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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 3, 2022 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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reggie: cute. would wear. drew: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west overnight, president biden addresses the nation saying now is the time to act on guns. the president addresses the nation. >> how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough? enough? his call for sweeping reform following yet another mass shooting. what we're learning about the rampage in tulsa that left four people dead. as more young victims from the uvalde school massacre will be laid to rest. the new details on both investigations and the state of play in congress. tropical storm warning. the first tropical storm of the season putting florida on alert. sam champion with the track and timing right now and the severe weather across the country.
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american help on the way, the u.s. now training ukrainians on how to use those advanced rocket systems as president zelenskyy says putin's forces now control about 20% of the country, plus our exclusive with the u.s. ambassador. final shot of hope? what the white house is now saying about when the youngest american could be eligible for the shot and what it all depends on. johnny depp on stage after his big win. what he's now saying about his high-from file defamation case against ex-wife amber heard whose lawyer said she can't pay the millions. what's next for both stars? ♪ ♪ platinum party. gma is live in london with exclusive access as the world honors the queen's historic 70-year reign. who is stepping into her majesty's shoes this morning. plus harry and meghan. their first official appearance and the new detail, did the
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queen finally meet their daughter lilibet. >> you can't take me anywhere. >> literally. >> steph curry stunned. >> the boston celtics rallied to beat the warriors in game one of the nba finals. a fourth-quarter comeback for the books. >> and you can't stop this champ. >> m-o-o-r-n-g-n. >> a 14-year-old speller wins the national spelling bee. harini logan joins us this morning. >> g-o-o-d. good morning, america. live in times square, this is "good morning america." good morning, america. congratulations to harini. what an incredible spelling bee champ. congratulations to boston who beat golden state in a comeback yesterday, and i have to say, you asked me.
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>> is this thes the finals. just so -- >> my husband does not need to see that given that he was probably up all night watching. >> he's a big warrior fan. you should know it is the finals. >> and we are live in london for the platinum jubilee honoring the queen's 70-year reign. amy and t.j. are there at st. paul's cathedrals. >> members of the royal family arrived there moments ago including harry and meghan. you can see them there. the 96-year-old monarch will not be at the event for mobility reasons. we'll have that coming up. gun violence, emotional and urgent. the president called on congress to act saying we cannot fail the american people again. good morning, mary. >> this is something we rarely see from president biden, a prime time address, but he knows this fight well and he knows the uphill battle he's facing here and he's trying to use the power of the precedence toe keep up the pressure on republicans in congress. the president emotionally
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pleading with washington to do something and asking the question that so many americans ask themselves after every one of these shootings. will this finally be enough? >> after consective mass shootings, the president overnight addressing the nation with yet another desperate call for action. >> it's time for even of us to do our part. it's time to act for the children we've lost, the children we can save, for the nation we love. >> with bipartisan talks under way, biden pleading for sweeping change, but also offering alternatives. >> if we can't ban assault weapons then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21, strengthen background checks and enact safe storage law and red flag laws. repeal the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability. address the mental health crisis. >> biden describing his proposals as common sense. >> this isn't about taking away
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anyone's rights. it's about protecting children. it's about protecting families. it's about protecting whole communities. >> after three decades of congressional inaction, biden is painfully familiar with the difficulties of gun reform blaming republicans who have been standing in the way. >> my god, the fact that the majority of the senate republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote i find unconscionable. we can't fail the american people again. >> the rare prime time remarks on the heels of yet another mass shooting wednesday. the 233rd this year. this time at a hospital in tulsa, oklahoma. >> this is yet another act of violence upon an american city. >> a disgruntled patient allegedly targeting and killing his own doctor, preston phillips. >> the shooter armed with a handgun and an ar semiautomatic
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rifle bought hours earlier. stephanie husen, amanda glenn and a patient, william love all killed as well before the shooter turned the gun on himself. police say he made clear in a note he wanted to kill his doctor and anyone who got in his way. >> when i woke this morning i wanted this to all be a bad dream, but this is the reality of our world right now. >> a reality for so many americans on the very same day 45 killed and 72 injured in 90 other shootings across the country including the killing of two women in the parking lot of a church in iowa. the carnage renewing calls for action and now this question from the president. >> for god's sake, how much more carnage are we willing to accept. how many more innocent american liefrs must be taken before we say enough? enough? >> now for all of biden's passion, this speech was also familiar, too familiar, as vice president biden was put in
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charge of the response in the p massacre at sandy hook when 20 children were killed and as we know that effort failed and while biden does hope that this time will finally be different, if it is not, he said it's up to voters to make this a central issue in the midterm elections because as the president notes, the majority of americans do want to see some change here. michael? >> definitely want that change. thanks, mary. president biden calling for that action, we'll go to our congressional correspondent rachel scott for a reality check on the state of play in congress to see if something will actually get done this time. rachel, good morning. >> michael, good morning. you heard the president call for sweeping and broad gun reform. some of that will be a long shot. in fact, much of the focus of the bipartisan negotiations playing out here in the senate have been on measures that are more narrow. on the table, expanded background checks, incentives for states to enact red flag laws that would temporarily take away guns from people considered dangerous, funding for mental health and school security,
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democrats want to go even further. they would like to ban assault weapons outright. they would like to raise the legal age limit to purchase an ar-15 style weapon from 18 to 21, but they would need the support of at least ten republicans in the senate and the vast majority of republicans are just not onboard with that. just take a look at what happened at the house judiciary committee hours ago. democrats did push through a measure that includes nearly every single thing that the president is asking for, but every single republican on that committee voted against it. senate democrats have conceded that they may be willing to accept a smaller package if it means that they can actually get something done and they cannot reach a deal in the next couple of days and they do plan to hold a vote on the record. >> they want to see names on those votes. >> we turn now to the funerals to the victims of uvalde, texas, jacqueline cazares being laid to
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rest as we are learning new details about the investigation. marcus moore has the latest. >> this morning as investigators piece together what led to the shooting at robb elementary school. >> the guy with a rifle. >> for the first time, we are hearing from the attorney for the teacher who was accused of leaving open the door that the gunman entered. >> that door is supposed to always be locked. because she thought it was locked and it always is locked and she propped a rock out to walk a couple of feet to get food. >> she saw the colleague crash the truck and start running with a gun. >> she's on the phone and she says he's got a gun and she immediately turns around and runs right back inside and kicks the rock out and slams the door. >> the teacher tells 911 what's happening and she runs into an empty classroom and hides. she starts to hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, just really fast. >> eventually she's rescued, but 19 children and two teachers don't make it out alive.
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now as law enforcement's response faces scrutiny, the teacher's attorney says they are not the ones to blame. the cops aren't at fault. the school's not at fault. the people who are at fault is the shooter and the people who put the guns in his hands. that's who is at fault. yes, the police obviously could have done a better job. it's a small town. they're not trained marines. >> this as three more children were laid to rest on thursday. 10-year-old nevaeh bravo, 10-year-old eliahna torres and 11-year-old miranda mathis remembered for their smiles and huge hearts. >> the gunman's very own grandmother are still being treated at the hospitl after suffering gunshot wounds and michael, it will be another difficult day as the funerals get under way this morning and afternoon. >> it's not getting easier. thank you. we turn now to the first tropical storm of the season putting florida on a lerts just two days after hurricane season
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officially began. let's go to sam champion and he is there live in miami for us this morning. good morning, sam. >> good morning, michael. this is likely to be a flooding storm. let's talk about june since we started the hurricane season. one-third of the storms tend to impact florida. they tend to be disorganized and very wet. when we say disorganized, look at the lopsidedness and all of the west, and later today we feel like it will get its circulation act together and if it takes the tropical storm name alex and look at that path right across south florida coming south of fort meyers and let's talk about the rain. this will be a flooding situation and the tropical storm extended from cape canaveral from key west and we think the storm will get stronger with heavy rain impacting later on today on the coast. this could be 10 to 15 inches of rain and there will be bands set up at 10 to 15 an hour.
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there could be 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts. george? >> sam, thanks very much. the latest now on the war in ukraine. russia's advancing in the east threatening to take a key city and president zelenskyy estimates a fifth of the country is now under russian control, but u.s. rocket systems are on the way and they could help in the fight. our foreign correspondent ian p panell is in ukraine. >> today marks 100 days of war in ukraine. it's a conflict that vladimir putin chose, and millions have been forced from their homes and thousands killed including hundreds of children and the devastation has been immense. >> this morning as ukrainian forces battle for their lives to fend off the russian invasion in the east, the new critical western aid is one step closer to the battlefield. the u.s. now training the ukrainians how to use the powerful rocket systems at a secret location outside of the country. the highly advanced system will play a crucial role in the
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battle for the donbas. in an abc exclusive the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine bridget brink touts ukrainian success, but acknowledges the fight is far from over. >> they've done an incredible job pushing russia out of kyiv and now russian forces are in the east and that fight right now is very close and very difficult. >> it's not looking good in the east, would youagree with that? >> i think it's a very difficult fight. >> this comes as president gellen ski says that russia now occupies around 20% of ukraine, much of that including crimea which was seized in 2013. they've also inflicted massive casualties on the invading russian forces claiming nearly 20,000 russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion ukraine, after the ukrainian first lady spoke with robin roberts here in kyiv. saying to the people of the united states, do not get used
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to this war. do not get used to our pain. >> that's something the new ambassador also stressed, even if this war can go on for many more month, the need to stay engaged and the u.s. will stay committed. >> ian, thank you so much. we'll switch gears and head to london because i don't know if you guys have heard, it is day two of the queen's platinum jubilee and the party is still going on and amy has the front row seat. >> hi, yes. the royal celebrations continue in london and we are in day two and we are at the cathedral. the queen was initially expected to attend, but we heard late yesterday from the palace that although she thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's trooping of the color, she was in some discomfort, so she is in the comfort of her own home now watching on the television. she also last night participated
7:15 am
with prince william in the beacon light ceremony. they lit the primary beacon and it then set off a chain of beacons being lit throughout the united kingdom and the commonwealth. a spectacular sight. >> it was. there are a lot of vehicles of the range rover, jaguar and rolls royce variety because those were dropping off members of the royal family. they only did pass feet from us. we did see, of course, prince charles. we saw prince william, duchess kate and we did see for the first time publicly at least prince harry and meghan. a lot of eyes were on them and curious to see them. they gave a little wave. we talked about how the celebration has been and we'll see a concert here tonight in celebration and today is a day of reflection and to really say "thank you" to the queen and for a lot of folks here, guys to -- to commit to what they say she's been commited to which is a life of public service. we'll see them come out shortly. >> you guys don't have the
7:16 am
front-row seat. >> we'll head back to you guys in london all morning long with all of the jubilee celebrations. now the nba final. the boston celtics stunning the golden state warriors in game one with a huge comeback dominating the final minutes. will reed was there for it all and is on the court right now. good morning, will. >> good morning, michael. what a game. i'm standing 23 feet, nine inches away from that banket and that's the three-point line. the warriors revolutionizing the game from right here. they made 19 threes last night and their opponents made 21 and the celtics making a huge comeback in the fourth quarter. most of it from right about here. >> the celtics take game one! >> this morning the boston celtics are three wins away from a record 18th nba title. boston storming back from a double-digit fourth quarter deficit. >> williams caught a body underneath and here come boston! >> to stun the golden state warriors at home in the
7:17 am
first-ever finals game at chase center. a surprise outcome and right from tip-off it seemed the heavily favored warriors were taking control. >> behind the screen, steph curry locked in. >> superstar steph curry exploding for 21 points in the first quarter sinking six threes, the most ever in one final quarter. the home crowd in a frenzy as the warriors back in the finals for the first time since 2019 took a 12-point lead into the fourth quarter. >> pulls the three. >> both teams draining shots from distance, making the finals record 40 combined three-pointers, but even with that history made the warriors still faltered as the celtics finished off the comeback. >> to the lead! boston up by three! >> veteran al horford showing off in his first final game in his 15-year career. young star jaylen brown catching fire late. >> brown from downtown! >> and put a dejected warriors
7:18 am
team on their back foot. >> my guys found me tonight and i knocked them down. >> warriors fans might have gone home quiet and they were really loud earlier in the game especially for clay thompson making his return after missing two seasons with injury trying to get another one of these, the larry o'brien trophy. the celtics, a little closer right now. game two coming up sunday night. >> looking forward to that. next time you stand that close to the basket, shoot it. >> the queen's platinum jubilee. >> and the fallout from the johnny depp-amber heard trial, and first let's head back over to sam. hi, sam. >> let me show you how quick this thing moves and it is right off the coast of florida at 3:30 and zips off the east coast in the afternoon hours. this is a fast mover with flooding rain and that's to be our biggest concern. so the gusty winds will stay mostly south of the area and here's some weather just for you.
7:19 am
drew: it is cooler. it is breezy today. we will go into the 60's and 70's with partly cloudy away from the coast. overnight tonight, we will have the marine layer back with us, heading into the 50's over the weekend. the seven-day forecast, a chance of a shower sunday night. excuse me, saturday night to sunday. otherwise, next week, get ready for summer heat.
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that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. in the world today. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am kumasi aaron. honey mahogany is running for district six supervisor in san francisco, setting up a showdown with incumbent matt dorsey. if elected, mahogany would be san francisco's first transgender supervisor. she's been working in politics for years, most recently as chief of staff for matt haney. haney left the job when he became a state singly member. he pushe fahogany to replace a lookt affic now. it went ay og it is gone at bay bridge toll
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plaza too, but the bay bridge itself is very dense, full with fog. 85 to the san jose airport has slowed, 18 miles an hour, 23 minutes to the maze. i think i said 18 miles per hour. 18 minutes. >> thank you.
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>>e are checking out of dse fog ahe coast. oakland reduced to less than two miles of visibility. along the shoreline and coast, that marine layer. 50's and 60's now. here's a live look from our south beach camera in the city. areas of fog first thing this morning. partly cloudy and cooler today. temperatures later on this afternoon in the 60's and 70's.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at st. paul's cathedral. the royal family leaving the church as we look forward to more festivities planned for the queen's platinum jubilee. amy and t.j. will have much more on the celebration just ahead. >> that is coming up, but the headlines this morning including president biden's prime time address to the nation calling for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. of course, that's in the wake of several recent mass shootings including the massacre at uvalde, texas. if congress fails to act voters should make this a central issue in november. the covid vaccine for kids 6 months to 5 years old expected by june 21st according to dr.
7:31 am
ashish jha. this depends on the fda and the cdc signing off for them to be eligible. plus look at this. thieves in houston sold hundreds of gallons of diesel. the owner says he's lost tens of thousands of dollars recently to theft. >> also, american tennis sensation coco gauff. she's reached a final in the semifinals in the french open. she will need to beat the top seed to win her first major title at 18. gauff is the youngest american to win a grand slam final since 17-year-old serena williams did it back in 1999. >> congrats to her and good luck. >> congrats to her, and we've got a lot more ahead including johnny depp winning his defamation case against ex-wife aber heard is how the actress is planning to appeal. we'll have that coming up. the queen's jubilee in
7:32 am
lo london. we'll go back to aimy and t.j. who are right there. >> just like that. >> we are right here and right on cue. george, you have never hit a cue in your professional broadcasting career the way you just hit it because as soon as you tossed to us, this is the largest church bell in all of the country and it's going off right now in honor. this is really to honor the queen. i would say just stand by and it's going to stop, but it's going to go for four hours. >> four hours. >> by the way, there are 24 lls the s hand ringing these work involved 's the pmeinter b cathedral right now. that's why you're hearing a lot of reaction from the crowd. i would call it a mixed reaction. >> they're booing. i was trying to be diplomatic.
7:33 am
>> thank you very much for being with us. first of all, the big news is that the queen was expected to be here at this service of thanksgiving. we heard that she is in some discomfort. what does that exactly mean? >> she did an awful lot yesterday. we saw what she did. she got great adulaton and came out on the balcony and lit the beacon and perhaps that was a little bit too much and she decided that are really there was a sign she was going to come in and so really, i think it was a diplomatic way of staying home and watching on the tele. >> she did watch the service today. >> she was. >> we certainly hope she's feeling better. you just said it, as one member of the family that isn't here and the family didn't really want him here with covid. what's the significance of that? >> in the days leading up to this the question was what to do with a problem like andrew and it seems like that's taken care of itself. we had the news that he's tested
7:34 am
covid positive. a lot of people are questioning the validity of that because it's very convenient. the queen was at least shielded and she's fine and that's the most important thing. >> they did test positive, they said. so they must have a certificate. >> do you think people will demand to see that certificate? >> i don't think they'll get to see it. >> all right. let let's talk about harry and meghan. we saw them arrive and they had a pleasant reception as they came down the steps as they left st. paul's cathedral. lilibet met the queen. do you know who else they'll be with this weekend celebrating william and kate. will they be meeting with william and harry? >> they'll celebrate the queen and introduce them to her granddaughter and it would have been the first opportunity for that and they're headed to windsor and there will be private moments and we're all watching to see how they're getting on with the other family
7:35 am
members and no news yet on meeting the other family members. >> the cousins. >> exactly, the cousins. >> they won't. >> robert says they won't. >> not a chance. not a prayer. >> he's betting early on it, but i say there are still opportunities over the days ahead. everyone has really put difficulties to one side to make sure that all the tension remains focused on the queen and that the environment that they're all in is really positive. >> they want to introduce lilibet to the queen. that's done and there's no way they're playing with the cousins. >> oh, my goodness! well, all right! we talk about the family dynamics and we talk about how much the celebration has been, but this service was really supposed to be more of a solemn and a way to honor the queen and her lifetime of service. >> in the week i was speaking to people in the palace and they're absolutely saying that the queen was going to do her damnedest to be here and she's tweeted something. she's not feeling 100%. we've seen a great show yesterday with her coming out on to the balcony and the reaction
7:36 am
she got. i don't think we'll see much more of her after this. >> we'll have two days of celebration and the platinum party at the palace, as they're calling it. we have acts from elton john to diana ross. do you think the queen may in some way be able to show her face or be present at any of these larger events? >> think we've reached the point where the queen is pacing herself. we're building up to potentially a final moment at the end of the jubilee. look, the party at the palace will be a rowdy events. the people around here are very excited and it will be loud. so i think it will be one that we all expect her to sit out and hopefully have enough energy for after the pageant on the final day. >> speaking of loud -- >> i think it will be very loud to be at windsor. >> i was just saying, speaking of loud, impressive, you two. we actually conducted a full interview that we all heard in the middle of this incredible sound of the bells ringing at st. paul's cathedral.
7:37 am
omed and robert, thank you. we appreciate it. >> we send it back to you, george. great timing. >> we'll have a lot more from london coming up. coming up next, actress amber heard planning to appeal after her ex-husband johnny depp. details just ahead. epcot is in danger!th's hey quill! this thing is so broken. i am groot. help the galaxy! before it's too late! uhh quill. you seeing this? quill! well, you heard the lady. get to epcot. it's save the galaxy time. again. ♪ ♪ oh! sorry. no worries! oops... ...ies. you go. no! you go. oh! go for the handful!
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and puts them in the peanut butter. sounds like we're getting peanut butter. yes, but that is the chewy pharmacy box. ♪ the peanut butter box is here. ♪ ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ alright, i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy. >> all right. we are back now with more fallout from the johnny depp verdict. the actor performing in london overnight after he was awarded more than $10 million in the
7:41 am
high-profile case against his ex of-wife amber heard whose lawyer says she can't pay that amount. trevor alt is with us. > a stunning ovation for johnny depp, the feverish support and the tribalism that this case stirred up in millions around the world does not just go away with the verdicts and now people already want to know what is next for these two stars. ♪ ♪ >> overnight, johnny depp making another concert appearance in england, his first since his multimillion dollar court victory. [ cheering ] >> depp says wednesday the jury gave him his life back, finding his ex-wife amber heard could not substantiate her claims of abuse and defamed him in a 2018 washington post-op ed awarding depp more than $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages. >> do you find that the jury's verdict is unanimous? >> heard was also awarded $2 million in damages for depp's
7:42 am
former attorney calling her allegations a hoax, but her attorney elaine bretahoff tells our lindsay davis on abc news prime that heard can't afford to pay the massive amount she now owes her ex-husband. >> he is very, very wealthy and very powerful. amber doesn't have that. she's been working her way up and it's such an uneven playing field to start out with. >> many wonder what's next for both stars. their reputations and careers. heard has shot two films including the upcoming "aquaman 2". >> producers are cynical, but they're smart and the next person who puts amber heard in a movie is going to get more attention for that movie than if they put in someone named amber smith. >> and depp who lost his role in the harry potter franchise and saw the pirates of the caribbean canceled after heard's accusation surfaced is experiencing a tidal wave of
7:43 am
support with the #justiceforjohnnydepp has 19.5 billion views, but even with this victory in court, some evidence presented against him including aggressive texts and admitted substance abuse problems could still prove problematic and a growing audience believes he can and should return to starring roles in blockbuster films. >> big movies cost a lot of money and they have a certain degree of risk. could somebody carve out a new superhero role for a guy like johnny depp? it's entirely possible. yeah. >> think, amber heard does plan to appeal this decision. >> it doesn't seem it's quite over yet. what happens if she can't actually pay this 10 million in damages? >> it's possible both sides can manage a more manageable deal. he didn't want to punish amber with money, but if they do want to enforce this full amount the court would try to determine some kind of payment plan, potentially taking property or other assets.
7:44 am
amber heard's attorney said she already paid $6 million in legal fees just through the trial. she absolutely cannot afford to pay johnny depp this massive amount of money. >> lots of money there. trevor, thanks so much. >> we have the winner of the scripps national spelling bee on "gma" first. it is our p-l-a-y of the d-a-y. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that. what you don't have to figure out is where to shop. because while you're getting creative, walmart is doing what we always do. keeping prices low for you every day. so you can save money and live better. ♪
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7:48 am
♪ get we are back with our "play of the day," and there was some high drama at the crowning of a new spelling champ. take a look at 14-year-old harini logan of austin, texas, winning the 96th annual scripps spelling bee. >> h-o-r-y-n-g. >> n-a-n-d-u-b-a-y. >> moorehan. >> m-o-o-r-g-h-a-n. >> harini, you correctly spelled a total of 21 confirmed correct words. that means that harini, you are the 2022 scripps national spelling bee champion. congratulations. >> there's our winner! >> i mean, woo! 21 words in just 90 seconds to win the first-ever spell off and harini joins us now. harini, i have to say that
7:49 am
stressed me out just watching. you didn't even seem to take a breath? did you just make it look that easy or was it actually that easy for you? getnto t mindset where i could have that just calmness, so i could focus on the words rather than getting stressed out? so i was a little tense and it definitely was a bit difficult, and i just decided to focus on the words and just plow through. >> you totally plowed through and you were very much in the zone. so did you know all of those words? >> i didn't know most of them. i did miss a few, but i did know the ones i got correct, yes. >> what was the secret to being so fast? you barely took a breath through all those. >> i did practice for the spell off a bit, but it was the secret to going fast was to focus on the word and just reading all of the information as quick as i could and just keep on going. >> so tell us what it takes to practice to become the spelling bee champ. how many hours a day and who is the home is upon helping you?
7:50 am
>> it does take commitment and so much hard work and at my house, my mom is sort of my coach. she'll quiz me on spelling and yes, it definitely takes a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work, and of course, a passion for the spelling bee. >> harini, congratulations. we are so excited for you. thank you so much! >> thank you. >> eighth grade, headed to high school, and she wants to write a book in high school. >> she's such a poised young woman. >> we are all underachievers in comparison. >> how fast she's spelling everything. >> amazing. harini, congratulations again. summertime deals and steals from small businesses. >> i can barely spell my name. way to clean everyday dishes. 'st on simple messes... just spray, wipe and rinse. on tough messes, its spray activated suds have five times faster grease cleaning power to break down grease without water.
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7:54 am
this is inch-size hail, some up to an inch and a half there. some wind damage there, as well. a little bit of lightning in some of those storms. the storms light up from west texas into nebraska. this is a brand-new storm system and there's basically two lows right there and look at them right in between from scots bluff into midland and amarillo, pueblo, and you're all involved in these storms and you're likely to get an edge on these, too and damaging winds and coming up, the new ftc warning about scammers using cryptocurrency. one man being asked to pay to withdraw his own money. what to watch out for and the very funny bo and yang kim booster, starting the perfect pride month rom com, fire island pride month rom com, fire island and they're live in times square i've lived in san francisco
7:55 am
for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. at denny's, we're open for anything. like our hot, bacony, juicy, loaded blistered jalapeño bacon cheeseburger. social stars influenced it's fire! the new jala-bac burger. now with free delivery. only at denny's.
7:56 am
>> congratulations >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> good morning, everyone. checking in with jobina for a look at traffic. >> checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza. backup is not bad. you can see the end of it if you look to the back of the camera on the right-hand side at the crossing. it looks pretty nice. there was an incident reported on the bay bridge on westbound 80 past treasure island. that is probably why we are seeing the backup. >> we are tracking visibility. it is reduced from half moon bay to oakland to mountain view. areas of dense fog. walking up -- waking up to that marine layer, june gloom, 50's
7:57 am
and 60's. fog shrouding the bridge. areas of dense fog this morning. partly cloudy but also cooler compared to yesterday. 60's and 70's later this afternoon for >> if you are streaming, abc seven at 7:00 continues, and for everyone else, it
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. president biden's address to the nation saying now is the time to act on guns. >> how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough? enough? >> following yet another mass shooting. this morning, the state of play in washington. >> baby formula crisis. nearly one in five states across the country is almost completely out of stock. more relief on the way for parents right now. "gma" exclusive. the new warning about scammers taking advantage of the cryptocurrency craze costing consumers more than a billion dollars. the red flags to watch out for. rebooted. for the first time, sarah jessica parker revealing why "sex in the city" co-star kim
8:01 am
cattrall was not invited back in "just like that." "gma" is live in london for the queen's epic jubilee celebration. how the youngest royals are stealing the show, plus an inside look at the queen's signature style as we walk down the royal runway and amy and t.j.'s party you don't want to ♪ ♪ ♪ it's getting hot in here ♪ >> and we're heating up your friday with the stars of the new rom-com "fire island" bowen yang and joel kim booster as we say "good morning america". live in times square, this is "gma." good morning, everybody. happy friday. it is an exciting morning for amy, t.j. and our whole team that's in london. >> yeah. they went to the most famous tea house in all of london. of course, they're there for all of the celebrations for the queen's platinum jubilee. 70 years on the throne. we'll have a lot more on that
8:02 am
coming up. >> that is coming up. we'll begin with the news and president biden's address to the nation on gun violence. it was emotional and urgent. the president called on congress to act saying we cannot fail the american people again. mary bruce is at the white house. good morning, mary. >> good morning, george. this was a passionate plea from the president. biden knows this fight well and he knows the uphill battle when it comes to gun reform, but the president is hoping that speeches like these will keep up the pressure republicans in congress. the president now asking the question that so many americans ask themselves after every one of these shootings. will this finally be enough? after consecutive mass shootings, the president overnight addressing the nation with yet another desperate call for action. >> it's time for each of us to do our part. it's time to act. >> with bipartisan talks under way, biden pleading for sweeping change, but also offering alternatives. >> if we can't ban assault weapon, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to
8:03 am
21. strengthen background check enact safe storage laws and red flag laws, repeal the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability, address the mental health crisis. >> biden describing his proposals as common sense. >> this isn't about taking away anyone's rights. it's about protecting children. it's about protecting families. it's about protecting whole communities. >> after decades of congressional inaction, biden is painfully familiar with the difficulty of gun reform, blaming republicans who have been standing in the way. >> my god, the fact that the majority of the senate republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote i find unconscionable. >> the rare, primetime remarks on the heels of yet another mass shooting wednesday, the 233rd this year. >> for god's sake, how much more
8:04 am
carnage are we willing to accept? how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough. enough. >> now for all of biden's passion, this was also an all too familiar speech and while he's hoping this will finally be different. if it's not, well then he said it's up to the voters to make this a central issue in the upcoming midterm elections and the president notes the vast majority of americans do want to see some change here. cecilia? >> mary, thanks. another big issue for the white house, that critical baby formula shortage and we are learning where parents are being hit the hardest now. at least 29 states plus d.c. and puerto rico now have out of stock rates exceeding 75%. those empty store shelves there. the white house says more relief is on the way. they're planning to import more than 94 million bottles worth of formula as the fda says nestle brand formula is importing an equivalent of 6.5 million bottles worth of form well. that stock is expected to be
8:05 am
available in the coming weeks. >> can't get here soon enough. thank you. now to london where day two of the platinum jubilee is under way honoring queen elizabeth's historic 70 years on the throne. members of the royal family gathered this morning at st. paul's cathedral and that's where amy and t.j. are. how is it going there, guys? >> hey, michael. first update, great paul, the largest bell is still ringing. it will be ringing for about another three nfl and a half ho and the thanksgiving service wrapped up a short while ago and the queen, her majesty was not in attendance. she had previously planned to come. she really wanted to come, but the palace late yesterday said while she thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's flyover and trooping the color, she simply just felt some discomfort and opted to watch the service from the comfort of her home there in windsor on television, guys. >> in front of the television, i'm sure she could feel all of
8:06 am
the love that's coming her way and t.j., while the queen was not at the service of thanksgiving other members of the royal family were there for the occasion. >> and we should say hello and thank you to the queen. i'm sure she was watching the abc broadcast "good morning america" for the service this morning, but yes, other members of the family, her son prince charles was here and in her stead, and her grandsons, as well, but all eyes were on a particular grandson today. we saw prince harry and meghan. they did show up. this was their first public appearance and it might be their ink,he herey got a gdppuse from the crowd gathered out here and we hadn't see them at the jubilee and didn't see them yesterday and all members of the royal family did leave and we saw them file out and they are at a private luncheon and no cameras in there for that and day two of the entire weekend of events to honor 70 years on the throne. >> the queen is watching. hello, queen.
8:07 am
early afternoon there, 1:00. >> thank you, t.j. thank you, amy. coming up in our gma morning menu. sarah jessica park or the "sex in the city" split with kim cattrall and why her co-star wasn't invited back for the re-boot. the ftc on scams using cryptocurrency. a billion dollars have been stolen from people in the last year. we'll tell how how to protect herself. >> the queen's style, from the hat to her love of color and what the best-dressed monarch is wearing and lara is upstairs with tori, hey! >> we are outside and it's summertime, steals and deals tori has done it again for your home, with amazing deals. we'll be back on "good morning america." ♪ ♪
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with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. ♪ nice morning here in times ♪ ♪ a nice morning here in times square in new york city. welcome back to "gma." we'll get right to our cover story. for the first time sarah jessica parker reveals why her co-star kim cattrall was not asked to be a part of the "sex and the city"
8:12 am
revival "and just like that," kailey hartung is in los angeles. >> good morning, michael. watching "sex and the city," we all wanted these women to be friends in real life. sarah jessica parker says it's painful to talk about, but now we're hearing why they can't carry on with kim cattrall. >> we thought we'd be friends forever. >> noticeably missing. >> where is the fourth musketeer. where's samantha? >> she's no longer with us. >> see was p.r. exec samantha jones. >> you put up a good fight, but you have no idea who you're dealing with. >> sarah jessica parker pulling back the curtain on their real-life divide. >> it is very hard to talk about this situation with kim because i've been so careful about not ever wanting to say anything that is unpleasant because it's not the way i like to conduct conversations that are as
8:13 am
complicated as this, you know. >> on the hollywood reporter's podcast, carter pushing back on people when say she and cattrall are in a cat fight. >> i just wish that they would stop calling this a cat fight or an argument or -- because it doesn't reflect actually. >> no. >> they been one person talking, and i'm not going to tell her not to or anybody. ♪ >> after contributing to the success of the original "sex and the city" series, and the two follow-up movies, cattrall says she declined her offer to reprise her role in another move. >> last december i got a phone call and it was concerning matt and the answer was simply thank you, but no. >> parker reveals that cattrall declined to be a part of that third movie because she couldn't reach a deal with the studio. they didn't feel comfortable to meet where she wanted to meet and we didn't want to do the movie without kim. was it disappointing?
8:14 am
sure. but it happens. just like that, last month cattrall telling "variety" i was never asked to be a part of the reboot. i made my feelings clear after a possible third movie and something parker also acknowledges. >> we did not ask her to be part of this because she made it clear that that wasn't something she wanted to pursue. that's not slamming her. it's just learning. >> and sarah jessica parker certainly gave kim cattrall credit calling her a huge contributor to the success of the franchise and you have to listen to somebody if they say this isn't a place i want to be. guys? >> thank you, kailey. >> gma on the rise with cryptocurrency scams. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis with the red flags. >> these scams often start on a social media with ads, posts, messages promising you huge returns fast with you invest in cryptocurrency and that is digital money and authorities
8:15 am
warn, whatever you think you're investing may be going straight into a con artist's wallet. >> this morning, new data from the ftc about scammers in the crypto craze, from the start of 2021, more than 46,000 people reported losing more than a billion dollars in crypt onto scams. >> people hear stories about other people making lots of money. they don't want to miss out. and those 20 to 49, nearly three times as likely as older people to lose money. jeffrey says he was duped after what he thought was a legitimate post on a friend's social media page about making a lot of money investing in crypto. he says he initially reached out, set up an account and made an initial $500 investment and saw a huge jump. >> my account there was $4900, and i was, like, wow! $4900! and i was so excited and he was, like, how would you like this money to be sent? then jeffrey says he was told he needed to pay a withdrawal fee
8:16 am
and more fees to send the check. >> i lost $1200, and i felt embarrassed. >> he says only after all this, he discovered that post was fake. >> there's also no bank, no centralized authority to flag suspicious transactions and stop fraud before it happens. >> and one other thing to remember here, guys, it's important to remember crypto transfers can't be reversed once the money is gone. there is no getting it back, george. >> how do you steer clear of these scams? >> there are a lot of red flags here that are dead giveaways. anyone who promises a big profit, a guaranteed return. there is no such thing as you cannot lose. you have to walk on there. you should never buy crypt onto fix a problem or to protect your money and never mix online dating and investing. love don't cost a thing. love don't cost a thing, guys. [ laughter ] >> noted! [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. >> thank you. are you ready to go back to
8:17 am
london? shall we, with more now on the extraordinary platinum jubilee celebration and maggie is live at buckingham palace. we were talking about this all morning and it was the kids and the young royals who really stole the show yesterday. >> oh, and cecilia, it was. this was the cutest surprise. all three cambridge kids squeezed into a carriage, their first time riding in the carriages and during the trooping of the color and we were right there. we had a front-row seat and we watched them arrive, prince george and louie, princess charlotte, and we heard the crowd erupting into cheers as they went past. it looked like the three of them loved their big debut, as well. the lovefest certainly continued for littlest prince louie just 4 years old. he was up here on the balcony at buckingham palace behind me and while he was up there he gave us that now great photo from the day of him covering his ears as
8:18 am
the flyover went past and got a little loud for the young guy. you notice he's also wearing the adorable sailor uniform which looks identical to one his dad, prince william wore when he was just 2 years old at a trooping the color. i love this side by side, guys. like father like son, i cannot get enough of it. i also love seeing prince louie chatting with his great-grandma, queen elizabeth, and guys, i am just dying to know what the two of them are talking about up there. by far the moment that just stole my heart yesterday, guys. >> absolutely. so great, maggie. and the queen looked incredible and we do want to talk about her royal style as the world celebrates her majesty's 70 years on the throne. we're taking a look back at her sense of fashion and how it's evolved throughout her reign. deb robertson is in london and of course, deb is dressed like a royal herself always. good morning, lady deb! >> come on! >> come on, you know i cannot
8:19 am
come here without looking for hats, ladies, and this is not just a hat. this is a fascinator complete with lily of the valley flowers said to be her majesty's favorite made by the queen's hat maker and she's the one responsible for her elegant sense of fashion. from that crisp pastel blue suit during trooping the ♪ ♪ >> to her elegantly embroidered coronation gown, queen elizabeth never fails to stand out all of the way down to her accessories. over her 70-year reign the queen's style has evolved. in the '50s the newlymorch stuni malymonroe. >> the queen has got the most amazing black norman hatler dress with a tiara and you look at the queen and not at marilyn monroe. she has the star quality in the drawer. >> stewart garland has outfit
8:20 am
the queen for nearly 30 years. her taste for pops of color unmistakable and her majesty's true signature, those matching hats and leather handbags. >> she has got style. she's wearing a handbag because she goes nowhere without it and it's part of her outfit. >> rachel began whipping with up the queen's one of a kind hat 16 years ago. >> how nervous were you? were you shaking in your boots? >> i was really nervous think, because it's the queen and it is so exciting. >> i couldn't quite believe it was going to be happening until she stepped out of the car. >> over the years she's designed over 60 royal looks. >> i notice that her hats usually match her coat or her dress. is that her standard? >> i think when i'm making a hat for somebody generally you often take that into account. some people don't like being so matching. i think the queen likes it, and i like it, actually. i think it looks very chic. >> i have to tell you, i like hats.
8:21 am
>> i'm desperate to get some on your head. >> shall we try some? let's do it. ♪ >> this is so elegant. >> i like this. ♪ >> that's a statement. ♪ ♪ >> that is definitely a statement hat. >> now that is eye-popping. >> you definitely have to be confident to wear this one. [ laughter ] all right. you know, i had to keep going, ladies. i had to keep going. i loved this little number. the queen is not known for wearing fascinator, but she does like traditional hats and she's a woman after my own heart because she loves bags and one of the bags that we see her carrying all of the time is launor london and we have a collection that's been made for this specific occasion. for jubilee, they did a special edition for the queen's platinum jubilee. i may have to walk out with one of these, as well. >> just fabulous, fabulous fashion sense here. i mean, come on, lara, which one
8:22 am
do you want? red, white or blue? >> the question i have is how many fascinators you bought, but for everybody else i want you to share with us the hat designer has a really cool secret to getting the right fit for the queen's hats. >> you know, i wondered about that because i'm sure your majesty does not sit for hat fittings all of the time. she said no, i know her hat side, but she has a mold of the queen's head. so any time she's making a hat to send over she knows she's got exactly the right fit. she sends it over and like any good designer she waits with bated breath to see. i have more in my arsenal, honey. you just wait. >> please post. every time we see you, i hope a different hat. >> you will. >> lots of fun news there. right now, speaking of fun, let's go to sam champion in florida. >> hey, lara. so i want to show you this beautiful view of biscayne bay
8:23 am
from the perez art museum. we are lucky to see it calm and quiet. it will be choppy tomorrow. there is a lot chop on the water and the gray skies. our storm is still off the coast of mexico. let's show you what we're dealing with with the wind and the rain. all of the storms are pushed off to the east and it is getting so much sher on the west and as it steps close to the coast of florida, we believe it will get circulation and stronger just before it makes landfall on the coast drew: it is cooler. it is breezy today. we will go into the 60's and 70's with partly cloudy away from the coast. overnight tonight, we will have the marine layer back with us, heading into the 50's over the weekend. the seven-day forecast, a chance of a shower sunday night. excuse me, saturday night to sunday. otherwise, next week, get ready for summer heat.
8:24 am
pop news indeed. we will begin this morning with emily in paris saying bonjour to season 3. series star lily collins posting this photo with ashley park who plays her best friend mindy writing reunited in paris. season 3 begin! pictures of the cast back at work in the city of light and at a table read. the show was given the green light for season 3 and 4, like, seconds after the first season aired becoming netflix's biggest comedy series back when it launched in 2020. no word yet on when these characters, the kcouture and th prettiest backdrop on tv will be back on netflix, but i promise we will keep you posted. also in pop news today, i don't mean to talk about harry styles at least once a week. >> twice a week. >> i don't mean to. i need to. it's his fault.
8:25 am
he keeps making it happen. what can i do? this time he's really done it, breaking the current world record for most vinyl sales in a week. that record held by none other than his ex, taylor swift. styles sold 182,000 copies of harry's house last week. that's more than any other artist in a single week in over 30 years. >> wow. >> harry is also giving back in all of this. appearing in this ad for apple and giving his entire seven-figure pay day for the job to the international rescue committee aim at providing aid to refugees around the world. styles also announcing he'll donate part of the proceeds from his current world tour to organizations dedicated to ending gun violence. now is that not worth reporting. >> absolutely. >> more to come on harry. and finally, you know, lumpy couch isn't always a bad thing. a california woman got the surprise of a life time after picking up two free sofas offered on craigs list. there they are.
8:26 am
vicky yamoto said when she sat on one of them she found something rather uncomfortable. inside one of the cushions, several envelopes. inside one of those envelopes, 36 grand stashed away for who knows how long? the couch belonged to a man who sadly passed away. they had no idea of the loot. our affiliate kabc, thanks, guys, says vicky returned the cash to the family. they were so grateful they gave her $2200 as a reward. >> that's great. she bought a refrigerator. she's getting it all done. >> good all of the way around. joel kim booster are here to tell us about their new movie "fire island "q." >> i can't wait to see this.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: morning. i am reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. jobina has your traffic. jobina: we start with the golden gate bridge. it is all fogged in. be prepared for low visibility in and out of the north bay from san francisco. a live look at the toll plaza, lights came on at 6:22 and the back up has moved out of the way, and so has the fog. you may run into a little at the midspan of the bridge, but other than that, smooth sailing. reggie:
8:28 am
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. we can't wait. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment and a free streaming box... ...risk free with no term contract and a 2-year rate guarantee for just $30 a month when you add xfinity mobile. learn how you can get all this and one unlimited line of mobile for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line. it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today!
8:29 am
drew: good morning. we will chat with mary about her new book, plus, noah reed is here at 9:00 on abc 7. drew: we are looking at visibility with fog along the coast dis down less than two miles in some spotd 60's right n. oudy vwse to the cloudy soo as the marine layer pulls back from the coast. 60's and 70's in the afternoon. reggie: another abc 7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. you can always check us out on our news app and back to more gma. ♪ i got you welcome back to "gma" live from times ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. as we celebrate pride month we are so excited because here with us right now at times square are the stars of the modern-day rom-com breaking barriers "fire island" bowen yang and joel kim booster. good morning to you both. >> hi, guys. >> thank you for joining us. we know you had a big premiere last night and you're probably tired and you woke up early to make it to "gma". >> anything for you guys. >> joel, i want to start with you. "variety" called "fire island" they put the pride in pride, how did jane austen inspire this?
8:31 am
>> while i was there i would put it down and turn to bowen and said you know, it actually feels incredibly relevant to what we're living rid now and it started as a threat. [ laughter ] wouldn't it be funny if i wrote an all gay pride & prejudice and and everyone would boo at me and i kept bringing jane austen books with me and it's crystallized as a story in my head. >> we made good on the threat. >> let's give everyone a look. >> he's a super hot doctor. >> you are a prize to be won. so get over that and seal the deal. >> oh! sorry. >> wow! >> hey, would you boys like to some to sort of an after-party at ours? it's very chill, wine and a hot tub. >> we actually would love to, but we have to check with our house, but we'd love to fit you in. >> go to their house and there will be a hot tub. >> yes! >> a hot tub!
8:32 am
>> fire island in 2016, you're best friends in real life. so what's it like to have art imitate life? >> it is crazy to have the boundaries broken down a little bit, but joel and i have such a good working relationship outside of this movie, before the movie we've done basement shows in brooklyn together for years. we know how to sort of make this work in a new context. >> and the whole reason i wrote the movie was because i think conventional wisdom in this industry says that because we check some of the same demographic boxes we go for the same parts and never co-lead a movie and not be in the same movie together. i said i'm not going to wait for it to happen. i want to work with my best friend. >> what do you say to those people who say don't go to work with y with your best friends. >> it's like becoming a roommate with your best friend. it could go either way. >> we laid the foundation pretty
8:33 am
solidly. >> and lots of drinks. >> lots of drinks. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> you're best friends and also fashionable cover models. let's take a look at your recent cover. what's going through each of your minds when you took these pictures. >> you want to go first? >> clearly from this pose it's act natural. [ laughter ] >> that's how i stand. [ laughter ] >> for me, it's -- what's mine? for me i had too many cold cuts. [ laughter ] that's me. >> okay. dare i ask, first thing that comes into your mind. are you ready for a lightning round. this could be a little dangerous. here we go. if fire island is the jane austen pride & prejudice, what is the sequel based on. >> i have an answer. this is classic. the odyssey where someone has to go from boat and by foot to
8:34 am
mykonos. >> of mice and men in palm springs. [ laughter ] >> i would watch that. >> you're staying at fire island -- no, i'll do a different one. dream person to party with on fire island. >> i said dolly parton. >> yeah. >> i said cher which is in the same league. >> the two of them in the same house. >> can you imagine? >> i'm coming to that party. >> you staying on fire island. yu do this with friends. what's the role you play in the house? >> i'm the person who makes sure that, like, the crumb cast works and the apple tv. >> i'm emergency contact. i am making sure that everyone's getting home and i'm giving out water. >> hydrated. >> yeah. >> okay. when it comes to rom-comes team nancy meyers, team norah efron. >> norah efron. >> nancy meyers. >> he loves a kitchen.
8:35 am
>> i love a kitchen, and i love, like a late in life romance, you know? >> when harry met sally and it's the end all be all for me. >> congratulations, guys. upon. >> congratulations. >> they're going to love fire island. how about that? "fire island" is available to stream on hulu today. coming up, tori johnson is here with deals and steals at just five bucks. thank you guys for coming. ♪ ♪
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♪ you know it's not the same as it was ♪ a little har ♪ ♪ a little harry styles for you to get you going this morning and some deals and some steals! kerry thompson is with us and we will elevate your kitchen with all of these incredible products starting with the nutter! ? yes. everyone needs a nutter. what's awesome about this is that you can make nut milk right at home so all it uses is the nut of your choice and water. that's it. it's a nice, sleek, compact machine and it makes single-serve beverages and so whether it's almond milk, cashew, hazel nut and recipes for oat milk recipes. >> super easy to use. >> it is so easy to use and there's an option for warm or chilled recipes and it comes e and looks good on your ry t
8:39 am
counter and it doesn't take up a lot of space. oose. al's even cou >> green pan. you l this. >> we love green pan. our viewers love green pan. we have three different options here. all of it is non-stick cookware. what i especially love is the heat distributes evenly and what's cool is that with the green pan the bottoms will never warp or wobble, and a lot of -- >> which you said it does happen. >> it happens a lot with cookware because of the heat. we have a single sauce pan, a 10-piece set ore a 16-piece set and depending on your kitchen, with our deal they start at $82.50. >> and they're all 50 off. >> these are so great. these look so good. so this is wally grow. they're all made in america. they're these planters that you can use indoors or outdoors and
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it creates a living wall. >> a wall of green. >> they look good -- >> i did like that. >> it's a little vanna-esque of you there. >> thank you very much. >> they look amazing. you can even just do a couple of them if you just want to get started. what i love about this, too, is they have really smart technology for watering your plants so the water gets straight to theulous. i think i said made in america. these today are $15. >> all right. i love that. >> these are so fun. >> that's a good one. >> thermometer. >> time and temp. two things that matter when you're cooking. getting the time right and getting the temperature right. from escali we have a variety of thermometers and we have the extra loud digital timer so you'll hear it no matter where you are. there are options if you're deep frying and if you're cooking meat and need to know the internal temperature. so many different options
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8:42 am
it really helps to make sure that your back doesn't hurt if you're cooking all day or doing dishes. if you spend any time in the kitchen, you want one of these mats in the kitchen. they are really so smart. >> they look like kitchen rugs, but they're wipable. if you feel how thick that is. it's like deep cushioning support. >> it's like one of those beds that gives. >> it has memory foam. it will not slip. it will stay in place and two sizes start at $65. tory's done it again, everybody. we want to thank the companies that we partnered with. we can get these products by going to our website or hitting had the qr code that you see on the screen right now. good morning america, obviously is the website and sam champion is in miami. sammy? >> hi, lara. hi, tory. >> time for a little "good morning america" pollen report.
8:43 am
thankfully the pollen season in florida has wrapped up a little bit, but northeast that is certainly not the case. this segment is sponsored by zyrtec. you will sneeze just by watching this. from summers, connecticut, that yellow haze is pollen moving through the air. look at it right on top of the trees right there. then lisa sent us some video out of new england of pollen moving across the road. what is going on there? sorry, people. no. no, thank you. so we've got a lot of higher pollen counts stretchinging all across the east and pollen season isn't quite over and it stretches all of the way to the northeast and the drew: cooler and breezy today. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. the chance of showers saturday night into sunday are level 1 on our storm index. ♪ coming up, our jaubilee drem
8:44 am
team shows us how to have a proper english afternoon. i think you're supposed to put your finger up. "g "gma's" pollen report is brought to you by
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8:46 am
♪ all right we are back here all right. we are back here now with more from london. you can't go across the pond without having a good cup of tea, and it wouldn't be a proper party without tea-jay. see what i did there? hi, amy. i have a proper cup here. >> i love what you did, cecilia. we are at 10 trinity square and look who we have lear with us deb roberts and i well to explain to t.j. what a fascinator is. >> you're kidding. >> i didn't know if it was fascinating. it fastens. >> i'll have to educate you here and i have some to try on. >> see, i'm learning so much!
8:47 am
we did come here and learn about tea. a proper cup of tea. fordham and mason, of course, it's a premiere gourmet tea shop here and i know you've been there, deb, but we went for the first time. >> it will be obvious in just a second. >> obvious that it was our first time. really obvious, it might have been her first time drinking tea. you all, check this out. [ laughter ] >> those classic finger sandwiches. >> warm scones with clotted cream and jam. >> and a freshly brewed pot of tea. >> we decided on fordham and ♪ ♪ >> thank you, ma'am. >> our personal guide, exec tifr pastry chef roger paise. >> welcome to fordham's. >> it's a platinum jubilee. >> i'm a tea drinker, but i never put anything in it. i don't put any sugar or any milk. what do you recommend? ? i'm the same. >> how do most people.
8:48 am
i know there's milk and cottled cream? >> i'm sorry? >> what kind of cream? >> clotted cream. >> clotted cream. on the scones. >> clotted. >> clotted. so there's a specific order in which to do things. >> there is. we'll start with the savory and you start with the sandwiches and then you go to the scones and then you save the sweet for last. >> we sip our tea and the next thing we do is have a savory sandwich and you cut the crusts off. >> next up, scones. >> some say what you do first? put your jam on first or your clotted cream first? >> which is it? >> i prefer jam first because you get more cream on the top and it looks nice because you have the strawberry jam and the white on the top. >> the idea is to break the scone in half and then the little knife. >> oh, i did it the wrong way. [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. >> this is brilliant.
8:49 am
you can't take me anywhere. >> nowhere, literally. >> how would you rate his application there? >> i think he's trying too hard. >> yeah. >> trying too hard. [ laughter ] >> i thought it went great. >> i thought we were amazing. >> i think so, too. >> we learned so much, but he was great and another thanks to them for hosting us and of course, a good cup of tea. you've got to have a good cup of tea and you have to have something sweet and we have to bring in someone who knows a thing or two about that and making some delicious desserts. >> jena melvin is here with us. she won the sweetest jubilee baking competition around. [ cheering ] >> her lemon swiss roll and ameretti trifle was awarded the title of platinum pudding for the queen's jubilee celebrations beating out 50 other competitors and these puddings have been made courtesy of fordham and mason and the chef roger paisi
8:50 am
who we were just with, he was a judge in the competition and jema gema has been baking all her life since she was a child. tell us about it. >> the winning pudding was the trifle. that was the pudding that i entered in, and it was inspired by my grandma and my mom and the queen herself. the flavor profile is lemon and ameretti. so the queenadamaretto, and i didn't know what amaretti. >> when you make it fit for the queen where do you start? >> it was strange to follow, but the best. it had to be fit for the nation as well so the nation and they're now making this for their street parties and it was something that everyone could make and suitable for a hot summer's day and it's a nice, refreshing, zingy pudding. >> you clearly like lemons.
8:51 am
i see lemon earrings and lemons on your shoes. the judges were over the top and you had to go through a lot to win this. >> there were initially 5,000 people and it got down to five and we had a bake-off in fordham where you guys visited and it was just trying to get the flavor to be fresh and quiexcit and something new and the flavor profile is something new. >> there's another famous dush f and abc's will ganss who has been running around. do you have another dish for us? >> yes. do i have another one for you, that is the victorian sponge cake and the coronation cake. >> and i thought you were the dish. >> a dish served steaming hot,
8:52 am
amy. >> this is what i thought everyone in the uk dressed like, but i think i might have overdone it. >> t.j., i brought something for you. [ laughter ] >> you know, i was commenting about these. i was, like, wow. that's a little creepy. people are wearing this and walking down the street and they looked odd. >> you're not going to put it on? >> it's not happening and all in honor of the queen. i know you've been here all week and keeping folks entertained and informed and deb, you have been schooling us on all things fashion. >> that's a fascinator by the queen. >> rachel trevor morgan and you want to know about her, right? >> gema, congratulations to you, as well. thanks to my partner amy robach covering all things jubilee. >> you guys have done such a great job and we've loved every minute of this and you'll need extra suitcases to bring the
8:53 am
extra souvenirs home for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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>> announcer: the most powerful father and daughter on tv, kevin costner and kelly riley. what do they want you to know about "yellowstone." >> he's laughing because he knows the script for this season. >> adam sandler live on -- >> good morning, america. a big thank you a big thank you for our crew in london who did a fabulous job all week long and you two have done a great job all week long.
8:56 am
we thank you guys for watching. have a great weekend. all week long as well. >> thank you. >> we thank you for watching. have a great weekend.
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reggie: i am reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we will check in with jobina and traffic. jobina: if you rely on the san francisco line on bart, there is a 10 minute delay due to an equipment problem. there is a crash on northbound 101 before willow road with one lane blocked. the golden gate bridge is also blocked. drew: we are tracking dense fog. live doppler 7, it is thick along the coast, and to 2.5 miles in oakland this morning. you are finding temperatures warming to the 50's and 60's at this hour, so the golden gate bridge, we were socked in with fog and 101, and morning clouds give way to partly cloudy skies later this afternoon. cooler today than yesterday in the 60's and 70's. reggie: time for "live with kelly and ryan." we will see you
9:00 am
again for midday live. have a good morning. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today after a law mike and author mary lou and noah reid. also are friday face-off continues with his bean burger. on next on "live." and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacr[cd apau anly: thaou >> ryan: let's go! ♪♪ i bet you, all night ♪ ♪ ha! ♪♪ good morning, friday june 3rd we have made it to the end of the


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