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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 6, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- senators move closer to action on gun reform. >> the news comes amid more senseless killings in america. bullets flying in cities across the country over the weekend from philadelphia to phoenix. also this morning, the january 6th riot probe is about to go prime-time. there will be a televised hearing this week with one person close to the house committee promising something exciting. plus, the cleanup after drenching rain in south florida and where tropical storm alex is right now. and uber reveals the most unusual items from its lost and found. it's monday, june 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." you think that includes the 47 iphone chargers that i've left in countless ubers? >> yes.
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i was going say -- it's ubers, new york city cabs. i always find a phone at least, like, once every three months. >> yeah. i've left my phone, and that's, like, a helpless feeling, because then you have to go find a computer or some other device. >> yes. >> oh, boy. but, no, there's some weird things that people leave. >> this is always fun. >> can't wait to get to that. >> we talk about the airport. right? they have the lost and found bin and all these weird things that are found. so now it's an uber one. >> then hopefully someone sees this story and says, hey, that's my -- weird item. we'll tell you about the weird items later in the show. but first, we are going to begin with the growing calls for gun reform amid a new wave of mass shootings. >> coaches and players from the celtics and warriors sent a united message ahead of game two of the nba finals last night, sporting orange t-shirts with the words "end gun violence." and singer shawn mendes also wore orange at a music festival in california, looking to raise awareness among his fans. the latest shootings played
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out in philadelphia and chattanooga over the weekend, pushing for new gun laws. here's abc's janai norman. >> reporter: the urgent manhunt under way in philadelphia after police say multiple gunmen opened fire into a crowd, leaving at least two people dead and nearly a dozen others injured. >> we have multiple victims. >> reporter: according to authorities, just after 11:30 p.m., officers patrolling south street, a busy area with bars and restaurants, heard gunshots. the panic and chaos captured by surveillance cameras as the large crowd flees the gunfire. >> officers on location began to render first aid to the wounded. >> reporter: authorities recovering at least two guns from the scene, one with an extended magazine. ballistics evidence revealing at least five different weapons were involved. in all, two bystanders were killed, 11 others injured. john johnson telling abc station wpvi, he was shot in the foot. >> my back was turned, and they started shooting at everybody. i see two people die right in front of my face.
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so -- >> reporter: according to the gun violence archive, there have been more than a dozen mass shootings this weekend alone. in phoenix saturday, eight people were shot and a 14-year-old girl killed after authorities say an altercation in a strip mall escalated into a deadly shooting, and in chattanooga, tennessee, 14 people were shot there and 3 more killed after authorities say multiple shooters opened fire at a nightclub. >> multiple shots fired. multiple vehicles fleeing the scene. >> reporter: this is the second mass shooting in that city in the last week. >> i'm tired of standing in front of you talking about guns and bodies. chattanooga will not tolerate this in our community. our city will put a stop to this. >> reporter: in philadelphia, the ages of the people killed, 34, 27, and 22. the cdc now lists firearms as the leading cause of death for americans under the age of 24. janai norman, abc news, in philadelphia. >> janai, thank you. the bipartisan effort to pass new gun legislation continues this week in congress. senator chris murphy, who's
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leading talks for the democrats, says he's more confident than ever they'll reach a deal. the changes on the table include expanded background checks, red flag laws, and funding for mental health resources and school security. democrats have acknowledged that any reforms will be modest. they're hoping to agree on a bill by the end of the week. also in washington, the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol is getting set for a prime-time hearing. thursday's event is expected to lay out what committee republican liz cheney calls an extremely well organized conspiracy. >> reporter: one person close to the january 6th investigation is promising the american people something exciting to see thursday when the house committee looking into the attack holds its first public hearing in prime time. >> i think people are going to be absolutely surprised at how much was known with multiple groups, and i think that's what's going to be exciting to see. there's some very talented investigators behind the doors. >> reporter: the 8:00 p.m. time slot, an indication the
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committee is eager to bring its case to a wide audience after its year-long investigation. former virginia congressman denver riggleman, an adviser to the committee, says he'll never run as a republican again after seeing the evidence the committee has gathered. >> it's pretty apparent that at some points, president trump knew what was going on, obviously. right? >> reporter: committee members say they obtained firsthand testimony that former president trump watched the riot unfold from the white house and dismissed repeated pleas from his daughter, ivanka, to intervene. trump has claimed he had no control over the crowd's actions and was not directing them. but congressman tom rice, one of ten house republicans who voted to impeach trump over what happened that day, says he's still angry at trump's response. >> when he watched the capitol, the people's house, being sacked. when he watched the capitol police officers being beaten for three or four hours and lifted not one finger to stop it, i was livid. >> reporter: meanwhile, the "new york times" reports an aide to former vice president mike pence called the secret service the day before the riot to voice concern about pence's safety. according to "the times," the
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aide warned that trump was going to publicly criticize pence for refusing to support the effort to overturn the election, posing a security risk to pence. >> all: hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> reporter: as the attack unfolded, rioters chanted "hang mike pence" while the vice president was rushed from the building. the house committee cannot criminally charge anyone, but the justice department can investigate any potential criminal behavior the committee uncovers. the man suspected of murdering a retired wisconsin judge crossed paths with the victim years ago. in court, john roemer was found shot to death in his home friday. court records show roemer sentenced suspect douglas uhde to six years for armed burglary in 2005. uhde is recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. sources say uhde had a hit list that included the governors of michigan and wisconsin and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. ceremonies and commemorations are well under way marking today's 78th anniversary of d-day. many american veterans now in their 90s are in normandy,
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france, which they invaded on june 6th, 1944, before ultimately defeating the nazis and ending world war ii in europe. joint chiefs chairman general mark milley is attending a ceremony today at the american cemetery above omaha beach where nearly 9,400 americans are buried. south florida is getting back to normal after some areas received more than a foot of rain from what eventually became tropical storm alex. the mayor of miami beach said the storm really tested newly installed drainage pumps. today the fast-moving storm is expected to pass bermuda. several inches of rain are expected there. for half of it, it looked like boston and golden state were headed for a nail-biter. >> but then things went sideways for the celtics in the third quarter. steph curry, as always, the main culprit. should i say "chef" curry? he cooked up 14 of his game-high 29 points in the third. what had been a two-point warriors halftime lead ballooned to 23. they led by as many as 29 on
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their way to a 107-88 dominant win at home. the series is now even, a game apiece, as it moves to boston. boston still took care of work. the first two games were in golden state, and you always try to take one away. >> yeah. >> so now golden state has to win on the road. listen, the garden, td garden, it's hard to play. so -- i think golden state's got it. >> i mean, at least for boston, because i know golden state is the favorite to win. they didn't let -- they didn't let golden state brick out the broom and sweep them out of the series. >> actually now the series is a little bit even. oddsmakers have it almost even, because it's going back to boston. coming up, another big weekend for "top gun: maverick." plus the summer of staff shortages from planes to restaurants to swimming pools. and queen elizabeth makes a surprise appearance for the grand finale of her platinum jubilee, but prince louis, again, steals the show. you're watching "world news now."
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winning moment for rafael nadal back now with another winning moment for rafael nadal at the french open. the 36-year-old won for the 14th time in paris on sunday. that's a record. he just continues to dominate the clay courts. foot pain may actually keep him out of wimbledon, which begins in three weeks. employers are scrambling to find enough workers with the summer season right around the corner. the ongoing labor shortage is forcing services to be cut across the country, and americans are feeling the impact. abc's rhiannon ally has more. >> reporter: it's affecting businesses everywhere. staffing shortages from summer camps -- >> this is important work that we do.
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>> reporter: -- to restaurants, to even airports. >> it's a challenge. there's no question about it. >> reporter: airlines are getting creative to keep passengers flying. >> what we're going to be doing to get through the summer is that we're not going to grow our schedule at all. >> reporter: american airlines has grounded 100 regional jets due to the ongoing pilot shortage, and with strong summer demand, flyers are already feeling the frustration. >> i feel exhausted and frustrated. i just want to get the kids home. >> reporter: delta's ceo says they tried to get ahead of this summer's travel rush. >> we're only a little over 80% recovered as an airline. yet the demand is already over 100%. >> reporter: at restaurants this summer, prepare to wait. one cape cod ice cream shop weeks before the height of the season reported a 45-minute line due to staffing issues. many seasonal businesses have appealed for more j-1 visas to allow foreign workers to provide relief. many parents have another issue to deal with.
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camps are cutting programs because they can't find workers. one camp in new hampshire tried to recruit by reminding applicants of what this experience means to kids. >> we are child development professionals. they're playing a big role in the growth of the kids here in new hampshire and the kids from all over the country. >> reporter: another camp in georgia posted online that it's cutting its overnight camp, citing difficulty in securing the necessary staff. with many hoping this summer would bring some normalcy that we haven't seen since before the pandemic, these staffing shortages prove this summer may be anything but normal. mona, andrew. >> rhiannon, thank you. the "top gun" sequel continues to fly high at the box office. "top gun: maverick" pulled in $86 million this weekend. that brings its total earnings in two weeks to more than $291 million, making it the top-grossing domestic release in
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tom cruise's entire career. >> congratulations to him. left behind in an uber?e you - the company is out with its top items left behind and some of the most unusual. plus, how a younger version of queen elizabeth made an appearance during the platinum jubilee. we're live in london next. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ this morning, queen elizabeth is again on the front pages across britain and really the world. >> that's right. her platinum jubilee energized her country and brought headlines like this. "magical." our own will ganss was there for every second of the four-day jubilee and joins us live from london. will, what do you have in your hand? >> reporter: this is one of the
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papers that the queen is on, but you can see down here prince louis, and on the back cover, even more of prince louis, and everything from day one continued through the weekend. prince louis stealing the show again on sunday. the queen in green. [ cheers and applause ] making a surprise appearance on the balcony for the grand finale of her platinum jubilee party, marking 70 years on the throne. ♪ >> reporter: her majesty joined by prince charles and camilla, the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, and their children, george, charlotte and louis. louis ending the jubilee celebrations the same way he started them -- stealing the show. and in the final hours of her jubilee celebration, the queen
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writing, "while i may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all," and, "i remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family." the 96-year-old queen unable to attend most of the jubilee festivities after thursday's balcony appearance due to pain and mobility issues. on saturday, her majesty watching the televised platinum party on tv from windsor castle. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ queen, the band, celebrating "the" queen, belting their classic hit to more than 22,000 fans. >> we all hope that the queen goes on for many more glorious years. >> i've got to say, sorry, ma'am, for stealing your name. >> reporter: also taking the stage, alicia keys, diana ross, and rod stewart, who got the royals singing along to his rendition of "sweet caroline." ♪ to believe they never would ♪ >> reporter: and the queen herself showing off her acting chops alongside another british icon. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich. i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i.
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i keep mine in here. >> oh. >> for later. >> reporter: on sunday, the queen appearing in hologram form for the jubilee pageant as her younger self in the very carriage she used for her coronation in 1953. ♪ you are the dancing queen ♪ the final full day of performances that had the youngest royals dancing and singing along. the youngest royals and me, of course. who can resist a good abba tune? my favorite moment of the entire jubilee weekend, though, was on saturday night at the party at the palace concert, they did this incredible display of drones over buckingham palace, and they took the shape of a corgi chasing a bone and a goose flying in the sky and a horse, like, running across the sky. it was just so incredible and beautiful and amazing to see
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everybody coming out in support of 70 years of service. >> the world's spotlight on london. thank you, will.
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♪ time for "the mix" starting with the passing of an icon. >> that's right. anne turner cook better known as the original gerber baby passed away at the age of 95. >> cook was 9 months old when a neighbor drew a sketch of her sending it to gerber and winning a national contest. 1931 the company trademarked the image and used it ever since on all packaging. her identity remained a mystery until 1978. over the course of her life she worked as an english teach around later a mystery novelist. next to a very unexpected late-night visitor at a home in montana. >> a bear snooping around.
3:56 am
in thompson falls, and even standing up on its hind legs to get a better look through the glass inside. you know. see if the fridge is stocked or food left out. >> yeah. but it did not come alone, either. according to the home's resident, his doorbell camera only captured the larger of the two bears that visited his property that night. luckily there was apparently no food or trash outside for the bears to rummage through. i think they're bitter about the goldilocks situation. >> yeah. and luckily the camera wasn't on "paws." >> yeah. i like that. now to uber's latest lost-and-found index, shedding new light on the things we often leave behind. >> ooh. this is information that i never knew i needed. okay. rounding out the most commonly forgotten items are -- headphones, speakers, backpacks and purses, keys and wallets. at number one. this may not surprise you. phones and cameras. >> i have literally lost all five of these things. maybe all at once, too, in an
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uber. why am i the way i am? i don't know. meanwhile -- topping the list of most forgettable city, dallas, indianapolis, houston, charlotte, and the top spot for a second year in a row, austin. >> i wonder what's going on? uber also shared a list of some of the more unusual items its drivers recovered in the last 12 months, including a bucket of slime, dentures and a 40-piece order of chicken nuggets. >> how you going to leave 40 pieces of nuggets anywhere? come on! >> is that weird that that doesn't surprise me? you could easily have picked up food. also, is it rude, though, to bring food in an uber? >> well, if you eat, yeah, especially. generally speaking -- i have more questions on the slime, though. >> hmm. >> was this a ride for a nickelodeon executive, or -- >> sounds about right. >> all right. finally to goats gone wild, and we're not talking about the tom bradys of the world.
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>> these little "baaaad" guys.
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♪ when you wish upon a star, ♪ ♪ makes no difference who you are... ♪ amy, ryan, yoli, and tripp, you have been chosen for the 2022 special olympics usa games. what are you going to do next? i'm going to disney world! i'm going to disney world! they're going! together with four thousand other inspiring athletes competing in and around walt disney world resort. i got this. ♪ ♪
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