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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 31, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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kumasi:kumasi: i say 2:00, what we mean is 1:55. julian: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this tuesday morning, millions on alert with dangerous storms on the move. at least five reported tornadoes touching down overnight. >> that one looks pretty dangerous. look at that. >> homes leveled. ginger is tracking the storms now heading east and the near-record heat. plus, the urgent river rescues in virginia after dangerous rushing currents pushed these boats over the edge. uvalde investigation. >> the kids, they're getting the kids out. >> new video obtained by abc news raises more questions about law enforcement's response in the texas grade school. the department of justice now involved.
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what's next as the town prepares to lay the first victims to rest? overnight. a new major blow for vladimir putin. what european leaders are now doing that will cost russia billions of dollars a year as ukraine desperately tries to hold on to crucial territory and what president biden is saying about delivering advanced weapons to ukraine. breaking her silence. college swimmer lia thomas who made history as the first transgender athlete to win a national title in her first sit-down interview. >> there are some who look at the data and suggest that you're enjoying a competitive advantage. what do you say to that? >> her journey and what's next. depp versus heard. with tens of millions of dollars on the line the seven questions the jurors must now answer. plus, johnny depp's surprise appearance. dan abrams breaking it down here. ♪ you've lost that loving feeling ♪
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no love lost for "top gun: maverick," soaring to a box office record. the behind-the-scenes secrets of tom cruise's biggest opening ever. ♪ don't stop me now ♪ "gma" is live in london just two days to go until the platinum jubilee celebration marking queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. what we know about the royal family's presence. plus, who is set to perform at the blockbuster concert. "gma" has exclusive access and insight ahead of the biggest party in the world. good morning, america. we hope you're doing well as we return from memorial day weekend and we do have a lot to get to this tuesday. that's a look at robb elementary in uvalde. funerals do begin today as the investigation continues. >> yeah, we have new video this morning that is raising now even more serious questions about that delayed police response. we are going to begin with the severe weather system on the move right now. >> at least five reported tornadoes touched down overnight leaving a trail of destruction in the upper midwest. alex perez is live in forada,
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minnesota, where many lost their homes. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, michael. a terrifying end to the holiday weekend for a lot of people here. i want you to take a look behind me here. what you're see are the roots of this massive tree. take a look at the power of this storm taking this tree and sending it crashing right into this house right here. overnight multiple reports of tornadoes touching down across minnesota. > that looks pretty dangerous. look at that. >> reporter: winds taking out this semi truck. the city of forada gutted. officials report nearly 100 me outhe and we were heading for the basement. >> reporter: roofs ripped right off. drone footage capturing the vastness of the damage. homes along the lake shoreline obliterated. this massive tree uprooted crushing this house, barns
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leveled. >> we've got firemen have been doing house-to-house searches. >> reporter: crews overnight conducting an active rescue going door-to-door to make sure everyone was safe. many residents going through what's left of their homes, trying to salvage what they can. as frightening as this right here looks authorities tell us the family inside was actually in the lower level and that they are all okay. in fact, authorities say so far no reports of fatalities or injuries. right now that difficult process of cleaning up and rebuilding is just getting started. michael? >> at least that is some good news in all this. alex, thank you so much. ginger is outside our studio with where the storm is going next and the heat we are expecting in the east today. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. as pleasant as it is to have this tropical feel in new york it also comes with the problem this is in part fueling these severe storms which are not done. anywhere from chicago through lancing and back through the plains, woodward, oklahoma,
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childress, texas, have to be on the lookout. main threat, damaging winds. could see still an isolated tornadoes. pockets separate then they move. for tomorrow into the northeast you can see syracuse is included, pittsburgh, back to far west of oklahoma city. and then that record heat. so today 97 is the record in philadelphia. you'll flirt with it. 96 is the record here in new york. i think we'll get close, cecilia. >> a scorcher. we turn to the latest on the texas school massacre. two of the young victims, amerie jo garza and maite rodriguez are being laid to rest today. this morning new video prompting new questions about that delayed response. marcus moore joins us from uvalde. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. today marks one week since the awful attack at robb elementary school. this town thrust into chaos and sadness in an instant. this morning new video is
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revealing some of the desperation and the confusion of that day. this morning, new video obtained by abc news raising questions about law enforcement's response to the deadly shooting at robb elementary school. >> guy with a rifle. >> reporter: police seen rescuing children after breaking a window, then pulling them out. >> somebody jump out the window. >> they're getting the kids out. >> reporter: the footage showing part of what took place outside the building during those 77 minutes the gunman went ons to be dispatch audio telling officers a student is calling from the classroom, that the gunman had entered. >> we have a child on the line. room 12. anybody inside of the building, he is in the room full of victims. >> reporter: abc news analysis of the video shows that was at approximately 12:13. >> eight to nine children. >> 12:16 she's called back and said there were eight to nine students alive. >> reporter: but 19 students and two teachers lost their lives. texas authorities say the school
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district police chief wrongly believed the situation was no longer an active shooter and had ordered tactical teams not to enter the classroom while the children desperately called 911 for help. >> it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: the rampage finally stopping when sources say federal agents decided to go in and fatally shoot the gunman. now the justice department is reviewing law enforcement's response. just two months ago, uvalde school district hosted an active shooter training for the six-member police force, stating officers' first priority, move in and confront the attacker. mking it explicitly clear first respllg to place their lives above the innocent should consider another career field. as the town prepares to lay their first victims to rest, heartbreaking stories from their families. the rubios lost their
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10-year-old daughter lexi recalling that moment when they sat down with us. >> i left my baby at that school. i'm her mom. she can't make good decisions. who else is there to blame? >> reporter: daniel garza who lost his cousin telling us what it was like as students waited to be rescued. his teacher was shot two times, but survived locking the door before the gunman could get in. >> she ran to the door quickly. she got her key. she broke the key in and then she was running because she got shot. then she just like dropped on the floor and then she was like playing dead. >> reporter: following his visit with the families, president biden calling for congress to act saying he's hopeful rational republicans will negotiate. >> the pain is palpable and i think a lot of it is unnecessary. so i'm going to continue to push, and we'll see how this works. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of lawmakers is going to meet again today to continue negotiations on a legislative
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response to the massacre that happened at this school. among the ideas being discussed are expanded background checks. george? >> marcus, thanks. we're going to get the latest on the war in ukraine. russia is gaining ground in eastern ukraine but its economy is facing a major blow from the european union. ian pannell is on the scene. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning. russia is ramping up its offensive in the east of the country, making incremental gains but with growing signs that one of the major cities out in the east is in danger of being overrun. this as the europeans try to cut funding for putin's war. overnight, the european union delivering a major blow to the russian economy announcing an agreement to expand sanctions on russia and banning more than two-thirds of russian oil imports which could cost russia billions in lost revenue each month. the eu council president saying the move cuts a huge source of financing for its war machine. this as ukraine desperately
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tries to hold on to crucial territory in the donbas east. president zelenskyy saying the situation there is extremely difficult. and that in the donbas the russian armies now gather the maximum of its combat power. nationwide civilians are being urged to flee areas close to the front lines. outside of kharkiv the city's regional administration organizing evacuations for hundreds of civilians. russia's key target, the city of severodonetsk. the fighting there is intense. russian state media showing the devastation as its forces take part of the city. the mayor saying it's cut in two leaving up to 15,000 caught in the cross fire. taking the life of frederic leclerc-imhoff, a 32-year-old french journalist killed in a strike in the city. guys, real concerns about the fate of those civilians trapped in severodonetsk. it's increasingly looking like the situation was in mariupol with thousands of people hiding in their basements and the city being razed to the ground.
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george? >> ian, thanks. let's bring in mary bruce. and, mary, there's confusion over whether or not the u.s. is prepared to send some advanced rocket systems to ukraine. >> reporter: yeah, george, there are mixed messages here on this. so here's what we do know. right now we are told the white house is likely to approve ukraine's request for longer range weapons in the coming days. this is is something the ukrainians say they need to be able to fight back against russia's recent games. but president biden sparked a lot of confusion when he said flatly that the u.s. would not send rocket system that is can strike into russia. biden's republican critics were quick to pounce. senator lindsey graham calling it a betrayal of ukraine and democracy itself. the president is playing a bit of semantics after moscow said providing weapons that could hit russia would be seen as an escalation. technically any weapon system could hit into russia, including those ukraine already has. the bottom line is that the u.s. is likely to provide these longer range weapons but not anything that can hit far into russia because president biden,
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as we know, is very aware of not wanting to do anything that is seen as an escalation in this fight. george? >> thanks for clearing that up. mary bruce, thanks very much. we turn to the urgent river rescue in virginia after dangerous rushing currents led people into trouble. will reeve is tracking the very latest for us. >> reporter: this morning, officials searching for two women who disappeared after they were swept over a waterfall in virginia. >> we have ten persons that have been brought to the bank. reportedly two still in the water. >> reporter: kayaks, paddleboards and floats seen churning in the rapids after rescuers say they went over a 12-foot waterfall. officials say ten other people made it safely to shore. two women in their 20s haven't been found and crews were forced to suspend the search until this morning. >> a lot of debris from the rafts are starting to float by here. no swimmers in the water. >> reporter: it's been a perilous holiday weekend for the james river, running two to three times its normal level after heavy rains. watch as a bystander races to reach this couple struggling to keep up with the rushing
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currents after being thrown from their tube. >> my leg got wedged into a tree and then the current was just so strong. >> reporter: on sunday five other people were pulled from that same river. crews were set to resume searching for the two missing from yesterday's incident today at 7:00 a.m. eastern. george? >> okay, will, thanks very much. now to our countdown to the queen's jubilee celebration commemorating her 70-rear reign on the throne. it starts later this week. amy is live in london with a look at what's to come. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, george. "good morning america" is giving you a front row seat like none other to a once in a lifetime event. we are officially just two days away from the platinum jubilee and preparations are already under way. we are just a short distance from buckingham palace, just down the road. we've been seeing rehearsals going on despite the rain again here in london today. we've seen the military on horseback, acrobats who will be
7:14 am
performing during the pageant doing their thing as well and there's just so much planned for the several days that follow on thursday. but we should remember the woman, the monarch we're all celebrating, is 96 years old. and we have certainly seen mobility issues for her in the past week so it's unclear how many of those she will personally attend but we will be watching. >> the rest of the royal family out in force as well. we've already seen prince william rehearsing. >> reporter: that's right. he's been out there doing his thing and we are wondering -- we don't know for sure just which family members will be by the queen's side at which events. we have learned that harry and meghan are expected to make their way here to london by friday. that's when we're expecting to see them and, yes, we know prince william will take a large role in several of these official events that we'll see planned here. princess kate, prince andrew, we're still waiting to hear word on exactly where and when we may see them throughout the week. but coming p a little later in
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the broadcast, george, we will take a look, an inside look, at the royals and this next generation, what's next for them and how it may change the monarchy itself. back to you. >> amy robach, thanks so much. cecelia? ready to turn to the blockbuster that's so good michael said he'll see it again? >> yes. >> the long awaited "top gun" sequel taking in a memorial day record, 156 million bucks. janai norman has more on this. this is the biggest opening weekend of tom cruise's career. that's crazy. >> this is the face that tom cruise is making this morning. yes! tom cruise is a megastar. he's been acting for nearly 40 years. this is the biggest opening weekend of his career. the long-awaited sequel that not only shattered records but got folks back to the theaters. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: over the holiday weekend "top gun: maverick" soaring into hollywood history. >> here we go. >> reporter: raking in $156
7:16 am
million opening weekend making it the biggest memorial day release ever. the movie flying into theaters 36 years after the first "top gun" launched tom cruise into super stardom. ♪ you've lost that loving feeling ♪ >> reporter: the sequel capitalizing on the nostalgia with death-defying flying. >> i feel the need -- >> both: the need for speed. >> reporter: in "top gun: maverick" cruise flying at g-force with the help of real-life top gun pilot frank weisser. >> some of the people who i most enjoyed flying from who i learned the most from and took the most away from joined the navy because of the original "top gun." >> reporter: the success of the film a triumph for movie theaters everywhere. despite years of covid delays, cruise remained resistant to streaming, instead insistent that the action be seen on the
7:17 am
big screen and audiences showed out, bringing in the highest initial gross for a noncomic book movie since december 2019 and bringing with it a group that's been hesitant to return to theaters. >> a lot of older audiences over 35 came and they have for the past two years been cautious about coming to the theater. the younger audiences have been more daring about it. >> so we've seen a lot of sequels in recent years and it's often hard to capture that nostalgia and get audiences excited. this one did it. michael, i heard you screamed, you yelled, you cried. you were so excited. >> i did it all. >> were you born when the first one game out, janai? >> i wasn't going to bring it up. i was not born when the first one came out. >> mandatory watching, janai. you got yourself an assignment for the afternoon. a lot more coming up on "gma" including juju chang's exclusive interview with lia
7:18 am
thomas, the first transgender woman to win an ncaa swimming championship. then the johnny depp and amber heard trial, the questions the jury must answer with runs of millions on the line. first, back to ginger. >> we have a landfall in mexico and this was agatha. impact was 105-mile-per-hour cat 2. may has not seen a strong landfall like this in recorded history in the pacific ocean in mexico. yes, it's a big deal. probably bigger deal in florida where you're watching this. there's enough to keep it together up high. there's the potential for redevelopment. if it does that and were to get a name it would be alex for the atlantic and so we'll watch by the weekend, south florida, anywhere really from tampa to miami, want to be on the lookout. what it will likely mean is a lot of heavy rain going into your weekend. your local weather coming up in just 30 seconds.
7:19 am
drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma. a sunny day, warmer afternoon, 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. near 90 in our hottest spots. overnight the marine layer comes back. 40's and 50's into wednesday. wednesday is the warmest day all week. over the weekend we have the chance of light showers especially sunday morning. tomorrow starts meteorological summer and big sky, montana, has had four feet
7:20 am
of snow since they closed in april. >> what? >> bittersweet for them. >> bittersweet indeed. stay there. we'll be right back. [crunch] [crunch] ♪ bring out the tigers! ♪ ♪ the mighty, mighty tiger. ♪ ♪ bring out the tigers! ♪ so they can be gr-r-reat! part of a complete breakfast.
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["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish] kumasi: covert case rates in the bay area are the highest in the state and they are higher than they were two summers ago. there has been a increase but there could be as silver lining. they say you can help the bay area for -- gain a high rate of the community. jobina: checking in on traffic. these are down to around six miles per hour in the area. at least two areas -- lanes are blocked. we are looking that -- at this issue. across brown at north 101.
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we are looking at the bay bridge where traffic is backed up there. kumasi: meteorologist
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temperatures. a lot of sunshine. we are forming through the 50's. i live look. you see the ferry on the water. here house -- here is how the day shakes up. later on, it is comparable along the coast. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline and inland going into the upper 80's if not 290 dewo 90 degrees.
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not everything online is real. but a carmax online offer really is. ♪ ♪ beautiful, warm day here in new york city. welcome back to "gma." our team, they're live in london this morning getting ready for the queen's platinum jubilee. a lot more coming up with amy and lama. there they are. >> looking forward to that. we're following a lot of headlines this morning as well, including the severe weather that is moving east right now. at least five tornadoes left widespread damage in minnesota. 100 homes suffered severe damage in forada. also, the food and drug administration is investigating two brands of organic strawberries may be linked to 17 cases of hepatitis a in three states. the strawberries were sold in march and april.
7:31 am
several grocery chains -- they're well past their shelf life, but the fist says anyone who bought them and froze them should not eat them. we have quite the jaw dropper at the louvre. an older woman in a wheelchair pull us out a -- pulls a pastry out of a bag and smears it all over the mona lisa. it was not damaged thanks to protective glass. the man is accused of faking a disability to get closer to the painting. police say it was a climate change protest and he was ultimately arrested. a lot more to get to icluding the jury now deliberating the johnny depp/amber heard case. we are live at the courthouse this morning. that is coming up. right now an abc/espn news exclusive with lia thomas. the athlete who became the first openly transgender athlete to win an ncaa title. y
7:32 am
juju chang has the story. >> reporter: lia thomas says there are two major aspects of her identity, being an elite swimmer and being trans. yet it's her success as a trans athlete that landed her smack in the culture world over trans rights and breaking her silence as people try to balance the score values of inclusion versus fairness. she's the swimmer who created shock waves across the country. 23-year-old lia thomas. >> lia thomas pulling away. >> reporter: the upenn swimmer making news after she won a division 1 title. but her achievements on the women's swim team igniting fierce debate over fairness in women's sports. >> it is just not fair. >> when it comes to competition it's just not a fair fight. >> reporter: throughout the controversy thomas has largely remained quiet until now. >> i knew there would be scrutiny against me if i competed as a woman. i was prepared for that, but i also don't need anybody's permission to be myself and to
7:33 am
do the sport that i love. >> reporter: assigned male at birth thomas grew up in austin, texas, where she fell in love with swimming when she was just 4. but as she grew she said she felt increasingly disconnected to her body. >> i didn't feel like i was a boy. i was, like, this isn't me. this isn't who i am. >> reporter: thomas earned a spot at her ivy league dream school, upenn on the men's team but by her sophomore year her gender dysphoria left her depressed and suicidal. >> i was barely going to classes. i could barely get out of bed and i said i can't live like this anymore. i want to be able to do things i enjoy. >> even if it might cost me my swimming career? >> yeah, that's part of what kept me from transitioning for so long. i wasn't sure if i could continue swimming and doing the sport i love. >> reporter: thomas began hrt, hormone replacement therapy, in
7:34 am
may of her sophomore year, 2019. >> the mental and emotional changes happened very quickly. i was feeling a lot better mentally. i was less depressed and i lost muscle mass and i became a lot weaker and a lot slower in the water. >> reporter: after following ncaa guidelines of a year of hormone therapy to change gender categories she started her senior year on the women's team but her success in the water was met with outrage leading up to the ncaa championships. her critics say she jumped in rankings between the men's and women's team. >> some look at the data and suggest that you're enjoying a competitive advantage. what do you say to that? >> there's a lot of factors that go into a race and how well you do, and the biggest change for me is that i'm happy and sophomore year when i had my best times competing with the men, i was miserable and so
7:35 am
having that be lifted is incredibly relieving and allows me to put my all into training, into racing. transpeople don't transition for athletics. we transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves. transitioning to get an advantage is not something that ever factors into our decisions. >> you didn't transition to win more medals? >> no. >> thomas quickly became a lightning rod. 16 of her own teammates and some of their parents wrote anonymous letters arguing thomas posed a threat to women's sports. the women who signed the letter anonymously said that they absolutely supported your right to transition but they simply think it's unfair for you to compete against cisgendered women. >> you can't go halfway and be, like, i support transwomen and
7:36 am
transpeople, but only to a certain point. if you support transwomen as women and they've met all the ncaa requirements, then i don't know if you can really say something like that. transwomen are not a threat to women's sports. >> reporter: while the scince on transgender athletes is new and evolving, some medical experts say the effects of higher testosterone during male puberty may never be fully erased. what are the physical aspects that transwomen may not be able to roll back with hormone therapy. >> obviously issues related to body size, airway size, hand size, foot size, perhaps bone density and so forth, but the main thing is just the interactions of exercise training and skeletal muscle. >> are you saying that years of hormone therapy cannot put transwomen in a place to compete with cisgendered women? >> i think the evidence so far would suggest a period of two, three, four years is probably insufficient.
7:37 am
>> there is this concept of the legacy effects of testosterone and that that can't ever be zero. should that eliminate or disqualify transgender women? >> i'm not a medical expert but there is a lot of variation among cis female athletes. there's cis women who are very tall and very muscular and have more testosterone than another cis woman. and should that then also disqualify them? >> reporter: in january the ncaa updated its transgender athlete eligibility guidelines saying each sport's governing body could make its own rules, saying it wouldn't impose them
7:38 am
midseason clearing her to compete at the ncaas. >> it was an incredible experience to fulfill that personal goal as well as competing as my authentic self was such an amazing experience to have these things that i've been working towards for so long all come together. >> are there olympics in your future? >> it's been a goal of mine to go to the olympic trials for a very long time and i would love to see that through. >> reporter: now her college swimming career is over. lia just graduated from upenn and is getting ready for law school, perhaps a future career as a civil rights lawyer advocating for transrights. george? >> juju, did lia ever think about quiting? >> absolutely. she said she was so depressed when she transitioned, she thought she gave it up even if it cost her swimming career. critics said if you stop swimming no one would have a problem. her response is people are going to have a problem with me no matter what i do so i don't want to be forced to give up my identity as a swimmer. >> quite a woman. see more of juju's interview on espn, tonight on "nightline." cecelia? coming up, we've got the
7:39 am
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attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. al all right, we are back with the johnny depp/amber heard defamation trial where the jury deliberations are about to resume. dan abrams is standing by right now. but the jury reconvenes this morning after two hours of deliberation on friday and will reeve is back. he is outside the virginia courthouse with more on this. good morning again, will. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. a quiet morning so far here at
7:43 am
the fairfax county courthouse, but the jury is set to resume deliberating at 9:00 a.m. eastern time in johnny depp and amber heard's multimillion dollar defamation trial. it was a six-week trial and now the jury, which is composed of five men and two women, are set to resume deliberating after the long weekend and there are seven questions according to a source close to the trial that the jury must answer regarding whether depp has proven elements of defamation and whether his team has provided clear and convincing evidence that amber heard acted with actual malice when she wrote that 2018 "washington post" op-ed describing herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse despite never naming depp himself in the piece. both depp and heard took the stand at various points in the trial. heard claiming on the stand that depp abused her more than 12 times during their marriage. depp denying all allegations and claiming that heard's op-ed damaged his career and his earnings potential.
7:44 am
the trial has had millions of eyeballs and arm chair analysts on social media, especially on tiktok, all surrounding one of the biggest and most wrenching and high-profile celebrity trials in recent memory. guys? >> it certainly has. okay, will, let's bring in chief legal analyst dan abrams. i'll ask you to put your jury crystal ball or pull it out for us. how long do you think the jury goes? >> i would have been shocked if the jury had come back on friday when they got the case initially. they deliberated tore a couple of hours. why? in a high-profile case like this the jurors know the world is watching and they want to be careful to be seen as a jury that is being deliberative and thoughtful and careful. so with that said, i think it is certainly possible it could come back at the end of the day today. but we don't know if there's going to be a divide on that jury. if there is a split it could certainly take longer. >> what exactly are the jurors evaluating and how do you feel like they'll play out.
7:45 am
>> with regard to the allegations that johnny depp is making, three questions that the jurors are having to answer and they're all related to this "washington post" article and it's basically line by line is this defamatory? is this one false? the closest call as far as i'm concerned is a headline that "the washington post" had which referred to her as a victim of sexual violence. why is that one different? because depp's team would argue that when it came to the specific claim of sexual violence, they didn't prove it. amber heard says i didn' even write that headline. johnny depp's team responds but, yes, you tweeted it out and as a result you publish the it so there are all sorts of interesting questions surrounding that particular line which i think could be the trickiest one for the jury. >> amber heard has a countersuit as well. from what you've been saying it's likely they both lose. but what if they both win? >> that's something i was thinking about earlier. it is actually possible that they could both win.
7:46 am
this is how. if the jurors believe that johnny depp was defamed on the comment about sexual violence but that the rest of it was true, then they could say that the countersuit which is against johnny depp's lawyer basically calling it a hoax saying amber heard and her friends got together and made this stuff up, you could actually believe both things are true. wouldn't that be unbelievable if somehow they both ended up winning? now, i think it's very unlikely. i think it's much more likely they both end up losing but it's not impossible they both could end up winning their lawsuits. >> the whole thing has been unbelievable. >> it has, and the fact that the world has become so obsessed with this is really fascinating. >> stay tuned. >> dan, thank you. coming up next amy is bringing in a special correspondent for the queen's jubilee. guess who. jubilee. guess who.
7:47 am
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we're back now with "gma's" we're back now with "gma's" countdown to the jubilee celebrating queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne and this morning, we're also celebrating her majesty's best friends, her corgis. amy joins us again from london but this time with a very special correspondent. amy? >> reporter: that's right, michael. we've got our corgi correspondent rufus. he is heavier than he looks, but he's a sweet guy and he is all dressed up ready to guard the palace in his beefeater uniform and you cannot celebrate queen elizabeth ii and her platinum jubilee without celebrating her
7:51 am
beloved corgis. she fell in love with this breed when she was a little girl. at 18 her father king george gave her her first corgi named susan. since then over the past 70 years it's believed she's had at least 30 corgis. you always see them by her feet. always by her side and certainly a welcome sight in london. guys, back to you. >> amy, i have to say how impressed i am that you did that whole segment holding a dog wearing an outfit. >> he does look heavy. >> a lot more from london with amy and the corgis. stay with us. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. at least five tornadoes touched down overnight. >> that looks pretty dangerous. >> now the storm's on the move and where americans can expect near record heat. hepatitis mystery. at least 650 children diagnosed around the world with a potentially deadly infection. doctors till don't know the cause. dr. ashton is breaking down what parents need to know. the new study about coffee that will have you filling your mug this morning and what researchers found when you add sugar to your cup. ♪ marry me ♪ it's the ultimate walt disney world bachelorette party. the nurse getting the surprise of her life counting down to her big day in the magic kingdom
8:01 am
seeing the dress made just for her for the first time and we have one more surprise. ♪ when you wish upon a star ♪ the wait is over. our exclusive first look at the new live action "pinocchio" starring tom hanks. ♪ you're so golden ♪ and we're just two days away from the biggest royal party in the world. "gma" has exclusive access to the queen's platinum jubilee celebrating 70 years on the throne and what's next for the next generation of the royals. we have a front row seat to it all as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ i don't want to be alone ♪ a little "good morning america." >> i didn't know the beefeaters were allowed to talk. >> exclusive.
8:02 am
>> they broke protocol right there for us so we're grateful for that. good morning, america. amy and our team across the pond are counting down to the platinum jubilee honoring 70 years of queen elizabeth on the throne. amy, it's been a busy morning at the palace. >> reporter: it certainly has, yes, and rehearsals are under way for the platinum party at the palace. there will be a big concert here at buckingham palace with some superstar performances from diana ross, alicia keys, ed sheeran. we'll have that to look forward to. so much excitement here in london. we are now just two days away from the platinum jubilee and we have a lot more ahead coming up so we have a lot for you. >> we are excited for all that. we're excited because you said you have something coming up you haven't been more excited about, riveted about a piece of history. >> a book called "secret city." it's a history of the contributions that gay americans made in washington throughout the 20th century. the author is james kirchick and i read it about a year ago and called up james immediately to see if we could turn it into a
8:03 am
television series. it's filled with compelling characters contributing to their country for generations even as they were being investigated, harassed, outed, arrested for being national security threats. a fascinating window on american history. >> is there going to be a tv series? >> we'll see. >> we'll be looking out for it, george. first, we begin with the severe weather system on the move right now after at least five reported tornados touched down overnight in minnesota. alex perez is in forada with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning once again, michael. you can see the rain is back and lefth of dtructionin ththis ive tree and check this out. simply crushing this home. this morning, tornadoes leaving widespread damage in minnesota. >> that looks pretty dangerous. look at that. >> reporter: winds taking out this semi truck. >> the rain was coming so heavy
8:04 am
you couldn't see nothing. >> reporter: the city of forada gutted. officials report nearly 100 homes and structures causing severe damage. >> windows blew in in the house and we were heading for the basement. >> reporter: roofs ripped right off. drone footage capturing the vastness of the damage. homes along the lake shoreline obliterate. this massive tree uprooted crushing this house, barns leveled. crews overnight conducting an active rescue going door-to-door to make sure everyone was safe. many residents going through what's left of their homes trying to salvage what they can. and authorities say thankfully the family that was inside this home was not injured. they also say thankfully at this point there are no reports of any injuries or fatalities. george? >> okay, alex, thank you. we turn now to the latest on the school massacre as questions intensify about the delayed police response. marcus moore is in uvalde. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. one week after the horrific
8:05 am
attack at the school here, robb elementary, you can see the memorial has grown along with the others around this small town. people are searching for healing and change as new videos surface showing the chaos of that day. this morning, new video obtained by abc news raising questions about law enforcement's response to the deadly shooting at robb elementary school. >> guy with a rifle. >> reporter: police seen rescuing children after breaking a window and then pulling them out. >> somebody jumped out the window. >> the kids. they're getting the skids out. >> reporter: the footage showing part of what took place during the 77 minutes the gunman went on a rd captures what appears to be dispatch out grow telling officers a student is calling from the classroom that the gunman had entered. >> we have a child on the line. he is in the room full of victims. >> reporter: an abc news
8:06 am
analysis of the video shows that was at approximately 12:13. >> eight to nine children. >> again at 12:16 she' back and said there's eight to nine students alive. >> reporter: but 19 students and 2 teachers lost their lives. texas authorities say the school district police chief wrongly believed the situation was no longer an active shooter and had ordered tactical teams not to enter the classroom while the children desperately called 911 for help. >> it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: the rampage finally stopping when sources say federal agents decided to go in and fatally shoot the gunman. now the justice department is reviewing law enforcement's response. and there will be a lot of attention today focused on the bipartisan group of lawmakers who will meet again today to continue negotiations on a legislative response to the massacre that happened at the school. cecilia, the first victims are laid to rest today. >> we are certainly thinking of their families today. marcus, thank you so much. we switch gears and have
8:07 am
good news for anyone who is enjoying their cup of coffee right now. that includes all three of us at the desk. we're all coffee drinkers. a new study shows that drinking a few cups of coffee a day is associated with a lower risk of death. people who drink a moderate amount between 1 1/2 cups and 3 1/2 cups every day even with sugar have a lower risk of death than those who don't. prior studies found drinking coffee is associated with a lower death risk but did not distinguish between sweetened or unsweetened. so drink up. >> we'll take the news. >> yes. coming up on our "gma" morning menu, the deepening hepatitis mystery. at least 650 cases of the illness impacting young children. dr. ashton is here with that. also this morning, "gma" is at queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee celebrating her 70 years on the throne. how the monarch has kept her family together and what the future holds for the royals. amy has this story and much more from london. plus, we have an exclusive first look at the new "pinocchio" trailer. the live action version of the
8:08 am
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♪ whether you're high or low ♪ ♪ whether you're high or low ♪ welcome back to "gma." we are excited for tomorrow on "gma" because we'll be kicking off our celebration of pride month. that's always a lot of fun. >> that is always a lot of fun. >> we'll also have amy across the pond, but first george is talking with dr. ashton. >> we'll get the latest on the spread of hepatitis in children. there's a new report from the world health organization that highlights 650 probable cases. about a third here in the u.s. dr. jen is here. so what do we know about this? >> at this point it's really -- it's called hepatitis of unknown origin. there are more questions than answers right now but the world health organization and the cdc tracking these cases in kids throughout the world. not sure if they're just picking up more because they're looking for it or if there are more
8:13 am
cases associated with a very common virus called adenovirus can cause respiratory illness, gastrointestinal illness seen in about 35% of the u.s. pediatric hepatitis indicates, but we know what it isn't. this is not related to the covid vaccine. the majority of the cases are in children under 5 who are not eligible. it's not related to the other hepatitis vaccines and most importantly it's not related to that strawberry-linked hepatitis a, not related to that. >> how dangerous is it? >> unfortunately, it started out as just mild cases but as the number grew, unfortunately, the severe cases grew worldwide. they're seeing about 6% of these cases requiring liver transplantation and unfortunately a 1% fatality rate right now. but right now at this point the world health organization calling the risk of severe illness to be moderate. that's not low. so, again, it's about awareness and really a call to action to health professionals and parents alike to be aware. >> what should parents look out for? >> i think there are a long list of symptoms, very common.
8:14 am
when you talk about inflammation of the liver, the leading one is jaundice, a yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes and you can see nonspecific signs and symptoms -- fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. any child exhibiting these symptoms obviously the parents warrant to get them to their pediatrician but right now it's still about just tracking this and trying to piece together detective work. >> okay, dr. jen, thanks very much. >> cyou bet. >> michael? george, thank you. we turn to "gma's" countdown to the jubilee celebrating queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. and this morning, we're looking at her majesty's reign and how the next generation will carry on her legacy. amy is in london at buckingham palace to tell us all about it. good morning, again, amy. >> reporter: hey, yeah, good morning, again, michael. queen elizabeth is known for her pragmatic and fierce presence, not just as the leader of the united kingdom and commonwealth but also as the leader of the royal family.
8:15 am
and as we prepare to celebrate her platinum jubilee all eyes are now on the next generation and how they will lead this monarchy. queen elizabeth, 70 years of being the nation's matriarch leading both family and firm. >> that's an incredible example to me to have to follow her leadership, her duty, her sacrifice, all these things and her selflessness and love of country shine through. >> reporter: shoring up the monarchy for the next generation she kicked it off with a request camilla be called queen when prince charles is king, and prince william and his family. >> every generation has their own style and they would still look to the way she did things and look at that as an example of how to conduct the institution moving forward. >> reporter: william and kate already stepping up hosting events at the palace, acting as the queen's envoys overseas and after that caribbean tour indicating they will do things their own way. the epitome of duty and service to country and commonwealth, she
8:16 am
is no stranger to scandal. >> the death of princess diana was a very difficult time for her and one of those moments when we actually saw the challenge was the collision of the personal and professional. >> reporter: her children's marriages all ending in divorce but one. her so-called favorite son, prince andrew, settling a sexual assault lawsuit earlier this year and her beloved grandson harry quitting his royal duties and moving to california with his wife meghan. >> the decision that i have made for my wife and i to step back is not one i made lightly. it was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges and i know i haven't always done it right but as far as this goes there really was no other option. >> she's had some of the most challenging times of her reign in the last few years and i think one of the things that that has shown us is she is still even in her 90s has this incredible capacity to lead. >> reporter: joining me now is
8:17 am
royal contributor robert jobson. robert, we know the queen is 96 years old. that would mean prince charles has had quite some time to prepare to take over. is he ready? >> i think he's never been more ready. actual probably since 2016 when the queen stopped traveling internationally, there's been like almost like a dual monarchy. he supportqueen in eve papers and mhe ministers so almost uanahy at the moment. >> how will he be received by the people and especially with his wife camilla? >> difficult to know. i think camilla is a bit of an acquired taste for some but i think she will do a great job. the prince of wales himself will be very well received. he's somebody who has grown more and more into the role and has grown more popular. >> the royal family has experienced quite a bit of, well, bad press, controversy, drama, you name it. it's happened.
8:18 am
how has the queen handled it all and is she likely to get a break from all of it? has it all erupted and now calmed down? >> it keeps the media busy and the queen busy. so i think that she is somebody who steps to rise above things. if she worried about every scandal that hit the royal family, she would be a nervous wreck. so she rises above it and lets others deal wit and takes things in a more pragmatic way. >> now, though, she doesn't have the love of her life prince philip by her side. how has that changed how she's been able to handle and react to some of this? >> it's difficult to say. they were together 70 years and, look, it must be devastating for her. she's not only lost him, but lost her friends around, some of her friends in her generation have died as well and i'm sure it's difficult at 96 to not have anyone to turn to in your own circle. >> can't be easy. all eyes will be on which members of the royal family show up at which events, which ones can and cannot whether they're active royals or not.
8:19 am
any of this drama surrounding even harry and meghan and prince andrew, will it overshadow the jubilee in any way? >> i certainly hope not. here we're focused on her majesty the queen and when she is going to appear. i think she will be at the thanksgiving service and on the balcony. we won't see her at derby but the british tabloids will focus on whether harry and meghan show. i think they will play a background role, not be really out there at the moment and really i think that's a tabloid story and should be focused on the good news, her majesty's incredibly long reign. >> what about her mobility issues? you mentioned a few of the events we think we'll see her at but won't be able to attend all of them. >> she certainly won't be able to attend all of them. she's had mobility issues and had this mobility scooter we've seen her driving in. look, they have to gauge it on the day. how does she feel on the day, but she's a trouper. she'll always turn out when she's really necessary to be there and the service of thanksgiving will be something
8:20 am
that is very important to her as a woman of faith, devout faith and she will be there and they'll have a prayer for prince philip i'm sure. i'm sure and when the big stage is set we'll see her take center stage on that balcony when the cheers will be ringing out. >> we're all looking forward to that moment very much so. robert jobson, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> reporter: michael, back to you. >> thank you, amy. now let's go to ginger. >> we will be flirting with those record highs from new york city through new jersey, westchester, pennsylvania. but look what they were doing at killington, still skiing through june 4th so through this weekend, they were 82 yesterday. today short of 80 degrees as record highs or potential for them, we'll get close, settle in. philadelphia, if they make it to 97 that ties a record. here in new york we have 96. pittsburgh, 91 there too. the heat does not last forever. if you need heat today is the day because by tomorrow that front slides back. look at new york city, just shy of 70. it's going to feel a whole lot different.
8:21 am
drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma. a sunny day, warmer afternoon, 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. near 90 in our hottest spots. overnight the marine layer comes back. 40's and 50's into wednesday. wednesday is the warmest day all week. over the weekend we have the chance of light showers especially sunday morning. all right, now to the world's most magical wedding dress sweepstakes. so after announcing the contest in february we received thousands of entries. well, now it is time to show you who the lucky winner is and the disney team also surprised her with a bachelorette party. kaylee hartung has the story. >> morgan has always been sparkly, upbeat. >> fun, energetic. >> reporter: known by her friends for her sparkle and big
8:22 am
heard, morgan newcomer, operating room nurse, is always thinking of others. >> she brings so much happiness to so many around her. >> reporter: she and her prince charming bryce, an army captain, share a love of all things disney and will say i do there in december. >> morgan is the hugest disney fan. >> reporter: so what better way to begin her happily ever after than in this bespoke wedding gown with over 18,000 crystals and beads designed in celebration of walt disney world's 50th anniversary. >> this dress is going to make the wedding so much more magical than i can even imagine. >> reporter: she's yet to see her dress and is having her first consultation. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we are so thrilled. we specifically designed this dress to embody all the princesses. . >> so excited to see it! >> reporter: first some accessories. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> reporter: to add to the enchantment we decided to throw morgan the ultimate walt disney world bachelorette party.
8:23 am
>> all: we love morgan! >> that's cute. >> reporter: starts off with matching accessories for the bridal brigade including gifts to use for practically all things disney at walt disney world. >> cheers to a magical bachelorette. >> cheers. >> reporter: morgan introducing her closest friends to her favorite places. >> bride-to-be. >> thinking sparkly just like you light it. >> i love it. >> reporter: in epcot going through france with remy from "ratatouille." magic kingdom all to themselves. >> look, it's belle. >> hi. >> sounds like your storybook adventure is just beginning. >> yes. >> reporter: even meeting her favorite princess. >> you found your prince? >> i did. >> reporter: ending each night with a bang. >> we're all proof of it of just how much happiness and sparkle you bring into our life. >> reporter: and then the final
8:24 am
surprise in the wedding pavilion where she'll walk down the aisle in just months. >> i know you ladies had the most incredible few days here. but are you ready to see this dress? >> i'm so ready. >> the crowning moment of the trip. ladies, are you ready? gentlemen, can you open the doors for us, please? ♪ >> oh, my gosh. ♪ >> this is the dress! it's so sparkly. it is just magnificent. >> this is amazing. >> is it everything you dreamed it would be? >> and more. >> the tears are already here. what does it mean to you to share this with morgan? >> it's her dream come true. >> we're not done with the surprises yet. >> majordomo, can i get your help here? would you do the honors? >> oh, my gosh. >> hear ye, hear ye, by royal proclamation on behalf of this most magical kingdom, we would
8:25 am
like to invite you to celebrate your royal honeymoon in beautiful hawaii. >> morgan, it is our pleasure to send you and bryce on your honeymoon at aulani, a disney resort and spa in hawaii. we are sending you two round trip airfare to enjoy this tropical paradise for five days. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you imagine a more magical way to cap this all off? >> no. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kaylee hartung, abc news, orlano. >> well, congratulations and our thanks to kaylee for that. coming up, we are going back to london for more on the queen's big celebration. plus, don't miss the one and only tom hanks and pinocchio. stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
and inland, 70's and 80's, julian. julian: thank you, drew. as always, the latest on here is "good morning ♪ the excitement is building for queen elizabeth's platinum the excitement is building for queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee celebration there in london and there's certainly never been another jubilee like the one we're about to see. let's go back to amy with more. hey, amy. >> reporter: hey, michael. so london has seen jubilee celebrations before. there was the diamond celebration jubilee. there was the ruby, the sapphire. they've done silver jubilees but they've never like you said ever had a platinum jubilee.
8:31 am
so abc's lama hasan is here with more on this unique moment in history. good morning, lama. >> yeah, good morning to you, amy. how magnificent is this? even if it is raining, we happen to be on the one and only edwardian boat, the same boat chosen to lead the flotilla of 1,000 vessels back in 2012 for the queen's diamond jubilee. there was even an orchestra on board. now, as we get ready to celebrate her majesty's seven decades on the throne, let's take a look back at how the queen celebrated her other jubilees. >> step down from the plane a figure in mourning. >> reporter: february 6th, 1952, 25-year-old princess elizabeth learns of her father's death while on a royal tour in kenya. immediately ascending to the throne, a young woman who left her country as princess returning at its queen. >> elizabeth alexandria mary is now by the death of our late sovereign, happy memory, become queen elizabeth ii. >> reporter: so began the reign of britain's longest serving
8:32 am
monarch. now marking 70 years on the throne in an historic platinum jubilee. royal jubilees are an opportunity to honor the service of the sovereign and abc news has had a front row seat for every celebration. >> the 25th anniversary of queen elizabeth ii on the throne. >> reporter: 1977, 25 years into her reign, the silver jubilee. >> now the queen in the great gold carriage. >> reporter: a global audience of 500 million watched as the queen and prince philip made their way from buckingham palace to st. paul's cathedral over a million well-wishers lining the streets of london. >> when i was 21, i pledged my life to the service of our people and i asked for god's help to make good that vow. although that vow was made in my salad days when i was green in judgment i do not regret nor retract one word of it.
8:33 am
>> times are a changing here at buckingham palace. >> and the palace party is on. ♪ >> queen playing for the queen from the roof of buckingham palace. >> reporter: 2002, 50 years in, the golden jubilee. the queen hosting an all-star pop concert to mark her 50th year on the throne. the party at the palace right in her own backyard. ♪ all we need is love ♪ >> reporter: 2012, the diamond jubilee. >> they love it when the royals come out on that balcony. >> reporter: to celebrate their sovereign's 60th year of reign a floating musical parade of 1,000 boats on the thames. ♪ >> the events that i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. >> reporter: and against the backdrop of a bedecked buckingham palace a diamond jubilee concert fit for a queen.
8:34 am
♪ i'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ isn't she lovely ♪ ♪ isn't she wonderful ♪ >> reporter: so there was plenty of pomp, pageantry and partying and speaking of partying, there is a star-studded concert organized for this saturday just outside buckingham palace. three stages with the likes of queen, alicia keys, elton john and diana ross performing. "gma" will be there and we'll take you backstage too. let's hope the weather is better. amy? >> reporter: yeah, lama, the platinum party at the palace right behind me, buckingham palace. you can't even see it because it's raining so hard. we're hearing them rehearse in this torrential rain. yes, let's pray to the weather
8:35 am
gods it's better come this weekend. guys, back to you. >> you will have a lot of fu
8:36 am
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♪ with all my favorite colors ♪ we're back with the new book "secret city," the hidden history of gay washington. it is an epic account of the contributions, compromises and sacrifices gay americans made as they tried to serve their country through the 20th century. it's already getting rave reviews. "the new york times" calls it rewarding in the extreme.
8:38 am
author james kirchick joins us now. as i said earlier, i thought this was an incredible book. as soon as i read it -- people have to understand it's not just gay history. it's american history. >> that's why i wrote it. i'm fascinated in american history, particularly cold war. in all these books i was reading whether presidential biographies or books about mccarthyism or books about the reagan issue, there was a background issue lurking in the shadows of homosexuality or gay people somehow involved in these stories as advisers or friends, but no one had ever really put it all together. >> most people today may not understand that at the time being gay was considered a serious national security threat. >> it was. starts around world war ii that being gay goes from being a sin to a national security threat and the fear is that gay people would be more blackmailed. they would be more vulnerable to blackmail because this was the worst possible secret you could have.
8:39 am
it was so shameful. it was condemned by the medical community and criminalized across the country. it was religiously condemned as a sin. and so gay people, you could even say they were feared more than communists. >> there's so many compelling characters in the book and one of the interesting things i learned is that not all of them were in the closet. >> right. well, there's one amazing character, his name is carmel who was a diplomat and one of the founding fathers of the cia who was a pretty flamboyantly openly gay person but that was very rare. i think he was able to do it because he was so loyal to his boss at the time and that they were willing to protect him and this is sort of one of the talents or skills that a lot of the gay people in my book developed because they're so vulnerable. they become the most loyal aides, the most loyal servants to people in power and yet and often doesn't help them at all. >> one other thing you get into you have the two agencies of our
8:40 am
national security, the fbi hunting down gay americans, the cia looking to use them? >> right, right, because gay people if you think about it could have been good spies and some of them were because the talents that you need as a spy were the sort of talents that gay people had to have. they had to be able to keep secrets very well. they had to wear a disguise. they had to show one face to the public but then they had another face in private and so this made them very good at espionage and in the early years of the cia, even before the cia was founded i write about some of these people who joined the oss, the precursor to the cia, some gay men and women who joined those intelligence agencies and then once the cold war begins, homosexuality almost becomes a weapon between the fbi and the cia. >> one of the most surprising things for me in the book is how this persisted even as gays participated more openly in our culture. in 1980 ronald reagan's presidential campaign, a serious threat to this campaign is an actual investigation into whether he is surrounded by homosexual men. >> one of the big scoops in my book going back to 1967 there was a gay scandal when ronald
8:41 am
reagan was governor but in 1980 sort of new allegations were brought to the attention of ben bradlee, the executive editor of "the washington post" that he was surrounded by a right wing gay cabal that was basically controlling him like a manchurian candidate. a group of republican congressmen who brought it to "the washington post." "the washington post" investigated it. they did find several gay people working for ronald reagan but the allegations that this was some sort of nefarious conspiracy didn't hold up and they ended up not polishing anything. but the story does illustrate for you the real fear that this notion of homosexuality really had over our national politics for so many years. >> what do you hope people take away from the book? >> i came away from writing this very optimistic about the power of americans to change their country for the better. i mean, if you look at the place, the status of gay people when i -- when the book starts during the new deal, the 1940s,
8:42 am
this was the most despised minority in america and to go from that place to now where we have an openly gay man running for president on a major party ticket who is now serving in the cabinet, it is just an unfathomable progression and it makes me very proud and actually optimistic to be an american. there's very little to be optimistic in our world right now, but writing this book made me very optimistic. >> "secret city" out today. fantastic book. james, thanks very much. >> thank you, george. let's go to ginger. >> america and the world is addicted to fast fashion. the average american buys 16 new items of clothing every three months. more than 2,000 pieces of clothes are thrown away every second here in the united states. so we need industrial and societal change but we can all start the conversation. so you have seen me featuring consignment pictures or repeating those blue pants i shared with janai. i have worn this dress dozens of times since i bought it in 2007 but now we got to level up. taking the remake no new clothes
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pledge. so starting tomorrow for 90 days i won't be buying any new clothes. you say that seems easy, remember, people buy 16 items every three months. and saying no to new doesn't mean you can't shop. you can shop consignment. guess what we can do? we can save more than 2,500 gallons of water, eliminate the equivalent of 500 miles worth of driving and save almost 500 bucks apiece. if you want to join the pledge scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen or head to drew: i am abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. sunshine today, warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. 80's inland. tomorrow is even warmer, coolininininininin now to the exciting and now to the exciting and exclusive debut of the trailer for the upcoming live action "pinocchio." the movie stars tom hanks as geppetto, joseph gordon-levitt as jiminy cricket and cynthia erivo as the blue fairy in the
8:44 am
retelling of the tale of a wooden puppet and his adventure to become a real boy. it premieres exclusively on disney plus on september 8th. ♪ ♪ >> star light, star bright, first star i see tonight. i wish i may, i wish i might have the wish i wish tonight. ♪ when you wish upon a star ♪ ♪ ♪
8:45 am
i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait
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♪ beautiful sunny day in new york. welcome back to "gma." our next guest catapulted to fame 18 years ago with her novel "something borrowed." she's been entertaining readers ever since.grfis ook jo aryn of those moments in history you sort of remember where you were. they're such an iconic couple. what made you want to decide to write about them? >> i grew up fascinated by the kennedys and when i got to new york city in the mid '90s to practice law i became especially enchanted by jfk jr.
8:48 am
who didn't have a crush on him? and carolyn. so -- >> i'm looking at their pictures. so very peak '90s. that nostalgia. >> it's true. their story ended tragically but i think it was that unfulfilled promise and those questions of what if that totally inspired this book. >> totally. that is a key word for you. you say inspired because the stories are inspired by, not based on. >> right. >> tell me about that. have you heard from the families? >> this an entirely fictional work and i created these characters. the nation's most eligible bachelor in the mid '90s and a girl from a troubled past and meet unexpectedly and, you know, the story is about their relationship and whether they can overcome those obstacles. can love conquer all? >> have you heard from the families? >> no. this is fiction. you know, i draw my inspirations
8:49 am
from so many different places, from friends and family and definitely from the celebrities as well. >> it feels like it's meant to be on the big screen at some point. what's the likelihood we might see that happen? >> hopefully. i have several books in the works, books to film and tv series. i think the one that we'll see next is likely going to be "the lies that bind." i just read the pilot for that. we're making that into a limited series so i'm so excited. >> of course, we said it's been nearly two decades since your blockbuster "something borrowed," whoa, nearly two decades. >> i can't believe that. think of the '90s as being a decade ago not two decades ago. >> thank you. i appreciate that. that did make it to the big screen and watched it withkate hudson, of course, and so many fans want to know about a movie sequel to your next book after that, "something blue." so can you tell us? >> take a number. i'm right there with you. hollywood is slow. i would love to see that happen either continuation or a reboot with the new cast but your guess
8:50 am
is as good as mine at this point. >> we won't stop asking. but i do have to ask, you have so many books that all of us love so much. can you pick a favorite? do you have a favorite? >> it's so hard to pick a favorite. it's like picking a favorite child although my first born is onset with me today, edward. but as authors we tend to feel closest to our most recent and "something borrowed," "something blue," always have a soft spot for them, but this book i just love kate and joe's story and i can't wait for readers to meet them this summer. >> have you thought far enough ahead if it makes it to the big screen who would play them? >> i'm terrible of casting. i want you all to read it. i want michael to read this. he promised me he would and tell me what you think, what your casting ideas are. >> we'll have you back and follow up on it. michael, slip me a note and give me some names after this. all right, we're so excited to read it. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> everybody, you got to know this "meant to be" out right now. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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for controller, yvonne yiu. without talking t as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. >> announcer: this week, "gma" invites you to the biggest party in the world and things are about to get royally good. because "gma" and "gma3" are right there with america's front row seat to everything. >> did you guys hear "gma" is coming for the jubilee? [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
>> announcer: from windsor castle to the tower of london, piccadilly and riding along the river thames, the royal pat tri, the celebration, th parties, the military parade and flowover and corgis. "good morning america," the royal jubilee, all this week on "gma," america's front row seat to the royal party of the year. big debut on fx, "pistol" about the sex pistols, the punk rock revolution. we had the cast on last week. they were fantastic. premieres today on hulu. >> want to thank you for watching today. make sure you have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> more corgis tomorrow. >> more corgis. ♪ ♪
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning. it is already a busy morning on the roadways. we check in with jobina. jobina: check this out. we are starting with a look at sky 7. this is westbound 580 at seminary avenue. earlier we were following a sig alert in the area because of a downed tree that resulted in a very large backup, where speeds were averaging around 11 miles per hour. it has cleared but it is very busy. drew: temperatures are climbing through the 60's -- through the 70's in the warm response. a live look outside with tons of sunshine out there. a beautiful final day of may. by 4:00, comfortably cool and
9:00 am
60's. julian: we are back with midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, one of the stars of "euphoria," eric dane. plus, she plays "ozark" ceo, claire shaw, katrina lenk. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: i can't hear. yes, yes. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: yeah! right there.


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