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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 28, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> they had their best song, they had their weapons on them. showing off these guns that they had. and they did not go in. >> questions mounting as officials lay out a new timeline of the deadly school shooting in texas. law enforcement admits police made a series of mistakes. good morning, it is saturday, may 28. we are going to have more on that shooting in texas. first, let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: i want to show you a snapshot of california and you will see not only the low clouds off the coast, but higher clouds
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as we go in closer, you can see it is cloudy downtown but the darker area shows the brakes in the overcast, so some sun out there. 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. here's the view from mount tam where it is chilly. but in the 60's where we have that son from santa clara and mountain view. from our roof camera, mostly cloudy skies, mid 50's in petaluma but mid 60's in concord. there's the cloud deck from emeryville, partly cloudy skies with low clouds, windy conditions. 60's and 70's, below average today. we will talk about a warm holiday weekend coming up. liz: new developments in the school shooting in uvalde, texas, questions are mounting over the amount of time it took officers to enter robb elementary after a gunman entered the school, opened fire, and killed 19 children and two teachers. christine sloan has the latest. reporter: a shocking admission
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from texas' law enforcement officer, officials say in the midst of the mass shooting in uvalde, texas on tuesday, the commander on scene incorrectly made the call that the gunman had gone from being an active shooter to a barricaded subject and that children were no longer at risk. >> there were children in that classroom that were at risk and it was still an active shooter situation and not a barricaded subject. reporter: they say the commander held dozens of officers back, officials say a series of errors began when a teacher left a school door propped open when she went to get a phone. six minutes later, the gunman walked through that open door. the gunman then heads to two connected classrooms, firing over 100 rounds. by 12: 03, there were 19 officers in the hallway. >> you can hear three shots were fired. reporter: at 12:15, a tactical
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team arrives with shields. but the police chief tells them to hold off on confronting the gunman. >> they had their best song, they had their weapons. showing off these guns that they had, you know? but they stayed there, they stayed on their chest, and they did not go in. reporter: greg abbott vowing to get to the bottom of the police response. >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. reporter: the families of those killed are now having to plan funerals. greg abbott says an anonymous donor. $175,000. >> we will ensure those resources get into the right hands to make sure no family who is suffering from heartbreak at this time will have to worry about a single cost. liz: despite the tragedy, the
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nra went ahead with its annual convention in houston 300 miles from robb elementary school. thousands of demonstrators were outside demanding gun safety. our congressional correspondent has the details. reporter: days after the elementary school massacre, the national rifle association taking off its annual convention in houston. hundreds of protesters lined the streets. mounted police on patrol. >> my daughter is a teacher and she had to learn how to pack bullet wounds in her classroom in order to teach. reporter: a 14-year-old told me she is tired of going to school in fear. >> i should not go to school and be scared that i could get hurt that day. because we cannot control our guns. reporter: prominent republican figures took to the stage condemning the violence. former president trump reading the names of the lives lost, a bellringing for each one. but he rejected calls for gun
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reform. >> as always in the rake of these tragedies, the gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place. absolutely nothing. reporter: the majority of americans support some kind of action. nearly 90% support expanded background checks. this gun owner told me even though he things guns are not the issue -- do you think america has a gun problem? he is behind universal background checks. >> that is one thing i don't have a problem with. reporter: theresa, a gun owner, said that uvalde shooting brought her to tears, telling lawmakers -- telling me lawmakers should reconsider the legal age to buy a gun. >> you cannot buy alcohol, why should be able to be white -- why should you be able to buy weapons at 18? it is heartbreaking. but guns don't kill people.
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people kill people. reporter: back here -- liz: back here at home, a group of activists are saying enough is enough. the group held a vigil, calling for action. tara campbell has the story. reporter: and on heart and a hug in hopes of some healing. remembering the victims of three mass shootings in just 10 days. buffalo, laguna woods, and uvalde. >> we are hiding under our desks. reporter: henry shane is one year out of high school and says its scenes like this are shaking. >> we are barricading ourselves with books and chairs for a weapon of war to walk our halls. that is not ok. reporter: he is one of the activists organizing this vigil at mandy's, a civil engagement space at san francisco's mission district. >> this does not have to be this way. we don't have to be ok with the suffering and this immense violence. reporter: angelina is mandy's
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event manager. >> we are going to make space at manny's to have people share that anger and for us to say we don't have to continue on like this. reporter: from young faces to hold, 32 names, 32 people gunned down. >> this is our future i am fighting for, gen z is fighting for, that is why we are passionate. reporter: tiana day is the founder of youth advocates for change and says it is getting harder to hold onto hope. >> regardless of how burned out i get, i know no one is going to do anything unless i get out there and do something. >> this does not have to be normal. so we all need to do our part. >> this evening is for lamentation and tears for righteous indignation. reporter: from a prayer to a push for political action. >> showing up to our state capitals and city halls and
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meeting with our legislators so they hear us, the pain and the reality we are facing. liz: as a result of the texas tragedy, gabe kapler is making a public stand by refusing to be on the field during the national anthem. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there's -- i feel better about the direction of our country. liz: he also shared his thoughts on recent mass shootings on his blog where he wrote, when you are dissatisfied with your country, you let it known -- let it be known through protest. to find resources on topics including mental health and gun violence, you can go to ok, let's take a break and get a check outside. lisa: it is fighting up in some
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spots. we can see cloudy skies here from emeryville, mid and upper 50's around oakland, looking at a cooler day today, breezy winds, but you get a little bit of sun, more tomorrow. we have wind and on the warmest day of the holiday weekend. holidays next. -- details next. liz: students rallying against racism, why they say more needs to be done following concerning incidents. and real soaring grass prices put the brakes on memorial day travel plans? experts weigh in. ♪♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin.
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and extra giggles. and extra napkins. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton. liz: here's a live look outside at the san francisco skyline. we are starting off this weekend foggy, a little chilly as well. after the failed tactics in uvalde, we contacted bay area experts about how we would respond to a situation of this kind. luz pena spoke to the alameda county sheriff about the training his department goes through. >> 40 minutes seems like it is too long of a time to allow that to go on. reporter: we sat down with greg ahern, his deputies have been training for situations like this. a suspect is barricading himself inside a classroom. what would have been your response? >> we have preaching tools and
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we have ballistic shields and we have our patrol rifles. you would use a combination of those. you would breach the entrance with the protection of the ballistic shield and fire at the suspect from behind the ballistic shield. we teach and train them to know the area so they respond to that area the safest way they can without being detected by the suspect. put rounds towards the suspect, so you distract the suspect from killing others. reporter: in uvalde, texas, officials admitted they did not implement the correct tactic. >> there were plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done. with one exception, the incident commander inside believed they needed more equipment and more officers to do a tactical breach. reporter: a former fbi agent said uvalde's incident commander made a tactical error by miss identifying the threat. >> they did not have the luxury of time.
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they had an active shooter that they thought changed to a barricade situation, so they waited and it didn't change. it was still an active shooter. liz: a police officer who shot and killed a man during a shootout in 2021 acted lawfully in self-defense. that is according to a report released by the santa clara county district attorney's office. >> shots fired. liz: the man with the gum is an attempted murder suspect. september, he lured officers to his location and ambush to his location and ambushed them. the officer's use of deadly force was necessary under the circumstances. the san jose police department and city manager's office had made revisions to city policy related to criminal allegations against employees following several complaints. under this policy, certain
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allegations are going to result in the employee being put on administrative leave. that includes allegations of sexual misconduct, assault, battery, bribery, and theft. the policies apply to all city employees. another instance of racist graffiti has come to light at an east school. some students staged a demonstration. beyond lynn shows us what is being done to address the problem. >> there has been graffiti in the bathrooms that has been here for years. reporter: days after these images of the california high school stunt team grinning while posing with a black mannequin had surfaced on social media, another instance of racially insensitive imagery has come to light. do you feel unsafe going to school? >> more uncomfortable than unsafe. reporter: a caricature of george floyd with racist undertones and the words, spare some air, written on a boy's bathroom wall. >> it an everyday thing. reporter: students gathered in
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the school's courtyard friday. this senior says the racist incidents are adding up. >> on the tennis courts, there was racial slurs. that was two years ago. there was someone wearing a kkk sheet for halloween. our first day of senior year, there was the confederate flag, there was don't tread on me, stuff like that. more slurs. reporter: abc7news reported on four instances of racist good feed at cal hyde in 2016. >> even before then, there were incidents in the news of this type of thing. reporter: the san ramon rally unified school district tells me they hosted a livestream discussion, reiterating the incidents are unacceptable and not representative of the grizzlies are. andy acknowledged there is so much more work to do.
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students hope it is enough and in time for the next generation. >> i want people of color who are younger to have a better experience at high school. reporter: this parent says education also starts at home. >> if you want to think a certain way and raise their kids a certain way and those kids want to act a certain way, there's not much you can do. reporter: the district tells me more efforts are planned for the upcoming school year. liz: california's gas price set a new record high. bad news for drivers wanting to leave this holiday and this morning. san francisco came in at six dollars 35 cents a gallon, a record high for the city. oakland, drivers are paying $6.22 a gallon. memorial day weekend is traditionally the start of the summer travel season but with gas prices this hi, the roads may not be as congested.
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tim johns talked to bay area travelers and tells us how costs are impacting their plans. reporter: the holiday weekend is in full swing and people around the bay area are taking to the roads and skies ahead of memorial day. >> numbers are going to be higher than last year and much higher than the year before, but we don't expect it to be quite as busy as 2019. we are likely to see 2017 levels. reporter: clint henderson is the managing editor of a travel website. he says even though airfares are skyhigh, travelers are still buying tickets at a rapid pace. >> we still have so much pent-up demand that, so far, we are not seeing a softening of bookings. reporter: on the roads, gas prices are currently sitting at record highs. the statewide average is now over six dollars a gallon, despite the increased cost, jim says he will probably still had out of town this weekend. he tells us of the high prices
9:19 am
continue, he may switch his mode of transportation. >> i am leaning towards getting an electric car. reporter: it was a similar story for andrew who was filling up his motorcycle. >> i have a car. with gas prices being hi, my suv , it gets 70 miles per gallon, this thing gets me more mileage. reporter: he says he plans on staying in town this weekend. however, when he does hit the road this summer, he says he knows he will have to pay for the experience. >> it is what it is, we have to pay to drive. liz: let's get a check of the weekend forecast. a lot of people are probably looking at this weather and being bombed. lisa: we have sun around the bay area. if you like it warm, you have to wait until memorial day or maybe you are working from home or not working tuesday and wednesday when the warmest weather of the upcoming work week is arriving.
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but june is going to be filled with surprises because the end of the work week is going to be cooler. as we look at live doppler seven, i wanted to show you the cloud cover. not only is it low clouds, it is high clouds, a trough will be swinging through today, the end of a cold front that could be sprinkles. you see the low clouds, the high clouds, and temperatures all over the place, from the mid-50's downtown to the mid 60's in mountain view. 54, half moon bay. a pretty view here, santa cruz. but there will be wind. if you can shelter yourself from that breeze, the sun is pretty strong. 61 by the delta. the wind will get breezier throughout the day. low 60's in livermore. look at the fog. about 70 san mateo today with that sea breeze allowing for that free ac. partly cloudy this afternoon.
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it is a cool start to the holiday but we get warmer each day temperature wise, the winds kick up as well, then we continue that warming trend through the middle of the week and then things will cool off. here is a look at the cloud cover. here's to :00, then that low cloud deck pushing on shore as the trough begins to swing through. we circuit -- we could see a sprinkle from sonoma through perhaps the shoreline, a few sprinkles along the coast as we get into the evening. look how quickly things clear out. starting sunday for sunday. that is a warmer day. mid 70's to low 70's today. it will be breezy, then for sunday, upper 70's. pretty nice in one country. the rest of the bay area for sunday, it remains cool and windy along the coast. the warm-up is inland. by monday, a site communities begin to catch up with some
9:22 am
70's, still breezy. the real warm weather comes into play tuesday. not like what we saw last tuesday with that triple digit heat, just pretty comfortable and a nice temperature spread. highs today in a narrow range with upper 50's codes aside. the winds giving up -- the winds kicking up from richmond. it is chilly with the breeze throughout the afternoon. if we can hold off on that wind. but it is back for sunday, even when the air. by monday, the breeze is with us but the numbers continue to climb. the wind backs off tuesday and wednesday and that is when we get more summerlike warmth. as we cool off, we are going much cooler the end of the week. we will continue the study climb upward throughout the weekend. liz: a modern and musical twist on a disney classic, cinderella. a look at sneakerella coming up.
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liz: sneakerella gives us a modern intake that flips the script on the classic cinderella story. no glass slippers. we meet a malic euro who is into sneakers. george pennacchio has a preview this morning. >> wait a second, did you design these? i really have to get them. reporter: sneakerella offers a twist on cinderella, telling the story of el, a young man who dreams of designing his own line of sneakers. he meets kira king, the daughter of a footwear tycoon. she helps el gain the confidence he needs to pursue his dreams. chosen jacobs plays el and he is proud to be part of a feel-good family-friendly movie. >> i feel like we all could use a little epicness a little dance
9:26 am
party,, whether it be in your house, that is the tone we wanted to set with this movie. it is a movie you can watch with anyone from her little brother to your great grandma. ♪ reporter: this project was the first time jacobs had to learn real choreography. he got by with a little help from his friends. and family. >> disney had faith in me and my mother for helping me practice all hours of the night. reporter: john salley plays the sneaker king. he says he just could not say no to a role that let him do things he had never done before. >> i love to do what they don't expect. a lot of people have dreams and i have lived out most of my dreams. but my big dream, because everyone that knows me, i talk about the wizard of oz and i
9:27 am
talk about west side story, and i just love that i got to finally be in a musical. liz: still to come, looking to vote in person, santa clara county opening its doors to walk-ins. we are going to have the details. this is what police do not want to see this weekend. what officials say they are doing to stop sideshows before they start.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. liz: we are going to start this half-hour with a check of the forecast. lisa: good morning. it is brightening up, you can see from our move camera, a little bit of sunshine. it is around the bay area where we are kind of mild. mid and upper 50's here across the bay, upper 50's.
9:30 am
mountain view at 56. mid 60's in the south bay. upper 50's here in santa cruz. a little breezy, upper 60's later today. low to mid 60's right now from fairfield to concord. the winds come into play and a few clouds as a weak system arrives along the coast today. we will call it partly cloudy, below average, more cloud cover in the north bay. you can see that green by 5:00 along the coast, so maybe a sprinkle. a sunnier sunday and details on the warm-up coming up. liz: a napa man pleaded guilty on friday to plotting a bombing of the democratic headquarters in san francisco. ian rogers and an accomplice planned to target headquarters in attempt to keep former president trump in office. rogers was arrested in january of 2021 after police found guns, ammunition, and pipe bombs in his home.
9:31 am
he could spend up to nine years in prison. a suspect has been arrested for stealing a police car. jerry and under base -- during an investigation, the suspect hopped into a police cruiser and drove away. there was a chase that ended when the man crashed the cruiser. the investigation into this chase is still ongoing. new details from the san francisco police department about a shooting last thursday in mission bay. raphael mendoza and michael mckinnon died after officers fired shots while responding to an aggravated assault call. the department released this video and we want to one do, you are going to hear several gunshots. officers can be heard telling mckinnon to drop the knife he was holding against mendoza while they were fighting. police say the incident escalated when mckinnon raised his knife and thrust it toward mendoza twice and that is when police fired their weapons. >> dropped the knife.
9:32 am
-- drop the knife. [gunshots] >> officers pulled mr. mendoza away from mr. mckinnon and rendered medical aid including cpr. officers handcuffed mr. mckinnon and rendered medical aid including cpr. liz: mckinnon died at the scene from gunshot wounds. mendoza died at the hospital. the california attorney general's office is conducting an independent investigation. law enforcement agencies responded friday afternoon to reports of shots fired on san bruno mountain. officers found a parked car on the side of the road. they chased the vehicle into san francisco. two were taken into custody after they drove down a one-way street. officers found guns and casings -- handguns and rifle casings in the vehicle but no rifle. in the east bay, a man is
9:33 am
accused of five sexual assaults and police think there may be more cases. the first was and how many on march 30. police say the victim was nine years old. a second assault happened on april 14, the victim was kidnapped. a similar attack happened april 29 in oakland, the victim was grabbed as she was walking down the street. a 60-year-old woman reported she was assaulted in berkeley, she managed to take pictures of the suspect and posted them online. somebody recognized the man and identified him. another assault happened on bay 24 and the victim, 14 years old. police arrested the suspect, 44-year-old tommy giles junior, that same day. several cities are joining forces to crackdown on illegal sideshows. antioch, they are leading the charge. their message, don't come to antioch.
9:34 am
reporter: anyone looking to come to antioch for a sideshow event over memorial day weekend, there's a message from the mayor. >> you are going to be found and you're going to be held accountable. reporter: the intersection of lone tree way and bluerock drive continues to be a hotspot for sideshows, skidmarks line the intersection. >> you can see, we have sideshows that have taken place here and there are people who live right there. >> they are horrible, i can hear them from my bedroom. i did not realize they were this close. reporter: alicia lives walking distance from the intersection. she says not only is allowed, it is dangerous. >> this is a main artery of our community. we have a fire station here. what if someone is having a medical emergency? they want to come out here and act like buffoons and hold the committee hostage. reporter: pittsburgh has put traffic measures in place to cut down on drivers doing doughnuts
9:35 am
but this weekend, it will join antioch and oakley in cracking down on big scale events. mayor thorpe says sideshows have a history in the bay area dating back to the 1980's but he adds, the tricks and risks drivers take have become more dangerous which puts those watching at risk too. >> it has become unsafer as people have gravitated towards wanting to film everything that takes place. that is what makes it extremely dangerous. people get two reporter: police are taking steps to stop sideshows before they start. this past saturday, there was a plan to sideshow, we disrupted it, shut it down, and it did not happen. reporter: citations and fines can cause sideshow -- can cause sideshow drivers thousands and vandals will be arrested. >> it may not happen that night, but our drone technology and the cameras are going to find you and you are going to be held accountable. liz: santa clara county voters
9:36 am
can vote in person at abode centers for the primary election. starting this morning, you can cast your ballot in person. doors open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. if you are voting by mail, ballots must be returned or postmarked by election day, june 7. the sergeant major of the army is leading a commemoration event across the golden gate bridge today for memorial day weekend. here's a look at the golden gate bridge now. pretty foggy this morning. gold star families, city officials, and veterans along with military support organizations are joining the sergeant major for this walk, it starts at 3:00. snacks and water will be provided. flags are being placed at headstones at the san francisco national cemetery for memorial day weekend. this is new video of boy scouts,
9:37 am
veterans, and volunteers placing flags. they started this morning and they are going to cover more than 26,000 headstones located at the ceremony. and observance ceremony is scheduled for monday. the warriors have five more days to get ready for game one of the nba finals broadcast here on abc 7. we will find out who the doves are going to face after tomorrow night's game seven against the boston celtics and miami heat. this is the third version of the golden state franchise making a finals appearance. 2015 was steph curry's first m.v.p. series. 2017, the warriors added kevin durant and won back-to-back titles. this present team is back to having steph curry back as the centerpiece. he won the m.v.p. award, you can see him smiling. they finals and bp is the only thing left he has not won. he is focused on making the most
9:38 am
of the trip to the finals. >> i appreciate the way the teammates celebrated with me. like i said, that acknowledgment, six out of eight , the ability to play and another finals, what else could you want? i'm excited about another opportunity. >> we continue to stick with it and show what we are capable of. this one feels great, but we have four more wins to get. liz: the warriors will begin selling single-game tickets at chase center, they are happening for the general public, they go on sale at 2:00 for game one on friday -- on thursday, june 2, game two, on sunday, june 5, and q5 on monday, june 13. warriors insiders will have a chance of a presale event. you can watch the nba finals here on abc 7. a lot of people are going to
9:39 am
want those tickets. still ahead, we are taking a look at how meditation is helping seniors' mental health. and a live look outside at sfo where a lot of people are going to be traveling. i'm sure it is busy, although it looks quiet on the runway. we will check in with lisa on the forecast a
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. liz: here is a look from our roof camera, close to the ferry building. the music is returning to the napa valley, the music festival is back this weekend. sky 7 was overhead showing the large crowds. a lot of people taking part. the moments the gates opened, many fans made a mad dash. metallica rushed to grab a spot where the legendary bay area band performed. >> is it going to be worth it? >> as my friend said, usually we
9:42 am
are in line 24 hours ahead of the band. it is our passion, it is what we love. liz: bottlerock was canceled in 2020 and delayed in 2021. this year, there are restrictions and masks are encouraged. bottlerock continues with a star-studded lineup lasting until tomorrow. lisa, let us get a check outside. lisa: check this out, gorgeous, upper 50's in santa cruz. upper 60's later today. it is not the warmest day, but it is going to be bright and beautiful. the low cloud deck, going to hang around parts of the bay area. we will talk about that and when we warm up coming up. liz: giants manager gabe kapler always ready to take a stand for what he believes in. what he is saying following that shooting in texas coming up.
9:43 am
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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[sfx: computer sounds] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ let play unwind your mind. ikea.
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liz: a live look here. a lot of cars hitting the road this weekend. let's talk sports. the a's will try to bounce back after dropping the first two games of their we series against the rangers. the athletics face to texas, first pitch is at 1:07. the giants will try to rebound from their loss to the reds, that game starts at 1:10. last night, the giants kicked off a 10 game road trip in cincinnati. here is larry beil with the highlights. reporter: the giants are in cincinnati, gabe kapler is making headlines. he said he will not come out for the national anthem until he sees progress being made in this country on gun control. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward
9:46 am
until i feel like there is -- i feel better about the direction of our country. that will be the step. i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. it is just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. reporter: as for the game, a long rain delay so they did the friday night fireworks pregame. the reds are really bad, but brandon gorey precious high heat on a pitch from carlos. the giants with chances, joc pederson had a dustup with tommy pham before the game. this was the giants' only one of the game. next up is brandon crawford, bases load, double play ball. the giants go quietly. you cannot be doing this against a team with the worst record in the league. a's and rangers, this is what i look like on weekends. i'm ready for the luau.
9:47 am
it is down in the third, that would change. sean murphy, bombs away, the a's come back to take a leap. this, his fifth as well, is up after 3 -- a's up after three. marcus semien three hits. this was the final score, the a's have dropped five of seven. the heat the celtics, the series has flipped more than the leprechaun. the warriors watching to see who they are going to play in the finals. jason tatum had only 11 and the second half. jimmy brother came through big for miami. he had 30 after three. the heat were up by seven on the road, and the butler did it, 17 points in the fourth. father,. hi, 47. miami victorious.
9:48 am
game seven of that series is sunday in miami. the warriors waiting on the winner. the lakers hiring darvin ham as the new head coach, he has been an assistant with the bucks, before that was with the lakers. darvin ham was a bad man, he shattered backboards. he has great respect and he has a big job with the lakers to turn that team into a winning franchise. that is a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. a lot of people hoping to be outside but maybe want to wait until monday. lisa: we have some sun out there. the breeze will pick up today. but despite the sun for your sunday, it is going to get windy. it looks like a lot of activity. we had a weak system bring us showers in the north bay this morning, then the trough moves through later today. another possibility of sprinkles. you can see the fog back into
9:49 am
the city but this darker shade indicates the sunshine out there. we are getting some clearing. 58 in oakland. 68 in mountain view, 63 in san jose. santa clara, 65. for mount tam, high clouds, low clouds, the breeze. it has been dusty in upper elevations. 59 in santa rosa. 61 by the delta. that southwest wind bill cubit breezy. livermore as 62. look at their winds, 25 to 40 miles an hour from mount tam to mount diablo. if you are hiking, biking, it is going to be breezy and cool in the upper elevations along the coast, we have sun in the south bay. partly cloudy skies this afternoon. it is a cool start to the weekend today, then we warm up a little tomorrow. those winds are going to be back and then we will see the warmest day out of the week and monday.
9:50 am
warmer tuesday and wednesday. look how soon the low clouds come back and the high clouds from that system to the north. there are the raindrops to :00 in the afternoon. it amounts to a lot of cloud cover. maybe a sprinkle along the san mateo coast, then overnight, the clouds are gone and those northwesterly winds allowing for that cool weather along the coast. quite blustery. today, it is breezy. 20, 30 miles an hour. that is sea breeze making it feel like spring. as we get into your afternoon on sunday, even windier. look at the colors. red and purple. half moon bay, pretty gusty. the best beach day, despite that wind, we will have warmer numbers in the upper 60's, ocean beach. that ocean temperature is going to be hovering around 50 degrees. 74, santa clara.
9:51 am
more sun in the south bay. the breeze on the peninsula. low 70's from san mateo, belmont. 62, a cool day in san francisco. north bay, cooler than last weekend. we are delaying fires season a little bit with the 60's and maybe a couple sprinkles along the sonoma coast. otherwise, partly in berkeley. -- partly cloudy in berkeley. 72 in newark as well as pleasanton. you get inland and we have more sun and mild conditions with low to mid 70's brentwood and antioch. more sun and wind for sunday. upper 70's inland, low 70's bayshore. cool at the coast but we noted up a little bit for the holiday on monday. tuesday and wednesday, feeling like summer with less wind.
9:52 am
60's at the coast. we quickly cool off for a cooler start to june at the end of the week. liz: may is recognized as metal health awareness month and older american month. the mental health of seniors is an issue that needs proper attention. dustin dorsey introduces you to a man strengthening minds through rotation. >> breathed in and out. in, out. in, out. reporter: at a time where so much negative surrounds us, seniors at this senior living center are finding a sense of calm. the cdc says around 7 million americans over 65 experience depression each year, partially due to a lack of physical activity. these meditation classes are one of the activities for seniors to build community and strengthen their mental health. >> it is important to involve yourself with other people, to socialize, and just in general,
9:53 am
the workouts make you feel better, make you feel stronger, and make you feel safer. reporter: the activities director says it's important to let members of the community lead the class to give them that sense of control they sometimes feel they lose. one of the most popular instructors is this 92-year-old master. >> you work on it. this meditation started in china 2000 years ago. reporter: everybody knows him. anyone has a question regarding meditation, he is the man. reporter: a man of privacy in few words, he said he would rather have his class do the talking then do an interview. he has already six degrees and learned the art of meditation from china. the community says his classes are bringing up the mental spirits of residents and employees. >> he is extremely important. a lot of the staff has learned a
9:54 am
lot from him. it all centers around our mental well-being and our health. reporter: he hopes to teach mental strength so his community can learn an active and exciting life. >> that is the end of the meditation. liz: next, another tradition returns for the first time in two years. what is on tap for the 44th carnaval happening this weekend. i joined the district
9:55 am
attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
9:56 am
for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. liz: the 44th carnaval is back this weekend after a hiatus. the free festival will have live music, dancing, and arts and crafts. new attractions this year, a cannabis garden, a tyke and getting pavilion, and lgbtq stage. the festival starts at 10:00 a.m. and last until 6:00 p.m. the grand parade starts on sunday.
9:57 am
let's get a final check of the forecast. lisa: the parade tomorrow, nice and sunny. today, we call it partly cloudy and breezy. though 60's downtown, upper 60's in oakland with low 70's in fremont. very mild. windy and brighter and the warmest day of the holiday weekend is memorial day, 80 inland, mid-70's around the bay. we will keep that sea breeze that backs off tuesday. june arrives and we are still on the warm side but the first weekend of june is looking cooler. you like it one, hold on. you like it cool, you like today. liz: something for everyone. thank you all for joining us on abc seven mornings. abc7news continues at 5:00 p.m. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. have a great day.
9:58 am
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jeff: today on "wildlife nation"... you're going back home. elizabeth: absolutely. jeff: we're exploring florida to see some remarkable reptiles. what? dr. jenkins: over there. over there. jeff: i don't even think it sees us. we'll help the conservation efforts of south florida's great apex reptilian predator. mike: so, we know if there's more crocodiles, that the rest of the ecosystem is doing well. jeff: we'll discover the largest non-venomous snake in north america. it's got that smile that only an indigo could give you, those beautiful eyes. and we'll release a precious loggerhead sea turtle back to the wild where she belongs. whitney, does it ever get old? whitney: it never gets old. jeff: i'm jeff corwin,


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