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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 27, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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about tuesday's school shooting. and high gas prices but lower temperatures this memorial day weekend. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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to the world, now you know. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. period. dan: a new time line of the deadly school shooting in texas is laid out by law enforcement officials where they admit police made a series of mistakes. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. tonight, we have a much clearer picture of how the tragedy in uvalde, texas, unfolded on tuesday. officials admitting to a number of critical missteps in the assault. no greater than the gut-wrenching admission that police should have been inside that school and that classroom much faster to confront the shooter. abc news reporter morgan norwood in uvalde. reporter: a shocking admiration
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from the top sworn lawen format officer in texas. >> of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. period. reporter: officials say in the midst of the mass shooting at robbmentry in uvalde, texas, on tuesday, the commander on scene incorrectly made the call that the gunman had gone from being an active shooter to a barricaded subject. and that children were no longer at risk. >> there were children in that classroom that were at risk. and it was in fact still an active shooter situation. and not a barricaded subject. reporter: they say the commander held dozens of officers back. >> from what we know, we believe there should have been an entry -- as soon as you can. reporter: officials say a series of errors began when a teacher left a school door propped open when she went to get a phone. lives say six minutes later, the gunman walked through that open door seen here in video police are now studying. the gunman hen thedz -- then heads to two connected classrooms firing over 100 rounds. two minutes later, three officers were at the scene. and a minute later, jesse ortiz starts recording. >> i was yelling and like why
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don't you guys go in? reporter: by 12:0319ers and in that hallway and many with guns when a string of desperate 911 calls started to pour in. >> you could hear over the 911 calls three shots were fired. reporter: at 12:15 a border patrol tactical team arrives with shields but the police chief tells them to hold off on confronting the gunman. >> i'm sick, angry, this guy needs to resign. we need some policy changes. we need from our hometown on up to the governor. reporter: tonight, texas governor greg abbott who initially was told that officers immediately rushed in, vowing to get to the bottom of the police response. >> i was misled. i am live i have had about what happened. reporter: and the texas department of public safety is conducting a review of the police response. the district attorney also telling abc news once that investigation is complete, she'll determine whether charges will be filed. morgan norwood, abc news,
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uvalde, texas. dan: despite the tragedy in texas, the n.r.a. went ahead with its annual convention in houston amid massive protests. thousands of demonstrators outside demanding gun safety. inside, texas senator ted cruz joined the keynote speaker, former president trump, who called for a moment of silence for the victims. texas government greg abbott chose not to attend in person. but on videotape. the n.r.a. meeting continues through sunday. and back here at home, a group of young activists are saying enough is enough. this evening, they held a vigil for the mass shooting victims calling for meaningful action. abc7 news reporter at the at the has that -- terra campbell has that story. reporter: hand on heart and a hug in hopes of some healing. remembering the victims of three mass shootness just 10 -- mass shootings in just 10 days. buffalo, lacka woods and uvalde. -- laguna woods and uvalde. >> we're hiding under our desks for our lives. reporter: henry shane is one year out of high school.
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and says scenes like this are shaking. >> we're barricading ourselves with books and desks and chairs for a weapon of war to walk our halls. that's not ok. that's not normal. reporter: he's one of the young activists organizing this vigil at manny's, a civic engagement space in san francisco's mission district. >> this doesn't have to be this way. we don't need a -- continued to be ok with this suffering and this immense violence. reporter: angelina is manny's event manager. >> we're going to make space at manny's by any means necessary to have people come and share their anger and for us to say, we don't have to continue on like this. >> nicole sombrero. reporter: from young faces to old, 32 names, 32 people gunned down. >> this is our future that i'm fighting for. like gen-z and why we're so passionate about it. reporter: tiana day finds youth advocates for change and says it is harder to hold on to hope.
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>> regardless of how burned out i get at the end of the day nobody is going to do anything about it unless i get out there and i do something. >> this does not have to be the reality. this doings not have to be normal. -- does not have to be normal of the we need to do our part. >> this evening is for lamentation and tears. for righteous indignation. reporter: from a prayer to a push for political action. >> showing up to our state capitals in our city shawls, and meeting with our -- city halls, and meetingh reporter: tarra campbell, abc news. dan: giants manager gabe kapler is making a very public stand refusing to be on the field during the national anthem. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there's -- i feel better about the direction of our country. >> cap der -- dan: kapler shaved his thoughts on his blog, he wrote, quote,
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when you're dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. the home of the brave should encourage this. to find resources on topics including mental health and gun violence, go to we have a list of local groups that can help. some you can reach simply by texting by the way. moving on, new at 11:00 a suspect has been arrested for stealing an oakland police car. there was a lengthy chase that ended in valeo when the man crashed that kreuser. no other details are available at this moment. but we are on the story. and new details tonight from the san francisco police department, about a deadly shooting in the city's mission bay neighborhood last thursday. rafael mendoza and michael mackinnon died after officers fired shots. or responding to an aggravated assault call on mariposa street. the department released this body camera video and you're going to hear several gunshots in a moment. officers can be heard repeatedly telling mackinnon to drop the
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knife that he was holding against mendoza while they were fighting. police say the incident escalated when mackinnon raised his knife and thrust it toward mendoza at least twice. that's when police fired their weapons again. >> drop the gun! >> drop the knife! [gunshots] dan: officers immediately pulled mr. mendoza away from mr. mackinnon and rendered medical aid including c.p.r. simultaneously, officers handcuffed mr. mackinnon, pulled him away from the area, and rendered medical aid including c.p.r. dan: nonetheless mackinnon died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. mendoza died at the hospital from a single gunshot. the california attorney general's office is conducting an independent criminal investigation. in the east bay, a man is under arrest tonight accused of five sexual assaults and police think there may be more cases. the first assault was in albany on march 30.
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police say the victim was 9 years old. a second assault happened in berkeley on april 14. investigators say that victim was kidnapped. a similar attack happened on april 29 in oakland. the victim was grabbed as she was walking down the street. on may 21, a 60-year-old woman reported she was assaulted in berkeley. but managed to take pictures of the suspect and post them online. some would recognize the man and identified him. another assault happened on may 24 in albany. the victim in that case h.14 years old. berkeley police arrested the suspect 44-year-old thomas giles jr. on that same day. a napa man pleaded guilty to plotting to bomb the democratic headquarters in sacramento. prosecutors say ian and an accomplice planned an accomplice planned to target democratic offices and social media headquarters in an attempt to keep former president trump in office. rodgers was arrested in january of 2021 after police found guns and ammunition and pipe bombs in
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his home. he could spend up to nine years in prison. a lot more to come on a psy friday night. students at one east bay school rallying against racism. why they say more needs to be done following a series of concerning incidents. and will soaring gas prices put the brakes on memorial day travel plans? drivers and the experts weigh in. >> the worries watch tonight waiting to see who they will meet in the nba finals. and you know what? they're still waiting. that's coming up in sports. >> we sadat the seven-day -- start the seven-day with sprinkles and end with a chance of vinkless and in between how about some summer heat? i'll have your weekend forecast coming up. dan: mike, thanks a lot. all that's ahead to for you but what's coming up next on jimmy kimmel live right here after abc7 news at 11 clock. >> i'm back from having covid again-again. i just had it. i can't get it again and now we learn oh, yeah, you can get a different strain of it. >> different variant. >> and who would would know more
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about variants than you?
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♪ ♪ dan: yet another instance of racist graffiti has come to light at an east bay school. some students so fed up they staged a demonstration. abc7 news anchor deion lim what's being done to address this recurring problem at a california high school. >> graffiti in the bathroom. that's been here for years and years. reporter: days after these images of the california high school stunt team grinning while posing with a black mannequin head surfaced on social media, another instance of racially insensitive illiniry has come t. do you feel unsafe going to
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school sometimes? >> more uncomfortable than unsafe for me. reporter: this time a caricature of george floyd with racist undertones and the words "spare some air" written on a boys bathroom wall. >> yeah. just like an everyday thing. reporter: fed up students gathered for a rally in the school courtyard friday and said the racist incidents are adding up. >> on the tennis courts, those racial slurs written, that was like two years ago. that was someone wearing a klan -- a k.k.k. sheet for halloween for our first day of senior year or before we were supposed to decorate our sparking -- park being spots and the confederate flag and don't tread on me and stuff like that. more slurs. reporter: abc7 news reported on four instances of racist graffiti at cal high in 2016. >> bought our home in san ramon in 1999 and even before then, there were incidents in the news about -- of this type of thing. reporter: the san ramon valley unified school district tells me
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this week, they hosted a live stream discussion on these incidents with students. reiterating the incidence are -- incidents are unacceptable and not representative of who the cal high grizzlies are. and they acknowledge there's so much more work to do. students hope it's enough and in time for the next generation. >> so you know the kids that are younger or people of color a better experience at highas at y against racism said education also starts at home. >> if they want to think a certain way and raise their kids a certain way and those kids want to act a certain way there's really not much you can do. reporter: the district tells me more ramped up efforts are planned for the upcoming school year. in san ramon, abc news -- abc7 news. >> california gas prices set a new record high today and bad news for drivers wanting to get away for the holiday weekend. san francisco came in at 6:31 per gallon. that's a record high for the city. and the south bay, san jose drivers are paying $6.19.
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a record. the least expensive gas if i can use that expression in the bay area is $6.09 per gallon. that's in the valero area. and memorial day weekend is traditionally the start of the summer travel season. but with gas prices this high, the roads may not be as congested as they normally are. abc7 news reporter tim johns talked with bay area travelers today to get some insight into how the high cost of gas is affecting their plans. tim: the holiday weekend is now in full swing. and people around the bay area are taking to both the roads and skies ahead of memorial day. >> nopes are going to be much -- numbers are going to be much higher than they were last year and much higher than the year before. but we don't expect this to be -- it to be quite as busy as 2019. we are likely to beat 201 levels. tim: clint henderson is the managing editor of news for travel website the point sky. he says that even though air fares are sky high travelers are still buying tickets at a rapid pace. >> in general, we still got so
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much pent up demand from the past 2 1/2 years that so far were not -- we're not seeing a softening in bookings. tim: on the roads, too, gas prices are currently sitting at record highs. according to triple-a the statewide average is now over $6 a gallon. despite the increased cost, jim gibb says he will probably still head out of town this weekend. but he tells us if the my prices continue, he may switch his mode of transportation for future holidays. >> i'm really leaning toward getting an electric car. reporter: a similar story for andrew wong who was filing up -- who was filling up mismotorcycle at a san francisco gas station. >> i do have a car but with gas prices high my s.u.v. gets 17 miles per gallon and this thing gets me much more mileage and much more affordable. reporter: wong says he plans on staying in -- for the weekend and when -- and when he does hit the road this summer he knows he'll have to pay for the experience. >> it is what it is. we got to pay to drive. reporter: in san francisco, tim johns, abc7 news.
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dan: well, the music is returning to the napa valley. bottle rock music festival is back this memorial day weekend. sky seven was overhead showing how that more people are taking part this year. the moment the gates open at 11:30 many fans made that mad dash. metallica fans rushed to grab a spot up front near the stage where that legendary band from the bay area will perform tonight. >> a little early. is it going to be worth it do you think? >> my friend says -- head set here, this is pretty late. usually we're in line 12 hours, sometimes 24 hours ahead of the band. so, you know, it's our passion. it's what we love and what we continue to do. dan: they had a great time tonight. bottle rock was canceled in 2020 and delayed by three months in 2021 because of the pandemic. this year, there are some restrictions and masks are encouraged for inside venues. some hand sanitizer stations replaced with sunscreen stations. which is a good idea. but meteorologist mike nicco is here. not quite as hot as it's been
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the last few days. mike: very comfortable. that's a good point, dan. temperatures around 72. tomorrow, with cloudy conditions, for the most part, a few sprinkles. and then that sunscreen will really come in handy sunday as we have total sunshine. and about 78 degrees. so that's your forecast for bottle rock. have fun and enjoy the bands. what's going on from our roof camera and a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. during this evening hours as we head into the overnight. going to be cool and cloudy with drizzle near the coast. p.m. sprinkles and cool afternoon and rebound with sunshine and milder temperatures throughout the rest of the holiday. it's going to be breezy all three days. all right. look at these temperatures. we're down into the low to mid 50's in most neighborhoods. 59 right now in san jose. a little milder at morgan hill. 62 in brentwood and not going to fall much with that blanket of cloud cover rolling over top of it. and it insulates us and doesn't allow us to cool down quite as much. we may drop to 49 in santa rosa for the cool is to the and rest
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of us tomorrow we wake up in the low to mid 50's. let's take a look at our highs tomorrow and because of the cloud cover and the sprinkles the north bay will be stuck mainly in the 60's until you get to napa at about 72. a little more sunshine between the clouds will be in and out of the cloud cover. in the east bay and south bay. so low to mid 70's there. while we'll have 62 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. only 58 at half moon bay. a raw day there. and i want to show you a couple of things. we'll go hour-by-hour with the temperatures and i've also overlaid future radar in the -- and the winds. at 7:00 in the morning, you can see a little bit of sunshine e starto see some ofoll in the green. some of the sprinkles move into the north bay around 4:00. and then they try to slide down through the bay at 8:00 falling apart. with temperatures falling as we head toward sunset into the 50's and 60's. and biff 9:00, it's completely out of here. but there's still a little bit of lingering cloud cover. but you'll notice if you're out late tomorrow look at that. that dry air behind that cold front and sunday we wake up with sunshine and we just keep going.
11:21 pm
not only through sunday, but also into monday. and that's going to bump temperatures up maybe a degree or two. here's a look at santa cruz a quick look at the beach forecast. tomorrow, no. cloudy. cool. windy. sunny. sunday and again monday. with that burn time, it's going to be around 10 to 15 minutes and possibly 20 minutes. but at least you're going to have some sunshine. won't be very warm at the coast. we'll be in the upper 50's to low 60's. my accuweather seven day forecast. there you see saturday. tomorrow some sprinkles. next friday, another chance of some sprinkles in between, tuesday and wednesday, that's when it's going to be hot with 80's and 90's around the bay and 60's at the coast and otherwise feel pretty nice. almost every other day, dan. dan: yeah. pleasant, mike. thank you very much. it will be 100 degrees before we know it so might as well enjoy this. mike: right. dan: thanks, mike. mike: you bet. dan: oracle park stands filled dan: oracle park stands filled with cheering
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only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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11:25 pm
with over 7,000 students. and our congratulations, job well con. -- done. giants manager gabe kapler is taking a stand, has nothing to do with baseball. sports director larry beil is here. larry? larry: dan, the giants skipper always willing to take a stand for what he believes in. we'll tell you why cap will not be out for the national anthem unless things change. that's next in sports. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms,
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announcer: abc7 news sports sponsored by river rock casino. larry: good evening. giants in cincinnati this weekend where gabe kapler made headlines. the skipper saying he will not come out for the national anthem until he sees progress being made in this country on gun
11:29 pm
control. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like -- i feel better about the direction of our country. so that -- that will be the step. i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. it's just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. larry: as for the game itself long rain delay so they did the friday night fireworks pre-game. get it in. reds are terrible. but brandon drury crushes high heat on a 3-0 pitch from carlos rodon just like that. 3-0 reds. giants had their chances. joc pederson had a dustup with tommy pham before the game, up with the bases juiced in the eighth hit by a pitch. forcing in darin ruf. that was the giants' only run of the game. next man up is brandon crawford. bases loaded. double play. threat over. giants go quietly 5-1. you can't lose to the team with the worst record in the league. but they just did. a's and rangers. this is what i look like on
11:30 pm
weekends. luau night. a's down in the third and come back in a hurry. and suddenly the a's are in front. 4-2. next man up is chad pinder. here he comes. there it goes. his fifth of the year as well. the a's up 5-2 after three. what's happening with the luau? those guys have been lifting. rangers tie it up in the eighth. they score three in the ninth. former amarcus semien three hits in this game. r.b.i. single makes it 8-5. that he was the final. the a's have lost five of seven. nba. heat and celtics. the series has flipped more than the leprechaun. miami needing a win to force game seven. jayson tatum doing his best to end it in six. 30 points but very quiet late only 11 points in the second half. and the warriors obviously watching this to see, could jimmy butler keep the heat alive? and he had 30 after three. the heat were up by seven. in boston, the butler did it. 17 in the fourth finished with a playoff career high 47. so the warriors will wait and watch as miami wins 111-103.
11:31 pm
game seven sunday in miami. we'll see what advances to the finals against the dubs. the lakers reportedly hiring darvin ham as new head coach and has been an assistant with the bucks. remember ham as a player. this was a dude who shattered backboards. he has great respect around the nba. sports on abc7 sponsored by river rock casino will be right
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. dan: that is our report on this friday. we hope you have a wonderful and restful and safe memorial day holiday weekend. for mike nicco, larry beil, all of us here i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel tom
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hildeston. have a gr great lou: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tom hiddleston, d'arcy carden, and music from supergrass. with cleto and the cletones. and now -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. hi, there. wow. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. i've returned. i'm back. i've returned from the dead. i'm alive. [ laughter ] that's very nice. i appreciate it.


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