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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 28, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ contra costa county home destroyed by fire and why residents are breathing a sigh of relief governor gavin newsom has tested positive for covid-19 people during a recent spike in cases. why doctors say you shouldn't be worried puzzle clear overnight and get ready for sunny and warmer days ahead abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is dc7 news good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dionne lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. right away governor gavin newsom has tested positive for covid and has mild symptoms. he is just the latest high-profile case as infections again are on the rise. could we see yet another spike as people get together for the
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unofficial start of summer abc 7 news reporter. tim johns spoke to some infectious disease specialists. amid a surgeon new coronavirus cases locally governor gavin newsom among the latest of those infected on saturday his office released a statement saying he was experiencing miles symptoms and would stay in isolation until at least thursday. not a surprise dr. peter chinhong is an infectious disease specialist. he says he had spets newsome who has been vaccinated and boosted twice to be fine right now. we have a lot more tools. we know what the vaccines are good for the bay area has seen new infections over recent weeks experts had spent the peak to happen sometime in early june but despite the uptick in cases in our area doctors say we haven't seen a rise in hospitalizations. we are seeing the most profound decoupling that we ever have between cases and hospitalizations, dr. monica. gandhi is a professor of medicine at ucsf and has studied infectious diseases for years. she believes that while covid is
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here to stay we now have the appropriate tools to fight it gandhi says and high vaccinated regions like the bay area the risk of serious disease is extremely low. i'm not worried about people gathering for memorial day at this phase of the pandemic at all. so while the numbers can't seem frightening dr. chin hong says it's important to put them into context. no one should be fearful if they're up to date on vaccines in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. newsom's positive test comes one day after he was with prime minister of new zealand jacinda ardern she was in san francisco to announce a climate change partnership at golden gate park ardern already had the virus earlier this month and if you have any questions on increasing covid cases mask mandates or the latest on booster shots. you can head to our website. our team is ready to answer at abc 7 a fire wiped out a house earlier today in oakley and one of the
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residents had to jump out of a window to escape the flames firefighters ran into all kinds of obstacles and had to set up a relay system to get water onto the fire. the house is just across from bethel island and abc 7 news reporter tara campbell found out if this fire had happened a few days later the outcome might have been much different. flames ripping through and destroying a family home. just outside of oakley east contra costa fire called to the home around 5:30 saturday morning the first arriving cruise heavy fire from the first and second floor on the front side and the neighboring side brooke logan making the jump from that second floor escaping as the only home she's ever known went up in flames. she lives here with her parents and fiancee. william gold and i jumped off the back porch, and that was it. i looked out the window saw the
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fire fully engulfed on this side right here on the side of the house and that's when i panic got up jumped out and went a rubber lives next door and made the call to the fire department. i was worried about them worried abou house and less than a mile away. this new fire station is set to on june 1st an officials say it will make all the difference in fighting fires in this area. the big island just have a continuous water supply we have to use water tenders to shuttle water. back forth and the distance that the units have to travel to get out here is significant as well and those living nearby say it to relief to know soon help will be a much closer. they're gonna be opening in june june. first i think is what we've been told. it'd be a good thing. we didn't have anything out here for years, so it'd be a helper so that station 55 they would have got a good stop but it's a
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good friend of mine as for brooke. she's glad everybody got out safe and is hoping to build back their home gonna be a while to rebuild an expensive officials. say the cause of the fire is under investigation and at this point it looks accidental tara campbell abc 7 news. also in the east bay a brush fire ignited today in contra costa county. it's located just north of bay point near willow pass road where crews say a set of train tracks is acting as a barrier separating a neighborhood in bay point from the fire. it started at about 9:00 this morning and continues to burn in a marsh area. that fire is now 20 acres and crews. say winds are pushing those flames. investigators are still searching for a motive in the deadly shooting at an elementary school in uvalde texas that left 21 people dead, including 19 children. memorials to the victims continues to grow drawing a long line of people who stopped to
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pay their respects. abc news reporter christine, sloan has learned the fbi has brought in 200 people to assist with the investigation. memorials continue to grow in uvalde texas as the investigation into tuesday's tragedy continues. a timeline of the shooting is becoming clearer a teacher propped open a school door at 11:27 am which the shooter used to enter the school at 11:33. he targeted classrooms 11 and 112 two minutes later. seven uvalde police officers are inside the school, but did not breach the classroom. officials say school district police chief pete arredondo wrongly believed it was no longer an active shooter situation, but a barricaded subject, but from 1203 to 1247 students were dialing 911 from inside the classroom begging for help meantime 19 officers were in the hallway outside those
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classrooms the work children in that classroom that we're at risk and it was in fact still an active shooter situation. it wasn't until 12:50. authorities used to key to enter the classroom and killed the shooter the district trained for this type of situation back in march practicing scenarios and utilizing the state's extensive course manual which advises first responders to not wait. think the best hope that innocent victims have is that officers immediately move into action adding a first responder unwilling to place the lives of the innocent above their own safety should consider another career field the head of the texas rangers was pretty clear. these officers did not follow training. they received just two months ago. joe biden addressed the tragedy as he gave the commencement address at the university of delaware too much violence. too much fear too much grief. we must stand stronger.
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we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know but we can make america safer on sunday. he will travel to uvalde with the first lady where they will meet with the grieving families christine, sloan abc news, new york. the vice president paid her respects today to the victims in the buffalo supermarket mass shooting. kamala harris delivered remarks at the funeral for ruth whitfield the oldest victim in the attack 10 people were killed in that incident which investigators say was racially motivated. what happened here in buffalo in texas in atlanta in orlando? what happened at the synagogues? and so this is a moment that requires all good people our god loving people to stand up and say we will not stand. of this enough is enough. harris met bereaved families before the service and afterward
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she made an unannounced visit to the top supermarket site where flowers photographs and notes have been placed. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 from the front lines of the fires are preparing to take on more defensive roles in fighting wildfires? and with a little over a week until the election those four and against the recall of san francisco district attorney chesibudin make hard pushes to sway voters here their messages. and we sprinkles this evening even some measurable rain a few hundreds of an inch in some spots, but the clouds will clear overnight much sunier tomorrow. i'll let you know how warm it will be.
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event today in the north bay took a new approach to dealing with wildfire safety. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was at today's wildfire prevention festival where the focus was on taking action to keep home safe. a band brought some good vibes during this free concert at marin civic center park, but music is only part of what's happening here. is really the number one. cause the ember stomp festival a unique way to remind people that fire season is here with lots of expert advice on protecting property from wildfire messi the gutters as well. just keeping all combusting debris from gathering. taking your home ember resistant to creating a fire smart yard with defensible space. so from five feet from your
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house the perimeter. it's called zone zero and that's the zone that we don't want any vegetation. this is probably one of the most at risk communities in the nation for regarding wildfires a reality check from central marin fire battalion. chief todd lando. he says his drought conditions worsen the odds of a major wildfire increased by the week take this generation. we've sort of forgotten how at risk we are because we've been successful for this state fighting the fires, but that that luck is going to run. organizers say it's a wake-up call for families to be fire safe at home and have a plan in case of evacuation we need. and marin county cornell bernard abc 7 news dueling rallies today for and against the recall of san francisco district attorney chesibudin. supporters of the recall rallied in chinatown's portsmouth square urging veruprt measure h some of them included family of crime victims in the city participants there say boudin is not doing his job. he doesn't understand his duty as a district attorney. and therefore we're here to let people know that we will not stand for that and we need to recall him as soon as possible. across town the district attorney and his supporters defended his prosecutorial record. they held a rally urging voters to reject measure age. the pro recall folks are scapegoating and they are fear-mongering exploiting very real frustration and anxiety that we all share over how the last two years have gone and
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they're lying and suggesting that recalling me is going to solve those problems. election day is on june 7th, but early voting is well underway in san francisco. well, it is the first day of in-person voting in santa clara county for the june 7th. primary vote center hours are nine-to-five every day and 7 am to 8 pm on election day. locations will also be open on memorial day a total of 101 vote centers will be open throughout the county in san francisco. this is the first weekend the city hall voting center is open. it'll be open next weekend as well. all right moving on to our long holiday weekend weather forecast francisco in for spencer tonight. hey, francis. hi dion. good evening. everyone. we saw some drizzle move through the bay area even some measurable rain in parts like half moon bay and the higher elevations right now. we're seeing lots of cloud cover near the bay, but it's starting to clear from the north bay in napa. it's already clear and these clouds will start to push
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through overnight a live shot looking towards a bay bridge. so some low clouds overhead in san francisco is currently 56 oakland 58 mountain view 60 san jose still at 62 but half moon bay down to 54 degrees in this time. we're looking at the stockton conditions near sfo where winds have been pretty gusty santa rosa petaluma napa all in the mid-50s fairfield 57 concord 61 livermore 59 degrees check out the winds right now 31 miles per hour sfo 28 in san francisco. we'll see breezy to windy conditions tomorrow but more sunshine so that will allow sometime temperatures to warm up. we're looking from emeryville. this is the way heading towards the bay bridge so clouds will clear overnight tomorrow sunny and breezy and temperatures a little bit warmer, then it continues to warm up to memorial day will be near average so great day if you're having barbecues and being outside the warming turn really kicks in and picks up and continues all the way through wednesday inland areas in the low 90s. so here's a forecast animation
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clouds will slide south overnight and then notice tomorrow morning. we'll start to see quite a bit sunshine early on and the will be strong especially in the afternoon you notice that they'll pick up very windy conditions, especially a point raise and at the beaches and ur the bay but of 30 mileer with the sunshine is still going to allow temperatures to come up a little bit. tomorrow temperatures will be near 50 degrees as you wake up under mostly clear skies. we'll see some cloudier conditions and fog down towards san jose and morgan hill and a little bit cooler in parts of the north bay with temperatures starting off in the low to mid. and then check out our highs tomorrow from 58 and half moon bay all the way to 81 in fairfield. we'll see some 70s more widespread tomorrow 77 in santa rosa and also in napa if you're heading to bottle rock, so it's going to be a little bit warmer the advertise 79 so we'll be close to average monday and then check it out. we'll be hitting the mid 80s mid-week for napa and some other
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areas will be even hitting the low nineties now with the wind shifting to the are coming from the north monday morning through tuesday afternoon. there's a fire weather watch for solano county and that's where fires can spread very quickly and we'll see winds gusting from the north up to 30 miles per hour. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast so brighter, but windier tomorrow plenty of sunshine more seasonable for memorial day and then it warms up a little bit calmer for the winds temperatures are going to feel like summer for inland areas on wednesday. and even around the bay upper 70s at the beaches though because of that seabreeze still the low 60s the heat eases as we have another trough moving in bringing us a chance. wrinkles next saturday, maybe similar to what we saw tonight, but monday will be a great day for any outdoor activities for folks doing something for memorial day. although deon. i know you'll be at work i run monday. thank you for reminding me
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francis. all right, we'll check in with you again shortly. thanks. well just ahead the tradition continues see how the bay area is remembering those who gave everything for their country this memorial day weekend. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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memorial day tradition took place today in san francisco boy scouts veterans and volunteers placed flags at more than 26,000 headstones at the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. memorial day observant ceremony is scheduled at the cemetery on monday at 10:30. am it was canceled the past two years due to covid. chris alvarez joining us now with a preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports just five days until the nba finals right here on abc 7 and draymond green turns up the heat how miami is using his comments as
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motivation sports is next.
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rock casino well, as you can see behind me the warriors are still waiting for their nba finals opponent miami beat boston and game 6 forcing a winner take-off game 7 of the eastern conference finals tomorrow in miami. you would have thought the heat had enough motivation facing elimination, but apparently draymond green provided more by saying the warriors would face boston in the finals have a look. honest answers you're asking me who i want to play. i'm gonna tell you who i think we're gonna play we're gonna play boston. okay, that's what we're gonna play. thank you. just coming over he is so fired
11:29 pm
up. he wants a message to be relayed. he said tell draymond green. thank you. draymond. green said we're going to play the boss of celtics madonna has them walk over and says, thank you for the inspiration. hey, tell draymond. i said, i appreciate it. you got it. i'll let him know. i don't have his number. we will wait and see reds outfielder. tommy fam has been suspended three games for slapping giants outfielder. jock peterson during a pregame altercation. friday peterson says it was over a fantasy football dispute fam says it stem from some disrespectful text messages. mike estrumski's wife new baby and family at the series starter alex wood almost out of a first inning jam, but kyle farmer other ideas three nothing reds on this blast to left center the giants rally top of the sixth down three one at this point ev. longoria solo shot to the second deck and that is way gone his third home run this week giants now down three two top of the night time run on second two on two out wilmer flores liner to right joey bart's gonna try and
11:30 pm
score. but aristis aquino throws out fart by a mile and the giants lose three two, their second straight loss to the team with the worst record in the majors a hosting the rangers ice cream always a big hit at the coliseum top of the fifth five one. bases loaded for former a marcus simeon and there goes his first homer of the year. it's a grand slam rangers win. 11-4 oakland is 2 and 14 in their last 16 games at the coliseum ncaa softball super regional stanford needs a win against oregon state to force a winner take all game three on sunday beaver strike first grace messmer with a two out two-run single, oregon state up to nothing. stanford's best chance comes here in the fit. the bases were loaded with one out, but taylor gendelsberger str. out to end the inning and stanford is shut out to nothing ending their season, oregon state advances to their second women's college world series this abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. chris thank you coming up next
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emergency shipments and declarations may not be enough signs the baby formula shortage is getting worse. and it's back. they are moving and grooving again in san francisco. we'll take you to the return of the carnival festival. the carnival festival. ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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out-of-state corporations wrote pop it an online sportsy $6.49 classibetting plan50/50 they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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my classic and spicy popcorn chicken with 100% all-white-meat chicken. and good good sauce. ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot ♪ pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. order on the jack app today. popcorn chicken combo. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. news now to the war in ukraine, russia is now focused on seizing the last remaining cities in the country's -- region.
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the key city of severe o'donnesque appears to be russia's next objective. it's one of several cities in the east that russian forces have surrounded. earlier today russian president vladimir putin insisted eu nations stopped sanctioning his country and shipping weapons on ukraine. that is an exchange for resuming talks to end the fighting. well may use mental health awareness and asian american pacific islander heritage month. and tonight. we are taking a look at what some experts are calling a mental health crisis in the aapi community abc news reporter, rena roy explains why seeking help can often be stigmatized and what some are doing to change that? growing up in a south asian home dr. dimple patel of chicago says she never knew much about therapy or mental health. i didn't understand what the passion looks like or what anxiety looks like because mental health was never really talked about like, oh you're fine. you realized she was struggling after a car accident forced the
11:36 pm
then 21 year old to take a step back from her college courses and stay home to recover. didn't know that i was experiencing anxiety. i wasn't eating i wasn't sleeping. my heart was constantly racing so she's secretly started seeing a therapist. so afraid of being judged what other people are going to say speaking openly about mental health can often be considered taboo in the asian-american. unity stigma is definitely a really big issue some of that has to do with cultural values and privacy and mental illness bringing sort of shame to oneself in one's family. another big contributor is the model minority stereotype. this stereotype portrays asian-americans as effortlessly successful as aapi we can internalize that stereotype and start to believe that we need to be perfect. patel's mother battled that stigma herself and never got the help. she needed dying by suicide in
11:37 pm
2011 41% of asian americans are currently experiencing anxiety or depression symptoms and 62% of those diagnosed with mental health conditions need help accessing services. api right now are hurting. we are experiencing three crises at once the mental health pandemic that's happening right now, but also the rising tide of anti-asian hate crimes as well as sort of long-standing problems in the mental health system that don't need aapi where they're at. dr. jeffrey. liu says, there's a lack of translators in cross-cultural training in the mental health industry patel now doing her part to help bring more representation to the community as the therapist. advocate herself. that's why i shared my story my mom so i can raise that awareness of things like this do happen and we need to talk about it. it's okay to ask for help reina roy abc news, new york. to find an ally to help care for your own mental health. you can check out some local
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resources by heading to abc 7 slash take action. right taking you outside now for a live. look at sfo where it is turning out to be a bumpy ride for many people traveling by air this memorial day weekend another 1500 flights were canceled across the country today 2300 were canceled on friday. bad weather and air traffic control problems are to blame. travel experts say flying the summer will be tricky and expensive staffing problems record high fuel prices and intense demand for flights could lead to higher fares and fewer flights. delta says it's trimming. its summer flight schedules by about 100 departures daily. well, san diego law enforcements say they will participate in that city's lgbtq pride parade on july 16th, but instead of their uniforms participants will march while wearing polo shirts. pride parade organizers in san diego say that is the agreement they reached with law
11:39 pm
enforcement. no duty uniforms and no visible guns that's decision after they made it after the killing of george floyd in 2020. san francisco police sheriff and fire along with mayor london breed have said they will boycott this year's pride parade. organizers of the sf event have banned uniformed law enforcement from marching in the june 26th event. well now to the latest on the nationwide baby formula shortage. the problem seems to be getting worse 70% of formula suppliers now say they are out of stock. fda says millions more of cans of formula will soon be flown to the us from australia and the uk. for local public health officials across the country more help cannot come soon enough. just yesterday. i got about 20 calls from others. i mean that was just yesterday. the biden administration has once again invoked the defense
11:40 pm
production act for a third time in an effort to ramp up supply. ikea is adding a surprising new product line in some of its stores across california listen to this it's a new line of solar products that will enable ikea customers to generate and store their own renewable energy the panels will be made available to members of ikea's customer loyal. program this fall selling solar panels fits in with the company's mission to reduce its overall climate footprint. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 a man helping fill. his neighbor's stomachs and souls meet, mississippi joe and see how he's been making a difference for decades in one bay area community. and right now we're dealing with a lot of cloud cover especially around the bay temperatures will be warming up tomorrow. we're gonna get more sunshine the winds will pick up but it will push the clouds away and then we have warmer weather in store for us for memorial day weekend or the end of it.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. francisco's most colorful and most musical street events is back. oh, yes, the 44th carnival returns this weekend after a pandemic hiatus the two-day free festival features live music and dancing along with arts and crafts carnival returns with quite a few changes including a healthy dose of prevention and protection from covid. we have a total of six different stations where you can get covid tested. you can get rapid covid test to go home and you can get the vaccine and boosters. so we really want to encourage people to to you know, stay vaccinated. stay healthy prevent any more of the spread. other new attractions this year include a community-led cannabis garden a tech and gaming
11:45 pm
pavilion and an lgbtq dedicated stage carnival takes place on harrison street from 16th to 24th in san francisco. and if you couldn't make it out today, no worries. it runs tomorrow starting with the grant parade at 9:30 and goes until 6 pm. well tonight an example of building a better bay area that starts in the backyard. it holds a garden that has fed neighbors for three generations. the man running. it is named, mississippi joe and as abc 7 news reporter david louis shows us. he has brought a community together. he goes by the name, mississippi joe and this is where you find him every day tending to a vegetable garden almost everyone in east palo alto knows him because of his kindness given is something special. when you give and make you feel good when you can hand out something to someone else. for eight years when the cucumbers and squash and corn and onions and tomatoes and other produce are ready for
11:46 pm
harvest, mississippi, joe will share them with his neighbors and friends. it's something that stayed with him growing up in the south. we always shared the food with each other. we some didn't have some of them to have food sometime. and then we just what we had we will share mississippi has a large fan club. this is just a few of them who wanted to share what he means to them. he's always had that that attitude of just giving free spirit just constantly giving the sincerityness that he has the love that he has for the community. we've all been blessed, mississippi joe's hospitality is not limited to produce he's brought over gumbo and all that's yeah cooking. he's done. so he's just never he's making me sharing it. he has touched the lives of three generations. i remember my children were really little and he'd come bring my mother fresh vegetables. and he said do you want to know where these come from and he brought my children over here and i was enamored mississippi
11:47 pm
even helps neighbors with their yard work at age 72. he shows no signs of slowing down, but the garden does take work begin a little go out there and do that. so maybe a couple more years his family has grown up. he has one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. this former school custodian is proving acts of kindness can bring a community together. i love east palo alto and i've been here like i say over 48 years and so it's just so wonderful place to live in east palo alto david louis abc 7 news. and cheers to many more years to come. a part of building a better bay area includes dressing issues of race and social justice this aapi heritage month. i was invited to speak about my reporting on anti-asian violence for the nonprofit society of a heart's delight in san jose. audience included members of the chinese immigrant community representatives from south bay supervisors offices and assembly
11:48 pm
member evan lowe's office. the event was made possible in part through santa clara county's division of equity and social justice grant. all right one last check of weather with francis and glossen and francis. hoping for a nice memorial day weekend. yeah, it's going to get warmer and senior starting tomorrow. in fact live doppler seven of the satellite radar image showing us that the cold front has moved through this evening. is starting to move towards the south bay and it did bring us some sprinkles and a few hundreds of an inch and some of our higher elevations and near the beaches. lowe's tonight will be near 50 degrees around the bay cooler though in the north bay will see some mid-40s through santa rosa napa then tomorrow, we'll come up by a couple degrees for many areas san francisco 66 oakland 71, san jose 74 napa 77 for bottle rock the winds will shift so monday, we'll start to see the dry winds from the north gus up to 30 miles per hour fire weather. is a concern for solano county monday morning through tuesday afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day
11:49 pm
forecast so brighter and windier tomorrow and look at we've got four days of sunshine with temperatures really warming up by wednesday. the low 90s will return inland around the bay upper 70s and still low 60s at the beaches with that sea breeze and then the heat eases and towards the end of the week. we'll see clouds increases another system moves closer to us bringing us a chance. sprinkles next saturday, although very tin tiny chance. yeah trace amounts and maybe a few hundreds of an inch in some spot. okay, take it what we can get. yeah francis. thanks now to chris alvarez with another preview of sports. hey, chris. deon coming up in sports the warriors are the best in the west how the dubs made major pro sports history and route to another nba finals appearance sports is next.
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now open in northern california. like a trip to great wolf lodge. sports sponsored by river rock casino two seasons ago the warriors finished with an nba
11:53 pm
where 15 regular season wins fast forward and the warriors are four wins away from their fourth title in less than a decade golden state is back in the nba finals for the sixth time in the last eight seasons the last nba team to do that the chicago bulls back in the 1990s. in fact, the dubs are just the 12th. major north american pro franchise to appear in a championship series six times during an eight-year span. we're happy to be here, but it would help our legacy a lot if we completed a mission and won the whole thing. we want to finish this thing off the right way and do it for dub nation. like i've said over and over again, i'm gonna keep saying and no one has proven that they can move us off that spot and that's the mindset that we come into this thing with we understand. takes to win a championship never lost a faith that we could get back here. so it's it's a fine line or just again reflected and celebrating this moment for sure because this is definitely special and now we have an opportunity to go finish the job. a big reason the warriors are back in the finals the emergence
11:54 pm
of jordan poole who's been quite the splash in his third nba season jp averaging just over 18 points and four and a half assists per game this postseason looking to provide a spark wherever he can. from day one just being able to try to put my imprint on a team, you know the positive way whether it was in the locker room or on the court know that i'm helping my team win. i'm at the highest level, but i wouldn't be able to do any of this without any of my teammates. i remember him a couple years ago would go through a shooting slump. he'd be so hard on himself and remind me of my younger self and i just kept tell him like it's gonna pay off young fell you're gonna play in the nba finals one day and now for that to come to on. i i'm so happy. miami force game 7 of the eastern finals thanks to a playoff career high 47 points from jimmy butler butler scoring 17 of those in the fourth quarter, miami looked like they were toast after a blowout loss in game 5 now the heat will host game 7 sunday night on espn boston though not lacking for confidence. you put yourself in this
11:55 pm
position going up three two to have two games to win one and so as much as you love to finish it on your home court. we've been up and down in. and do to that is it's where it is right now. these are those moments that you remember for a long time and you wish that all the games would would feel like that like a game seven. no, so i just i want guys to enjoy in arizona number one seated stanford baseball the first pac-12 tournament and rolling carter graham 20th homer of the year gives the cardinal lead to the batman mask. that's the reward right there right handed starter. joey dixon gave up just two runs on five hits with five strikeouts. sends a bases loaded jam stanford gets their 15th straight win 5-4. they advance their first ever pac-12 title game on sunday. let's kick it quakes in la to face. fc and that takes some effort right there quakes down two nil early jeremy of boba see with two goals to tie it up off the corner and in his team best ninth goal or two all half-time early. second half quakes turn it over
11:56 pm
in their own and out of position and la's brian rodriguez beats jt martini for the eventual game-winning goal quick's fall three two, champions league final liverpool and real madrid in paris 58th minute. we're still scored us real madrid's venice is junior. scores the first goal to match fifth youngest player to score a title game in the celebration was on 81st minute last best chance for liverpool. but mohamed salah's shot is stopped by thebo courtois and real madrid wins their 14th champions league title one nil. no other franchise has more than seven the 49ers held organized team activities this week our first chance to look at second year quarterback trey lance this off season. he's the presumed starter once jimmy garoppolo eventually gets traded social media always. opinions and trey said is nicely as possible. he doesn't care about all that outside noise in their most respectful way possible. like i really it doesn't change how i feel about you guys as people, but i really don't like necessarily. it's not my job to carry with
11:57 pm
you guys say or anyone else on social media. i mean for me, it's i care about what the guys in the locker room thing and when my coaching staff thinks and at the end of that that's my job. you guys unfortunately aren't the ones that are making decisions for me or really have any effect on me in the most again respectful way possible. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino deon thanks, chris, and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm dionne lim for everybody here. thanks for joining us. we'll see you bright and early in the morning. in the morning. i'm so glad sauced & loaded fries are back. yea. i really missed this. i missed us. to my fries—and to my guys. my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too.
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