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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 5, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america breaking overnight. mass shooting. 14 people shot, at least three people killed whtiple nm on re of philly. >> we're going to need everybody. we have multiple victims. we got hundreds of people. >> police firing back. the shooters taking off. call for action. the latest rally in response to the uvalde smhooting, calling fr gun control. >> this does not happen on any other country on the face of the planet. >> as more families say their agonizing good-byes. missile test. north korea's show of strength a day after the u.s. wraps up a naval drill with south korea. putin's warning.
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russia's leader angry over western nations supplying ukraine with long-range rockets. his talk about hitting new targets. plant reopens. abbott baby formula workers back on the job. the production priorities. as families struggle to feed thr baby. gapresne n. otr su the la what it could an >>bees are fish!inne of a court ruling. and "gma" at the jubilee. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> the star-studded event overnight marking queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> "gma" getting exclusive behind-the-scenes access. >> sorry, ma'am, for stealing your name.
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>> all the highlights from an incredible show and a reveal from the queen herself. >> i keep mine in here. >> your don't-miss moments from the platinum party at the palace as we say -- >> good morning -- >> america. >> both: good morning, america. >> love that. the sandwich in the bag. good morning, america. we have a lot to cover this morning. it's the last day of celebrations for the queen's jubilee and our eva pilgrim has been right there in the middle of it all anchoring our coverage live from london. eva, good morning. did you get any sleep last night? >> i was up way past my bedtime, but it was all worth it. the big jubilee finale is coming up here in london with a splashy pageant at buckingham palace. more on that ahead, plus our behind-the-scenes access to the concert for the ages with huge names joining to celebrate the queen's 70 years on the throne,
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and guys, i'm guessing there's probably some marmalade in the queen's purse. >> that is hilarious, and eva, we cannot wait to hear all about it and hear all the extra details offline. but we do begin this morning with breaking news. overnight, yet another deadly mass shooting, this time on one of the most popular streets in philadelphia. abc's phil lipof joins us with the latest. of course on a busy saturday night, that area packed with people. >> reporter: janai, it was packed. because of that right now, the the search for gunmen is on after three are dead, 11 wounded. bullets started flying into the nightlife crowd in downtown philadelphia. just before midnight. police were out on patrol, nearby, they heard gunshots, they rushed to the scene and found several shooters firing into that crowd. three people dead. two women -- two men and woman -- one woman. 11 others wounded. police say that an officer shot
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back, firing three times at the gunman. dropping his gun and running away, the gunman ran away. the latest shooting, part of the deadly gun violence across the nation. early saturday morning, in phoenix, one dead in a shooting at this strip mall, 100 people gathered for an apparent party. the gunfire sending nine people to the hospital, a 14-year-old girl dying from her wounds. the research group gun violence archive reporting 239 mass shootings this year. also reporting nearly 8,400 homicides by gun violence, whit. >> and it's only june. phil, thank you. we do move now to the texas school shooting and the rally for reform calling for gun control. abc's elwyn lopez is live in san antonio with more. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit. fw good morning. a 9-year-old girl who was wounded in that massacre was released from this hospital on saturday. two victims still remain here. this as we go into another day of funerals and visitations for those killed and calls for action continue to grow louder. this morning, as the nation
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grieves with uvalde, dozens coming together in san antonio calling for gun reform. [ chanting "not one more" ] >> this does not happen on any other country on the face of the planet. it's unique to this country. it's worse more than almost anywhere else, right here in the state of texas. >> reporter: the san antonio spurs coach putting pressure on texas governor greg abbott to do more. >> when our governor after the last massacre made statements and promises that he would look at the gun laws, he would look at the legislation. nothing happened. >> reporter: abbott last week placing the blame on mental health and over the weekend in uvalde people still flocking to pay tribute to the victims as funerals continue. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you can't imagine what the family members are going through. >> reporter: family members like
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those of rogelio torres and makenna elrod, just 10 years old, forced to lay their fourth graders to rest. >> as i told the family members of makenna, i'll pray for you nightly. this is not something that's going to be over for anyone. >> reporter: and now the uvalde school board saying robb elementary school will permanently close its doors. >> we're not going back to robb school. that will not be a school for our children moving forward. >> reporter: and the texas tribune is now reporting that more than 250 gop donors are signing an open letter in support of congressional action around gun safety. eva. >> elwyn lopez for us. to the baby formula shortage now, abbott nutrition resuming production at its michigan plant four months after the safety shutdown. the question now, how fast will store shelves be filled? abc's faith abubey joins us with
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more from washington. good morning to you, faith. >> reporter: good morning, eva. abbott says it has met the initial fda requirements to reopen safely and will soon have formula available for these families in urgent need. this morning, positive signs that the baby formula crisis could soon improve. abbott's crucial michigan plant now opened for the first time in nearly four months, while the plant was closed, they were trying to help mitigate the shortage by ramping up at their other plants in ireland and ohio. the country's largest baby formula manufacturer reopening the sturgis plant after triggering a dire shortage after it shut down in february. conveyor belts moving product as hundreds of factory employees work to make specialty formulas available for medically vulnerable infants and children by june 20th. >> i'm excited to hear that they're opening again. >> reporter: in a statement, the company promising to, quote, do everything we can to re-earn the
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trust parents, caregivers and healthcare providers have placed in us. adding that production of regular formula will also restart as soon as we can. families like the strouds and the gurneys ready for their struggles t find the vital baby food to be over. >> we've actually driven some times in one day through six, seven different towns and cities, to every walmart, walgreens, meijer, it has been challenging. it's impossible to find right now. >> reporter: stores in nearly 1 in 5 states now have less than 10% of the infant formula stock available. the biden administration facing criticism for not addressing the issue quickly enough, but insists government officials are doing everything possible to get enough safe formula to families that need it as fast as possible. the fda says new rounds of deliveries will start arriving from overseas next week, and more will follow through october.
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abbott said it will ramp up production at the sturgis facility as quickly as it can but the reality it will take at least a month and half for these families to feel any real impact even as they're there scrambling for food right now. janai? >> faith, thank you so much. turning now to washington and the congressional hearings beginning this week into the january 6th riot. abc's maryalice parks joins us from capitol hill, and maryalice, those hearings will be held inprimetime this week. >> reporter: yeah, janai, good morning. the committee has been working for just about a year. they've interviewed a thousand witnesses, subpoenaed a 100 people in total. 100,000 documents. now they're ready to go public with some of their findings. they plan to hold this final set of public hearings, about half a dozen this month, as they close out their work. the first of these televised hearings this month set for this thursday, as you said in primetime. the committee members have said that they think it's important for as many americans as possible to see what they have
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found, hear about what they've learned about the efforts to overturn the 2020 election. thursday's hearings will include previously unseen materials. documenting the attack on the capitol and the work that some did to try to prevent joe biden from taking office. now there has been some reporting that republicans could be planning their own counterprogramming during this time. remember, just this weekend, one of former president trump's close advisers pete navarro was indicted. charged with contempt of congress for refusing to cooperate with the committee's investigation. janai, he could face up to two years in prison as well as fines. janai? >> and maryalice, so many americans watched that january 6th riot happen live, and you can watch the hearings live this thursday night right here on abc. whit? janai, let's bring in abc's deputy political director, averi harper who is with us in the studio. always good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start right there with
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the latest on the january 6th investigation. we're now learning that the doj won't prosecute mark meadows and former social media dan scavino, so what are we expecting to actually see in these public hearings and what are the political ramifications for both sides here? >> well, we know the committee is going to share more of what it knows about january 6th with the american people. not only efforts to overturn the election, but also who organized, who paid for this rally that became the attack on the capitol. security issues, how were these insurrectionists able to breach the capitol in the ways that they did. also, we do not know what sort of witnesses are going to play a role in this hearing because the committee has not released a slate of witnesses. we do know that the committee has depositions recorded from folks that are within trump's inner circle, people like ivanka trump, like jared kushner, and there are also reports out there that a mark meadows aide could also play a key role. we'll just have to wait and see. >> a lot of anticipation. a lot we don't know in all of
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this. i want to turn to the growing debate over gun reform, president biden just days ago pleading with congress to do something. we know that bipartisan group of senators, they are talking. they have a timeline that they're working with. is there any sense, though, that the needle is moving a little bit, and a compromise is within reach? >> well, president biden said that he will do what he can to see progress happen in the area of guns. that does not sound like somebody who is confident that any progress is going to take place at all, and that's really because the president knows that the math has not changed. in the senate, he needs 60 votes. he needs the support of ten republicans in other words to see those sorts of reforms pass, sort of support. not have that - we do know that there is a bipartis bipartisan group of negotiators who are working to negotiae a slate of reforms that fall short of what the president is asking for. they're looking for things like, implementing red flag laws in different states, expanding background checks, investing in
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school security and mental health. senate majority leader chuck schumer isn't going to wait, he's prepared as soon as this week to bring a vote on gun reform this week. he knows this vote could fail. it's about symbolically getting those senators on the record. we could be back to square one when it comes to gun reform. >> we'll see how it all plays out. averi, always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. just a reminder here, tune into "this week" later on this morning. george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with transportation secretary pete buttigieg and plus republican representative tom rice discusses how his vote to impeach president trump is affecting his re-election prospects. eva, over to you. thanks, whit. if you have been thinking that you are paying too much for gas, wait until you hear how much one california community is now being charged. gas buddy is reporting that the chevron on main street is charging close to $10 for a gallon of gas, among the most expensive gas in the country,
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and to make matters worse, residents say it's the only gas station in town. aaa now saying the average for a gallon of gas in the u.s. is nearly $4.85 a gallon. >> i saw some of those high prices yesterday, eva. turning overseas now to the war in ukraine and a new threat overnight from vladimir putin. the russian leader saying if the west continues giving long-range rocket systems to ukraine, his country will hit targets that have not yet been struck. britt clennett is with us. good morning to you. >> reporter: we're here at a car repair factory. railway facilities also targeted. one person was hospitalized with injuries. now russia's defense ministry saying it destroyed tanks and other armored vehicles donated by ukraine's allies on the outskirts of kyiv. the city center had remained
7:15 am
largely unscathed since russia's invasion up until this point, janai. back in early april, they were concentrating in the donbas region. the fighting could continue out east in the key city ongoing. they've retaken part of the city, and their last holdout in the region, but the country is retreating from that area. kyiv hoping the latest $700 million package from the u.s. will help their counteroffensive, but putin issuing a warning that the aid package that moscow would hit new targets it hasn't yet struck, and the kremlin showing its anger at the supply of rocket launchers to kyiv, janai. >> thank you so much, britt. now we're ging to turn back to eva in london where it was quite a night, and eva, we want to hear all about it.
7:16 am
>> reporter: i can't say all about it right now. i'll tell you some about it right now. it was a massive celebration here in the uk, queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee and the concert of a lifetime overnight, the music and the effects were almost beyond description. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> reporter: it was an awesome party here last night. stars like you see there, diana ross, alicia keys, and elton john played at the concert in front of a crowd of thousands. this topping off just an incredible week here, the queen and royal family's appearance on the buckingham palace balcony, lighting the beacons to close day one of the celebrations. friday's church service with prince charles and camilla and prince william and kate and harry and meghan as well, and the party just so you know, it's not over yet. this is a day's long celebration with a huge event today. the platinum jubilee pageant and our maggie rulli is along the route.
7:17 am
wrellpe bstartin, but isar has. you see them working on the floats behind us. we have these amazing dancers, you know they're part of more than 10,000 people that are going to be working in this prade. the route's around two miles long. it's epic, eva. we have bmx riders jumping off land rovers, we have british celebrities, tons of dancers, athletes, even an entire fleet of cars from james bond, we're going to see the gold carriage that queen elizabeth rode in when she went to her coronation, and eva, it doesn't stop there. and of course, puppet corgis. it all wraps up with a performance by ed sheeran at buckingham palace. eva, we're partying here, four
7:18 am
dys of celebration and it's not over yet. i mean, come on. how do you not just smile and >> the dancing behind you is everything. guys, i'm living for it. >> i keep waiting for the guys to blow those horns right behind her. they keep pretending like they're going to. they haven't quite done it yet. all right, eva. we'll talk to you soon. thank you so much. we want to turn now and get a check of the weather our man, sam champion down there in miami with more on that. it is a different picture this morning, sam. very dry. >> right, whit. take a look at that sky, it's gorgeous out there right now, yesterday's chaos from an unnamed ptc 1 was the potential
7:19 am
tropical cyclone, which was the not name, as it moved across south florida. finally got named as alex at 2:00 this morning. well off the coast of florida. let me show you some of the flooding damage, though. this is amazing. so miami fire and rescue got about 150 requests or calls for help through there. that was from flooded cars, people needed water rescues, water in buildings, fire alarms going off. here are the rainfall totals. that came with that storm. rain, almost 14 inches. anywhere from 5 to 13 inches of rain, almost 14 inches. in an early storm, it's not unusual to get anywhere from 5 to 20 imnches of rain, so the rainfall total wasn't unusual. the flooding, folks, in miami was highly unusual. we'll show you the path of this system, moves off the atlantic. should not affect anyone,
7:20 am
this is why we love the sunshine state. this is what it looks like. i'll save you a spot on the beach today. we're at about 86 degrees. there is a rip current risk though, not only on our coastline, but up to the carolinas. be careful when you put your toes in. >> i was going to say, sam, i don't think any of us were jealous of your piece yesterday. miami looks real good this morning. >> suns out, guns out, sam champion. >> thank you so much, sam. turning now to the nba finals. in saturday's workout, the boston celtics wearing shirts honoring wnba star brittney griner held for three months now in russia on drug charges that she denies. the celtics pulled off quite a
7:21 am
shocker of a comeback to take game one, and that happened at the warriors' home, so can the warriors come back? we will find out tonight right here on abc at 8:00 p.m. eastern. steph curry is confident. he says the team always has a come to jesus moment and they respond well. we'll see. >> that man knows how to win. got to give him that. coming up here, "gma" at the jus jubilee. we have exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the concert of the century. and lifeguard shortage. what it main my mean when you t your family to cool off at the pool this summer. we'll be right back. commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you.
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♪ ♪ [announcer] call now i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning and thank you for joining as. the 41st escape from alcatraz triathlon is on. world champions, olympians, and
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competitors of all ages are taking part in this event. this is video from last year. it includes a mile and a half swim from alcatraz to the shoreline and an 18 mile bike ride with an eight mile run to baker beach. easy, easy. lisa: good luck. the rain has been pretty decent from mill valley with an inch, half an inch santa rosa, and on terra. warm today and maggie tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us.
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. i'm loving this video. in case you can't make it out, wow, that's will ganss and eva pilgrim, hard at work, dancing it up at last night's platinum jubilee concert in london. coming up here, we'll have a lot more on the celebrations for queen elizabeth, and i love that we have video evidence -- >> of eva dancing. >> eva's dancing skills, you know what? >> we're going to put that on a loop. >> i have better dance moves. i didn't realize i was being taped. >> surprise! >> i have better dances, that's the quote of the morning right there. >> i'm excited about the corgi. >> so much fun still ahead with the queen's big celebration. but now, a look at the other
7:31 am
big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, north korea's conducting its 18th missile test this year. in succession into the water off its east coast this morning. the launch comes just a day after the u.s. concluded a three-day naval drill with south korea to upgrade their defense exercises. also right now, the president and first lady are waking up in their vacation home in delaware after a security scare forced them to be evacuated on saturday. the secret service clearing an area around the residence after a small plane mistakenly wandered into restricted airspace. the secret service says the first family was never in danger. here's an interesting story this morning this morning. a california appeals court rules that bees can now be legally classified as fish. four threatened species of bees are now protected by the endangered species act.
7:32 am
the act protects fish that are defined as invertebrates or anal mas without a spine. bees are also invertebrates. which is what led to the decision. i had to practice that word a few times, you know, you read it, but, you know, invertebrates. there you have it. >> we appreciate it. bees should be protected. >> so bees are fish now? >> yeah, kind of. legally, in california. >> i'm so confused. i have so many questions. >> news you can use. yes, we start this half-hour with our exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the biggest party on the planet celebrating queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. it was a starry night of a-list performers. >> celebrate the most magnificent superwoman. >> reporter: it was a star-studded platinum party at the palace. ♪
7:33 am
the queen herself kicking off the event appearing in a surprise film. >> the party's about to start, your majesty. >> reporter: having tea with paddington bear. >> happy jubilee, ma'am, and thank you, for everything. >> that's very kind. >> reporter: queen and adam lambert opening the show belting out "we will rock you" as the 22,000 fans in attendance erupted in applause. ♪ ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> reporter: i caught up with brian is -- and taylor backstage. >> we all hope that the queen goes on for many more glorious years. >> sorry, ma'am, for stealing your name. >> reporter: the star-studded night also featured alicia keys, diana ross and duran duran. some say the palace requested
7:34 am
certain songs. >> it's like karaoke. >> certain themes within the show, one song in particular we had they thought would fit with the fashion show. ♪ >> reporter: rod stewart got the royals singing along with his rendition of the classic "sweet caroline." ♪ how was it? >> it really was over too quick. wonderful audience. to "sweet caroline." i've never sung it before. >> getting to be apart of it, how special was that? >> really, really special. i can't think of enough words. ♪ it's not every year there's a platinum queen's jubilee ♪ >> reporter: lin-manuel miranda, joining forces with andrew lloyd webber for a nod to the queen's ancestor, king george iii. >> a celebration of her reign and i'm really proud.
7:35 am
>> i think it's a big privilege because every artist i think would like to be here. >> reporter: queen elizabeth not in attendance for the platinum party after experiencing discomfort after thursday's appearance on th buckingha prince williamg heartft rly the, tr >> your majesty, mummy, you have been there for us. for these 70 years. you pledged to serve your whole life. you continue to deliver. that is why we are here. windsor castle is barely 20 miles away. so if we cheer loudly enough,
7:36 am
she might -- might just hear us. so let's all join together. ♪ >> and this morning, we've got some new images of the royal family. the duke and duchess of cambridge tweeted pictures of kate and their three children baking cakes for a community in cardiff to enjoy at a platinum jubilee street party. you see the pictures there. so cute. the royals, just like us, guys. >> oh, yeah. >> just like us. eva, during that piece, craig david was there last night, that made me so excited to see. >> i got to talk to him, i'll en eva, thank you so much. we do want to get another check of the weather, sam champion's out there with the short-sleeve t-shirt this
7:37 am
morning. they've got an issue with pythons in south florida, you know that, sam. >> whit, it's in the 80s today. all right, let's talk about what's -- all right, let's talk about what's happening out there. i want to start with the satellite imagery. i hear you, janai, i hear you. we finally have a named storm, bu look at how it's still lopsided. they found the center of circulation, but it continues to pull out to sea. bermuda is the only place to keep an eye on this. want to talk about the possible storm threat anywhere from nebraska, kansas, into oklahoma today, so yesterday's storms were fairly weak on the scale. only two reported tornadoes. today we have an enhanced risk that these will be severe. folks, they closed ski season in vermont yesterday at killington, mountain skiing, the longest since the '90s.
7:38 am
they wanted to stay open for a pride event yesterday. they had been making snow as much as possible throughout the season. but it was tough to take. you need to be an expert because you might have to walk on rocky terrain. i just have to go back to that picture out of killington, because for them to tell people look, we're open but you need to be really good at this because there's not a lot of snow there, i thought that was amazing. thank you for staying open for a pride event, killington, that was awesome. >> they tried. sam, i'm sorry, i was over here wheezing because we weren't expecting that. >> it's been a while, sam, we missed you. >> i heard all of you. i just want you to know. i'm taking notes. >> we love you so much, sam. thank you.
7:39 am
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welc welcome back to "gma." as you head to the beach or to the pool this summer, you may notice something -- a lack of lifeguards and the shortage could start impacting your summer plans. abc's phil lipof is here again. phil, good morning to you again. >> reporter: good morning again, janai. businesses across the country are feeling this, this worker shortage we're talking about, but pools coast to coast are feeling it too. the thing is when pools feel that worker shortage of lifeguards, some of them can't open. this morning, as temperatures rise and schools close for the summer families, especially kids, hoping to escape that heat with a swim may find one thing missing from their local pool -- a lifeguard. >> we are really at minimum levels. >> reporter: a representative
7:44 am
from the american lifeguard association warning this week that a third of the country's nearly 300,000 public pools could be impacted by an ongoing lifeguard shortage. in raleigh, north carolina, half of city pools are closed. while a lack of lifeguards leave poolside safety measures at risk. in florida, swimming facilities are struggling to meet hiring quotas. >> it's been somewhat of a challenge and we hope to correct that. >> reporter: at this conservation park, only 8 of 16 lifeguard slots are filled so far this year and that leaves parents concerned. >> the body of water is bigger than our kids, so we have to be extra cautious. >> reporter: in illinois, managers at this waterpark are raising pay $2 an hour. just to attract more lifeguards. >> it was an unplanned expense but i'd argue a very necessary one. >> reporter: in new york city, the lifeguard shortage threatens the entire summer swimming season. a spokesperson for new york city parks tells abc news, like the entire country it's been a challenge recruiting enough qualified people who can pass the new york city lifeguard requirements. and pandemic impacts on
7:45 am
recruitment continue. still, safety remains the top priority. >> it may look easy at times, but in order to be a lifeguard, you have to be able to swim 300 yards without stopping. you need to be able to tread water for two minutes with just your legs and pull a ten-pound object off the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: yeah, it's not an easy thing to do, and some employers are telling us that the pool of lifeguards is actually shrinking in part because of social media. i guess, putting down the phone and looking at a pool for a few hours is not attractive to some kids today. best thing parents can do, call ahead. make sure that your local pool is open, what the hours are, if there's not a lifeguard you have to be ready to assume those abilities for your kids. janai. >> i always thought it with us the summer gig to have. hopefully many more people will start signing up. phil, thank you so much. stick around. "pop news" is next. hopefully many more people will start signing up.
7:46 am
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♪ time now for "pop news" and will ganss, he's been bringing it for two weeks almost now, but he's bringing it for us this morning from london. you had way too much fun yesterday. >> the limit, like it's all downhill for me. i'm peaked. also, a shout-out that you didn't introduce me and my biceps. whatever. we'll let sam have that. we begin where else but that incredible party here at the palace where one queen was simply not enough. queen the band and adam lambert geting the party started. the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince george and
7:50 am
princess charlotte, the family and all of 22,000 of us cracking up when your majesty showed off her acting chops along with another british icon. take a look. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich. i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here. >> oh. >> the night also featuring speeches from two future kings, prince charles and his son prince william and omg, a drone show like we've never seen before. drones lighting up the skies above the palace to look like a corgi and thank you. the celebration wrapped up, and eva and i lost it over the drone show. >> the corgis -- the bone was moving across the corgi like he was going to catch it. >> his tongue came out. what was your favorite? >> that was my favorite part, the drone show. >> i think they could hear us screaming at windsor. now's your chance to grab a
7:51 am
cheesecake in the golden girls kitchen. pop-up experience coming to los angeles based on the classic sitcom that starred bea arthur, betty white, rue mcclanahan, and estelle getty. it will featuring a fully functioning restaurant and bar. among the menu items, the lasagna, the dorothy, miami-style sandwich. you can sip tea arthur and have cheesecake. tickets available soon. >> he has on golden girls socks. he's been wearing them for two days. >> i've been trying to get this story into "pop news" for two days. >> lucky socks. >> that's hilarious. >> you know what, sam's got the biceps. you got the socks for the win. will ganss, you've been fantastic this whole time. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. will ganss, you've been fantastic this whole time. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. from our sinkmat that perfectly protects under your sink. ♪♪ to our ready-to-wash system that cleans and details. to laser measured floorliners.
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7:55 am
will's living his best life. will's living his best life. it's been so much fun here. >> honestly, such a blessing to be here, to witness history, to share some joy with people.
7:56 am
i think everybody could use that right now. >> everybody's honoring the queen for her service. that's the thing you have to remember. she's given 70 years t her country. >> right, and i've gotten some souvenirs out of it. >> and we're so grateful for you guys for being there. it's been a tough couple weeks of news. so thank you guys. thank you for watching abc news. we're always on at stick around for "this week" with george stephanopoulos. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning everyone. i'm liz kroits the us postal service is hosting a job fair today in the east bay. berkeley's main post office is looking to hire over a hundred postal workers. the job fair is free to attend with social distancing and mass required they are looking for
7:57 am
mail handlers carriers equipment operators and technicians the event starts. am and the office is located at 2,000 alston way. the oakland zoo is celebrating its centennial today. it's a family-friendly event. they're having jam-packed with food entertainment live performances. good news. it is free to attend. the zoo is hosting the party at snow park near lake merritt where the zoo was first started back in 1922 the event starts at 11:00 this morning and last till 3pm oakland zoo encourages taking bart as it is just a short walk from street station to snow park and lisa. it's raining out. i know a lot of people are weighing in on twitter saying it's raining where i live. yeah exactly. we've had over an inch in the north bay all the way down through pescadero. we're in santa rosa penngrove sonoma. it's been light to moderate as we take you down through marin county mill valley san francisco some missed some drizzle light shower activity all the way down the coast here and you'll notice from san mateo over to 880 if you like showers, so today this
7:58 am
level one system will last right on through about 12 1 o'clock. the showers get more isolated. it will be humid 60s and 70s for most then we are sunny and warmer as we get into our monday back to our typical regime where the weather feels like. it should in northern california, but the warm-up is rapid tuesday, wednesday staying cool at the coast 80s bayshore by thursday friday upper 90s near 100 for pretty warm weekend next weekend, liz. all right lisa. thank you this week with george stephanopoulos is next. have a great morning. have a great morning. want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. guns in america. >> this time we must actually do something. we can't fail the american people again. >> president biden calls for action. >> hopefully we can find a way to come together. >> will congress do anything? rachel scott is live with the latest on capitol hill. mounting pressure. >> i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. >> consumers and the president pay the price for rising inflation. >> the idea we're going to be able to click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term. >> is the u.s. headed for a recession? the latest on the economy with chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis and transportation secretary pete buttigieg. political headwinds.


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