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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 31, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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people across the country honoring those we've lost in the line of duty. ♪ >> today we remember and we reaffirm, freedom is worth the sacrifice. memorial day is always a day where pain and pride are mixed together. >> and may we express our gratitude to all of the military families across the country. thanks for your courage and your thanks for your courage and your sacrifice.p. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited
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>> shock from the south bay community after readily hang
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gliding accident at a popular park. tonight, san francisco scientists found how the symptoms of covid-19 are evolving. >> gusty winds and low humidity are causing high fire concerns. abc7news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> in the times i have seen fly, it was never windy like this. >> one man is dead and one woman injured after a hang glider crashed at a popular south bay park. the accident happened at nr 11 county park. two people were harnessed together around noon today in the crash. amanda del castillo with details on the investigation. reporter: described by milpitas fire officials as the fourth most popular site in the bay area for hang gliding and
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paragliding, and our 11 county park was the site of a fatal crash monday afternoon. a man died on scene. he and a woman were together on a tandem hang gliding flight. officials say the pair took off from the 1750 launch site, the highest launch point at the park. >> people who give tandem rides here -- reporter: a longtime paraglider who asked to remain anonymous says hang gliding and paragliding community in the bay area is tightknit. he says they are drawn to the park because it offers several launch points atop monument peak to match levels of experience. he noted monday afternoons wind would make for a dangerous flight. >> you can feel the gust. that is not very good. reporter: the crash happened around noon. the woman was airlifted from the scene. responding agencies did run into some issues early on. >> the terrain was very rugged. it is a single lane road to get to that location.
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it provided challenges for our equipment and personnel. reporter: the news coming as a shock to residents who frequent the county park and often catch gliders touching down in this landing zone. >> when they catch the wind, lift off and fly back down and land here. >> information onho died or the woman who was injured has yet to be released. >> are you afraid you might know these people who were involved? >> yes. reporter: in milpitas, i'm amended the concilio. -- amended a concilio. >> you can see marin county sheriff's office boat speeding through the water. this crew was racing to rescue three kite borders who got caught in a 100 mile-per-hour wind gust yesterday. there were also 10 to 15 foot waves in the bake so a lot going on. rescuers say the trio was properly prepared with emergency
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radios. they were able to call for help and nobody was hurt. in the east bay, oakland police are investigating a shooting that happened before 6 p.m. tonight at the fruitvale village shopping mall. you see shattered glass at the cell phone store there. police found one person with a gunshot wound. the person was transported to a hospital, listed in stable condition. the fruitvale bart station was briefly closed during the investigation. new developments with the weekend dui arrest of paul poulos he, husband of nancy pelosi. a communications firm representing paul pelosi issued a statement saying he was headed home from a dinner party when his porsche was hit by a jeep. this happened near st. helena. nobody was hurt but pelosi was arrested for dui. he has been released on $5,000 bail. the difficult process of saying goodbye began in uvalde texas
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today were the first memorials following last week's shooting took place. the community paid its respects to 210-year-olds. 21 people were killed at robb elementary. doctors who treated the victims say they are having a hard time coping. >> when i was 10 years old my family immigrated to this country. my biggest challenge was learning to speak english. you just cannot imagine what these children are going through. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow for teacher irma garcia her husband died of a heart attack two days after her murder. the bay area now has the highest covid rate of covid-19 infections in the entire state. santa clara, alameda, and contra costa counties have more than 200,000 cases each. doctors think one reason is that
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global restrictions have loosened, allowing for more tourism to the bay area. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peterson hung the just there might be another reason. >> because we were so good for so long we are susceptible to getting infected with a virus that has mutated a lot so that our vaccines do not recognize it that easily. >> most medical experts insist the vaccines have helped to keep hospitalizations down. san francisco researchers have published a study shedding new light into how the symptoms of covid-19 are changing. abc7news reporter luz pena spoke to experts about what this means as we head into the peak of this recent surge. reporter: after a year of collecting data from more than 63,000 people who got tested in san francisco, researchers learned how the symptoms of the virus are evolving. >> it is not the same disease with delta and the previous
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variants. reporter: a uc berkeley infectious diseases expert said the study confirms what clinicians. are seeing. eye-opening characteristics of how the virus is affecting the human body with omicron versus delta. reporter: people infected with omicron tends to get more upper respiratory disease. people who have delta and previous infections had more systemic symptoms. fever, body aches. reporter: the study by ucsf and the latino task force found that the most common symptom during omicron was cough followed by sore throat, congestion, and very rarely, loss of smell and taste. the latino task force was key in gathering this data. they followed up with those who tested positive at their mission test site and tracked their symptoms. >> the one thing we found also
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is that at the end of the five days recommended isolation, most people still tested positive. the importance to continue to test is very high. while we -- what we can infer is that those who are boosted were presenting more of the congestion symptoms, which means the immune system was recognizing the virus a lot quicker, making it harder to advance. reporter: data also found people who did not get boosted or were not vaccinated were more likely to report body aches and fevers. >> you will hear from the owners of and open furniture store who need help identifying a suspected arsonist. memorial day marked at the national cemetery at the presidio. we will show you how the rest of the bay area remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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on the lighter side, dubnation getting ready. preparations underway for the first nba finals, the warriors and celtics at chase center. >> increasingly strong winds and high fire danger. i will have the forecast coming up. >> here's a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7news at 11:00. >> did you know my house is your tv? jenny craig is a real person. i thought it was kind of like a misses butterworth or something.
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>> you were deemed the most controversial athlete in america. >> the first openly transgender athletes to win a championship. now she speaks out on good morning america. >> an arsonist walks in and sets a furniture store on fire. this is video you will see only on abc7news. liz kreutz spoke to the store owner and his girlfriend who questioned whether and why they were targeted. >> fire, fire! reporter: what started as a typical workday for david nguyen turned terrifying when out of the blue the front of his family's furniture store went up in flames. >> fire flamed up. i started screaming fire while i
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was running out. >> david later learned the fire was started by an unknown arsonist who walked in and appeared to poor accelerant on the couch. he let the couch on fire and ran out. >> i turned back thinking i have to save the store, it is the family store. i was running around for fire extinguishers and while i was calling 911i was on hold for 10 minutes. >> i thought it was insane he had to wait that long. his running around really panicked, trying to put out the fire himself. by the time firefighters got there they are like, well, you did our job for us. reporter: david's girlfriend naomi says his quick thinking along with help from his pregnant cousin seen running toward the flames with buckets of water is what saved the store and prevented the fire from spreading further. even so, heavy smoke damaged nearly everything. >> everything has smoke damage. all the furniture pieces are essentially smoke debris. reporter: oakland pd do not have
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a suspect or a motive. david says his cousin's partner noticed the suspect watching the fire before walking off. naomi has started a gofundme to help cover damage costs and employee expenses. she says after so many crimes against asian americans she cannot help but question whether david's family was targeted, too. >> why did this happen to us? your trying to find a reason and we could not find a reason. so we are still trying to process this as of even right now. >> millions of americans marked this memorial day by attending solemn remembrances for the countries fallen military heroes. some for the first time since the pandemic began. president biden leading the observance at arlington national cemetery and in new york city, hundreds gathered at the intrepid sea, air, and space museum on the west side of manhattan. president obama's principal defense advisor spoke during a memorial service in the south bay today.
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leon panetta was the keynote speaker during this tribute ceremony at oak hill memorial park in san jose. congresswoman and nashua along with the san jose mayor also attended. during the event, panetta told us he hopes our nation never loses its reverence for the people who served our country. >> this ought to be something we do every day. memorial day, it is particularly important. that is -- the people who sacrificed for this country, that is why we have democracy. >> today's ceremony also included a wreathlaying and a flyover. in the north bay, a huge crowd turned out for the annual parade in mill valley. people lined the streets to mark the event's return for the first time since 2019. earlier, hundreds lined up for the firefighters' annual pancake breakfast. event goers and organizers were thrilled by the size of the crowd.
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>> i'm surprised. we typically block off this piece of the block and it is fairly full but today it seems like there are way more people than usual. >> it is very happy. i can see everybody smiling. they are in a good mood, everybody. we can ride a bike. it is completely different. all the happiness around, good energy. reporter: today's festivities also focused on the war in ukraine with a portion of parade entry fees going toward humanitarian relief. in the east bay, memorial day was observed with patriotic music at civic park in walnut creek. also a procession and commemoration at the veterans memorial saluting those who died for our country. the beacon atop mount diablo was lit to honor our nation's fallen heroes. for the past 58 years it was only lit on december 7 every year to pay tribute to those who lost their lives at pearl harbor.
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but this year organizers will allow the beacon to shine on memorial day and veterans day as well. the beacon went dark the day after the pearl harbor attack. people fearing it might lead to an attack on california. turning now to the lighter side and the warriors at the start of the nba finals, game one thursday, just three days away. you will be able to watch all the games right here exclusively on abc 7. prep is underway for what will be the warriors' sixth trip to the finals in eight years. ryan curry shows us how fans are getting ready. >> a day of preparations at chase center. the players on the court monday fine-tuning their shooting and fans outside thrive city fine-tuning ways to cheer on the winners come thursday. >> we do not own any warriors swag. come on! reporter: they were among dozens visiting the team store. their mission is to join an already passionate fan base eager to see their favorite team win another championship.
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>> go warriors! as soon as klay got healthy i knew we had a chance to make it this far. reporter: he spent several hundred dollars for a ticket to game one. >> is the first time at chase center, got to go. reporter: the warriors have won every postseason home game at chase center. they would like to see that continue. their ceo says it is not about the talent on the court, but also the fan atmosphere generated in the stands. >> there is no better arena in the world than this one. it just needs the experiences like this one to give it that history. >> whether it is inside the arena or outside on the plaza, the entire golden state community is hopeful this will end with another nba finals title. >> boston is a great team, but i think we have the edge. we have a lot of good role players and defense -- and a deep bench. i think we can do it.
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>> abc 7, your exclusive home for the nba finals pregame post game shows. name one is thursday night. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m.. our pregame starts live at chase center at 5:00 p.m. dubs on seven coverage all series long. and you can always count on the best weather coverage from spencer. >> here is a look at what is going on. we have had gusty wind with us the past couple days. as a result, we have a red flag warning for high fire danger issued for solano county. this is in effect until tomorrow at eight m. it extends into the sacramento valley so we expect wind gusts up to and exceeding 35 miles per hour. relative humidity between five and 15%. buyers can spread quickly under those conditions. we are looking at comber wins we had earlier -- calmer winds we
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had earlier in the evening. winds will remain relatively calm but they will re-intensify tomorrow afternoon. here is a live look over san francisco. 55 degrees in the city. mid 50's in all of these locations. 50 degrees at half moon bay. a clear view from east bay hills toward -- looking across the bay toward san francisco. 60 degrees in santa rosa. the warm spot conquered at 61 -- concorde at 61. one more live view from a rooftop camera looking toward the bay bridge. sunny and warmer than today. fire concerns remain with us through tomorrow evening. it will be cooler with the possibility of sprinkles coming our way over the weekend. do not get too excited. looks like light rainfall if it materializes at all. low temperatures mainly in the
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upper 40's to low 50's so it is going to be mild overnight. tomorrow a mild to warm day under breezy conditions. sunny skies. look for highs around 60, maybe 62 degrees on the coast. upper 70's, close to 80 degrees, and inland areas will warm up to 90 at the warmest spots like fairfield, which will probably hit 91 and antioch, 89 or 90 degrees. it will be warmer still on wednesday. that is likely to be the warmest day in the forecast period with inland highest in the low 90's up to 80 degrees around the bay shoreline. 62 on the coast. the heat will ease up thursday. it becomes even cooler friday. more clouds come into the picture. over the weekend, clouds increase. it continues to get cooler. there is a chance of morning drizzle and possibly some light showers sunday. again, we need the rain but we do not expect this to amount to much. maybe two or three hundredths of and inch if it materializes at
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all. we start the next week with sunshine again. >> you might want to add raining threes on thursday. >> when the finals start? that's going to be a good matchup. larry: it's going to go to seven. a giant decision today from the skipper. why gabe kapler decided he would why gabe kapler decided he would come out for ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. like a trip to great wolf lodge. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast.
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>> giants manager gabe kapler returned to the field for the national anthem in recognition of memorial day. he told reporters ahead of last friday's game he plans to skip the into moving forward as a political protest following the school shooting in texas. he said he is taking this decision day by day so we will see chris alvarez is handling sports tonight. the warriors hoping to get reinforcements ahead of game one
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>> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors took the floor for the first time since winning the west. on the injury report, otto porter and andrea dahle practicing. the warriors open with home-court advantage against boston is. games one and two will be at chase center. golden state in the finals for the sixth time in the last eight seasons, and even though it is the norm, nerves and excitement are still there. >> i am more aware and observant and just kind of calm in terms of my emotions going into the finals, which feels good. but still get anxious and
1:36 am
nervous like everybody else in terms of when the game starts because i wanted so bad. >> you have to think about it. it is the highest level, you know? the whole world is going to be watching. we have a chance to do something very special here so i am excited. >> abc 7 the exclusive home of the nba finals. we have you covered from every angle with pre-and post game shows. giants in philly and yes i need that philly fanatic cat. logan webb, masterful on the mount. -- mound. the giants down 2-0, wilmer flores at the plate sends it to his friends and we are tied on that swing of the bat. straight to the 10th inning, tied 3-3, curt casali will untie it. giants go on to win 5-4 in 10 innings. the a's opening a four-game set with houston. top of the fourth, alvarez, solo
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have a good night.
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a fake uber eats driver charged with a real crime in florida. surveillance cameras captured a man breaking into a home in miami shores. the crook had an accomplice acting as a lookout. both were caught in the act by


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