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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 31, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> that report out today does show people 65 and older are dying of covid in greater numbers despite high vaccination rates. i asked dr. peter if the vaccine has simply stopped working for some people. >> i think what the secret is is the first booster is really important. when you look at death rates, the group over 65 is increasing during omicron but they are generally understood. more than 75% of deaths in over 65 have not received one booster shot. we need version 2.0 up the vaccine because even though they are good at preventing hospitalization and death,
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particularly if you have gone boosted, they are not great at preventing infection. as the virus evolves, the top of the virus is looking very different to the variant are vaccines are based on. >> he said he always carries a mask and recommends masks for people who are older and have not received a booster for those who are immune compromised or people who have not been vaccinated. >> if you have questions on the increasing covid cases, latest on booster shots, go to our website. our vaccine team ready to answer all your questions at >> nancy pelosi remains silent about her husband's dui charges over the weekend. she was in san francisco at two events, her staff insisting she will not comment on what they call a private matter. >> the often accessible house
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speaker nancy pelosi kept out of reach, refusing to have any conversation regarding her husband's dui charges. pelosi's refusal to even acknowledge reporters came as no surprise after her staff issued a statement saying the speaker will not be commenting on this private matter, which occurred while she was on the east coast. for now the matter of paul pelosi's dui is still under investigation. this is file video of pelosi marc: the 82-year-old pelosi had left a dinner party on saturday night, traveling eastbound on walnut lane and attempted to cross the highway when his porsche was struck by a jeep traveling northbound on 29. it was determined hello see's blood alcohol content was .08% or higher.
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he was detained and released after posting bond. today pelosi has not taken responsibility for allegedly driving under the influence. >> turning now to the weather, windy outside. we have a red flag warning but that is about to change. >> liz, larry, hi, everybody. only four more hours of critical fire conditions but i found the smoke. it is reminding you it is still very dry. i do not know what this is, i have inquired and still waiting on an answer. the red flag warning goes until 8:00 tonight. we have gusty northerly winds. we are about 91, as warm as it gets. the humidity down around 10%, 12%, 14%. winds only gusting 22 to 23 miles per hour. here is the fire danger index.
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the high in yellow kind of just falls away. we will look forward to a chance of wet weather coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> san francisco central subway still is not open two years behind schedule, but today cameras were allowed to capture images of a pleasing part of the project. the station in chinatown also comes with public art. amy hollyfield gives us a glimpse. amy: the station isn't open yet. it is still surrounded by a fence, an ugly reminder the station is not open yet. inside there are a few treats waiting for you when you are allowed in. take a look at this gorgeous piece showing chinese folk dance cut out of steel. it is the first thing you see as you head down the escalator toward the platform.
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one of the workers told me it looked great on paper but is even more stunning to see it cut out and up on the wall. they know everyone has heard about delays with this project so they wanted to show this sneak peek of the good that is happening and how important the station will be to chinatown. >> the artist, her story coming from the community, telling this incredible story through this beautiful visual, cements this idea that chinatown is going to be here forever and this station is almost an existential signal of that. amy: there are three pieces on display, three artists commissioned. the station itself is still closed, still working on finishing touches. officials are targeting an opening date of october. amy hollyfield, abc7news. >> you are going to notice
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something different with your take-out order from your favorite restaurant. starting tomorrow a state law prohibits restaurants and food delivery services from handing out plastic utensils, straws, chopsticks, even ketchup and mustard packets unless the customer asks for them. the goal is to reduce litter, toxic chemicals, and plastic waste. violators will receive warnings for the first two violations and fines up to $25 a day for some sweetened violations with a maximum fine of two $300 a year. >> san francisco has the highest average gas prices in the country, $6.48 a gallon. the california state average is $6.14 and the national averages $4.62. we pay more in california because of environmental regulations not to pollute the sky. in southern california, downtown
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l.a., $8.05 a gallon for regular unleaded. >> that is hard to stomach. we are 48 hours away from the nba finals on abc seven, preparations underway for thursday's game. as we wrap up jewish heritage month, you hear from a holocaust survivor. what he says about overcoming oppression. and murder at city hall. a new abc 7 documentary tells wh
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>> game one warriors-celtics is thursday night, the warriors sixth trip to the finals in eight years and today draymond green discussed how different this year was from the first time they went to the finals in 2015. >> people forget when we won our first championship, we were young. i was in my third year, steph was in his sixth year, but we were so important to the team that you tend to forget that we had super vets guiding us. the difference is that we are now the veterans showing the way. >> they looked like babies just a few years ago.
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fremont says it has been fulfilling to see the growth of younger players. moses moody just age 19. seeing all of them rise to the occasion. >> tickets are a hot commodity for the abc finals on abc 7, but thrive city is also thriving. ryan curry is live at chase center with a look at what fans can expect. >> you can feel the energy building around the stadium as we eagerly await game one on thursday. we know throughout the playoffs this area has been packed inside and outside the arena, even for away games. fans what flock to thrive city. now something special for those fans. they are able to watch away games inside the arena because the worriers are hosting watch parties for fans inside and outside to cheer on their favorite team.
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outside chase center excitement grows in preparation for thursday's game one. >> pretty confident. >> fans bought merchandise atk . while the abc studio team sets up their stage on the plaza, the buildup has team officials wanting to arrive soon. >> excitement has been building through the playoffs and has reached its peak. thrilled to be hosting game one on thursday. >> the warrior's of ticket sales says the environment has exceeded expectations. even away games saw massive crowds at thrive city watch parties. >> the reality has been better than we envisioned. ryan: some parties got so crowded, fans couldn't get in. to fix that, warriors will be hosting watch parties inside the arena and outside on the plaza during away games. >> the demand has exceeded the
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space we can accommodate so we decided to transition indoors as well. ryan: new district six supervisor matt dorsey doesn't advise people driving and finding parking, saying this area caters more toward public transportation and pedestrian traffic. >> this is a transit first arena. stay out of your cars because there is traffic congestion. ryan: dorsey says people should expect large crowds but also get excited about a bay area team back in a championship game. >> let's be gentle but celebrate responsibly, and let's win the championship. ryan: that is the hope among warriors fans and everybody around the community. if you are planning to go to a watch party, tickets are on sale now and you can get a reservation for the outdoor watch party as well. if you are planning on watching the game at home, you can watch
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on abc 7. ryan curry, abc7news. >> it is much more affordable to watch on tv. prices are really high for tickets. the warriors co-owner got his start in the nba, a limited ownership partner with the boston celtics from 2006 until he bought the warriors in 2010. to say he is a little competitive with be an understatement. >> boston is very important and those guys were very helpful. they are friends to this day. not too close friends. i want to kill them right now, i'm very honest. i am very competitive and i'm sure they are too. it's going to be a battle on court and a little bit of a battle at the ownership level. >> joe told his team he really, really, really, really, really
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wanted to be boston. he said his time with the celtics was tremendous, he learned a lot and applied some to how the warriors operate. ab home to the pregame and postgame programs. tip-off at 6:00 p.m., we are live on the air at 5:00 and you can count on coverage throughout the finals. >> you are looking live at a vegetation fire burning in napa county near old soda springs road. right now no evacuation warnings or orders have been issued but residents should stay vigilant and watch for updates. i know we do have a red flag warning. mike: it is outside napa county, which is odd because the last time we had a warning for solano county, we had a fire in contra costa county. i am reading on twitter, i believe a critical -- a credible source, that the air attack may
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be spinning out of sonoma county marc: with winds blowing, this could get out of hand rapidly. we have seen it billow out a lot of smoke over the last 10 minutes since i saw it on the east bay hills camera. usually the afternoon sea breeze brings in moisture and cooler air but it is fanning the flames right now with up to 25 mile per hour gusts going ahead to napa from nevada. we need to keep an eye on this and hopefully get it under control rapidly. you can see critical fire conditions will end this evening but we are so dry. bay and inland warmth again tomorrow and showers possible this weekend. even in san francisco, we are warmer than yesterday, about seven degrees. the neighborhood level, 77 sunnyside, everybody else in the
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60's. elsewhere, 70's to near 80 around the bay and a lot of 80's and the inland neighborhoods. those will taper into the evening as the breezes ease at 9:00. we drop into the 50's, 60's with clouds cleaning up along the coast. temperatures close to average, mid 40's to low 50's. tomorrow is the warmest afternoon with low to mid 80's around the south bay. low 80's for the peninsula, 75 san mateo. that breeze keeping the coast 50's to 60's. you will notice that breeze tomorrow afternoon. 70 in sausalito. conestoga at 90. the cool spot berkeley 72, same thing at richmond. then mid 70's to near 80's and warmest temperatures will be mid 80's to low 90's in the inland
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east bay neighborhoods. we are watching this parent low steering a series of storms are way that will keep us below-average through the weekend and an uncommon chance of wet weather in june. saturday is mainly across the north bay and the rest of us will have a chance on sunday. june is one of our driest months of the year and i have a hard time putting the storm impact scale on there, but it is looking more likely. larry: we will take every drop. coming up, bringing these sex pencils -- pistols to live for a new generation. liz:
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>> today is the final day of jewish-american heritage month. dan ashley conducted interviews with jewish americans. dan is in the newsroom with their comments. dan: i spoke with three people who know about as much as anyone about the triumphs, struggles, and contributions of jewish-american, a local rabbi as well as alan dershowitz, but let's start with anita, an
4:24 pm
86-year-old holocaust survivor who at six years old was forced into hiding to escape the nazis. i ask her about jewish-american heritage month. what are you thinking about and what would you encourage others to think about? >> the resilience. i think of jewish history as the history of over 1000 years in europe, of christian europe, of anti-semitism, racism, pogroms, murder, prosecution, but we survived. we seek to survive and not allow ourselves to become the internal victims. >> we are a country of immigrants. what would we be if not for jewish americans, italian americans, latino americans, african-americans, asian americans? that's who the country is. dan: what is it about human nature that makes us want to divide one another up? >> we have to stop that.
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we are a country in which all citizens are equal. it took constitutional amendments to get us there, for women, young people voting, african-americans. thankfully we are most of the way there, at least legally. we have a long way to go factually. dan: what makes you proud to be a jew, proud of what the jewish faith has meant to america? >> one of our most cherished spiritual directives is you know what it means to be the other, and if anyone in your community feels him or herself to be other, you have a responsibility to stand with them to make sure they are not marginalized, not oppressed. dan: what gives you particular pride about being jewish? >> we have contributed
4:26 pm
enormously to the welfare of our countries despite facing discrimination. i think that battle continues and we have to continue to fight for complete equality and to have our contributions, along with those of many others, recognized as part of the american dream. >> do you remain optimistic and hope all about you juror of relations in this country between face? >> i have never been more optimistic. a lot of people have said 2016 when hate was given permission to come into the public arena, it was there, hiding, now it is out in the open. it allows us to be more real and honest about the work we need to do. >> do you retain a sense of optimism for the future? >> i do, mostly because of the young people.
4:27 pm
our children in schools are learning of their own value, the need for respect of each other, about the horrors of racism and anti-semitism. i never learned any of that in school. i think more parents are conscious of it. i am counting on younger people to make this a better world. larry: of the young people in need are regularly speaks to, 2000 so far by zoom, sharing her experience of being in the holocaust and leading a meaningful life. my thanks to anita and alan dershowitz. larry: especially with anita, it is so important young people here her message because we are so many decades removed from the holocaust, from world war ii. it hits differently when you see the person in front of you who experienced these atrocities.
4:28 pm
you can't get that from a history book. dan: i talked with anita about that today. years ago i went with holocaust survivors to auschwitz. when that generation dies off, it does fade into the history books for a lot of people so it is important to hear them. larry: coming up, day two of deliberations in the johnny depp-amber heard defamation trial wrapping up this afternoon. liz:
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liz: now to an update on that breaking news, a fire burning now in napa county, a brush fire burning near old soda springs road at atlas peak road. calfire tells us it is at about 50 acres right now. buildings are threatened in the area and there are now evacuation orders. if this does sound familiar, this is the same area where the atlas fire started in october 2017, one of 14 fires
4:32 pm
simultaneously berdych in northern california. it is a little south of where the glass fire was in september 2020. folks very used to the brush fires and evacuation orders, but there are evacuation orders in effect at 1300 soda springs road. we have crews headed to napa and will keep you updated throughout the evening. larry: that's the last thing they need. moving on to the latest on the texas school massacre. abc news has learned that the volte -- the uvlalde police department is no longer cooperating with the investigation. that investigation came after the news conference when the director of dps said the delayed police entry into the classroom was the wrong decision. reena roy has the latest on the investigation and renewed fight
4:33 pm
for gun control. reena: the 21 victims being laid to rest. >> although i have celebrated many funeral masses, this situation is different. it's one huge funeral that is not ending. reena: the small community and nation in morning and there are growing questions into police response, with the gunman inside the school for 77 minutes. sources tell abc7news uvalde police are no longer cooperating with the review of their performance. calls for gun control growing louder. >> do something! do something! reena: some calls coming from the families of victims. felix and kimberly rubio lost their daughter lexi. >> there is no reason for the average citizen to have these weapons. what do you need them for?
4:34 pm
is it worth these kids? reena: a group of bipartisan lawmakers working on a 10 day deadline trying to reach an agreement on gun control legislation. >> we must turn that into action. reena: a smaller group of lawmakers meeting by zoom to continue what are being called serious negotiations, several proposals that would increase access to guns, including expanding background checks on gun sales, which has been voted down in congress multiple times. red flag warning, which would prevent someone from possessing a fire alarm if they have concerning behavior. also being discussed, more mental health resources. discussion with a larger group is being considered later this week. president biden is saying he will meet with congress to discuss gun reform. larry: students at thomas hart middle school walked out of class today protesting gun violence. these students called for gun control laws.
4:35 pm
with permission from officials, hundreds attended the walkout. david louis spoke with students leading the event. he will share their powerful words with us coming up at 5:00. the san francisco teachers union is holding a vigil tonight to commemorate the lives lost in texas and new york, at 6:00 tonight at san francisco city hall. if you want to find an ally to cope with issues like school safety on gun control, go to abc liz: jury deliberations continue in the johnny depp-amber heard defamation case, each suing the other with claims of abuse and denial. >> the jury in the case returning to the deliberation room for a second day, combing through six weeks of testimony from both sides claiming to be victims of abuse. >> johnny has taken enough of my voice.
4:36 pm
i have the right to tell my story, the right to say what happened to me. i have a right to my voice and my name. >> it's insane to hear heinous accusations of violence. >> depp suing hurd for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote in 2015. johnny depp was not named in the article but his legal team claims it damaged his career and future potential earnings. >> i have spoken up for what i have been carrying on my back, reluctantly, for six years. >> amber heard is counter suing for $100 million after johnny depp's team called her claims a hoax. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened, every single day. >> the trial reeling in an audience of millions from around
4:37 pm
the world and thousands who have shown up to this courthouse day after day. now a jury deliberating with millions of dollars at stake. a source close to the trial telling abc news jurors must answer seven questions whether determining whether johnny and his legal team have proven elements of deception. that decision must be unanimous. larry: robots filling jobs when people are not available.
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larry: time now for the four on four. some warriors fans are looking to cash in on their tickets. we took a look at ticketmaster's verified resale tickets. nearly $51,000 apiece. dan, i put you down for four. the cheapest ticket we found was
4:41 pm
$650. you can also watch the game on abc 7, your exclusive home for the nba finals. i will charge you nothing to watch the game. it is crazy money. >> $53,000. larry: only $51,000. >> dan is raising the price. >> we live in an affluent area, it's a big show, but that it shows crazy money. >> it makes 650 sound like a bargain, liz. >> these days 650, people pay that for a concert. liz: flights, the way they have been. it's easy for you to say when you have your nice press spot at the game. >> that is not where we are placed. >> you are kind of up in the rafters. >> at oracle i could almost
4:42 pm
touch the roof. >> there is $650, then there is larry. >> i called down to them for drinks -- throw up a water, please. >> send a sherpa! >> we like to keep you away from the public as much as possible. liz: the robot revolution is here in singapore at least. robots are filling open positions due to a labor shortage. the robots work at construction sites, in libraries, and perform mosquito evasion. some robots are the creepy, scary looking boston dynamics dogs. singapore has 605 robots per 10,000 employees. that little library one i kind of like. >> larry and i have a theory about this. >> they are going to weaponize these guys. >> the one that looks like a dog, i want to get one and take
4:43 pm
him for a walk in my neighborhood to freak everybody out. >> like say, this is all great until they turn on skynet. liz: next door is going to go wild when that happens. >> look, he can open a door. >> look, he can open a locked door. he just kicked in a locked door. we will see how this evolves. >> it is interesting to look at factories now. they increasingly use robots of all kinds. it will be interesting to know where we are 50, 100 years from now. >> repetition eventually creates injuries with people, but having to do that many now with other jobs, that's crazy. >> it's amazing we have the technology to do it. hopefully it will be put to good use and the people displaced get other jobs. >> eventually the robots will watch us and we go back to work again on the factory floor. >> robot supervisors?
4:44 pm
that's the last thing i need. got a hard enough problem with the human supervisors. what's old is new again, boardgames making a comeback during the pandemic. one of the most famous is bringing back an old token. hasbro has announced the thimble is returning -- dan seems excited -- to monopoly. fans voted to bring back the thimble over the wheelbarrow, iron, boot, and moneybag. the renewed token will replace the t-rex. i have not played monopoly in a million years. >> there is a t rex? liz: i didn't even know the thimble went away. why would they take the thimble away? i always fought with my sister. >> the last time i played was a year and a half ago. chris, our director, said this is all very thimb-loic.
4:45 pm
liz: fans of girl scout cookies can enjoy the flavor is year-round. they have partnered for a custom limited addicted -- limited-edition collection for eyeshadows and lip pallet. they come in flavors such as coconut, mint, and lemon. other shades have empowerment focused names, such as changemaker, risk taker, and trail blazer. >> i thought i was a shade of dou see do with some highlights. >> it's a good idea, great uplifting, motivating messaging for young girls. >> on mike it looks good. liz: i think i would rather get the cookie if i am wanting the cookie. >> get something men's over
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larry: now to an update on our breaking news, live pictures on a fire burning in enough accounting-year-old soda springs road. it is about 50 acres so far. buildings are threatened and there are now evacuation orders. we have crews headed toward napa county, sky 7 going directly to that plume of smoke and we will keep you updated all evening. n. mike: we will show you the east bay hills camera that initially caught my eye when this was a much smaller fire. so tick canyon road is the much smaller observatory. winds gusting to 16 and low relative humidity at 20%. what banks -- winds will start
4:50 pm
to taper as we head toward 6:00. when banks are pushing the fire along with a minor chimney effect up into the hills. the closest building we have would be the vineyard. if it keeps heading that way, it could get to them. this is moving through a very sparsely populated area, putting out a ton of smoke. if you lived to the east, it is going to blow a lot of smoke your way. we have some heat to talk about 60's and 70's for most of the bay. temperature is still above average thursday and at or below average friday, saturday, and sunday with a chance of sprinkles and showers. liz: i want to talk to you about something playing on the 24 hour
4:51 pm
channel and streaming apps, the abc 7 original murder at sydney hall -- city hall. larry: it talks about what led up to the murders of george m usconi and harvey milk. you will remember the infamous twinkie defense. >> many thought the confession would result in a death sentence, but there were questions about white's mental fitness. >> i do believe there was a psychopathology present in dan white that none of us saw. and this happened. >> there were questions immediately about dan white's depression and whether junk food played a role. >> sources telling me that when dan white went into one of these depressive states, he would lie in bed and watch television.
4:52 pm
the interesting note is what he ate, foods with high sugar content like pepsi and twinkies. the effect of the sugar on his mind and body could be key testimony in the dan white defense. liz: you can watch the documentary murder at city hall on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app, roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and android tv. bringing a bit of punk to julio. >> ladies and gentlemen, the sex pistols. larry: a new hulu series
4:53 pm
for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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larry: sky 7 is live over a fire burning in napa county near old soda springs road. we have been updating throughout the newscast. it is 50 acres but appears to be growing.
4:56 pm
there are some homes nearby and some evacuation orders. a buddy of mine sent me some video. we will try to get it on the air as soon as possible. huge plumes of smoke. there is a plane, they are trying to do drops. we will keep you updated. the sex pistols broke up in the late 1970's but we are still talking about punk music and the movement the band helped start. there is a new limited series streaming on hulu called pistol. >> the band was together for less than three years and broke up more than four decades ago, which prompted me to ask the director, why are we still fascinated by the sex pistols, why are they still important? >> i think they changed everything. >> in the 1970's, britain was a land of limited opportunities for young people and the sex
4:57 pm
pistols tapped into their anger. >> anger is an energy and there is this driving force. an explosive sound emerged from them. >> their voice was felt even before the release of the band's first album. >> never mind the bollocks was so shocking. people were arrested for putting it in their shop window. >> pistol is based on a memoir by guitarist steve jones, who told me the sex pistols were born to crash and burn. >> it just happened. it was one of those short periods that was meant to happen and dissolve. >> after the band broke up, bassist sid vicious died of a drug overdose after he was accused of murdering his girlfriend nancy. >> there is something alluring about living fast and dying young. >> the young actors had to
4:58 pm
immerse themselves in the music of the sex pistols. >> the music stands out, great rock and roll. but it is what they did to our society that makes them eternal. >> i am sandy kenyon, abc7news. >> i am sandy kenyon, abc7news. larry: abc7news at 5:00 is i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are
4:59 pm
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live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is in napa where a wild fire is burning in the hills just north of the famous silverado resort. calfire says structures are threatened on old soda springs road in that area, evacuations have been ordered. about 100 acres have burned near large estates. we have seen a plane attacking the flames from the air. it is to the north of the city


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