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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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parents to manning answers, knowing the gunmen was roaming the elementary school for more than an hour. bring a video of the 911 call from the girl julian: inside. julian:on the move this memorial day, with record gas prices and canceled flights, but millions still taking off of the holiday. you are looking at sfo this morning. emily field is there this morning, finding out what you need to know this morning. kumasi: if you're spending the day by the pool or at a local park, the top mistakes to avoid to make sure you don't get any dangerous bacteria. julian: we don't need that in the potato salad. [laughter] kumasi: just be safe. julian: just be sure the food tastes good. kumasi: that's the first think. it is monday, memorial day, may 30. julian: fix for being with us. let's check in on the forecast.
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drew: it is really beautiful out this morning. the sunshine is already up. the wind is an issue. it is strongest along the coast, already gusting at 20 mph from novato to half moon bay. temperatures, waking up to the 40's and 50's on this holiday. outside, the camera showing beautiful sunrise. sunglasses, sunscreen needed that son is in full effect today. it is sunny and breezy this afternoon, most of us going into the 70's and near 80 degrees. cooler along the coast in the 50's. a closer look at these afternoon highs and those winds and a red flag warning. kumasi: developing news in texas the justice department is now stepping in to investigate the law enforcement response to last week's devastating shooting. it killed 19 children and two teachers. justin finch is live from washington with more that. and president biden's visit. reporter: good morning.
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visitation services are set for today for two victims of that deadly shooting at rob elementary. their loved ones are now grieving and demanding answers, as details emerge with the police. this is new video abc news obtained from outside rob elementary in texas. it is showing police breaking windows, racing to rescue students. we also hear what appears to be dispatch audio sharing with officers that 911 operators are on the phone with students trapped in those classrooms. >> be advised, we have a child on the phone. he is in the room full of victims. reporter: texas law enforcement clearing -- clarifying those calls minute by minute. >> shed and fight herself and whispered she is in room 112.
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at 12:10, she called back, advised there were multiple dead. again at 12:16, she called back and said there were eight to nine students alive. reporter: sources tell abc 7 news, they arrived to confusion. a tactical team defied local authorities and entered the school at 12:50 pm, fatally shooting the suspect 77 minutes after the terror began. president joe biden and the first lady uvalde traveled to uvalde on sunday, paying respects, later meeting with the victim families, survivors, and first responders. this morning, the justice department is now planning a review of the law enforcement response, as it has surpassed mass shooting as well. they are promising a fair, transparent, and independent best occasion. this will be made public. julian: thank you.
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one coaches long been an activist for gun reform, most recently calling for response to that mass shooting. he once again called for reforms and spoke about san francisco giant managers national anthem protest. >> what's unique about being in professional sports, especially these days, we really have a platform. i don't ever feel like everybody has to use that platform, i just feel like if you feel comfortable doing so, then it is important to do so. so, i applaud gabe for sticking his neck out there. i'm sure he is going to take a lot of flack for it. my view is julian: julian: peaceful protest is the american way. he made headlines friday,
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choosing to stay off the?" field until "?" i better about the direction of our country he says he may suspend that in recognition of memorial day. kumasi:--heisel graduation start one week for today. all schools will be on summer break by june 9. julian: this morning, nancy pelosi's husband was arrested. jobina: neither paul pelosi nor the other driver were hurt in the crash. law enforcement is releasing new details about the case. speaker pelosi is not saying much as of this morning. the chp says the incident happened saturday night on highway 29 in napa county. speaker pelosi was away in rhode
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island at the time, giving a sunday commencement speech to college graduates. >> i think that flex poorly on the speaker and on congress, generally. i don't think we should be paying much attention to what her husband is doing. again, he is not an elected official. >> speaker pelosi's office said she will not be speaking on the matter. his bail was set at $5,000 and he was released on sunday morning. the two charges are misdemeanors. what was he doing, or was he going, where was he coming from and heading to? we look to learn more on that. kumasi: this morning, americans think the roads on the holiday weekend. aaa is estimating that 30 5 million people chose to drive to their destinations, even despite the high gas prices we are seeing. here are the averages in the bay area. according to aaa, a cause for a regular gallon and san francisco is $6.42. in oakland, it is $6.27.
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it is not just the roads. there are issues if your flying today. amy hollyfield is driving us -- is joining us live at sfo with travel concerns there. amy: a lot of cancellations. the good news is, sfo officials tell me it is not impacting this airport. they have seen 14 cancellations in last 24 hours. they say that's not an unusually high number. there's a lot of chaos and other airports yesterday, about 1200 flights canceled. 260 seven canceled today. delta is airline hit the hardest with these cancellations, blaming whether and air traffic control actions for the issues. this is sitting on a busy weekend. it is getting back to pre-pandemic levels. more than 39 point 2 million americans are forecasted to travel. they're not just flying, they are also hitting the road. travelers tell us at this point, they are just hoping for the
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best. >> i am here until i can see what's going on. i came here for my grandbabies graduation. amy: here is a guideline on how to plan your day if you are driving. experts are saying you should leave before 11:00 this morning to avoid traffic. it is expected to be the thickest [indiscernible] it is costing you more. gas prices, we all know those are way up. so our airline tickets. they are costing about 33% more right now than they did one year ago. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> they tried to chain the back fence unlock us out of the california. and we are still not leaving. kumasi: an all-out parent take over to save their elementary school.
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some parents say they are now the ones in charge. plus, the mona lisa smeared by kate. how he managed to sneak past security at the louvre. drew: a red flag warning will begin at 11 a.m. today for solano county thanks to some active wind patterns later today. today. we will show you how warm we why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin,
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drew: time now is 6:12 a.m. an hour wind will be the big story to. it is already breezy in the hills. we have winds gusting over 20 mph elsewhere. as we go our through our, you will find the strongest winds closer to the coast. we are to see winds gusting close to 40 mph near the ocean. we will do it again tomorrow as well. a couple of days of windy weather that is ushering in a red flag warning for solano county, starting at 11 a.m. this morning. today for the holiday, a nice-looking day today. take the sunglasses with you, where the sunscreen. 81 in santa rosa, nice in napa at 78, 70 nine in concord, 80 in antioch. orma weather for tuesday and wednesday. we will shave those numbers,
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coming up in about eight minutes. jobina, how are we doing with traffic jobina: this morning? jobina:good morning. look at that completely empty san rafael bridge right now. that is because we have the holiday light traffic. note problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights either. a wind advisory to the ultima pass, so i heads up. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. everything is moving nicely. kumasi: the lively sunday parade that took over the streets of san francisco and even one part surprising organizers. plus, taking a nice stroll nearly 500 feet above. the new record-breaking the new record-breaking skybridge that gives youerate te plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer, i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪
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kumasi: in the east bay, oaklands parker elementary is one of several schools the district is planning to either close or merge, and parents are fighting back, as collating efforts to save the school. they have occupied the campus, saying they are going to run things now. parker promotion ceremony happen on wednesday, but after that, some parents just did not go home. they are now staging a sit in. some parents have been taking over classrooms, others putting up tents outside.
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the act is considered to be trespassing by the district, but parents say they are plan to reopen the campus tomorrow and vowing to keep it open, even offering their own curriculum. >> we are offering chess class, a stem science class, mathematics, esl. kumasi: in a statement, oakland unified says it recognizes some people are upset about parker being closed and they said "we would ask that they would choose a different means protest, one that does not disrupt the usual end of year." schedule >> teachers suddenly -- the popular rock group was scheduled to perform on the final day, which was sunday. they tweeted an announcement, calling it a huge bummer. the tweet did not say which been member or how many of them tested positive. the tour is set to continue in london next week. kumasi: it was all about carnaval. the parade returned to the
6:18 am
mission district this weekend, filling the streets with music and life. >> ♪ kumasi: organizers say they had more participants than they originally expected yesterday. a really big crowd was there to take it all in. carnaval also includes a street fair, representing hispanic countries. many others were represented in the parade. julian: new at 6:00, food safety tips for your memorial day cookout happening later today. remember, food that is not kept at a safe temperature can grow bacteria and make you sick. a dietitian has some tips. she says some summertime staples are more susceptible to bacteria growth than others. >> meats and dairy products, any form of animal product, or salads that might be made with a
6:19 am
sauce that may contain egg yolks, like a mayonnaise-based pasta salad, macaroni salad, egg salad, any of those things are particularly more dangerous. julian: a good rule of thumb, she says food should not be left out longer than two hours. she also suggests selling -- showing food in shallow containers, then replenish it as you go. more important is that the food tastes good. kumasi: who made the potato salad? drew: not me. julian: and are there raisins in it? drew: what? who puts raisins in that? julian: people who get uninvited. kumasi: [laughter] drew: any party i have been to, food is out longer than two hours. people aren't worried. julian: what do they call those things? the little heaters at the bottom? keep it fancy. drew: whose parties are you
6:20 am
going to? we don't even have a tablecloth. kumasi: [laughter] julian: [laughter] drew: that's just the way to live your life. pray and it will all be ok. let's talk about the weather today. it's a gorgeous day for the holiday. the sun is beautiful. not a cloud, we expect totally clear skies for the whole day today. or custom the headlines, it is breezy today. a red flag warning, especially in solano county. we are warming through wednesday. that is the hottest day we have this week. by the end of the week and into the upcoming weekend, temperatures dip below average for this time of year. right now, temperatures in the 40's and 50's out there. 50 in santa rosa. gilroy is one of the colored spots, coming in a fort he one degrees. by 10 a.m., we are warming through the 60's. at lunchtime, it is a really nice day mid day.
6:21 am
if you can take a meal outside, a lot of us warming into the 70's with total sunshine. it is sunny, but breezy this afternoon. the strongest winds are along the coast. 60's and 70's along the bay shoreline. warmest spots getting an enclosed 80 degrees. tonight, plenty of stars out there. numbers dropping into the 40's and low 50's as we head into tuesday. future tracker shows temperatures by tuesday, it is a warmer afternoon. that will go well into the 80's. by wednesday, we expect the 90's to make a comeback inland. even along the bay shoreline, comfortable by wednesday. 60's and 70's. a bit of a breeze. you can't totally get rid of that onshore flow, so it is a pretty windy start into wednesday. for the next seven days, it is all about the sunshine today. turning warmer on tuesday, then just hot inland on wednesday. that he believes pretty quickly by thursday and friday. over the weekend, increasing cloud cover. there is a chance of a light
6:22 am
shower mainly in the north bay, otherwise temperatures slightly below average in the 60's and 70's. julian: we would love to see shower. let's turn to ginger, with a live look at what's coming up on "gma." ginger: good morning to you. all those sterno's. that's a fancy party. i am withdrew, i don't know about any tablecloth. that's a nice level. julian: fan and pray. ginger: i'm happy for you. [laughter] coming up here on "gma," we have a lot to get to remembering everyone here on memorial day and also that deadly shooting in texas. the doj will review law enforcement response. what one key senator is saying about gun control negotiations. also, the holiday travel chaos. hundreds of flights have already been canceled. when should you drive? we will get into that and the forecast from me. then, with long coverage of the
6:23 am
queens platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years on the throne. with from london, exclusive access. we have a front row seat. that, i imagine, has a lot of sterno set that party. it's that type of party you all are having. julian: [laughter] no bacteria floating around for the queen, that's for sure. kumasi: [laughter] ginger: [laughter] kumasi: we will see you at 7:00. have a great day. ging
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prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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julian: apparently, someone tried to smash cake against the louvre in paris. the man dressed as an old lady, jumped out of a wiltshire, try to smash the bullet proof glass, then smeared cake on the glass instead, then through roses before he got tackled by security. he was telling people, "think of the planet. there are people destroying the planet. think about that. that's why i did it." kumasi: the world's longest glass for bleach -- class floor bridge is open to the public. it is in vietnam and can hold up to 450 people at a time. it just received the guinness world record at its opening ceremony, which also featured a dragon dance for good luck. it bridges two mountaintops.
6:27 am
the see-through bottom is made of three thick lawyers of tempered glass. do you care what it's made of? julian: i don't want to see 450 other people on it with me. i wanted it just to be like two of us at the time. kumasi: i would not be on it. [laughter] julian: very adventurous for sure. coming up at 6:30, got covid? then, you have mail. new program that will send you the covid treatment pills right to your store. -- right to your door. kumasi: the meteor storm that might or might not light up the sky tonight. julian: hepatitis a could be hiding in your grocery store strawberries. the exact brands and stores to be on the lookout for this morning. kumasi: as we had to break, a live look outside at a beautiful sunrise on this monday morning. it is
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: we are looking at your top stories here at 6:30. holiday travel guide. record high gas prices, hundreds of cancellations this memorial day. we have a few tips to make sure you have top of mind as you get your day going. kumasi: your memorial day forecast. here is a live look across the bay this morning. drew has the holiday planned out ahead. julian: we are officially all set. it is the bay versus boston. we are talking about burritos
6:31 am
and lobster rolls. the golden state warriors are now sharing how they are getting ready. the boston celtics in the nba finals. you can catch it here on abc 7. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it is memorial day, may 30. julian: we know so many of you are going to be grilling out and sweating. drew: it will be breezy later this afternoon, especially closer to the coast. all in all, it has shaped up or a really nice holiday on your monday. take a look at the wins right now. really close to the coast. the numbers look to increase as the day goes on. we get numbers generally in the 40's and 50's. palo alto 47. here is a live look from the east bay hills camera. clear skies. the camera is shaking a bit with that breeze in the hills. we will have a lot of sunshine throughout the day today. midday in the 60's and 70's. by 4 p.m., closer to 60 or 70 degrees. also, a red flag warning for
6:32 am
salon accounting. julian: thank you. the holiday weekend travel nightmare continues, whether you are driving or flying. it has been a chaotic we can for so many. for drivers, the cost of gas is still soaring. we have to look at some of the costs across the bay area. aaa reports a gallon of regular is more than six dollars. six dollars 42 cents in san francisco. for travelers who are flying, thousands of flights have been canceled this holiday weekend. abc seven amy hollyfield live at sfo with the details. good news for you if you're traveling in or out of sfo. they are not seeing the same issues that the rest of us -- that the rest of the country is facing. they have had about 14 flights canceled unless 24 hours, which they say is not an unusually high number. across the country, it has been looking pretty rough, with about 1200 flights canceled yesterday and 267 canceled today. delta airlines has faced the
6:33 am
most cancellations and been the most impacted by this. the airline has blamed weather for this and also air traffic control actions. this is hitting on a busy weekend, a holiday weekend. it is getting back to pre-pandemic levels. more than 39 point 2 million americans are forecasted to travel. they are not just flying, they are also hitting the road. >> we are expecting, based on what we are seeing for memorial day, that it is going to be very robust travel for some people. they just want to get out and go. amy: here is a handy guideline for you to look at before you hit the road, if you are driving today. experts say you should hop in the car before 11:00 this morning, otherwise you will probably face some pretty thick traffic. it takes a lot of dedication to make these trips happen. gas prices are up, traffic is not so great, flights getting canceled, airline tickets are out. the price is up 33% compared to one year ago.
6:34 am
people are getting out. they are ready to travel with those pre-pandemic levels coming back, the industry is saying. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. julian: several local memorial day events will be honoring the sacrifice of men and women who have died for our country. one event features a parade at 10:00 this morning at townhall, followed by an observance ceremony and music festival. one of miller valley's used events, the annual memorial day parade starts at 10:30. the san francisco memorial ceremony -- kumasi: five people are dead in savannah, georgia after head-on collision between two boats this memorial weekend. one man has been arrested. he is one of four people who
6:35 am
survived. investigate is a trend attacked down exactly what went wrong. jobina: two boats collided near savannah. of the nine people on the votes, only four people survive. among the survivors that showing the victims are four people the same family paired one survivors as their only daughter. the crash happened early saturday morning. >> a very, very sharp corner. they were going so fast, there was no way they could have corrected. when they hit, the damage was significant. everybody flew out of the boat. jobina: one of the survivors was arrested and charged with boating under the influence. the investigation into the exact cause of the crash is expected to take four to six weeks. kumasi: thank you. there are new develop it's in an outbreak of hepatitis a in california and two other states. the fda says it now be -- it now may be linked to organic strawberry's.
6:36 am
the fda is recommending that if you had the strawberries from any of those stores in your freezer, though them away. most of the 17 cases were reported about a month ago, but hepatitis a symptoms can last for up to two months. julian: if you need the cover 19 antiviral pill, you make be able to get it delivered to your home. san francisco-based carbon health is partnering with a test maker. a doctor could prescribe you the pill all while you are at home. the program does not cost you anything. you do have to be a "detect" user to buy the starter kit at $85. pope francis is passing over the san francisco pope.
6:37 am
it is not clear if that had anything to do with the pope's decision. while francis has now publicly weighed in on the soon expected supreme court ruling on abortion rights, he has -- kumasi: election day in san francisco is now just over a week away. early voting is already starting. the voting center was open over the weekend. voters will decide whether to recall this district attorney. more people are voting in person this time compared with the past couple of elections. >> i think the covid relation to elections fear is less now than it was two years ago. i think people are more comfortable with the idea of coming to city hall to drop off their ballots, to get a ballot and cast it. and also to go to a place to drop off their valid -- ballot. kumasi: the voting center is
6:38 am
closed today for memorial day, but will reopen tomorrow. it will then stay open every day through election day, which is june 7. >> pride month is taking shape on twin peaks and san francisco. the pink tranquil is going up for the 27th year in a row. volunteers spent yesterday hanging up those pink streamers and setting up the borders to outline the train go. the symbol was originally used to identify gay prisoners in nazi germany. now, san francisco uses it as a shining beacon of pride month. it will be eliminated each day at dusk in the month of june. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the san francisco right parade. i g20 six, you can watch it live right here. you will see all of our coverage during pride month and year-round at this is not a loyal customer. police are searching for this man suspected of setting fire to a bay area furniture store. the family is left searching for
6:39 am
answers. plus >> your majesty, i have always wanted to say this to you. julian: [laughter] coming up, close and personal with queen elizabeth. abc news getting exclusive access. don't forget, you can watch us for a whole extra hour now. abc 7 is live weekdays at 8 a.m. on the bay area streaming app. you can download it now for your phone, tablet, roku, amazon, fire tv, and apple tv. drew: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. a ton of sunshine out there already this morning. we are in store for a bright but breezy holiday later this afternoon. the pollen and uv index. all are at moderate levels right now. the uv index is at very high levels, a nine out of 11. where that sunscreen. your skin can burn in 15 minutes without it on.
6:40 am
also, pretty active wind later on this afternoon. the onshore flow will strengthen by about 5 p.m. strongest gusts close to the coast. elsewhere, we are likely seeing winds gusting 20 mph to 25 mph. that when does with us again on tuesday. we have a red flag warning that will begin at 11 a.m. today for solano county. northerly winds at the dried direction will drop humidity pretty low in the sigel digits. any fires that could start could spread pretty quickly under these conditions. highs today, it is a bright and breezy day. 71 in oakland, 75 in santa rosa. we will have those numbers coming up in about eight minutes. albina, how are we doing with traffic on this holiday? jobina: good morning, everyone. if you're traveling on the golden gate bridge, we have a stalled blocking one lane. hopefully, it will be out of the way shortly. just a stall, no crash or issue
6:41 am
there. a wind advisory to the ultimate pass. as we look live in san jose, showing you our 101 camera, very light conditions there as well. clear across the bay area. we know a lot of people have the day off, so we are happy for you. tracy to dublin on time at 25 minutes. usually around this time on the weekdays, it is around one hour.
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julian: welcome back. in the east bay, oakland police are investigating a fire at a family furniture store believed to be arson. in a video shared here with abc7news from the family, you can see someone walk into the dimensional outlet furniture store earlier this month. the family says this person pulled some type of fuel on the furniture. you can see it just goes up in flames. thick, black smoke follows. the owners say they may be closed for the next several months and estimate the damages to be more than $100,000. kumasi: pool chemicals are in high demand this summer. people need to know how to safely ease them. if they are mixed the wrong way, you could get hurt. in emergency medicine doctor for the cleveland clinic says will injuries happen every year. what can pool entered -- pull owners do to stay safe? for starters, open up containers outside, where it is ventilated, because you don't want to risk inhaling toxic fumes. also remember to always pour the powder right into the pool
6:45 am
water. if the opposite is done, it can cause a dangerous reaction. >> it macy counterintuitive because you're adding powder to the water, but if you put a little bit of water into the powder, you can cause something called wetting. that can cause a chemical reaction, which can cause combust ability. kumasi: don't forget, you have to check to make sure you have properly balanced the pool chemical levels. dirty water can cause skin rashes and other reactions. julian: it is now time for your morning money report. let's start with memorial day sales. here are some of the best deals you can get right now. >> as you all know, shopping is weird right now. inflation, supply chain. it's just focus on the best and broadest deals out there right now. we will start at walgreens. what can't you buy there? they are offering a blanket deal, 15% off all purchases over $25. your whole basket. this is online. same deal over at ebay.
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50% off purchases over $25. kos has another comprehensive deal. spent $25 or more, you get $10 off. all the big appliance stores are offering discounts right now. i have consistently seen anywhere from 10% to 20% off. julian: there are also hot deals on small appliances, tools, and clothing. we will see more of that on "gma" after abc seven. the new iphone 14 pro and promax could come with an always on display feature. this comes with a new operating system. this would allow phones to show a limited amount of information even while locked, similar to the design of the apple watch series five. it would conserve energy by dropping the lock screen frame rate, while the display remains on. apple plans to announce its worldwide developers conference set for next monday. kumasi: shock and outrage at a
6:47 am
historical catholic church in brooklyn. thieves broke in and stole the sacred tabernacle. this object is an important part of prayer to catholics. it is the vessel that holds the body of crises grist. at saint augustine church, burglars cut through a steelcase on friday and walked off with this replaceable tabernacle. they also left a trail of destruction. marble angels beside the case were decapitated. >> after i collected myself, i went to see where the eucharist was. within all of the metal shavings was the vessel that holds the eucharist. kumasi: this was a well-thought-out burglary. there are security cameras everywhere, but the thieves also stole the recording equipment. parishioners are calling this an act of people. julian: the united kingdom is kicking off four days of celebration this week, with queen elizabeth's platinum
6:48 am
jubilee, after a record-breaking seven decades on the throne. citizens are pulling out all the stops for the monarch. will gaines is in london for a look at the festivities. will: welcome to the queens platinum jubilee, the biggest celebration in the world. from the playground. which of everything about the queen? >> she is the queen and the boss of us. >> the flag means she is not home, but the other flag means she is home. will: to the pub. and where better to get going in a 1950's era pup? it is the queens head jubilee pub. currently, 443 feet above london. ♪ the london taking the jubilee celebration to new heights, turning one part of the iconic wheel into a fully functioning pub. that was close. meanwhile, back on the ground,
6:49 am
forget "when in rome." when in london, bust a british dance move. >> ♪ [applause] will: boy blue is performing in the jubilee pageant. >> this only comes around one -- once-in-a-lifetime. in a way, it is amazing. we are feeling pretty good, pretty excited. will: for those not as likely with those to have an audience with the queen. >> your majesty, i have always wanted to say this to you. yes, queen. will: bringing the party to the redress. also ready for the big celebration, edward roberts, whose design was chosen in a national competition as the official emblem of the platinum jubilee. >> they were recording opposite
6:50 am
me. i think she nearly fell off the chair when they announce the winner. will: an emblem for for a queen and all who wish her well. will gaines, abc7news, london. julian: the assignment of the morning right there. kumasi: right? bring it to us. julian: i hope he actually gets to see the queen. kumasi: what if he really said, "yes queen"? they would be like, who let him in here? drew: the americans are back. they are messing up the jubilee. 70 years in the making. kumasi: i would laugh. i would be there to see it. i would love to see it. drew: i would die. it will be cool later on this week to see that happen. 70 years is incredible. a lot of sunshine on your holiday. good morning, everybody. we do expect that son to be in full effect. nice pattern shaping up here.
6:51 am
the forecast is not only sunshine, but it turns breezy later this afternoon. we have that red flag warning first solano county beginning later this afternoon. for the next two days, because of these wins, where warming through wednesday. that is the hottest day we have. we cool off by the end of the week and into the weekend. you just need a light jacket this morning, 40's and 50's as he stepped outside. future trak shows temperatures warming through the 60's, a lot of sunshine. nice to take that meal outside if you can. warmest spots are close to 80 degrees. for your holiday, it is sunny and breezy. 72 in freemont, 66 in the city, the wind becoming pretty gusty this afternoon. 81 in santa rosa, 58 and cool for half moon bay. overnight, plenty of stars, clear skies. 40's and 50's as we get you into tuesday. warmer weather on tuesday.
6:52 am
future trak shows temperatures 50's and 60's close to the water. in lynn, well into the 80's. even hotter by wednesday. that is our hottest for the week, going into the low 90's. for the next seven days, sunny and breezy for the holiday today, turning warmer tomorrow, hot temperatures in lynn on wednesday. the heat will ease quickly by the end of the week. a cooler afternoon. increasing clouds over the weekend. there is a chance of a morning shower in the north bay on sunday, but all temperatures in the 60's and 70's. kumasi: there is a chance of meteors tonight. there could be as many as 1000 shooting stars lighting up the sky. it were -- or it could be a complete guide. it could be something extra special this year and it could last about one hour. the reason why is because its parent, it been disintegrating. according to, that could result in an otherworldly light show.
6:53 am
in the bay area, it could be around 10:00 tonight in the hills. san francisco police "quacked" the case. a mother duck was clacking frantically at a storm drain. law enforcement officials determine what was going on. the ducklings had fallen through a metal grate and were trapped. they posted these pictures. it looks like they got them all out safe and sound. julian: the nba finals are finally set. it will be the babe versus boston. the celtics beat out the miami heat in game seven to advance to the nba finals. they have officially punch their ticket. boston won the eastern conference finals. the warriors wrapped up in two fewer games, setting them up for some r&r before the big series starts. the golden state is a perfect nine po -- 9-0. game one is thursday night at the chase center. you can watch it right here on abc 7. >> having two days off, a week
6:54 am
until we play, everybody can get their mind right. we can get focus and get our bodies back to where we want to get it to. it is like gamer them, game sheet. make sure you are doing a lot of the stuff you normally do. stay sharp. >> there is really no stress while you're waiting, but the minute that next series finishes, all you can do is start thinking about your opponent. julian: of course, abc 7 is the exclusive home for the nba finals. we will have pregame and post game shows throughout the series. game one is thursday night at the chase center. tipoff is set for 6 p.m. someone in the control room has a question about this celtic screen. [laughter] kumasi: honestly, when i woke up this morning, i was just trying to make it, ok? it was the first thing i saw. julian: that was the one for today. kumasi: listen, don't judge me. julian: you were concerned about
6:55 am
the wars because we are already there. kumasi: exactly. although i'm excited that long might be here. i am on the lookout for my girl. julian: let me know where she is. kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. julian: as we had to break, a live look from washington, d.c. this is the iwo jima memorial and our nations capital. it is a symbol of what today represents. take it all in. we will be right back.
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6:58 am
kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things to know this money. number one, funerals are getting underway this morning for the 19 children into timid -- and to teachers killed in the texas shooting. the doj will now be discussing -- will not be investigating the police response. julian: the husband of nancy pelosi arrested for dui on saturday night. neither he nor the other driver were injured. speaker pelosi says she will not be commenting on the public -- on the private matter. kumasi: the fda is investigating hepatitis a outbreak possibly related to strawberries. if you have these prints, you should throw them out. julian: number four, if you're headed to airport today, you want to check your flight status before you go. hundreds of flights have already been canceled over the memorial day weekend. if you are driving, experts say the best time to hit the road is
6:59 am
before 11:00 this morning. jobina: number five, it is nice and light out there for your memorial day commute. if you do need to travel this morning, the only advice we have is a wind one. drew: it is a sunny start to the holiday this morning. a live look from our east bay hills camera. wins will pick up later today. take the sunglasses with you, the sunscreen. by the afternoon, we will see wins gusting 20 mph to 25 mph 70's and 80's away from the coast. kumasi: number seven, the carnival parade in san francisco returns. filling the streets with music and life. thisit was everything. drew: look at those costumes. kumasi: the sun was out, people were dancing. there was food. drew: what did you? kumasi: fish, shrimp tacos. julian: that sounds good. kumasi: yes, so wonderful.
7:00 am
it was a great san francisco day. ♪ good morning, america. urgent search for answers after that elementary school mass shooting. the justice department now announcing it's reviewing law enforcement's response as new video obtained by abc news shows the terrifying moments after the gunman opened fire. police officers trying to evacuate children. and what appears to be a new dispatch audio revealing authorities on the phone with students trapped in their classrooms. we hear from one 9-year-old survivor as president biden and the first lady meet with devastated families. will bipartisan negotiations on guns lead to change? severe weather threat.


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