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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- a convicted killer on the run since escaping from a prison bus last month now accused of killing a family of five. and breaking overnight, word of a deadly shootout with police. plus the other developing story this hour. the search for answers after a shooting outside a church in iowa. enough. enough, enough. >> president biden makes a new plea for gun control. but in congress -- >> spare me the [ bleep ] about constitutional rights. >> stark differences on display. sky-high gas prices climbing even higher. will a decision by opec make a difference? what the white house is considering. concerns about the queen. day two of her platinum jubilee getting under way. the palace says the queen will
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miss a major event. is america ready to pay to hitch a ride in a robot taxi? one state says yes. and later, something we've never seen at the national spelling bee. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good friday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news from texas. a violent end to a manhunt for a convicted killer who escaped from a prison bus last month. >> gonzalo lopez has been killed in a shootout with police after three weeks on the run. police say they tracked him down south of san antonio after he killed a family of five. the bodies of an adult and four children were found inside a cabin and their pickup truck was missing. lopez had been serving a life sentence for killing a man with a pick ax. a developing story overnight from iowa. a double shooting outside a church. a man killed two women in the parking lot of the cornerstone church in ames. police say the shooter then took his own life. no one inside the church was
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hurt. detectives are trying to determine if the women were targeted or if it was a random attack. meanwhile, president biden addressed the nation last night, calling for gun control measures after the massacres in uvalde and buffalo and the mass shooting in tulsa. >> but there's new evidence just how divided congress remains. >> 56 candles lined the floor behind president biden during his address last night, representing every u.s. state and territory impacted by gun violence. >> how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough? enough. >> reporter: the president repeated his call to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. he also asked lawmakers to pass so-called red flag and safe storage laws and stricter background checks after a wave of mass shootings in oklahoma, texas, and new york. >> this isn't about taking away anyone's rights. it's about protecting children. it's about protecting families. it's about protecting whole communities. it's about protecting our freedoms to go to school, to a
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grocery store, to a church without being shot and killed. >> reporter: as the president finished his address, a house committee approved a bill that would raise the age limit for buying a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21 and tighten the regulation of so-called ghost guns. democrats and republicans bitterly argued over their proposals for nearly ten hours. >> this is a xl sigsauer p-365. >> reporter: one congressman appearing virtually from his home in florida pulled out his pistols, which he says would be outlawed under the bill, drawing concern from one democrat. >> i hope that gun is not loaded. >> i'm at my house. i can do whatever i want with my guns. >> reporter: the bill heads to a full house chamber for a vote next week but has virtually no chance of passing the senate where the real fate of gun reform lies. because of the 50-50 split between democrats and republicans. bipartisan talks are intensifying among a core group of senators said to be discussing modest gun policy changes with some progress reported. >> right now the white house
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says the president himself is not directly involved in these negotiations. and when i've pressed them on it and asked why not, they say the president right now wants to give congress space. he wants to give these lawmakers a chance to see what they can come up with, whether they can find any common ground. >> reporter: but some supporters of gun rights suggest the proposals being made are more evidence that democrats want to repeal the second amendment. >> i think we walked down a dangerous road, as we like to say, sometimes that's a cat putting a nose underneath the fence. the first time they start doing that that might just be a little bit of an infrnagement on the second amendment. before long they're going to push themselves all the way through. >> last night the president also called for more mental health resources. new details about the troubling signs that were ignored about the uvalde, texas school gunman. sources say the 18-year-old was repeatedly teased about his clothing and some even thought he might become a school shooter because of his demeanor and behavior. but they did not report him. meanwhile, an attorney for the teacher who propped open the school door explains what she did when she saw the gunman.
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>> he hops the fence and starts running at her. and she's on the phone and she says, he's got a gun. you know, and so she immediately turns around and runs right back inside, kicks the rock out, slams the door. >> the door did not lock as it was designed to do. the lawyer says that the teacher hid inside a classroom and is traumatized. we turn now to gas prices hitting another record high, all because of high demand, low supply, and of course the war in ukraine. opec says it will increase oil output, but president biden appears ready to turn to saudi arabia for more help. abc's justin finch is now here with more. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, andrew, good morning. president biden campaigned on a promise to isolate saudi arabia, and now it appears soaring energy costs have changed that. forget daily records. gas prices are now hitting new highs every hour. >> essentially every hour the national average is setting a new record. we are currently at $4.76 a gallon, and the national average could breach that $5 a gallon
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mark in the next three weeks. >> reporter: president biden is now reportedly looking to saudi arabia to help lower the cost of gas and oil. according to the associated press, biden will visit saudi arabia later this month and could meet with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. that would be a departure from his comments as a candidate when biden promised to treat saudi arabia as a pariah state for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, an outspoken critic of the saudi government. u.s. intelligence concluded prince bin salman ordered khashoggi's killing, an allegation he denies. meanwhile, opec, which includes saudi arabia, agreed yesterday to increase oil output by about 50% in july and august in an attempt to offer global relief for the global economy. but experts are skeptical. >> opec has already promised more oil than it has brought to the market. so the real question is is opec going to move forward with this
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increase? will they walk the walk and talk the talk? or is this simply lip service? >> reporter: and the white house not confirming the president's visit to saudi arabia, but an official tells abc news the president is willing to meet with any leader if he can get results to lower those prices. andrew? >> justin, thank you. the war in ukraine has now lasted 100 days. president zelenskyy says russian forces who are making gains in the east now occupy about 20% of ukraine's territory. but he also said moscow has lost more than 30,000 soldiers since the invasion. we turn now to london and day two of the platinum jubilee honoring queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. overnight buckingham palace was lit up with pictures of the queen throughout the years. abc's inez de la courtera is there with the very latest on the day's festivities. good morning, ines. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we did get to see the queen twice yesterday, but the queen
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is 96 and this morning she is having to cancel a previously scheduled event. overnight, despite the jubilation some disappointing news. buckingham palace releasing a statement saying her majesty, queen elizabth ii, did experience some discomfort as the festivities for her platinum jubilee kicked off on thursday and that she would therefore reluctantly have to cancel a scheduled appearance at st. paul's cathedral. >> this event had been earmarked as one of the events she was very keen to attend. it shows you that she's had to accept there are certain things she just cannot do and that looks set to continue. >> reporter: she's celebrating 70 years on the throne, but britain's longest-serving monarch has been experiencing mobility issues. at 96 years old the queen only appearing a few times on the first of this four-day celebration. she came out to light the tree of trees, one of more than 3,000 beacons being ignited across the country and around the commonwealth, from new zealand to australia. and the queen also watched what's known as trooping the
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color from buckingham palace, waving at her supporters from that famous balcony alongside working members of the oil family. >> the queen looked beautiful. i mean, she's getting older now, but she looks vibrant as ever. >> reporter: her great grandson prince louis even stealing the show with the many faces he made as the british royal air force flew overhead. >> it's been really enjoyable to see all the royal family out to celebrate this amazing celebration. >> reporter: but the service being held at st. paul's would have acted as a big family reunion, with harry, meghan, and prince andrew all initially expected to attend. prince andrew tested positive for covid late thursday. a royal source telling abc news that with regret he would no longer be attending the service. and today's service will also be to see the queen see harry, again later this weekend but because of her mobility issues decisions regarding her attendance are being made at the
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last minute. guys? >> ines, thank you. as you mentioned, prince louie stole the show yesterday. so we found these nine examples of him reacting to all the fun. we'll have more coverage from london with will ganss, sir william ganss, later this half hour. and cleanup is under way after storms pounded virginia and maryland. heavy winds downed trees in bethesda and fallen power lines knocked out electricity for hours in some areas. residents in virginia reported hail the size of ice cubes. >> and parts of florida are under a tropical storm watch bracing for up to a foot of rain. here's your friday forecast. >> good morning. all eyes on the gulf of mexico as we head toward the weekend. what is expected to become tropical storm alex today will cross the florida peninsula on saturday, bringing a lot of rain and a lot of wind. how much rain are we talking about? miami, fort lauderdale you could see eight to twelve inches. up to 20 inches possible.
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40 to 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts possible as well. tropical storm conditions as well. across the lower 48 wet in the middle and nice in much of the hot air balloon crashing into a train. also ahead, why the baby formula shortage is getting even worse. and should a dog owner be required to remove his dog's vocal cords to keep the peace in his neighborhood? the debate in north carolina.
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check out these new images of a hot air balloon that fell from the sky over wisconsin slamming into a train. a witness says wind from the train apparently sucked the basket off the balloon's wires. three people were injured. the baby formula shortage appears to be getting worse. nine states now have out of
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stock rates of at least 90%. the fda is now facing an audit over its handling of the crisis. the white house says more shipments are on the way. now to a controversy in north carolina where a man is in legal trouble over his dog's loud barking, but he was told the charges could be dropped if he has his dog's vocal cords removed. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning -- that bark causing controversy in graham county, north carolina. >> leo's bark does travel, but it's just because he's 120 pounds. >> reporter: neighbors of 7-year-old leo, a great pyrenees have complained about his barking so much that his owner michael eddings has paid $750 in noise violation citations and attorney's fees. >> i have a neighbor that has three or four dogs that bark. my neighbor across the street has dogs that bark, so i think, you know, singling us out for one dog is a little ridiculous. >> reporter: those citations forcing eddings to go to court
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and the assistant district attorney had a suggestion on how to solve the problem. >> said that if you have the dog's vocal cords removed surgically, they would drop all charges. it is crazy. it is inhumane. >> reporter: removing a dog's vocal cords is a surgery, but it's also illegal in several states. it's banned in ohio, massachusetts, maryland and new jersey unless it's deemed medically necessary and must be performed by a licensed veterinarian using anesthesia, and a growing number of vets nationwide refuse to even perform the surgery. leo's owner says he's willing to negotiate but won't put his dog under the knife. >> we'll put up a fence, things like that, but i'm not going to put on a barking collar and i'm not going to have surgery. >> reporter: the district attorney saying whether offered in jest or seriousness, the suggestion was inappropriate. i am unable to offer additional comment as this is now a personnel matter. eddings is due back in court in october. the sheriff's department says deputies have issued multiple
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citations to eddings for barking and loud music, but since the most recent citation, there haven't been any more noise complaints. andrew, mona. >> andrea, thank you. coming up, what one woman did after finding $36,000 in cash in her new couch. but first new revelations after the johnny depp defamation trial. the evidence that was never seen. covid-19 moves fast, and now you can too by asking your healthcare provider if an oral treatment is right for you. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they're mild don't wait, get tested quickly. if you test positive and are at high risk for severe disease, act fast ask if an oral treatment is right for you. covid-19 moves fast and now you can too. ♪♪ (mmm) (mmm)
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severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? (♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. new insight this morning into the johnny depp-amber heard trial. heard's lawyer is coming forward with new details about the moments after the verdict and the evidence not seen in court. this morning amber heard's lawyer is revealing her client's reaction after a jury sided with ex-husband johnny depp in their duel defamation trials, telling abc's linsey davis that heard feels she let down abuse victims. >> she's heartbroken. one of the most significant things she said right after she heard the victory was "i am so
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sorry for all these women i have disappointed, all these women who have suffered, you know, and i've set them back." >> what would your message be to victims of domestic abuse who now say, well, this is it, i'm not going to come forward with my own story? >> tell people. tell your therapists. amber did, but we couldn't get the evidence in. take pictures. document things if you need to. because we really have gone back -- i want to say almost decades. >> reporter: elaine bretehoft was by heard's side during the trial which stemmed from a newspaper op-ed heard wrote in which she claimed to be an abuse victim. she says her team had damaging evidence against depp that was not allowed at trial. >> we had some significant text mengz f messages from johnny depp's assistant saying when i told him he kicked you he cried. that didn't come in. we had the medical records actually where amber was reporting contemporaneously about the drugs, the alcohol and being physically abused.
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>> reporter: she also addressed heard's statement after the verdict that she feels she's been deprived of her right to free speech. >> i'm very troubled by the fact we have an op-ed that doesn't even mention mr. depp and as a result of that this jury has now said that these were defamatory with malice. i think we have to really rethink the first amendment and op edds and how we treat these going forward. >> reporter: but many legal analysts say the case came down to heard's lack of credibility, not her right to free speech. bertehoft says heard does not have the money to pay depp the $10 million the jury awarded him. she plans to appeal. in sports the celtics ovca . curry hit six three-pointers in the first quarter. but it's not how you start, it's how youd cond half, going on a 17-0 run. the final, 120-108. well, coming up, a different kind of donut for national donut day.
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a crispy, craveable 100-calorie snack. ♪ time to check the pulse and we begin with history at the scripps national spelling bee. >> for the first time the competition ended in a spelloff. the last two competitors failed to spell their final words correctly, so the judges opted for a spelloff for harini logan and vikram raju. they had 90 seconds to correctly spell as many words as possible. >> t-o-q-u-i-l-l-a. >> t-l-a-i-s-a-y. >> h-o-r-i -- >> national spelling bee champion. >> logan spelled 21 words correctly compared to raju's 15. next, california has given the green light to the state's first driverless taxis.
4:54 am
>> the service is run by a company called cruise. it's been offering free test rides in san francisco. but the new state ruling means the company can start charging for rides. >> for now the robot taxi service will be limited to less congested areas. >> do you tip them? i don't know. next a lesson for all of us. always check your cushions. >> a california woman picked up a free couch on craigslist. when she got home she felt something inside the cushion. it was several envelopes packed with $36,000. >> i was just like, you know, telling my son, come, come, come. i was screaming, come, come, come. i need to call the guy. i thought it was a heat pad. >> the couch previously belonged to someone who passed away. vicky returned the cash to the family. they gave her $2,200 as a thank you. so close yet so-fa. >> i like that. and finally, today is national donut day. >> dunkin' is giving away a free donut if you buy a drink. in krispy kreme you get a free doan wut no purchase necessary.
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>> finding solutions. this is abc7news.
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>> the first california county to reinstate a mask mandate. you will be required to wear one in the bay area now. >> a live look outside. get ready to see some rain. it is the best day for outdoor plans. >> came one did not go as planned, but warriors fans are not giving up hope. look ahead to the next chance to beat the boston celtics. >> good morning britain is friday. that's a good thing. >> we have the outside, and a house of weather. >> it will be a colder day, and we will have a chance of rain. we will find areas of dry weather. if you have outdoor plans, are marine layer is established on the coast line. half moon bay. we are down a half mile of visibility, so dense fog. elsewhere, we are doing ok. right now, temperatures are genuinely waking up in the 60's. it


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