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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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husband of nancy pelosi arrested on a dui charge in the north bay. the reaction this morning. >> the justice department announcing it is looking into the police response to the deadly school shooting in texas. funeral services began for victims in that town. i am justin finch in washington with the latest. >> memorial day travel>> began r you. so much to get seo on this monday. >> it will be gusty this afternoon. the warming trend will continue over the next couple of days. we do expect to pick up.
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temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 54 san jose. here is a live look from the exploratorium camera. we do expect a lot of sunshine on your holiday. in the 50's and 60's by 9:00 a.m. our warmest spots close to 80 degrees, but that breeze will become an issue. a red flag warning first llano county. kumasi: the justice department stepping in to investigate the response to the devastating mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers. we have more on that and the president's visit to uvalde.
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julian: visitation services are being held today. the community now grieving and demanding answers as new details emerge. this is new video obtained from outside robb elementary and uvalde, texas. showing police breaking windows, racing to rescue students. we hear what appears to be dispatch audio, sharing with officers that 911 operators are on the phone with students, trapped in those classrooms. >> he is in a room full of people. >> she identified herself and whispered, he is in room 112.
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at 12:10, she called back from room 112 to advise that multiple people were dead. she called back and said there were eight to nine students alive. julian: federal agents arrived to chaos and confusion. those sources going on to say that a tactical team entered the school at 12:15 pm, fatally shooting the suspect. >> there were repeated orders not to go into the classroom, but eventually they convinced their superiors to let them do whatever they could do to rescue children. reporter: the president and first lady traveled to uvalde, later meeting with victims families, survivors and first responders. the crowd chanting do something.
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the president responding, we will. the justice department is planning a review of the response in uvalde. the findings will be made public. julian: thank you so much. a church has set up a memorial for the victims of the uvalde shooting. each chair for the victims - the cby the pastor and youth me. they hope that it sends a message. >> it is kind of like, let's do something so that we do not have to do this again. we can keep adding more and more
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because of more shootings, and we do not need to do that. julian: there was a call for reforms and speaking about the giants manager's protest. >> what is unique about being in professional sports is that we really have a platform. i do not ever feel like everybody needs to use that platform, but if you feel comfortable doing so, it is important to do something. i applaud gabe f out there. again, my view --
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julian: -- kumasi: san jose police will have dedicated patrols around public schools. they will monitor the schools. it will not cost additional money for the patrols. high school graduations start one week from today. julian: a person wanted in april's mass shooting has been captured. the fbi arrested the suspect. he was one of the men who shot several others in april. peyton, as well as brothers were charged with three counts of murder. they were accused as being part of a gun battle outside of a downtown nightclub. kumasi: this morning, reaction
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is coming in from across the country after nancy pelosi's husband was arrested on a dui charge. there was another driver hit in the crash. reporter: neither were hurt in the crash. they are releasing new details about the case, but speaker pelosi is still not saying much. the incident happened on highway 29. speaker pelosi was away at the time, getting a commencement speech to graduates. >> that reflects poorly on the speaker and on colors, generally. i do not think we should be paying attention to what her husband is doing because he is not an elected official. reporter: his bail was set at $5,000 and he was released sunday morning. some questions remain as to
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where paul pelosi was coming from and where he was going. kumasi: aaa estimates the 5 million people chose to drive to their destination, even with a high gas prices this weekend. the cost for a regular gallon is $6.42. in san jose it is $6.79. it is not just the roads. there are problems, if you are flying today. we have more on those travel concerns. reporter: flights are getting canceled. delta airlines is the airline most impacted. this is happening as more americans are traveling. the level of people getting back
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to pre-pandemic levels. air travel costs are up 33% from a year ago. all of this, travelers are getting to the airport and hoping for the best. >> i'm here until i can see what is going on. i came here for my grandbaby's graduation and i did not expect to get stuck, whatsoever. reporter: the most congestion you will see is between 1:00 and 4:00 today. this is good news for the industry, but the hassle factor seems to be pretty high this year. julian: the national memorial
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day concert is back in d.c. several local memorial day events will honor the sacrifice of the men and women who died while serving our country. hillsboro parade will be followed by an ceremony and a festival. in san francisco, the senator alex padilla havel join -- will join in. in memorial day -- kumasi: part of the bay area is on alert for high fire danger today. forecasters say that windy conditions are driving dangerous wildfire conditions.
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the warning is expected to stay in effect. drew: those winds will be an issue for today and tomorrow. taking you to the camera this morning. winds are pretty active. 33. we expect winds to increase and build along the coastline. you can see winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. we will we will see our warmest spots getting close to 90 degrees. lasting through 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. dropping the humidity levels.
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for your holiday, a lot of sunshine. 75 san jose. today. first, let's say good morning. i suspect it is not too bad out there. >> we have one issue to talk about. it will be in the eastbound direction. this is towards the east bay. one main black there. we expect that most people were at home. wrapping up with the drive times. only 25 minutes there. julian: forced to cancel one of the stage ask.
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pulling out of the festival because of a possible covid case. >> open schools said to be closed. parents camped out outside of the schools, waiting a decision. julian: a service to help you recover from the virus.
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julian: oakland police are investigating a fire suspected to be arson. you can see someone walking into the store earlier this month. the person poured some type of fuel onto the furniture. you can see the flames and black smoke. they may be closed for the next several months.
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kumasi: parkland elementary is deciding on whether they will close. >> education is unequal, unfair and unjust. >> they first opened in the 1920's but had their final graduation last wednesday. some parents never went home. >> we decided to not leave, to stay and occupy the school. reporter: the sit in protest involves pitching tents outside of the school. others are occupying classrooms inside. activists say closing the school is not what the community needs. >> the school has good teachers and they want to take that away from kids.
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reporter: the school needs to be open and with a new name. >> we are offering stem classes, mathematics and esl. reporter: warnings have been posted on school doors. >> they tried to chain the fences and lock us out of the cafeteria. we are still here and we are not leaving. reporter: they said, we wish they would choose a different form of protest, one that does not disrupt the procedures of staff and the need to close out the year. the parents say that the tents are not going anywhere and neither are they until they are heard. >> we want them to reopen parker or open it as a community center.
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julian: if you need the antiviral pill, it could soon be delivered to you. it will let people test for covid and then have a doctor prescribed them the pill while they are at home. the program does not come at a cost but you have to be a detective user. the starter kit is listed at $85. bleachers suddenly canceled it set because of covid. they were sent to perform on the final day on sunday. the tweet did not say which band member or how many tested positive. there toward will continue in london next week. kumasi: the carnaval parade returned, filled with music and
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lights. organizers said they had more participants than expected yesterday and a big crowd was there to take it in. ncludes a street fair that ran all weekend. so many other countries were represented in the parade. next year, i will have a costume. everybody in the parade was on it. i was like, how are you dancing and making it look so good? some people were wearing heels. julian: you have a whole year to plan your costume for next year. drew: remember that you are walking around a lot in those heels. julian: maybe bring some flats,
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just in case of an emergency. drew: i saw a lot of people talking about carnaval. they said it was a blast. i will go with you. with the outfits being -- outfits. we have to go all out. a live look at the bay bordg a f does turn breezy. it comes with some fire concerns. we see drier air moving in. humidity is pretty low in the afternoon. wednesday is the warmest day that we have. looks like temperatures are below average for this time of year. 54 and good morning, san mateo.
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52 in vallejo. let's track those temperatures. by 10:00 a.m., we are warming through the 50's and 60's. a lot of 70's on the board by 1:00 p.m. our warm spot is close to 80 degrees. a lot of sunshine and it is breezy. 66 in the city. 81 santa rosa. overnight tonight, we will have clear skies. here is the accuweather forecast. turning warmer tomorrow. 90's the warmest spots. the upcoming weekend, we will watch a chance for a shower early in the morning. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. julian: and new hope for a family who lost everything in
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kumasi: number one, funerals are getting underway today for the children and teachers killed in uvalde. the justice department will be investigating how the police responded and why the shooter was not stopped sooner. julian: paul pelosi was arrested for a dui saturday night. neither he or the other driver were injured. speaker pelosi says she will not be commenting on this private matter. kumasi: the fda is investigating a hepatitis a outbreak, possibly linked to organic strawberries. if you have any of these brands, you need to throw them away right now. julian: if you are headed to the airport, check your flight status before you leave. hundreds of flights have been canceled over the memorial day weekend. the best time to the road is
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before 11:00 a.m. >> a hit-and-run has been reported. injuries have been reported. drew: we are expecting a lot of sunshine on your holiday and breezy conditions they'd are on. the afternoon is bright. temperatures mainly in the 70's and the 80's. kumasi: you should look up or step outside if you're up late tonight. there is a chance that we could see a meteor storm. it is from 10:00 p.m. tonight until 1:00 in the morning early tuesday. it has been more than six months since a man and his family had their home wiped out by a fire. eric and his daughters have been living in a makeshift tent, fighting the weather, trying to cook and finish schoolwork every day. leila was able to maintain
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straight a's. >> we do not really have a bathroom. showering is not so easy. it is not hot. kumasi: layla's teacher realized how strong she is. they got this new rv and finally a more stable home. julian: the finals are set. the celtics beat the miami heat to advance to the finals. boston won the finals last night. it sets them up for a little bit of r&r. they are a perfect nine-zero -- >> everybody getting their mind right, ready to focus and
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getting their body back to what they want to. it is nothing like game by them. you have to make sure that you are doing everything that you need to do. >> the minute that the next series finishes, all you can do is start finish -- thinking about your opponent. julian: we will have pregame and postgame shows throughout the series. tipoff is set for 6:00 p.m. voters are headed to the polls. why official kumasi: pushing the limit -- kumasi: pushing his limits.
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julian: holiday weekend travel chaos. flight cancellations and gas prices. >> especially due to my accident, i cannot give up. a bay -- kumasi: a bay area teenager lost his sight due to gun violence. how he is pushing through. julian: good morning and thank you for being here. drew: expecting a lot of sunshine today and breezy conditions. already seeing winds increase on the coast. as the day goes on, we will find the wind more active. temperatures right now, not too terribly chilly.
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here is an epic camera as a cruiseship passes by. clear skies as that sunrise is upon us. take the sunglasses with you and put the sunscreen on. those breezes continue to increase. it -- julian: the travel nightmare continues whether you are driving or flying. for drivers, the cost of glatt -- gas is still soaring. aaa reports that the average gas for a gallon of gas is more than six dollars across the board. thousands of flights have been canceled this holiday weekend. amy hollyfield is life rests with the details. good morning.
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reporter appointed officials tell me that they are looking pretty good. they have seen 14 cancellations and that is nothing unusual, not an unusually high number. across the country, learn seeing problems. they have seen 1200 flights canceled yesterday and about 267 today. delta is the carrier that has been most affected. they are blaming weather and air traffic situations. this is hitting on a busy weekend. more than 39 point 2 million americans have forecasted travel this weekend. they are not just flying. they are hitting the road. >> is going to be a very robust travel period for many people. people want to get out and go.
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reporter: if you are leaving between 1:00 and 4:00, that is when you will see the most congestion. keep in mind that a lot of other people will be traveling today as well. kumasi: search-and-rescue teams have located the bodies of 14 of the 22 people that went missing. rescue operations are still going. about 12 minutes into the flight -- the site is treacherous. officials believe that poor weather could be the cause of the crash. julian: five people are dead in savannah, georgia after a head-on collision between two boat. -- boats.
5:34 am
investigators are trying to nail down what happened. reporter: it is a terrible situation. only four people survived. among the victims are four members of the same family. none of the survivors is the family's only daughter. >> very sharp corner. they were going so fast that there was no way that they could have corrected. when they hit, the damage was significant. everybody flew out of the boat. >> one of the survivors was arrested and charged with driving a boat under the influence. julian: volodymyr zelenskyy is thanking soldiers for their service on the front lines of the war. he visited with troops and presented each servicemember with a metal.
5:35 am
he thanked them for defending ukraine's independence. kumasi: new reports. an outbreak of hepatitis a could be linked to organic strawberries. they were sold at trader joe's, safeway, sprouts and walmart. if you have strawberries in your freezer, you should throw them out. most were reported about a week ago, but symptoms can last for up to two months. julian: pope francis -- earlier this month, he said he will no longer allow house speaker nancy pelosi to allow -- to take communion because of her
5:36 am
stance on abortion rights. while pope francis has not weighed in on the supreme court ruling come in the past, he has denounced the politicalization of communion. kumasi: early voting has already started. voters will decide whether to recall the district attorney. they are seeing more people voting in person this time, compared to the past couple of elections. >> i think that the fear is less than it was two years ago and people are more comfortable with the idea of coming to city hall to drop off their ballot, to get a ballot and cast it. kumasi: the city hall voting
5:37 am
center is closed today for memorial day, but it will be open tomorrow through june 7. on june 7, polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. one teenager is refusing to give up on his dream of becoming a professional steepled -- skateboarder. reporter: pushing the limits, zion is not giving up his dream. the 19-year-old lost his eyesight last year. he is still determined to become a professional skateboarder. >> the fact that i can still do it, especially due to my accident, i cannot give up. reporter: he is legally blind after being shot in a senseless act of gun violence. now owning his new identity, his glass eye is stamped with the
5:38 am
logo for a popular skate company. his came -- >> sometimes i land it and sometimes i do not. part of my motivation and part of my dedication and hard work, determination and consistency -- i had to learn those things, and they are things that i learned from my mother. reporter: his mother's name inked on his forearm forever. >> a big part of who i am is a reflection of my mom. reporter: his unwillingness to give up is capturing the attention of fellow borders and inspiring them. >> i will sign off and i can see
5:39 am
perfectly fine. and he is still out here. >> i ask the same question myself. commitment is one thing that i can definitely say is a part of it. >> commitment and community. >> skateboarding is a big community. we all get to vie with each other. reporter: in moments of frustration and fear, he fights through. >> things can be scary, but if you keep going for it, you can achieve it. kumasi: pulling out all the stops. celebrations planned for queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. julian: you might want to look up tonight, if the sky is clear.
5:40 am
drew: here is the camera right now. a little bit of haze in the atmosphere, but we have some clear skies and it will be a nice holiday. the uv index is very high. make sure that you wear your sunscreen all day today. the windows are active in the hills today. even along the coast right now, we see winds gusting. we will find winds resting 45 to 55 miles per hour. a lot of us will see them gusting. we will repeat that again tomorrow. they bring about increased fire danger. again, we have red flag warning's and a fire could
5:41 am
start, quickly. 78 in napa. 79 conquered. -- concord. we will show you the numbers coming up in a few minutes, but let's check in on traffic. jobina: that issue that we were following at the bridge has cleared out of the way. i thought i would bring you a live look at oakland. it is basically empty out there, especially for people traveling southbound. a live picture here. our drive times are completely green. the only thing that we have going on at the moment is a wind advisory. highway 85 to the san jose airport
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julian: kicking ----we have a first look at the platinum jubilation preparations. rubber -- reporter: from the playground -- what is your favorite thing about the queen? >> she is the queen and the boss of us. >> the other flag means she is home. reporter: it is the queen's head jubilee pub and we are currently 443 feet above london.
5:45 am
the london eye taking the celebration to new heights, turning one area into a fully functional pub. that was close. back on the ground, forget when in rome. when in london, bust a british dance move. [applause] boy blue, a company performing in the pageant. >> this is the kind of thing that comes around once in a lifetime and it will probably not happen again. we are feeling excited.reportery to have an audience with the queen -- >> i have always wanted to say this to you, your majesty. yasss queen.
5:46 am
reporter: also ready for the celebration, edward roberts, whose design was chosen in a national competition. >> i think she nearly fell off of her chair. kumasi: so funny. full chemicals are in high demand this summer and it is important that we know how to safely use them because if you mix them up, you could get hurt. chemical injuries happen every year. what can owners do to stay safe? open your containers outside, where it is ventilated because you do not want to risk inhaling
5:47 am
toxic fumes. >> it may seem counterintuitive, but if you put a little bit of water into the powder, it can cause something -- a chemical reaction, which can cause combustibility. kumasi: do not forget to check to make sure you have properly balanced pool levels. julian: astronomers say that there could be as many as 1000 shooting stars lighting up the sky, or it could be a complete dud. that is because the parent comment -- comet has been disintegrating. it can result in an otherworldly
5:48 am
light show. the best chance to see the meteor shower in the bay area will be around 10:00 tonight. drew: this is the first time i'm hearing about this. we have a good chance. there is a new moon, so the sky will be dark. if you want to try to see it, the city is not the greatest place, so tried to get away from it. it sounds like it is a all or nothing kind of thing. i want a more definitive answer. i have seen reviews before. so it is possible. if you can, always in the hills is a great place. but if you are in a city, spend some time getting adjusted to the night sky.
5:49 am
then you might have a better chance of seeing something. let us know that -- let us know if you see anything. kumasi: i would do it, if i were not working. drew: i will call you. let's take a live look from this vantage point. it is really pretty out there. we expect a nice-looking holiday out there. the forecast calls fire can's are elevated next two days we will find court temperatures. it is a nice day along the coast. warming through the 60's.
5:50 am
widespread 70's. we expect to get close to 80 degrees later on today. 58 and half moon bay. 71 palo alto. about 71 is the high over in oakland. if we see some mediators, it would be a nice night. 40's and 50's for tuesday. our warmer spots are in the 80's. wednesday is the warmest day that we hasunny and breezy todad turning warmer on tuesday. the heat will be easing by the weekend.
5:51 am
julian: spending smart on your memorial day with prices being as high as they are. there is an extra key to saving your money today. kumasi: and cracking the case. an adorable rescue. julian: and the installation of the beacon going
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5:53 am
kumasi: the promax could come with an always on display feature. it is rumored to come with a new operating system to show a limited amount of information, even while on. it could conserve energy by dropping the frame rate while the display remains on.
5:54 am
julian: the pink triangle is going up for the 27th year in a row. hanging pink streamers to outline the triangle. it was originally used to identify homosexual of prisoners in germany and now san francisco uses it as a shining beacon for pride month. abc 7 is proud to be part of this. see all of our coverage during pride month. kumasi: san francisco police cracked the case of a frantic mother duck. a quick investigation led them to discover what is going on.
5:55 am
her ducklings were trapped. they were safely reunited with their relieved mother. julian: a big moment for a little dog. although the festival celebrates movie stars, it also runs an award. being recognized for saving lives by detecting bombs in ukraine. he was awarded the medal for military service by president zelenskyy. he has helped locate more than 230 explosive devices since the start of the war. drew: shout out to tequila. they should sponsor him. winds will increase later this
5:56 am
afternoon. winds are strongest along the coastline. we will likely feel the winds gusting and we will repeat them. breezy conditions will in a red flag warning. northerly winds will drop humidity levels. a live look from our south beach camera. we will warm into the 60's and 70's. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures close to 80 degrees. wednesday is the warmest day ahead. kumasi: avoiding the memorial day danger zone. some tips to watch for why you are cooking today. julian: and nancy pelosi dealing with her husband's you irs. kumasi: and a political protest in the wake of the texas school
5:57 am
shooting. the decision has another bay area face coming to the event. julian: we are taking a live look outside. look outside. abc 7 news atcer. i'm going to beat it. that's no doubt in my mind, i'm going to win this battle. [male narrator] at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: white now at 6:00, chaos
6:00 am
and confusion in texas. parents to manning answers, knowing the gunmen was roaming the elementary school for more than an hour. bring a video of the 911 call from the girl julian: inside. julian:on the move this memorial day, with record gas prices and canceled flights, but millions still taking off of the holiday. you are looking at sfo this morning. emily field is there this morning, finding out what you need to know this morning. kumasi: if you're spending the day by the pool or at a local park, the top mistakes to avoid to make sure you don't get any dangerous bacteria. julian: we don't need that in the potato salad. [laughter] kumasi: just be safe. julian: just be sure the food tastes good. kumasi: that's the first think. it is monday, memorial day, may 30. julian: fix for being with us. let's check in on theor


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