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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 1, 2022 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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kristen: thank you so much for tonight, several breaking headlines as we come on the air. verdict late today in the johnny depp/amber heard defamation trial. the jury siding with johnny depp, awarding more than $10 million in damaging in the explosive case between depp and ex-wife amber heard. the former couple accusing each other of physical and verbal abuse. but what the jury did decide in amber heard's favor. heard's reaction tonight and what johnny depp is now saying. and reaction pouring in on both sides. also tonight, the authorities in texas changing the story again in uvalde, revising their account involving the teacher and that door left open. authorities first say it had been left open because a teacher had gone to get a phone. what they're saying now, as the community pays its respects to a
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hero teacher irma garcia and her husband who died of a heart attack just two days later. nit froasti seral m will face tomorrow. and florida now facing the firs hurricane season. rob marciano timing this all out. the abc news exclusive tonight. robin roberts in kyiv, one-on-one with the first lady of ukraine. the presidential compound, her reaction to news from president biden that a rocket system is now on the way to ukraine. and what she now wants the world to know about the people of her country. robin in ukraine tonight. gas prices back here at home. several states now with prices more than $5 a gallon. so, what to expect in these summer weeks ahead and then beyond. and tonight, the major headline on inflation. treasury secretary janet yellen saying she was wrong on inflation and that she didn't fully understand the risks. president biden's own words
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making news just as we come on tonight over the baby formula crisis. after asking ceos from formula companies if they knew the shortage, the problems would be so immediate, they said yes, that they did know. the president saying, they knew, but i didn't. should the president have known sooner? mary bruce is live. the mountain lion discovered in a school classroom. the scare. and elon musks ordering tesla employees to return to work in person. and to those complaining, he said, pretend to work some place else. on the eve of the big celebration in the uk, 70 years on the throne, what's just been released tonight of the queen. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we begin tonight with the breaking news late today. a seven-person jury siding with johnny depp in the defamation trial with his ex-wife that has
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made global headlines for weeks. at issue, whether his ex-wife defamed him when she wrote about being a victim of abuse. the jury awarding depp more than $10 million in damages. the couple married in 2015, the case involved an op-ed article amber heard wrote in 2018 calling herself a victim of domestic abuse without mentioning depp by name. depp had argued it defamed him, that it hurt his career. te jury agreed. but what the jury also decided in favor of amber heard. tonight, she said this is a step back for women, that she's heartbroken. depp saying the jury gave me my life back. abc's kenneth moton leads us off outside the courthouse in fairfax, virginia, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that dramatic courtroom moment, a virginia jury awarding actor johnny depp more than $10 million in damages against his ex-wife amber heard. >> do you find that mr. depp has proven by clear and convincing evidence that ms. heard acted
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with actual malice? answer, yes. >> reporter: dueling defamation lawsuits. carepenned a r $50 milli, is 2018 "washington post" op-ed. "i spoke up against sexual violence and faced our culture's wrath. that has to change." depp wasn't named in the article. heard countersuing for $100 million. the jury's verdict, a major win for depp, who was absent in court. performing in london. his team said he had a previously scheduled work commitment. but inside the courtroom, heard sat stoically. the jury awarded her $2 million damage, siding with her claim that depp's lawyer defamed her when he called her allegations a hoax. >> do you find ms. heard has proven all the elements of defamation? answer, yes. >> reporter: during the six-week trial, a litany of lurid details coming out in court. both heard and depp taking to the stand accusing the other of abuse. >> there was the physical abuse,
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which was a constant. there was quite a lot of verbal abuse. >> reporter: depp denying he ever hit heard. >> never did i, myself, reach the point of striking ms. heard in any way. >> reporter: heard accusing depp of physical and sexual abuse, >> my head was bashing against the back of the bar and i couldn't breathe. i've never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: depps attorneying using audio they say showed heard admitting to starting a fight. >> i'm sorry i hit you like this, but i did not punch you. i did not [ bleep ] deck you. i [ bleep ] was hitting you. >> reporter: heard's attorneys showing video she secretly recorded of depp becoming violent in his kitchen, breaking his own cabinets and berating heard. >> did something happen to you this morning? i don't think so. >> reporter: tonight, heard
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calling the verdict a "setback," saying, "it sets back the clock to a time when a woman who spoke up and spoke out could be publicly shamed and humiliated. it sets back the idea that violence against women is to be taken seriously." you're not surprised by the verdict? >> no. no. just because of, you know, what's been happening recently as far as women's rights in the nation. >> reporter: but outside the courthouse, cheers when the jury ruled in depp's favor. what does this verdict say to you? >> it says that men can speak up too. >> reporter: depp posting to instagram, saying, "the jury gave me my life back. i am truly humbled." >> reporter: david, bottom line, with the more than $10 million awarded to johnny depp, $2 million to heard, she still owes him a little more than $8 million in damages. no world yet if she plans to appeal. david? >> kenneth moton live in fairfax, virginia. kenneth, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to yet another change in the police account on what happened in uvalde, texas. state police now correcting
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their statement after saying it was a teacher who propped open the door, allowing the gunman to get inside. now they say the door was shut, but it failed to lock. tonight, we hear from the school police chief who made that call not to go in. and two more funerals in uvalde today. 10-year-old jose manuel flores jr. laid to rest. and later at that same church, a funeral for that hero teacher, irma garcia, and her husband joe who died of a heart attack just two days after his wife of 25 years was killed. they left behind four children. abc's marcus moore in uvalde tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the uvalde school police chief pete arredondo, who allegedly made the call for officers to wait outside those classrooms for more than an hour, tonight saying he is, in fact, talking with state investigators. this after the texas department of public safety said that though local police are cooperating with their probe, arredondo has not responded to requests for a followup interview for days. arredondo tracked down today by cnn. >> we've been in contact with
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dps every day, just so you all know. >> they say you're not cooperating. >> i've been on the phone with them every day. >> reporter: state investigators say arredondo told officers to wait in that school hallway for more than an hour before they entered the classrooms where the killer had opened fire on 19 innocent children an their teachers. >> it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. period. >> reporter: the school's police chief has yet to come meant on that assessment. today, again, refusing to provide any new information. >> we're not going to release anything. we have -- we have people in our community being buried, so we're going to be respectful. we're going to be -- >> i just want your reaction to the director saying that you were responsible for the decision. decision. >> right. we're going to be -- >> how do you explain yourself to him? >> we're going to be respectful to the family. >> i understand that. but you have an opportunity to explain yourself to the parents. >> just so you know, we are going to -- we're going to do that eventually, obviously. >> reporter: it comes as authorities, once again, revise the details of what happened that dreadful day. initially, they said the gunman entered the school through a door a teacher had left propped open with a rock. >> that back door was propped open. it wasn't supposed to be propped
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open. it was supposed to be locked. >> reporter: it took an appeal from the teacher's lawyer to correct the record. police now acknowledging that she did pull the door shut after all, but it didn't automatically lock, as it was supposed to. none of this, of course, will relieve the pain of the families now burying their loved ones. today, the funeral for 10-year-old jose manuel flores jr., who reportedly wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. hours earlier, at that same church, pallbearers carrying a casket at the funeral of teacher irma garcia and her husband joe. she was killed in her own classroom, trying to shield her students from a hail of bullets. her grieving husband suffering a fatal heart attack just days later. irma garcia was one of two teachers who died protecting their students. eva mireles was the other. one of her closest friends telling me today both women are heroes. >> she went fighting. if you know eva, she's a beast. she's going to fight until the end. and there's no doubt about that. and we know, in our hearts, that, you know, she's a hero, not only here in uvalde, but
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throughout the whole community. and we know that for a fact. >> reporter: david, we are told that many of the children who survived last week's shooti ingo not ever want to go back into that building and district officials say that no students will return to the school next year. in the meantime, the gove for a has instructed all schools in the state to review their emergency plans and assess their needs and provide a progress report by the fall. david? >> no children returning to that school building ever again. marcus moore tonight. thank you. we turn now to the damaging winds hitting tonight. the storms from texas all the way up to the northeast. several major cities will face tomorrow. and tonight, florida now facing the first tropical threat of this new hurricane season. senior meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. we'll start with the severe storm, 70-mile-per-hour winds just outside of cleveland. damage in that city and detroit. this is a big front. take a look. it's from the canadian border where we have a severe thunderstorm watch out until 10:00 all the way down to the mexican border, in between a flood watch.
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tomorrow, the bulls eye is going to be in the mid-atlantic, looks like d.c. will be under it. and today, the first day of hurricane season, we do have that disturbance in the gulf of mexico. 80% chance of seeing this develop into something. either way, friday and saturday, heavy rain coming into florida. floridians on guard on this first day of the atlantic hurricane season. david? >> rob marciano, thank you. we're going to turn now to the war in ewe train tonight, and to the abc news exclusive here. robin roberts inside kyiv, one-on-one with the first lady of ukraine. the interview comes as president biden has decided to provide the ukrainians with what he calls more advanced rocket systems that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield, as fighting against the russians rages on in the east. russia tonight saying the u.s. is adding fuel to the fire. this major development comes as robin interviewed the first lady at the presidential compound in kyiv, about the war, the toll on her family, and the families of ukraine. i spoke with robin from kyiv
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just a short time after she sat down with ukraine's first lady. and robin, it's great to have you with us here tonight from kyiv. i know your exclusive interview comes at a key moment here with the ukrainians locked in this battle with russia, particularly in the eastern part of their country right now. this was wide ranging. you were telling us how forthcoming the first lady was, not only caring for her family, looking out for all the families of ukraine, but she was also fully aware of president biden's decision on these rocket systems? >> reporter: oh, david, good evening. she was fully aware of that and many aspects of the war. the first lady really wanted to get a message out that the people here in ukraine, they are defiant, and that she wants the world to know that, though you see things here in kyiv pretty much back to normal, that is not the case in the eastern part of this country. and that's especially what she wanted to talk about with me. just today, president biden assured that more sophisticated, more accurate military equipment is on its way. >> i hope so.
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>> reporter: he also said, this war is a moral issue. and he said he is not going to pressure the ukrainian government to concede any territory. but as you know, there have been others who have said that that is the way to get a peace agreement, to concede some of the territories, especially in the eastern region. how do you feel about that?
3:44 pm
>> robin with the first lady of ukraine. and robin, you were also telling me that she talked repeatedly about the toll not only on her own children, but on all of the children of ukraine. >> reporter: david, i cannot emphasize enough how many times she brought that up during the interview. the more than 200 children, more than 200 that have been killed since the start of the war. and you could tell that that was something that was really weighing on her and something that she very much wants the public to keep in mind and knowing that this war is far from over. >> the first lady wanted to keep this war on the minds of everyone around the world. and robin roberts with her exclusive, tonight, with the first lady of ukraine. robin, thank you. and stay safe. safe trip home. >> reporter: thank you, david. >> and of course we should note that robin will have much more of her exclusive interview tomorrow morning right here on "good morning america." in the meantime, we continue with the news tonight, to the economy and gas prices.
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several states now with gas prices at more than $5 a gallon. in fact, the average price now nationwide a record $4.70. so, what to expect in the coming summer weeks and then beyond. and then the eye-opening acknowledgement tonight on inflation. treasury secretary janet yellen saying she was wrong on inflation, that she didn't fully understand the risks. abc's kaylee hartung in california tonight. >> reporter: tonight, this gas station sign showing $8 a gallon. a literal sign of the times. >> this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen in 21 years of living in los angeles. >> reporter: that $8 price tag way over california's highest in the nation average of $6.18 a gallon. but tonight, for the first time ever, at least seven states averaginging over $5 a gallon. >> michigan, indiana, ohio, kentucky, seeing prices go up 20 cents a gallon from the start of the week. >> reporter: gas prices usually peak by mid-may, but experts don't see prices coming down anytime soon, even after the summer. >> by the end of the year, gas
3:46 pm
prices probably won't be meaningfully lower than where they are today, with only small portions of relief here and there. it's going to be a very frustrating, long summer for motorists filling their tank. >> reporter: gas prices and inflation top of mind for american families. president biden has said inflation is his top domestic priority. the treasury secretary acknowledging, in an interview with cnn, they underestimated inflation. >> i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. >> reporter: and david, as americans look for ref leaf, some are getting it. at the state level. just today, new york suspending its gas tax at 16 cents per gallon. and here in california, they are talking about handing out gas rebates, but nothing there yet. david? >> just in incredible prices there over your shoulder, kaylee, thank you. and it wasn't just the treasury secretary making news today with her words, president biden then making news late today with what he said on the baby formula crisis. president biden today meeting
3:47 pm
with ceos of several formula companies. the president asking if they knew the shortage, the problems would be so immediate. they said yes, they did know. the president saying, they knew, but i didn't. then of course, the immediate questions afterward, should the president have known sooner, but what he said late today. >> ceos told you they would understand it would have a very big impact. >> they did, but i didn't. i became aware of this problem sometime in early april about how intense it was and so, we did everything in our power from that point on and that's all i can tell you right now. >> so, mary bruce, the focus today was supposed to be this major shipment coming from overseas, additional formula coming to the united states, which was supposed to be good news, but immediately shifted when the president said that after what the ceos revealed today. >> reporter: and david, the white house is really struggling to explain this tonight. the white house press secretary was grilled about this and insists the white house responded immediately from day one, right after this february
3:48 pm
shutdown of that factory. but she could not explain why the president himself was not alerted at the time, especially since these executives say they knew instantly that this was really going to be a very big problem. now, the white house press secretary does say that it's not uncommon for the administration to respond to issues without the president's direct involvement, but david, when i pressed and asked directly whether the white house would have responded differently had the president known sooner, she couldn't say. david? >> all right, mary bruce, thank you. there's also news on the covid vaccine tonight for the youngest children in this country. the fda confirming late today they have received pfizer's completed application for a three-dose vaccine for children from 6 months to 5 years. we know the fda advisory board is set to meet on june 15th to discuss the vaccines for the youngest of children. the cdc would also have to sign off, but if all goes well, that vaccine could be available by the end of june, we'll see. when we come back here tonight, late word this evening on that search for those two missing women, the kayakers in virginia, what authorities have
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
erway tonight. a group of 12 people plunging over the dam on memorial day. and then the frightening find in a high school classroom in california. a mountain lion somehow wondered into the high school. a custodian finding it under a teacher's desk, containing it somehow in that classroom. no students were inside at the time. authorities planning to safely release the cougar back into the wild. when we come back here tonight, elon musk's very blunt message to tesla employees about returning to work in person. and then what he said to complainers.
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vitamin and supplement brand. before we go tonight, on the eve of queen elizabeh's platinum jubilee celebration, 70 years on the throne, the palace releasing this new portrait. she won't be in the official parade, but she will appear in the palace balcony tomorrow. the royal family will join her for a flyover. amy and t.j. there for "gma" in the morning and for us tomorrow night. i'll see up tomorrow night, as well. good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> a big cat causes a big scare at a school, a custodian corralled a roaming mountain lion cub inside a classroom. thank you for joining us. >> definitely something you don't see every day, a young cub entered the school this morning. a school worker traps the cat inside an english classroom where it was until just a bit ago. >> our reporter has been at the school and we learned minutes ago that kruger was removed from the school. >> that cub was removed, it spent hours inside the english classroom at the high school. it spent more time in the classroom today than any students did.
4:00 pm
let's show you pictures of the cub hanging out on a teacher's desk.