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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from our east bay hills camera. early morning earthquake rattling the bay area. reggie: and new details in the case of alexis gabe. the new possible connection we are learning about , hundreds of miles away. kumasi: and we are live inside chase center, where thousands of fans will soon be feilling the arena, cheering on the dubs. reggie: because we are cold-blooded -- gold-blooded. drew: a lot of you felt the earthquake this morning. we are waking up to temperatures in the 50's and in the 60's, but as you switch it over to our earthquake tracker, i want to show you where the earthquake was. 5:07 a.m., almost an hour ago.
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it was centered north of pittsburgh, where the epicenter was measured, and it was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake. one of the stronger earthquakes we have felt in the past several years. a live look from the tam cam, it's a cooler afternoon. we will take a closer look with those afternoon highs. tracking wet weather for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes, guys. reggie: let's talk about the 4.1 earthquake that shook the bay area early on this morning. specifically, the epicenter was the grizzly island wildlife area, but many of you elton through northern california. thank you for letting us know when your tweets. some people felt it in sacramento. it was felt as far north as roseville and as far south as santa cruz. many residents across sassoon bay and eastern koster konta county also felt shaking.
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-- contra costa county also felt shaking. we also hear that a lot of you in san francisco felt it, particularly in the marina, so we are checking on reports of damage for you. i have not heard of anything else significant so far, i will let you know. kumasi: a new development in the case of a missing oakland woman who has not been seen since january. a person connected to the case -- possibly connected to the case has been shot dead hundreds of miles away as police tried to arrest him for murder. jobina has more information. jobina: this is being called a significant update to the alexis gabe case this morning. a deadly shooting in kent, washington, south of seattle, may be linked to the investigation. a task force shot and killed a man they want to take into custody at an apartment complex in kent yesterday afternoon. the u.s. marshals service would only say the man is wanted in connection with a quote "
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california homicide." the homicide is reportedly that of alexis gabe. police say the arrest took a violent turn. >> officers knocked and announced at the residence. the suspect came to the door and charged officers with a knife. three different numbers of the task force opened fire, striking the suspect. jobina: the unnamed suspect died at the scene. this is a stunning turn of events, because gabe's case has never been classified as a homicide, only a missing persons case. she vanished on january 26, saying she was going to her ex-boyfriend's house in antioch. they found the missing woman's cell phone case last month and increased the reward for information to $100,000. there is no information on the identity of the wanted fugitive shot and killed in washington. we will be at the 11:00 a.m.
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news conference in oakley, when they share more information about that is aaron's. reggie? reggie: a second man has died from a shooting that happened several months ago on a guilford councilmembers property. 18-year-old michaels annika died that night. 19-year-old jesse sanchez died this past friday. the two other victims have recovered. the shooting happened on a property of a guilford city councilmember. she was later cited for several violations. kumasi: another mass shooting is under investigation this morning, this time in tulsa, oklahoma. a gunman killed four people inside a hospital and more people were injured. the man was found carrying a long rifle and a pistol on the second floor, and he was able to take his own life before police took him into custody. >> there's nothing more this community can do for us than to pray for the families and the loved ones and the victims of
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this senseless act. kumasi: authorities have not identified the shooter, but there are reports that he may have been targeting a specific doctor inside the facility. reggie: weather conditions and aggressive firefighting have slowed the fire in napa county. the fire is burning close to 600 acres and is 30% contained. residents are back home, but remain uneasy because of the constant fire danger. >> i just moved back. i don't want to move again. i love it here. this is my home. we have worked very hard for this. i cannot have this evacuation come -- become part of "normalcy" in my life. reggie: they lost their home to the atlas fire in 20 and now the old fire is burning in the same area. and along highway 37 and arnold
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drive, crews started progressing, but we do not know when they will be done. kumasi: and the team is ready and the fans are ready. so is abc reporter amy hollyfield, joining us with some swag. oh, now you are sitting down, amy. i like to see this. amy: i am very comfortable. i am trying to figure out how i can sit here tonight. i like this view. i have been scrolling and looking, and i found these front row seats are going for $10,000, 12 thousand dollars -- that's hopeless for me, it's going to be a no. but for those of you lucky enough to be in the chase center for its first nba finals game, t-shirts are waiting for you -- gold-blooded. they put one of these on every seat. kudos to the crew at chase
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center who prepared this. prepare the arena for its first finals game -- how exciting. of course, the warriors have played before in the finals, just not here. this is their first time in eight -- third time in eight years to play in the finals. -- tore his achilles, so he has worked through a lot of pain, healing and rehab to get to this moment. >> to be back for a six time is incredible, it's incredible saying that. i never thought that was a possibility my rookie year. it's just great. i am going to enjoy every second of this and, you know, play as hard as i can. you can walk away with no regrets. amy: steph curry says it has been an amazing run, but he says this team still has a lot left in the tank. he is favored to win m.v.p. of
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the series, so it will be pretty exciting. a lot watching -- to watch out for. if you don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a seat, you can watch it here on abc 7 at 6:00 tonight. game one, winner of four, takes the title. who's got odds on the warriors doing it in four? are we going to see a sweep ? what do you guys think? reggie: i am wondering about the shirt that is on your leg. is that your shirt, does it belong on the ct? -- the seat? amy: reggie, some things we don't talk about. some things are better left unsaid. let's not shine a spotlight on everything. you are not helping me out here. can we get back to the game? what about the game? reggie: as kumasi says, it's not your business. amy: and it might be a sweep --
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kumasi: and don't get up. amy: don't i belong here? kumasi: claimant. amy: i can wave to everybody -- hi, everybody. look at those seats up there. look at me. they will be light, we know what you make the year. you cannot afford those seats -- beat it. [laughter] reggie: but you can have the t-shirt. thank you very much. no doubt, warriors fans have enjoyed some pivotal moments this nba season, but we are putting a spotlight on a local photographer whose lens has created a lifelong friendship with jordan poole. they have built a friendship after meeting at a training facility three years ago. they have bonded over photography, and become rising stars in their own respects. this season, they have even established a working
6:10 am
relationship. the man is calling himself poole's personal photographer and storyteller. he has taken hundreds of photos of everything basketball and beyond. >> the hikes, everything we choose to do on a particular day, we have everything documented. >> we have everything done in our own little lane. it is really special. reggie: the two jordan's hope to look back on decades of photos and shared experiences, understanding their unwavering support of each other is part of the big picture. we will have pre-and post game coverage throughout the series, kicking off tonight at 5:00 with dubs on seven pregame show, then game one at 6:00, followed by after the game until 10:00. kumasi: and troubled reports about why young people across
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the country are picking up guns. reggie: and staring straight into the eye of a tornado. the moment a young photographer caught a tornado right outside his home. drew: the weather is partly cloudy, 64 degrees. as tip-off begins, we are cooling off in the upper 50's. we have some rain in the forecast for part of
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reggie: a 16-year-old storm chaser captured a rare view directly under a tornado, right above his florida family home. you can see the swirling mouth of the tornado south of florida. the high school student was monitoring the radar tuesday, looked out the window and saw it approaching. that's where it ended up touching down away from his house soon after. drew: that's incredibly rare -- look at that vantage point. back here at home, we got the drought monitor, and there is no change compared to any of the categories compared to last week. 12% in that exceptional drought category. no change locally in the bay area. most of us in the severe drought category this week. highs today, a cooler day
6:15 am
compared to yesterday. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline, the warmest spots in the low to mid 80's. the cooling trend will continue on tomorrow, and saturday night in the north bay we have a chance of some showers. by sunday, we all have a chance of seeing some light rain. level 1 on the storm impact scale. we will go hour-by-hour and show you what's coming up in about nine minutes, but let's go to jobina and see how we are doing with traffic this morning. jobina: good morning. this morning's earthquake is causing problems for drivers, who will now experience a 20 minute delay -- for bart, who will now experience a 20 minute delay on all systems. they paused the trains for about five minutes when the earthquake hit, so it will be a while if you are relying on bart this morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came
6:16 am
on at 6:12, but the backup is starting, and the golden gate bridge all fogged in this morning, so a heads up on the low visibility in that area. kumasi: a new feature you will soon notice on your social media apps and how metta hopes this will help law enforcement. will help law enforcement. reggie: and the first lady's i started screening for colon cancer because of my late husband jay. i wish he could have seen our daughter ellie get married, on the best day of her life. but colon cancer took him from us, like it's taken so many others. that's why i've made it my mission to talk about getting screened and ask people to share their reasons why. i screen for my growing family. being with them means everything to me. i screen for my girls. they're always surprising me. i screen for my son. i'm his biggest fan. if you're 45 or older and at average risk, it's time to screen. today, there are more screening options than ever before, including cologuard. cologuard is noninvasive and finds 92% of colon cancers,
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reggie: amber alert's are coming to instagram. menlo park based metta is activating the future this week. instagram will populate your feed with a photo and description of that missing person if they go missing in your area. you will also be able to contact law enforcement directly through the app. they have been credited with helping law enforcement find hundreds of children and missing cases throughout the world. kumasi: in downtown san francisco might be syncing and tilting, but that is not keeping buyers away. news broke that the 58 story residential tower was sinking in 2016 and since then, 47 units have sold. median sale price for units at millennium is $1.5 million and most are listed for 86 days on the market. renters have also flocked to the
6:20 am
tower since august 2016. reggie: troubling numbers about youth using guns to take their own lives across america. the youth suicide raise has -- rate has increased to the highest in two decades, and half of those involve a gun. that's according to the organization every town for gun safety. the organization does not pin down a cause, but it points to the effects of social media, the pandemic, and cyber bullying as drivers. there is help out there, we have put together a list of vetted resources for you. to get started, go to kumasi: ukraine's first lady says conceding territory to russia will not stop the war. she spoke to good morning americas robin roberts
6:21 am
in her first interview since the war started 100 days ago. the 44-year-old says giving up land is like conceding freedom. she also talked about how her family has been coping. you can watch the full interview coming up on gma at 7:00, right after abc seven mornings. reggie: san francisco is not considering the environmental impact of sea level rise in its read- delot o -- poured. as the water table at the site rises, hazardous materials could be brought to the surface. hunters point is the city's biggest redevelopment project since the 1906 earthquake. the city has not commented on the grand jury's findings. housing, commercial spaces, and parks are already planned. kumasi: and bumblebees are now
6:22 am
considered fish and dies of the law. this issue has been tied up in the legal process for years now. they are moving to classify four bumblebee species as endangered. agricultural groups, including almond growers, have been fighting for that, saying insects were not directly listed in the statute and could not be protected. the argument is that other invertebrates are already defined as fish, including a snail that does not live in the water that is on the list. reggie: very. drew: they found a very interesting way to get around it. it's an invertebrate, another fish clause. reggie: so a bee is a fish, and i am still mind blown over that interview i did where i found out et was a plant. kumasi: wait, what did you find
6:23 am
out? reggie: i found out that et is more of a plant than an animal. kumasi: like et phone home? reggie: yeah, when he puts his finger up to the plants, that's why they glow. kumasi: i love et. reggie: so do i. now it means you have a special connection with plants. that's ok. drew: we love that for you. [laughter] drew: i just want to see a picture of you hugging a tree. i want to touch on the earthquake we had earlier this morning, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake centered in solano county. here is the latest shaking intensity map of everyone who reported feeling that earthquake. it is a wide swath of the bay area, around 5:0 7:00 a.m. here is the epicenter of the earthquake, a lot of it was felt in the east bay, but still, in a
6:24 am
city along the peninsula and the south bay, light if not moderate shaking was felt earlier this morning. we are warmer today than yesterday because of the increased cloud cover right now. winds are onshore, creating a cooler day than yesterday. partly cloudy skies, the warmest spots inland going into the mid-80's. temperatures basically falling into the 50's. futurecast, we are tracking light showers. at night, we will track a chance of a shower in the north bay, but here comes the cold front marching south. sunday morning, most of us have a really good chance of seeing some light showers out there. total rainfall with this level 1 storm for the second half of the weekend, highest amounts in the north bay. i am not super confident it makes it all the way into the
6:25 am
south bay, but if it does get into the south bay, it will be light in terms of accumulation. breezy and cool the next couple of days, but we dry out early parts of next week. reggie: good morning america is coming up on abc seven. >> coming up on gma, we are live across the pond in london for the largest royal celebration of all time. >> the platinum jubilee, 70 years for the queen on the throne. >> who will be with her there on the balcony of buckingham palace and when and where will we see harry and meghan? >> we have those answers for you, and are taking you to the front row this extraordinary front row this extraordinary morning.hat renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home?
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reggie: researchers found trains dogs may do a better job of detecting covid-19 in people than rapid tests. dogs with special training would sniff sweat samples and were able to detect covid accurately in all cases. rapid tests pick up 84% of cases by comparison. according to the medical journal --. it shows promise for being used at nursing homes or in large
6:29 am
events. kumasi: it's nice to find spare change hiding in your accounts every once in a while -- in your couch every once in a while, but someone found thousands of dollars in a cushion she got free off of craigslist. she thought one of the couch cushions was a little lumpy, so she unzipped it and found the envelope filled with cold, hard cash. more than $36,000. she never thought about keeping that money. she went back to the family who ret -- who gave her the couch to return the money. >> god has been kind to me, so i think about, whatever i ask from god. kumasi: maybe that was god's way of blessing her. reggie: it could have been. kumasi: the family was giving away furniture of a loved one
6:30 am
who had recently passed. as a token of their appreciation, they gave the woman $2000, which she says will go towards a new fridge in the apartment she just moved into. reggie: i have many questions. first of all, what was that? kumasi: you know, some people like to put stuff between the mattress. reggie: $36,000. you have to tell someone at the end, you know what i'm saying? kumasi: whoever finds it, finds it. reggie: and she found it, and the family wasn't looking for it. i'm not saying -- she is a very nice lady. kumasi: very kind. reggie: she might have just been blessed though -- ok. next at 6:30, longer infection rates. kumasi: people testing positive for covid longer than five days. >> and coming up, we will have the latest on the queens jubilee.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, the dubs dynasty continues for the six time in eight years, the dubs looking to win a title. the celebration inside the chase center. kumasi: in the platinum jubilee, honoring queen elizabeth's 70th
6:34 am
year on the throne. reggie: and you thought you were going to the north bay? you thought you were going to the pool? showers this weekend. drew is tracking what you need to know for your plans. i did not think i was going to do that, drew. drew: you thought wrong. reggie: we are about an hour away from abc's coverage of the nba finals on abc 7. kumasi: much more on the nba finals in just a moment, but we are checking in with drew for a look at our forecast. drew: i know it's the first weekend of june and it is we are to talk about wet weather, but we do get showers in the month of june sometimes, shaping up early monday morning. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, the tam cam, fog is with us along the coast and on the golden gate bridge. if the partly cloudy day, but the theme, a cooler day compared to yesterday and the cooldown continues tomorrow after we track that chance of wet weather over the weekend. we will take a look at when the rain could hit you, coming up in
6:35 am
nine minutes, guys. reggie: drew, thank you. six trips to the finals in eight years, and the warriors do it for the first time in their new home. amy hollyfield is live for us at chase center this morning. hi, amy. amy: hi there. that makes for a hot ticket. i have been looking online today and i see some tickets on stub hub for $623, and that will not get you down, at will get you way u s. night, but when fans get here, they will have a t-shirt waiting for them. there is one on every seat, it says gold-blooded, and they get bragging rights. they can say they attended the first nba finals game to be held here in chase center. it will be the warriors' first time to play one here, but not in the finals. six times in the last eight years, the first team to do that since the chicago bulls pulled it off in the 90's.
6:36 am
warriors star steph curry says he has enjoyed every bit of it. when you hear him talk about it, he's got a lot of pride when he talks about making it here again. >> when you look at all the work that you have put in for the last two years that has paid off, we are back here. it's pretty special. amy: the warriors are healthy, they have had a lot of rest, everything looking good for them to have a great final series and a great kickoff tonight. game one is on abc 7, so if you don't want for cover money for tickets for the game, you can watch it tonight at 6:00. i am down here on the floor and heard some interesting words that i do not hear often -- amy, we will need you to leave after
6:37 am
this 6:30 live report because we need to put the pyrotechnics in place. if you can afford it, it will be a great night. go warriors -- no question about that. you will get a fun t-shirt, and i gotta get out of here so i don't get hit by some pyrotechnics. reggie: we don't need that this morning. amy, you are a firework anyway. amy: oh, thank you! nice, nice katy perry reference. i am a firework. reggie: abc is the exclusive home of the nba finals, kicking off tonight at 5:00 with the dubs on seven pregame show, the countdown at 5:30, the game at 6:00 and the post game show at 10:00. kumasi: and looking to authorize
6:38 am
a covid booster for ages six months to five years, as california is closing in on 6 million cases. san francisco researchers have released new data about the omicron surge, after collecting data from more than 60,000 people. 80% of symptomatic people were still positive at five days. one third were positive at day 10, even though the cdc recommends people go back to work after five days, one of the lead investigators of the study says you could still be infectious even if you don't have symptoms. >> as long as you are testing positive by antigen test's, there is a high likelihood you are still infectious, even at 10 days. kumasi: when you are testing for
6:39 am
covid, the doctor is now recommending antigen tests instead of the pcr tests. the pcr tests detect covid before the symptoms appear, but antigen test's will let you know if you are still infectious. we are tracking the latest covid-19 updates and headlines, just had to coronavirus. reggie: and for the second time and only a month, the country's processing another deadly mass shooting. four people were murdered at a tulsa, oklahoma hospital. this comes as bipartisan talks on gun reform continue on capitol hill. jobina: a group of bipartisan senators are holding calls and meetings as early as yesterday. the urgency is growing after another mass shooting in tulsa. several others were injured and four were killed. the gunmen took his own life when police confronted him. police are not revealing a
6:40 am
motive right now, but a local news station was told that the suspect may have been after a local doctor. >> it is tragic when it happens in any town. i am happy the officers got in there as quickly as they did. jobina: 15 mass shootings were reported over the holiday weekend, week after 19 students and two teachers were shot dead at a now entry school -- add an elementary school in new all day, texas u --valde, te xas. reggie: and 2 million cans of formula will be sent to the u.s. united will fly more than 300,000 pounds starting next thursday. the first shipment will be available at target stores in the coming weeks. happening today, the u.k. is
6:41 am
throwing a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. queen elizabeth's plate inum jubilee kicked off today. thousands are gathering to commemorate 70 years on the throne. this will include everything from a birthday parade, because she has two birthdays to celebrate every year, to a performance by danna -- diana ross, and plenty of street parties. >> the party is starting to wind down a little bit here on the mall, the color parade just wrapped and we did see a royal air force flyover as the nation celebrates 70 years of queen elizabeth. >> for the first time in history, a platinum jubilee. queen elizabeth the second marking 70 years on the throne, the longest-serving british monarch. preparations for the next four days have been underway for
6:42 am
weeks, kicking off with the queen's birthday parade, what's known as trooping the color. it's a military ceremony where the queen can inspect the troops, and later, she will light one of 3000 beacons around the country. she is expected to make two appearances. >> she is passing on some of the more physical work to the younger members of the royal family, so she can be as visible as possible throughout the platinum jubilee weekend. >> we will also see her majesty's family, prince andrew will attend one event, as well as harry and meghan. it's the first time all four are back in england. >> this is a big family reunion. she gets to meet may be little above for the first time -- baby lillibet for the first time. >> and more than 16,000 parties
6:43 am
are planned across the nation and around the commonwealth. some fans camping out for days outside buckingham palace. the time to reflect on the queen's incredible legacy, and even the american first family is congratulating the monarch. >> thank you for your enduring friendship with the american people. >> we saw the queen coming out to wave at the crowds at buckingham palace, along with the working royal family. reggie: one step closer to a safe injection site. the steps to establish one in san francisco. >> [inaudible] kumasi: and john madden, we are taking a look at his return to the cover of madden video games. then at 7:00, counting down to game one of the nba finals.
6:44 am
if you hope to get a ticket to one of the games, we will talk about what you need to do. we are live 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. on the bay area streaming app. drew: we have some high cirrus clouds up above, the fog is with us this morning and it is helping us see a cooler day today. that trend accelerates as we go towards friday. by 10:00 a.m., some warm spots in the 70's, but comfortable around the shoreline, the 50's and 60's. today, the theme is we are cooler than compared to yesterday. a fair amount of cloud cover, we will hit 80 in san jose, partly cloudy skies, 86 is the warm spot in antioch. if you are at the chase center for game one of the nba finals, if not, you can watch it right here. rightly cloudy skies and then we cool off into the upper 50's i
6:45 am
:00 p.m. the cooling trend begins today and accelerates tomorrow. by saturday night, we have a chance of some showers. the better chance comes with a storm impact scale at level 1. we will track this rain and about eight minutes, but let's check in with jobina and see how we are doing with traffic on this thursday. jobina: our biggest issue since the earthquake this morning has been with bart, a 20 minute systemwide delay because of track inspections and trains are running at reduced speeds right now. give yourself plenty of time this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is not as backed up as it was this morning. metering lights came on at 6:12, later than normal, but the golden gate bridge is still fogged in. we also have a stall on highway four around willow pass road, why you see that slow down there near concord. 25 minutes for your and tracy to dublin increasing
6:46 am
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. reggie: state lawmakers have advanced a bill that would pave the way for safe injection sites in three major cities, including san francisco. they will give more details about that plan today. ryan curry is live with us in the newsroom with more on
6:49 am
that story. ryan? brian: this bill will create a pilot program to prevent overdose stats in california. -- ryan: this bill will create a pilot program to prevent overdose deaths in california. if anything goes wrong, staff members will be there to help immediately. people will check into the site and be offered safe and sterile equipment to use. staff will be trained with overdose items like narcan. while there, they can also be directed towards safe drug treatment programs to get help. 700 people died from overdose deaths in 2020, a record high. the bill is being led by state senator scott weiner, hoping to keep that number from increasing. but people think it won't help. >> i have a lot of problems with moving, creating a program that enables people to continue to do what is very damaging. >> to be clear, safe consumption sites are not a silver bullet.
6:50 am
this is one strategy among various strategies. reggie: the public safety committee. if it passes, it will head to the full assembly floor for a vote. those in support of the bill say it will dramatically cut down overdose deaths, especially as strong drugs like fentanyl roam the streets. ryan curry, abc7news. reggie: now for your morning money report. j.p. morgan chase is ceo says the country should be bracing for an economic hurricane. jamie dimon says the economy is distorted by inflation and the fed is not buying in. he also worries the fed is trying to unwind its bond portfolio at the same times it is raising interest rates. he added that is something the market is not prepared for. dimon says they will be writing about this in history books for 50 years. father's day is coming up, and it will be a big one for businesses. americans are expected to spend
6:51 am
$20 billion celebrating dads this month. that is up from the last record-setting figure, but less than we spend on mother's day. father's day is on sunday, june 19. let's take a look at new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are down 115 points. kumasi: a massachusetts family out for a walk with their dog got an unexpected visitor when they got home. look at this wild turkey. [laughter] kumasi: it went on the attack. it ambushed them. the woman in the video is nine months pregnant and the turkey is a mom too. she saw a bunch of baby turkeys hanging out by her house when she got home, and she said, where is the mom? that's when she found out.
6:52 am
the mom came flying around the corner and louis was like, not in my house. the couple said everything is fine and now they are laughing about it. drew: we went to a petting zoo as kids, a local one, and there was a turkey there and it did a very similar thing to my sister. reggie: there was a turkey at a petting zoo? drew: in rural pennsylvania, it can be anything. reggie: usually it is a goat, pigs -- drew: yeah, some pigs, the turkey, there was a peacock. reggie: these are animals that do not want to be petted. kumasi: fairpoint. drew: she got scarred from that a little bit. reggie: when the petting zoo becomes trauma. do you want to talk about it?
6:53 am
that's $150, please. drew: let's take a live look at suitor tower -- suitor tower this morning. partly cloudy conditions through the afternoon. we did have the magnitude four point oh earthquake centered in solano county this morning. it was felt in the south bay, the peninsula, the city and the north bay. a lot of us feeling that this morning. wins turn onshore and breezy today, gusting over 24 miles per hour, so a cooler day today under partly cloudy skies. 60's and 70's along the bay shoreline. afternoon sunshine and the city, but cloud cover for much of the day in san francisco. overnight tonight, the marine layer is still with us. a lot of numbers in the 50's. wet weather over the weekend -- much of saturday is cloudy, and at night, a shower in the north bay, but sunday morning, as the cold front moves through, we will likely see some light, scattered showers across the region.
6:54 am
most of us, less than a 10th of an inch of wet weather, and the storm is out of here by sunday afternoon. read and cool over the next couple of days, cloudy this weekend. the next chance of a shower sunday morning and we will keep you updated. kumasi: hall of fame football coach john madden is back on the cover of a popular madden videogame. electronic arts announced he will be on the cover of all three editions of this year's game. he was featured on the cover of the first 13 additions of the game until 2000. remastered audio clips of madden's voice will also be available on this edition. reggie: the pink triangle is lit up, marking the start of pride month. plenty of san francisco's prominent figures went to the
6:55 am
opening. the pink triangle was initially used to identify prisoners deemed as gay in nazi germany, but now it is used as a symbol of defiance and how far the lgbtq community has come. the pride parade will be on june 26, you can watch it right here and see all of our coverage during pride month and all year-round at pride. i didn't want people to think -- amy loves being in oakland. kumasi: she will let you know real quick. reggie: do you know where i live? [laughter] kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: a live look outside at sfo this morni
6:56 am
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(music throughout)
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kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to know this morning. that shaking you felt was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake centered in the grisly wildlife center in solano county, but people felt it all across the bay area. reggie: a significant update from police in the case of missing oakley woman alexis game today. this after a man with a connection to the case was shot and killed by police in seattle yesterday afternoon or -- afternoon. kumasi: and crews are making progress on the old fire in napa county. it is 30% contained.
6:59 am
reggie: the platinum jubilee celebration is underway in london. people are gathering to marker 70 years on the throne. drew: number five, a cooler afternoon ahead with partly cloudy skies, fog along the coast. today, the coast will be in the 60's and the bay in the 70's, our warmest spots in the mid-80's. jobina: the delay on bart is finally improving. it has decreased to a 10 minute systemwide delay. they are still completing track inspections and trains are running at reduced speeds. kumasi: number seven, tonight, the warriors are hosting boston celtics in game one of the nba finals. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. at chase center and live coverage starts at 5:00 on abc seven. you have to figure out where you will be watching the game. jobina: ok, can we get into this background? [laughter] kumasi: wait a minute!
7:00 am
reggie: how? drew: you hid that all morning and no o te good morning, america, fr around the world and what a morning it is. robin in ukraine with their first lady and a celebration 70 years in the making for the queen. abc news exclusive, ukraine's first lady olena zelenska sits down with robin in kyiv in her first one-on-one television interview since putin's forces invaded nearly 100 days ago. >> and what these young children have witnessed, what they have seen, family members. >> with her country's fate on the line her refusal to concede as the president, her husband, risks his life to save their people and the stark reminder of war in the capital. >> that's an air raid siren right now.


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