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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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specialist joined me today. she talked about the spike in covid cases but says there is still reason to have hope. >> unfortunately, it has to do with a very difficult variant. we have to remember where we were last year at this time. our cases are high, but hospitalization is staying low. that is immunity. high rates of acts and is asian -- vaccination. [indiscernible] >> the bay area facing another surge of the pandemic, has the highest covid infection rates in california, much of it fueled by the highly contagious omicron
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subvariants. we have the very latest. reporter: the implications of reoccurring cases of covid-19 still are not clear in terms of severity or the risk of long-term covid. medical experts say don't be alarmed, but take precautions. many health officials say the bay area is in the midst of a summer covid surge. >> the bay area has the highest rate of new infections in the state. we are continuing to see high levels of the virus circulating in the community and it is very easy to get infected. reporter: three bay area counties currently have more than 200,000 cases each. the bay area has some of the most strict covid mandates in the country, and as this do ctor explains, because the bay area did so well, that is one reason for the surge now. >> because we did so well for so long but we are susceptible to getting infected with a virus
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that has new tate it a lot so that our vaccines don't recognize it easily. reporter: another factor, location. people are traveling more and the bay area is a high tourist draw. >> the area risk is not just the area risk, it is the risk of people visiting, from very different locations, some that have high levels of virus. reporter: most experts say that vaccinations have kept hospitalizations down. the bay area continues to see a small uptick in hospitalizations the past few weeks. >> while it is true we have clinical tools now we did not have prior in a better understanding of this disease from a clinical perspective, the reality is a big surge is still a problem. reporter: the doctor says there are a few reasons why, and the biggest is the number of people who will miss work. he apps the public health response must adjust to increasing numbers, since he
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says no one strategy will be the same for each variant. >> there's no guarantee of what will happen next. it could be more transmissible, it could be more verlander, -- virulant. reporter: medical experts want people to remember the basics. get boosted, stay distance and where a mask. dion: moving on, santa clara county authorities investigating a hang gliding accident that killed one person and sent another to the hospital. according to a fire official, a hang glider with a man a woman on board went down east of no pitas. a man -- the man died at the scene and the woman was airlifted to the hospital. larry: a beautiful day outside but we have another red flag warning in the bay area. dion: mike is joining us with
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the first look at a lot of red. mike: there is. we have a red flag warning for solano county and a lot of the central valley. it started at 11:00 this morning and continues through 8:00 tomorrow evening. pickle fire conditions means winds could gust up to 35 miles per hour and humidity levels could drop into single digits. let's look at where we are right now, the heat not too bad. in the 70's to 81 in dixson. we expect 80's and 90's the next couple of days. humidity levels dropping down to the 10% to 11% level and that will get even drier, and the winds will also pick up. we are in the infancy stage of this. we will look at the fire weather forecast coming up, and we have warmer weather the next two days, a meteor shower tonight, and rain chances this weekend. dion: a lot going on. thank you. millions of americans marked this memorial day by attending
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solemn remembrances of our fallen heroes, some for the first time since the pandemic began. among the events, president biden leading the memorial at the memorial cemetery. a good crowd turned out for the annual memorial day parade in mill valley. hundreds lined the streets. beforehand, a larger than expected turnout for the traditional pancake breakfast. event goers and organizers were thrilled by the size of the crowd. >> i am actually surprised. we typically block off the block and it is fairly full, but today it seems like there is way more people than usual. >> it is very happy, i can see everybody smiling. they are in a good mood. we can ride the bikes. it is completely different, but all of the happiness and good energy. dion: nice to see.
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today's festivities also focused on the war in ukraine with a portion of entry fees going toward humanitarian relief good larry: in the south bay, hundreds gathered for a special memorial day events. the keynote speaker, leon panetta. reporter: hundreds took over the lawn today at oak hill memorial park. >> we are here today to honor those who paid the ultimate price but also to remember why the country is worth paying an ultimate price. reporter: many sitting along the graves of men and women who served the country in the u.s. military. some had family members who served and some served themselves. >> i served 21 years and i am proud of this country. reporter: the event hosted many big political names but it was keynote speaker leon panetta whose speech drove the most attention and praise. >> i remember all of those who sacrificed for our nation. reporter: we caught up with leon
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panetta, who served in the obama and clinton administrations and was an army intelligence officer. he said his hope is the love for veterans and their families carries on. >> this ought to be something we do every day, but on a more real day it is particularly important we take the time to member those who served this country and sacrificed for this country. reporter: the united veterans council of santa clara county hosted the event. the president said it is planned each year for people to reunite with families who lost so much. em,heyryday is memorial d or fattr come home. reporteror peoplwho served alongside any of those who did not come home, it is impossible to forget them, but they hope long after today they will remember them. >> all those who sacrificed their life for us and gave all. some gave some and some gave
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all. larry: now to the east bay and walnut creek. memorial day celebrated with patriotic music. there was a procession in commemoration at the veterans memorial. in danville, and observance held at oak hills park. the community, including many veterans, came to remember those who died serving our country. they listened to music and a gun salute. dion: now to the memorial day travel rush, where millions ared we are looking at the east -- home begins. we are looking at the east bay freeway but things are moving along nicely viewed larry: this is the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic a breeze. giants are on the road, warriors don't play until thursday, so it is not congested for once. in the south bay it is also very light. this is 101 in san jose.
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dion: those traveling by air have been facing cancellations and delays causing ripple effects nationwide. reporter: with 39 million taking to the skies this memorial day weekend, air travel at pre-pandemic levels, triggering flight delays and thousands of cancellations since friday. >> i am here until i can see what is going on. i came here for my grandbaby's graduation and i did not expect to get stuck. reporter: delta airlines blaming bad weather and air traffic control action. >> and adventure after being home with the pandemic. reporter: tsa b thing up its workforce, screening about 2 million per day. >> we've increased the use of overtime and we are allowing officers and part-time status to convert to full-time. reporter: the roads expensive, too.
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a gallon of regular, $4.62 on average nationwide, and prices could go higher over the summer. >> it upsets me, but i think people after covid and not being able to get out, we are willing to deal with it. reporter: it's not just gas and flights, the cost of hotels could also skyrocket this summer, making for an expensive travel season. i am working norwood. larry: coming up, taking a stand, parents fighting back over a school closure in oakland. the fruit you might want to toss. and high-priced finals indeed. tickets going for big bucks ahead of the first game of the ahead of the first game of the nbayour kitchen or bathroom?nove i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget,
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that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. larry: in the east bay some parents continue with their takeover of a school after the district permanently closed it last week. our senior education reporter went inside the facility to see firsthand however but he is holding up. reporter: most of the parents from parker have found other schools and moved on. those who have decided to stay had sort of a reopening celebration and believe it can work. the school district calls it an illegal occupation and many in open -- in oakland hope both sides can come to a peaceful
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agreement. they have secured the gates with their own locks, fearful the district may be watching, and they covered cameras with plastic bags. parents are taking turns working different shifts, preparing for what may come. >> graduation was may 25 and we decided we are not leaving. reporter: today, we were allowed to enter the building as some children were preparing meals. tomorrow, about 20 students will begin participating in their own version of summer school under a new name -- parker community school. >> we will be having chest class, a stem science class taught by an engineer. the gardening class is taught by a gardener. reporter: this eighth grader with a sister at the school was willing to volunteer. >> it is important for me to help the community and get our school back and help out. reporter: the parents and the oakland unified school district have been in conflict since it was announced parker was one of
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the schools closing. parents have long argued the district has enough money to keep all schools open. the district disagrees. >> we have essentially chosen, without ever having a conversation about it, to operate more schools than we can afford. reporter: that was an interview earlier this month with the outgoing school board member. she acknowledged there is a reserve largely funded with one-time covid money that will soon run out. >> the county office of education has -- and of the state, has been quite clear that we cannot continue to use one-time funds to pay for ongoing operating expenses. reporter: in a statement, the school district said, we would ask if they choose a different manner of protest that doesn't disrupt staff and the need to close out the year. but parents say they are not going anywhere. >> we want our school back, and if they are not going to give it to us, we will take it.
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reporter: 11 schools are slated to close in oakland this year and next year. the superintendent has acknowledged those most affected by the closures are black and latino communities. dion: we will continue to follow this story. the fda and cdc are both investigating two brands of organic strawberries for a possible link to an outbreak of hepatitis a. fresh campo and heb strawberries are sold at several stores.ueiou have frozen them, dispose of them immediately. larry: a california mother overjoyed at the response she has been receiving after her plea for a kidney donor. cynthia and her husband works with the billboard company the spread the word about her urgent
4:17 pm
request. her kidneys no longer perform as they should. >> in me is the world to myself and my son, he is 14. i want to see him go to college, i want to see him get married. i want to be with him. this will give me a chance, i can live my life to the fullest. larry: only one a donated kidney is needed to replace her two failed kidneys and potential donors can sign up on the uc davis website. that's hope they find a donor, the match works out and she lives a long life and watches her kids grow up. dion: well said, hopefully she gets lots of attention. moving onto the weather, talking about all of that red, mike, and what is in store for the rest of the week. mike: thankfully, it is not a very strong critical fire event but it is still out there through 8:00 tomorrow morning,
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centered on solano county, under the jurisdiction of the sacramento office of the national weather service. the rest of us are under monterey, and they don't feel we quite live up to those standards just yet. let's talk about the other things we mentioned, fire concerns through tomorrow. a quick burst of warmth tomorrow and wednesday. nothing too extreme. we have a chance of showers this weekend. it is june and that is not supposed to happen. i hope it does. here is our fire danger index. it is moderate, not bad. no extreme, no red or orange. there will really not be much as we head into the overnight hours, like 10:00 tonight, you might go out to watch the meteor shower. be vigilant but the fire danger is pretty calm. tomorrow in yolo county, solano county, napa county, we peak around high into the net falls back -- that falls back with the afternoon sea breeze.
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it is cooler and has some moisture with it. as far as fire events go, this is not as extreme as it could be. looking at the visible satellite, other than over the mountains, pretty quiet. a lot of sunshine for our memorial day activities. temperatures close to average. 63 in san francisco and 70's inland. in the evening, the winds back down a little bit and temperatures drop quickly into the low to upper 50's. grab a jacket or a blanket if you want to watch the sky. high-pressure will take over the next two days and we will see noticeable warming tomorrow and especially wednesday. that will be the warmest day. tonight, it is a new moon, so it will not -- the meteor shower will not compete with moonlight. tomorrow afternoon, we are looking at 80's. mid to upper 70's for most of the peninsula. near 60 along the coast to near 70 downtown.
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through the north bay, 70 petaluma. low to mid 80's elsewhere. east bay, mainly mid to upper 70's. we will try to get to 80 in hercules. elsewhere, to upper 80's. here is future radar for sunday. looks impressive, doesn't it? nd to ha a large forecast grid in we will not receive that much rain. anything we do receive will be great. tomorrow and wednesday, warmest days, then below average for friday, saturday and sunday. dion: thank you. premiering tonight on our 24/7 streaming channel, our original, "murder at city hall." larry: it tells the story of what led up to the murders of george moscone he and harvey milk in 1978, and the wild trial. >> white entered the building
4:21 pm
through a window on the side and then headed to the mayor's office on the second floor. he did not have an appointment to see the mayor. not unusual for a supervisor. >> i was the last person i think to see dan white walk in to visit with the mayor. >> willie brown was taking a break from a trial at city hall and visited george moscone. he said he had lined up a replacement for dan white. >> he was bringing in someone who would not fight him and increase his votes on the board. >> he invited the family to come to city hall for the purpose of swearing in. so he could go to work immediately. >> muoscine -- george moscone said he would meet with white one last time. >> i walked in the hallway and
4:22 pm
dan white was coming by and we spoke to each other. he continued into the mayor's office and i went out the side door and back up the stairs to the courtroom. >> the mayor brought light into a private office and poured him a treat -- a drink. staff reported hearing loud voices. white drew his revolver and shot twice into the mayor's body. larry: the original documentary, "murder at city hall," premieres tonight on our 24/7 streaming channel. dion: coming up nasa on a new mission. this is not about exploring space, it is about something on earth. larry: and the warriors going where they have gone before -- five times, in fact recently. the nba finals. we
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because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine dion: not that we need to remind everybody, but the start of the nba finals on abc seven is just three days away. larry: in the words of draymond green -- we back. fans are really excited, sixth trip to the finals in recent years. we have more on what to expect this week. reporter: a day of preparations at chase center, the players on the court monday fine-tuning their shooting and fans outside
4:26 pm
fine-tuning ways to cheer on the warriors on thursday. >> we do not own any warriors swag and we are in the finals. reporter: these among dozens visiting the team store. their vision, to join an already passionate fan base eager to see their team win another championship, like julio morella's. >> as soon as klay got healthy, i knew we had a chance to make it this far. reporter: he spent several hundred dollars for tickets in game one. the warriors have won every home game at chase center in the postseason. the ceo says is not just about the talent on the court but also the fan atmosphere generated in the stands. >> it history. reporter: whether it is inside e plaza, the entire golden state
4:27 pm
community is hopeful this playoff journey will end with another nba finals title. >> boston is a great team but think we have the edge, we have a lot of good role players and defense and we can do it. reporter: in san francisco, ryan curry. larry: we may remind you a few thousand more times, but abc 7 is the exclusive home of the nba finals. pregame, post game programming through the series, game one is thursday night. it starts with us at 5:00, tip-off at 6:00. we have dubs on seven coverage the next couple of weeks. dion: a young victim blinded by gun violence. why isn't let that stop
4:28 pm
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4:31 pm
reena roy has the latest. reporter: on this memorial day, the nation remembering not only those who served but also the 21 victims of the uvalde school shooting. >> keep in your prayers the people of uvalde, texas. what happened in uvalde was a horrific act of evil. reporter: new video showing the horror after the gunman opened fire at robb elementary. >> they are getting the kids out. reporter: police officers breaking windows, trying to rescue children. the video also capturing what appears to be dispatch audio telling officers the gunman was in a classroom with children that needed help. >> we have a child in room 12. is anybody inside of the building? advising he is in the room with victims. reporter: nine-year-old survival
4:32 pm
daniel garza remembering the moment he saw the shooter. >> he was staring at people through a little window. >> what was he doing? >> standing there with his gun tapping on the window. reporter: authorities say he was inside the school for 77 minutes before law enforcement breached a locked door with the key and killed him. the texas department of public safety says the school district's police chief wrongly believed the situation turned into a barricaded subject and was no longer an active shooter, ordering tactical teams not to go in. sources tell abc those teams eventually decided to go in. the department of justice now launching a review into law enforcement response. funerals began today for some of the victims, they will be taking place almost every day for the next 2.5 weeks. another reminder of just how many people are grieving in this tragedy. reena roy, abc news. larry: just chilling every time you see that video.
4:33 pm
today, giants manager gabe kapler honored america's fallen heroes by standing for the national anthem. it is the first time he has done so since announcing last week he would refuse to take part, protesting the direction of our country in the wake of the texas school shooting. he says he is comfortable taking his protestant day by day. dion: now to a story of determination. gun violence took the eyesight of a san francisco teenager, who refuses to give up his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. tara campbell has the story. reporter: pushing the limits, zion isn't giving up his dream. thd st heyig o pot d ecia to me, and the fact i can still do it, especially due to my accident, i cannot give up. reporter: is legally blind
4:34 pm
after being shot in a senseless act of gun violence. now owning his new identity, the glass eyes stamped with the o,ateboard mazine.>> i have in e park looks, so usually walk this way. reporter: his cane guiding his way. patience and persistence of doing the rest. >> i try something until i landed, and sometimes i do and sometimes i don't. it is about practicing. reporter: and his unwavering positivity of a product of his mother, charmaine. >> part of my motivation and dedication and hard work and determination and consistency, i've had to learn those things and i learned them from my mom. reporter: the single mother's name inked on his forearm forever. >> she raised me by herself all these years. a big part of my character, a big part of the way i am is a reflection on my mom.
4:35 pm
reporter: his unwillingness to give up his capturing the imagination of his fellow skateboarders and inspiring them. >> he i o td bancg attempts. i will slide off. i can see perfectly fine. he is doing insane stuff. reporter: himself admitting he doesn't completely understand his ability. >> i asked myself the same question, i don't know how i do it at times. commitment is part of it. reporter: commitment and, he says, community. >> skateboarding is a big family. we all get the vibe each other. reporter: and in those moments of frustration and fear, zion fights through. >> things can seem scary, but if you take risks and keep going for it, you might achieve it. reporter: tara campbell, abc7news. larry: well, his dedication is
4:36 pm
incredible. coming up, gas prices going up and up. plus, the newest employee shortage that could affect
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dion: time for the four at 4:00. if you're traveling by car this holiday, expect to pay as much as ever for gas. the national average is $4.62 a gallon. although, good luck finding gas that low anywhere in california. the state averages well over six dollars a gallon, standing at $6.15. in san francisco, even worse, six dollars three cents. it is hard to wrap your head around it. larry, i'm glad i have an electric vehicle. larry: you and i do, spencer i don't think has spencer: not yet. i'm not enjoying this. larry: you would remember in the
4:40 pm
70's, the gas lines and you think, two dollars a gallon, three dollars a gallon, it can't go higher than four dollars, and here we are at six dollars? spencer: that's what we thought then, and here we are. it is going up and up. dion: it makes you year and for the days of working from home, i imagine, not having to pay for the commute. mike: i did my hybrid because i could not get an electric car in christmas when my car finally said after three under thousand miles, i am tired. but i have an electric one. like most people, i ordered it in december and he will be delivered hopefully the middle of july. larry: the chip shortage has gotten everybody. you should have told your car, i was getting up at 3:00 in the morning every day or earlier. worker shortages a way of life right now. there is word of another shortage -- lifeguards. the american lifeguard association says nearly a third
4:41 pm
to half of the nation's 300,000 pools might be affected. some cities have decided they will keep the pools closed this summer. ask versus say low pay and lack of interest from teenagers compound the issue. what makes this bad is you know who this will hit the hardest, and it will be communities of color, where you don't have enough people or the resources and they are the kids that will not have the opportunities. spencer: that is true, as is the case with many other challenges we face. it is really unfortunate. the pay is so low and young teenagers are not so much interested in lifeguarding anymore. it is such an important and rewarding i would think position to have. larry: especially if you are in a situation where you can teach little kids how to swim. mike, my kids did the same thing. every year, summer camp. cannot have that available for sony parents is hard.
4:42 pm
mike: that's what i did most of the summer, i got up early most of my life for swimming, and then you were a lifeguard the rest of the day and then have an afternoon swim and go home. finding my wistful -- my whistle and zinc oxide. [laughter] dion: if this doesn't work out. larry: we can put a camera next to his lifeguard stand he can do the forecast from the pool. dion: i like it. mike: larry, larry. dion: moving on, an environment approach is or is being blamed for a wild scene involving one of the world's most famous paintings. he is accused of smashing a cake on the glass that protects the mona lisa at the louvre in paris. the man, dressed as an elderly woman, jumped out of a wheelchair, and caked the bullet proof glass while shouting,
4:43 pm
"think of planet earth, people are destroying it." people in wheelchairs can get closer to the painting. security tackled the man. the painting was not damaged. my first thought, in addition to why people would want to crowd around such a small painting, albeit iconic one, is i am not condoning this behavior, but if you want to get your message out, it got the world's attention. spencer: listen, i have been involved in all kinds of demonstrations. i marched against the war in vietnam and civil-rights. i would always prefer to choose a form of protest that is going to attract support and not his people off. larry: yeah. mike: i thought the absurdity of trying to deface or destroy something like that to get a point across is just absurd. dion: it ruins the experience of all of the people that were
4:44 pm
around and the drama, and also the fear of potentially damaging a historic piece of art. larry: they are smart enough to keep it protected, but when i heard the headline, i did not hear the part about why he was doing what he was doing. i think that part of his message might be lost. they can say some nut job was going after the mona lisa. we do need to save the planet, that is for sure, but there are better ways to demonstrate how you feel. here at abc 7, we are celebrating a special anniversary for one of our colleagues, yesterday was the 50th year reporter david lui has worked for abc owned stations. the vast majority at channel seven. david marked the anniversary by posting a simple message on his facebook page, saying thank you for allowing me to share your stories and turning to us for news. dion: such a class act. larry: spencer, you've got to be
4:45 pm
closing in on that territory. spencer: i've been in the business 51 years, with abc, counting new york and here, going on 46 years. mike: we have four more years of spencer. dion: yay. spencer: i should have started with an abc station. larry: the great thing about david, i cannot ever remember seeing david angry or anything. spencer: right? larry: usually it is me. [laughter] he would be the one trying to calm me down most of the time. mike: those tech stories keep him young at heart. he reports on a lot of the silicon valley innovation. that to me would be really neat. dion: and his travels, all of his adventures, it's come thing i've always appreciated. even though he's been in the business so long, he is always offering help to anybody who needs it. he has no egos you mike: there is a scholarship in his name now
4:46 pm
. larry: maintaining the curiosity all of these years. spencer: a terrific guy. larry: congratulations to ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief.
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larry: let's take a live look at santa cruz. everybody having a good time, enjoying the sunshine on this memorial day. critical mission about to get underway at nasa jpl in pasadena. they will deliver a historic look at the world water supply. dion: this is a really big deal, mike. mike: historic is the way they describe it and you will understand why in a second. the goal is to survey the surface water for our entire planet. it will provide valuable data for global policies also for water systems in individual communities. with a historic drought bearing down on the west, the annual sierra snow survey takes on an almost survival quality. so does the gauging of streams and reservoirs. what if a single measurement
4:50 pm
could give us a picture of all of these sources together along with nearly every drop of water on the surface of the planet? enter nasa swat satellite program. >> for the first time ever, we will see rivers, lakes, reservoirs and whatnot. mike: it stands for service, water and ocean topography. this expert says the satellite, scheduled to launch later this year, we employ a special radar. >> this is a radar that shoots a beam coming down, and the frequency of that beam bounces on water and not so much on anything else. mike: he says the instruments will be able to survey the earth's continents approximately every 10 days. the everglades, rivers and marshes in the san joaquin delta, and more.
4:51 pm
>> trying to use every technology we can, to bring it together to inform decisions on the ground. some of that is very broad and covers the whole globe. you want to think globally but act locally. mike: nasa jpl says the survey will also generate global data on the impacts of climate change. including mapping ocean currents and their ability to capture heat and carbon. here in the u.s., it will provide a better understanding of the water system that crisscrossed vast sections of the country. >> it is incredibly important. knowing how much we have is the first thing to properly managing. mike: perhaps taking a step back to better understand the one resource that is so critical for life on earth. the swat mission will also provide detailed coastal data on issues including shoreline erosion and ocean pollution. larry: we have too much of that, that is for sure. thank you.
4:52 pm
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larry: tonight in primetime time, 8:00, zootopia, followed by the cutters, and then the news at 11:00. the latest tom cruise movie breaking records this holiday weekend, a memorial day record $151 million. if you are one of the few who did not see it this weekend, and i know some who have not seen the original, reporter george nokia has a look at what you're missing. >> three, 2, 1. reporter: this equal, -- the sequel "top gun: maverick" picks up 30 years after the original. while the new movie does introduce us to a new, young
4:56 pm
cast of pilots maverick has been assigned to teach, lengthy of references are sure to please fans of the first film. >> it comes flooding back. i had that experiencetoo. i think they did such a good job paying homage to the original film but also making a film that in its own right has a great story. reporter: jennifer connelly was not in the 1986 film, but her character was... sort of. >> in the original movie they reference penny benjamin, the admirals dollar -- admirals daughter. i like pete and penny as a couple, i like they have this long history and they keep coming back to one another and circling around one another. reporter: miles teller plays rooster, the son of anthony edwards's goose from the original film. rooster finds himself clashing with and eventually learning from tom cruise's veteran fire.
4:57 pm
>>tae ma a will satisfy people, but when sign up for a movie with tom cruise, you know the quality control will be there. so i never worried about is this going to fail? when you are with tom, you just have this feeling everything is going to work out. larry: i have a handful of friends that saw the movie over the weekend, and they all raved about it. tom cruise apparently did some of the flying scenes himself, he is known for doing his own stunts. moving on, another reminder -- we will keep reminding you -- the lawyers will meet the celtics in the nba finals only on abc seven. game one is thursday night, tip-off at 6:00 and we will have pregame at 5:00 from chase. count on our coverage all day long. that will do it for abc7news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc7news at 5:00 is next.
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>> one man dead. a woman in the hospital. we are learning more about the tandem hang gliding crash that took place. good evening thanks for joining us. >> i am deon lynn. you are watch withing abc 7 news at 5:00 here streaming live on the abc 7 bay area app. right away here is what we know about that hang gliding tragedy. one person was killed. another injured in a crash inside at 11 park. now acoing a fire officials the hang glide we're a man and woman onboard went down before noon at the 1700-foot level of the peak.


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