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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. neighbors in the north bay are getting defensive about wildfire an event today promoted to take action approach to keeping homes
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safe from thes. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dionne lim moore ferocious wildfire seasonsn t bre are prompting people to take new measures to be fire ready. an event today in the north bay took a new approach to dealing with wildfire safety abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard is at today's wildfire prevention festival cornell. hey dion, what happens with a concert meets a wildfire prevention fair? will you get this the ember stop and a lot of families are leaving here today with a lot of information. a band brought some good vibes during this free concert at marin civic center park, but music is only part of what's happening here is really the number one. pause the ember stomp festival unique way to remind people that fire season is here with lots of expert advice on protecting
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property from wildfire missing the gutters as well. just keeping all combusting anything debris from gathering for making your home ember resistant to creating a fire smart yard with defensible space. so from zero. and that's the zone that we don't want any vegetation. this is probably one of the most at risk. the nation for regarding wildfires a reality check from central marin fire battalion chief todd lando. he says his drought conditions worsen the odds of a major wildfire increase by the week take this generation. we've sort of forgotten how at risk we are because we've been successful to this date fighting the fires, but that that luck is going to run out organizers say it's a wake-up call for families to be fire safe at home and have a plan in case of evacuation from the front. signs of the buyers to the our front doors and that means doing each of us doing our part to make our our community safer.
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fire is always a worry the lang family says it's important to be prepared with it being so dry and we haven't had rain in a long time. i guess. it's just super important to know what to do. and what options there are out there. organizers just texted me. they say about 2,000 people came out today and they hope those who did are leaving here feeling empowered about protecting themselves and their homes from wildfire. they say it's a team effort and this fire season. we are all in this together. we're live in marin county court el bernard abc 7 news a lot of creative way to get that message out cornell many. thanks to you. over the east bay. this is the reason for wildfire prevention events like that one a brush fire ignited today in contra costa county. just north of bay point near willow pass road. drew say a set of train tracks is acting as a barrier separating a neighborhood in bay from the fire. it all started at about 9 o'clock this morning and continues to burn in a marsh area. the fire is now at 20 acres and
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cruise say winds are pushing the flames. to developing news now governor newsom has tested positive for covid. he started feeling mild symptoms this morning took a test and came back positive newsome is isolating and beginning five days of pax levid the antiviral against cov. he received his second booster shot just 10 days ago now on friday. he was in san francisco for an outdoor event with the new zealand prime minister in golden gate park. you're looking at video of that event. the governor's office says newsom will isolate until at least thursday or until he tests negative. well now to you valdi texas where a heartbroken community has come together to console one another after this week's tragic school shooting. this is one of many memorials around the city 19 child size chairs one for each of the students killed at rob elementary school and to adult chairs for the two teachers gunned down in the attack.
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residents of the tight-knit community are attempting to help each other out coming together for prayer or to share a meal. president biden remarked on the tragedy during his commencement speech at the university of delaware today. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know. but we can make america safer. we can finally do we have to depict the lives of the people and of our children. the president and the first lady will travel to uvalde tomorrow to meet with 21 victim families. those families are still demanding answers and accountability from texas law enforcement all after learning more than an hour passed between the first 911 call and when authorities stormed the classroom the vice president paid her respects to the victims in the mass shooting at a buffalo supermarket earlier this month. this is a moment that requires all good people our god-loving people to stand up and say we will not stand for for this enough is enough.
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today kamala harris delivered remarks at the funeral for ruth whitfield the oldest victim in the buffalo supermarket attack. and people were killed in that incident which investigators say was racially motivated. terrace met bereaved families before the service and afterward she made an announced visit to the top supermarket site where flowers photographs and notes have been placed. moving on to the latest headlines in the war in ukraine at least one person is dead after shelling in the southeastern ukrainian portsea of mikolai where the mayor says a residential area was targeted. the leaders of germany and france held a phone call with russian president vladimir putin today pressing him to agree to a ceasefire in ukraine and withdraw russia's troops. us defense department says it has not made a decision on a request from ukrainian officials saying they urgently need us made multiple launch rocket systems to halt russian advances.
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stanford's ukrainian student association hosted an event in san francisco today to protest a series of rapes in ukraine. organizers say russian soldiers are sexually abusing women during the ongoing military invasion. female protesters stood in silence with their faces covered by bags and their mouths gagged several major cities here in the us and around the world held protests just like this one today. dueling rallies today for and against the recall of san francisco district attorney election day is in about a weekend and a half but early voting is well underway take a look supporters of the recall rallied in chinatown's portsmouth square urging voters to support measure h some of them included family of crime victims in the city. participants there say boudin is not doing his job. he is helping the criminals that he used to be helping because he used. defender and he doesn't understand his duty as a
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district attorney and therefore we're here to let people know that we stand for that. across town the district attorney and his supporters defended his prosecutorial record. they held a rally urging voters to reject measure h we have a higher charging rate overall. then my predecessor. we have a higher charging rate than neighboring county district attorneys, and we have a higher conviction rate for homicides and for other serious crimes then under the prior administration. boudin says the pro recall movement is scapegoating him for the problems that have worsened in san francisco during the pandemic. he says recalling him will not solve the city's issues. well, it is the first day of in-person voting in santa clara county for the june 7th primary. vote center hours are nine-to-five every day and 7 am to 8 pm on election day locations will also be open on memorial day a total of 101 vote centers will be open throughout the county. in san francisco the city hall voting center opened this
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weekend and will be open next weekend as well. and in person voting centers also open today in san mateo county the chief elections officer tweeted that the san carlos library is among nine locations he suggests people vote early vote centers are open every day. well just ahead a truly san francisco event returns this weekend the an like none other. carnival is back the festival returns following a pandemic pause and organizers. say this year the event features three new elements. plus a weekend of remembrance the bay areas marking this memorial day by renewing a long-standing tradition. and i'm looking for some possible sprinkles on live doppler 7 with a satellite. our image it is possible this evening as you can see the cold front moving through with the clouds right now tomorrow. we have a very different day in store for us and a warm-up in the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up.
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one of san francisco's most colorful and most musical street events is back. oh, do you feel it the 44th carnival returns this weekend after a hiatus during the pandemic the two-day free festival features live music and dancing and arts and crafts carnival returns with quite a few changes including a healthy dose of prevention and protection from covid. we have a total of six different stations where you can get covid tested. you can get rapid covid test to go home and you can get the vaccine and boosters. so we really want to encourage
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people to so, you know, stay vaccinated stay healthy prevent any more of the spread. yeah, it doesn't get easier than that other new attractions this year a community-led cannabis garden a tekken gaming pavilion and an lgbtq dedicated stage carnival takes place on harrison street from 16th to 24th street in san francisco if you couldn't make it out today, no worries. it runs tomorrow starting with the grand parade at 9:30 and goes until 6 pm. a long-standing memorial day tradition took place today in san francisco boy scouts veterans and volunteers placed flags at more than 26,000 headstones at the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio a memorial day observe in ceremony is scheduled at the cemetery on monday at 10:30. am it was canceled the past two years due to covid just after the break people can get a rare. look at nasa's water hunting moon rover. this replica is on display now
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in the east bay while the real thing gets prepared for a space odyssey that could revolutionize human space travel. and from our emeryville camera we can see fog and low clouds over the bay area. but once the cold front moves through we're gonna have plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but very breezy conditions continue.
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how cool is this in the east bay people in oakland got their first look today at a rover. that's about to go on a water searching mission to the moon the viper rover full-size replica is now on display at chabot science center nasa provided this deal viper is a mobile robot that will go to the moon south pole to get a close-up view of water ice that could eventually be used to
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sustain human exploration. diapers planned for delivery to the lunar surface late next year well part of building a better bay area includes dressing issues of race and social justice this aapi heritage month. i was invited to speak about my reporting on anti-asian violence for the nonprofit society of a heart's delight in san jose. the audience included members of the chinese immigrant community representatives from south bay supervisors offices and assembly member evan lowe's office. this event was made possible in part through santa clara county's division of equity and social justice. grant so special to see everybody out there and francis to be honest. i kind of wanted to stay. jose was not warm with blue skies. yeah, definitely a lot warmer, especially compared to san francisco where we have the fog rolling in right now possible and gate bridge, and i want to show you live doppler 7 and satellite radar image because we have clouds coming through with this associated cold front and it is a bit cool out there. we had lots of warm weather last
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week and then it just really cool down the last couple days right now in san francisco 62 oakland 64 and dion where you were where it is right now in san jose is 73 so i can see why i want to be. are also wins right now are gusting up to 25 miles per hour sfo 26 and livermore and the breezy conditions will stay with us through tomorrow a live shot though from the east bay hills shows quite a bit of cloud cover over parts of the bay area. so here's what you need to know. we've got partly cloudy conditions through tonight, but the clap the winds are gonna push all the clouds away. so tomorrow we'll be sunny and breezy near average temps by memorial day. so we're going to climb up a little bit each day and then we will be warming up all way through wednesday where the 90s returned back to the forecast for inland areas check out. us right now this evening rather you'll notice that they will continue to be strong overnight through tomorrow afternoon, especially at the beaches. so this strong wind will keep things a little bit cooler than
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average for tomorrow. it will clear out skies for tomorrow morning. so low tonight will be near 50 san francisco 51, san jose 52 so we could see some clouds and some fog develop there through parts of the south bay, but most of us under plenty of clear skies and sunshine. tomorrow so it will be windy half moon bay only 58 san francisco a little bit mildered 66 and we'll see some low 70s around the bay for oakland fremont morgan hill 75 and it's going to be really nice in santa rosa napa. we'll see some upper 70s there in fact if you're heading to bottle rock tomorrow's going to be a bit warmer. the average high is 79. so 77 plenty of sunshine. you notice we warm up especially tuesday and wednesday we get a bithore flow will be above average and so there is a bit of fire weather concern in fact, there's a fire weather watch for parts of solano county monday morning through tuesday afternoon, so we'll be keeping an eye on that. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. so we've got plenty of sunshine all week long and we will see
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temperatures warm up gradually. it's going to be seasonal and breezy for memorial day calmer and warmer, but then really feeling like summer towards the middle of the week on wednesday before things start to cool back down possibly a chance of sprinkles. saturday very very light chance. yeah, like the sprinkles. i'm looking for right now in the north bay, which i'm not finding any listen we get real excited idea of a chance francis. thank you. all right moving on to sports now chris alvarez joining us chris. do we have anything else to talk about except for the warriors we do but we're gonna talk a lot about the warriors just five days until the finals begin right here on abc 7 and draymond green turn it up the heat how miami is using his comments as motivation. explain in sports.
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for your wake of destruction. with chris alvarez. well as you can see behind me the warriors are still waiting for their opponent in the nba finals miami heat boston in-game six forcing a winner. take all game 7 of the eastern conference finals tomorrow night in miami. you would have thought that the heat had enough motivation facing elimination, but apparently draymond green provided more saying the warriors would face boston in the finals have a look you're asking me who i want to play. i'm gonna tell you who i think we're gonna play gonna play boston. us okay. that's what we're gonna play. thank you. it's not as long just coming over he is so fired up mark. he wants a message to be relayed. he said tell draymond green. thank you. draymond. green said we're going to play the boston celtics madonna has them walk over and says, thank you for the inspiration.
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hey, tell draymond. i said, i appreciate it. you got it. i'll let him know. i don't have his number. all right. here we go. red's outfielder. tommy pham has been suspended three games for slapping giants outfitter. jock peterson during a pregame altercation yesterday peterson says it was over a fantasy football dispute fam says it stem from some disrespectful text messages this bad news all the way around. mike is from sky's wife the new baby and the paper scissors starter alex wood almost out of a first inning jam, but kyle farmer three nothing reds on this blast to left center the giants would a rally top of the six down three one. here's evan, longoria. shot to the second deck way out his third home run this week giants down 3-2 top of the ninth tying run on second two on two out a lot going on here wilmer flores liner to right joey bart gun around the bases headed home, but our status aquino throws him out by a mile and the giants lose it three two their second straight loss to the team
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of the worst record in the majors. ouch ice cream helmets coliseum good place to get them. maybe sharing aloud. i don't know oakland hosting the rangers top five five one texas spaces loaded for former a mark is semian and there goes his first home of the year. it is a grand slam rangers win. 11-4 oakland is 2 and 14 in their last 16 games at home ncaa softball super regional stanford needs a winning against oregon state to force a winner. take all game three tomorrow on the beaver strike first grace mesmer a two out two-run single, oregon state up two. nothing in a hurry. stanford's best chance comes it faces loaded. we're loaded. i should say with one out now two out and taylor gendelsperger strikes out to end the inning and stanford is shut out to nothing ending their season, oregon state advancing their second women's college. world series and in arizona number one see the stanford baseball at the first ever pac-12 tournament and rolling. there's carter graham 20th of the year gives the cardinal the lead and the batman mask.
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i like this is their home home run reward that is right handed starter. joey dixon gave up just two runs on five hits with five strikeouts. this one ends up faces loaded jam stanford gets their 15 straight victory five four. they advance through the first ever pac-12 title game. they'll play ucla or oregon state tomorrow night dion. do you need trash? breath motivate you for the next newscast. like what can i do to fire you up? oh, wow. you know what? let me think about that. that should be a service you can offer whenever feeling kind of down or maybe not really we're always on top of your game dion. i know nobody know. oh, that was so kind. yes, chris. let me think about that. okay. okay. talk to you soon. well just ahead a new roller coaster here in the bay. area is giving people a thrill before they even step on the ride. that's all coming up next.
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coaster at six flags discovery kingdom is giving people a thrilling safari experience take a look the park share this video with us and says the new sidewinder safari is a one-of-a-kind combination of family coaster and exhibit experience. it opened today and includes a jungle like setting featuring live encounters with steaks lizards and other reptiles. the roller coaster takes people on sideways. friends rapid drops and hairpin curves sidewinder safari is the park's eleventh roller coaster. i feel kind of wheezy woozy just looking at it. well, that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at five.
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i'm dionne lim for all of us here. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here in just about 30 minutes. tonight, the chilling new details about the elementary school massacre in uvalde, texas, including the number of shots fired, raising even more questions about the police that response now under official review, as we learn more about the 77 minutes of horror inside those classrooms. the shooter opening fire on at least six occasions, firing more than 300 rounds as officers stood outside. what we're learning about the commander on the scene. his orders seemingly at odds with the department's own training for active shooter situations. president biden, ahead of his trip to uvalde, calling for change, saying there's "too much violence, too much fear. too much grief." and the heartbreaking stories. the sheriff's deputy responding to the scene, learning his own daughter was among the victims. the girl who dreamed of becoming a star.


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