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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 1, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the three of you. i thought of all of you at separate times on my little vacation. i am excited good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, new questions in the texas school shooting investigation as we start this wednesday. what authorities are now saying about the door the gunman used to get into robb elementary school as the first young victims are laid to rest. now as the officer who made the call not to go into the school right away cooperating with investigators. plus, the renewed push for action on guns. will senators find a path forward? tropical threat. deadly hurricane agatha slams mexico. flash flooding drowning homes there. will it move towards the u.s.? and the severe weather on the move from the heartland to the east coast. overnight the u.s. announcing it will send new advanced rockets to ukraine. is there now a risk of
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escalation on the battlefield? what president biden is saying this morning. our ian pannell inside the trenches as ukrainians fight for their homeland. eye-popping gas prices shattering records again. which states now have the highest and lowest numbers. can anything be done to bring them down? midair scare. both pilots on a trans-atlantic flight allegedly falling asleep. air traffic controllers losing contact for about ten minutes. what happened next? overnight johnny depp gets a sanding ovation while performing on stage. with all eyes on the jury deliberating a verdict in the case against ex-wife amber heard. this morning the key questions from jurors. what it could mean. caught on camera. the massive rockslide in lake powell. what may have triggered it. summer travel surge. the new numbers. which summer weeks are most expensive to fly and when will you find the best deals?
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♪ and "gma" is live in london in the final hours ahead of the platinum jubilee honoring queen elizabeth's 07-year reign. her majesty now back in london. what we know about her first toherofice, plus, a special lady dr. jill biden you'll only see on "gma" as we take you behind the scenes to the biggest party in the world. good morning, america. excited about the platinum jubilee. t.j. and amy are there in london to bring that to us later in the show. >> very excited about that. that's all coming up. we begin with the latest in the texas school massacre later today. funerals held for 10-year-old jose flores, teacher irma garcia and her husband joe, who died of a heart attack days after the shooting. they leave behind four children. >> so tragic. we're also learning new details about how the gunman got into the school. marcus moore starts us off from uvalde, texas.
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good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. those funerals are set for later this morning as this community tries to heal. new questions are emerging this morning about what happened the day that 18-year-old gunman came to this school and killed so many innocent children. this morning, new questions about how the gunman got into robb elementary school and carried out his deadly rampage. authorities changing their story. on friday saying a teacher left a door propped open allowing the gunman to enter. >> a teacher runs to the room 132 to retrieve a phone and that same teacher walks back to the exit door and the door remains propped open. >> reporter: but this morning the teacher's lawyer telling "the san antonio express news" she propped the door open to get food from her car. she saw the gunman crash his truck, ran back into the classroom to get her phone and dial 911 and then closed the door shut after realizing the gunman was heading towards the school. her lawyer saying, quote, she thought the door would lock because the door is always supposed to be locked. now the texas department of public safety walking back their
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earlier comments and confirming the teacher's story as law enforcement studies these images appearing to show the gunman walking right into the building. video obtained by abc news raising questions about law enforcement's response as investigators piece together each moment of that 77-minute rampage. at 11:33 a.m., the gunman entering through that door, making his way into two connected classrooms, immediately firing more than 100 rounds. one of those classrooms seen here in a photo the school posted on facebook in april. by 11:35 officers entered the school through the same entrance and took fire, but did not breach the classroom or take the gunman down. police are seen rescuing children after breaking a window. >> more kids running out. they're breaking windows. >> reporter: parents outside urging officers to go in and save the others. >> you know that there are kids, right? they're little kids. they don't know how to defend themselves. >> reporter: sources telling abc news the carnage only ended when
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border protection agents used a custodian's key to breach the door and killed the gunman at 12:50 p.m. outside the school a race to find the wounded. what sounds like radio dispatch capturing one of the victims talking to police. >> let me see. are you injured? >> i got shot. >> where? where? >> they shot the kid. >> reporter: overnight uvalde police chief pete arradondo who is facing criticism for making the decision to wait for more resources rather than confront the gunman sworn in as a city council member after the ceremony was delayed by several hours. abc news learning arradondo has not yet responded to a request for a follow-up interview with texas rangers investigating the shooting response. 19 students and 2 teachers losing their lives in the massacre. 10-year-old amerie jo garza and 10-year-old maite rodriguez the first to be laid to rest. >> she was going to be something. she was going to be something very, very special.
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>> reporter: so many here tying to find a way to honor those who lost their lives. the girl scouts posthumously awarded amerie jo with the bronze cross for risking her life to save her friends and classmates that day by calling 911 before she was shot. it is one of the highest honors awarded by the girl scouts and, michael, there were so many brave children last week when this attack happened. >> yeah, absolutely. thanks, marcus. and in the aftermath of the massacre in texas, there's a renewed push for federal action on guns. a bipartisan group of senators is discussing possible measures to at least prevent guns from getting in the wrong hands. congressional correspondent rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: michael, good morning. president biden promised he will meet with lawmakers to discuss gun control legislation. for now, though, he is letting these talks play out on capitol hill. congress is out on recess, but a small group of democrats and republicans in the senate have been speaking by phone and by zoom trying to figure out if there is a path forward.
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they are discussing a range of options, everything from expanding background checks to red flag laws that would temporarily take guns away from people who are considered dangerous. polls show the majority of americans do support those measures. democrats would like to take it a step further and ban assault weapons outright but republicans say that is a nonstarter and they will need the support of at least ten republicans in the senate in order to get any legislation passed. that will be a challenge. senate majority leader chuck schumer has now given this small group just under a week to reach an agreement but some states are not waiting for congress to act. in the wake of the buffalo mass shooting, new york is already moving to raise the legal age limit to purchase a smiautomatic weapon from 18 to 21. cecelia? >> a lot of the focus on statehouses around the country. okay, rachel, thanks so much. we turn to the tropical threat on the move possibly targeting florida, this after deadly hurricane agatha slammed mexico. right to sam champion in for ginger this morning and down in lake worth beach, florida.
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tracking it all. hey, sam. >> reporter: good morning, cecelia. this is the first day of the hurricane season of this season and, by the way, all eyes on the gulf. let me show you why. as you mentioned this is already a killer hurricane. it came onshore as the "a" named storm in the coast of mexico as agatha and killed 11 people. 20 people are still missing and a lot was from flooding rains that washed off the mountains in mexico. a tragic situation and the strongest hurricane to hit mexico in may. now, what's left of this is a little area of circulation, kind of a center of circulation near cancun right there. but watch our futurecast tracks that take it towards south florida. will it develop into a tropical depression? will it develop into a tropical storm? will it take the "a" named storm of the atlantic season which is later and that would be alex? all the models are taking this heavy rain at the very least with strong gusty winds across florida with heavy rain expected for south florida. let's get you into the details
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here of what this could mean by the time we get to friday and saturday. 70% chance it will develop over the next five days and two see two to three inches north and up to seven inches south, so we are watching it carefully. >> i know you are, sam. the latest on the war in ukraine as russia makes some gains in the eastern part of the country, president biden has authorized a new rocket system to ukraine. senior foreign correspondent t pannell is on the scene. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's pretty incredible when you come to the capital kyiv remembering what it was like on the first days of war. these streets were totally empty. there were checkpoints everywhere. there was a real sense of fear that perhaps the russians could march in and take over the capital and the country. today, of course, the fighting is focused in the east and the donbas which we keep talking about. this as america and others ramp up their military support for ukraine. overnight the u.s. committing to provide ukraine with advanced weapon systems in their fight against the russian invasion.
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among the new weapons, the biden administration will send a mobile artillery rocket system. it's capable of traveling around 48 miles. just last week russia's foreign minister warned the u.s. that providing ukraine with these weapons is an unacceptable escalation because they could be hypothetically used to attack russia. president biden writing in a guest essay for "the new york times," we're not encouraging or enabling ukraine to strike beyond its borders. we don't want to prolong the war just to inflict pain on russia. the military supplies crucial to ukraine as russia takes more ground in the east. ukrainian forces desperately trying to hold on to the city of severodonetsk but local authorities say most of the city is under russian control. this video posted by russian-state media shows forces inside the city and as many as 13,000 are thought to be trapped there and evacuation attempts stalled because of the shelling. and as moscow looks to take
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control of the donbas russian forces bombarding town, villages and cities across the region. we go inside the trenches with ukrainian forces as they prepare to defend their homeland. the russians now are only a few miles away from this position. as you can see, they've dug into their trenches here. we're hearing the sound of artillery outgoing and this area is coming under increasing fire. as the fighting in the east intensifies, crowds of civilians forced to flee. outside of kharkiv buses taking civilians to safety away from the front lines. well, i think we keep a close eye on russia's response to president biden's announcements of these weapons. moscow has been saber rattling for some time. it hasn't followed through on its threats but, of course, there is always a real risk and danger here that things could escalate further. george? >> okay, ian, thanks. more on this from our military analyst retired couple stephen ganyard. first, steve, what exactly is this system and what is it capable of? what can it do? >> george, it's a long-range rocket system and the ukrainians already have an old soviet system like in that has this
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kind of range but what this does is add gps precision to each rocket. so now you can put that rocket within a 20 to 30-foot circle and so that precision was going to give the ukrainians the ability to target things precisely. but unless the u.s. provides these in large numbers i don't see it as a game changer. more equaling things up on the battlefield. >> president biden says the intention is not to have these target russian targets but it certainly has the capability to do that. >> it does, but i think some of the russian objection earlier in the week is to a different version, a different size rocket that can go into this weapon system which actually could go out to 190 miles. u.s. is being clear that is not the rocket system. it is not going to provide the ukrainians with a deep strike capability. >> what do you make of the russian response? they call it an unacceptable escalation. can they do anything about it? >> no, they can't do anything about it, george. it's just in line with their capabilities and all it's doing is evening things up on the battlefield. the battlefield continues to be fairly static.
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we've seen small tactical gains in the donbas and know the ukrainians are pushing down near kherson. it's still a stalemate. things are not moving. both economies are taking a beating and we know that there's world famine and hunger being exacerbated by the loss of ukrainian wheat. things are in a stalemate. pressure is on. it's really a question of which country can hold out the longest. >> russia is making gains in the east, aren't they? >> they're small. they're tactical. these are not strategic moves so it's still quite the stalemate. >> okay, steve ganyard, thanks very much. cecelia? the eu crackdown on russian oil is helping push prices here to new high this is morning. kaylee hartung is at a gas station in los angeles. kaylee, there's no other way to say it, it is simply astounding. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, cecilia. these gas prices just keep going up and we are shattering records again. the national average now hitting $4.67 for a gallon of regular
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and here at this gas station in l.a., the numbers even more stunning. at this gas station we're about to top $8. that is extreme. we are looking at seven states with prices over $5 a gallon. the cheapest in the country is georgia, prices still high at $4.16. experts are saying prices are still going to rise as so much of the world is prying to put pressure on vladimir putin. and most experts say they believe these prices will continue to climb as so much of the world tries to put pressure on vladimir putin, the u.s. has already banned russian oil imports and now the european union is saying they will embargo the vast majority of russia's imports as well. >> seeing that $8 sign is something. the big question, what if anything can be done? >> reporter: well, cecelia, most experts say that the white house already used its silver bullet a few months ago with that strategic petroleum release so it's unclear what the answer is. at the state level some states namely california talked about gas rebates but since those talks started very little
7:15 am
progress. >> taking a long time to kick in. gas prices, of course, have the white house increasingly worried as the midterms are approaching and president biden meeting with treasury secretary janet yellen and federal reserve chair jerome powell trying to plot a strategy to tackle the inflation prices. the president says it starts with respecting the fed and respecting the fed's independence. they're trying to show the fed is independent. > we hope they can do that. all right, now to that midair scare. both pilots on a flight from new york to rome allegedly falling sleep and failing to respond to air traffic control for over ten minutes. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is at laguardia airport. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning. this is truly unsettling. the two pilots allegedly falling asleep 38,000 feet in the air. now, this was a massive plane, an airbus 330 with as many as 250 passengers on bard.
7:16 am
it was a flight from jfk to rome last month and over france while the first officer was on his designated sleeping break, investigators say the captain allegedly fell asleep too. air traffic controllers losing contact for about ten minutes. they were so concerned, fighter jets were prepared to intercept but the pilots eventually started responding. ita airways known previously as alitalia claim the radio stopped working. investigators found no issues. ita says it has fired the captain and we should tell you after all of that, that plane did land safely in rome. michael? >> that is some good news but scary to think about that, gio. thank you so much. we turn now to the countdown to queen elizabeth's jubilee celebration honoring her 70-year reign on the throne and less than 24 hours to go until it kicks off. amy and t.j. are live in london giving us a front row seat. good morning, you two. looking nice. looking dapper. both of you. wow. >> reporter: i know. he brought his england game
7:17 am
here. look at that. the double breasted vest and everything with houndstooth. impressive. >> reporter: look, i raided george's wardrobe closet before i left. so thanks, george. i didn't think you'd mind. >> reporter: guys, it's pretty remarkable here already. you can see london is excited about this historic celebration. people are already lining the streets of the mall. it's the path that leads up to buckingham palace and also some very exciting news, the queen is back home at windsor. she was spotted in the airport in scotland taking that pre-jubilee rest at her estate in balmoral but she did hit a bit of rough air, we're told. in fact, we have an official statemenfr buckingham palace. the queen's flight was delayed due to a lightning storm. all the correct procedures were followed and there were no safety concerns so that is certainly a relief. she is 96 years old. she has had recent health and mobility issues. so she won't be attending all of the events planned for the next several days but here's what we do know. we will see the queen tomorrow. >> reporter: we will see her, but to start this whole party
7:18 am
off we're going to have the jubilee kick-off with the military parade. that goes from buckingham palace down to the horses parade essentially but you will see prince charles, prince william participate in that but after that is the moment everybody has been waiting for and what robach is talking about. we will see the queen expected to step out on that balcony with other members of the royal family that includes prince charles, prince william, duchess kate, duchess camilla but you're not going to see, though, nonworking royals. the queen said this year only the working royals will be on that balcony. so you won't see prince harry or prince andrew up there. but, hey, it's a party that's not the party of the year but a party of the past 70 year, guys. >> t.j. is dressed for it. >> you need some houndstooth. >> i can see you wearing that, george. coming up, the latest on the johnny depp/amber heard trial. we'll tell you about the question the jury had for the judge.
7:19 am
dan abrams with what that could mean. first let's go back to sam. >> reporter: we're going to show you, george, storms and what a powerful night of flooding rain that came down around the kansas city area. that's the weather around the nation. here's what you can expect. drew: i have your accuweather forecast, a warm day for sunshine, warmest spots into the 80's, if not low 90's later today. overnight tonight, coastal cloud cover, some of fog spilling in and around the bay shoreline, generally in the 50's. seven day forecast, warm today, breezy, winds strengthen to go -- tomorrow, calling us off by the end of the week. we can come increased cloud cover and chance of a shower
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by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪♪ >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. happening now, firefighters are still working to put out the old fire in napa county. it is burning north of napa valley. this is a rural area that is known for fire activity. the atlas fire burned here in 2017. the fire has burned about 578 acres and is 50% contained. no injuries have been reported and no structures have been damaged. jobina: we are following a crash in san francisco between a motorcycle and one other car on northbound 101 at 9th street. at least one lane blocked.
7:24 am
traffic is backed up to the foot of the -- we will wrap up with a busy highway. you can see highway for to the maze is going to be 27 minutes. kumasi: drew tuma has a look ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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drew: the marine layer is hugging the coast. two and half mile visibility. elsewhere, we have a lot of sunshine. that marine layer stays along the coast throughout the day. temperatures now in the 40's and 50's. a live look, you can see that fog rolling across the hills of the north bay and through the golden gate bridge right now. a lot of sunshine in-store today. the coast stays cool with that fog in the 50's and 60's but the marine layer is not areawide. this afternoon, 70's and 80's. kumasi: if you are streaming on
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the abc 7 bay area news app, abc 7 at 7:00 continues next.
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and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. ♪ welcome back to "gma." they need no introduction but i'll give you, bts with their smash hit "butter." they made a special visit to the white house with an important message, when k-pop and politics collides. >> that is coming up. we're also following a lot of headlines as well this morning including the latest in the uvalde school shooting investigation. authorities have corrected previous claims that a teacher left a door propped open at the school allowing the gunman to enter. her lawyer said she did prop it open to get food from her car but ran back into the classroom
7:31 am
to call 911 and closed the door behind her. the problem, it didn't lock even though it's supposed to. this massive rockslide in lake powell. boaters out captured the event as a huge section of rocks collapsed into the lake sending plumes of dust and debris into the air. the changing pressure with water levels at a historic low may have triggered it. the tennis superstar 18-year-old coco gauff beat sloane stephens at the french open to reach her first major semi-final and she'll return to the court thursday. also an epic win for rafael nadal who beat top seeded defending champ novak djokovic. nadal moved one step closer to a record 14th title at the famous clay court tournament. nadal turned 36 on friday when he will play the semifinals. but 14th title. he's winning it every year. a lot more ahead including the best time to book your flight for a summer getaway.
7:32 am
now to the johnny depp/heard defamation t libetis is mning after lettin ifairfax,ira, with the story. that questou tm.ndr:morningege 1:30 p aus on how th ju suld hand title of heard's 2018 "washington post" op-ed. that is the crux of this whole trial. we did not see amber heard here yesterday. johnny depp was somewhere else too. ♪ overnight johnny depp back on stage with jeff beck in london. receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. [ applause ] this comes as jurors in depp and amber heard's multimillion dollar defamation trial are taking their time, pausing
7:33 am
deliberations to ask a judge for clarification tuesday afternoon about whether they should take the headline or the full article into account regarding heard's "washington post" op-ed. >> does question number three, the statement is false, pertain to the headline, i spoke up against sexual violence and faced our culture's wrath or does it pertain to the content of the statement, everything written in the op-ed. >> reporter: the judge determining -- >> the statement is the headline and not the entire op-ed. >> reporter: this all centered around a 2018 "washington post" op-ed where she called herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. >> it's insane to hear heinous accusations of violence. >> reporter: depp alleging in his $5 article damaged his career despite the fact he wasn't named in it. heard countersuing for 100 million. >> i remember just trying to get up so i could breathe so i could tell him that he was really hurting me. >> reporter: a seven-person civil jury comprised of five men and two women heard closing arguments and began deliberations on friday. a source close to the trial revealing to abc news jurors must answer seven questions about whether depp has proven elements of defamation and six
7:34 am
questions in heard's countersuit that depp's team called her claims a hoax >> i think we are likely obviously to get some requests for additional testimony or exhibits because jurors often do need to clarify certain issues they heard about during trial. >> reporter: the case is being tried in the court of public opinion also. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ >> reporter: social media appears to show a preponderance of support for depp. but some experts warn that this could discourage victims of domestic violence from coming forward in the future. it remains to be seen how this case could affect both of their careers. >> i think for johnny depp he's basically won already. the court of public opinion with his millions of twitter followers and social media followers, you know, braying after amber heard saying they're on team johnny, to a large extent he's kind of already won. >> reporter: for a trial that has seen its fair share of commotion outside the courthouse with depp supporters, heard supporters, protesters and
7:35 am
gawkers, yesterday was a relatively quiet and hot day here as everyone waits for some kind of answer. the jury was set to begin deliberating to day at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. george? >> okay, will, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief analyst dan abrams. only one clue yesterday, that note. what did you make of it? >> it's always risky to read the tea leaves. that's what i do for a living. >> we'll do it. >> let's try and do it. yeah, as we talked about before, the phrase sexual violence that was in the headline of the op-ed is the most perilous one for amber heard. it's the best shot that johnny depp has because the specific allegation she made of sexual violence is something she only brought up recently. basically after the lawsuit was filed. and so that's kind of her weakest claim and so the fact that the jurors are asking about that phrase and asking is it the whole op-ed or just that phrase is good for johnny depp. the more they focus on that lin
7:36 am
uhink tt e wasn't responsible for it. >> correct, correct. so that's why it's very difficult to know exactly, but i think that most people watching the case closely would say, this was a long-shot case for johnny depp. if they're going to focus on that line, that's a pretty good sign for him. >> and you say you expected a verdict at the end of yesterday or today. could we get one today and does goes on?enefit the longer this - >> again, because i think it's a relatively long shot for johnny depp, the longer they deliberate the more seriously they're taking the case, the better i think it is for johnny depp, but i did make a caveat yesterday saying if they're not split. if they're not divided i think it could go relatively quickly. if there's a divide on the jury you have no idea how long these things can take. >> you know how to cover all your bases. >> excellent. >> yes, but don't hold me to it. [ laughter ]
7:37 am
>> we won't. >> that's the way i roll. >> all right, thank you, dan, as always. now we turn to that tragic parasailing accident that left a woman dead and two young children injured after they slammed into a bridge in florida when winds picked up. victor oquendo has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, we're frightening moments immediately after a mother and two young boys suddenly collided with a bridge while parasailing. 33-year-old supraja alaparthi killed. both children hurt. boaters nearby rushing in to help. >> i thought a parachute hit the bridge and thought the people would be dangling when i got there but they actually -- it was a much worse situation. >> reporter: according to authorities, shortly after putting the three victims in flight, a strong gust of wind pegged the parasail. that means the sail filled with air and risked dragging the boat.
7:38 am
the captain cut the line tethered to three victims dropping them from an unknown height and dragging them through the water by the inflated parasail until it collided with the old seven mile bridge charter boat captain john callion and his passengers were the first on scene. >> one of the kids was upside down and the woman was laying face flat in the water. >> reporter: abc news reached out to the company lighthouse parasail but have not heard back. on their website they boast a spotless safety record. while parasailing incidents like this are rare any equipment failure or sudden change in weather conditions can be catastrophic. >> here we go. >> reporter: in 2018 katie malone then 29 years old was floating around puerta vallarta for 45 minutes after the line connecting her to the boat broke free before eventually crash planning at an airport. she spoke with "gma" after being released from the hospital. >> when i was going down fast that's when i started spinning into circles and got sick so then i just, you know, started saying a prayer right before i crashed and passed out.
7:39 am
>> reporter: she suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. in the most recent incident one of the boys had to be airlifted to the hospital. the other suffered minor injuries. if you plan on going parasailing research the company and check the forecast. by all accounts the weather played a big role here. guys? >> sad story. victor, thank you so much. we will switch gears. coming up gio benitez is back there at laguardia airport with simple tips on how you can still get the best deal on your summer vacation. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey there, cecilia. yeah, we'll tell you the most affordable dates to travel. the cheapest destinations and how you book to save the most cash. that's all coming up next right here on "gma." stick around. who do you think you are? canceling plans, commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us.
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all right, we are back now all right, we are back now with those affordable summer travel tips. airfare might be skyrocketing but you don't have to give up on that vacation just yet. gio is back with the smartest ways you can book your flights. gio, tell us everything we need to know. >> reporter: well, cecilia, good morning. listen, tsa, they are preparing to break records here saying that it could screen more than 3 million people in a single day. so call it the summer of travel. with summer surging in demand and fewer flights in some cases airfares are soaring. >> summer flights right now are, indeed, extraordinarily expensive. >> reporter: scott dedicates his life to finding cheap flights. >> don't wait to book your flights until the very last minute because last-minute
7:44 am
flights will generally get more expensive, not less. >> reporter: karen brennan says her family's most recen trip to california put them in debt. >> flight for four to san francisco for us would typically be about $1,600 and it was about $2,800. all the hotels and everything else usually in our normal budget added into it. >> reporter: the most expensive weekend to fly, july 4th with round trip domestic airfares coming in at an average of $412. and if you want the cheapest deals this summer, wait until the end. >> if you're willing to wait until late august to take your summer vacation you can save as much as $118 off of domestic airfare and more than $100 off a three-night hotel stay. >> reporter: as far as destinations hailey says some expensive ones -- seattle, san diego and portland. less expensive places, houston, orlando and ft. lauderdale and check out this money-saving tip for families.
7:45 am
try booking one ticket at a time rather than altogether. >> we had a flight from portland to new york and we were searching for four tickets and those tickets came back at $187 per person. when i reduced it down to one ticket all of a sudden the price dropped to $113 per person. the airline will only sell you four tickets if they are in the same what's called fare bucket. so maybe they only had three tickets available at that $113 rate and so by searching for four tickets i got bumped up to the $187 rate. >> reporter: you also may want to look at one-way tickets because one airline may have a good offer on one ticket for your departure. another airline may have a better price for the return. look at that. then after you buy your ticket go back every once in a while, check the price for that same flight because if it's gone down, you can call the airline and get a credit. guys? >> got me ready for vacation, gio, thanks. >> great information. coming up next, amy and t.j.
7:46 am
are on the mall about to make their way to the stage at buckingham palace, the heart of the jubilee celebration that we are all so excited about.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
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7:50 am
with a selfie stick and some very excited fans, of course. what could go wrong, you guys, a selfie stick and fans? >> reporter: the problem is that t.j. is operating the selfie stick. that's what could go wrong. look at the fans lined up along the parade route. this is the mall and we're walking towards buckingham palace and we have people who are securing their spots even camping out. you can see some tents. t.j., can you get those tents? >> reporter: what do you want from me? i'm trying here. >> reporter: they've already been camping out here starting yesterday. so they have snacks, hydration, i don't know what facilities they're using but they have their spot secured for the big parade that, of course, begins . this is where wekiham palace.
7:51 am
>> reporter: can you see it? >> reporter: i think the whole selfie stick thing went well. >> reporter: watch out, cameraman, t.j. is coming. >> reporter: oh, there's a car coming. >> all right. we're going to have you do all your own live shots from now on. be careful, guys. we have so much more from amy and t.j. in london. stay with us. create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. here is jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: good morning. we are starting with the graphics because we are following a sig alert. this is northbound 85 before winchester boulevard. speeds have dropped to 11 miles per hour and at least two lanes are blocked. moving up to san francisco, a crash we were following earlier on northbound 101 at 9th street has cleared. drew: looking at the visibility right now, we have some thick fog along half moon bay. elsewhere we have sunny skies. right now, numbers are climbing through the 50's and 60's. we are socked in with fog. a light breeze this morning and here is how your day is shaping up. we will keep that fog along the coastline but for most of us it is a sunny day.
7:57 am
away from the coast, it is a warm day with 70's and upper 80's later this afternoon. kumasi: abc seven at 7:00 is next. for everyone else, gma is next.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new questions in the uvalde school shooting investigation about the door the gunman used to get into robb elementary school as the first young victims are laid to rest. now is the officer's call not to go in right away cooperating with investigators? "gma" exclusive. your first look at the new instagram feature to help keep children safe. "star wars" strikes back. "obi-wan kenobi" star moses ingram revealing she's received racist messages online. ewan mcgregor jumping to her defense. her message this morning. less than 24 hours to go until the platinum jubilee celebrating the queen's 70 years on the throne and "gma" is giving you exclusive access
8:01 am
ahead of the ceremony that kicks it all off. ♪ bts in d.c. the k-pop stars meeting with president biden making a dynamite white house appearance with an important message. ♪ celebrate good times come on ♪ and we're kicking off pride month with a huge celebration like only "gma" can do. surprising one very deserving volunteer. >> and we want to say -- >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i was born this way ♪ why not for the third time. good morning, america. that's right. we are kicking off pride month with a pop-up pride party. you see it going on right there. sam champion, he's with our team in lake worth beach, florida.
8:02 am
>> big surprise for wayne, a volunteer at a center that supports members of the lgbtq community in south florida. he has no idea where they're taking him or the celebration we have in store for him that's coming up. >> very excited about that. also excited about being in london. amy and t.j. are getting closer to the stage that is the heart of the queen's platinum jubilee celebration. we've got an exclusive look behind the scenes. that is coming up. we begin with news and the latest on the investigation into the uvalde school shooting as we learn new detays about how the gunman got into the school. marcus moore is in uvalde. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, george, good morning again. more than a week after the attack at this school, there are still no answers to some of the most pressing questions about what happened here and how, but new video and accounts may be helping to connect some of those dots. this morning, new questions about how the gunman got into robb elementary school and carried out his deadly rampage. authorities changing their story on friday saying a teacher
8:03 am
left a door propped opal lowing the gunman to enter. this morning the teacher's lawyer telling the "the san antonio express news" she propped it open to get food from her car. she ran back into the classroom to dial 911 and closed the door shut after realizing the gunman was heading toward the school. her lawyer saying, quote, she thought the door would lock because the door is always supposed to be locked. now the texas department of public safety walking back their earlier comments and confirming the teacher's story as investigators piece together each moment of that 77-minute rampage. outside the school, a race to find the wounded. what sounds like radio dispatch capturing one of the victims talking to police. >> i got shot. >> where? >> reporter: overnight uvalde school district police chief pete arradondo facing criticism for making the decision to wait for more resources sworn in as a city council member after the ceremony was delayed by several hours. 19 students and 2 teachers losing their lives in the massacre. 10-year-old amerie jo garza and 10-year-old maite rodriguez the
8:04 am
first to be laid to rest. and people have come together to help the grieving families and support them during this difficult time including trey whose company made custom caskets for almost all the children, each with different themes to honor those kids. michael, it is a moving tribute to the young lives lost here. >> moving indeed, marcus. thank you so much. and now we'll go back to london and the platinum jubilee honoring 70 years of queen elizabeth's reign, amy and t.j. are there with an unprecedented level of access. taking us behind the scenes of the buckingham palace stage. how is it going there, guys? >> reporter: that's right. not just behind the scenes, we're actually on the stage. this is where it's all going to happen, michael. this is the platinum party at the palace. >> reporter: nailed it. >> reporter: thank you. it's nice alliteration there but this is where we'll see people like, oh, i don't know, sir elton john, diana ross, just to
8:05 am
name a few, queen with adam lambert and you'll have thousands of people all around here listening, of course, at home too but lining the streets of the mall where we were just walking crazily up here to show you this incredible stage and what's going to be a ginormous party here starting tomorrow? >> reporter: we talk about the big names on this stage. today all they got is t.j. and amy so it feels like the stage isn't being put to full use. it's actually three stages. if you can sneak through here and look a little bit you see these white columns. they represent her 70 years reign but connect three stages. another stage you can see through there and there's also another one to the other side where all this is going to be going on, so, guys, this is a big party and we are giving you the preview like none other here in london.
8:06 am
so a whole lot more coming up here when we check in with you plenty throughout the hour. >> you got better than a front row seat. you're having a lot of fun. coming up in our "gma morning menu," moses ingram is revealing she's received racist messages online. what she's saying now and how her co-star ewan mcgregor reacted. also this morning, the new yo thelpeep safe. i >>plus, "gis live platinubi t and how she served as a mechanic and a driver. and lara is outside. hey, lara. >> reporter: hi, michael. yeah, we're having a pop-up party right here in times square too kick off pride month. my brother sam is in florida to celebrate a beloved member of the lgbtq community. we're going to see him in a moment and "gma" will be right back. moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection.
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8:10 am
happy prid ♪ happy pride, "gma." >> happy pride. >> happy p ♪ happy pride, "gma." >> happy pride. >> happy pride month. >> hey, i'm jesse williams. >> i'm jesse tyler ferguson. >> and i'm patrick adams. happy pride month. >> good morning, america. it's patrick starr and happy
8:11 am
pride. >> those are just a few of the celebrities who are helping us kick off pride month here at "gma" and here in new york city, we are turning times square rainbow. >> lara celebrating with members of the lgbtq community and some of our staff and we've got another pop-up pride party happening in florida. more coming up. we are now going to turn to our "gma" cover story, though. actress moses ingram, one of the new hit stars of the "star wars" series "obi-wan kenobi" revealing she's been subjected to racist attacks online. now what she and her co-star ewan mcgregor are saying and our zohreen shah has all of the story for us. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. "obi-wan kenobi" is the most watched disney plus original series around the world to date and now "star wars" tweeting about moses saying if anyone intends to make her feel in any way unwelcome we have only one thing to say, we resist. all of this after their new star received very ugly and racist messages. this morning, "obi-wan kenobi"
8:12 am
himself putting him force behind moses ingram after social media users launched racist attacks against her after her debut in the jedi knight's new series. >> she brings so much to the series. she brings so much to the franchise and it just sickened me to my stomach to hear that this had been happening. >> reporter: ewan mcgregor who also serves as an executive producer blasting anyone targeting ingram who plays a powerful inquisitor hunting kenobi. >> we stand with moses. we love moses. and if you're sending her bullying messages, you're no "star wars" fan in my mind. there's no place for racism in this world. >> reporter: moses sharing she had received hundreds of racist messages following the series premiere. me is that, like, sort of this feeling that i've had inside myself which no one has told me
8:13 am
but this feeling i got to shut up and take it and i'm not built like that. >> reporter: fellow "star wars" actors kelly marie tran and john boyega also facing racism upon joining the franchise. tran writing, it wasn't their words. it is that i started to believe them. and boyega's appearance sparking a supportive movement with #blackstormtrooper after facing racist remarks. moses also acknowledging to us she hoped to inspire many. >> it's so important for all kids to see themselves reflected and so to stand up and be a woman. >> reporter: many of those kids now watching this real-life hero stand up for herself. >> so i really just wanted to come on, i think, and say, thank you to the people who show up for me in the comments and the places that i'm not going to put myself. >> reporter: now we have to point out moses does not just play any character. she is fierce, a woman who hunts jedi and there are a lot of people who support her.
8:14 am
we were in a packed arena with thousands of people when she came out, all really positive vibes in there. guys? >> okay, thank you, zohreen. now we have an exclusive reveal of instagram's new feature that aims to help reunite families of missing children. erielle reshef has the details. good morning, erielle. >> good morning, guys. this is an important one. for more than 25 years the amber alert has been a leading method to help find missing children. now the national center for missing and exploited children is teaming up with instagram to expand the reach of this crucial tool. this morning, instagram revealing a new feature adding amber alerts to the top of your feed. >> the most critical thing that allows the public to help bring home missing children is a photograph. and no better place to share photographs than through instagram. >> reporter: here's how it works. starting now if a child is missing in your area, when you open instagram, you will immediately receive crucial details including that all important photo of them. >> it will contain information about the missing child and the really important details, a photo of that child, the
8:15 am
description of the clothing, maybe a vehicle that that child was last seen in. >> reporter: the amber alerts will be available in 25 countries on both instagram and facebook. >> technology has really changed the way that we look for missing children. back in the day we would put images of children on the back of milk cartons and now with the internet and now with social media companies, we're able to take the information in realtime. >> time matters when a child goes missing. getting as many people the photograph and the information as quick as possible is key to bringing that child home safely. >> facebook has had a version of this feature since 2016. given that instagram is such a photo-based platform meta is hoping adding it to this app will increase the chances of reuniting families with their missing loved ones. could make such a huge impact. >> we hope so. >> no doubt. thank you, erielle. now to our countdown to the queen's platinum jubilee celebrating 70 years on the throne. as the queen, that crown
8:16 am
requires her to wear many hats, including her role as head of the uk's armed forces. amy and t.j. have more from london ahead of a very special ceremony. hey, guys. >> reporter: hey, that's right, michael. it's actually military ceremony and it's called trooping the color and it is a sight to behold in person. the queen's soldiers in an absolute show of power, loyalty and a lot of history. >> reporter: yes, and you'll hear more of that history in just a moment. our abc royalty consultant alastair bruce is standing by to talk to us about it. first take a look at this history. queen elizabeth ii as head of the uk's armed forces rode at the head of the procession for trooping the color for 34 years, even being shot at on one occasion. a member of the crowd firing blanks at her back in 1981. her majesty controlling her horse and carrying on as if nothing had happened. >> the head of the armed forces, of course, is something that is very formal and very significant and highlights absolutely the formalized link between the
8:17 am
sovereign and the military and the very important role that she has within the military. ♪ >> reporter: the army always important to the queen from her first official engagement at 16 inspecting troops at windsor castle to becoming the first family to serve full time in the military working as a mechanic and driver and today she is the only current head of state that wore a uniform during the second world war. >> but the wartime generation, my generation, is resilient and i'm delighted to be with you in portsmouth today. >> reporter: her kebtconnection the armed forces not only professional, but personal. she was married to an officer. she's the moetther of two who
8:18 am
served, the grandmother of two more with both prince andrew and prince harry serving in combat. and every year she pays tribute to the fallen remembering those who served for queen and country. ♪ >> reporter: as we stated allistair bruce here with us. >> so good to have you on all this stuff. so we've been hearing about trooping the color and about it being a parade, the birthday celebration. put in context how significant of a moment we're going to see tomorrow. >> i think military ceremony is what britain does best and for the queen every year the queen's birthday parade includes trooping the color and the very best of her soldiers who are the guards will put on a performance of such perfection that it will enhance their loyalty on behalf of all service men and women to the queen in whom they serve. they are for her and when they go to war and i've done it in my time it is always for her. >> we've been watching them rehearse for the past several days. you were actually, alastair, in trooping the color when the queen was shot at by a bystander. can you tell us how she reacted then and what security is like today given that is a reality, that's a possibility? >> well, luckily it was a
8:19 am
starting pistol that the shooter was using. but one of my soldiers -- because i was a little further up towards the parade ground. i saw the queen coming past and she was steady on her horse. i couldn't work out why her husband, the prince of wales, was coming up beside her. that wasn't normal for that parade. i gather my wonderful corporal, corporal galloway, was grabbing it to pull it over and she was begging police to get corporal galloway. >> the celebration is less than 24 hours away, which is very exciting. >> so exciting. >> people already lining the streets. >> i was watching you here down on the stage. i was jealous. i thought you would start strumming. >> if i had an instrument i might have. give us a sense of what we'll see. what we'll feel. >> well, i think all the events that are going to take place over the next four days starting off with the ceremony and going to the cathedral friday and then the amazing concert on saturday and finally the pageant all the way up and down the
8:20 am
mall, it's going to give a sense of glory and excitement. it's a chance to mark a woman who has got on with it for 70 years. >> is it the moment, the moment we're waiting on is to see her step out on the balcony? is that going to be just -- >> i think when she takes part in any degree on this particular four days, the sense will be electric, because it's for her. it's about her and this is a country that doesn't have a national day. so we celebrate ourself and our nation through her. and it's, therefore, to mark those 70 years that we'll probably go a bit electric. >> all right. >> on that guitar. >> someone else's guitar, let's be clear. >> alastair bruce, so good to have you. we'll check in, you'll help us through plenty of our coverage. thank you so much. >> reporter: back to you, michael. >> thank you, t.j. let's go to sam. hey, sam. >> reporter: hey, michael. hey, good morning. take a look at this video. there were storms around tampa bay yesterday. this is you standing on the ground looking up and look at tat. you're watching the circulation of a funnel cloud forming above your head.
8:21 am
that is wild. there were two tornadoes that formed in storms in florida yesterday but i also want to give you a heads-up to a system coming off the bay of campeche off the yucatan peninsula. a former hurricane, agnes, the first "a" named system. we have an 80% chance over the next five days to head to florida. short-term models put it on the west coast of florida drew: i have your accuweather forecast, a warm day for sunshine, warmest spots into the 80's, if not low 90's later today. overnight tonight, coastal cloud cover, some of fog spilling in and around the bay shoreline, generally in the 50's. seven day forecast, warm today, breezy, winds strengthen to go -- tomorrow, calling us off by the end of the week. we can come increased cloud cover and chance of a shower sunday morning, 60's and 70's, warming early nenenenenenene
8:22 am
what's up with "pop news," lara? >> let's do it, george. we'll call it k-pop news today because of our first story. bts made a special appearance at the white house joining white house press secretary karine jean-pierre during a briefing and let's just say it definitely helped attract a new audience. 313,000 viewers tuned in to see what the korean boy band had to say. that's a big deal. here's what they said. >> hi, we're bts and it is a great honor to be invited to the white house today to discuss the important issues of anti-asian hate crimes, asian inclusion and diversity. >> it's not wrong to be different. equality begins when we open up and embrace all our differences. >> each member of the band had a turn to share his feelings about the rise in anti-asian hate crimes and also celebrate the diversity of their fan base and also diversity within the band itself. they also met with president biden on the last day of aanhpi heritage month to discuss
8:23 am
anti-asian discrimination, inclusion and diversity in the u.s. cecilia, you said it best. normal briefing we're talking how many people? >> dozens watching. the day i'm not in the briefing room -- >> the message was heard loud and clear. glad they did that. in movie news one of our favorite book clubs is reuniting. diane keaton, jane fonda, candice bergen and mary steenburgen are teaming up again for the sequel to their 2018 comedy "book club" which followed four women spicing up their real lives after reading "fifty shades of grey." now the ladies with taking on a special girls' trip to italy where we're told secrets are revealed and what should be a relaxing ship turns into a once in a lifetime cross-country adventure. it stars andy garcia, craig t. nelson, and more. production already under way. it should be already under way all summer. summer in italy, i'm in.
8:24 am
"book club 2," the next chapter hits theaters soon. also in movie news, bradley cooper is unrecognizable in his latest role. there he is playing leonard bernstein. the biopic called "maestro" will span 30 years of his life with carey mulligan playing his wife and jeremy strong playing john gruen. cooper also stars and directs the film which he calls a life-long dream explaining he wanted to be a conductor when he was little. who knew? steven spielberg and martin scorsese have signed on to produce it. it's currently also in production. >> going to be incredible. >> it's going to be great. finally this morning, if you own a dog you know pups pick up the darnedest things and this little rosie is no exception. check out what this hungry
8:25 am
basset hound just brought home. >> rosie, what do you have? where did you get a sub sandwich from? that's still in the wrapper that i didn't make. seriously. grubhub, what the heck? doordash? rosie. >> that's funny. >> not giving it up either. >> rosie is so patient. she hasn't finished the sandwich yet. >> she wanted to unwrap it and enjoy it. we're told the mystery was solved. seems rosie actually stole that sub right out of her son's friend's backpack. went in, took it out. thanks for sharing that video with us. that made my day. >> thank you, lara. sam champion has a surprise for a deserving volunteer in florida. nteer in florida.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. i am reggie aqui with abc 7 mornings. jobina has traffic. jobina: hi, reggie. we have a slow down on 101 before martha boulevard, but no lanes are blocked at the moment. be aware of some mobility in and out of the north banks. we will wrap up with a live look at the toll plaza, where things are still backed up. reggie
8:28 am
8:29 am
ryan: bay area, good morning. "live with kelly and ryan" is coming up. see you at 9:00 on abc 7. drew: we have fog on our coast. everywhere else, we have a lot of sunshine, and that means temperatures are warming into the 60's already in our warmer spot away from the coast. we have some fog this morning. a light breeze. the coastal keep that fog throughout the day. a lot of sunshine away from the coast. away from the coast, we will be in the 70's and reggie? 80's. reggie: all right, thank you,
8:30 am
drew. you can always catch us on our news app and on right now, here is more "good hey, it's anthony anderson. happy pride month, "gma." >> it's michael buble wishing you happy pride month. >> i got to say something really important. happy pride! >> good morning, america and happy pride. >> happy pride! >> just a handful of our closest friends there. we are celebrating the start of pride month with some pop-up parties and we've got one going right outside here in times square and sam champion, he's right there in lake worth beach, florida, and he has another one going. hey, sam. >> reporter: cecelia, this is a
8:31 am
really wonderful moment. i want to tell you this is wayne lefkowitz and i know it doesn't look like a big pride party. we have had wayne blindfolded in a car waiting. we didn't tell you the truth, sir. this is not just a story about compass, this is a little story about you. take your blindfold off. i want to show you the people -- wayne has been volunteering in this area. you know where you are, by the way, this is the park where a lot of the celebrations occur. he's been volunteering for nine years. it's more than volunteering, it's making a difference. folks, come on in. look at the people who want to say thank you. the people from compass area. come in, everybody, from palm beach county. we have police officers. we've got a lot of action happening here. [ cheers and applause ] wait. take a look. take a look. everybody around here, we're going to bring everybody in as we go through the morning, we'll bring everyone in. >> how are you feeling? >> overwhelmed. >> you are such a champ. such a nice guy to be
8:32 am
blindfolded that long. you were not kidnapped, sir. that would be illegal. you were lovenapped. how do you feel? >> i feel the love. >> all these people wanted to share you made such a big difference in their lives by touching them personally. i want our audience get a chance to know and love you the way we know and love you now. here's wayne's story. in south florida compass lgbtq community center is a safe place to be yourself. >> compass is something different to a lot of different people. it's a safe space where you can come as you are and receive help and services. >> reporter: providing essential services like free hiv testing and health care, advocacy through social groups and hosting of lgbtq positive events. >> every day we learn something new about each other and the communities that we live in and sometimes we change hearts and
8:33 am
minds. >> reporter: for an organization like compass, volunteers are invaluable and wayne lefkowitz shows us all how to volunteer. >> wayne started volunteering at the front desk about ten years ago and during the moment you meet him, wayne is the most approachable, caring, loving, genuine human being. he just makes you feel good. >> reporter: every wednesday he mans the front desk at compass greeting everyone who enters. >> every wednesday when i walk in the door wayne is there at the front desk and the typical greeting is, happy wayne's day. >> i feel like he's an extension of our staff, he's family. he makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and being around him makes you a happy person. >> reporter: wayne's volunteerism goes further than being a consistent smiling face, a talented photographer he offers services and teaching to others free of charge. >> wayne to me is an angel. >> reporter: velvet smith came to compass depressed and wanting to transition. >> i met wayne and told him my
8:34 am
situation. he goes, well, if you really want to do this i'm going to make sure you do it but you have to help yourself. >> reporter: being yourself is what compass aims to help people to do every day. wayne's driving that charge on the front lines offering to take glamour shots of velvet right after her transition. >> i have the pictures on my wall because it reminds me of where i came from. >> reporter: showing velvet who she really was for the very first time. >> it showed me that everything don't have to be a struggle. finding wayne, finding compass opened those doors for me. ♪ >> reporter: velvet one example of the lives wayne has touched. >> photography, your classes, i have never laughed so much fun. you are an important part of my life and part of my family. i love you. >> wayne, you are everything to
8:35 am
us. we love you. >> wayne, i want to say thank you for giving me the life that i have today. >> so that being said, happy wayne's day. ♪ i'm on the right track, baby, i was born this way, hey ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wayne, happy, happy wayne's day. >> thank you. >> blindfold is off. now you know what's going on. but you really do more than just show up. visibility is a big part of pride, about sharing yourself with people. you're one of the people we saw in the piece. tell us about wayne giving to you so much of himself and the difference it made to you in your journey. >> you have made a big difference in my life and you don't realize how much you have touched my life. you're always behind the camera, behind the closed doors but you're an angel to all of us and the difference you made in my life and can stand here as a strong transwoman because of the speeches you gave me from glamour shots up to today, i'm here strong, loved with all the people that love you behind me. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and more than that, of course, there's a lot more
8:36 am
than that. to make this official, wayne's day, mayor betty resch from lake worth beach. >> tell me about this proclamation. >> this proclamation, lake fort beach is a fabulous diverse city and our people is what makes it so special and, wayne, you are one of the people that makes it extra special so the city has made it official, every first -- >> wednesday. >> -- every first wednesday of june forever in lake worth beach shall be known as wayne's day. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> i've heard so many wonderful things about you. >> so now it's official. i don't want it to get wet. >> we'll do another one then. >> we have a rain shower and all standing in the rain. because of all the things you do for people goes beyond touching their live, the things you do with your camera classes, our friends at lumex are donating ten cameras, ten hd cameras so
8:37 am
you can continue to teach your classes. one of these cameras is for you. now, our friends at lumix wanted to do something else to go a little above and beyond. so $10,000 is being donated to compass because of you and your generosity, my friend. thank you so much. not only that, but our friends also wanted wayne because you are a man, sir, who does not ask for anything. the one thing everyone told us the exact same thing you never ask anyone for anything. this $5,000 is just for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> so i know this is a lot because we kept you blindfolded in the car for a long time and dumped you in here. but tell me about this moment and what you want to say to the folks around you today. >> what i want to say is, you do things for all the right
8:38 am
reasons, but you never know the impact you have and today shows me that i haven't wasted my time. i'm in good company and i'm doing good work. >> you are doing good work. mayor betty, you are right. you have a fabulous to us, incredible community. more than a hundred people showed up here, wayne, just to say that they love you and the work that you do. so let's give everybody pr rorter: bac you "gma"ittle ming u erydy, we arch madness video sparking outrage and now change. [ ch
8:39 am
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robin has been traveling for that very special interview. we cannot wait to see it coming up tomorrow on "gma." right now robin will bring us another story. >> she sure is, george. we remember -- no, do you remember when college basketball star sedona prince shook things up with a tiktok video exposing inequalities faced by women's teams getting more than 30 million views and sparking outrage? now, robin's company rockin'
8:42 am
robin productions took a look at how her life has changed since she stepped up and spoke out. here's a sneak peek. >> march madness, it's supposed to be the highlight of your career. every athlete has been working so hard to be here. my best friend was like, dude, you should like vlog everything. showed up to the gym and we immediately had our heart broken. i got something to show y'all. this is our weight room. let me show you the men's weight room. if you're not upset about this problem, you might just be a part of it. >> i was, like, mom, i might have done something crazy. my face is everywhere and everyone was looking at me. i was 20 years old and no idea what i was doing. i had to step back and be like,
8:43 am
okay, you have to, you know, be outspoken about this and be smart about this. you have to step up. my life has changed an enormous amount. it feels surreal having all these people love me and know my story, know who i am. having to take care of myself through all of this has been a challenge for me. putting myself first, my mental health first, who i am first. women's sports goes in a direction where it's not about the fight anymore. it's more than just the sport for us. we're not only playing our sport and having to fight for positions and to make it pro but still fighting for equality, still fighting for respect, which should be given when we pick up a ball in the first place. >> i love this story. >> i do too. >> you can see "the rule of sedona prince" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on espn2. part of a series of short films by w studios 50/50 shorts presented by google focusing on the fight for women's equality across the sports and cultural landscape as we commemorate 50
8:44 am
years of title ix. you can see them all on espn2 and now we go to sam in florida for a look at the weather. hey, sam. >> reporter: hey, guys. what an amazing day i've had and want to thank the sheriff's department in palm beach county for being with us to help celebrate wayne today on the day. let's get you up to date on what's happening. with our hurricane season starting today and florida is particularly interested but so are all our coastal areas, a list of names we're likely to get into. this is forecasted to be an above normal season, our seventh one in a row. could have up to 21 named storms starting with alex. will it be the end of this week or weekend? we're not sure but watching it move off the coast of mexico. we're interested in this. an unusual direction for our first storm to come in. as long as i've been here, they're usually a gulf or east coast storm. this one has been a hurricane already and it's coming across mexico and then reforming its center of circulation south of that. this is our short-term model
8:45 am
that puts it by saturday at 1:00 a.m. with an awful lot of heavy rain and center of circulation makes its move on the florida west coast. could be two to three in north florida or six, seventh inches of rain in south florida. expecting some floodin drew: i am drew tuma with your accuweather forecast, warm and breezy today, 80's if not low 90's in the warmest spots. seven day forecast, warm today, calling off by the end of the week, chance of showers going away sunday mornrnrnrnrnrnrn coming up, a special message for the queen you'll only hear on "gma." we'll be right back.
8:46 am
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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♪ don't ♪ don't stop me now ♪ we are back with our countdown to the queen's jubilee celebration to mark 70 years on the throne? this morning we are taking a
8:48 am
closer look at what the queen means to america with a very speial message. amy and t.j. have more from london. hey, guys. good to see you again. >> reporter: hey there, good to be seen in london once again. yes, soething to think about how much the folks here love the queen but, yes, as you say folks back home as well. the uk has been one of our closest, strongest allies, so many people, yes, back in the u.s. love the royals. should we say just as much as the folks here? maybe close. >> reporter: it's close enough. this morning we have a very special message, as you mentioned, lara, for the queen from the first lady, dr. jill biden. take a look. >> present arms. ♪ >> reporter: from royal salutes with the bidens to an orioles baseball game with president george h.w. bush. >> a kick for the fans and they are responding. >> reporter: her majesty the queen has visited and long held a trusted alliance with the united states and its leaders. >> i bid you a hardy welcome.
8:49 am
>> reporter: a relationship she's maintained since her first visit stateside as princess elizabeth in 1951. >> i am glad to have this chance to see the country of which the whole british commonwealth has so many friendly ties. >> reporter: those ties only strengthened over a 70-year reign. >> the atlantic unites not divides us. ours is a partnership, always to be reckoned with in the defense of freedom and the spread of prosperity. >> reporter: of the many duties of the monarch queen elizabeth serves as the head of state and commander in chief of the british armed forces. >> although she is not the head of government, she is the one in which all loyalty for every armed service man and woman is placed. >> reporter: that sense of duty boosting an unparalleled partnership. the uk has fought alongside the u.s. in two world wars, brought the end of the cold war and operated side by side in iraq and afghanistan. >> your country twice came to the rescue of the free and
8:50 am
democratic world when it was facing military disaster. >> reporter: the queen has met 13 of the last 14 u.s. presidents and first ladies. in 2021, dr. jill biden meeting the queen and other members of the royal family at the g7 summit in england as she stepped on to the world stage for the first time as first lady. >> your majesty, joe and i wish you a wonderful celebration of your platinum jubilee. >> reporter: dr. biden sending "gma" this exclusive message in honor of the queen and her service. >> congratulations on 70 years of service to the united kingdom and commonwealth. and thank you for your enduring friendship with the american people. >> reporter: and, yes, we are less than 24 hours away before all of the festivities begin here. we hear construction going on still. last-minute preparations happening right at buckingham palace. we've been listening to the orchestra practice for the last couple of days, as well.
8:51 am
everyone is making sure all their ts are crossed and is are dotted because they want this to be perfect. this is 70 years in the making for queen elizabeth ii. >> reporter: we have been bouncing around town for the last few days. everywhere everybody, everything is all about the queen and this birthday celebration so it is really going to be a special time to sell bright a woman who has made so much history in her lifetime and during her reign. i think you can hear the orchestra playing once again. this is happening tomorrow but we can hear drills going. we have been watching rehearsals and they are literally still building things for this big celebrations. guys? >> what an incredible experience for you and thank you for bringing it to us. we will be there for every second of it. thanks to both of you and we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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>> announcer: her husband leading the fight back. olena zelenska in her first one-on-one interview, the robin roberts exclusive tomorrow on "gma." roberts exclusive tom we are definitely looking forward to that interview. want to say thanks to sam and our crew in florida for helping us kick off pride month. >> have a great day, everyone. ♪ ♪
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>> a area,mong fward, finding solutions. reggie: good morning. jobina has a look at our traffic. jobina: we will start with a crash in oakland on westbound 580 right before the avenue, you will face a slowdown. we wrap up with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it is busy out there, a lot of sunshine and some coastal cloud cover right now. the marine layer is hunting the coast layer. we will make it in the 60's and 70's. camera showing that fog breaking over right now. that fog will stay along the coast for the day today. sunshine for most of us. 70's and 80's this afternoon. time now for live with kelly and
9:00 am
ryan, we will see you at 11:00. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "fire island," bowen yang. and get ready for summer cleaning from grills to garage. plus, your comments and questions on another addition of the "inbox." all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: we just at that, right? >> kelly: that was the weirdest. >> ryan: good morning, deja! hey, guys. >> kelly: thank you. oh, sutherland, everybody. it's wednesday,


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