as i mentioned earlier and h thehe replenishment amount to was $25. now to pay your tolls per crossing which is something you can do go to bay area fast-track dot org to make the account changes. he was just talking about you need to call fast track. i'll post all that information online at abc 7 now i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home a car paying off a loan anything they have to do with you and money. i want to hear about your trying some frustrations for those go to five seven on your side to share your stories. excellent. all right, michael. thanks so much.
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self-driving cars. our power grid. water treatment plants. hospital systems. they're all connected to the internet... and vladimir putin or a terrorist could cause them all to self-destruct... a cyber 9-11 that would destroy our country. i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this.
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music lovers are rejoicing as bottle rock returns. this memorial day weekend to the napa valley bottle rockers waited for hours so they could watch their favorite bands some even running in when the gates opened at 11:30 this morning to get that great spot there. she goes in just a few hours legendary bay area band metallica will perform and for some it never gets old. i've seen metallica. this is gonna be my first time so every time it's been worth it. how fun. is that 81 times? screen has replaced some hand sanitizer stations because of the pandemic bottle rock was canceled in 2020 and delayed by three months last year this year. there are few restrictions. we hope everyone is a great time question is diane will the weather cooperate. oh, i know fingers crossed mike nico. what do you think? i think you've got it, right? yeah. it's going to be fantastic.
6:47 pm
it's going to be comfortable all weekend a little breezy at times and really kind of cool tomorrow that slight chance of sprinkles 72, but then 78 with sunshine sunday, you know this time of the year it really hot in napa. that's just not going to happen. let's talk about our beaches. they are going to be socked in with clouds tomorrow will be partly sunny and look at those upper 50s to low 60s and it's going to be breezy santa cruz a little bit warmer at 68, but look at the sunshine come out for sunday and also monday, but that constant seabreeze will keep us in the 50s and 60s, but no that uv index is going to be very high in your burn time 15 20 minutes top. so make sure you at sunscreen want to show you the golden gate bridge. yeah if you want to see this without the fog then you'll want to also go saturday or sunday or monday. those breezes are going to keep us. cool through the weekend all the way into the holiday monday and then yep pretty warm tuesday and wednesday deon dan. okay. thanks so much mike. all right getting to sports is a really anything else to talk about the careers.
6:48 pm
that's so true. hi larry. no, that's the tease. no, there's a few stories in sports that are better than clay thompson's triumph and comeback almost three years removed from getting heard in the finals. clay is back and ready to win. another title sports is next. another title sports is next. you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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everyone gets the best of you. (music throughout) because when you invest in yourself, for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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with larry beale good evening, the warriors have a week off to get ready for the nba finals here on abc 7. we may find out tonight who they're facing then we'll get rid of the question mark there but this is really the third version of the golden state franchise making a finals appearance recently at 2015 harrison barnes on that team and then the kd dubs now this present team with steph curry as the centerpiece as he's been all along curry won the magic johnson western. conference finals mvp award there are some moving steph may have surpassed magic as best point guard ever conversation for another day a finals mvp about the only thing left that steph has not won to this point curry focused on making the most
6:52 pm
of the dubs six trip to the finals in just eight years. i appreciate you way the teammates. celebrated with me like i said that that acknowledgment. six out of eight ability to play in another finals. i mean what else could you want? so i'm excited about another opportunity to go get one, you know, we continue to stick with it and you know show we're capable of so it's this one feels feels great, but got four more wins to get you have to feel great for klay thompson coming back from the two devastating injuries months and months of agonizing rehab clay at 32 points last night. he was clearly overcome by emotions after the win. they're gonna make me emotional man. he says hard to put in the words man, like i dreamed of this day.
6:53 pm
during some dog days and to be here. i just can't believe it at some moment. i'm in a revel in the night. but as soon as game 6 for that series starts tomorrow's it's time to flip the switch. speaking of game six heat celtics in front of a hyped boston crowd. despite all their injuries. miami came out. they looked good jimmy butler 21 early points. miami is up by 10 in boston. they got it within one jason tatum throwing it down 18 early for him right now. 48-46 miami at the half a heat win would force a game seven in that series on a baseball giants in cincinnati tonight. the story is bigger than the game manager gabe kapler says, he will not come out for the national anthem until he sees progress being made in this country on gun control i just don't i don't plan on coming out for for the anthem going forward until i feel like there's i feel better about the direction of our country.
6:54 pm
so that that'll be the step. i don't i don't expect it to to move the needle necessarily. just something that i feel strongly enough about to. take that step. cap always willing to take a stand for what he believes in indy 500 is sunday. this is scary one of the final practice laps for california native colton herta. it's gonna need to use his backup car after that. it's amazing. he was able to walk away from that her to want it laguna seca last fall his best indie finish so far has been an eighth place finished man. imagine being in that car and walking away from that wreck. so scary the speeds that they go out one more note the lakers reportedly hiring darvin ham as their new coach. he has been an assistant coach with the milwaukee bucks. all right. thanks there. all right. well coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 o'clock. it's together as one celebrating asian american native hawaiian and pacific culture that's followed by 2020 at 9. then of course don't miss abc 7
6:55 pm
news at 11. and reminder abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area app and join us wherever you want wherever you happen to be. finally tonight if you thoughts about what really matters as we all process the sickening events and you have all the texas this week. i've been reflecting on another mass shooting that i covered with boots on the ground the day columbine high school in littleton. colorado was attacked in 1999 by those two students i flew out to report from the scene for several days. it was for whelming and it sticks with me to this day last night thinking about what i wanted to say to you this evening. i realized that i remember the names of the two teenage killers, but not the name of a single victim. here are the names of those who died tuesday in texas teachers. that morales and irma garcia students lexi rubio jose flores
6:56 pm
who see a garcia xavier lopez jacqueline cesaris mckenna elrod alethea ramirez amiri joe garza random mathis asmata annabelle rodriguez alejana torres ellie garcia nevaeh bravo jayla sogero jace befuenos layla salazar mate rodriguez and rogelio torres a moment of silence for them that is this edition of abc 7 news as always. we appreciate your time on dana ashley and i'm dionne lim for mike, nico and larry beale and all of us here at abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. have a great.
6:57 pm
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a community college history instructor from grand blanc, michigan... a chief strategy officer from falls church, virginia... and our returning champion-- a rideshare driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... ...whose 10-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" in this unprecedented season of super champions,
7:00 pm
ryan long has taken his place among the season's best. with his 10th win yesterday, he became the fifth double-digit winner. it has been jedy a abrkmaleea y and we never know when our next great champion will emerge. welcome, srimal and aaron. good luck. and here are the categories the three of you will face in the jeopardy! round... and... ryan, you'll select first. i'll have thirds for $400. - srimal. - what is father's day? - yes. - i'll take thirds for $600.


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