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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 4, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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♪ ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, harry and meghan back in the royal spotlight for the queen's platinum jubilee. a nation divided over the sussexes. >> i love meghan. >> i'm sorry to say i'm not a fan of harry and meghan. >> did the family give them a wrm welcome or a royal cold shoulder? colton haynes. the "teen wolf's" trip down a painful memory lane. >> is colton haynes proud of colton haynes? >> why is this happening? you're making me cry. i'm on the road to being proud. >> overcoming abuse and addiction. why he's now out and proud and sharing his story of survival. and "mj: the musical." the 22-year-old dancing in the king of pop's shoes.
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thanks for joining us. we begin with the awkward family reunion across the pond that's steeped in hard feelings. meghan and harry rejoining the royals for the queen's four-day platinum jubilee. but did the occasion bring the family closer or merely deepen the rift? here's abc's deborah roberts. >> reporter: on day two of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee, celebrating her 70-year reign, the eyes of the world were on one specific couple. the sussexes. her majesty's grandson, prince harry, and wife meghan, in their first public outing with the royal family since stepping down as working royals a little over two years ago. >> we've never had a senior member of the royal family leave the way they did, relocate to the united states of all places. the circumstances under which they left and the fact that these tensions that create -- you know, precipitated that move
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are still around. and so it makes family reunions challenging. >> reporter: the smiling couple who mostly stayed out of sight yesterday were among the first to arrive at st. paul's cathedral. >> many people are looking to see if there seemed to be a thaw at all between william and harry. did you see any indication that it might be healing between them? >> hierarchy dictated a bit of a gap between harry and william in today's event. we're used to seeing them follow the cambridges into occasions like this. no longer working royals, it means they're slightly further down the pecking order now. >> reporter: harry and meghan seated next to the princesses and their spouses, at a distance from william and kate, and prince charles and wife camilla, duchess of cornwall. charles standing in for his 96-year-old mother, who wasn't there, absent due to discomfort following yesterday's marathon eyacwith hiss mno
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son, either upon arrival or during the 45-minute ceremony. the nuclear family, once tight, now physically separated by this aisle. never acknowledging one another. >> what i've heard from sources prior to them coming here, the relationship between the brothers hasn't changed that much. there's still some distance there. >> reporter: the cool breeze didn't stop there. upon harry and meghan's exit from the cathedral, a mixture of loud boos and cheers coming from the crowd. >> well, i'm sorry to say i'm not a fan of harry and meghan. i think they're very, very, very disrespectful of the queen. >> i love meghan and harry. i think they are brilliant. they love each other. that's the main thing, you know? and i was actually surprised at the booing. >> reporter: the mixed reaction seems to ob par for the couple, emblematic of a nation divided on the duke and duchess. >> there is a certain degree of hurt among the british public
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that harry left. not only his homeland, but his family. of course, the institution. >> some feel that they betrayed the crown, that they weren't respectful enough to the queen when they gave an interview to oprah. harry announcing his memoirs. i think that has seen a feeling of mixed emotions in the crowds. >> reporter: meghan and harry did skip the next scheduled family event, a reception for guests and royals to mingle, coming after the queen made the decision yesterday that only working royals would appear on the balcony for the trooping of colours, leaving the duke and duchess notably out. >> if you're looking at trooping the colour as a precedent, this is an enormous change. we're normally used to seeing multiple members of the royal family on the balcony. >> reporter: this trip marking meghan and harry's first time back in the uk with their children since their departure a
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little over two years ago in what became known as megxit. the couple left amid allegations of a rift in the royal family, eventually relinquishing royal functions, including henry's beloved royal military titles and duties. they moved to california. >> meghan and harry brought a lot of that romance and excitement with them when they moved here. >> reporter: though harry and meghan kept a relatively low profile, they sat down with oprah winfrey in march 2021, sharing some of the most explosive and damaging accusations ever laid at the feet of "the firm" involving the future of their unborn child. >> so we have in tandem the conversation of, you won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title. and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> prince william himself has actually come out and felt the need to say -- >> we're very much not a racist family. >> reporter: the interview
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shedding light on some of meghan's lowest points as a member of the royal family, sharing the decline of her mental health. >> i just didn't want to be alive anymore. and that was a very clear and real and frightening, constant thought. >> this couple felt they had their backs against the wall. in terms of their survival. meghan had been in crisis and did feel that the institution had not provided the support that was needed. >> reporter: the couple a year ago tomorrow giving birth to their second child, a daughter, lilibet diana, named after queen elizabeth's childhood nickname and prince harry's mother. the trip providing the first opportunity for the queen to meet her namesake in person. >> the queen's relationship with harry has been intact through all of the stress of the past few years and the ups and downs. so we know that he would really want that moment with her and his children.
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>> reporter: the physical distance to the monarchy leading to a quieter life, but one still splashed across the front pages. including at the invictus games in the netherlands this april. >> my hope is that these events, this event, creates the opportunity in how we as a global community can better show up for you. >> they want the privacy in their lives, but they also want to sort of step out and have very public moments. whether it's lending their support to social causes or speaking out during a major moment in politics or world news. >> i think we're definitely seeing both meghan and harry really start to get their footing in terms of what does it look like to have a public role as a private citizen? >> reporter: cut off financially from the royal family, the duo signed a $100 million deal with netflix. >> they struck out on their own, and that involves really hustling.
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so that involves, yeah, making -- wheeling and dealing with netflix, with book deals, spotify deals, all of those things, to build the brand that they're working towards. the archwell brand. >> reporter: between their netflix show and prince harry's upcoming memoir, the public could get further insight into the family's relationship with the monarchy. for now these brief appearances, just a small step perhaps toward harmony. was there any hope there would be some kind of reconciliation? or did people just went to see this get through without any controversy? >> i think anyone expecting there to be moments of reconciliation or peace talks or anything that's considered a major olive branch, it's not going to happen during this trip. that said, families do have arguments, there are fallouts, and they come back together in celebratory moments as well. and step forward a little more healed from that. >> our thanks to deborah.
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we turn now to uvalde, texas, where a heartbroken community continues to say good-bye to the victims of the robb elementary school shooting. tonight we're learning that the school is closing permanently. today the lives of jayce carmelo luevanos, jaden jacklyn cazares, jailah silguero, were honored. funerals throughout the weekend for rojelio torres, eliana ella garcia, who would have turned 10 years old on sunday. we'll be right back with an emotional exclusive interview with actor colton haynes. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling.
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♪ colton haynes, the "teen wolf" star, revealing hard truths about his battle to overcome addiction and abuse. abc's gio benitez sat down with him for a candid conversation. >> when i look at this cover, who do you see when you look at that cover? >> my eyes definitely tell a thousand words. there's a lot of pain in my eyes there. there was a lot of the unknown, not really knowing if the future -- how things were going to pan out for me. this was -- i must have been 18 in that picture. >> reporter: colton haynes. behind the jock-turned-werewolf in the hit series "teen wolf" -- >> where are you getting your juice? >> reporter: a guy who recalls the fight for survival. as he takes us on a trip down "miss memory lane." >> you leave nothing out in this book. why now? >> i went to this superhero
12:54 am
convention. a queer kid came up to me, crying, told me how my story helped him come out to his family. you know what? i should stop hiding myself, living in the shadows, step into the light, share my story. there's a lot of the people this could help. once i was in the right head space to do that, it poured out of me. >> reporter: the book dives deep into the tumultuous life of the actor. a behind the curtain look at the realities of working in hollywood from his own experience. sharing stories of addiction, abuse, body image, and his coming out story, haynes hopes "miss memory lane" stands as a beacon of light for those dealing with similar issues. >> to all the queer kids who long for love and attention, to ones who would break their own arm only to have somebody sign their cast, know that you're deserving of love without pain. this book hopefully can help a lot of people. >> reporter: haynes went to l.a. as a 17-year-old openly gay man, hoping to become an actor.
12:55 am
when he got to hollywood, he says his sexuality prevented him from landing a part. >> basically having to go back into the closet for my career was really damaging for me. having to take movement for the actor classes to fix my mannerisms, having to put post-its under my tongue to fix my lisps, having to talk an octave lower. trying to be seen, but also hiding that part of ourselves. that, it can be really detrimental to your mental health. >> what was that mental health journey like for you? there's so many years that aren't in this book. >> it took awhile. you know. been working on myself for a long time. i was just living for everyone else. i was never living for me. i was still figuring out who i am because i had to be so many different people. >> reporter: amidst the journey to self-acceptance, haynes revealing the alleged abuse he faced as a child from his father and uncle. all while dealing with his own mother's alcoholism. >> i saw the destructive nature
12:56 am
that my parents were putting all of us through. you know, putting themselves through. and then i found myself trying my hardest to not live in my parents' footsteps, then doing exactly what they do. >> reporter: haynes shared a complicated relationship with his mother, posting a video of him breaking down while writing the chapter dedicated to her. >> i'm trying to finish the chapter of my mom. >> it wasn't until i grew up that i realized she was doing the best she could. then once i started getting close with her, she was given six months to live. >> during those six months, the final six months of her life, there was a realization for you where you felt like you were repeating her mistakes? >> i had a water bottle, filled up with tequila in the left side of my recliner, then i had one of vodka. and i would drink from the second i woke up until the second i went to bed. >> reporter: now four years sober, haynes is opening up on the toll of his own addiction to
12:57 am
adderall and alcohol. >> i started feeling like i could cut corners. eventually that caught up to me. and yeah, i ended up needing to get help, and i'm so thankful that i did. >> reporter: but haynes admits he wouldn't change a thing. is this a book of regrets? or is it a book of strength? >> it's definitely, i would say, a book of strength. because everything that happened to me was -- really helped me get to where i am today. it definitely -- i'm the person who has to hit the -- i have to hit every branch on the way down, or else i'm not going to learn the lesson. >> reporter: while haynes' next chapter is still being written, he's entering it with a newfound acceptance and pride. is colton haynes proud of colton haynes? >> why is this happening? you're making me cry. i'm on the road. to being proud. and this is definitely a step in the right direction. >> what message would you want young people especially to take
12:58 am
away from this? >> that you're not alone. growing up, it's constantly wanting to be like other people. you know, bend yourself into a pretzel to be exactly the way that people want you to be. or even just to fit in. and it's just -- i want people to be their authentic selves. i want them to find their life. >> our thanks to gio. up next, the young star moonwalking his way across broadway. eighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at its best. taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. feel less sluggish & weighed down after just 14 days. complete the 2-week challenge
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♪ now to the 22-year-old
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starring in "mj: the musical" now nominated for a tony, and what he says is the key to transforming into the king of pop. here's abc's stephanie ramos. ♪ >> reporter: with the moves -- the voice -- ♪ don't you ever come around here ♪ >> reporter: and the electrifying stage presence of the king of pop -- ♪ the fire's in their eyes so beat it ♪ >> reporter: myles frost is setting the broadway stage on fire, playing the lead role of michael jackson in "mj: the musical" at the neil simon theater. >> it is a bang. right? it can either be the icing on the cake to an end of the show, just beat it. ♪ beat it beat it no one wants to beat it beat it ♪ >> this is your broadway debut. >> yes, it is. >> you're playing the king of pop. where do you even start with a role like that? >> you don't. you just kind of -- you just jump in and then blink and then
1:04 am
you're there. my journey started -- how far back you want to go? >> how far back can we go? you're 22, very young. very young. ♪ >> reporter: though this is myles' first professional acting role, it's not his first time sliding into mj's shoes. his raw talent discovered by the musical's producers through a viral video. ♪ she was more like ♪ >> reporter: a high school talent performance of "billie jean." >> junior year, i decided to perform "billie jean" at the talent show. my mom was in the back, out there recording everything. >> a giant ipad in the back. >> literally the giant ipad, i knew exactly where she was sitting. ♪ she told me her name was billie jean ♪ >> not knowing that video would be the catalyst for me sitting in these seats right now.
1:05 am
>> tell me about the process of working on "mj: the musical." what has that been like for you? >> i believe in the work ethic he puts behind, the attention and the attitude he puts behind everything that he does. how can i learn the work ethic and the intention and the attitude behind each individual movement? >> reporter: the production's been nominated for ten tony awards. one of those myles' nomination for best actor in a musical. the show's timeline covers jackson's final days of rehearsal before his "dangerous" tour in 1992. a year before, allegations of jackson's sexual abuse were publicized. those allegations are not directly addressed in the show. >> feels like -- it feels like a part of me. >> reporter: backstage, myles showed us how he transforms into mj. >> this is his move hat right here. >> there it is, dun dun dun! ♪ da da da da da da ♪ >> reporter: including the legendary black jacket and glove from "billie jean." what does it feel like?
1:06 am
when you throw that jacket on, basically -- >> i'm like, it's about to go down. that's how i feel, you know. because i put so much into it. you know, i put so much heart into it. >> reporter: after three hours of intense dancing, myles taking the time to meet some m.j. fans following a performance with michael's moves and myles' spirit. >> want to be able to provide the essence and the magic of michael through the lens of myles. he allowed me to do that. i'm forever grateful for that. >> that's "nightline." thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.


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