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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 3, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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or to ask your questions every day. we will try to get them to our tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the tropical storm warnings right now. the system moving in on the u.s. tonight. also, the manhunt, the takedown after a convicted murder, authorities say killing five member of a family in their vacation home, and what we learned late toomd. first, the tropical storm warning posted for much of florida. potentially the first named of the season. damaging winds, up to a foot of rain, and rob marciano is in the storm zone. also tonight, news coming in at this hour about the escaped killer gunned down in a police shootout in texas. that convicted murder accused of killing phi member of a family, stealing their car. tonight, the takedown, and what we're learning the about the family. peter navarro indicted by
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the department of justice for refusing to cooperate with the january 6th committee. rachel scott live on the hill. the uvalde school shooting and the school police chief showing up on the scene without a radio. when did he learn about the children calling 911 from this classroom? did he know in realtime without a radio? abc news learning tonight less than one minute before the gunman entered, a school employee pressing an internal alarm warning of an active shooter. president biden's plea for a ban of assault weapons in this country, and if no ban, asking to raise the age from 18 to 21 to buy one. the shooter in texas bought his the day after turning 18. the president pushing for expanded background checks and red-flag warnings. overnight, a house committee passing much of what the president is asking for. not one republican voting in favor. overseas tonight, 100 days into the war in ukraine. what president zelenskyy is now saying tonight. also news at home on monkey pox outbreak in the u.s.
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the growing number of cases. what the cdc is now reporting in how many states. the images coming in tonight, the greyhound bus losing control, we have news on the passengers. overseas, the celebration for queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. tonight, the royal family reunion, including prince harry and meghan for the first time in more than two years. james longman in london. and here at home tonight, something that happened last night. we've never seen before. who is our person of the week? good evening, and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. we begin tonight with this tropical storm warnings. they are up at this hour. the system bearing down on florida, gaining strength tonight on just the third day of this new hurricane season. take a look -- tropical storm warnings in effect now from key west to miami to melbourne, ft.
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myers. millions in florida bracing for dangerous winds and up to a foot of rain. wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour expected. expected to become tropical storm alex. the first of the season. bands already reaching key west. let's goat rob marciano live in naples where the rain is coming down. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david them thing may not be a hurricane, but it's been pouring owl day long here in napeles and much of southwest florida. it's still over 300 miles from this spot. take a look at the radar. we'll show you the heavier rain. key west to up on the east side where the tropical storm warnings go all the way up through cape canaveral. alex will be the name, making landfall some time tomorrow afternoon. then scooting off the coast. it could bring some serious rain and some wind. 30, 40, maybe 50-mile-per-hour
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winds. not just here in naples, but miami, ft. lauderdale, west palm beach. might see embedded tornadoes with this as well. it does exit the coast quickly, but not before it dumps upward of a foot of rain for the southern tip of florida. that will great flash flooding and stormy conditions over the next 24 hours. david? >> the season begins. rob, thank you. to other news this friday night, and we are learning more at this hour after a texas fugitive, a convicted murder escaped from a prison bus. authorities say he killed phi members of the same family in their vacation home before stealing their truck. what we now know about the family this evening and how authorities took down the suspect overnight. here's pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, a massive manhunt for a killer coming to an end in texas. they spotted the fugitive with alleged ties to a mexican drug
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car pell in this stolen white pickup. after following him along a dark texas road, police used spike strips flattening all four tires as a wild and dangerous chase unfolded. moments later, investigators say lopez crashed the pickup, got out, and opened fire. >> after a short chase and a crash, gonzalo lopez exited the chevy silverado with a firearm and engaged law enforcement officers who engaged back and ultimately killed lopez. >> reporter: tonight, police say lopez, who's been on the run since may 12th, murdered a man and his four grandchildren in centerville, texas, about hour hours away from the shootout scene. >> it's five deceased in a house. >> reporter: investigators believe lopez shot and killed the family in yet another mass shooting with an ar-15 style rifle inside the family's vacation home. he stole their truck and headed
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south. the children were all students enrolled in a houston area school district. the superintendent releasing a statement saying, quote, the loss of a student for any reason is heartbreaking, but to lose four in such a tragic way is excruciating. david, the district where the children went to school is offering counciling for students. it's apparently a very small and close community. david? >> pierre thomas tonight. pierre, thank you. we're going to turn now to the arrest of president trump's former trade adviser, peter navarro, indicted on contempt of congress. rachel scott at the courthouse in washington tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a defiant peter navarro leaving a federal courthouse after being indicted on two counts of criminal contempt of congress. >> no american citizen should have to go through what i went through today who is trying to do the right thing. i'm trying to do my duty to this country.
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i'm in an untenable position. >> reporter: trump's former trade adviser claiming he was handcuffed at an airport gate on his way to nashville for refusing to comply with the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. navarro was part of trump's inner circle that pushed false claims about the 2020 election, even writing a book detailing his plan to overturn an election trump lost. lawmakers wanted him to turn over documents and testify. he refused, claiming his hands were tied, citing executive privilege. overnight, the 72-year-old telling msnbc he was worried about prison. >> the average life span in america for an american male is 76 years old. if i were to go to prison for a year, which is what the contempt charge could do to me, that would be about a fourth of my remaining life. >> reporte rare move by the justice department. navarro now the second trump advisor to face criminal charges. steve bannon surrendered to
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authorities in november, pleading not guilty, and is set for trial next month. the house has also recommended two more trump associates, former chief of staff mark meadows and dan scavino, be charged with contempt. but so far the justice department has not taken action against them. >> so let's bring in rachel scott. she's live in u.s. district court tonight. rachel, we know the first of the january hearings will be next thursday night in primetime with americans able to watch. in the meantime, peter navarro we know could face time behind bars, potentially, but there's still nothing forcing him to talk here. >> that's exactly right, david. if convicted on both counts, navarro would face up to two years behind bars and a maximum fine of $200,000. he would still not be compelled to speak or comply with investigators. as for those televised hearings, those are set to kick off next thursday. >> rachel scott with us tonight. thank you. we turn next to the investigation in uvalde texas tonight, abc news learning robb
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elementary school had an internal alert system and a teacher trigger it less than a minute before the gunman got into the school. tonight "the new york times" is reporting the school police chief who was in charge on the scene arrive on the scene without his radio. so, did he know about the children calling 911 from that classroom in realtime? abc's marcus maoore in texas again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, abc news has learned that less than a minute before the gunman entered robb elementary, a school employee pressed an internal alarm on his cell phone, setting off a chain of alerts within the school warning of an active shooter. >> guy with a rifle. >> reporter: seconds later, the shooter was in the school, opening fire on teachers and students. it comes as "the new york times" reports the commander on the scene, school district chief pete arrodonda, did not have a radio on him when joined the other police officeoi t forc sre etr the chief knew in real time about those desperate
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911 calls coming from students. >> is anybody inside of the building? >> he is in a room full of victims. >> reporter: according to the "times," 10-year-old khloie torres calling 911, saying "there is a lot of bodies. i don't want to die. my teacher is dead. my teacher is dead, please send help. send help for my teacher. she is shot but still alive." reportedly staying on with 911 for another 17 minutes while gunfire is overheard during part of that call. khloie survived. her father confirming her account. tonight, families of the victims want to know whether they could have been saved. 10-year-old jacklyn cazares was alive when she was rescued but later died at the hospital. >> full of life, full of love. a little firecracker. >> reporter: today a funeral for jacklyn casarez. cousins jayce carmelo luevanos and jailah nicole silguero are being laid to rest too. their family calling them angels who always had a smile on their face. david, the lawyers representing
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the father of ie filina as t rs agtheompany ker of t rle use in the newtown, connecticut, back in 2012. >> one more victim of gun violence to report. tis one in new lisbon, wisconsin. a man believed to be a former judge, the victim. an incident at former judge john roamer. the 68-year-old homeowner reported to be dead. then a 56-year-old man was found dead in the basement of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was taken to a medical facility. authority say it appears to be a targeted act. president biden's plea for gun reform. he's hoping if ear ban on assault weapons. and if no ban, the president asked we raise the age in this country from 18 to 21 to buy an assault level weapon. the shooter in texas bought his
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the day after turning 18. the president also pushing for expanded background checks and tougher red-flag warnings. overnight, a committee asking much of what the president asked for. not one republican voting in favor. here's our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, from new york to kentucky -- and california. americans protesting gun violence and demanding washington final te action. the president today insisting he hears them. >> i will do what i can to try to see to it we have some real progress. >> reporter: in a rare primetime address last night, biden tryin anyone's rights. it's about protecting children. it's about protecting families. >> reporter: the president all too familiar with this fight, again pleading for congress to ban assault weapons or at least raise the purchasing age from 18 to 21, expand background checks, and enact safe storage and red flag laws to prevent guns from
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falling into the hands of people deemed to be dangerous. but even with a majority of americans backing some of these proposals, any reforms in congress are likely to be far more narrow. at a hearing yesterday, the bitter divide on full display. >> democrats always focused on -- >> we cannot keep doing this. an entire generation of children are learning that adults they look up to cannot or will not protect them. >> reporter: overnight the house judiciary committee passing much of what the president asked for. >> the ayes have it. >> reporter: but not one republican voting for it. >> mary bruce with us. mary, as you know in new york state overnight, the state legislature passing a number of gun control measures, including that request from the president last night, raising the age to purchase an ar-15 style rifle in new york state to 21 years old. is there any other movement to report tonight elsewhere in other states? >> david, new york is now the
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7th state to make changes to the minimum age requirement, but the first to do so after these recent massacres in texas and buffalo. in utah we know they're considering similar legislation. in new jersey the governor is pushing for these reforms and in arkansas the governor says changing the minimum age is worthy of a conversation. david? >> mary bruce baa with ust. thank you, mary. overseas to the war in ukraine. 100 days since russia's invasion, and a defiant message from president zelenskyy tonight, telling russia, he's there, his team is there, and the people are there. vowing, quote, victory will be ours. a terrible toll mounting. and the fighting in the east in the donbas where ukrainians are losing ground. tonight, no sign of any possible peace deal. we're going to turn our attention now overseas and to london, celebration of queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throw. a service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral. queen elizabeth taking it as a day of rest, but members of the
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royal family were there. james longman now in london. >> reporter: tonight, a royal family reunion, giving thanks for the queen's 70-year reign. queen elizabeth not there, choosing to rest up after thursday's celebrations. but this service of thanksgiving, at the majestic st. paul's cathedral, led instead by prince charles and camilla, who processed in with william and kate. and for the first time in more than two years since stepping back from public duties, prince harry and meghan markle downed for the service. controversial comments in interviews have left relations with the family strained, but all forgotten in the name of the mother of a nation. the queen watching the ceremony from windsor castle. buckingham palace says the 96-year-old monarch had experienced some discomfort at the celebrations yesterday. ♪ god save the gracious queen ♪ >> reporter: but her presence was center stage at today's service.
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>> your majesty, we are sorry that you're not here with us this morning, but we are so glad that you are still in the saddle. and we are glad that there is still more to come. so, thank you for staying the course. >> reporter: across the u.k. today, the party goes on in honor of britain's longest reigning monarch. >> the longevity of her reign and the impact that she's had, i mean, as such a, like, a long female leader. >> she's been such an inspiration to so many of us. i'm absolutely in awe of her. her composure, her dignity, the way in which she has represented our country, the way she is revered and loved across the world. i think we couldn't ask for a greater head of our country than the queen, to be honest with you. and we're very proud to be here today. >> and everyone in desperate need of some joy these days.
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james, the queen i know resting today, but of course she knows the celebration in her honor goes on. a big day today in the uk. the world watching. >> reporter: that's right, another big day tomorrow. there's going to be a special horse race. we know how much the queen loves horses. then a huge concert at buckingham palace. diana ross and elton john performing. whether or not she appears herself, i think the people here are so proud to celebrate 70 years on the throne for queen elizabeth ii. >> at 96, she deserves a celebration. turn back here at home tonight. words on the economy and jobs. employers creating 390,000 new jobs. that's higher than expected. the unemployment unchange at 3.6%. that's near a half century low. on the flipside, gas prices hitting a record high for the third time this week alone. aaa reporting at least five
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states with gas at $5. when we come back here on a friday night, the images coming in now. the greyhound bus losing control, crashing on i-10 in southern california. there is news on the passengers and then this cdc with an update on monkeypox in the u.s. the growing number of cases and in how many states tonight. the world is full of make or break moments. especially if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture,
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authorities say at least 12 people were hurt when the bus blew a tire about 90 miles outside l.a. losing control, hitting another car, then the divider. one person is being treated for a serious injury. the others okay. when we come back, news on the monkeypox outbreak in the u.s. what the cdc is reporting. and something we've never seen before, our person of the week. for copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler
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finally tonight here, the 94 scripps national spelling bee. something we've never seen before and the 14-year-old who got it done. >> reporter: tonight, something we've never seen before at the scripps national spelling bee. it was down to just two. v vicram from colorado and -- from texas. >> we're about to make history here. >> reporter: for the first time, the competition went into a sudden death spelloff. 90 seconds to spell as many words as possible.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: vikram spelling 15 words correctly. horini spelling 21 words correctly. that 14-year-old eighth grade frer texas winning. >> harini, you are the 2022 scripps national spelling bee champion. >> it's just such a dream, and i am overwhelmed. >> reporter: accepting her trophy with a message afterward for all of us. >> i just had to take a deep breath and tell myself to just go out there and do my best and whatever happens, it happens. >> so we choose harini and vikram and. good night. >> building a better bay area,
3:59 pm
moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> a deadly hit and run on interstate 80, the, a caltrans employee who happened to be working -- the victim, a caltrans employee who happened to be working. >> that happened just after 10:00 this morning. >> he was partway in here, he got out and he was pacing at his windshield was shattered. >> this is the offices -- the office manager by the alleged suspect of the hit-and-run part after the accident which happened a few miles down the road. she says a chp and fairfield police arrived minutes later when the suspect surrendered without incident. >> chp came in, fairfield police department came first. he said it was a homicide investigation and he had killed a caltrans worker.
4:00 pm
then chp reiterated that. >> the accident is an ongoing investigation. there was a fatal traffic collision and there is a suspect in custody. >> chp and caltrans did not give information about the victim. the only details are just after 10:00 a.m., the employee was hit and killed allegedly by the suspects car nearly going about the road -- near laguna valley road. law enforcement asked for this surveillance video to see what happened after the suspect parked his car. >> he was not turning to run, he was anxious a little bit but not -- he was not hiding. >> caltrans will release more details once the victim's family has been notified. larry: more than half the u.s. population is living in a county