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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 28, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. wrong decision. the unngon frothorie more about the school shooting time line. an outraged governor saying he was misled. >> i am livid about what happened. >> heartbreaking new images, terrifying children escaping through windows as families hope to keep their loved ones' dreams alive. >> she wanted to make a difference. i want that for her now. if she still can. >> hitting the road, the summer travel season kicks off. nearly 35 million americans on the highways. the price you'll pay at the pump this weekend and the crowds at the airports. plus, severe weather, could it throw a wrench into your plans? jury deliberations under way
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in johnny depp's libel suit against ex-wife amber heard. accusations flying during closing arguments. the options now on the table for the jury. barbecue budget busters. inflation means higher prices for your backyard favorites this holiday weekend. the advice on ways to save. "gma" at the jubilee. excitement ready to peak at the palace. we're live in london for it all. how the queen is spending her weekend ahead of the big celebration. "star wars" galaxy. the stars of "obi-wan kenobi" revealing their excitement at returnir roles.>> looking acros pl lest on "andor" and "mandalorian." >> and "top gun: maverick" soars. tom cruise on track to pilot the biggest opening weekend of his career.
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good morning, america. it's so great to have you with us. we have a lot to cover on this busy holiday weekend including millions of americans hitting the roads and airports filling up to prepandemic levels. this as some are cleaning up after severe weather rolled through overnight like in bedford county, virginia. we'll have more on the travel picture ahead. we'll get to that in a moment. we do begin in texas four days after the massacre at robb elementary school in uvalde, as the details of the police response begin to become clear this morning. >> parents there demanding answers, why were officers held back as children were dying inside the school? some of the students begging for help, able to hear police on the other side of the door. we begin this morning with abc's mireya villarreal in san antonio. good morning to you, mireya. >> reporter: good morning. parents i spoke with, some who lost their children and some with survivors say they are going through a lot of different emotions right there's anger, frustration,
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sadness, of course, but there's also a lot of confusion right now, especially with this new information coming out on the investigation. they want to be able to grieve with their families. they want to be able to grief with the community but it's become a distraction and they want some clarity and truth. this morning, a stunning admission from authorities in texas, acknowledging police should have acted sooner to breach the classroom with the gunman. >> of course, it was not the right decision, it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: with parents waiting desperately outside robb elementary. authorities now revealing that a teacher propped open a door at 11:27 a.m. the shooter used it to enter minutes later. then at 11:33 the shooter entered classrooms 111 and 112. by 11:35 seven uvalde police officers are inside the school. but police do not enter the barricaded classroom wrongly believing that the situation was
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no longer an active shooter but a barricad >> there were children in the classroom that were at risk, and it was, in fact, still an active shooter situation. >> reporter: also at 12:03 the 911 calls from inside the rooms begin. over a 44-minute period, students inside begging for help. finally at 12:50 authorities entering the room using a key and killing the shooter who law enforcement say had purchased 1,657 rounds of ammunition ahead of his rampage. on friday afternoon, governor abbott reacting to the new details about the shooting time line after he praised law enforcement on tuesday. >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. there are people who deserve answers the most, and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are
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accurate. >> reporter: and now this morning as we see new images of schoolchildren escaping through windows, we're hearing from the family of 10-year-old lexi rubio killed at the school. her father, a uvalde sheriff's deputy, holding her picture close to his heart responding to the shooting while off duty. >> i go turn on my radio. i turn it on, and like that, i just hear panic in everybody's voices. and me, i just got dressed, got in my unit, took off. and i get there, and i see where everybody is posted at, in front of my baby girl's door. once i see them open the door and open fire, my heart dropped. >> reporter: lexi's mother hoping her daughter's dreams
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can live on. >> she wanted to be a lawyer, like i said. she wanted to play softball. she wanted to make a difference. and i want that for her now if she still can, so if people can help that dream be realized, that would be great. >> reporter: several victims were taken here to the san antonio area for treatment with very serious injuries. noah orona is one of them recovering at methodist children's hospital. shot in the back and recovering well but his parents say it will be a long journey to get him through this. in the meantime, on the investigative front right now we do understand the texas department of public safety is going to conduct a thorough review of everything that happened by law enforcement on that day on that scene to make sure they get to the truth here. >> guys. more on this, let's bring
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in abc's senior investigative reporter aaron katersky joining us in the studio. aaron, always great to have you and hear from you. of course, as we saw in mireya's report, so much anger, so much frustration on the part of parents demanding accountability here. what more are you learning about why officers waited so long to breach that classroom? >> it was a cascade of errors, whit. even before the gunfire, a door was propped open, an officer drove right past the suspect and then the worst, the delay in sending officers in. the commander did not act on what 911 operators knew, which was the shooter was still shooting. the commander treated him as if he no longer posed a threat to any more kids, and the head of the texas rangers called that the wrong decision. we just don't know why the commander did not seem to realize what was happening right in front of him. >> just so upsetting for everybody is that information coming out yesterday. i want to ask about the shooter. he spoke openly on social media sites in chat rooms about some of his intentions. what were some of the key missed signals? >> these failures started even before tuesday. the first warning sign came back
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in september, the suspect asked his sister while he was under age to buy him a gun and then an obsession with guns, with a propensity toward violence, even animal abuse were all evident in social media messages. one user even asked the subject, are you going to shoot up a school? nobody seems to have taken seriously this trail of digital red flags. >> and another thing that's so alarming here following the massacre, of course, every parent across the country is trying to see how safe their community is. but authorities are now warning about possible copycat. >> a new nypd bulletin we obtained at abc news said what happened in uvalde could spur an uptick in school threats. we've already seen a number of examples around the country. there was one in bellport, new york, a 16-year-old threatened to attack his school. he said it was a joke, but police are now taking no chances and they place this kid under arrest. >> serious warning they're taking seriously. aaron katersky, as always, thank you so much.
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>> janai, over to you. now to the nra annual convention taking place in houston just 300 miles from robb elementary schl e. abc's congressional correspondent rachel scott is there in houston for us. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: janai, good tion kki off right here in houston hours away from the uvalde massacre. the nra said it would reflect on the tragedy, pray for the victims, but protesters who gathered here say that is not enough. just days after the uvalde elementary school massacre, the national rifle association kicking off its annual convention in houston. hundreds of protesters line the streets. mounted police on patrol. >> why did you decide to come out? >> because my daughter is a teacher, and she had to learn howe to pack bullet wounds in her classroom in order to teach. >> reporter: 14-year-old aubrey long told me she's tired of going to school in fear. >> i shouldn't go to school and be scared i could be hurt that day because we can't control our guns.
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>> reporter: inside the convention prominent republican figures took to the stage condemning the violence. former president donald trump reading the names of the lives lost, the bell ringing for each one, but he rejected calls for gun reform. >> as always in the wake of these tragedies, the various gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place, absolutely nothing. >> reporter: but the majority of americans support some kind of action. nearly 90% support expanded background checks. gun owner b.j. spaulding told me even though he thinks guns aren't the issue -- >> do you think america has a gun problem? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: -- he's behind universal background checks. >> that's one thing i don't have a problem with. >> reporter: and theresa wakefield a gun owner and grandmother of 13, said the uvalde shooting brought her to tears telling me lawmakers should reconsider the legal age to buy a gun. >> you can't buy alcohol.
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why should you be able to buy weapons at 18? that's heartbreaking. but guns don't kill people. people kill people. >> reporter: some republicans did back out of attending the nra convention. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick said he didn't want to add to the pain and the suffering that so many families are feeling. but the republican officials that did show up sent a message that now is not the time for gun reform. south dakota governor kristi noem saying that calls to further restrict access to guns is all about control and called it garbage. >> rachel scott, it is a conversation that lots of people all over the country are having this morning. thank you for that report. switching gears now, the 35 million of us will be hitting the roads in spite of soaring gas prices this weekend. abc's elwyn lopez joins us from atlanta with more. good morning to you, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning.
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the unofficial start to the summer is in full swing. the travel rush already picking up, and while here in atlanta we're averaging just over $4 a gallon, the nationwide average is at $4.60, but the pain at the pump is not enough to stop travelers from hitting the roads. aaa is predicting 35 million people will travel by car this holiday weekend. and atlanta once again one of the busiest joining chicago and boston. now, guys, if you're looking for the lowest gas prices, apps like gas buddy can help you out. other apps like waze and google maps can help you find the fastest and most efficient ways to get to where you're going. as for when to head out, experts say the best time is now, any time before 10:00 a.m. the worst time afternoon hours between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> get out the door quickly. all right, elwyn, thank you. some travelers already running into turbulence this weekend with hundreds of flights canceled this morning. millions of americans still taking to the skies as travel is expected to hit prepandemic
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levels. here's abc's transportation correspondent gio benitez. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. the tsa screening nearly 2.4 million people at u.s. airports on the first day of this busy holiday travel weekend. that's about 25% more than last year. now this morning delta is taking us inside the massive operation. this morning, millions hitting the sky. >> i'm just excited about traveling, going somewhere else more than 14,000 flights a day this holiday weekend. the tsa expects to screen 2.1 million passengers a day at airports across the country at or even a little more than prepandemic levels. >> we've got two years of pent-up vacations that we haven't had to take, but we're ready. >> reporter: to prepare for those long lines, the tsa has upped its staffing. >> we've increased the use of overtime, we're also allowing officers that are in a part-time status to convert to full time. >> reporter: with this summer
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expected to break travel records, delta's allison ausband says this weekend's operation is critical. in many ways this is like a dry run for the summer. you're expecting even more passengers after this. > we want the dry run to go great this weekend, because that will tell us, right, how the rest of the summer is going to go. >> reporter: on your travel check list get to the airport early. make sure you don't have prohibited items in your carry-on and have the airline app ready in case you need to quickly rebook. >> don't let the crowd concern you. it is going to be busy getting through, but know that it's absolutely safe. if you want to wear your mask on board, you can absolutely wear your mask on board. >> reporter: now airports should have less crowds today and tomorrow, but come monday it's going to pick right back up again as people go back home. guys. >> all right, important to remember. fewer crowds today and tomorrow. turning overseas now where russian troops are gaining territory in the eastern donbas region of ukraine. the troops taking small villages while ukraine's president
7:15 am
zelenskyy warns that the russians want to burn these towns, quote, to ashes. zelenskyy saying he is willing to meet with vladimir putin if it would end the war and get life back to normal. this comes after earlier this week he dismissed the idea that he should give up some territory in order to reach a peace agreement. now for some good news for parents desperately trying to get ahold of formula to feed their babies. the fda says it will import more than 1 million cans of infant formula from australia. that comes out to roughly 27.5 million eight-ounce servings. the agency says they are working around the clock to try to get parents the formula that they need. now to what some of those rising prices could mean for your holiday weekend gathering. the commerce department saying inflation eased a bit in april, prices rising 6.3% after a 6.6% increase in march. abc's deidre bolton is here with more and some ways to save. deidre. >> some ways to save, that is the key because this weekend
7:16 am
americans will spend a lot more for their backyard barbecues than memorial day last year. so protein is the biggest offender. chicken, take a look at these prices, up more than 16%, so about 30 cents more per pound and chicken legs bone in this year, 1.89 versus last year, 1.58. ground beef up nearly 15% so more than 80 cents more per pound than last year. hot dogs actually the biggest jump, up 6.9%, $1.40 per pound is very different from last year. now, if you're the host you can count on protein of about eight ounces per person, if you're trying to count it out, and with two side dishes it will cost you about $2.85 per guest compared to last year's plate which would have cost you about $2.50 per plate. now, while most fruits and vegetables are not cheap, they have seen a less dramatic price increase. so you can reduce the budget by mixing in maybe some mushrooms or onions with your burgers or make kebab, you alternate chicken and veggies on a skewer.
7:17 am
if you have a big box membership, costco, sam's club, there are boxes of about 40 beef patties on offer, $35. that equals basically less than a buck per burger. depending on the region, chicken legs and thighs are coming in at 9.15 a pound so chicken their boneless skinless breasts at $11.80 per pound. another way to say and arguably the most fun, if you're hosting, ask friends and family to contribute. let's do. go potluck because eating together is the idea, so if you're the host -- >> don't invite janai. >> i don't want to hear about hot dogs. either order less food or invite fewer people. >> with her mom and mac and cheese, i will invite myself. >> that loaf. >> i do the banana bread gluten-free that eva loves. now you know what we bring to the potluck. >> thanks, deidre. >> deidre, thanks very much. now to "gma" at the jubilee. just five days away as the uk prepares to celebrate queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne.
7:18 am
abc's maggie rulli joins us live from covent garden in london with more. maggie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are reaching peak jub excitement here in london. you can hear it and see it everywhere you go. it seems like around every corner right now in this city, you see flags hanging high, posters of the queen, decorations of corgis, my personal favorite decoration, janai. you know, right now the queen is actually not in town. she decided to go on a pre-jubilee break and headed to scotland where she's staying at her balmoral estate. it's something she often does for about a week this time of year. but, you know, janai, it's hard to overstate just how important this jubilee is for the monarchy and for the entire country. you know, queen elizabeth is the longest serving british monarch so this is the first time the country is celebrating a platinum jubilee. you can hear them celebrating it right now because they're holding nothing back. there are thousands of events planned here in london, across the country, across the entire commonwealth.
7:19 am
you know, we were up at buckingham palace earlier this week, and we saw hundreds of put up scaffolding and staging - for this week's events and actually earlier this morning prince william was there reviewing the troops ahead of this week's big parade. so this is shaping up to be a huge moment. not just for the monarchy but really the royal family as well. it's kind of turning into a reunion. we understand that prince harry and meghan have said they're coming back for the jubilee and they're bringing their two little ones, which mean, guys, this is the first time they'll come to london as a family of four. everyone is so excited to see them here in town, and, guys, picking up on it, that's the theme is excitement. you know, the jubilee is actually still a few days away, but everyone here is already celebrating. we're already excited. >> lots of excitement, and the party has already started. maggie, thank you so much. and the celebration of the queen's 70 years on the throne kicks off next thursday.
7:20 am
abc is going to be there all week long with a front row seat to all the festivities. that starts on june 2nd. you don't want to miss a minute. eva, you'll be heading there. >> i know. >> front seat. >> pretty excited? >> yeah. i'll be field anchoring the show from london next weekend. >> we can't wait. >> there we go. you have to come back next weekend. >> yes, yes, because we'll be having more fun. obviously. time now for a check of the weather, danielle breezy from our abc station, wkrn in nashville. good morning to you, danielle. >> good morning, eva. i'm a little jealous of that assignment myself. i want to talk about the weather. active weather yesterday and even this morning, take a look at our surfline camera real quick. and you can see there's lightning in the sky lighting up over cocoa beach there. that storm line pushing off but we had over 100 wind reports, not to mention hail, tornado reports. the concentration was over the mid-atlantic. today there is a severe weather risk from the northern plains, wind and hail the biggest threats, as we shift to tomorrow, there's an enhanced risk from nebraska to minnesota, omaha included and all modes of severe weather are possible. that's a look at what's happening around the country.
7:21 am
here's what's happening wh lisa: looking up to low clouds. visibility reduced. partly cloudy skies today. today is the coolest day out of the memorial weekend. the warmer weather arrives, unfortunately, after the holiday. receipt to windy. warm and windy for sunday. and it is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and it is going to feel like summer in locations all across the east. we'll talk more about the heat coming up. back to you. >> danielle, thanks so much. also, opening weekend for one of the most anticipated movie sequels fans have been asking "for life" more than 30 years. >> good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> oh, yeah, there you go. tom cruise riding back into the
7:22 am
danger zone, and it might give him the biggest opening weekend of his career, "top gun: maverick" has already had more than $50 million opening day and now it could very well top $100 million in its memorial day opening. i was talking to michael strahan yesterday. he watched. he was like giddy like a child over this movie, said he was in the back row all alone laughing, smiling and crying. he said it was that good. >> wow. >> yes, speicher strahan for you. >> quite a tease. >> so there it is. all right, coming up here on "gma," jury deliberations start in the johnny depp/amber heard defamation case. the six-week-long trial finally now nearing its end. >> obi is back. we talk with the stars of "obi-wan kenobi" as the series makes its streaming debut. and holiday sales. what's out there and with supply chain troubles, why now might be agood time to buy. (blue mom) hey jerry! (cat chow guy) hey! (blue mom) i didn't know you feed bubbles cat chow. (cat chow guy) yeah, you give molly blue buffalo huh? (blue mom) molly devours it and i love the ingredients. (cat chow guy) well, like what?
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five. the warriors insiders will have a presale event at 10:00 a.m. they will face the winner of the celtics and the heat. you can watch the nba finals here on abc seven. let's get a check of the memorial day forecast -- memorial weekend forecast. lisa: you can see all of the clouds. partly cloudy skies but cooler then we should beat for this time of year. the coolest day is today. warmer tomorrow. liz: thanks for joinin
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jedi are cowards. they failed you. there is no point in protecting them. where is obi-wan? >> wow, did she just say jedi are cowards? that one hurt. we'll have to get into that one. welcome back. the wait is over. "obi-wan kenobi" now streaming on disney plus. coming up here on "gma," zohreen shah catches up with some of the stars at the "star wars" celebration. >> just showed your mc -- looking forward to it. >> yep. >> the other big stories, happening right now, the
7:31 am
stunning admission that officers were inside the building at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, for close to an hour before they were allowed to take the gunman down. this as children trapped in their classroom were calling police asking for help. the incident commander concedes that holding the officers back was, quote, the wrong decision. also right now, there are now a dozen confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in the united states. on friday the cdc released new guidance on who should receive a vaccine against the disease. those on the list include scientists who work with the virus and health care workers exposed to monkeypox. and shifting gears here, the golden state warriors will have to wait a little bit longer to find out who they will face off against in the nba finals. the miami heat forcing a game seven in the eastern conference finals with a do or die win over the boston celtics. game seven will be played back in miami on sunday evening. well, we start this half hour with the highly publicized case between johnny depp and amber heard now in the hands of the jury. that's after both sides
7:32 am
delivered closing arguments in the six-week-long trial and abc's ike ejiochi has more. >> there is an abuser in this courtroom, but it is not mr. depp. >> reporter: this morning after six weeks of powerful testimony, johnny depp's libel lawsuit against his ex-wife amber heard is finally in the hands of the jury. for weeks the trial between the acclaimed movie star and his ex-wife capturing the attention of millions. on friday, both sides wrapping up closing arguments. depp's attorney asking the jury to give mr. depp his life back and that amber heard ruined his life. heard's lawyer calling depp a monster who not only abused heard but also continued to smear her name after she filed for divorce tarnishing her acting career. >> because in mr. depp's world u doheilt a campaign of global humiliation against you. >> reporter: depp is suing heard for $50 million over her 2018
7:33 am
"washington post" op-ed. she described herself as a survivor of domestic abuse without naming her alleged abuser by name. heard is countersuing depp for $100 million. after depp's lawyer called her allegations a hoax. yet some of the most dramatic moments when the two took the stand themselves. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day. >> i have spoken up for what i've been carrying on my back reluctantly for six years. >> reporter: now, jury deliberations will begin tuesday morning after the holiday weekend. now, this is only a group of seven jurors, and they'll have to weigh whether anyone here is entitled to damages. janai. >> all right, ike, thank you. and joining us now is david glass, a family law attorney and
7:34 am
former psychologist who has been following this case closely. david, thank you so much for joining us. johnny depp was back on the stand this week. who do you think that that benefited most, him or amber heard? >> in truth i don't think it benefited either of them. i think it was a move by johnny depp so he'd have one more chance to address his audience, his adoring fans and say that he's been suffering for six years. but his testimony really didn't add or detract from his case or from amber heard's case. >> and, david, what do juries have to consider when deliberating a defamation suit? >> well, the juries are given very specific instructions. they have a checklist they have to go through. first of all, there has to be a bad statement made about someone that was false. it has to have been made with actual malice and then the hardest part is showing that the person who the statement was made about was damaged financially and connecting that one little statement to having their career ruined, that's the hardest part of a defamation
7:35 am
case. >> david, that's what's so interesting about the case. we heard so much of accusations of abuse on both sides, but that really was kind of beside the point of the defamation suit. >> it was. both of these parties went far afield from what the defamation case is all about. on one hand amber heard said that she was the victim of abuse. on the other hand, johnny depp's attorney said that her claims of abuse were a hoax. and beyond that, all of the mud that was thrown against the wall and landed on each of these parties really was aside from the point. >> and real quick, david, what are the options for the jury and how do you think it'll go? >> the options for the jury are three. first, they could find for johnny depp that he was defamed and hurt. they could find for amber and find that she was defamed and hurt, but most likely what the jury is going to do is going to send both of these parties home with nothing and saying, a pox on both of your houses. >> and it looks like if that is the case that no one wins in this. david glass, thank you so much for being with us.
7:36 am
we do want to turn for another check of the weather. back to danielle breezy from our nashville station wkrn. but in orlando for us this morning and we're talking about the heat, good morning, danielle. >> oh, we are talking about the heat. unfortunately, whit, it will be heating up this week and we want to talk about the critical fire danger. we have fire weather watches, fire weather warnings in effect for new mexico and across the desert southwest. now, the reason for this, we've got low humidity plus gusty winds and we could have gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour in flagstaff, arizona. i mean, we are talking about breezy if not windy conditions out there but talking about the summerlike pattern shaping up for the eastern half of the country. we have triple digit heat expected from texas to oklahoma to kansas, dodge city could set a new record and on memorial day, everyone is heating up. we're going to be in the upper 80s to near 90 from d.c. all the way up to boston. that's a look at what's ha lisa:
7:37 am
>> as you mentioned, we are in orlando at disney and coming up, we got a chance to go on a brand-new ride plus a big-time surprise you don't want to miss. back to you guys. >> that's a good assignment and beach weather for the holiday weekend. >> thanks, danielle. coming up on "good morning america," we'll go live to anaheim, california, with the latest news from this year's "star wars" celebration and, of course, we'll talk to the stars of "obi-wan kenobi" and "andor." and then we're doing the legwork for you on memorial day sales. to bring you the best bargains, stay with us. crazy commutes... crowd control-
7:38 am
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case
7:41 am
and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. we're back now on "gma" with all of the excitement from this year's "star wars" celebration with the premiere of "obi-wan kenobi." news about "the mandalorian" and "andor." fans have a lot to look forward to. sorry, i'm like bursting through the camera right here. abc's zohreen shah, she's right in the mix there in anaheim,
7:42 am
california. >> reporter: it's the "star wars" moment 17 years in the making. >> i've been wanting an obi-wan movie for like about ten years. >> reporter: hayden christensen and ewan mcgregor returning. what does it feel like to play the characters again? >> looking across the set at hayden was like some kind of time warp. >> reporter: as obi-wan and darth vader in the "obi-wan" series. >> it's such a remarkable costume, and you put it on, and you can't help but feel a little evil, i guess. >> reporter: the six-part series taking place between episodes iii and iv when darth vader and the empire rule the galaxy. how hard was it to basically construct this entire series between that time? >> so there was a tremendous responsibility to it in making sure we don't mess with the legacy of these characters and the story, but it's also really exciting because we did get to tell a new story with these characters at a very different
7:43 am
point in their lives. >> chronologically it takes place a few years apart from the "andor" series about to drop in august. how hard was it to go backward in the time line, to go backward five years in the story line? >> exciting really. i mean, when you meet so many fascinating characters at a particular moment of time in "rogue one," what an opportunity to dive deeper into them. >> reporter: diego luna plays casian andor in the prequel to "rogue one". >> the love for these characters is incredible. >> you won't die, we know that. >> i won't die. >> reporter: we met a much smaller star in the film. how excited are you to star in the film? may the force be with you too. here at the convention the creators of "the mandalorian" also revealing that season 3 of the hit franchise is right around the corner, coming out in february. but you guys can see "obi-wan" right now. i started watching it the other night. it is incredible. the production value just
7:44 am
amazing. every episode feels like a movie. whit, you're going to love it. >> oh, it's saved. it's ready. my daughter is waiting for me to be done with work so we can watch this together, very exciting. zohreen, thank you so much. it's darth vader again, right, we're back to vader. sorry while i nerd out. >> the mcu people love skipping around in time and the back story, the history of characters. >> yep. >> yep. [ laughter ] i love it. >> love it all. coming up on "good morning america," hunting down those memorial day sales, the items you should grab this weekend. m s to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about
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7:48 am
another tradition besides the memorial day barbecue, of course, shopping the sales. becky worley went hunting down the deals. >> new data saying two in five americans plan to shop the sales this weekend. and with inflation stretching budgets thin, that makes a lot of sense. memorial day isn't just a great time to have a barbecue, it's usually a great time to buy one but with inflation pushing prices up and supply chain issues still wreaking havoc with inventory, deals are rare. so experts say if you have to have an item for the summer -- >> if you don't buy it right away, then you're going to lose out on that sale. >> reporter: there is some discounting on summer gear. for example, target has the weber two-burner gas grill for 399. that's $100 off. this bike rack over $40 off at walmart and best buy has a window air conditioner for $127 off. but this weekend isn't just for summer items.
7:49 am
it might be your best chance to save on big ticket items. >> as people start to see higher prices on everyday necessities, they are changing some of the ways that they shop, and one of the big ways is that they are a little more conscious of sales and promotions and that's where events like mmorial day can really come into play. >> reporter: take appliances. wayfair has this frigidaire side-by-side washer-dryer for 20% off and lowe's has this whirlpool dishwasher for $499, over 25% off. finally it's worth looking at clothing discounts. levi's has 30% storewide. old navy has 60% off and nike has 40% off a good selection of shoes and active wear. now, the advice remains the same, if you don't need it now, hold off buying. with core prices up, many people are looking for ways to offset the increased cost of gas, electricity, food. it is a great time to hide your credit card and enjoy family, friends and the great outdoors.
7:50 am
that is what i'm doing this weekend, janai. >> fair enough, so some deals but you don't have to take advantage of them. >> hide the credit card. >> there you go. >> all right, better deals to come maybe later in the year. >> we'll see. we'll be right back with our "play of the day." ls. i'm what you call "boutique". i'm into intimate conversations, leather lounge chairs and soaking up the cities atmosphere. i'm looking to provide a more unique experience. do you like single origin coffee over a game of chess? me too. and don't you just feel like everything sounds warmer on vinyl? i do. ♪♪ buy one favorite like a big mac and get another for just a buck right now at mcdonald's. hey! it's your dry skin. every day we lose ceramides i need to seal in moisture.
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7:54 am
back now with our "p back now with our "play of the day" and a special guest surprising kids at one school. lakers star lebron james shocking the students with his appearance at the i promise charter school. he helped found it in akron, ohio, on their last day of classes this year. the kids just erupting with excitement at his visit, and it was as you can see hugs all around. the nba players family foundation posting the video on their website. the school is dedicated to struggling students in danger of falling through the cracks and you can see looking at this video how much it meant to these kids. >> i love those side-by-side photos of the little kid and
7:55 am
the giant nba player. >> lebron james has done so much for the community that he came from. it is really admirable. >> absolutely. remember "gma," two hours on saturdays, so still a lot coming up here including the clear picture we're getting of the texas school massacre with authorities admitting wrong decisions were made. and our "gma" cover story. we're in london for the preps in place for the queen's jubilee. and then former mtv news correspondent suchin pak talks about growing up asian in america.
7:56 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. sergeant major michael grinstead and is leading an event and walk across the golden gate bridge weekend. here is a look at the bridge. salmon city -- san francisco
7:57 am
city officials and support systems are walking across the bridge. snacks and water provided. this morning, flags are going to be placed on headstones the san francisco national cemetery for memorial day weekend. this is a look at how the flags were placed last year. they will cover more than 26,000 headstones located at the ceremony. a memorial day observance ceremony is scheduled for monday at 10:30. let's get a check of the forecast. lisa: we have a deck of low clouds in santa cruz, where it is 54 degrees. upper 60's with breezy onshore winds. 61 in mountain view. rightly cloudy skies the theme for today with the winds kicking up along the shoreline and breezy elsewhere. it is 60 in concord.
7:58 am
temperatures will be ranging well below average, upper 60's in oakland. 72 in napa. the coast will be windy, cool, upper 50's. tomorrow will be sunnier and windier. monday will be the warmest of the holiday. look at tuesday and wednesday, warming into the 80's in a short, 90's inland. on thursday, much cooler. liz: the news continues right liz: the news continues right now with good morniur chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing,
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's our second hour. wrong decision. the stunning admission from authorities in texas as we learn more about the school shooting time line. the outrage unfolding. >> it just keeps happening. i would like to say this is it but nobody else seems to feel the same way. >> we have the very latest. hitting the road. the summer travel season off to a busy start as millions take to the air. sky high gas prices not keeping americans off the road. the price you'll pay at the pump and the crowds that will greet you at the airports. plus, when is the best time to travel this holiday weekend? we're breaking it all down. "gma" at the jubilee. how london is gearing up for a party fit for a queen.


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