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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 31, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, chilling calls from what sounds like 911 dispatch to police in uvalde, texas. >> new video from the frenzy outside the school. why the department of justice is now reviewing the police response. plus, targeted and terrorized. >> if they come in, they are going to shoot me in the head and rob me blind. >> "selling sunset" star christine quinn opening up about an attempted burglary at her home in los angeles. part of a disturbing criminal trend in l.a. and shattering myths.
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legendary asian american movie stars reflecting on past stereotypes on the silver screen. >> in those days hollywood didn't trust the asian americans to play the leading roles. >> now passing the torch to a new generation of filmmakers. >> announcer: "nightline" will be right back. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick?
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as families in uvalde, texas begin the heart-wrenching process of laying their loved ones to rest, new questions are being raised about the delay in the police response and the changing timeline of the strajic shooting at robb elementary school. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: tonight we are seeing more of those frantic moments outside robb elementary in new video obtained by abc news. >> guy with a rifle. >> reporter: police rescuing children after breaking a window, then pulling them out. >> somebody jumped out the window. >> oh, the kids. they're getting the kids out. >> reporter: a camera capturing what sounds like a dispatcher telling officers a student is calling from the classroom. >> you have a child on line. room 12. >> reporter: an abc news analysis of the video shows that was at approximately 12:13.
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>> 8 to 9 children. >> yet at 12:16 she called back ad said there was 8 to 9 students alive. >> reporter: and for the first time you can see where the gunman crashed that truck, just steps from the school, before he jumped the fence and police say unloaded 315 rounds. >> i heard over the radio they found an ar-15 and 30 magazines. >> reporter: for 77 minutes the shooter terrorized students and staff inside, taking 21 innocent lives. sources telling abc news the carnage only ending when federal agents decided to use a custodian's key to breach the door and kill the gunman. tonight the department of justice launching a review of the police response. as families and friends of the shattered community coming together to pay their respects to the victims being laid to rest. we turn now to a disturbing criminal trend in los angeles and the reality tv star who believes she was targeted and feared for her life. here's abc's ashan singh.
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>> we have 47 cameras on our property in addition to we have light sensors. i'm from texas. so i grew up, you know, with security and i know exactly how to use a gun. so i felt of all the people that it could happen to there was no way it could be me. there was just no way. >> reporter: it's a side of christine quinn we don't often see. vulnerable, candid. the real estate agent and netflix star opening up about an attempted burglary that left her family reeling. >> and i said oh my gosh, if they come in they're going to shoot me in the head and rob me blind, and my first inclination was to grab my gun, which i always have under my bed, and immediately go into my baby's room with my family. and that's what we did. >> do you think you were targeted? >> absolutely. people were watching my every move. >> reporter: under the palm d.-
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trees, amidst the glamour, a disturbing criminal trend that seems to be on the rise in los angeles. >> follow-home robberies. >> these follow-home robberies. >> these gang-led robberies. >> reporter: what law enforcement is calling follow home or follow off robberies. thieves targeting individuals leaving designer stores or fancy restaurants. following them to steal valuables. watches, jewelry, even their luxury cars. >> in my 34 years in the lapd i had never seen this type of criminal behavior in such large groups. >> reporter: the uptick in incidents and some high-profile victims. >> the frightening ordeal for this "real housewives" star. >> reporter: prompting community outcry and garnering national attention. >> i hate that i have to second-guess, you know, should i be worried right now. >> reporter: but as law enforcement races to address the problem, some questioning the tactics and the focus. asking whether resources are being unfairly funneled toward the city's wealthiest zip codes.
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nationwide, violent crime is on the rise, and los angeles is no exception. robberies are up 18% year to date according to the lapd. armed robberies up 44%. and although the majority of that is still in underserved neighborhoods, communities across the county are on edge. shocking surveillance video of brazen attacks put out by the lapd searching for leads. this victim chased and pushed to the ground. the suspects, one armed, attacking him, taking his watch and other items authorities say valued at more than $600,000. and in this a victim exits his lamborghini and is attacked by two men, one with a handgun. fighting them off until they leave in their vehicles. >> many of these attacks start off violently and without provocation or opportunity by the victims to even comply willingly. >> reporter: captain jonathan tippett is with the lapd's robbery homicide division and heads up a newly formed follow home task force. are there any tactics or
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techniques that make these specific type of robberies unique? >> yes. they are focusing on places where people are willing to walk around with high-end jewelry and they're watching them as they leave these locations and following them into a place of vulnerability. we've identified at least 18 different south los angeles gangs that have been involved in these types of robberies. >> reporter: among the victims, celebrities. b.e.t.'s terrence j narrowly escaped a group of armed men who followed him home, then confronted him in an attempted robbery. >> was held at gunpoint while at home with her children. >> reporter: "real housewives of beverly hills" star dorit kemsley was at home when these men shattered a glass door and made off with so many valuables they had to drag it out in a sheet. later detailing the incident to extra tv. >> all i could think was i have to save these babies. i begged them and i begged for their life and i said i don't care about any of it. >> reporter: and more recently christine quinn.
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her lavish home and opulent lifestyle on full display on social media and in netflix's "selling sunset." >> need something bigger. it doesn't need to be huge. just like 10,000 square feet at least. >> reporter: but now she believes it may have made her family a target when would-be thieves thought they were out of town in early march. >> and that was the night that i had this eerie feeling. i couldn't sleep, and my husband couldn't sleep. and all of the sudden, you know, we heard what sounded like a bird hitting the window. like chip, chip, chip, chip, chip. so he went to go look at the security cameras and he goes, oh my gosh, christine, there's two men with what look like guns standing right outside the window right now, five feet from you. >> reporter: the couple immediately rushed to their baby's bedroom and called the police. >> what is going through your head during this time as you're kind of watching in real time someone try to rob your home? >> if they enter, they're going
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to shoot me. the fact that i grabbed my gun with my touch pin safe and immediately grabbed my family into my baby's room, i don't know how. i don't know how i had the ability to think that quickly. but thank god i did. we had triple-paned the glass and they couldn't break it. and the dog started barking. and that's when we heard them on the audio on the cameras saying "oh my god, they're home." then the police sirens come up the hill and thankfully they ran. >> reporter: what will stick with you from that night? >> how sophisticated these people are. they knew the layout of our house, exactly where our bedroom was and the closet was. to this day i'm still taking measures to be safe, to be precautious. i don't wear my rings. i don't wear my jewelry. i don't wear watches when i go out anymore. >> reporter: the rash of the so-called follow-home robberies
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happening in tandem with the much-publicized smash and grab thefts. over the past year the city of beverly hills has become heavily secured, bristling with more than 2,000 security cameras. there are barriers, bulletproof glass, and constant patrols by beverly hills police and even private security firms. but in downtown los angeles community activist hamid khan says more surveillance and more policing isn't the answer. >> when you hear the lapd has actually formed a task force specifically dedicated to tracking these follow-home robberies, how do you react? >> i just -- there's more moneys, there's more resources going to the lapd. these are the only responses that we will come up with. more task forces. more criminalization of the community. more draconian laws. more massive surveillance. the same amount of money could be spent in youth programs. the same amount of money could be spent on relocating people and giving them permanent
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housing. >> reporter: and while he says he feels empathy for the victim of follow-home robberies and notes these crimes should never happen, he notes it's getting outsized 44%, isha a cause for concern for you? >> that is a cause for concern. i think what is our response is more important than that. and our response seems to be it happens to be or it's a regular practice in this city where it's a constant investment in policing our way out of problems. >> reporter: for christine quinn sharing her story has become part of her healing. >> i wanted to make people aware this can happen to anyone at any time no matter, you know, if you have 47 security cameras or none at all. >> our thanks to ashan. up next, asian american actors who've lived through an era of racist hollywood stereotypes. now a candid reckoning. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help.
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for generations asian american actors say they've been forced into roles that perpetuate racist tropes. abc's eva pilgrim going behind the scenes now for a candid hollywood reckoning. >> hey. anybody home? >> it's almost 70 years since i've been here. i came here a young fellow, bright-eyed and hoping to do something in hollywood. >> you may not necessarily know his name, but you certainly know his face. from iconic films like "chinatown," "blade runner," "big trouble in little china,"
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and his voice as mr. ping in "kung fu panda." >> go, go, go! >> reporter: but when james hong first hit hollywood in the early '50s, he found few meaningful roles available to an asian actor. in the 1953 flick "blood alley" he played a chinese soldier. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> well, i've got to tell you, in those days hollywood didn't trust asian americans to play the leading roles. >> reporter: a lot of times the men are emasculated. we can think of breakfast at tiffany's with mickey rooney's mr. yunioshi. speaks with an accent. buck teeth. >> i protest! >> the leading roles men and women were played by white actors. you know, and my acting with j. carol nash playing charlie chan. every morning he he had to put those eye pieces on and slant his eyelids. and he'd talk kind of funny like this. >> hunch not important.
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motive clue. things that count. >> reporter: for women there's the dragon lady as well as the docile lotus flower. and all the women are hypersexualized. all those kinds of stereotypes then become their perception of what an asian is like. >> reporter: these crude stereotypes persisted into the '80s and well beyond. in the 1986 movie "short circuit" actor fisher stevens plays a south asian engineer complete with brown face and an accent. >> come quick. danger. come on, you! >> reporter: stevens later said he regretted playing the role. >> what's happening, hot stuff? >> reporter: but perhaps the single most infamous and offensive role in the '80s depicting an asian was the character of long duck dong in the john hughes teen comedy "16 candles." >> oh, sexy girlfriend! banzai! >> reporter: the controversial
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role was played by theater actor gedi watanabe whose mother was interned in a camp in utah during world war ii. >> i knew long duck dong was stereotypical, but i really just wanted to work. you know, just as an actor. >> you need to feed yourself. >> yeah. exactly. what i didn't perceive is how it would affect people, you know, after it came out. i get people coming up to me and getting angry at me. >> did it feel like people were blaming you for it? >> at first it did. but i think that the role had to people into figuring out what is this, what do we do about it? >> in 2002 my agent sent the audition for "austin powers in goldmember." being young and ambitious i was like, this is great. i have to do this. >> your name is?
12:58 am
>> phu kme. >> oh, behave. >> this role gets held up as the fetishization of asian women and hypersexualization. >> that sucks. and you know, but i take responsibility. that was me. i took that role. and i think processing it is -- it's tough. >> this is my twin sister. her name phu kyu. >> to play the role of her twin sister she recruit ed a fellow dancer, carrie ann inaba now a judge on "dancing with the stars." >> i thought it was a funny role. i hate that somebody could be offended. when i hear the commentary that's out there it scares me because i think comedy is important to have. i think we must be able to laugh at ourselves. >> do you feel the pressure of representation? you know, there's not room for lots of us. so when you're the one.
12:59 am
>> mm-hmm. >> does that carry extra weight? >> i always feel the pressure of representation. and every time i'm there i try to show people me. and all the complexity of who i am and that i'm not a stereotype. >> i think it's hard for me to reckon with the responsibility of being a part of a representation that created harm. but that character went through so many layers. the director, the writer, the studio head. everyone said that is okay. >> reporter: mike myers and new line studios didn't respond when we asked whether they regretted the portrayals of the twin sisters. now it seems as if the floodgates have opened for asian american films. the academy award nominee immigrant story "minari." the marvel superhero blockbuster "shang chi and the legend of the ten rings." and now a new movie with a lot
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of buzz, "everything everywhere all at once," starring michelle yeoh and co-directed by daniel kwan. in the cast of kwan's new movie a very familiar face playing the father of michelle yeoh's character. >> i'm so happy that i was part of that, to get out there in society and just make -- make it happen. >> talk about someone who has paved the way. he has been working in this industry in an environment that did not want him for many years, and yet he survived and he's derived and he's come out on the other end. >> you make us all so very, very proud. >> reporter: for james hong it took a lifetime to be rewarded for showing off his full potential. earlier this month the 93-year-old actor finally got his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> having that star, it's a great recognition of my so-called talent, heritage, and
1:01 am
what i am. my advice to all the young people out there is to keep your head above the water and if you have the talent you'll make it for sure. >> and you can watch our full abc news special "together as one: celebrating asian american, native hawaiian and pacific islander heritage, a soul of a nation." hosted by george takei. on hulu. our thanks to eva. up next, a solemn day to remember and honor america's fallen heroes. this is the story of two homes. they both have bugs, but only one has zevo. want a worry-free way to kill bugs? zevo traps use light—not odors or chemical insecticides—to attract and trap flying insects. they work continuously so you don't have to. trap the bugs and simply send 'em away.
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finally tonight on this memorial day, the moving images. people across the country honoring those we've lost in the line of duty. ♪ >> today we remember and we reaffirm, freedom is worth the sacrifice. memorial day is always a day where pain and pride are mixed together. >> and may we express our gratitude to all of the military families across the country. thanks for your courage and your thanks for your courage and your sacrifice.p. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though.


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