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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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desk. the mountain lion is considered a juvenile male. this started before 8:30 this morning when the mountain lion entered the school, it was a custodian who shut the door and was able to keep that mountain lion inside an english classroom where it spent most of its day. the superintendent tells us that cub got into the school as students were arriving and doors were open. the school bent into lockdown and the district superintendent tells us it is not unheard of for a mountain lion to come close to campus by for one to get inside, that is a first not just for the school, but the agencies that were at the scene including fish and wildlife here we spoke with about how they were able to get the lien out of the school. >> we used a dark tranquilizer by four to put a drug mix into the animal through the dart and it went down smoothly, no problems. reporter: the animal is expected
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to be fine, it is going to be taken to the oakland zoo where he is going to be given an assessment. no students and staff were injured. this state have an impact on school activities. tomorrow is the last day of school, there was supposed to be an eighth grade graduation today and that has been postponed. students were set to take finals today but those are also being rescheduled. a lot of disruption today but thankfully that mountain lion, staff, and students are all doing just fine. larry: thank you. developing from the frontlines lines of the so-called old fire in napa county, firefighters say their attack and the weather helped slow that blaze that ignited yesterday. our reporter live in napa county where it back your way she orders were lifted today -- where evacuation orders were lifted today. reporter: no reports of injuries, no homes burned.
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you can see some hotspots burning. the fire but tarted on the hill. what you don't see is an aerial assault. the ground crews are making such tremendous progress, meaning people can come home. >> it is traumatic, it is triggering. reporter: christy rene and her husband are tired. they are returning after being evacuated again. >> you have a catch, you can barely catch, and you don't know where you are going to stay. it is stressful. reporter: the scene house burned in the 2017 atlas fire. their home is also their studio and gallery. they lost $7 million with of artwork. renee says this cannot become the new normal. you are reconsidering living here? >> somewhat, yes. i don't really want to move again. i love it here, this is my home. we worked very hard for this. i cannot have this evacuation be
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part of some normalcy in my life. reporter: the old fire started tuesday afternoon and grew to 500 acres, pushed along by moderate winds and prompting evacuations. firefighters were able to hold the line meaning residents could come home. >> our crews are making huge progress. reporter: eric hernandez says fire crews spent much of the day putting out hotspots and strengthening containment lines. >> i am cutting trees and stuff that can catch on fire. not everything has burned, so our goal is to reduce the fuel load. reporter: the old fire is burning in the atlas fire burn scar, the at this fire burned 50,000 acres, killed seven people, and destroyed 400 homes in 2017. hernandez says the low winds and low intensity of this fire helps keep it from spreading and they have more resources. >> that makes it easier when we have a fresh set of bodies every
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morning. reporter: rene says last night was tough. she knows fire season could get worse but today, she is thankful she has a house. >> very grateful. i'm grateful even for the hardship, just making me a better person, more empathic person. but i am burned out, unintended. reporter: one thing calfire has been stressing is for people to have an evacuation plan, practice that plan and nowhere to go to in case of an emergency. larry: thank you. really stressful for people with homes up there every summer. crews are keeping watch on a grass fire that broke out this morning. we have video from smoke rising. it broke out near sears point around highway 37 and arnold drive. crews stopped the progress of the fire around noon, it burned 15 acres. no word on how it started. liz: sheryl sandberg is stepping
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down as chief operating officer of meta, the company confirmed her departure today. she said she is going to leave in the fall and focus on philanthropic work. she did not say why she was leaving. meta's chief growth officer bill become the next coo. sandberg started at facebook in 2008. facebook grew from 500 employees to nearly 70000 and from 100 million to 3 billion monthly active users. larry: building a better bay area by covering issues that affect all of us, our focus on health and covid. during the omicron surge, people were testing positive for covid for longer than five days. lewis peña is part of our vaccine team and spoke to one of the researchers investigating why this infection period is changing. reporter: based on the study, people are still testing
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positive for more than 10 days. scientists are now recommending you choose and at home antigen test over a pcr tests. they say a pcr will tell you if you have covid before symptoms appear. but an antigen test will let you know if you are still infectious. after a year of collecting data from 60,000 people in san francisco, scientists found compelling details on how long covid infections are lasting. >> 80% of symptomatic people at a five were still positive. a third of symptomatic people were still positive at 10 days. reporter: even though the cdc recommends for people to go back to work after five days of infection, one of the lead investigators of this study says he can still be infectious even if you don't have any symptoms. >> to the best of our knowledge, as long as you are testing positive by antigen test, there is a high likelihood you are infectious even at 10 days. reporter: a san francisco yoga
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instructor tested positive for 10 days even though he reported feeling marble after four days. >> i woke up wednesday morning and i was like, i feel better. i took a test, still positive. i took a test on friday, positive. sunday, positive. my friends are like, stop taking them. reporter: he decided not to teach in person to minimize the possibility of infecting students. >> i was talking with other friends and several were saying, it was the day 10 for them. reporter: bite is that infection period longer than five days among 80% of people part of the study? >> we don't understand the basics of the immunology that allows one person to clear the virus faster than another. reporter: this doctor recommends to follow the results of the at home antigen test instead of a pcr. >> antigen test's test for the actual virus, the protein of the virus.
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it more closely correlates with being infectious. reporter: the doctor said it will take years to truly understand why it takes longer for some people to clear the virus compared to others but he says these are all signs that the virus continues to evolve. liz: thank you. san francisco firefighters are mopping up after a fire at a building in chinatown this afternoon. the fire broke out on washington street. it is restaurant was one of the businesses impacted. no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation. a groundbreaking step from california's task force on reparations, the panel released a 500 page report this afternoon detailing california's role in perpetrating discrimination against african-americans, it also make recommendations to address those wrongs. it calls for the creation of an office to help descendants of enslaved black people document their eligibility and other
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recommendations include expanding voter registration, free health care, and free tuition to california colleges and universities, and a creation of a state subsidized its program to guarantee low rates for qualifying african-american applicants. >> i think the take away from this effort towards looking at these chapters of history that no one wants to talk about is unless we do some kind of intervention, that country is going to be deeply divided and the consequences are going to be huge. liz: the recommendations will be submitted and a final report is expected in 2023. larry: we are officially in pride month. san francisco sheriff's deputies kicked things off raising the pride flag over-the-counter jail. this comes as the department city officials elected not to participate in the parade parade -- the pride parade. they told sfpd officers they
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could not march uniform. when they opted out, the sheriffs and fires departments did too. abc 7 is a sponsor of the pride parade, the date is june 26. you will be able to watch it here. see our coverage during pride month and year-round as well. liz: the nba finals start tomorrow for the first time at chase center. the warriors say they have a new appreciation for making it back to the championships. larry: salon ring -- celebrating the 80's, the age, not the decade. the time has come to recognize older americans. liz: a legal victory for johnny depp, what he has to say about today's decision in loving amber heard. >> check out that area of low pressure, it is taking up the entire gulf of alaska. i just finished the seven-day forecast. i put a rare storm impact scale.
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you have all the reporters as we are, by my math, 26 hours away from tip-off. reporter: that is very good math, about 26 hours to tip-off. the media conglomerate is different, it is international. this going to be some funny bits. after the basketball games air. this is the first time chase center will host nba finals games. let me show you some of the practice video of what happened a little earlier as the warriors and celtics took the practice for. the finals are basketball's biggest stage. stephen curry, klay thompson, draymond green, no stranger to this time of season. they are playing and their and a finals in eight seasons. >> everything we all went through, this is the ultimate
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goal, getting back at this stage , the chance to play for another championship. you look up and all of the work he put in has paid off. it is pretty special. >> to be back for a sixth time is incredible. i never really thought that was a possibility in my rookie year. it is great. i'm going to enjoy every second of this in play as hard as i can and you can walk away with no regrets. >> our coaching staff is competitive, the players are competitive, our front office is competitive. joe they give is probably the most competitive guy around. that is a huge part of it. that will to win. reporter: on the entry front, andriy aixa doll i, gary payton the second, questionable for tomorrow's game. they did participate in
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scrimmage so that is a good sign. if they can get all of those guys back, it is going to help their chances of playing well in the series and hopefully hoisting the trophy. larry: you mentioned care mo from jimmy kimmel live. did you post them up? i think you can store on him. reporter: totally. he might have had a secret, he had salsa and he is putting in a special shoe and they are eating chips. juan did not want to each it -- want to eat chips out of the salsa shoe. larry: abc 7 is your home for the nba finals, pregame and put him coverage throughout the series beginning tomorrow night at 5:00, then nba countdown at five: 30, tip-off at 6:00 followed by after the game until 10:00, a 90 minute post game show, they've interviews, guests , it cost of millions. liz: will the weather be nice?
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mike: it is going to be typical summer in san francisco, 61 degrees with marine layer clouds and breezy, dropping down to 57, 56. let's look at what is going on in the short-term and we will start with right there in mount tam. as we talked about yesterday, the dry air was going to slide down the coast and he rode -- and erdode cloud cover. the clouds come back tomorrow. cooler tomorrow. that will lead to average to below average afternoons for friday, saturday, and sunday. saturday and sunday will be the coolest because of the chance of showers. temperatures today inland. a little warmer. let's go down to the south bay. we have 84 in saratoga, 89 in los altos hills and morgan hill's and alum rock and 81
4:18 pm
right now at mountain view. 82 and send carlos in 19 degrees cooler in san francisco. 92 at napa. 65 in alameda. here's a look at that visible satellite and there is that a try air taking away the cloud cover. throughout the evening, an increase in high clouds in temperatures falling into the 50's and 60's. not as coolest last night, nor will tomorrow morning. mainly high clouds with a few patches of low clouds along the peninsula coast and north bay. for the most part, we will be blanketed by high clouds and a little milder. tomorrow, the high clouds decrease while the low cloud increase. we go with partly cloudy in the afternoon, mid to upper 70's and the south bay, low 70's to upper 70's around richmond, though to mid-60's along the coast. in the north bay, mainly mid 70's. 70 to 75 in the east bay.
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inland, 78 to 87. still a little warm. here's a look at the satellites, it is this area of low pressure that is going to bring in the chance of rain it starts to drizzle saturday morning. another chance during the evening hours. as we head into the morning and afternoon, we start to see a real impressive display of wet weather. a couple hundredths of an inch south of san francisco. in june, that is fantastic. it is one of our cooler days. warmer temperatures monday, tuesday, and wednesday. past that, our summer pattern returns. larry: we will take every drop you have to offer. coming up, have you been waiting to go to disneyland? now's your chance to experience the magic at a discount, a deal for california residents. >> all folks bearing hearing
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eggs, young people where a bluetooth. >> with age comes wisdom and now some well-deserved recognition, a bay area project that is honoring i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. elon musk promised to pay a million customers $30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money?
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he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money? and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed driverless robotaxis that are way ahead of tesla's. so where's the investors' money? in the last year, elon musk pulled $48 billion out of tesla, seven times the profits they've ever made.
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his ceo compensation was 1,000 times the average for a fortune 500 ceo. elon, is your full self-driving software just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him. larry: we are learning of another mass shooting, this one at a medical complex in oklahoma. police have swarmed the scene in
4:23 pm
tulsa at the warren medical center. police received calls of a man walking with a rifle near an office. officers responded, it then became an active shooter situation. police say the gunman is dead, there are multiple victims but they have not been given an exact number. officers are going room by room securing the building and we will continue to bring you breaking news as soon we get them as well as on our news app. liz: two outstanding san francisco seniors are sharing their wisdom with abc7news. it is part of the 80 over 80 project. reporter: i'm sure you have heard of forbes 30 under 30 featuring movers and shakers of society. in case he did not make the list, there's a more seasoned one that requires decades of wisdom, some wrinkles, and a zest for life. >> i can get on the floor and i can get up. >> you can do this? >> of course. [laughter]
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reporter: dorothy is part of san francisco's 80 over 80 list, she has been giving back to the community for decades. she worked in the san francisco unified school district for 32 years. >> i am 89 years old and i am investing in the future of our young black students. reporter: her home is a gallery of memories with a map of the world. >> we sailed on the amazon river. reporter: she visited every continent with her husband. they are also approaching a milestone, 70 years married. so the secret is making her happy? how do you make her happy? >> do what she wants me to do. reporter: behind this closet, proof that our bodies change after 80. in dorothy's case, she is shrinking. >> i used to be five feet tall but now i am four foot 10. i moved the letters out of the
4:25 pm
way, but i am up and down the ladder all day long. see how this is sagging? you sag internally too. reporter: her hearing has also changed but there is an advantage. when you call her cell phone, it goes straight to her hearing aid. >> i can show you my hearing aids. this is my bluetooth. shall i call it a bluetooth? it would sound better if i said, i'm wearing my bluetooth, not a hearing aid. old folks where hearing aids, young people where bluetooth. reporter: the people -- the person making 80 over 80 a try and wants people to know there's more to life after your 30's. >> a lot of people started new things. judy started as a writer. margaret who was a nurse and a lawyer. now in order age, she has started a group, senior power.
4:26 pm
reporter: are you hoping this project will shed light that there is more life after 30? >> yeah, life is long now. we are a youth oriented and achievement oriented society, we don't have a vision even for ourselves if we are younger of what being older is like. reporter: for charles, his birth certificate says he has almost lived a century. >> i am charles george, i retired five years ago. i am 99 years old. reporter: his mind is still short, he attributes this to sudoku and a life of consistent exercise. >> here we go. reporter: it is hard to believe but he bit tired five years ago after working decades for the federal government. one of his last jobs was in a chemistry lab. he would have kept going? >> i would have kept going. reporter: along with a long life comes a front row seat to history. charles and dorothy experienced
4:27 pm
the struggle for black americans to gain equal rights. >> i lived it. when i was a kid, everything a black person did was paralyzed. that is why blacks got the reputation of being criminals. if you did not get off the sidewalk when a white person came by, you had committed a crime. reporter: they both had a similar perspective, keep going. >> never give up. as long as you are in, you got a chance. reporter: in case you were wondering -- what would you say is the secret? >> i always say movement is my medicine. anybody who is three, look out. there's so much ahead of them. larry: that story is fantastic. dorothy and charles are amazing.
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i don't need a hearing aid, i got my bluetooth, i'm doing business. there's a new disneyland deal for california residents. abc 7's parent company announced a three day one park per day tickets, there are limited time passes between $250 and $300 depending on the day. as low as $83 a day, that is pretty good. you will get a chance to see the nighttime attractions, electrical parade, the world of color. tickets are good from june 13 to september 15. coming up, a controversial way to control illegal drug use and it just passed an initial test. the argument by supporters for supervised injection sites and what is next for the effort to make them legal in california. liz: chances are your doctor is burned out. a study says there is more than
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. liz: a jury in virginia reached verdicts in the defamation lawsuits filed by johnny depp and amber heard. as morgan norwood explains, the
4:32 pm
jury found fault with both actors. reporter: after three days of deliberations, the jury in the defamation case returning a verdict. >> do you find that mr. depp has proven by clear and convincing evidence that ms. heard acted with actual malice? answer, yes. reporter: a jerry siding with johnny depp, awarding him $10 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages . amber heard inside the courtroom as the judge read the verdict, johnny depp watching from the united kingdom where he has played a concert in london. a source saying due to work commitments made before the trial, johnny depp will not be physically present. the court battle stemmed from a washington post op-ed by amber heard who described herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. johnny depp was not named in the article but his legal team maintained that it damaged his career and potential earnings.
4:33 pm
johnny depp's releasing a statement saying, the jury gave me my life back. amber heard is saying she is disappointed with what this means for other women. jared is her testimony from both sides claiming to be victims of abuse. amber heard countersued for 100 million dollars after johnny taps team called her claims he hopes. the jury siding with heard on that claim, awarding her $2 million. but no punitive damages. >> do you find that ms. heard has proven by clear and convincing evidence that the statement was made with actual malice? answer, yes. reporter: this trial reeling in an audience of millions around the world and thousands who have shown up at this courthouse. with the verdict in, it marks the ending of this hollywood drama. this case is also being tried in the court of public opinion with questions about how this will impact johnny depp and amber heard's careers and reputations.
4:34 pm
larry: san francisco is one step closer to establishing its first safe injection site. california lawmakers moving a bill forward paving the way to legalize supervised drug injection in three cities. this move comes as deadly drug overdoses continue to soar. >> the goal is to keep drug users alive, safe injection sites offering a safe place to use drugs and connect with recovery services. california lawmakers are on the cusp of making way for san francisco, oakland, and los angeles to do that. >> local communities are asking for permission to be able to address this absolute disaster of people overdosing and dying. reporter: senator scott wiener authored the latest iteration of what has been a near decade-long fight for safe injection. >> it is an idea whose time has
4:35 pm
come. reporter: supporters meeting a case in front of the public safety committee wednesday. >> it is from 30 years of experience in europe, canada, and australia that these sites are effective. reporter: laura thomas is with the san francisco aids foundation. >> it is morally and scientifically the right thing to do to give people a place where they can consume those drugs where they will be safe, cared for, overdoses can be reversed. reporter: some say safe injection is not the answer. >> i have a lot of problems with moving -- creating an enabling program that lets people continue to do what is damaging. >> safe injection sites are not a silver bullet. this is one strategy among various strategies. reporter: san francisco's department of public health agrees, saying in part, a safe consumption site will save lives and help connect more people to treatment in services and would
4:36 pm
add to a multipronged approach to reduce overdose deaths. the majority of the public safety committee feels the same way, voting to pass lb 57 to the floor of the assembly where it is likely to get a vote this month. liz: doctors are burned out which is impacting the quality of care we receive according to a new study by two stanford professors. as david louis explains, covid is not the only cause. reporter: patients who detect their doctors are overworked are seeing growing symptoms of burnout. the situation could be close to a breaking point. >> one out of five doctors are considering leaving medicine. right now, it is the point where it can no longer be ignored. reporter: this is a clinical professor of dermatology at stanford. she says physicians can be in denial they are facing burnout and need more than self-care such as yoga classes. they may need mental health care.
4:37 pm
>> if you make something shameful, if you make it an individual's fault, they are less likely to seek help. reporter: stanford has removed a question during recertification that asks if a physician is having a mental health issue. this doctor worked with the stanford behavioral expert to identify stressors. >> this is a solvable problem. you can redesign work to get rid of unnecessary tasks, you can put in computer systems that are designed around the user, not around the software developer. reporter: electronic health record systems require doctors to do repetitive data entry and it takes 16 minutes to document each patient visit. >> we spend 123 percent more time than other countries at entering orders and we spend 160% more time on messages. reporter: more time in data entry takes time away from patients.
4:38 pm
they found doctors spend one fourth of their time with patients. a burned-out physician can impact the quality of patient care. the study noted the suicide rate among daughters is twice that of the overall population. larry: more on the breaking news we have been following, new information on the mass shooting at a medical complex in oklahoma, police confirming moments ago that three people are dead, the shooter also dead. officers are still clearing the building to make sure it is safe. this is happening at the warren medical center. police received calls of a man walking around with a rifle near an office, officers responded, it then became an active shooter situation. we will continue to bring you updates. liz: elon musk tells tesla employees cannot return to the office or else. larry: the new work from home larry: the new work from home policy.
4:39 pm
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we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. larry: time for the four at
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4:00. we begin with the verdict in the johnny depp amber heard case. a jury found both liable for defamation in their lawsuits against each other. the panel awarded johnny depp $15 million and ruled that amber heard should receive $2 million. i cannot remember a case where both parties won and lost, although clearly he won more. help me here. >> i'm glad it is over. watching it pop up on social media, so-and-so said this -- it was too many personal details for both of them. i think they are both crazy in their own ways. it was interesting to hear the responses to those verdicts. for johnny depp, he said, i wanted the truth to come out. for amber heard, she said, you know, this is bad for free speech because she wrote that op-ed and that is where they
4:43 pm
started. then we heard -- you can weigh in on this -- in your 3:00 hour getting answers show, from a lawyer who said this is bad for all victims of domestic violence. you can weigh in more on that because that is a whole other perspective because we did hear a lot of disturbing details from amber heard. liz: that is what a lot of women are saying, this is a step back for the #metoo movement, this is going to silence future domestic abuse survivors you want to come forward. that same lawyer made the point that a mistake, she believed, was the judge allowed cameras in the room. it forced the world to watch amber heard give her testimony and people were able to take screenshots and mark her on tiktok and twitter and that made it worse. >> the court of public opinion, she definitely lost, that is a good point. >> on social media, it was against her and there is a petition to get her taken out of
4:44 pm
the aquaman movie, it was mostly against her on social media. mike: is that retribution to him being knocked out of movies himself? larry: maybe. >> he definitely is the winner today for sure. >> elon musk apparently wants tesla managers back in the office 40 hours a week. a website reports that he sent an email to employees with the subject line, remote work is no longer acceptable, period. he said, the more senior you are, the more visible you must be. a twitter user asked how he would respond if people who think in person work is antiquated and the ceo replied, they should pretend to work somewhere else. what do you think? mike: i think he was very harsh in his treatment in the email. he could get his point across without being that way. but i understand if he wants them back. a lot of us have been back.
4:45 pm
my anniversary, two weeks ago, a year back at work here. i think larry has a big take on this, why this may be damaging. larry: this is an issue that the bosses love to talk with me about. i will say this, if i run g.m. or audi or bmw or mercedes, i'm sending flowers to elon musk, they are all working on electric car technology, i'm going to take every single talented employee you have that you are driving back to the office and i'm going to let them stay home and work at a hybrid schedule and i'm going to raid your company if that is what you want to do. free-market market system, we will see who wins. >> i hope they are watching doing just that. larry: if they are smart ceos, they are making their own email saying, let's see who we can get. a big honor for the city of fremont, named the best place in the u.s. to name a family.
4:46 pm
way to go, fremont. high marks for education, childcare, health and safety. san francisco, 12th. last year, fremont came in second. got to do a road trip to fremont, let's get down there. congratulations to fremont. i had no idea. >> they are cool facts about fremont. a lot of charlie chaplin silent films were filmed there. fremont has a lot to be proud of. a food fight involving two bakeries is all about the dough. the chronicle reports the third culture bakery is threatening legal action against california bakehouse, a family-run bakery in san jose. this is over mochi muffins. one bakery trademarked the term and is demanding that california bakehouse stop using the words or face legal action.
4:47 pm
it seems funny, i feel like mochi muffin seems like a common thing. karina: they said, it is the same as trademarking banana nut muffin. this reminds me, there was a case a couple years ago when there was a fight over a doughnut and a croissant mix, kronut, there were multiple bakeries saying, this is our term. my thing is, whoever makes it better, that is to wins. liz: let the people decide. mike: tomorrow, tasty thursday. larry: i love hearing the word dosaunt. >> i think it started as the croissant and the kronut people sued. larry: excellent. that is it for
4:48 pm
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liz: we are getting a look at a surprise that took place at warriors practice, a honor for gary payton the second. >> [indiscernible] [applause] liz: the warriors tweeted this video of the surprise announcement as patent learned he won the community assist award for his work to support young people with learning disabilities, notably dyslexia. fans and a panel selected him. he plans to donate $75,000 to his own foundation which supports young people with dyslexia. larry: he has a tremendous story, i hope his elbow is healed enough that he can play in the finals. not sure if he is going to be ready for game one. he is a great guy.
4:52 pm
liz: you are pointing out there might be rain on sunday. larry: first things first, game one. mike: game one, fine. game two, rain possible. here's a look at saturday and the best chance of what weather is mainly north of santa rosa. look what happens saturday and look at those amounts, a quarter of an inch in june? i think the average is 14 hundredths and that is from drizzle. let's look at the seven day forecast. still a little warm inland. by sunday, we have tha
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
george pennacchio has a look at a series about music, dreams, and possibilities. >> i love your singing. >> thank you. >> i'm evan. >> i'm star girl. reporter: hollywood star girl has a girl relocating to l.a. with her creative mom. star girl meets and starts working with her two filmmaker neighbors and all three start chasing their big dreams. there are plenty of ups and downs for the three, but there is one thing they never let go of, hope. >> the world needs some more sweets, happy things. >> asking yourself what you see as success, because what is interesting about all of our characters is we all kind of get a different outcome and piece of success out of the experience and it really shows how big that
4:57 pm
word is because we all succeeded, but in very different ways. >> ♪ make your own kind of music seeing your own special song ♪ >> never lose sight of what is most important because that is always going to be the people you surround yourself with. that is what is most important, even if you are heading towards a big goal. >> it is a little chaotic. >> a lot of movement. >> be ok with failing, not being a failure, but be ok with failing. because success is right down the road. reporter: hollywood star girl start streaming on friday -- starts streaming on friday. larry: disney is the parent company of abc 7. the original script for hollywood star girl was based on the book star girl.
4:58 pm
that is going to do it for news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 as coming up next. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything.
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>> live, breaking news. >> another mass shooting. this time at a medical complex in tulsa, oglala. four people are dead including the shooter. there are believed to be multiple people injured as well. this all started when police got because of a man walking with a rifle at the campus. our visitors are now going through my room, securing the building. we will continue to bring you breaking news as we get them and on the abc 7 news at. >> we are also following a story out of the santa cruz mountains.


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