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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 6, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now on "america this mor morning". closer than ever. the efforts to pass gun reform legislation on capitol hill after another wave of mass shootings and deadly violence across america. new video appears to show the moments before gunfire erupted in a busy area of philadelphia, sending people running for their lives. in michigan, an 11-year-old is shot and killed at a sleepover. the blame game over sky high gas prices. the message from the white house on why prices keep rising with pump prices now approaching $10 at this station in california. why president biden is set to be exasperated. >> the historic january 6th hearings begin this week. lawmakers promising to reveal new evidence about the u.s.
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capitol riot. what an adviser to the january 6th committee is saying about the evidence gathered. plus, new research on working from home. and why it may not be working much longer. en elizabeth as the celebration of 70 years on the throne winds up. and later, the 83-year-old man proving you're never too old to set sail and live your dream. from abc news in new york. >> we begin with new progress and talks over gun reform in washington. >> we're learning what might be included in a bipartisan deal. it come after another round of mass shootings this week from philadelphia to chattanooga. >> this week,ville of the recent massacres in buffalo and uvalde, texas, will travel to washington to share their stories. abc has more from washington.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an 11-year-old will appear before congress this week to discuss how she survived the mass shooting at her school in uvalde, texas. survivors of recent mass shootings are set to appear before house committee wednesday to testify about gun violence, including mia. the fourth grader said she covered herself in blood and played dead to survive. senator chris murphy says he believes congress is closer than ever to reaching agreement on reforming gun laws. he acknowledges it will not include a ban on assault rifles. >> we're not going to do everything we want. we won't ban comprehensive background checks. but right now, people in this country want to us make progress. they just don't want the status quo to continue for another 30 years. >> gun rights supporters
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including congressman steve scalise, a victim of gun violence himself, argues there should be more focus on mental health. >> we need to be more concerned about stopping things before they happen. this isn't something we're having a conversation about right now and it should be. it immediately becomes about democrats wanting to take away guns. >> reporter: meanwhile more violence across the country over the weekend. police in detroit say a stray bullet hit a home where six girls were having a sleepover. an 11-year-old was killed. >> family, friends for a sleepover and now the baby is gone. >> reporter: in philadelphia, three people were killed and wounded. police say it may have started as a fist fate. in tennessee, police say 14 people were shot and three killed outside a night club in chattanooga. investigators in philadelphia and chattanooga believe multiple shooters were involved and overnight, no one had been arrested in either incident. in california, a 17-year-old has
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been arrested for threatening to carry out a school shooting. police say he had a so-called ghost gun which is made from separate parts or kits that require assemble i. >> thank you. and a programming note. tomorrow abc news will tea issue of guns in america with new reporting, interviews and analysis across every show and platform. just in time for the new workweek. gas prices just hit a new record. prices in nine states and washington, d.c. now average more than $5 per gallon. that's cheap compared to one station in northern california where it is nearly $10 a gallon. the biden administration is trying to blame oil companies who say they're not going to increase production. >> we also know that the price of gasoline is not set by a dial in the oval office. when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gal of gas, they're not asking the administration what they should do. they're doing it to maximize
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their profits. >> of course he would say that citing the oil companies. what he may not realize is that his administration policies at the oil and gas sector haven't exactly inspired confidence for the oil and gas executives to invest. >> another bad sign, assaulted sudden you is raising prices in asia as the demand grows. in the u.s., three quarters of americans say gas prices are extremely or very important in how they'll vote in november's elections. politico reports that president biden has become exasperated that his poll numbers have dropped below donald trump's. russian missiles have hit the ukraine capital city for the first time in april. the missile struck a train station where no military equipment was stored. meanwhile, video posted online shows a russian missile flying dangerously close to a ukrainian nuclear plant. vladimir putin has issued a new
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threat saying russia will expand the target list if the west provides ukraine with long range rockets, which the u.s. has already committed to supplying. the january 6th hearings get underway this week and they are promising more evidence. >> one person close to the january 6th investigation is promising the american people something exciting to see thursday when the house committee looking into the attack holds its first public hearing in prime time. >> i think people will be absolutely surprised how much was known with multiple groups and i think that will be exciting to see. there are some very talented investigators behind the doors. >> the 8:00 p.m. time slot, an indication they are eager to bring the case to a wide audience after the year-long investigation. the former congressman, an adviser to the committee, said he'll never run as a republican again after seeing the evidence the committee has gathered. >> it is pretty aparent that at
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some point, president trump knew what was going on. >> the committee member said they obtained evidence that president trump watched it unfolding from the white house and dismissed his daughter e-ivankaa to intervene. that he had no control. congressman tom rice, one of ten house republicans who voted to impeach trump over what happened that day said he is still angry at trump's response. >> when he watched the capitol, the people's house, being sacked, when he watched the comment police officers being beaten, for four hours, and lifted not one finger to stop it. i was livid. >> reporter: meanwhile, an aide to vice president pence called. an aide said he was going to criticize him for not overturning the election, posing a security risk to pence.
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the attack unfolded. rioters chanted, hang mike pence while the vice president was rushed from the building. the house committee cannot criminally charge anyone but they can investigate any potential criminal behavior the committee might uncover. we'll bring you live coverage of the hearings beginning thursday on air and on our streaming channel. police in wisconsin are revealing the connection between a man accused of killing a retired judge and his alleged victim. douglas is being held in connection with friday's shooting of john roemer. the court reports show he sentenced him to prison for armed burglary in 2005. sores say he had his name on a hit list which included state and federal lawmaker. new action from the u.s. and its allies to counter the latest missile threat. kim jong-un's regime fired eight missiles sunday. the 18th round of tests this year. since then, the u.s. have held joint missile exercises with both south korea and japan. and the u.s. believes north
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korea is preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017. three astronauts from china are on a mission this morning to finish the construction of china's new space station. it lifted off from the gobi desert. the crew will spent about six months in orbit. china plans to launch two missions every year. time for a look at your monday weather. tropical storm alex is moving quickly in the atlantic passing by bermuda today where a couple inches of rain are expected. the storm dropped over a foot of rain in parts of south florida over the weekend. heavy storms have also been moving through the plains. flooding is possible this morning in southern kansas. before the rain moves into oklahoma and arkansas, severe storms are also expected today from montana to colorado. checking today's high temperatures, very hot across the south. cool in the northwest.
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coming up, the new breast cancer treatment showing big promise. also ahead, summer staffing crisis from day camps and restaurants and airlines. why this summer could be unlike any other. and later the unlikely story of a lost sled dog
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a massive bear is caught on camera casually strolling down the street. the los angeles suburb of monrovia. experts believe it may have wandered in after waking up hungry. the neighbors say they've seen the bear before. sometimes with cubs in tow. as we approach the summer season, more businesses are having trouble finding workers. we've told but the lifeguard shortage. the problem extends far beyond your local pool. >> reporter: it is affecting
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businesses everywhere. staffing shortages from summer car. s -- >> this is important work that we do. >> reporter: to restaurants, to even airports. >> it's a challenge. no question. >> reporter: airlines are getting creative to keep passengers flying. >> what we're going to be doing to get through the summer is that we won't grow our schedule at all. >> american airlines has grounded 100 regional jets due to the ongoing pilot shortage. with strong summer demand, nirs are already feeling the frustration. >> i feel exhausted and frustrated. just want to get the kids home. >> delta's ceo says they tried to get ahead of the summer's travel rush. >> we're only a little over 80% recovered as an airline. yet the demand is already over 100%. >> at restaurants, prepare to wait. one cape cod ice cream shot weeks before the height of the season reported a 45-minute line due to staffing issues.
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many seasonal businesses have appealed for mjx 1 visas. many pashrents have another iss. they can't find workers. one camp tried to recruit by reminding applicants of what this experience means to kids. >> we are child development professionals. they are playing a big role in the growth of the kids here in new hampshire and the kids from all over the country. >> another car. in georgia posted online that it is cutting the overnight car. citing difficulty in securing the necessary staff. with many hoping this summer would bring some normalcy that we haven't seen since before the pandemic. these staffing shortages prove this summer may be anything but normal. mona? andrew? >> thank you. in medical news, new hope for patients with advanced breast cancer.
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why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. the original basis for bon jovi is being remember as wild and full of life. the band announced his death sunday. no cause was given. he helped start the band in 1983. he was known for songs like living on a prayer. and evening it up with boston. the half court shot capped off a huge 12 minutes which their lea from two to 23. the final score from 107-88. game three is wednesday in
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boston. rafael nadal won a record 14th title at the french open. it is his 22nd grand slam win. two more than any other male player. he just celebrated his 36th birthday. now to the queen's jubilee. the celebration of the queen's 70 years on the throne wrapped up with an epic concert. a surprise announcement from queen elizabeth herself. will ganss was there. >> reporter: the queen in green. making a surprie appearance on the balcony for her joom lee party, marking 70 years on the throne. ♪ >> reporter: her majesty joined by prince charles and camilla, william and kate, and their children, george, charlotte and louie. louie ending the celebrations the same way he started them. stealing the show. and in the final hours of her jubilee celebration, the queen
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writing, quote, while i may attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all and i remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family. on saturday watching the televised party on tv from windsor castle. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ >> queen the band celebrating the queen. belting their classic hit to more than 22,000 fans. also taking the stage, diana rot who got the royals singing along to his rendition of "sweet caroline" and the queen herself showing off her acting chops alongside the british icon. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich. i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mind in here.
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>> the queen appearing in hologram form in the carriage from her very coronation in 1953. the final full day of performances that had the youngest royals dancing and singing along. the 96-year-old queen unable to attend all the weekend festivities due to some pain and mobility. she is thankfully wrapping up in her green suit that you see there wishing everybody well and thanking them for all the if he is activities. >> all right, thank you. coming up, new research on working from home and why it may not be working. also, can ♪was there something missing in my life 'til now♪ ♪an absence i could not quite place but knew somehow♪ ♪and then this vegan bakery came sliding down my screen♪ ♪and eva joan repair appeared and tightened up my seams♪
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we begin with new signs that working from home may be losing its appeal. >> the website axios is out with an article that says remote work may not be working anymore. that workers are putting in longer hours but are less productive with high level of meeting fatigue. >> less than 8% of american workers are now teleworking because of covid concerns. that's down from 35% during the height of the pandemic. more bosses like elon musk are calling workers back to the office. next, tom cruise is flying high at the box office. "top gun" maverick was number one at the box office. it brings the total box office toll to $292 million so far. the highest grossing film domestically for tom cruise for move recollect was war of the worlds. >> the big challenge will be
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this week's release jurassic world which could pass maverick's numbers. and back in theaters after bombing a few months ago. sony rereleased the movie after it became the subject of countless jokes online. and next, a log journey ending with a husky back home. >> the story of a racer who went way off course. a sled dog called leon was running in the i-did it rod in march when he got loose at a check point. no one saw him until he was seen last week 150 miles away. >> doctors say he is skinny but healthy and being reunited with his owners. and mission accomplished for an 83-year-old sailor. >> he just became the oldest person to make a solo trim across the pacific. it took him 69 days to complete the trip from san francisco to japan. >> and he's not done yet. he said he's still in the
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until election day, the san francisco da getting support or make rights leader. >> launches. wow. kumasi: it was a whole party at chase center. warriors lifted over the celtics. golden state headed to boston. >> relieved. reggie: carol and tyler. warriors fans can breathe again now that game 2, they did it. their reaction. kumasi: summer heat returns and drew is here tracking the increase in temperatures. reggie: i did not expect that.
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