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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 2, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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are draped in a gold shirt. it is the first from the warriors have been to the finals dion: without further ado, let's kick things off with sports director larry beil at chase center. dan: i know it is still calm over there but you have to have a sense of anticipation and the excitement to come. larry: i'm not calm. [laughter] i'm freaking out inside. fortunately, i don't have to play, so we don't have to worry about that. we spent five years covering the warriors in the finals winning three out of five. k.d. left, klay got hurt, they had two years where they bottomed out. suddenly they are back in the finals. typically, that is not the way it works in the nba. it takes a lot to rebuild. talking about roster construction.
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steph curry calls them the old heads. he's talking about himself, andrea good dollar, klay, tray, but also the new kids on the block like jordan poole.. and a pair of 19-year-old, trying to soak all this up. somehow the warriors have made this work. here they are in the nba finals for the sixth time in eight years. >> every year is its own year end journey. appreciating that journey and actually going through it. not doing all you can to get around and thinking we will just get back there. just appreciating the journey and going through it. feeling the ups and downs. >> to be back for sixth time is incredible. it is incredible just saying that. i never thought it would be a possibility in my rookie year.
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it is just great. i will enjoy every second of this. play as hard as i can. walk away with no regrets. >> the celtics, obviously their first time at this level. from the first time you made the finals, is there something that surprised you, something you were not prepared for that you wished you had known about at this level? >> me, i'm not going to give it away right now. larry: steph curry, he is thinking about that question for a second. i'm telling them nothing. meanwhile, the celtics come in here, no member of this boston roster has ever played in an nba finals so big advantage for the warriors from experience standpoint. also from an injury standpoint, both teams a little bit banged up. reporter: the celtics went seven
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games, about a week off. that will be huge as the warriors look to get andre, otto porter junior and gary payton off to a good start. they did a scrimmage so that is a good sign. the warriors will need everything they can get. larry: you did a one-on-one interview yesterday with gary payton. i keep trying to read the tea leaves or figure out, we have a few more boxes to check because he's coming back from a broken . toi plaold me? reporter: i kind of think he might play. he had a bit of a smirk when he was talking. i actually he does play, maybe 5 minutes. larry: we don't have cia training but we will see what happens. give me a quick prediction. >> i have the warriors in five. larry: i have my warriors and seven but my taxi driver says
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warriors in six. so 5, 6, or seven. i have to say i'm having a flashback. i have not seen the countdown clock in a few years. here we go, 1:26 and counting. one hour and 26 minutes away. we have the pregame show coming up. i asked if he wanted to come up but i think he would've rather make money and drive. dan: we are going to have a fun night. thank you both. just a blast the next few days. thank you. dion: we do want to remind everybody, we are livestreaming larry and chris in the pregame show. then join us again for after the game, all of it on the bay area, livestreaming 24/7. dan:dan: you know fans are pumped. let's continue with reporter
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j.r. stone. dion: he's all decked out in his warriors throwback jacket. give us an idea. the fans must be aesthetic. reporter:reporter: we talk about the countdown clock but the party is already on here. you know it is a big game when magic johnson walks by you and hall of famer magic just walked by moments ago. outside all the bigwigs, you can see it is all dubs fans with some celtics fans sprinkled here and there. here's what they had to say about tonight's big game. >> it's only going to take three games to win the series. the third game, we will beat them so bad that they are going to forfeit. >> we will definitely give the two at home. we might give boston one. >> on days like this, do you get
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like a buy one get one free? >> don't we wish? [laughter] no but it's worth the price of admission. >> how do you define expensive? >> four digits. over $1000. >> i've been up until 3:30 in the morning. abc 7 news >> we will take it all. that's all i have to say. >> you saw that little dog that was ready to go. you can see the stage ready to go. the fans waiting to get into chase center. they will be loud. at least that's what they say. the sun is out, the band is playing, no complaints whatsoever outside of the nba finals here. back to you. dan: does not get much better than this. good night. dion: there is no question
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tonight's game is the hottest ticket in history at chase center. not even close. check out this breakdown from secondary market. i'm choked up at these prices. the average ticket price is $873. courtside seats tonight are going for $44,000 each. how can you wrap your head around that? the highest for a warriors game before this was $543 against the lakers in february. the third-highest was $418 for game five against dallas in the western conference finals. experts say prices will only go up. >> with game one being thursday compared to game two sunday, sunday is more extant -- expensive. the dynamics somewhat dictates the pricing. if there's a home game where the warriors could win, you know what will happen. there's a crazy premium.
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dion: he says if you are hunting for a ticket to a finals game, where the price on most secondary sites will be much higher because you have to add taxes and fees. dan: tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. so fans still have plenty of time to get to the game. sky 7 checking on traffic conditions. moving along nicely as we zoom in and you can get a sense of what things look like. the cars lined up a little bit but it is moving nicely. once you get there, you have to pay for parking of course. that is not cheap. this lot is going for $70. latte at oracle park which is a bit of a walk from chase center. other parking spots farther away are cheaper but still cost $40. public transit is recommended. game tickets function as muni tickets, giving fans rides all
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day long. the san francisco bay ferry is running. about half a mile from chase center. there are plenty of ways to get to thrive city and chase center. i hope you take advantage of that. a lot of people of course will be standing outside, watching on the big screens. let's bring in mike nicco. mike: let me show you the temperature. if we could only have pricing and the lots, you would save $10 because it is only 60 degrees. we have a brisk wind. about 12 to 25 miles per hour. my best advice for you is dress like you're going to a giants game. almost the exact same temperatures you would have this time of year just up the street at oracle. here's a look at the nba finals forecast. sunshine in and out of the clouds but it will not be the winds that will keep you around 60 and dropping to around 57
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degrees by the time the game ends and they get their first win of four on the way to their fourth championship with these players. it will be pretty nice out there. exactly what we would expect. instead of giants gear, you have the worriers gear that will be plenty warm for you. dan: thank you. dion: one very big boston celtics fan is looking to sweeten the stakes for any doughnut shop owner in the bay area. maria del dios is owner of kane's doughnuts, one of the most beloved shops in the area. full discloser, she is my husband's aunt. [laughter] she wants to issue a challenge, a wager, her business going doughnut for doughnut against the bay area's best. so far, no takers. >> so if the celtics lost, i would send them a dozen of hours.
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but we know that is not happening. we were hoping to try some donuts from your area, but nobody wanted to do it. i don't get it. dion:dion: her accent is hilarious. she is showing some special donuts. a special edition green and white doughnut to honor the eastern conference champs. if anybody has a doughnut shop and wants to participate, let us know. dan: how fun. that is cool. one of the hottest items are some special steph curry shoes. the team store received a shipment of hard-to-find we believe edition made by under armor. it features the famous colors and logo from the we believe era and is highly sought after. >> they showed a picture of them years ago and just never released them for sale yet. then i saw them on the under armour site a few weeks ago. all of them were sold out except really small and really large. dan: we believe was the motto
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that really stuck with the beloved 2007 warriors team that pulled off one of the biggest upsets in nba playoff history. there is a last-minute change with the abc broadcast team. . play-by-play announcer mike breen and game analyst jeff van gundy are both out for game one with covid unfortunately. that's according to multiple reports. former warriors head coach mark jackson is ok and will call the game with mark jones who is filling in. dion: once again, nba finals coverage officially starts at 5:00 p.m. with the w's on seven pregame show. then it is the countdown at 5:30. . game one tips off at 6:00. don't forget, catch jimmy kimmel live game night at 10:00 and abc7news starts early at 10:30. dan: a great evening here but we have a lot more news here on abc 7 at 4:00. did you feel it?
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dion: some answers today for the family of missing oakland woman alexis gabe. on sir hossein has more. >> we had no idea he was capable
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of doing something like this to her. reporter: after months of searching for their daughter, the family of alexis gabe finally has answers. oakley police say an arrest warrant was issued for marshall curtis jones, the ex-boyfriend. he was charged for the murderer of the young oakley woman who disappeared. >> marshall curtis jones, a 20 seven-year-old male and resident of antioch, killed alexis at his home on or about january 26, 2022. reporter: but the oakley police chief says jones, who is now living in washington state, was killed by seattle officers as they attempted to arrest him. >> we didn't want him dead. we wanted him arrested to pay for his sins. we wanted to meet with him face-to-face. we wanted to look him in the eyes and ask him why. ask him where is alexis? reporter: police say they still
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not have located alexis's body, but after examining large amounts of digital and frantic analysis -- forensic analysis, there's enough to connect jones to the murder. >> we have surveillance footage, cell phone data, dna evidence. reporter: jones was reportedly the last person alexis saw before her disappearance, despite the mounting evidence linking jones to the crime, chief beard says it took months to peace to gave the the data before they arrest warrant could be issued. we understand the >> depth of the impact >> but we are still determined to continue with the investigation. reporter: the family says despite this news, this is not closure. before there is closurreporter:g up that fight. >> we are not giving up the fight. she will remain alive in our hearts until we find her. >> we will continue to find her. we want her back. reporter: abc 7 news.
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dan: today marks two years since the fatal police shooting of 22-year-old shawn mata rosaura in vallejo. family members will hold a vigil outside the walgreens where he was shot as police responded to the reports of looting following the murder of george floyd. this week, a hearing officer recommended against firing the officer. the california attorney general's office is investigating whether the officer will face criminal charges. to address the issues of guns, violence and recent mass shootings, president biden will speak to the nation. we are expecting to hear from him in a few minutes and we will carry the remarks here on abc 7. dion: alameda county will reinstate an indoor mask mandate effective tomorrow. it does not include berkeley which has its own health department. . the county says daily cases have been rising and the rate of severe disease is
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increasing. >> we are seeing more people in the hospital in the last several weeks. . we saw the numbers climb up over 100 people in the hospital today. reporter: since the end of the school year is approaching or has already come, masks will not be required in schools. dan: coming up, as you look at the iconic and beautiful golden gate bridge, we are checking in on the weather for you. it is june but we have these storm impacts scale being deployed next. mike nicco has that. dion: because of abc's coverage of the nba finals, you won't see jeopardy and wheel of fortune at their usual times, but you can catch them or dvr them overnight.
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dan: south bay families whose loved ones have been killed by a police are angry at the santa clara county's police office saying that the investigations have obvious errors and they are calling for them to reopen. reporter: nearly a dozen families came together in front of the santa clara building thursday to deliver a letter to district attorney jeff rosen. each of the families have a loved one killed in an officer-involved shooting and they are calling for the cases to get another look. >> what we are demanding is that
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each case be thoroughly investigated with integrity, with respect to the families, with respect to the victims. reporter: the families say they are questioning the da investigations into their loved ones deaths because of what they call a bad copy and paste job. antonio lopez was killed in 2014 in an officer-involved shooting. the da report found the officers were justified. the report listed the legal reasons they used took him to that conclusion sang apart that the courts cannot laskin officer to hold fire to ascertain whether lopez will in fact injure an officer. that same paragraph later appeared in three other reports in later years. those reports involve different men in different investigations, copying and pasting without taking guzman lopez's name out. >> the least this shows is negligence. it shows that our loved ones
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ireporter: the families say thy want the cases to be investigated again independently. silicon valley debug hosted the gathering, days before the election in which the d.a. is running for reelection. the groups co-founder is endorsing one of jeff rosen's opponents. abc 7 reached out to the d.a. whose spokesperson give us this statement. " we would be happy to meet to discuss concerns. we have met with him many times before and worked with the group to address resentencing and criminal reform projects." the family says they hope to get a response. zach fuentes, abc 7 news. dion: an earthquake jolted people awake throughout the bay area this morning. the magnitude 4.1 quake struck just after 5:00 a.m. in solano county. the usgs reports the quake was felt 125 miles away from santa cruz. the strongest shaking was in
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pittsburgh and antioch but no reports of any damage. as a reminder, we have lots of resources to help you prepare for a natural disaster including a video of what to pack in your earthquake kit. visit dan: in the meantime, let's check in on the forecast. dion: even if it gets cooler, people jumping up and down, cheering, working up a sweat. mike: the energy, whether it is nervous, it will make you feel warm inside. let's take a look at what's going on. take a look at the shark tank. springlike highs tomorrow through sunday. we have a chance of showers beginning saturday night in the north bay and slide southwards into sunday. it is going to get really warm for several days next week
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especially in land neighborhoods. here we are on the storm impact. best chance over the north bay. it will briefly reduce the fire threat if we can get 1/10 of an inch of rain. here's a quick look at the rain. into saturday night, it could be as far south as santa rosa. sunday morning, could be just knocking on the door. what it will do for everybody that is not receiving the rain is lock in another cool day. warmer than average monday, tuesday and look at the heat wednesday in trsy. dion: hearpresident biden addressing the nation onhe pi of guns, vioncssshootings. dan: don't for we are live streaming special warriors content on the abc 7 bay area news app which you can download for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv or rok
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: we are literally on the
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final countdown, a few seconds left before we take you to a special report, and address to the nation by president biden. dion: he is expected to address several recent mass shootings and discuss gun-control laws. this is at the forefront of america especially after the deadly shooting at an elementary school in uvalde last week, and also what happened in tulsa. dan:dan: let's go to abc news. announcer: this is an abc news special report. >> good evening. i'm david muir. we are coming on air because president biden is about to address the nation after a series of horrific mass shootings in this country, an epidemic of gun violence. . the images have become sadly too familiar in this country. from the grocery store in buffalo, new york, to a church in california, to robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, and now of course this hospital in tulsa, oklahoma in the last 24 hours.
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