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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 28, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. wrong decision. the stunning admission from authorities in texas as we learn more about the school shooting time line. the outrage unfolding. >> it just keeps happening. i would like to say this is it but nobody else seems to feel the same way. >> we have the very latest. hitting the road. the summer travel season off to a busy start as millions take to the air. sky high gas prices not keeping americans off the road. the price you'll pay at the pump and the crowds that will greet you at the airports. plus, when is the best time to travel this holiday weekend? we're breaking it all down. "gma" at the jubilee. how london is gearing up for a party fit for a queen.
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we're live across the pond, plus her majesty's former press secretary is spilling the tea. ♪ and we're catching up with suchin pak, the former mtv news correspondent sitting down with her one-time colleague, our very own chris connelly. sharing her experience growing up asian in america.p♪ what's w confident ♪ it's time for a crash course in "oprahdemics," more than a decade after she signed off the air a deep dive into her show that changed daytime tv forever. >> you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. >> as we say, good morning, america. ♪ complicated ♪ i love oprah so much. you know that's the reason i eat dessert first before dinner. >> really? >> because oprah's show says it keeps you young. >> okay, all right. i can get behind that too. >> duly noted. >> good morning, america, on this memorial day weekend. so many people on the roads and
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the airports. they're filling up to prepandemic levels. that's as some spots are cleaning up after severe weather rolled through like in bedford county, virginia. we'll have more on the holiday travel. that is ahead. more on that, first, we begin in texas where just four days after that mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, we're getting a clearer picture of the police response during that massacre. >> and parents there demanding answers, wanting to know why officers were held back as children were dying inside the school as some of the students were begging for help. we go back to abc's mireya villarreal who is in san antonio. good morning, again, mireya. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this is definitely some heartbreaking news for the families that we have been speaking with over the last few days, but there's also a lot of frustration. this school district police department went to an active shooter training just a few months ago, and it explicitly says, innocent lives before your own, and if you can't take that oath, then maybe you should look for another career.
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this morning, a stunning admission from authorities in texas acknowledging police should have acted sooner to breach the classroom with the gunman. >> of course, it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: with parents waiting desperately outside robb elementary, authorities now revealing that a teacher propped open a door at 11:27 a.m. the shooter used to enter minutes later, then at 11:33 the shooter entered classrooms 111 and 112. by 11:35, seven uvalde police officers are inside the school. but police do not enter the barricaded classroom wrongly believing that the situation was no longer an active shooter but a barricaded subject. also at 12:03, the 911 calls from inside the rooms begin. over a 44-minute period, students inside begging for help.
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finally at 12:50 authorities entering the room using a key and killing the shooter who law enforcement say had purchased 1,657 rounds of ammunition ahead of his rampage. on friday afternoon, governor abbott reacting to the new details about the shooting time line after he praised law enforcement on tuesday. >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. there are people who deserve answers the most, and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. >> reporter: and now this morning as we see new images of schoolchildren escaping through windows, we're hearing from the family of 10-year-old lexi rubio killed at the school. her father, a uvalde sheriff's deputy, holding her picture close to his heart responding to the shooting while off duty. >> once i sethem open the door and open fire, i just -- my heart dropped.
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>> reporter: lexi's mother hoping her daughter's dreams can live on. >> she wanted to be a lawyer, like i said. she wanted to play softball. she wanted to make a difference. i want that for her now if she still can, so if people could help that dream be realized, that would be great. >> noah ornoa is recovering here at methodist children's hospital in san antonio. he was shot in the back but he is doing well. his parents tell me the hardest part of all this is knowing that he was lying on the ground inside that classroom while all of this was happening around him waiting for help and trying to stay silent. guys. >> just awful to think about those kids, just so brave during that time. all right, mireya, thank you. we do want to turn to the holiday travel and millions are hitting the road this weekend despite record high gas prices. let's go back to elwyn lopez joining us with what you can expect to see on the highways. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit. good morning.
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millions are already on the move kicking off the unofficial start to the summer. now, the busiest roads expected to be here in atlanta, chicago and boston. now, take a look at this. nationwide gas prices soaring to an average of $4.60 a gallon. but it's not keeping people from hitting the roads. aaa is predicting nearly 35 million people to travel by car this holiday weekend and as for the skies, tsa has already screened close to 2.4 million people in one day. that's about 25% more than this time last year, and that is just the beginning. the agency expects to see about 2.1 million passengers a day. those numbers could go up above what airports saw even before the pandemic. now, if you are taking to the skies, the best days to travel are today and tomorrow. as for the roads, experts say try to avoid the afternoon hours between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. guys. >> all right. good information there, elwyn, thank you so much. still coming up here on "good morning america," our
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"morning menu" counting down to the queen's platinum jubilee and sitting down with her royal highness' former press secretary. plus, how the royal family is using social media to celebrate the new emoji you didn't know you needed. >> so cute. from the queen of england to the queen of talk, oprah, the new podcast, a look at her groundbreaking show. breaking show. ? canceling plans, commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you. and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx.
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don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. ♪ don't stop me now ♪ welcome back to "gma." this morning counting down to the platinum jubilee celebrating queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne, and we're just getting started with our coverage all across the pond. coming up in "binge this," we have a weekend watch list fit for royalty. but first let's head to london and our team has front row seats to all the excitement as the palace gets ready for all these festivities. joining us now is former communications and press secretary to the queen, alsa anderson.
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alisa, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. i'm thrilled. >> we are thrilled to have you. you've actually worked on two jubilees, the golden jubilee and the diamond jubilee, so i'm curious, how do you think the queen is feeling ahead of this event? >> i think she'll be feeling very excited. she will look forward to meeting lots of new and different people and also it'll give her an opportunity to say thank you to the nation and to the world for being so incredible. but i do think that she will also be feeling slightly sad as well. of course, this is the first major celebration she will have without prince philip by her side, so although she'll be excited and thankful, i think it will also be tinged with some sadness. >> we know that the queen is very much down to business when it comes to her job, but she also likes to have some fun. so what do you think is going to be most important to her when it comes to these celebrations? >> i think looking at things
8:12 am
throughout the last 7 decades, 70 years is a long time to be on the throne, so seeing just diverse interests, of course, there's the darby. there's the service of thanksgiving at st. paul's and there's the amazing concert on saturday night. there's the big jubilee lunch where lots of people through all together, you know, getting - together after, you know, two yars of a pandemic, it gives a whole nation a chance to celebrate and to be thankful. >> is there any sense of how involved the queen will be in all of those celebrations? >> i think the palace is planning it as a day-to-day decision about what she will be doing, but, of course, she would have been involved right at the outset for the planning and the preparations of it. it'll have her stamp on it completely. >> that we come to expect of her, right. alisa, thank you so much for being with us. we are looking forward to all the celebrations. >> thank you.
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>> janai. all right, and turning now to our "gma" cover story, while the jubilee doesn't officially kick off until next week, the party has already started in the streets of london, and our own will ganss, well, he volunteered to bring us the best of the celebrations. will, we just can't thank you enough. good morning. >> reporter: oh, i had -- someone had to do it, janai. and i just out of the goodness of my heart decided to. there are british flags everywhere. british people everywhere but most importantly british parties all over the place, and we hit the ground running to check out as many of them as we could. welcome to the queen's platinum jubilee. the biggest celebration in the world. from the playground, what's your favorite thing about the queen? >> she's the queen and the boss of us. >> the united kingdom flag means she's not home, but the other flag means she's home. >> reporter: to the pub and where better to get going than a
8:14 am
1950s era pub. it's the pub and we're currently 443 feet above london. ♪ the london eye taking the jubilee celebration to new heights, turning one pod of the iconic wheel into a fully functional pub. that was close. meanwhile, back on the ground forget when in rome, when in london bust a british dance move. ♪ [ applause ] boy blue, a street dance company performing in the platinum jubilee pageant next weekend. >> this is one of the things that only comes around once in a lifetime. so it will probably never happen again, so in a way it's actually quite a privilege and we're feeling good. we're feeling excited. >> three, four. >> reporter: for those not as lucky as boy blue to have an
8:15 am
audience with the queen, your majesty, i have always wanted to say this to you, yes, queen. an alternative option. madame tussauds london bringing the party to the people debuting a full redress of the royal family figures and moving harry and meghan back in with the royals especially for the jubilee. edward roberts, whose design was chosen in a national competition as the official emblem of the platinum jubilee. >> i think she nearly fell off her chair when i got announced as the winner. >> reporter: an emblem fit for a queen and all who wish her well. >> well done for being on the throne for 70 years. >> reporter: as of this morning a new poll out suggests there will be 16,000 parties happening across the country, and that's not even counting what we have planned on "gma" throughout the week, so there's a lot to do. janai, whit, eva. >> will, we literally laughed out loud multiple times.
8:16 am
>> we got to get him a meeting with the queen like in person. >> seriously. it's a shame, will, that you're not having more fun. thank you. >> such a bummer. >> thank you so much, will. now we're going to go from london to orlando where danielle breezy is at walt disworld with the latest on holiday weekend weather. hey, danielle. >> reporter: hey, guys. i am so excited. let me introduce you to some of my new best friends. we had such a fun time last night. i'm going to tell you about the big surprise ride, all coming up but first i got to show you this crazy video. this is a whale shark, look how large it was. this is off the gulf coast of florida, and that guy is a little too excited, i think. if you're thinking about cooling down going to a beach which is a good thing to do because it will be so hot this weekend, i will tell you water temperatures are cool up in cape cod. in the 50s. speaking of the heat, it will be hot for the eastern half of the country today.
8:17 am
high temperatures in the triple digits from basically texas, oklahoma all the way up into kansas. that's a look at what's lisa: looking up to low clouds. visibility reduced. partly cloudy skies today. today is the coolest day out of the memorial weekend. the warmer weather arrives, unfortunately, after the holiday. receipt to windy. warm and windy for sunday. and now we are headed back across the pond for a very special edition of "pop news." maggie rulli in the house with us this morning. maggie, good morning. what's popping? >> hey, guys, good morning. you can hear what's popping. we are celebrating all things platinum jubilee, and in honor of this momentous occasion the royal family has released some never before seen home videos,
8:18 am
just look at these. one shows the queen when she was just a princess with her sister princess margaret enjoying a holiday at the balmoral estate in the late 1930s. another gives a glimpse of the royal family on board the royal navy's battleship "hms vanguard" in 1947 on their way to south africa. aren't these just incredible? i love these images and of being reminded of the queen as a young woman. now, the queen personally approved the release of 400 reels of film from her private collection, and now they're all going to be part of a bbc documentary called "elizabeth: the unseen queen." so, guys, mark your tv calendars, that will air this sunday ahead of the main platinum jubilee celebration. >> okay. >> exciting. >> and the country is also -- yeah, i'm so pumped. well, the country is also celebrating the queen with lots and lots of merch. something i'm going to be buying a lot of from tea towels to teacups, wine, souvenir
8:19 am
spoon, even a special perfume. the queen's go to perfume brand has made a special scent to honor her majesty called platinum 22 and was inspired by the royal gardens at buckingham palace itself. it's made up of rose, black currant and violet leaf along with cedar wood and amber and also includes a hint of lime and tea notes to pay homage to the tea parties the queen has held in the gardens over the years. so just one 3 1/2-ounce bottle is going to set you back $310. i don't know. kind of worth it, whit. i feel like it would be a nice gift for your wife. >> okay, sure. hey, if it's free, it's for me. send it my way. i'll regift it nicely. >> she will smell lovely. finally, this is something for all of you guys, the royal family has announced a way for people all over the world to participate in the jubilee fun with their very own emoji. the palace revealed this adorable corgi emoji that is going to accompany all the
8:20 am
official jubilee hashtags and even gave him a name, p.j. now, the queen, of course, loves her corgis. she's owned more than 30 during her reign, and there are some tools to help us celebrate with the corgis on instagram as well. p.j. the corgi is a sticker you can add to your insta story and as the self-proclaimed corgi correspondent, i had to try it out myself. they also have this amazing crown filter that you can get online. under royal family's site as well. obviously i tried that one out too, guys. i think i look very royal. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> so cool. >> we will all be probably trying that out in the commercial break. maggie rulli for us, thank you so much. >> please. well, now to our celebration of asian american, native hawaiian/pacific islander heritage month. "soul of a nation" is spotlighting members making a difference and got to sit down with two directors making an
8:21 am
impact in hollywood and beyond. a new generation of asian filmmakers like john m. chu are fighting to transform the representation of asians in hollywood. chu made his name directing blockbuster films like "g.i. joe: retaliation." >> even though i'm making movies with the rock and bruce willis, i remember feeling i need to find a movie that only i could do. so i went on a search for a movie that meant something to me, and that's where i found "crazy rich asians." >> we have's been dating for over a year now and i think it's about time people met pie beautiful girlfriend. >> reporter: when "crazy rich asians" was released in 2018, it was a game changer. a box office smash featuring an asian director, screenwriter and cast. >> i saw people crowded into the theaters, and they were laughing and cheering. it was the first time i really understood what pride felt like
8:22 am
to feel pride about your own community. >> reporter: now it seems as if the floodgates have opened for asian american films. the academy award nominee immigrant story "minari," the marvel superhero blockbuster "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings" and now a new movie with a lot of buzz, "everything everywhere all at once" starring michele yo and co-directed by daniel kwan. >> there's been an explosion of stories, and they all have paved the way for a film like ours to come out. >> looking forward, what is it you hope for? >> i think the thing i'm most excited about is to see what happens when our community is allowed the space to fully show off all of our potential. >> and daniel, it was so interesting talking to him. he said there is so much strength in our history and our family's histories and showing that on the big and small screen is important to give people confidence.
8:23 am
>> yeah. >> and they're proving how popular they can be too for everyone. >> they're american stories. >> they are, absolutely. >> you can stream together as one special edition of "soul of a nation" right now on hulu. and coming up here, danielle breezy once again at walt disney world ready to save the galaxy. we'll explain when we come back. ♪ every time we're down ♪ people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create.
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all right, open your boxes, open your boxes. one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. >> oh, my gosh. >> love it. >> that right there, oprah handing out cars to her audience in one of the most memorable moments in daytime history. >> it's so amazing. coming up, we are taking a stroll down oprah memory lane looking at how her show made an impact on pop culture today and it's all for a brand-new podcast based on the talk show legend. >> still parodies from that moment over and over again. everybody remembers that. now, though, time for "binge this." ♪ and it's a little different today.
8:31 am
we don't get the air horn as usual. that music means we're doing something special this morning. >> of course, in honor of her majesty's platinum jubilee recognizing her 70 years in service, this edition is all queen themed. >> do you notice we all sat up a little taller? >> oh, wait a minute. >> best behavior. >> need to be polite here. >> we are joined in our celebrations by abc news royal contributor imogen lloyd webber. thanks so much for being with us. >> of course. delighted to be. >> so let's start with things people can binge. the queen's life has been adapted for both the big and the small screen, so if people are looking for kind of history around the queen, what can they watch? >> let's start with fiction first. so "the king's speech" stars colin firth, an oscar winning film all about the queen's dad, king george vi. it's an interesting insight into the young princess elizabeth followed by, of course, the big one, "the crown," streaming on netflix. if you've not seen that, now is really your moment. it's obviously four seasons of
8:32 am
that, and i think really an insight for us into the young queen. we all think of her as that grandmotherly figure, don't we? this was a moment where we saw her in her 20s and 30s played by claire foy so beautifully, so, yes, wonderful, wonderful binge on "the crown." followed by "the queen," which is an award-winning project starring helen mirren, and it's all about how the queen coped with diana's death in 1997, and we see her become more approachable and relatable, so although these are all fictional pieces, they are also based in truth. >> what if you're looking for a bit of a deeper dive into the monarch and the life and the history? >> there's obviously a lot of real-life footage out there. "queen of the world" streaming on hbo max at the moment offers a unique insight into how she's handing the baton over to the younger members of the royal family and also because it was made in 2018 has a lot of harry and meghan in it.
8:33 am
interesting now looking through today's lens back at that documentary. >> what about for those who are fans of both royalty and reading, what do you recommend? >> so this is so interesting. the queen's nanny when she was little, marion crawford, wrote a book called "the little princesses," it was very scandalous at the time. it came out in 1950, and it meant they cut crawfie out of their lives completely and was a huge shock at the time. then followed by, this is far more recent by our wonderful royal contributor victoria murphy wrote "town and country: the queen: a life in pictures," over 300 beautiful pictures and obviously commentary from victoria. >> of course, let's talk about music. you have the inside track on this big concert program that's going to be happening on saturday. >> i was trying so hard for you last night. i called my dad up. he's andrew lloyd webber, obviously he writes musicals for a living. he is part of this big concert that's going on at buckingham palace next weekend. i was trying to get an exclusive for you.
8:34 am
all i got out of him is obviously "phantom of the opera" will be featured. >> all right, got it. >> but he's teamed up with his good friend lin-manuel miranda who obviously wrote "hamilton" so i'm hoping they have a sense of humor in the royal box. we all know "hamilton" is famous for the king george iii moments. so we shall see how that goes down. >> i didn't think about that. yeah, the king george and the way that he was represented in "hamilton." >> yes. >> wow. >> i don't know what those two are cooking up, but i think it's going to be worth watching next saturday. let's put it that way. >> probably a lot better when we were thinking what is the queen music? and i was like -- we are the champions. that's not it. that's not the music you're suggesting. thank you so much, imogen. and we will have so much more about the plat jubilee from london leading up to the main event june 2nd through the 5th. and still ahead, suchin pak opens up about struggles she faced blazing a trail for her young fans. chris connelly, her former colleague, sits down with that next. 's time to get outdoorsy.
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8:39 am
with her one-time colleague and our very own chris connelly to talk about her experience growing up asian in america. >> hey there, i'm suchin pak with mtv news. >> time and time again how many asian americans and young people come to me and say, oh, because i saw you on "trl," i thought, man, maybe i could do that. i thought maybe i could do something different than what my parents expect me to do or what society expects me to do. >> reporter: in 2001 this was my last day at mtv news. suchin pak was just getting started reporting from the red carpet to the campaign trail, all while blazing a trail for her young audience. >> if you live in the mainstream community, and you're not from a community of color, you don't understand how powerful those images can be, so it gets me all choked up, and, you know, i'm so proud of our work and what we did and what an impact that we had.
8:40 am
>> this is suchin pak here in pennsylvania. >> reporter: also not understood the challenges suchin faced even as she shined so brightly, challenges she's disclosed in the introduction she wrote for the new essay collection, "my life growing up asian in america." >> a lot of the asian american experience, it is filled with angst and anguish and have early memories in local news of camera operators and producers asking me to open my eyes more. now i look back and think, well, that's the shape of my eyes. but taking that and internalizing that as like, wow, there's something wrong with the shape of my eyes, and i better fix it, when you're constantly told a version of you is not acceptable, needs to change for you to have a career, imagine what that does. >> reporter: the book's 30 essays vividly chronicle aspects of the asian american experience and in doing so draw attention to much that's gone unacknowledged for far too long. >> i think it's the silence. i think it's the model minority myth, a tape that goes over your
8:41 am
mouth when you feel like something isn't right, but you don't want to rock the boat. it doesn't matter that i've grown up in this country my whole life, i will always have someone telling me, wow, your english is really great, or what does your name mean? mike and susan and, you know, johnny don't have to explain these things. >> reporter: now, speaking her mind on her popular podcast, she sees this aanhpi heritage month coming in the wake of events that have galvanized a community. > i think that these past few years have been the darkest of times for us. the most vulnerable in our community, our elders, the women in our community, the children in our community are being hunted. i think it creates a type of anger and a type of indignation that is required to say, this is it. we're done.
8:42 am
no more silence. we are going to talk about this. we're going to shout about this and we're not going to stop. >> reporter: her contribution to this collection finds suchin pac in a familiar role, using her voice to help young people navigate life challenges with courage and confidence and the feeling that they're not in the fight alone. >> i wanted to write to the audience of people that are like me but don't in the moment know exactly what to say. those are the people that i want to say, you are brave. you're courageous. you know, i see you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> talking about the model minority myth. i think that's something that so many people can relate to. >> yeah. i was just looking back at those videos of her and remembering me as a little girl, i had her haircut because i thought she was cool, and she was someone that i looked up to. >> yeah. >> it was a really powerful conversation. i like the picture with chris back in the day, the two of them, pretty cool. all right, shifting gears this morning, it is memorial day
8:43 am
weekend, and millions have started hitting the roads, the rails and the skies for their first summer getaways. >> many are heading to the most magical place on earth. that, of course, is walt disney world including educators from across the country there for disney's imagination campus over this long weekend. >> and danielle breezy has been holding it down all morning long. she's already created a magical moment of her own. good morning, danielle. >> good morning. i'm with all my new best friends behind me. we stayed up a little past our bedtime last night, but let me tell you something, it was all worth it. we had a great surprise. take a look. we are so excited to be here tonight, six years in the making, this ride is taking off. what is the experience like today? >> this has been unbelievable this day, so it's very exciting, our first guests ever are here. grand opening, guardians of the we wind today. >> i mean tell me what makes
8:44 am
this so unique. >> so so many things but one of the biggest things is an all new ride system called the omni coaster. we can turn and rotate you into the action, all new sensations that have never been done before. >> you guys haven't been on it yet. >> no. >> no. >> do you want to go on it? >> all: yes! >> the park's closed. do you think we can make it happen? >> i bet we can do something. let's all go. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to go. >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> we all went. you're like my new best friend, on the front ride of that roller coaster, you not only went on it, you went on it twice. what was it like? >> immersive, the soundtrack was amazing, and that reverse launch, i think that's when we became best friends. >> we were literally -- i think i double gripped your hand. >> i did. >> i screamed in your ear so loud but it was so awesome, wasn't it? >> it was amazing. you have to ride it. >> you have to ride it. whit, we had a great time.
8:45 am
can you tell? i think her hand still hurts from plea holding it so much. >> they were playing the video of your faces screaming on the ride. definitely we could tell. danielle, is this correct, we just heard this is your first trip to disney world since the third grade? was it everything you imagined? >> it was a little different from being here as a kid to an adult, but i can tell you something, that ride is such a thrill, oh, my gosh, so different than anything you've ever been on. let me tell you something, you need to go check it out, whit. it is so much fun. >> save us a spot in line. something tells me it will be pretty long as they open it up. danielle, while we have you here, can we get another check of the weather? big busy weekend ahead. >> you're keeping me working? i'm having fun with my friends. but, okay, yeah, let's talk a little about the memorial day forecast. as we head towards memorial day it is going to be hot, guys. we are talking about warm temperatures from the northeast all the way down to the southeast. in the upper midwest we've got severe weather threats, unfortunately, on monday and all modes of severe weather are
8:46 am
possible. as we head out to the west, we are talking about cooler temperatures in california all the way up into the pacific northwest and, man, did we have fun? [ cheers ] >> it was the best. >> yes, it was the most magical place on earth, guys. lisa: >> i wish we were having that much fun. >> they even had bubbles in the shot. we need more bubbles in our lives. >> blowing bubbles. >> yes. >> a team disney trip, yes. coming up it's been 11 years since the oprah show went off the air but the legend and lessons of it live on in a new podcast. we talk with one of the women behind "oprahdemics" coming up next.
8:47 am
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me as i've tried to be for you. i won't say good-bye, i'll just say until we meet again. >> you know what, we've met again. she's come back, oprah has been a big part of everyone's lives. welcome back to "gma" and that fond farewell, of course, from oprah winfrey, 11 years ago this week when the queen of talk brought her legendary daytime talk show to a close after a quarter century. >> hard to believe it's been that long since our daily dose of oprah, but now there's a new podcast taking a deep dive into the oprah show's impact on culture and beyond and revisiting some of the show's most memorable moments. >> joining us is one of the co-hosts and executive producers of "oprahdemics," kellie carter jackson. kellie, thank you so much for being with us this morning. you say that this podcast is the study of oprah. why do you think that this talk show had such a lasting legacy? >> oh, man, i miss weekdays at 4:00 p.m.
8:51 am
you know, no other show had the kind of longevity that "the oprah winfrey show" had. 25 years, over 4,500 episodes. i think she connects with boomers and gen-xers and millennials like myself, and what i hope what our podcast will do is connect her to people who are not familiar with her who never got a chance to watch the show and see the impact she had on the culture. > this podcast is a true class. you and your co-host, both academics, you don't shy away from challenging some ideas and themes she brought up over the years, but is that difficult to do as a super fan? >> it's so hard. it is so hard. i think one of the hardest episodes we've done is probably talking about dr. oz, because he's become so controversial as of late and, you know, we heard about it on twitter for sure. people who listened, some people loved it. some people hate it but always try to offer some critique as academics but we do it with love
8:52 am
because we care so much about oprah. >> it's been more than a decade since "the oprah show" went off the air. i'm curious how you think the show would fare today. >> oh, man, i don't know. you know, we watch tv in a completely different landscape than we did, you know, two decades ago. i don't know that there's necessarily anything else like it or that there could be anything else like it. oprah really is one of a kind and out of all the other talk shows we saw, your donahues, your jenny jones, your sally jessy raphael, none had the staying power oprah had so i don't think we could necessarily re-create it. >> you haven't met oprah yet but we often talk about her favorite things. >> not yet. >> do you think the podcast might become one of her favorite things? >> i hope so. we were thrilled, we were over the moon when we saw the oprah daily had picked the "oprahdemics" podcasts as one of the best podcasts of 2022 and were just ecstatic, so we hope it will happen one day.
8:53 am
but until then we continue to stand for oprah. >> and, kellie, oprah talks about manifesting and getting on the same vibrational alignment so put it out there, girl. i'm right there with you. thank you so much for being with us. catch new episodes of "oprahdemics" every wednesday wherever you get your podcasts and
8:54 am
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♪ good morning ♪ this is fun today. >> yes. >> it was fun. >> should we do this tomorrow? >> maybe we should. >> i think so. >> thanks for watching, guys.
8:56 am
we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> and watch whit tonight. >> oh, yes. >> watch, "oh, baby." >> all the plugs. ♪ i need some of your sweet love ♪ loving ♪ >> announcer: things are about to get royally good because >> abc seven mornings. >> happening today, santa clara county voters can vote in person for the june 7 primary. you can cast your ballot by walking up to a voting center in person. doors close at 5:00 p.m. voting is open until june 6 in person. if you are voting by mail,
8:57 am
ballots must be postmarked by election day, june 7. the sergeant major of the army is leading a commemoration event in a walk across the golden gate bridge for memorial day. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. gold star families, san francisco city officials, and veterans along with military support organizations are joining the sergeant major. the walk starts at 3:00 p.m. snacks and water will be provided. flags are going to be placed on headstones at the san francisco national cemetery for memorial day weekend. this is a look at how the flags were placed last year. boy scouts, veterans, and volunteers are going to be placing flags. they will cover more than 26,000 headstones located at the ceremony. and observance ceremony is scheduled for monday. let's get a check of the forecast. >> a live look outside, you can
8:58 am
see the clouds stacked up but the marine layer beginning to mix out elsewhere. 54 downtown. 58 and oakland. we will look for a healthy onshore flow today keeping it breezy here but brightening up in santa cruz, in the upper 50's from napa to the low 60's inland. the cloud cover thins out, we will see 60's and 70's with low clouds tonight. >> thank you. next, police annual baldy texas facing more criticism as questions mount from tuesday's school shooting. the admission from law enforcement officials.
8:59 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> they had their best song, they had their weapons on them. showing off these guns that they had. and they did not go in. >> questions mounting as officials lay out a new timeline of the deadly school shooting in texas. law enforcement admits police made a series of mistakes. good morning, it is saturday, may 28. we are going to have more on that shooting in texas. first, let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: i want to show you a snapshot of california and you will see not only the low clouds off the coast, but higher clouds


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