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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 31, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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a fake uber eats driver charged with a real crime in florida. surveillance cameras captured a man breaking into a home in miami shores. the crook had an accomplice acting as a lookout. both were caught in the act by
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the homeowner. one is under arrest. the other still on the loose. a jury of seven people goes back behind closed doors at a courthouse in virginia today to decide if they believe the testimony of actor johnny depp or his ex-wife, amber heard. it's the final act of a six-week defamation trial that's been filled with drama. abc's rhiannon ally reports. >> reporter: a verdict in the trial that has captured the nation's attention could come as early as today as jury deliberations resume in the johnny depp/amber heard trial. >> it's insane to hear heinous accusations of violence. >> reporter: in 2018, heard wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" describing herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.
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depp was not named in the article, but he is suing heard for $50 million, claiming heard was lying and it damaged his career. heard is countersuing depp for $100 million. >> johnny has taken enough of my voice. i have the right to tell my story. >> reporter: the trial dominating social media, featuring appearances by celebrities like ellen barkin, who once dated depp and testified against him, and kate moss, who denied a rumor depp pushed her down the stairs when they were dating in the '90s, taking the actor's side on the stand. depp's attorneys arguing heard ruined his life. >> i have spoken up for what i've been carrying on my back reluctantly for six years. >> reporter: while heard's lawyer called depp a monster who not only abused her but smeared her name. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day. >> reporter: a jury must decide unanimously which side they believe.
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mona, andrew. >> rhiannon, thank you. coming up, the heart-stopping rescue of two climbers in italy. the rescue helicopter sent to retrieve a couple stuck on the side of an ancient cliff. but first, a special jubilee edition of our "kids news now" live from outside buckingham palace. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ i'm coming out so you better get this party started ♪ this is basically a live shot. britain is getting the party started across the pond, celebrating queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. >> and our own will ganss is front and center this morning live outside of buckingham palace. that is not a green screen, but he is there for a special jubilee edition of "kids news now." >> reporter: hey, that's right,
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mona and andrew. okay. so we know what the palace has planned. we know that the pubs will be partying. but what about the playgrounds? we talked to some of london's littlest citizens to see what they think of the queen's big platinum jubilee. >> hello, queen. >> so we're here for the queen's jubilee celebration. i'll ask you first, rosie, what do you know about the queen's jubilee? >> it's the 70th platinum jubilee. >> 70 years. do you know how old the queen is, lily? >> the queen's been the queen for 70 years. >> how old is the queen? >> how old is the queen? >> if you had to guess how old the queen was, what would you guess? >> 20. >> 20? how old would you guess i am? >> 30. >> 30? i'm older than the queen? all right. >> i've got the actual answer for the queen's age. it's 96. >> she's 96? >> yeah. >> thank you. got to fix it. got to get it right.
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and we don't have a queen, but what would you say? who is the closest person to the queen in america? >> joe biden. >> good point. what's your favorite thing about the queen? >> she's the queen and the boss of us. >> i like her crown. >> how much money is that crown worth? >> i'm not sure, but probably my guess is over 100. >> got to be over 100 pounds for sure. what kinds of clothes does the queen wear? do you know? >> fancy clothes. >> fancy clothes. >> she dresses like the opposite of the queen of the netherlands. the queen of the netherlands doesn't dress all puffy clothes, i'm a princess, look at me with a tiara. >> how does the queen of the netherlands dress? >> normal. >> like us. >> yeah, normal. she goes with a bike. she doesn't wear the crown every single time she meets a person. >> at school, we got to dress up. >> did you dress up? >> yeah. >> what did you wear? >> i weared a big dress. >> a big dress?
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>> it was rainbow colors. >> something tells me you like a rainbow. >> yeah. >> what do you think people back rpsed to learn about london?tes >> that the >> the united kingdom flag means she's not home. but the other flag means she's home. >> what's your favorite thing about the queen? >> that she's really kind. >> happy jubilee to the queen. >> love it. >> well done for being on the throne for 70 years. >> reporter: all right. so according to my little buddy, leo -- you heard him in the piece there -- the united kingdom flag means she's not home. so, you guys, get this. in addition to simply witnessing the history being made this weekend, there are more than 1,100 events planned all over the country, specifically aimed at kids. so these kids are also going to
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have a fantastic jubilee. you guys, it was so fascinating the dynamics, the differences between american kids that we've done "kids news now" with and some of these british kids. the british kids much more reserved when i was like, hey, would you like to be on television? they were like, i don't know about this whereas, you know our friends back across the pond are more than happy to be on camera. >> oh, my gosh. two things i want to know. yoe is py the closest equivalent to queen elizabeth. >> it would have been kim kardashian for me. >> okay. there we go. the second thing i was going to say is the beautiful little girl with the bob, i think she's a mole. her accent sounded way too american. maybe, i don't know. >> reporter: she was born in -- she was born in new york and then now lives in italy. she's a world traveler, you guys. her passport has all of the stamps in it. >> a little mary kate and ashley.
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>> i've never been to europe, and she's like, what, 7 years old and a world traveler. >> reporter: exactly. >> will, what are you looking forward to most besides the actual jubilee itself? three seconds. >> reporter: i can't wait to show you guys the corgi cafe. >> corgi cafe. and honest bidding site. this kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. this i-pad sold for less than $43. and this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. i won these bluetooth headphones for $20. i got these three suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to right now and see how much you can save. (soft piano music) ♪ - i got a hunch, like me, your home means a lot. - i love my home. i love my family. - you want to have the grandkids over. you want to have the family over. you want to say, "this is my place. look, i'm right next to the water." - [narrator] call aag today and find out if a reverse mortgage loan can help you eliminate monthly mortgage payments,
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♪ time now for "this happened," starting with a daring cliffside rescue. >> by helicopter. this happened on the italian island of sardinia. a french couple out for a hike found themselves stuck on a steep path along the face of this cliff overlooking the mediterranean sea. >> italy's national fire service responded, sending a helicopter crew to airlift them back to safety. the couple is said to be in good physical condition. oh, man. just being on the edge right there is terrifying. >> very. not the edge of glory. just the edge. next, to the last thing a horse would expect to see at the racetrack. >> an alligator and not in florida. yes!
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this happened at the delta downs racetrack in vinton, louisiana. both the horse and its handler appeared to be taken by surprise by the giant lizard. yeah, you think? >> the horse was like, yeah, nope, not me, not today. while alligators are not unusual for southern louisiana, they're pretty rare at this race track. okay. crocodile or alligator legs always scare me because they're a lot taller than you think they are. >> they're also a lot faster, maybe not as fast as horses. maybe he was just trying to get some cardio in. next, to the feeding frenzy off the coast of california. >> this happened near dana point. a flock of pelicans and a pod of dolphins were spotted sharing a feast of fish on the open water, hunting their prey from the air and from below the waves. >> nice buffet there. a local whale watching expert claims this sort of thing often happens when there's a lot of small bait fish in the water.
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she also says sometimes even sea lions take part. i mean you got to get going while the going -- i don't know. whatever. >> i don't know. it's a feeding frenzy. a buffet. >> just go eat. this is like when i throw bread in the water and the ducks come, you know. >> i thought you were going to say the pigeons in new york. >> that too. central park. finally, to much calmer waters off the east coast. >> this happened in key west. this year's schooner wharf minimal regatta over the memorial day weekend. nearly two dozen teams competed in the minimalist boat race with some never even making it past the starting line. teams were tasks with building a vessel usually only three sheets of plywood, duct tape, and fasteners. no adhesives. prizes were awarded for fastest boat, most creative design, and even least seaworthy vessel. >> look at this. sparky is definitely ready for the sea here. if i had to do this, yeah, i think my boat would probably sink immediately. >> yeah. this reminds me of i'm obsessed with "naked and afraid," and the way they get creative, this reminds me exactly of that,
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n. on today's show, from the series, the pentaverate, debi mazar. plus, chef sunny anderson serves up a patriotic berry trifle. and, a navy veteran delivers our good news story of the day! also, a moving memorial day performance from pia toscano. and ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on live. and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! ["the walker" by fitz & the tantrums] deja vu, good morning! good morning! [applause] -hi, guys. hi. -hi! i felt-- i felt-- i felt like last week there was more enthusiasm here, but-- here we are, monday, may 30th. memorial day. filling in for kelly today,


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