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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 4, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ good morning, america. it's our second hour. new details more than a week after the uvalde massacre. the critical decision made over the future of the school. plus, survivors set to testify next week, taking their plea for gun reform to congress. >> formula relief. 33 million bottles of infant formula bound for the u.s. when you can expect to see them on store shelves. >> flash flooding and heavy rain pummels south florida as a potential tropical storm makes landfall. > pride month home run. mlb's first openly gay player. the l.a. dodgers honoring a
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trailblazing teammate nearly 45 years later. >> gma at the jubilee. it's day three of the queen's platinum celebration with a ruckus tour of her majesty's london. plus, pass the pudding. the dessert made by reality tv royalty. and we're saying -- >> good morning, america! >> it's saturday morning. this is "gma". >> now i'm hungry waiting for my own bowl of pudding here. i love that. good morning, america. i love it. it is saturday morning, all eyes, of course, on london in day three of the queen's platinum jubilee, the celebration continuing into the weekend. >> eva pilgrim is there. we've got a lot to teach these folks. how is sit over there? >> reporter: i'm having so much
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fun today, and tonight i'm getting to go backstage at this concert. we're the only american broadcast that's been given this access, so i'm going to try to meet all the famous a-list celebrities that are performing tonight. we will see how it goes, guys. >> we saw you dropping names a little while ago, too. so looking forward to that. we'll talk to you in just a bit. we have much more of gma at the jubilee coming up. we're learning new details more than a week after the school massacre in uvalde, texas, information focusing on how the school went into lockdown and word overnight on the school's future. let's go back to san antonio. >> reporter: the pain palpable as those that were killed are being laid to rest and we're learning that robb elementary will no longer open doors to students and staff. the school board announcing that it will not take action against
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its police chief who wrongly believed the situation was no longer an active shooting as more and more 911 calls were pouring in. he was at the scene without his police radio and we're also learning that a school employee triggered an internal alarm system just moments before that gunman rushed into unleashing the deadliest mass shooting in a school in nearly a decade. >> really incredible details we keep learning. thank you so much. turning to the baby formula shortage across the country which may be getting worse before it gets better. faith abubey is in washington with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. despite everything the federal government and manufacturers have been doing to try to increase supply, this baby formula shortage remains an urgent, critical crisis for so many families across the country, scrambling to feet their babies. the biden administration says it's tapping into as many resources as possible to try to get these desperate families
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some relief. weeks into this crisis, store shelves remain bare. the national out of stock average is hovering near 74% and in some areas like arizona, florida and georgia, the situation is even more dire. nearly one in five states have less than 10% of infant formula stock available. the dma announcing new rounds of shipments from overseas. the latest is the equivalent of 33,000,008 ounce bottles from mexico, but they're not expected to start arriving until sometime between july and october. more immediately the federal government says it plans to import an additional 440,000 pounds of nestle brand forms las by july. they say they've secured 127 million bottles of formula. they're hoping to ease the
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crisis as quickly as possible and this is happening as the crucial plant, the abbott plant in michigan is set to reopen today. you'll remember that plant shut down and added to the shortage, but what we are learning is that even as they are reopening, it will take several weeks before they can start producing enough product. guys, back to you. >> those desperate families need the food and formula right now. they can't afford to wait. thank you. coming up, celebrating pride month and a tribute 45 years in the making. the l.a. dodgers honoring the first openly gay player in the major leagues. >> plus, gma at the jubilee and we're off on a tour of london to find out where the queen hangs her hat. >> and hope you're hungry. a royally delicious dessert to celebrate the platinum jubilee. we'll be right back. um jubilee. we'll be right back. so whether you■re breaking a sweat, breaking down barriers, or breaking the laws of gravity, keep moving with the ultimate energy bar.
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this saturday morning. coming up in our next half hour, easy eats. >> and a new spin on a classic dish that's taking over tiktok, find out why the baked oatmeal trend that i'm so excited we're trying is causing quite a stir. >> we love getting our "gma" breakfast on saturday mornings. it is time to turn to our cover story. it's a celebration 45 years in the making, the l.a. dodgers proudly celebrating one of their own. zohreen shah has the story. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. in honor of pride month fans got pride jerseys and there were pride drinks, but the biggest moment came when they tried to fix a big wrong from the past. this morning, the dodgers celebrating the family of mlb's first openly gay player, the former outfielder they once pushed off their team. >> took some time to get here but, you know, it's arrived. >> reporter: glenn burke honored during the team's ninth annual lgbtq plus pride night ahead of their game against the mets. >> what would he say if he was here?
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>> let's party because he was the team morale. >> reporter: around 20 of burke's family members watching as his brother sidney threw the first ceremonial pitch. >> unbelievable that i'm here. >> reporter: burke started with the dodgers in 1976, even starting in game one center field during the world series a year later. he's even credited with inventing the high-five. >> ran out to greet him exuberant and happy and he just threw his arm up and he just followed through. i don't know if he realized what he done. >> reporter: soon after the dodgers traded him. >> i think he was crushed but he also was aware of why he was being traded. >> what did he say in his words about why he was being traded? >> because he was gay. he knew that. >> reporter: after briefly playing for the oakland
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athletics, burke left professional baseball altogether. later briefly landing in prison on drug-related charges, eventually dying from aids. but despite a career cut short, the dodgers recognizing his impact. >> when you believe in change, you believe in doing right, to acknowledge that there's something from the past that you feel wasn't right. take a moment and reflect on that. >> reporter: now stars like jojo siwa reflecting on the significance too. >> celebrating those people who really paved the way and made it okay for others to be able to come out and to be able to be gay, transsexual, bisexual, lesbian, those people are heroes in the community. >> my brother put a big crack in the ceiling for all the other players that would come behind him and now that ceiling is open. >> reporter: there are only two openly gay players in mlb history, burke and billy beane. he came out after he retired and tells me he wishes he had known burke's story because it probably would have helped. whit?
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>> an incredible story. all right, zohreen, thank you. we want to turn back to "gma" at the jubilee. let's send it back to eva in london where all the action is at. eva, good morning, again. >> reporter: guys, we have the most beautiful day here in london. it is just -- we're having too much fun. the queen's platinum jubilee has been full of pomp and circumstance. but what does a typical day in london look like for her majesty? where does she hang out? where does she eat? well, will ganss who has been living his best life, went on a whirlwind tour to find out. good morning, will. >> good morning, eva. living my best life is putting it mildly. although i will say if you would have told me my trip to london might include smoked eel mousse i'm not so sure i would have gotten on the plane. but if that's what it takes to live like the queen, then consider me royally down to party. ♪ >> reporter: buckingham palace, yep. windsor castle, you betcha.
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but what if you're a nonroyal ready to live like the queen? and that's where i come in as a queen elizabeth ii superfan allow me to take you to some of her majesty's favorite public places. we'll call it the nonroyal royal tour of london. frst stop, the train station. her majesty, sunny and stunning in yellow when she visited on may 17th. now, the queen was just here in paddington station to officially open the elizabeth line named in her honor, of course. her majesty given an oyster card and taught how to use it at the ticket machines, staying in the station for a whole ten minutes. but despite our best efforts, no queen in sight. maybe at our next stop. bellamy's, her majesty's favorite and most visited restaurant. the queen celebrating her 80th birthday there and most recently having dinner with her daughter and princess alexandra back in 2016. we confirmed with the wait staff, the eel mousse is a personal favorite.
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smoked eel mousse to be exact. but how does it taste? fishy. the queen also said to have enjoyed caviar and other seafood. and finally one last trip back to mayfair, very near buckingham palace, where the queen's childhood home once stood at 145 piccadilly. the queen and princess margaret growing up in the five-story town home overlooking the park. right here is where the queen's childhood home once stood. of course, this is not the queen's childhood home. that was destroyed by a bomb in 1940 and then three decades later the intercontinental was built in its place. plenty of places to live like a royal for a day in london. and back at bellamy's, the passion fruit sorbet fit for a queen. happy jubilee. that's the stuff. yeah, the sorbet is a little more my speed than the smoked eel mousse. the other place you're sure to
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spot a royal or two, wimbledon. while her majesty has only been four times, can you believe that, in her entire time on the throne, the royal box is a favorite of duchess kate, duchess meghan and all their favorite friends. >> having covered wimbledon for abc, they also have great treats and strawberries that you can eat that are totally worth getting. >> are we coming back for that? >> we have to come back for that. >> totally here. >> that's the next assignment we have to get. >> you heard it here. >> reporter: yeah, we've got a tough storm. unnamed storm. i'm leaving the mousse to you guys. we're talking about flooding in this area and lots of it. i want to show you pictures that came in overnight where we set up rain bands more than 3 inches an hour. the flooding got worse than what you see in these images. it will it be the headline story coming out of south florida. while that tropical storm warning is in effect we will have more rain throughout the day today. some places will come in from 12
8:16 am
to 15 inches of rain. but the system is moving fast and moves off the coastline by later tonight. it could become a tropical storm once it gets off in the waters of the atlantic but it will be moving very quickly so it's going to have to do that pretty fast and the last update still has it as a potential trop flood warnings for most of flood warnings for most of the area have just been extended until 11:00 this morning. they keep extending them because the rain keeps falling, guys. this is really going to be a flooding mess story for this area.
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>> and, sam, it already looks like a flooding mess so please be careful out there. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. now to a dessert fit for a queen. eva and i along with our friend danielle breezy from our affiliate in nashville, krn, whipped up a proper pudding with great british bake-off fan favorite, crystelle, pereira, and learned some british lingo along the way. take a look. >> so, crystelle, in honor of the platinum jubilee you have a special pudding for us. >> yes, i do. so this is my take on a british trifle so a british trifle is a quintessentially british dessert and it's one i think a lot of people will be having this holiday weekend but i have to put a spin on things because i love doing that and i've taken the essence of a trifle. we do have a bit of british tea going in, flavors of chai so a twist on a british tea and then we've got an almond sponge with flaked almonds for a bit of texture and poached pears as
8:18 am
well and mascarpone on top. ca /* >> sound great. >> how do we do it? >> lots of layering, with any trifle you start with a cake base. i have this here an almond sponge which is basically like a light sponge with ground almonds and you want to scatter them all over the base of your trifle there. >> should we use the whole bowl? >> yes. >> this is the poaching liquid from our chai poached pears so when you poach any fruit you basically make a syrup which has got sugar water but i put in here black tea, some of those roasted chai spices and reduce it to a syrup and pour this all over the sponge. i would say pour about half of it and then we'll save the rest for the top. then next we'll go in with our chai poached pears. so these are just pears which i've peeled and cored and then i have basically just put in that lovely syrup so this is sort of the fruit element.
8:19 am
so usually you would have like a jelly, like a strawberry or raspberry jelly but i've got with chai poached pears. >> explain for our american audience -- we think pudding, we think snack pack. [ laughter ] >> we do. >> i realized this. i think pudding is quite misleading. so basically pudding is just a term that we use for dessert so pudding and dessert, they're interchangeable basically. >> you said it's quite posh to call it pudding. >> i'm not very posh and i don't really use the word pudding unless it's embedded in the name of a desert like sticky toffee pudding. >> we will start saying that now. >> you should. i think you'll get a lot of nods. oh, she's british. so we've now got our cake, our poached pears and now this is our chai custard and i've infused it with black tea and then again chai spices, i used in the poached pears. cinnamon, ginger, a bit of black
8:20 am
pepper. and, also, once you put your cream in, you use your spatula to smooth it down and you basically just want to make sure you can see all the layers on the side. so this is basically mascarpone cheese and then i've mixed it with vanilla bean paste, a bit of honey to sweeten it and and double cream which has been whipped up. so it's not overly sweet so i think it helps to lighten everything. it's bad at home. i have my assigned messy baker's corner now. they've literally shunned me into the corner because i'm bad. i basically spread my mess out everywhere. so i'll have a cake rack on the hob -- sorry, stovetop. that's another thing. hob. i didn't realize. i said hob the other day on instagram and all my american followers were saying, crystelle, what does hob mean? i didn't realize hob is not a
8:21 am
u.s. -- is not an american term. hob is stovetop. there's so many things like confectioner's sugar we say icing sugar and you say super fine sugar for -- >> yeah. >> so many things i'm learning and then to finish off, these are roasted flaked almonds and i've roasted them so they're golden and we're going to scatter them on top. i always roast them, because basically when you roast them you release the oils so it brings out the flavor. then you finish off with a little bit of your syrup, like a couple of tablespoons. then once that's done that's basically it. i think this is a british term, bob's your uncle. yeah, basically means and there you go. that is my almond poached pear chai vanilla mascarpone trifle. eva has a slight advantage. if i look at the rims, there's not any blemish. >> blemish. >> oh.
8:22 am
[ laughter ] >> there you go. >> bob's your uncle. >> eva, as you taught us your husband says we are separated by the same language, so many little differences. >> reporter: yeah. the way we use words -- we might all say english words, but they're used completely differently and mean different things. it's really funny to sort of have that conversation and figure those things out. >> i'll ask people what's for pudding? to all of our posh friends. >> for all of our posh viewers out there crystelle's trifle recipe is on our website, coming up here, it is the britney spears cover song we didn't know we needed. details on the summer bop ahead in "pop news." bob's your uncle.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. a gun buyback event is being held in south san francisco at the san mateo north courthouse parking lot from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m.
8:28 am
you will get $200 for assault weapons and ghost guns, $100 for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. another event is happening in marin county. let's get a check on the forecast. lisa: 56 degrees with a spitting camera here in santa cruz. high of 66. 55 downtown. 61 in santa clara. we are looking at a deck of low clouds in san francisco. cloudy skies everywhere with mid-seventies inland. liz:ing us.
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look at this. front page news again. look at this. front page news again. suppose the whole lot of you had been drowned? >> well, speak for yourself. >> what did you think you were doing going off like that? >> we were just having fun. >> what? >> you know, fun like that, ha, ha, ha. >> ha, ha, ha, ha. welcome back to "gma" at the jubilee and the spice girls showing off their acting chops in "spice world," the movie. 25 years since that movie hit the multiplex and coming up in "binge this" it's a british invasion including scary, baby, ginger, posh and sporty just ahead. >> love it. >> can you do that laugh one more time, eva? >> please. >> ha, ha, ha, ha.
8:31 am
>> all right. >> i don't know why i'm doing a laugh with a fake british accent. >> wow. we will save that clip for years to come. eva, thank you so much. we'll check back with you in a minute. here are the headlines we're following right now. a lot to cover this morning. more than 100 days after russia's invasion, 20% of ukraine is now under russian control. president zelenskyy in an address on friday saying we've defended ukraine for 100 days already. victory will be ours. the war having a huge impact on children as well. something ukrainian first lady olena zelenska was passionate to discuss in an exclusive interview with our robin roberts in kyiv this week. that interview is now streaming on hulu. staying overseas, investigators are now looking into what caused a train derailment in germany that left at least four people dead and another 30 injured. authorities say the train going from a popular resort town in bavaria to munich came off the tracks. several cars then tipped over and fell down an embankment. and some good news for workers in the auto industry.
8:32 am
ford says it's planning to add more than 6,000 union jobs in three states. that's michigan, missouri and ohio. the company wants to build new facilities to mostly produce electric vehicles. time now for "pop news" and will ganss who has embraced all things british. >> yeah, i'm pretty sure i'm like ninth in line to the crown now. i think that's how this works, right? >> fingers crossed. >> fingers crossed. ha, ha, ha. [ laughter ] all right. let's get into it. time now for "pop news" from london and look at tonight's star-studded concert at buckingham palace. omg, a massive open air event with performers including diana ross, elton john, rod stewart, queen with adam lambert and many more taking the stage, actually stages, as in three of them, which is probably a good thing, you guys, because upwards of 22,000 people are expected to attend.
8:33 am
eva, if you meet diana ross, what's going to happen? >> i will die. no, i mean i want her to dance with me. she is like the soundtrack of my life. >> i'm manifesting it for you right here right now. if it's not queen elizabeth ii, we'll give you queen diana ross. i'm going to manifest it for you. now to the perfect summer bop and you may have heard this before but not like this. indy pop band muna have released "sometimes," a cover of the britney spears classic. take a listen. ♪ sometimes i run sometimes i hide ♪ ♪ sometimes i'm scared but all i really want is to treat you right ♪ ♪ be with you day and night ♪ if you're going to cover britney spears you better do it right and i'm giving muna my stamp of approval right here and right now. i've listened to it a ton. it's amazing.
8:34 am
that song originally appeared on britney's album "baby, one more time" and appears on the new hulu rom-com "fire island" which drops in time to enjoy during your summer vaca. whit, i feel like this is the perfect opportunity for you to announce your britney spears cover which is coming to spotify when? >> oh, yeah, yeah, in the year 2050 it'll be on spotify. so i'll have time to -- >> get the auto tune right. >> exactly. i'll have janai drop some bars in there too. >> i love it. all right. finally tomorrow is world environment day and while the queen here has been celebrated for her work in conservation, google the tree of trees if you haven't, one american is doing her part as well. this is jody, a black rhino who loves papayas so much so that she's become a composting maven. animal care experts at busch
8:35 am
gardens first noticed a papaya plant near her habitat and years later it's a, quote, fully cyclical state certified composting plant thriving with papaya bearing trees all because of jody. it really is the circle of life. the moral, if you want to be a state certified composting plant, get a rhino. >> wow. >> to do the composting for you. >> and, will, i have to say the only thing better than seeing jody eat the papaya was seeing you with the oysters. >> i'm not kidding. the oysters were like -- >> massive. >> it was a big oyster, yeah. >> abalone. thanks, will. >> thank you so much. coming up, it's cool britannia celebrating some of the biggest acts to come out of the uk during the queen's 70 years on the throne. ♪ you know i work all day ♪ >> we'll be right back. ♪ to get your money to buy you things ♪ yup.
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welcome back to "gma." it is time for -- ♪ -- "binge this" and it is a british invasion celebrating some of the all-star acts to come out of the uk throughout the queen's 70-year reign.
8:40 am
"people's" nigel smith is here with picks sure to spice up your life. great to have you. let's start with the sex pistols. their anthem "god save the queen" has been re-released and they're now the subject of a hulu limited series. tell us about it. >> it's a six-part series and comes from director danny boyle who, as we all know, is the oscar winning filmmaker behind "slumdog millionaire" and "trainspotting." if you want to get an education sexisame to bedictor wh exciting style, then you have to check this series out. and unlike "side and nancy", that was told from a different point of view and this is from the lead guitarist's point of view and also based on his memoire. >> i heard some folks really excited about this. >> from the sex pistols to the beatles what makes "a hard day's night" a must watch? >> "a hard day's night," have
8:41 am
you seen it? >> not yet but everybody is in love with it. >> it is a classic. one of the all-time great films. it is regarded as one of the best films ever to feature a band and it tells the story of the band, a very long day in the life of the band all culminating with a big performance and has amazing music and new 4k restoration on hbo max that you can watch. so looks sparkling and new even though it's in black and white and a great time that takes you back to the turbulent '60s and the fab four to see what all the magic is about. >> and also for this next one here, we got to go back to our friend eva across the pond there because she's our own resident spice girl and is very excited about this category. >> reporter: yeah. ashamed of it at and no- i was in london for the reunion tour of the spice girls in 2019 and this year frighteningly marks the 25th anniversary of the cult classic "spice world." so, nigel, tell us all about it. >> cult classic is a good way to put it. the acting isn't exactly up to par but it is a great time. >> well, some might disagree.
8:42 am
>> some might disagree, yeah. if you like the spice girls you obviously love this movie. it gives you all the girl power you need. it is a strange and quintessentially british movie. there's an alien invasion. it has richard e. grant playing their tour manager and roger moore, the former bond, he's in it as well, as well as elton john. a bunch of crazy cameos. very unpliktable. a lot of fun. girl power. have to watch it. >> tell us who your favorite was. >> mel b. >> eva, who was your favorite spice girl? >> reporter: i like baby spice, but i always had to be sporty spice with my friends. >> i always had to be scary spice too but i always loved sporty. whit? >> ginger spice for me all the way. >> a surprise. >> right? she's a spice girl. ginger spice, you know it. >> will, which one would you be? >> posh, of course. >> posh spice. >> the voice of will ganss there off camera.
8:43 am
>> nigel, thank you so much. this special edition of "people" on wsstds> let' it to sam chamonornother check of the wer mii. sam? >> reporter: yeah, hey, janai, if there's a stormy spice -- i don't know if there is, but i'll take that. here's what we're doing. we're watching all this rain kind of move away. i want to show you this flooding. wind and flooding that happened overnight. this driving rain of three inches an hour in some locations and believe me, the flooding got much worst. i waded through waist deep water to get to our live shot. here's the radar. you'll notice we're pulling into the dryer part of the storm in south florida but the center of circulation still has got to cross the state so we're looking at that. let's look at the kind of preview of the storm system. you can see that rain moving toward the east coast so later this afternoon into the evening hours this storm will be well off into the atlantic. that's the wea
8:44 am
we wan we want to turn now to a powerful new podcast. she's the mother who helped spark the civil ri we want to turn to a powerful new podcast, a mother who helped spark a civil rights movement and now abc news audio is telling her story. you may have heard of her son em it who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. she tells the story in her own words of who she was before her son was killed and the activist she became after. the three-part stories is hosted by contributor leah wright riggor and you can download now. we are taking a bite out of the latest tiktok trend. we'll be right back to explain.
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♪ back now and janai is back now, janae is eating all of the food before we start the segment. we're back with a food trend that's taking over tiktok. millions of viewers digging into baked oatmeal, turning the staple into meals and desserts. our friend, dan, is here with his spin on this whole thing. >> this is so cool. i have seen it being made into brownies and everything. tell us your variation. >> you can do things with baked oatmeal. this is tropical baked oatmeal with greek yogurt. >> and you're putting me to work here. let's dive right in. >> we have our bowl here. one bowl. if you want to whis mk the eggs up, whisk it up. you have some milk. whit, if you want to pour that in. >> got it. >> and honey for sweetness. you can sweeten it up as much as
8:49 am
you want to. and greek yogurt there, as well. you get a shot of protein. you get a nice, well-rounded breakfast. >> yes. i love it. this is one bowl. very easy. >> yep. >> there's a lot of beautiful fruit on this table. this is where the tropical comes in. >> this is from the tropical comes in. janae, you can fit this with your taste. we have orange zest here that goes great with the pineapple and the strawberry. you whisk it up. >> how is my whisking skills. come here, you. >> once that is mixed up, we can pour it in our baking dish right here. pour it all in. that's going to make it tropical. this is where we add the fruit. strawberry and these? >> yes. >> just pour it in. >> yep. that's going to get nice and toesty when it bakes. and you stir it up. >> it looks beautiful. >> before it goes into the oven.
8:50 am
>> and supereasy. >> you stir that all up the. and the fruit will get nice and soft as it bakes. and the oatmeal will get nice and toasty. >> and the finishing touches here. >> more fruit. >> more fruit. strawberries and pineapple. and that orange that we zested earlier, we have the orange juice. we'll pour it on top. and you want to give that a toss. mix it up. the orange juice will add a nice freshness to the fruit. and you spoon it over top. you get the baked strawberries that are nice and soft. >> a little acid. a little sweetness. >> great textures. >> a little acid in the morning. sorry. how long do you bake this for? >> 30 or 40 minutes at 350,gold the edges. and you top it with the fruit before you serve it. >> you pass one of those my way. you would call this a breakfast or a dessert. or a little bit of both? >> i would say this is a
8:51 am
breakfast. if you want to dress this up with chocolate chips and caramel sauce. >> we just learned from our british friends, you can say what's for pudding? for now, what's for pudding? thank you so much. thanks for coming in this morning. you can get dan's recipe by scanning the q.r. code on your screen or going to we'll be right back after we eat some food. ♪
8:52 am
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♪ where will elton john, alicia keys, rod stewart, queen and duran duran and diana ross be performing tonight? party at the palace. the queen's jubilee tonight on abc. this is going to be royally good. big thanks big things, and we want to thank eva, will, our crew in london. what's happening next? >> i'm going to get lunch first. going to the party at the palace and the big concert. we have video i want to show you. we just saw the cambridges, william and kate. prince william and princess kate, there arriving with two of the kids. you see george and charlotte. they're at the cardiff castle today. we're going to keep an eye on all of them and the festivities. will is holding the flags down. >> it's eager to see you and
8:55 am
diana ross. we'll see will on the anchor desk. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:56 am
>> today san francisco is celebrating the history of muni heritage day. activities will be held on the plaza outside of the railway museum.
8:57 am
entry is free during the event. festivities will run from 10 :00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.. the san mateo county fair is back. the fair kicks off at -- a nine-day run today. the dinosaur exhibit is just a small part of the fun. you will see the traditional food, rights, and entertainment. it starts at 11:00 this morning followed by a live concert the commodores tonight at 7:30. >> today is dry. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. 63 degrees in mountain view. emeryville very cloudy.
8:58 am
temperatures from upper 50's to the upper 60's. a cooler start in the north bay. maybe some rain in sonoma county later. the rain will move south as we get into late overnight and into sunday. >> up next, a pair of gun buyback events. plus, lucky pox has turned up in san francisco. details on
8:59 am
i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep my moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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>> we don't want this to happen to our children. >> bay area families echoing a call to and gun violence. good morning. let's start with a quick look of the weather. we are checking rain on the way. >> it's a level 1 system that arrives late tonight overnight into sunday. you can see all the clouds streaming over northern california and the bay area. looking at this view from the


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