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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 30, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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day. ♪ good morning, america. urgent search for answers after that elementary school mass shooting. the justice department now announcing it's reviewing law enforcement's response as new video obtained by abc news shows the terrifying moments after the gunman opened fire. police officers trying to evacuate children. and what appears to be a new dispatch audio revealing authorities on the phone with students trapped in their classrooms. we hear from one 9-year-old survivor as president biden and the first lady meet with devastated families. will bipartisan negotiations on guns lead to change? severe weather threat. on this memorial day, the heartland bracing for storms, plus, thag fire warning s and i.
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for seven states, from california to texas. heart-stopping pool rescue. how quick-thinking neighbors saved this 4-year-old from drowning after he was in the water for over three minutes. what the family is saying this morning. holiday travel chaos. hundreds of flights canceled. with millions on the move for memorial day, the best and worst times to hit the road. plus, becky worley is tracking down the big sales right now. boston withstanding the heat. >> the boston celtics will go to the nba finals. >> the celtics topping miami, now set to face off against steph curry and the golden state warriors. on top, blockbuster "top gun: maverick" cruising to the top of the box office, helping tom cruise do something he's never done before. and we're live from london, kicking off our week long coverage. your front row seat to the platinum jubilee, the celebration of queen elizabeth's
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70 years on the throne. overnight, the never-before-seen footage of the british monarch revealed. and this morning, prince william and kate leading the high-profile rehearsals. your exclusive access to t rty inheor you'll see only on "gma." good morning, america. so great to have you with us on this memorial day and as we commemorate the holiday you're looking live here at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery. a symbol of the sacrifice of the service men and women for our country. president biden will be there later today at noon to lay a wreath and honor our fallen service members. >> the president and first lady dr. jill biden visited uvalde, texas, on sunday to grieve with the community and meet with families who lost loved ones amid growing questions about why it took so long for police to enter the school while the gunman was inside. >> abc news now has video of the
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school building just minutes after the gunman entered as the justice department launches a review of the police response, marcus moore starts us off in uvalde with the very latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, good morning. this grieving community is searching for healing and also demanding change after tuesday's attack, and the first funerals are set for later this morning as new images and details emerge over the chaos of that day along with new moves by federal officials. as the justice department starts to review law enforcement's response to the deadly school shooting at robb elementary, new video obtained by abc news shows the terrifying moments after that gunman opened fire. >> okay, they're getting the kids out. >> reporter: police officers breaking windows, trying to evacuate the children. the video also capturing what appears to be dispatch audio sharing with officers they're on the phone with a student trapped in the classroom the gunman had entered. >> you have a child on the line.
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are we able to -- is anybody inside of the building at this -- the child is advising he is in the room full of victims. full of victims at this moment. >> reporter: texas law enforcement detailing those children.calls from the - >> she identified herself and whispered, she's in room 112. at 12:10 she called back in room 112 and advised multiple dead. at 12:16 she called back and said there's eight to nine students alive. >> reporter: abc news learning the gunman was inside the school for 77 gut-wrenching minutes before law enforcement breached the locked door with a key and killed the shooter. the investigation revealing the school district police chief wrongly believed the situation was no longer an active shooter but instead a barricaded subject and had ordered tactical teams not to enter the classroom. >> it was the wrong decision, period.
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there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: sources say eventually federal officers defying local authorities going in and fatally shooting the gunman. now, 9-year-old survivor daniel garza who lost his cousin revealing what it was like as they waited to be rescued. his teacher injured in the attack, shot two times bullocked the door before the gunman could get in. >> she ran to the door quickly. she got her key. she broke the key in and then she was running because she got shot then she just like dropped on the floor then she was like playing dead. >> reporter: daniel recounted the moment he saw the gunman. >> staring at like people through a little window. >> what was he doing? >> he was just like standing there with his gun like tapping on like the window. >> reporter: as the nation mourns the 21 lives lost, president biden and first lady visiting uvalde sunday to pay tribute. the president confronted by a
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frustrated crowd. [ crowd chanting, do something ] >> reporter: the crowd chanting, "do something." the president responding, "we will." democratic leaders now promising serious negotiations about gun control are under way involving a bipartisan group. >> inside this room we're talking about red flag laws, we're talking about strengthening and expanding the background checks system, safe storage and also talking about mental health resources and more security dollars for schools. >> reporter: and that is what people want. amidst the grief in the small town, people have been imploring lawmakers to address the issues and do whatever it takes to find some solution to this, as this community tries to heal. whit. >> all right, marcus, thank you. let's bring in aaron katersky for more on what the new video shows and the justice department review of the police response now. aaron, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. the video i think is important for what it shows, but also what you hear.
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you see officers frantically trying to evacuate children from the school. they're pulling them from windows. they're running them to safety. but you also overhear the officers being told that 911 operators are on the phone with children who are with the shooter in the classrooms that are full of victims. the justice department is going to be reviewing all of this including what's depicted in the video here. this is not a criminal investigation. the idea is to understand the decisions made and why. the same kind of thing was done after the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando in a big takeaway there, the need for police to take quick action even if they have no reliable information. in uvalde, the video suggests that there were attempts to get officers on the scene critical information about what was happening in the classrooms. again, raising the question, why did the commander believe that the children were no longer in danger?
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if there were mistakes, whit, the justice department does not want them repeated. >> copycat fears. keeping law enforcement across the country on alert, and another incident now. >> reporter: this one involving a 10-year-old down in florida who was arrested for making a written threat to conduct a mass shooting. sheriff's deputies in lee county linked this fifth grader to a threatening text message. they are taking no chances now, whit. >> aaron, thank you. eva. switching gears to the memorial day travel rush as people get set to head home. hundreds of flights were canceled over the weekend causing ripple effects nationwide. transportation correspondent gio benitez is live at newark airport with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning. such a busy travel weekend like we haven't seen in over two years. so far this morning, about 200 flights canceled with millions heading home.
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millions of people taking to the skies this memorial day weekend. air travel at prepandemic levels but this unofficial preview to summer travel saw some flight delays and cancellations and frustrated passengers. >> i'm here until i can see what's going on. i came here for my grandbaby's graduation and i didn't expect to get stuck whatsoever. >> reporter: hundreds of flights canceled over the holiday weekend with people desperate to get away. >> just kind of having an adventure after being home for quite some time with the pandemic and all the restrictions. >> reporter: delta air lines which saw the most cancellations blaming bad weather and air traffic control actions. airports seeing dramatically more passengers, chicago's o'hare expecting a 47% increase in passenger traffic compared to last memorial day. some airlines reducing the number of total flights in hopes of preventing meltdowns. alaska airlines telling customers to expect more cancellations saying in a
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statement, even though we reduced our total flights through the end of june, it takes some time for a complex operation to turn the corner. but no matter how many planes are in the air, experts believe the overwhelming majority will be packed. >> it's going to be a very robust travel period for summer. >> reporter: and really this is just a taste of what's to come. it's being called the summer of travel for a reason. if you've looked at prices lately you will see they are soaring from flights to hotel rooms. >> yeah, it's gotten super expensive. so what happens if your flight gets canceled today, what should you do? >> reporter: well, eva, the key really is to get your phone and have that airline app downloaded ready to go. you want to check it often before your flight. once there's a cancellation there, you want to grab your phone, rebook that flight as quickly as possible. because, remember, those seats, they are already so packed, those planes are packed and everyone is going to try to do the same as you.
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>> better act fast. gio benitez for us there, thank you. from the skies to the road, millions of people are hitting the highway amid record high gas prices, victor oquendo is live at a gas station in miami beach. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. this memorial day gas prices continue to hit those record highs. take a look at this gas station on miami beach, regular, $5.59 a gallon. that's actually higher than the national average right now which is $4.61 a gallon. that's a record and now all 50 states are above $4 so before hitting the road today maybe find the best locations to fill up, apps like gas buddy can help. aa is protecjecting today to be one of the busiest days to travel. 35 million traveling by car this weekend with the busiest met though areas being atlanta, boston and chicago. so the worst times to drive are the afternoons and evenings roughly between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. the best time, off-peak hours, early morning, want to head out now before 10:00 a.m. or late
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tonight after 9:00 p.m. the best advice, linsey, if you'll hit the roads give yourself extra time. >> of course, that old adage of packing the patience, victor, thank you. to the latest on the war in ukraine. russia intensifies its offensive in the eastern part of the country making gains in a key city over the weekend. president zelenskyy went to the front lines sounding the alarm about the difficulties ukraine's forces are facing. foreign correspondent tom soufi burridge has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, dousing down the flames. russia's brutal onslaught of ukraine without end. people's homes in the northeast of the country wrecked. this not far from the russian border. and parts of the eastern donbas lay to waste. as russia intensifies its assault, threatening to encircle the key city of severodonetsk. overnight zelenskyy claiming his troops there fighting on saying
7:13 am
90% of buildings are now damaged. and the president this weekend inspecting the destruction in the city of kharkiv. the president's team releasing this video as he rallies troops. medals for men and women fighting on the front line. in the key port of odesa ukrainian troops on high alert with russia's blockade of the black sea still on. [ speaking foreign language ] we got rare access inside the port's grain terminal at a standstill. the grain would normally flow out of the silos up there into the plant and these belts would be absolutely full. at the moment, that's all there is. ukraine's vital exports going nowhere, pushing up food prices around the world. well, you can see odesa port in the distance, ending that russian blockade as well as the arm supplies to ukraine on an agenda of key european leaders today. you can hear the air raids
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sounding. a reminder of the war across the country. >> tom, thank you. we do want to shift gears and turn to the history being made in the uk. queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee commemorating her 70 years on the throne. amy robach is in london all week long bringing us the pageantry, festivities at buckingham palace with a great view this morning. amy, good morning. >> reporter: i am not complaining about the view at all, whit. good morning to you, yes, we're at the heart of the jubilee celebration, buckingham palace and "gma" has a front row seat. we are the only american broadcast with this type of access, and we're going to show you something that's never happened in the history of the british royal family. we have seen silver jubilees and diamond jubilees but we have never seen a platinum jubilee. no british monarch has sat on the throne for 70 years like queen elizabeth ii. so this is truly going to be a once in a lifetime event. you possibly can see and we can
7:15 am
definitely hear all of the construction that is still going around here as we get ready for all of these celebrations. they officially kick off on thursday with the trooping of the color, a military parade. also known as the queen's birthday parade for her soldiers to celebrate her. reherschels rehearsals have begun. we've seen a couple of them as we were walking up through here to our area. prince william will be a part of it but london is truly abuzz with excitement about this history-making event. >> amy, speaking of that buzz, the royal season in london has begun with buckingham palace welcoming thousands of guests for the famous garden parties. >> reporter: that's right. we've seen members of the royal family welcoming those invited guests for tea and cakes and, of course, those famous scones. the queen herself, however, is in balmoral, her scottish estate having a little pre-jubilee rest so she's ready to go. >> wouldn't be a garden party without the tea and the scones. you'll be here all morning long with the details on the queen
7:16 am
and celebration. now it's time to talk about the nba finals. they are set this morning. the boston celtics holding off the miami heat in a very dramatic game seven of the eastern conference finals last night, advancing to face the golden state warriors. will reeve is here with that. it was a close game to the finish. >> what a game. down to the wire, but as you mentioned the finals are set and the boston celtics as a franchise is so elemental to the nba that the league named the eastern conference mvp trophy after their best player ever, larry bird and jayson tatum hoisted that after his team hung on to advance to the nba finals where nba royalty lies in wait. >> the oston celtics will go to the nba finals. >> reporter: this morning the countdown to the finals is finally on. it took all seven games to determine the winner of the eastern conference finals. the boston celtics holding off a furious miami heat comeback bid.
7:17 am
to advance to the nba finals. all-star jayson tatum leading the way with 26 points. battling all night with heat star jimmy butler whose 35 points weren't enough. boston's al horford overcome with emotion making his first finals in his 15-year career.ths grandfather. boston's reward for winning the bruising injury-marred semifinal a trip west to the bay area where a well-rested dynasty awaits. the golden state warriors returning to the nba finals for the sixth time in eight seasons. the core trio of stephen curry, klay thompson and draymond green back at full strength after injuries robbed thompson of two full seasons and saw the warriors knocked off their perch atop the league. the celtics led by tatum, jaylen brown and marcus smart are making their first finals
7:18 am
appearance since 2010. despite making the conference finals four times in the last six years. if the celtics win the nba title this year that would be a record 18 nba championships for the franchise. game one tips off 9:00 p.m. eastern time on thursday right here on abc. >> you're going for the warriors? >> i'm going for a long, great series. >> ah, yes, yes, because i'm going. i want to go to all the games. the latest on the johnny depp/amber heard trial. the multimillion dollar decision now in the hands of the jury. plus, we're tracking memorial day sales, the best deals on appliances big and small but first let's go over to ginger. >> so many folks are traveling today, so we start with the big map. find your place on the map. mountain snow in the rockies, windy and bad fire conditions in the southwest but most importantly if you are in the plains i want you to look at this. today we could not only have severe storms but some of them could be tornadoes that are long track. meaning that they are on the ground for a long time.
7:19 am
the atmosphere has enough twists that it could keep that, could be very violent. that's the big picture. a check closer to home.
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not everything online is real. but a carmax online offer really is. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, i am kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. for the rest of the school year, san francisco place love dedicated patrol. for patrol cars with two officers each will monitor the 41 schools of san jose unified. the school district says it will not cost them any additional money for the new patrols. high school graduation to start one week from today, all schools will be on summer break by june 9. jobina: good morning, we are serving with a crash we are following at a san francisco, this is northbound 101 at westbound 80. a lane is blocked, injuries have been reported. no slowdown in the area because traffic has been so light since it is memorial day. the life picture showing san
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of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today! temperatures thoroughly claiming into the 50's. winds become breezy if not gusty later today, gusts by 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., they are strongest along the coast. 35 to 45 miles an hour. elsewhere, seeing them gust over 20 and 25 miles an hour. we do that all again tomorrow. outside, live look from the east bay hills camera showing sunny skies. the breeze warms to the 60's and 70's by noon, nice afternoon. away from the coast, 70's and 80's. kumasi: if you are streaming, abc 7 at 7:00 continues next.
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for everyone else, gma continues next. i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now.
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its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. good morning, aviators. good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. having any fun yet? >> welcome back to "gma." "top gun: maverick" soaring to the top of the box office helping tom cruise accomplish something he's actually never done before, notching his first ever $100 million debut with the "top gun" sequel, 124 million to be exact. "maverick" is projected to bring in $151 million by the end of this four-day holiday weekend. i guess a lot of people feel the need for speed. >> it's getting rave reviews. did you see strahan last week. he said he was crying in the back of the theater all alone,
7:31 am
all the emotions. >> i'm actually surprised this is his first time getting to $100 million. >> exactly. first the top headlines we're following right now. the justice department looking into how the deadly school shooting in uvalde, texas, was handled by law enforcement. a video obtained by abc news shows the moments police officers frantically began breaking windows and pulling children out. you also overhear officers being told that 911 operators are talking to kids in the classroom with the shooter and that the classroom was full of victims. also democratic leaders now say serious bipartisan negotiations about gun control are under way. and take a look at this heart-stopping rescue caught on camera after jumping into a pool, 4-year-old xavier in kansas is thankfully okay. his 12-year-old neighbor saw him going under the water and called his dad. you saw right there. he jumped the fence and jumped in the water. the boy was in the pool for more than three minutes and cpr was conducted for another three minutes. this morning, xavier's mom
7:32 am
alexis is grateful to her neighbors and said she took her eyes off her son for a few moments to check on her 4-month-old daughter and said, quote, xavier is my best friend and i don't know what i would do without him. also this morning, the indianapolis 500. marcus ericsson won the traditional memorial day weekend racing event. a crash with four laps to go brought the race to a halt and ericsson took command once it resumed. he becomes the second swede to take the checkered flag at indy. we have a lot more ahead including the best memorial day sales. don't forget. it's a big shopping weekend. that's coming up. but first to the jury deliberations beginning in the johnny depp/amber heard defamation case. they're each suing each other with claims and denials of domestic abuse which are central to the case. janai norman joins us now with more. lots of people talking about this case. >> so many people have been tuning in.
7:33 am
it has been six weeks of bombshell testimony and brual accusations between the two actors, but, remember, this trial stemmed from johnny depp's defamation suit against amber heard dating back to a 2018 op-ed she wrote. that's the heart of what the jury will be deliberating over. ♪ >> reporter: overnight, a surprise appearance from johnny depp at a jeff beckon certificate in england as the high-stakes trial between depp and ex-wife amber heard is now in the hands of the jury. >> johnny has taken enough of my voice. i have the right to tell my story. i have the right to say what happened to me. i have the right to my voice and my name. >> reporter: the jury will decide who they believe in the multimillion dollar defamation case with both sides claiming to be victims of abuse. >> it's insane to hear heinous accusations of violence. >> reporter: depp suing heard for $50 million over a "washington post" op-ed she wrote in 2018, describing herself as a public figure
7:34 am
representing domestic abuse. depp wasn't named but his team claiming it cost him his career. >> i have spoken up for what i've been carrying on my back, reluctantly, for six years. >> reporter: heard countersuing for $100 million after depp's team called her claims a hoax. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day. >> reporter: the six-week-long trial between the "pirates of the caribbean" megastar and "aquaman" actress reaching closing arguments friday. >> there is an abuser in the courtroom but it is not mr. depp. >> reporter: depp's attorneys arguing heard ruined his life while heard's lawyers called depp a monster who not only abused her but smeared her name. >> in mr. depp's world you don't leave mr. depp, and if you do,
7:35 am
he will start a campaign of global humiliation against you. >> reporter: the trial captivating millions and featuring appearances by celebrities like ellen barkin who testified against depp and kate moss who was called to testify about a rumor depp pushed her down the stairs when they were dating in the '90s. moss instead coming to depp's aid after saying he came to hers on a trip to jamaica. a jury deliberating which side to believe with millions at stake. >> the hardest part, showing the person the statement was made about was damaged financially and connecting that one little statement to having their career ruined is the hardest part of a defamation case. >> the jury was off for the holiday but will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. eva. > we will all be watching to see how that plays out. thank you. turning to memorial day sales, becky worley joins us with the best deals you can get right now but that may not last much longer. good morning to you, becky. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yeah, they're not going to last long and shopping is weird right
7:36 am
now. inflation, supply chains, so let's just focus on the best and broadest deals that are out there right now. we'll start at walgreens. what can't you buy there? they're offering a blanket deal 15% off of all purchases over $25. your whole basket. this is online. same deal over at ebay, 15% off purchases over $25. kohl's has another comprehensive deal, spend 25 or more and you get $10 off. i love those ones that are the whole shebang. >> and we've heard a lot go appliances this weekend. inventories starting to inch back up. are we seeing any deals there? >> reporter: yeah, it's creeping back up. all the big appliance store, home depot, lowe's, best buys are offering discounts right now. i've consistently seen from 10% to 20% off. i saw sales on smaller appliances and tools. first a bogo, buy one, get one, craftsman tool, a weed whacker
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we're back now on "gma" with our countdown to the queen's incredible jubilee celebration marking 70 years as the monarch and this morning, we're getting a special inside look at queen elizabeth before she took her place on the throne. amy is back with us live outside buckingham palace with more. amy, good morning, again. >> hey, good morning again to you, whit. yes, can you imagine having the same job for seven decades and not just any job, the queen has seen and done so much during her time on the throne. but, this morning, yes, we're getting a never-before-seen look at her life before the crown as princess elizabeth. we're going to be speaking with th queen's former press secretary in just a moment but first take a look. she spent a lifetime in the public eye. but now in a new bbc documentary we hear from the queen in her own words. >> private photos can often show the fun behind the formality. >> reporter: through never
7:43 am
before seen photos and home videos an intimate look at the woman behind the crown. "the unseen queen." >> god bless you all. god save the king. >> reporter: hers was an unexpected path marked by her father king george vi ascension after king edward's abdication. this from her father's coronation in 1937, recalled by the then 11-year-old princess. >> i remember my father making me write down what i remembered about his coronation. it was very valuable. >> reporter: the home videos a special release from the royal archives marking the platinum jubilee in celebration of the queen's 70 years on the throne. the cherished memories often a striking contrast to what has been made accessible through news jb jreels, like this moment captured on film between queen elizabeth and princess margaret. two sisters on horseback enjoying their favorite pastime
7:44 am
at the family's scottish retreat in balmoral. >> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. >> reporter: elizabeth's engagment to prince philip. the young couple full of love and charismatic bliss on full display. >> sense of service, intellectual curiosity and capacity to squeeze fun out of any situation were all irrepressible. >> reporter: the documentary showcasing the birth of a new generation of royals. prince charles, the current heir to the throne and sister princess anne, the joy of these moments not overshadowed by young elizabeth's duty to the monarchy. >> service and duty have an enduring value which spans the generations. >> reporter: and very soon the throne. unbeknownst to her at the time the 25-year-old capturing her final tour of the commonwealth as a princess in kenya. the eyes of that young monarch just as steadfast then as they are now. >> i hope my platinum jubilee
7:45 am
will be a chance to give thanks to the enormous changes of the last 70 years and also to look ahead with confidence. >> joining me now is the queen's former press secretary, alisa anderson. thank you so much for being with us. and we heard the queen herself describe this documentary as a look at the fun behind the formality. what is the queen like personally? her private persona perhaps versus her public persona. >> i thought the documentary was extraordinary. we see the public queen, the queen of duty and to see and hear her explain her life in such warmth and candor, it was just amazing. unprecedented footage and what also struck me, i think, is the queen was willing to do something, you know, at age 96 that she's never done before so she is so open to new ideas, i mean, it just really shows what an extraordinary person she is.
7:46 am
>> it's pretty remarkable. you mentioned she's 96 years young, right? how is she feeling about the event right now? you the see, obviously, the pomp and circumstances. this is a once in a lifetime event. this has never happened in the uk before. how is she feeling? >> i think she'll be feeling really, really grateful, really thankful. delighted that she can share her jubilee with so many people, not just in the united kingdom but globally. it's a time for family, it's a time for thanksgiving. and it's something that my generation, my children's generation will never see again. it is absolutely unique. >> it is so nice to have something to celebrate during these times. >> absolutely. >> ailsa, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. guys, this is a once in a lifetime event to be here. happy to bring it to you. we hope you have as much fun across the pond as we are here. >> all right. thanks, amy. coming up, our "play of the day" is next. stay with us.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, i am kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. checking in with jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: starting off with drive times, i want to show people how clear it is on the roads. it is usually always over an hour around this time of morning, only 24 minutes right now. we are looking at a crash in the process of moving out of the way in san francisco, west on 80. a wrap up looking live at san rafael, it is beautiful outside. drew: look at all the people staying home this monday morning, live look at temperatures. slowly climbing to the 50's. winds will become active as the day goes on. later this afternoon, we will find the strongest winds gusting close to the coast, 40 miles an hour. we all feel the winds over 20 in the afternoon.
7:57 am
exploratorium camera, take the sunglasses with you, have the sunscreen. we expect nothing but sunshine. 50's along the coast. kumasi: if you are streaming on abc seven bay area app, abc 7 continues. everyone else, gma continues.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. with millions on the move for memorial day, the holiday travel chaos after hundreds of flights were canceled. this morning, the best and worst times to hit the road. "gma" health alert. the college basketball player who discovered she had a rare blood cancer. the clue that led her to the emergency room and why she's telling her story now. ♪ baby you're a firework ♪ celebrating teachers. 50 educators from across the country getting the trip of a lifetime to disney. >> around every corner there's been secret new. >> how they inspire their classrooms and supercharge imaginations. ♪ in a galaxy far, far away, going behind the scenes of the
8:01 am
"star wars" celebration with some of our favorite shows and getting an inside look at what's next. >> there's still things coming for people to lose their minds over. ♪ ye g and we are counting down to the platinum jubilee with exclusive access. london gears up to celebrate 70 years on the throne for queen elizabeth. we're looking back at her majesty's list of firsts from her walkabouts to diplomatic visits to address u.s. congress and brush with royalty, some of the artists who have captured one of the most depicted figures ever tells their stories of the queen as amy and hur "gma" team is live from london. >> all: good morning, america! ♪ i can feel you take control ♪ what a tease. there's still things coming for people to lose their minds over. >> uh-huh. >> good morning, america. amy across the pond for us this morning at buckingham palace as they honor 70 years of queen
8:02 am
elizabeth, a big celebration is planned for her platinum jubilee. hey, amy. >> hey, that's right, guys. it's very exciting here. the weather is even whipping up right now as we're all anticipating this amazing celebration that officially gets under way on thursday, but "good morning america" has a front row seat for you at home. we are the only american broadcas seen before, a platinum jubilee. so we're excited to bring you all the fun. we have a little more coming up so stay with us. >> excellent, look forward to that and check back with you soon. arlington national cemetery in virginia on this memorial day. president biden will be there at noon today to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and honor our fallen service members. >> we begin with the memorial day travel rush as people get set to head home, let's get back to gio benitez at newark airport with the latest. good morning, again, gio. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning again. yeah, people are traveling like
8:03 am
crazy like never before during the pandemic with so much pent-up demand. airports were packed this weekend across the country and so were planes but some bad weather and what airlines call air traffic control issues led to hundreds of cancellations and frustrated passengers. airports saw a dramatic increase in passengers. for example, chicago's o'hare saw a nearly 50% increase in travelers compared to last memorial day. meanwhile the roads will be vry, very busy today, even with those soaring gas prices, the national average for gas is at a record $4.61 a gallon. nearly 35 million people traveling by car this weekend. the worst time to drive between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. today. major cities could see double the traffic so try to plan your drive in the early morning or late at night. linsey. >> pack up the car right now. you got to wait until it's dark out. gio, thank you. and turning now to the latest on the investigation into
8:04 am
the uvalde school shooting. as the justice department launches a review of the police response, let's go back to marcus moore on the ground there in uvalde, texas, with the very latest. good morning, again, marcus. >> reporter: linsey, good morning. you can see the memorial here just outside robb elementary school. it has grown tremendously since you were here last week. and people have been -- they felt compelled to come here to pay their respects, some of them traveling hundreds of miles just to leave flowers or toys here at robb elementary school as federal officials have now launched a review into the law enforcement response to the attack at this school. this is an investigation that the mayor called for and it's one officials say will be fair, transparent and independent. as you know, there have been questions and even criticism about the fact that it took 77 minutes for police to finally decide to force their way into that classroom to stop and kill the gunman and people are asking if more could have been done
8:05 am
sooner to save lives. we now know that the 18-year-old gunman took the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers and as this community heals, people are calling for change and back here at the school, here in this community they are preparing for the funerals and these memorials continue to grow, whit, as people call for change in this small town. >> they are demanding answers, all right, marcus, thank you. we turn to the food and drug administration investigating two brands of organic strawberries that may be linked to 17 cases of hepatitis a in three states. the fresh campo and heb strawberries were sold in match during march and april at several grocery chains, well past their shelf life. the fda says anyone who bought them or froze them should not eat them. all right, coming up on our "gma morning menu," the college basketball star diagnosed with a rare blood cancer.
8:06 am
the warning sign that helped her spot it and her message this morning. also this morning, 50 special teachers chosen to meet the imagination team at walt disney world coming up with creative ideas to inspire their students and have their own magic moments. plus, absolutely everything you need to know about the queen's celebration. amy is at buckingham palace, the heart of it all. got the wave and everything. queen of the zbgrill, elizabeth karmel is here tips just in time for memorial day cookouts. we can smell it from here and we'll be right back. a sweat, breaking down barriers, or breaking the laws of gravity, keep moving with the ultimate energy bar. we bake in delicious, wholesome ingredients, purposefully crafted with a blend of protein,■fat and carbs. because the more good you put in, the more great you get out. clif. baked in goodness. now introducing clif thins. a crispy, craveable
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8:11 am
london is so well-known for. braving the elements talking about, yes, the queen's platinum jubilee. there is so much going on all across london and as everyone gets ready the official ceremonies begin on thursday. i want to head over to abc's james longman because i am told he is in an area called sloan square that is supposed to be one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in all of london. what can we expect? >> it is very glamorous. that's why you should be here. i'm sorry about the rain. welcome to london. it is not dampening our spirits. the union jacks are out all across britain. there are going to be street pears across britain too. they've already been the royals out in force welcoming people to buckingham palace. over 8,000 people already for garden parties there and have seen prince william inspecting the troops because he'll be taking the salute for his grandmother the queen on thursday at the trooping of the color. that's, of course, to celebrate the monarch's birthday and that is when celebrations really kick off. we're likely to see the whole of
8:12 am
the royal family on the balcony thursday for that classic shot and probably see the most -- largest number of members of the royal family on friday for a service at st. paul's when prince andrew will be there and meghan and harry and it will be something of a family reunion possibly where the queen will get to meet her namesake lilibet. on saturday a special horse race. we know how much the queen loves horses, a massive party in the evening as well and on sunday there's going to be a long lunch along the long mile in windsor hoping to break the record for the longest sunday lunch ever and then on sunday, a massive pageant in london. those famous red london bus, the double decker buses will be parked right outside buckingham palace and ed sheeran is going to serenade the queen with a rousing national anthem. >> that is so exciting, james. and i actually have now -- sorry to block the view of buckingham palace but we're getting doused pretty heavily with rain so, james, thank you for that. we should mention the queen obviously the queen of the united kingdom is also the queen
8:13 am
of so many firsts. she has left her mark in so many unforgettable ways across the world. we'll speak with after this our abc news royalty consultant alastair bruce. but take a look at what the queen has done first for so many generations. >> reporter: for seven decades, she has made and witnessed hihigs history as the head of the royal family. in 2015 she became the longest reigning monarch in british history, outpacing her great great grandmother queen victoria and 63 years of service on the throne but elizabeth ii is queen of many other firsts. her coronation ceremony watched by a record 27 million people in the uk alone was the first to be broadcast on television. >> i here present unto you queen elizabeth, your undoubted queen. >> reporter: those famous royal walkabouts, her majesty started the tradition of greeting the public in 1970 during a tour in sydney. the most traveled of any of her
8:14 am
british predecessors, the queen has visited over 100 countries on behalf of the crown. >> the arrival of queen elizabeth of england to begin a state visit to west germany. >> reporter: including the first state visit to then west germany in 1965. 21 years later widely seen as one of her most historic tours, a critical act of diplomacy. she became the first british monarch to visit china in 1986. and thfi >> force in the end is sterile. we have gone a better way, our societies rest on mutual agreement, on contract and on consensus. >> reporter: another historic first came in may of 2011, the first state visit to the republic of ireland by a british monarch in 100 years. it was the first time a reigning monarch traveled to the emerald isle since its separation from the united kingdom. >> that moment when she came off the airplane in ireland, the
8:15 am
republic, and came down the steps dressed in st. patrick's blue and later on lowered her head at the memorial to those who had sought republican success and who had fought for it, that was significant and i think the queen was trying to create an environment for an improvement in relations. >> to all those who have suffered as a consequence of our troubled past, i extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy with the benefit of historical hindsight, we can all see things which we would wish had been dong differently or not at all. >> and joining me now is abc news royalty consultant alistair bruce. thank you so much for being with us as we just saw in the piece, the queen is no stranger to making history. there are so many incredible moments.
8:16 am
do you have one that stands out to you about the rest? >> i think throughout her life she's always managed to bring the rain. i mean, long to reign over us. we're enjoying that. >> are we? >> in our own way. i think for the queen right from -- if you look at the breadth of her life starting pretty much during the second world war, and now we're in a very difficult time in europe again, and yet her career has passed through all these great moments of british history and world history and i think her association, remembering she saw her father and mother go in 1939 to visit the president of the united states, that relationship with the united states has been very important to the queen. and i think that she has always tried to make sure that whatever is happening in history, that she is able to come at that moment and provide the soft power the united kingdom most likes her to deliver and she is after all just not queen of the united kingdom but of many countries around the world not least of which canada and head of a commonwealth of nations that have so many great moments of history she can really live
8:17 am
herself. >> in this modern world, i'm curious how she has managed to stay relevant for 70 years. >> i think by just being herself and she's never done anything for herself. she has tried to just quietly serve the institution and deliver that stability. it's as though she's the deep keel at the base of the ship of state as it makes its way through pretty treacherous and difficult waters and certainly stormy times and, you know, throughout our lives, amy, you know, she's been there, she's been a constant and whereas many countries have heads of state who are political leaders because she isn't political and she sits in this special place, she can be as it were the continuity of history for us all. >> i know you've personally met the queen. what's she like? >> extremely kind, very interested. jolly good mimic not necessarily of me but she has a great way of putting people at their ease and perhaps because she's a little
8:18 am
bit shy, she very often uses her dogs or her love of horses to act as a connection between people who are a little bit nervous. she very often particularly when she used to live here all the time you'd know she was coming because through the door before she appeared would come a few corgis. and that always breaks the ice. >> we mentioned she's in balmoral right now resting up pre-jubilee. how is she going to just experience all of this? is this something that she relishes? you said she's a little shy. does she enjoy this type of pomp and circumstance? >> the queen knows that in order for the united kingdom to mark great moments of history we don't have a national day, so we as a nation tend to live it through her or through the monarch at the time. so she accepts that because she's been around for 70 years as our sovereign, she is being celebrated. but i don't think she sees it about herself but the nation and continuity she represents and
8:19 am
she knows that when her time is passed, the institution that she's nurtured for 70 years will carry on and carry on serving whatever way the british public want. >> alastair bruce, we certainly appreciate all that insight. we can't wait. >> i can't wait either. >> i think it stopped. it almost stopped raining almost. >> i'll probably blow away like mary poppins. >> i know, i almost did a few minutes ago. back to you. >> she rains on, all right, amy, thank you. turning now to a "gma" health alert. one college basketball player's lifesaving discovery after noticing marks on her skin and what she now wants people to know. zohreen shah joins us with her story. hey, zohreen. >> reporter: hey, linsey, good morning. it was a terrifying discovery, a college athlete discovering red dots on her skin and turns out it was a sign of a rare blood cancer. basketball player helaina hillyard was used to juggling a grueling sports and class
8:20 am
schedule. when the 20-year-old experienced recurring headaches and fatigue this summer, she wasn't alarmed. >> i was not taking care of myself. not enough sleep. i didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: in november while having dinner with her visiting sister, she noticed bruises and tiny dots on her arms. >> i'm getting these dots all over me like my arm. my whole leg, like i don't know what it is. >> reporter: but her older sister was concerned and the next morning brought the sophomore to urgent care, a doctor telling helaina to go to the emergency room. >> and then they got my blood test back and platelets were extremely low. >> reporter: she got the diagnosis hours later she had a.l.l., acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a blood cancer affecting about 6,000 people a year. >> i was just kind of in shock, i guess.tehe chemotherapy, the iowa native
8:21 am
saying her platelet and blood clot numbers have greatly improved. >> i feel great, yeah. i have started up running again and working out, so that was a big step for me. >> reporter: she says she's sharing her story to help others. >> i just wanted to like raise awareness because i just was naive and didn't think that something like this could happen to me. >> reporter: and helaina is more than halfway through chemo. her dream is to become a dentist and she has a good support system for that starting with her sister who was the one who knew that something just was not right. linsey. >> helpful news for all of us there, zohreen, thank you. now we'll send it over to ginger. what's the memorial day forecast looking like? >> find your place on the map and you can tell. in the northeast the heat is building. in the south by florida, isolated showers. however, most importantly i want you to focus in, especially if
8:22 am
you're traveling across 80 or 90 in the northern plains. you will see a dynamic system. this one could bring you long track tornadoes. when we say that that means the tornado starts and stays on the ground for miles or even over states. that's possible today. enough of that twist in the atmosphere in this region so fargo and aberdeen, areas around there, be extra cautious. then go to colorado. southern california -- colorado. i keep saying california. incredible wind with -- they're going to see more of it today with the fire danger up so that was about a 200-acre fire. from there through the entire state of new mexico, you have winds up to 45 miles per hour by this afternoon. tomorrow the winds will still be drew: i am abc 7 meteorologist or team up accuweather forecast. a lot of sunshine today, breezy this afternoon at 60's and 70's along the coastline. overnight tonight, clear skies,
8:23 am
plenty of stars out there. numbers falling into the 40's and 50's as we head into tuesday. here's the accuweather 7 he forecast. nice weather, sunshine, warm temperatures tomorrow and wednesday. we will collect by the end of the week. a chance of a shower coming on sunday. now to a celebration of teachers who tapped into their creativity to keep kids thriving during the pandemic. this weekend the disney imagination campus team brought 50 educators from around the country to walt disney world for three days of magical moments with their peers. will reeve is back with that story. hey, will. >> reporter: hello, again, whit. it's codified that teaching is something of a challenge under the best of conditions, and teaching during the pandemic mostly remotely was nearly impossible. i say nearly because countless teachers somehow made it work. rising to that challenge using little more than technology, determination and imagination
8:24 am
and disney is celebrating 50 of the very best. ♪ the unbridled enchantment of a parade down main street in disney's magic kingdom a little more special than usual. this parade led by 50 teachers from across the nation as part of disney's special imagination campus celebration. >> today we have teachers traveling from all over the nation coming together to share with each other but also get to experience disney imagination campus and the walt disney world resort's 50th anniversary firsthand. >> reporter: the program brings teachers together to collaborate, share teaching styles and work together. with the unique backdrop of the happiest place on earth. >> our 50 teacher celebration is honoring 50 teachers that celebrate imagination and learning in their classroom and we went on a search looking for imagination and creativity and s ♪ >> reporter: one of those educators caitlin knapp.
8:25 am
a high school theater arts teacher from elk grove, california. >> i first found out about this opportunity a couple of months ago and started dreaming about what disney could have kind of hidden up their sleeves and, you know, around every corner there's been something new. >> reporter: on the heels of a global pandemic teachers like caitlin never stopped encouraging and inspiring their students. >> our history teacher has helped us. one of my favorite things has been to connect with other educators from across the country. get to know them and share some of the things that we've all gone through as educators over the last few years together and that's been really powerful for me. >> reporter: the teachers had to write application essays to be a part of this, and in hers, caitlin wrote about adapting to pandemic teaching. her students teaching her. one student taught her how to switch cameras during a livestream that made doing a remote play possible and she
8:26 am
says the best part of teaching is learning from her students, whit. >> that's great. coming up, the stars of "the mandalorian" and the next can't miss "star wars" show still ahead.
8:27 am
moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning and happy memorial day. let's get a check of the traffic now. jobina: i will add very quickly on our camera that bart is operating on the sunday schedule because it is memorial day we are following a crash right now in san jose on southbound 101. no slowdowns, because it is so clear. look at emeryville, no one on the road. i'm so happy you have today off and you can enjoy this nice weather we have and also honor those here for memorial day and we will wrap up with a live look in walnut creek. julian: drew tuma is back
8:28 am
8:29 am
drew: we will see you shortly. temperatures warming to the 50's and 60's right now. the wind turns gusty this afternoon, strongest along the coast. tons of sunshine in the city. later this afternoon, 70's and 80's. julian: we will have another
8:30 am
update in just about 30 minutes. as always, the news is always on wherever wherever i go, he goes. >> so i've heard. [ baby yoda sounds ] >> baby yoda, grogu. he's 50 years old. anyway, welcome back to "gma." that's "the mandalorian" and fans are fired up including whit johnson here for another season of the hit show. our kaylee hartung got the good assignment headed to a galaxy far, far away for the official "star wars" celebration to sit down with some of the stars of our favorite shows. good morning to you, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning. from "star wars" galaxy's edge at the disneyland resort i got chewbacca here with me this morning to show us around.
8:31 am
it's been a big weekend for you. all the stars came out to meet their biggest fans as everyone is looking for even the smallest clue as to where the journey is headed next. [ chewbacca sounds ] who here is prepared to be surprised when you actually see "the mandalorian" season 3. >> come on. i'm prepared. >> you know what will happen. >> are you kidding me. >> reporter: even the cast of "the mandalorian" doesn't know all the surprises in store in the next installment of the smash hit disney plus series and if they do, they're not spoiling them. >> and they don't want to surprise anybody in season 3 and that's the surprise. no surprises, folks. >> quite a good actor. full of it. >> i'm telling you, man, there's still things coming for people to lose their minds over. >> this is the way. >> reporter: pedro pascal's title character leading the way towards the february 2023 premiere in need of forgiveness.
8:32 am
>> you are a mandalorian no more. >> i beg you for your forgiveness. >> there's a possible redemption as we all saw in the trailer, possible. >> possible. key word possible. >> nothing is guaranteed. >> reporter: at the spectacular four-day "star wars" celebration event, fans of all ages honing their jedi skills and waiting hours to meet the latest breakout star in the galaxy. >> and this little creature called grogu delivers for all of us this, i think, protective nature and this softer side of us if you will. >> i love that. >> all of that stuff is nice wrapping and good to keep us engaged, but, man, i just maintain there's a core in it that is so relatable. >> you have something i want. >> and you have something i want. >> yes. >> in a way that's an honest statement. i want what you have. i want that joy. >> i want that power. >> when you first took on this
8:33 am
role, mando, did you know you'd be identifying so much as a single dad as people watched it? >> you know, that would be the one thing that i didn't know. what i didn't anticipate was how rich the relationship between the two of them would be. >> reporter: the interconnected world of "the mandalorian" opening new doors, rosario dawson's character, the latest character spinning off their own series. >> i just love in those moments where it gets quiet. we are making "star wars," people. >> if you can't have fun making "star wars," what can you have fun doing? >> reporter: at celebration, natasha liu bordizzo introduced to fans for the first time as the actor who will bring sabine ren to life. >> it's amazing to have this volume of work to be able to deep dive into and get all these
8:34 am
details. so it feels like we know each other. >> after our first day i was like, this is going to be a good show. [ laughter ] ♪ >> reporter: so among the biggest announcements this news that "the mandalorian" season 3 will be on disney plus february 2023 and ahsoka after that. what secrets are you hiding, chewy? i don't speak wookiee, but i think he knows more than he's letting on. >> whit can probably translate. >> i don't want to give anything away. thank you, chewie. time to go over to london across the pond for more of our countdown to the jubilee. amy at buckingham palace looking at the artists behind the most iconic portraits and photographs of the most recognizable woman in the world. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, linsey. yes, it's considered an honor to be able to capture the image of the queen and for some even a
8:35 am
career-making opportunity for or for 70 years artists have been able to put their own spin on how they portray one of the world's longest serving monarchs. ♪ queen elizabeth ii one of the most depicted figures ever. the photos, paintings and prints of her spanning her 70-year reign and, yes, she's even on the money. this her official coronation portrait set to be on display with others at the royal residences this summer for the platinum jubilee. >> if you're an artist, you have wanted to paint a portrait of the monarch. that's as big as it gets. >> reporter: three decades ago at just 28 christian became the youngest artist to put brush to canvas sitting in the yellow drawing room of buckingham palace. >> the queen was very relaxed and chatty. she's got a great sense of humor and i didn't want to kind of do a painting that where she was laughing because it would have been too much and i wanted to capture something in between so looks like she's going to break
8:36 am
into a smile. >> reporter: her majesty did two sittings and he completed it over three months in his london studio. >> i think the most difficult thing about capturing the queen was that she is one of the most recognizable people in the world. every brush stroke mattered. >> reporter: this 2011 whigs was originally going to show just head and shoulders of the queen, but nicky phillips had another idea. >> i just went berserk and painted this huge picture and asked her if i could get a portrait with her dogs around her feet. and she said, yes. if you'd like. you're sort of immediately astounded by the charisma that come s with her. very interesting. i thought can't i just put my brushes down and forget the picture and just sit and listen because you want to absorb it all so badly. she's got this fantastic little shrill laugh which is very infectious. >> reporter: but perhaps one of the most captivating images of her majesty happened virtually by accident. her eyes shut during a moment of
8:37 am
rest snapped by multimedia artist chris levine who was commissioned to capture the queen as a 3d hologram. >> the camera moved along the track and meanwhile there was a lot of light on to her majesty when that was happening and it was between shots. that's when the moment happened. a moment of rest. with the eyes close you go into a deep and more spiritual realm and not a question of how you feel about the monarchy but just connect with the stillness and really seems to have resonated with people. >> and the queen's eyes may actually be closed right now. she is resting in balmoral, that's her residence in scotland ahead of all of the big festivities planned for this week for her platinum jubilee. at least we hope she's getting some shut-eye these days because she does have a lot to do in the days to come, guys. >> rest up for the big party ahead, amy. thank you. we'll have much more from london, of course, all week long as we celebrate the queen's platinum jubilee. coming up, we are grilling
8:38 am
for memorial day with chef elizabeth karmel. ♪
8:39 am
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yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. ♪ feeling good ♪ welcome back to "gma," of course, grilling season is officially under way. but if your skills have gotten maybe a little rusty since last year we have the perfect person to give us all a refresher course and tips to make your cookout memorable and a success. chef, author and co-creator of
8:41 am
the what's for dinner newsletter, the original grill girl, elizabeth karmel is back with us on "gma." good morning. it's good to see you, yes. all right, so we're starting with the classics here. we've got burgers, we've got dogs, but even though hot dogs and sausages can seem pretty simple you have pro tips to make them just right. >> they're not as simple as people think. so my number one tip for hot dogs and sausage is something you might not know. take a toothpick and prick just a few holes and the reason is, have you ever had a hot dog that explodes. >> yep. >> i think they call them bangers where the rest of your crew is, right? well, that's because they explode on the grill. if you put a few holes in there then the steam escapes and they don't explode. you also want to use a lower temperature than you think because you want them to be cooked on the inside. by the time they're golden brown and delicious on the outside,
8:42 am
right? >> you got to let it breathe. >> got to let it breathe a little, right? >> then for the burgers, you also have a great tip here to make sure that you get it correct on the grill. >> yes, so this is super fun. you know how you go to a cookout and your burger looks more like a meatball. puffs up, right? i call that the swollen belly burger, okay, well if you depress the center like this just with your thumb as it cooks, it fills that hole and it doesn't puff up so it'll be nice and flat on your bun. >> perfect. >> when we're talking about the hot dogs obviously it's one of the most quintessential american foods but depending on where you are geographically there's still different, new york hot dog, chicago hot dog. >> it's amazing. there's so many ways to top a dog so i've got my three favorites here, we've got chicago, new york and north carolina. so in chicago, it is so colorful they call it dragging it through the garden and you can see there tomatoes, onions, peppers, poppy seed bun and a hot dog called a chicago red hot. and we're in new york city, right?
8:43 am
>> oh, yeah. >> okay, so -- >> right? [ cheers and applause ] >> people are very serious about this. so it's usually deli mustard, sauerkraut maybe, and onion or onion sauce on a soft bun and then i'm from north carolina and my favorite hot dog is a carolina slaw dog and i got to tell you -- >> she lives in south carolina. >> i do. >> a south carolina girl. >> i just moved. if you look at it it's sort of like fresh kraut, right? it's the same vinegar dressing you use for a pulled pork sandwich so the same red slaw and we'll make that in just a second. it's tart and sweet and crunchy and i just love it so i guess that brings us to the coleslaw. >> which is very north carolina barbecue. >> very north carolina barbecue so that's why i have two today. one creamy classic and one
8:44 am
vinegar because it's kind of an acquired taste, the vinegar but it's so good once you get into it. so i'm going to have you help me. >> sure. put me to work. >> okay, so this is apple cider vinegar. we'll start with that and then we've got ketchup. that gives it its red color. you can dump that in. we've got two kinds of sugar. brown and white. we got salt. we got pepper. we've got -- here -- >> i'm ready. i start stirring. >> the best part is the red pepper flakes and -- >> add some heat. >> that adds the spice, right? >> so that's all there is to it. you put it over the cabbage. >> right. and just let it marinade in there. and it'll look like that. >> marinade away. >> after it's done. >> okay. >> okay. wellif vinegar, then i've got the classic creamy sole slaw for you and i'm going to -- you want me to do it or you want to help? >> eva is going to jump in. >> she's got this one. >> of course. oh, whoops. >> man down.
8:45 am
mayo down. >> okay. well, that's mayonnaise, okay, we can make it with the coleslaw in there too and lemon juice for tang, some sugar for sweetness, my secret is a little dijon mustard, oops, there we go. got to have a little pepper and then when that is done, of course, you've got -- >> right there. >> and we are out of time but i know we've good more on the macaroni and cheese and, elizabeth, so great to see you. check out her newsletter what's for dinner and scan the qr code on the bottom of your screen to get the recipe. >> happy memorial day. >> now over to ginger. >> thanks, whit. unofficial start to summer felt like it. look at that beautiful water panama city beach. if you're up along the east coast although the water temperatures aren't going to be the same, 54 for cape cod by the way. the air temperatures if you're away from the top of that front which you may feel a little coolness going to be warm. even record, close to records tomorrow so 90, philadelphia,
8:46 am
drew: i am drew tuma with your iq weather forecast. a sunny day, breezy this afternoon, most of us going into the 60's and 70's later today. warmer weather arrives tomorrow. we will cool off by the end of the week. coming up we've got the top su coming up we've got the top summer reads for everyone in your family. i need to swipe one of those introducing the new 3-for-1 bundle. only from xfinity. it's unlimited internet, streaming, and xfinity mobile all for what you could pay wireless companies for just one line! boomshak! and now, also with xfinity internet,
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welcome back to "gma," welcome back to "gma," everybody. we unofficially kicked off summer now have a reading roundup for sunny vacations, emily henry's latest novel, "book lovers" debuted at number one on "the new york times" best seller's list, and she's joining us with her top beach read picks in just a bit. tell us about your book. >> my book, "book lovers," is the story of an uptight ambitious literary agent who has her life all together except she keeps getting dumped for women
8:49 am
who are her polar opposite so her little sister convinces her she needs to get out of the city, go have her own small town romance novel scenario sort of like the quintessential falling in love with a new place and a new person but while she's there she keeps running into her nemesis from back in the city who is this brooding editor who is exactly like her and he is just messing everything up. >> ooh. >> the nemesis. yes. >> i feel -- i wonder where that goes. we'll have to read. look, let's talk about romance novels. for suggestions for people who are looking to have a book to read. >> i always suggest kennedy ryan's books but her newest, "reel," is so gorgeous, the story of an up and coming actress and this very talented director who have very complicated histories and they fall in love while making this beautiful film and it's sensual and gorgeously written and so romantic and you'll love it. >> okay. what about a recommendation for a summer book club meeting? >> yeah, for me i think a great book club pick is anything that makes you ask a lot of questions
8:50 am
and just have great conversation. so i would suggest "take my hand" by dolen perkins valdez. it is the story of this woman in 1970s alabama who works as a family planning clinic and she uncovers a shocking secret about what this clinic is doing and has to deal with the ramifications of that. >> i'm totally suspense thriller kind of girl. for those looking for page turners, what do you say. >> i think jane pek's "the verifiers" is your go to summer read. it's set here in new york city and it follows this woman whose job is kind of looking into your online dating prospect, sort of this private eye but one of her clients turns up dead and gets pulled into this larger espionage mystery and it's just really fun and will keep you hooked. >> what about for those who are really into nonfiction. >> nonfiction, okay, i love this book so much. it's erin carlson's "i'll have what she's having" and it is about nora ephron and the way that she changed film history
8:51 am
with her very iconic romantic comedies and it's got this cinematic funny feeling to it so it really feels like you're watching a movie about a filmmaker. it's so fun? >> you don't want to forget about the young adult readers, as well. and you recommend "into the wild light" by jeff zentner. tell us about it. >> oh, i love this book. it is this gorgeous coming of age story about these two teens from rural tennessee who get this opportunity to go to an elite boarding school and while they're there they have their whole world views challenged and learn all about the importance of found family and of real family. it is just the perfect book for the teen in your life. >> okay. >> i'm sold. i'm looking for all different ages i'm interested, so thank you so much for giving us beach reads. we are looking forward to those. emily henry's latest novel, "book lovers," is out now and be sure to keep reading along with us @gmabookclub. we'll be right back. gmabookclub. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. you're deemed the most controversial athlete in america. >> announcer: lia thomas, the first you're deemed the most controversial athlete in america. >> announcer: lia thomas, the first openly transgender athlete to win a national championship. it seems like everyone's had something to say about her. now tomorrow morning she speaks out for herself. >> what makes you want to break your silence now? >> announcer: the exclusive tomorrow on "good morning america." thanks so much for watching, everybody. >> have a great monday. ♪
8:55 am
thanks so much, america. >> have a great monday.
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come >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. -- >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good monday morning. let's get to jobina for a check of traffic. jobina: good morning everybody. just a reminder that if you take bart today, it is on a sunday schedule because of memorial day and also we have light conditions out there. we will wrap up with a live look showing you 80. nobody is on the road, which is nice. drew: it is a beautiful looking holiday with temperatures climbing to the 50's and 60's. the wind becomes active later today, pretty strong along the coast. a beautiful picture from santa cruz with a lot of sunshine, breezy, 70's and 80's away from
9:00 am
the coast. julian: time now for live with kelly and ryan. see you then. on today's show, from the series, the pentaverate, debi mazar. plus, chef sunny anderson serves up a patriotic berry trifle. and, a navy veteran delivers our good news story of the day! also, a moving memorial day performance from pia toscano. and ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on live. and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! ["the walker" by fitz & the tantrums] deja vu, good morning! good morning! [applause] -hi, guys. hi. -hi! i felt-- i felt-- i felt like last week there was more enthusiasm here, but-- here we are, monday, may 30th. memorial day. filling in for kelly today,


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